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Slayer & Wiccan: Redemption x2
By Vree

Part 2

As they walked out of yet another clothing store a few hours later, Willow looked at Faith. "Food, please. I can't take much more."

Faith looked at Willow, who was almost as laden down with bags as she was and chuckled, "Sounds good to me. Should we take the bags to the car first?"

Willow gave Faith an impish grin. "Follow me, m'dear."

"Anywhere," Faith muttered under her breath as she followed Willow into the bathroom.

Willow walked into the handicapped stall at the end and Faith hesitated outside the door until Willow grabbed her and dragged her in as well.

"Hey, Red, while I'm always up for a little bathroom action, I thought you were hungry?"

Willow looked at Faith through her lashes, causing the slayer to swallow hard. "Oh, I am very hungry, I just thought I would take the bags to the car." As she said this her eyes flashed white and the bags disappeared. "Now about that hunger," she said, leaning in to nibble Faith's neck and ear, making the other woman glad she had slayer strength to keep her up.

"You know, suddenly I'm quite hungry as well." And Faith tilted her head, giving Willow better access while latching onto the witch's neck. Gradually they nibbled back up each other's necks and jaws until their lips met in a ravenous kiss. Finally the need for air broke them apart and emerald green stared into chocolate brown until the intensity became too much and Faith broke away.

"So, food?" she asked, her voice slightly husky.

They sat at the table staring at each other as the waiter walked away after taking their order.



Faith started fiddling with her fork and Willow watched her with some amusement.

"How have things been at Angel Investigations since your last letter?"

Faith flashed her a grateful look. "They've been good. Wesley and Gunn finally found a house together near the Hyperion and have become decorating fiends. Gunn has started watching Martha Stewart, which apparently caused some concern that he had been possessed. Soulboy and SoulBoy Jr. are finishing the final renovations to turn the Hyperion back into a functioning hotel. Apparently, though, they have been running into secretary issues a la Murphy Brown since Cordy went back to Sunnydale to live with Buffy. Fred is graduating tomorrow with yet another degree, and she and Lilah are having a party at their place to celebrate, which we are invited to by the way."

"We'll see what time we actually wake up."

"Why, Ms Rosenberg, it sounds like you are planning on leading me down a sinful path tonight."

Willow gave her patented smirk at Faith's horrific Southern accent. "Well, I certainly hope to. That is, if you don't mind?"

"Who, me? No, I don't mind at all. Sounds like an Ed-u-cation-al experience. Anyway, how's Sunnydale?"

"The usual. Dawn's thrilled to pieces that Cordy's moving in since her wardrobe is, and I quote, way better than Buffy's. Not that she'll have a crack at it anytime soon since those two haven't left their room pretty much since we moved them in. Xander and Oz are happy now that Xander has become the Dingos road manager. And Giles and Anya just opened two more Magic Boxes here and in San Francisco."

"Wow, Anya got Giles to agree to that?"

"Yeah, she finally presented it to him as an information network spread across the west coast. I think she's got national plans but he's being cautious."

A silence fell with them looking at each other before Faith went back to playing with her silverware.

"We're gonna have this conversation sooner or later. You know that as well as I do."

"Yeah, I know. I'm just scared."

"Of what?"

"I'm scared you're just horny and I'm convenient. The rebound girl, if you will. I'm scared because for the first time in my life I have fallen in love and want to try a relationship, but I don't know how. And mostly I'm scared because I don't know what the next step is. I know what I'd like but I don't know if it's allowed."

"What do you want? Be honest with me."

Faith looked at the redhead with a bittersweet expression, "I want to spend a couple days here with you. Preferably making love. Then I want to go to Sunnydale and spend the next few years giving Buffy the chance to travel and see the world while I guard that freaking hole in the ground. I want to spend those years with you as my partner and love. See, simple, right?"

Willow blushed lightly and smiled, "Sounds good to me."

Faith's jaw dropped. "What?"

"It sounds good to me. I love you, Faith. I may not have said it before but I do. I had such a crush on you when you were around the first time, and that was before I even knew the real you. Tara was a really important part of my life, and will always be so. But someone once said that the luckiest person in the world was the one who found true love twice. I am that person. The two of you are so very different and yet I have such very strong feelings for you both. You have been my sanity this last year. Without you I would never have my powers back and that is a gift I can't even begin to quantify. You were the only person who didn't act disappointed in me. Instead, you came up with a solution and helped me restore the balance in my life. And let's not forget, if what I've seen is any indication we are going to be amazing in bed together."

Faith laughed, "No, let's not forget that."

Willow looked up as the waiter brought over their food. "Now, my plan for the evening is pretty simple. We are going to eat this meal, borrow one of the bathrooms here and change into our sexiest gear, then head to a club and dance till our legs are rubber. And once we're done we'll head to the hotel and see what happens."

"Sounds good to me. Shall we get the check?"

A few minutes later they were back in the bathroom where Willow flashed them into their clothes. They earned a few startled looks as they left the stall and snickered all the way back to the car. Once there Faith pressed Willow up against the car for a deep kiss. When it broke she looked deep into darkened green eyes and said, "You sure we can't just skip the club and go to the room?"

Willow chuckled. "Yes, I'm sure." She flashed Faith an overheated look. "I have wanted to dance with you since the first time Cordy pointed you out on the dance floor. If there was anybody you were gonna be grinding against I wanted it to be me."

"Well, far be it from me to wreck such a long-running fantasy."

"You'll find I have had many such fantasies." With that Willow turned and got into the car.

Faith grinned, "I am gonna be a busy busy girl. Perfect."

Once they walked into the club, heads turned quickly in their direction. Justifiably, in Faith's opinion, since Willow was beyond hot. She had on a pair of skin-tight black leather pants and a tight green tank that matched her eyes at their sultriest. Her hair was short and gelled to look mussed. Hell, she looked like she had been fucked recently and well and Faith could barely keep her hands off. She ran her damp hands down her matching pants and straightened out the deep red mesh tank top she was wearing over a black bra as well as the leather collar that had appeared around her neck . Her body had already started moving to the Goth industrial beats that permeated the club as she looked at Willow.


"Sure. Bourbon and coke, please."

Faith arched her eyebrow, thinking that it was the perfect drink for the girl: sweet with a dash of harsh. She wiggled her way to the bar and got the drinks, trying to ignore Willow pressed against her back with her hand on the slayer's ass.

As they finished the drinks, Willow's eyes sharpened on a couple on the dance floor. She pointed them out to Faith, who nodded in acknowledgement. As the dj swung into Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl," they hit the dance floor and danced over to where the couple were grinding against each other. Willow and Faith looked at each other in perfect accord as Willow pulled the guy away and started grinding against him while Faith did the same with the girl. Both looked startled but quickly got into the groove.

A few minutes later Faith slid across a pile of dust in order to press against Willow's back and match her rhythm. Gradually they moved away from the boy and started to dance with each other. Willow turned and buried her face in Faith's neck, lightly kissing it as their bodies pressed so close together the leather of their pants almost fused. Faith could barely breathe; between the dance, the heat, and Willow's attention to her neck she felt like she was gonna either pass out or combust. Eventually Willow leaned back to get a tighter lock on their legs while their hands began to roam along each other's sides and torsos. They continued to move together as the song segued from Zombie to Depeche Mode's "Only When I Lose Myself."

Faith's eyebrow arched and she leaned into Willow. "You plan this, Red, or did the DJ just magically happen to know which songs are my favorites?"

Willow blushed. "Okay, so maybe the DJ's an old friend, and perhaps I gave him a little list, and possibly he asked the bouncer to let him know when we arrived…"

She was cut off as Faith grabbed the hair at the back of her neck and pulled her into a kiss. "Thank you, Willow. It was a wonderful surprise."

Willow gave her a dazed smile. "Oh, sure, no problem," followed by a slightly breathier "Anytime."

They continued dancing for a few more songs, their caresses and kisses getting longer and more passionate until finally Willow grabbed the collar's ring and said, "Hotel. Now!"

Faith smiled, "Yes ma'am."

They made it to the car before their need for each other won out again. About ten minutes of really intense making out followed, resulting in Willow lying on the hood of the car with her shirt up around her armpits. Suddenly mid-kiss Faith stood up off of Willow. "Come on, What I want to do to you requires the use of a bed. A big bed." She pulled Willow off of the car and chuckled.


"We dented the car."

Willow looked over at the rather obvious dip in the hood and started to laugh. "Gives it character."

The door to their suite hadn't even closed before they were on each other again. Faith lifted Willow, who wrapped her legs around her waist, and carried her into the bedroom. Willow in the meantime decided their shirts had to go and proceeded to rip them and Faith's bra off. Her mouth immediately went to Faith's shoulder, kissing and biting her way along it before lying back on the bed and pulling Faith on top of her. Faith moved down Willow's neck with bites and licks. Willow's back arched and she cried out at the first touch of Faith's mouth on her breast. Faith alternated light licks and nips around her breast before taking the nipple in her mouth and biting down. She alternated between breasts, licking, nipping and occasionally giving a healthy bite, until Willow was writhing on the bed. "Please, please, please."

Faith moved back up Willow's body and they gazed into each other's eyes while her hands reached for the zipper on the redhead's pants. Willow reached out to start on Faith's pants before getting frustrated with their tightness and spitting out a quick "removere," which relieved them both of their pants.

At the first full touch of their skin time stopped. They looked into each other's eyes acknowledging the love there before leaning in for their gentlest kiss yet. The kisses gently continued as both women felt the firmness of skin and muscles and admired for the first time the contrast of naturally brown skin against porcelain white. Eventually their hands reached the juncture of their legs. Each woman's hand slid into the wetness of the other, gently massaging the clit and sliding inside. Finally Faith's eyes snapped shut and her back arched and she called Willow's name. The sheer beauty of Faith in orgasm quickly brought Willow to her own climax and they rested together, quietly sharing kisses until finally Faith broke the silence.

"I've never done that before."

"I know. Amazing the difference emotion makes, isn't it?"

"You speak as if you know, Red."

"MMM." Willow's eyes went a little distant. "After Oz left, before I met Tara I went a little wild. It hurt so much when he cheated on me I just wanted to lose myself. Had I only known how miniscule that pain was compared to losing Tara it would never have happened. Buffy was completely wrapped up in Riley so I bought some clothes, dressed myself up and found both Nightfall and Cuff." Faith's eyebrows rose at the names of Sunnydale's only Goth and S/M clubs. "I learned a lot about myself there. I found music I loved and people who understood me. At Cuff I learned a lot about the things that my vampire double had implied. I learned the trill of a submissive's bow, and the pleasures to be found under a strong hand. Eventually I met Tara and was gone. She didn't play as much as I did but she had her own quirks. We meshed so well that I forgot about the club life I left behind. It was all about her and to a different extent you until she died. Now I want to revisit that part of myself, and I hope you are willing to come with me."

"Anywhere, Anytime, love." Faith rolled onto Willow, kissing her deeply while joining their hands. Faith pushed their hands above Willow's head before letting go and starting to move down the witch's body. As Faith's mouth reached the witch's breast, Willow dropped her hands into the dark hair. Faith quickly grabbed Willow's wrists and pinned them above the head with one hand while the other thrust quickly into Willow, causing her to scream. The slayer caught the witch's eyes as she thrust roughly into her, "You will keep your hands here or I will stop. Do you understand me?"

Willow's eye flashed with defiance until Faith flicked her clit. "Ohhh Goddess. Yes, I understand."

Faith gave her a fierce grin before moving back to Willow's breasts. One hand began to tweak and pull a nipple while her mouth played with the other. Willow was writhing and begging by the time Faith moved down her body. It was so hard for her to keep her hands above her head. She really wanted to push Faith's head where she thought it belonged. Faith licked down the crease between Willow's thigh and the damp red curls. She gave Willow's clit a light flick with her tongue before moving to the top of her other thigh and licking down again. As Willow's legs parted, the slayer licked up the moisture that had dripped down her inner thighs, working her way down to the knees and back up again, periodically blowing lightly on Willow's center, until the redhead was threatening dire consequences if she didn't fuck her immediately.

Finally Faith started at the bottom of Willow's slit and slowly worked her way up to the clit. At the first hard lick against her nub, Willow's hands snapped down to grip the slayer's head and hold it in place. She didn't care about the consequences--all she wanted was to come. Faith briefly considered stopping but decided to punish her later for her indiscretion.

She brought three fingers up to thrust into Willow while continuing to lick and suck at her clit, bringing the witch to a swift screaming release. She didn't stop there and continued to thrust, bringing Willow back up to her previous level of arousal. She then slipped in another finger while moving back up to Willow's breasts. Finally Willow pulled her up into a kiss, and Faith tucked her thumb, sliding her fist in.

Willow's back arched as she went rigid. "OHHHHH GODDDDDDD!" She came back down to look into the cocky eyes of the slayer, who was holding still allowing her body to adapt to the fullness before lightly running the tops of her fingers across Willow's G-spot. Willow pulled her into a kiss that was all tongues and teeth and passion. She could feel Faith's pulse beating just under her clit and the pressure continued to build. She felt like she was going to explode if there wasn't a release soon. She looked beggingly into Faith's eyes, well beyond the ability to speak.

Faith smiled, her eyes softening as she whispered, "I love you, Red," before sliding back down Willow's body. Her lips wrapped around the witch's clit and she licked and sucked it, quickly launching Willow over the edge. The room reverberated with the sound of her release and several items on the tables momentarily hovered before crashing back down.

Once the redhead's body had stilled, Faith slowly removed her hand while running light kisses down Willow's neck. Willow turned on her side, with a serious look on her face, and looked into Faith's concerned eyes.


Faith burst out laughing. "You were so serious, I thought I had done something wrong and all you had to say was wow!"

Willow smiled. "Well, I thought it was pretty serious. Amazing really. I love you."

Faith smiled. "I love you as well."

Willow sat up. "Well, now that that has been established, roll over."


"I said roll over. Do not make me repeat myself again."

"Yes ma'am."

Willow was speechless when presented with the back of the slayer. The finely traced muscles that led down to a flawless ass had her fighting for control as she straddled the brunette. At the first touch of her sensitive flesh to Faith's she had to pause for a moment to breath and center herself. She had been waiting for half a year for this moment and like hell if she wasn't going to take her time. She reached out and began to give Faith a firm massage that removed all of the knots in her back from sleeping on a prison bed for three years, and reduced her into a moaning puddle. The massage then turned from medicinal to sensual, filling Faith with heat and pressure and periodically causing her to let out the most adorable whimper.

Once her skin had been completely prepared, Willow began to kiss and bite along Faith's back until the slayer's body followed her every time she removed her mouth. She then brought Faith to her knees in order to pinch and tug the slayer's nipples while continuing the attention to her back. She had known that Faith had a sensitive back from the letters that they had shared, but she had no idea that it was going to be this sensitive. Faith seemed to be near coming just from this attention. She let go of a breast in order to grab Faith's hair and pull her up into a deep kiss, before pushing her back onto her knees. The bites to her back became harder and Willow knew that if it weren't for her slayer powers Faith would have bruises in the morning. As it was all it did was make her cry out and talk.

"Please, Willow, Please!"

"Please what?" followed by a particularly deep bite to the back of her neck.

"Oh God! Please fuck me."

Willow's chuckle was downright wicked. "You want me to fuck you, hmmm?"


"Very well," and with a muttered spell Willow slid all seven inches of the strap-on that had been in a bag beside the bed into Faith, immediately pushing her over the edge.

Willow waited in stillness, her inner walls fluttering around the plug that was in her, until Faith's body stopped twitching, then leaned across her back and whispered, "I'm going to fuck you now."

She started to gently thrust her hips while reaching around to gently fondle Faith's clit. In no time at all Faith was moaning and beginning to thrust back against Willow's hips. Gradually their pace increased until Willow's arousal became too much and her left hand tangled into Faith's hair, pulling her head back as the thrusts became almost vicious in their intensity. Faith matched her thrust for thrust, occasionally rolling her hips to push the plug deeper. Finally the redhead buried her teeth into the slayer's shoulder blade while her body shook with orgasm, causing Faith to follow her over the edge until they collapsed into a sweaty heap. Once they were calm Willow pulled out of Faith and banished the toy back to its bag, not forgetting to mutter a quick spell to clean it, before collapsing into Faith's arms.

They looked at each other and started to chuckle.

"See, I told you. Amazing in bed."

"I never had any doubt, Red. Not a one. I've always known you and I would be good together. Today has surpassed all my fantasies."

"Hmmph. We'll have to go about creating new ones then."

"Definitely. Right now, however, I think we need to sleep."

Willow pouted, "Don't wanna. Why should we?"

Faith laughed at the little girl voice. "Well, for one thing, the sun's up."

"Holy shit! Really?"

"MmmHmmm. Slayer senses always know when day happens."

"And the other reasons?"

"I wanna go to the party at Fred and Lilah's with you, and it's in about five hours."

"I'm still not convinced we could just stay up till then."

"Ah, yes, but you have a punishment due to you for moving your arms and I want to be well rested in order to deliver it."

Willow brightened. "Well, when you put it that way…"

"I thought you would see it my way."

They snuggled down under the covers with Willow's head resting on Faith's shoulder. She tilted her chin up and they shared a slow sweet kiss that promised many more evenings like this one.

"I love you, Red."

"I love you too, pookie," Willow replied in a sleepy voice.

All was silent in the room until suddenly...

"POOOKIE!!!" followed by a round of giggles from the redhead.

The End

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