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Love Through Touch
By Nyka

Part 11

Buffy was 'really' enjoying her dream.

It felt so real. She could almost feel the hands as they roamed over her body. She wasn't quiet about her pleasure either.

Her lover began as a phantom. She coudln't see a face or the faces that were touching her. Then they began to kiss. It didn't take her long after that to realize the person she was dreaming about was Hyatt.

Buffy moaned when two fingers penetrated her inner sanctum. The touch wasn't unexpected by any means, just powerful. There were no unsure feeling to it. Just passion. She moaned loudly and pushed up against the fingers buried inside her. She didn't know exactly what those fingers were doing, but they were doing it well.

She felt a moist warmth on her breast stimulating her nipples. She reached up to hold the head to her. Sifting her fingers through the soft waves, she tugged at the strands whenever a strong wash of pleasure flooded through her.

She'd never had a dream so hot. Or so she thought.

She could feel herself building up to an incredible orgasm. All movement stopped.

She moaned in desperation "Please"

"Please what?" a whispered reply.

"Please me" she begged. She was clearly on edge.

The mouth returned to her breasts alternating between nipples stimulating them both equally. The hand remained still. When she attempted to move against it, it was pulled away.

The mouth began to travel down from her breasts over her belly and onto her mons.

"Yess" she hissed when she felt a tug at her carefully trimmed curls.

"Nuyashu ahad Yoni shalga" the words were breathed over her overly sensitive bundle of nerves causing her to arch off the bed.

"Slow down, there's no rush" this to was whispered.

She felt a kiss on her inner thigh.

"A little to the left" she demanded.

The lips moved right.

"The other left" she growled.

The lips comlied moving back the their previous spot.

"More" she demaded.

"Slower" her lover whipsered.

"Now" Buffy reached down prepared to finish it herself.

She had two fingers in her wetness when they were pulled away.

She moved to protest but kept her voice when she felt warm lips carress the tips and taste her essense. She was glad she hadn't said anything when the lips left her fingers and were buried when she wanted them the most.

She could feel the soft skin of the womans's cheeks, and the hot breath from her mouth as she finally pleasured the slayer the way she wished to be pleasured.

Buffy groaned loudly when a nose bumped against her clit, jerking the nub to even firmer and more sensitive attention. She never wanted to intimate kiss to end, yet she knew she couldn't take much more. A warm tongue licked up between the sensitive fold stimulating everything. She rose high and fell hard. Calling out in passion untils he ran out of breath.

When she finally returned to her body from the strange place between glorious please and reality she heard the soft spoken words.

"I like your yoni"

Buffy stretched as she came completely awake.

"What a nice dream" she sighed opening her eyes.

"So that's what you call it" Hyatt chuckled.

Buffy felt the vibration of the laugh on her belly and focused.

Hyatt had her chin resting on Buffy's belly just above her naked mons.

"Oh my god" she blushed the color of Willows hair "It wasn't a dream"

"Did you want it to be?" Hyatt asked honestly confused.

Buffy squeezed her legs together feeling the afterglow "Oh no this is much better than any dream"

"I take it this isn't the first time you've dreamt of this" Hyatt pushed herself up.

Buffy focused on the naked breasts before her.

"I..well...the sixth" she admitted in a low tone "In the last few days"

"So it happened more than once a day" Hyatt deduced "Way to go me"

"Sometimes I'd wake up, fall asleep and dream it again. In greater detail. But that was nothing compared to this" Buffy admitted.

"For future reference Buffy. If your gonna sleep naked next to an empath, be prepared to be awakened in the throes of passion" Hyatt joked.

"Now I really have to keep you around" Buffy groaned.

"And I thought Willow and Tara were loud" Dawn remarked the next morning at breakfast.

Hyatt had made a miraculous and complete recovery overnight.

Buffy's eyes widened, Tara's face turned red, and Willow just didn't look at anyone.

"Considering you both were going at it I'm surprised I got any sleep last night" Dawn rolled her eyes.

"We're not loud" Willow protested.

"Actually" Buffy began to say.

"You can't talk Buffy. you screamed 'oh god' like six times, and 'oh baby yes' so many times I couldn't count" Willow remarked testily.

"You probably lost count cuz you were doing it to" Dawn said crossing behind the witch to the refrigorator.

Willow blushed the same shade as Tara.

"Don't you have a dampening spell or something" Dawn sat down at the table with them "as nice as it is to know you have a healthy, happy and active sex lives, I would like to get some sleep"

"Me too" Star chimed in coming into the kitchen as well.

"Maybe we should talk about something else now" Buffy said embarrassed.

"How are you feeling Hyatt?" Tara asked immediately.

"Pretty chipper from the sounds she made Buffy make" Willow remarked under hear breath.

Buffy and Hyatt both heard her.

"She was kinda loud wasn't she?" Hyatt smirked "I feel fine Tara. buffy cured what ail'd me"

"I heard" Tara smirked herself.

Everyone froze and stared in wonder at the timid witch.

"What? I can't make a joke?" Tara shrugged.

Everyone looked away.

"I have a question" Buffy frowned "What's a yoni?"

Star fell out of her seat, and began to laugh.

Hyatt bit her lip and tried to hold a straight face.

"Where did you hear that word Buffy?" Tara asked calmly.

"Hyatt said it to me. 'I like you yoni' or something like that" Buffy stole some of Dawns fruit from her plate.

Tara shot a surprised look at her friend.

Hyatt just shrugged.

"Ok why do I suddenly feel left out?" Willow cut in pouting.

"I meant to thank you Willow" Hyatt said suddenly serious.

"Thank me?" Willow's delicate brow shot up "For what"

"For the 'incentive' I think you called it" Hyatt took the wtich's hand "Without it I would have been alone in the dark"

Willow's eyes cleared on confusion at the words 'alone in the dark'. Tara had used the metaphor as well. It seemed her soulmate and the empath had a strong bond. She knew about the family trouble's and respected the fact that Tara shared something with Hyatt that she just couldn't percieve. It didn't mean she had to like it.

"That's what's family's for. We don't leave each other ....alone in the dark" she choked out.

Buffy and Dawn looked between their three friends and figured it was just something they weren't meant to get.

"So how do we deal with Spike?" Dawn asked saddened "He tried to hurt Hyatt"

"He did hurt Hyatt" Tara said firmly "He won't get away with it"

"I'm gonna go see about it today" Buffy flipped her tousled hair over her shoulder "No one messes with my-" she cut herself off.

"With your what?" Tara and Hyatt asked after Buffy was silent for long moments.

"No one messes with your girl" Willow filled in "She's your girl, so that makes her family. And what does family do?"

"They defend each other" Star banged her tiny head on the table as she sat up "Against demons, vampires and evil tables" she rubbed the forming bump.

They all collasped into hysterics.

"That was surprisingly easy" Willow remarked "we didn't have to do much work at all"

"No we didn't" Tara agreed "But we should still reward ourselves"

"Your right" Willwo agreed readily "We did send ehr the lovey dreams and happy love feelings that buffy has for her"

"Willow do you believe in love at first sight" Tara asked taking her soulmates hands.

"I have you don't I?" Willow kissing their threaded fingers.

"Always" Tara pulled the lissom redhead to her gather her into deceptively strong arms.

Willow fell limply into Tara and simply let herself be kissed.

They stumbled to their bed and their lips never parted.

Tara sat back on the bed and pulled Willow down into her lap. She made sure the witch was facing away from her.

"Why'd we stop kissing?" Willow asked in a daze.

"I want to show you something" Tara said quietly. She called a mirror to her.

The mirror was maybe 2 ft long and 1ft across, and floated across the room and stopped infront of Willow.

"Look at you baby" Tara whispered while she nibbled on an ear "your beautiful"

Willow whimpered when Tara moved down to her neck nibbling on the sensitive spot behind her ear.

She could see herself in the mirror the helplessly aroused look on her face, the flushed skin.

Tara pulled the cotton shirt off her lover exposing naked breasts. She grabbed Willows arms when she moved to cover herself.

"No baby" Tara commanded firmly kep Willow arms away from her own chest "Look at yourself. See the beauty I see"

Willow forced herself to look. Her breasts were just as flushed as her face. The coral colored nipples were hard. She whimpered at the sight of herself.

"I love the way you look" Tara freed one hand and trailed it over Willow's bare shoulder, then down to cup one of her breasts "You fit me in so many way's Will"

Willow smiled and her reflection seemed to change, she went from looking shy to looking sensual. She gasped when she saw herself as Tara must.

Tara felt the energy in Willow change. She smiled and took the next step. She slid her other hand down into the boxers Willow had worn to bed and thrown back on to go eat breakfast. She smiled when she found her hard moist mark between the witches wet folds. She heard Willow gasp when she began to play with the steaming bundle of nerves housed between the flower of her lovers' womanhood.

Willow couldn't take her eyes off her reflection. She was enamored with what she saw before her. Not the geek she was so accustomed to seeing when she looked into the mirror. Instead she saw a beautiful, aroused woman.

Tara again felt the change "Now you see what I see"

Willow nodded not trusting her voice.

"Good" Tara said firmly as she changed the position of her hand, sliding two fingers into the welcoming warmth that was Willow "Now tell me exactly what you want"

"How are you feeling" Dawn asked Hyatt when they were left alone in the kitchen.

"I'm okay. Really. Buffy had the right idea" Hyatt assured Dawn brushing a hand through the teens long hair.

"Okay" Buffy re-enterd with Star on her toes. The child was walking backwards while holding the slayer around her waist and standing on her feet.

Star hopped off the slayer and onto Dawn "Your cool" she stated.

"You feel okay Hyatt?" Buffy asked resting her hands on the other girls shoulders.

"I feel good enough to walk" Hyatt stated startign to rise.

"No. Your not walking. I carried you down here I'll carry you back up" Buffy put a slight pressure on the girls shoulders to keep her down.

"Look I'm well enough to walk" Hyatt tried to stand again only to be pushed back down.

"I just wanna talk care of you" Buffy pleaded.

Star and Dawn watched the exchange in fascination.

Hyatt hesitated for a moment "Fine" she turned herself in the chair and held her arms out to the slayer.

Buffy picked her up under her arms and steadied her on a hip. Hyatt simply folded into the slayers form making them both comfortable.

"You owe me slayer. AFter today you can't carry me around like an invalid" Hyatt grouched.

"Thank you for humoring me" Buffy remarked dryly.

A strange keening sound was emitted from upstairs.

"At it again?" Hyatt laughed.

"They do that all the time" Buffy chuckled.

"Fucking like bunnies" Hyatt joked.

"I dare you to say that to Anya" Buffy and Dawn said in unison.

Part 12

"Fucking like what?" Anya screamed.

"Like bunnies" Buffy reiterated.

"Bunny's fuck?" Anya's face took on a disenchanted look "Xander? Bunnies reproduce?"

"Yeah Anya, they have almost as many orgasms as you" Xander said not looking up from the broing text.

"Uh Hyatt" Giles cleaned his glasses nervously "I'm aware your having a bit of family trouble"

Everyone grimaced at the reminder. Though she was up and about Hyatt sported quite a few bruises from her fathers unkind hands.

"But do you have access to Fatima's library" Giles finished quickly.

"Her library is in her lair beneath the house. My father never goes down there" Hyatt shut the codex "I'm pretty sure she'll let me in"

"Well what I really want to talk about is what's gonna happen when Buffy finds Spike" Willow said testily.

"I'll stake him" buffy said rising from her seat "That simple"

"But Buffy" Dawn was quick to object.

"No but's Dawn" Buffy turned away from her sister.

"Bunnies have sex?" Anya asked no one in particular.

"More than Willow and Tara" Hyatt offered.

Anya blinked "Wow"

Tara blushed, Willow fumed "That was-"

The entire room began to shake. The Scoobies panicked, all except Willow.

The floor was groaning and the walls shook but nothing fell or broke.

"Earthquake" Buffy said shaking with the room.

It stopped as suddenly as it began.

"That wasn't an Earthquake" Anya shook her blonde head casing her hair to fly in her eyes.

"I-it was Willow" Tara said softly.

"Willow did that?" Buffy's voice held disbelief.

"I made her angry" Hyatt stated.

Willow shook of the daze she was wrapped in "Sorry emotion thing"

"Passion can make magick twice as strong" Tara said not studdering a single word. Something she rarely did.

"Which makes it four times as dangerous" Anya whined.

"I'm gonna patrol" Buffy was the first to speak.

"Can i come?" Hyatt stood as the slayer moved to leave.

"No your hurt" Buffy said gently but in a stern voice.

"I"m fine. Besides I want a piece of William the Bloody" Hyatt ground her fist into her palm "I owe him"

"No I owe him" Buffy argued "Your not leaving this store tonight. Not unless I'm taking you home" she stared the other girl down.

"I owe him for hurting me" Hyatt said meeting Buffy's eyes. She saw concern inn their depths, as well as love.

"If anyone owe him I do" A feminine voice said from behind them all.

They turned to find a woman who looked amazing like Hyatt. Or maybe it was the other way around.

"He should know better than to attack a higher blood" the woman frowned "Then again men are rather dense"

Hyatt chuckled, Tara stared in fascination "Your Fatima" she breathed.

"Yes, and you little one, fairly reek of natural magicks. Strong natural magicks. A friend of your's aziza?" Fatima asked Hyatt.

"Yes. Tara's a very good friend" Hyatt smiled at the witch who blushed.

"Oh my, your Anyanka aren't you" Fatima's eyes fell upon the ex-demon "You were quite popular among teh scorned female demons"

"Oh yes those were the days" Anya sighed "now all I have to look forward to is Xander giving me orgasms"

"I heard you were with a man" Fatima shook her head "You'd think you would of chosen a woman. After all the men you eviscerated"

"Well I would have, but the slayer has a thing for your miny me" Anya waved in Hyatt's direction.

Buffy spoke for the first time since Fatima enterd "I....she...we...vampire" she immediately realized she sounded like Xander and shook it off "Hello"

Fatima stared at Buffy for long moments. She noticed the Watcher in the side of her vision but dismissed him. The slayer wasn't at all what she expected "I thought you'd be taller" she voiced.

"Okay this whole height thing has to run in your family" Buffy complained to Hyatt.

"Well you are a little on the short side" Anya shrugged.

"Anya, you are so not helping" Giles said sounding frightening like Dawn "My god I just talked like you" he muttered something to himself as he walked away from everyone.

"Fatima I need a book" Hyatt said once they were alone.

Buffy had gone out to patrol by herself. Willow and Tara had taken Dawn home and Xander was helping Anya bring not so heavy things up from downstairs.

"The Vivione are rising" Fatima nodded "I can feel a strong one. Lucita felt her to. We came to ask you but found out that you weren't there anymore" Fatima's face hardened "Your mother thought you deserved it"

"It doesn't matter, I'm okay now" Hyatt took the cold hand in her warm one "Can you feel it?" she focused her mind on one single thing. Buffy's love.

"I can smell her all over you" Fatima smiled when she blushed "I can also feel the bonds that have formed. I take it they accepted you as you are?"

"Yes. I brought the watcher a book and he told me I was the newest Scooby" Hyatt smiled to her at the memory.

"Scooby? Like the cartoon with the dog?" Fatima's eyes sparkled "They do partly remind me of them" she slid her hands to the bare skin of Hyatt's arms "I couldn't sense you for a time ast night"

"William got close, to close. My gaurd was down. It won't happen again" Hyatt's eyes took a an angry glow.

"I doubt you'll have to see him again if the Slayer find him tonight" Fatima smirked.

"What books do you need little one? My library is your library" Fatima pulled out a short knife "There's something outside"

"I feel it. It's Buffy" Hyatt rubbed the skin that had been beneath Fatima's hand before she grabbed her knife.

"Did I hurt you?" the Assamite leveled her eyes on the many bruises that covered Hyatt's arms "Oh my I didn't see those. Your father should be taught that you don't hit girls"

"No one hits my girl" Buffy remarked.

"Did you find him?" Hyatt didn't know if she hoped she had, or hadn't.

"No. But not for lack of trying" Buffy took off her new jacket, vampire dust fell off when she shook it out "Ready"


Tara brushed her hair out in the mirror, staring at herself through the steam from the shower. Chanting she drew several characters on the mirror. Her reflection morphed and disappeared. Willow was sitting at the table downstairs, speaking quietly to Dawn. Tara tenderly touched the image. After a moment she changed it. Buffy appeared with Hyatt. They were in Buffy's car kissing. Tara smirked and shook her head, they were almost as affectionate as Willow and herself.

She left the bathroom minutes later.

Willow and Dawn were discussing their plan.

"I can't believe it worked so fast" Dawn's voice held excitement.

"Yeah. I think it might have been because she needed Buffy. Buffy's quick with things that need her" Willow pushed her hair behind her ear.

"I think their cute together" Dawn remakred "Hyatt's always teasing Buffy. She gets under her skin"

"Yeah she does. Buffy needs that" Willow agreed.

"But what about Spike?" Dawn mumbled "I can't believe he'd do something like that. I thought the chip that he has wouldn't let him hurt her"

"Wait Dawnie, I didn't hear him scream" Willow's eyes widened "When he grabbed Hyatt he hurt her. She has bruises from his hands. But she was the only one screaming"

"Spike can't hurt humans. But she's human" Dawn tried to understand "He should have been hurt to"

"Maybe it's because she has Vampire blood in her" Willow thought aloud "Maybe it negates the chip"

"Hey, what's up guys" Buffy came through the front door with Hyatt a few steps behind her.

They were holding hands when the enterd and didn't let them go when they saw Willow and Dawn.

"Why could he hurt you?" Willow stood up wit her eyes narrowed "Why could Spike hurt you? He has a chip in his head, so he can't hurt humans"

"I don't wanna hear anything about Spike right now" Buffy said angrily.

"Spike can hurt her Buffy. She might not be human. She might be lying to us" Willow began to panick when she saw the look on Buffy's face "Listen to me Buffy! I'm telling you the truth and you know it"

"I'm human Willow. I'm as human as you" Hyatt tried to assure her "Look at my aura, is it anything different than it should be?"

Willow refused to acknowledge that Hyat had spoken.

"You aura looks alot like Buffy's actually" Tara said entering the room. She'd felt Willow's desperation from upstairs and hurried down to see what was bothering her "Her aura is human Willow, with something extra there. A destiny. She's no different than Buffy"

"I.." Willow was breathing deeply.

Dawn was standing staring at them all, she didn't know what to do. It seemed that latelly she felt that way alot. She was tired of feeling that way, tired of living with such insecurity. She fled upstairs.

"I don't...." Willow cut herself off "I just... Buffy just look into it please?" she ran upstairs and slammed the door to the bedroom.

"She doesn't know does she?" Buffya sked Tara.

"I didn't tell her. I thought you just wanted it between us" Tara said meeting Buffy's tired eyes.

"I do" Buffy sighed tiredly "I'm gonna go to bed. Night Tara" Buffy slowly walked up the steps. It seemed life was one big drama after another. She'd give anything just to have one day of peace.

"I don't think she likes me" Hyatt remarked to Tara once they'd sat down.

"She doesn't see you how I see you" Tara sighed "I think, since I know what's you've been through, I understand"

"I like Willow. And she's really strong. The power I sense in her is amazing" Hyatt closed her eyes and 'f'elt' the house around her "It's essence permeates eveything here"

"Willow is a force to be reckoned with isn't she" Tara smiled.

"Yeah. But when the force comes to be reckoned, I hope I'm on her side" Hyatt said sincerly.

Part 13

"Willow is right Buffy she should be checked. Spike did do her harm" Giles cleaned his glasses.

"God Giles there's nothing wrong with her. Maybe the chip is malfunctioning" Buffy pleaded. She hated what they wanted to do with Hyatt.

"Where is Hyatt anyway?" Anya asked snacking on some gummy bears.

"She went h-home to get some books from Fatima" Tara said softly. She was as upset as Buffy.

"She left home to get some books from Fatima" Buffy corrected "And I can't believe she left without waking me up this morning.

"She wanted you to sleep. You looked like you needed it last night" Tara tried to appease the slayer.

"I can't believe she went by herself" Buffy pouted.

"Maybe she's keeping something from you" Willow said ever so helpfully.

"Or maybe Fatima want's to keep the entrance to her lair a secret. Hyatt wouldn't let me go with her" Tara corected her soulmate "She's not hiding anything"

"Or maybe she's hiding everything" Willow argued.

"Oh, oh, a viper" Drusilla moaned "There's a viper in the grass. Looking for a snack" the insane Vampire rocked herself and shook her dark head.

"A viper? Oh what fun. I've always liked snakes" the vampire rubbed her shadowed hands together "It's so fun to cut off their heads to see what kind of demon pops out"

"Mistress she's insane" the minion pleaded "She might not be right. That 'viper' could be anything"

"Oh Tara. You must learn there is clarity in her insanity" The vampire stood her shadow clothing seething around her "When you learn to listen you'll be that much stonger"

Tara eyed her mistress "I still don't understand. A viper? What kindof Viper?"

"An organized Viper. It hides in the hills to steal our brother's and sisters" Drusilla looked pleadingly at the vampire "They want to steal our force"

"Steal our force" it was the first time Drusilla's words had confused the vampire.

"They catch us like pretty lit'l butterfly's in a jar" Drusilla stood and began to pace "They put us were not even shadows run free"

"The shadows can reach everywhere" the vampire said cockily.

"The Light is the end of you, Kalindi" Drusilla looked at her dead in the eye "Even the shadows can't hide your demise"

"Then the Light will have to be exstinguished" Kalindi stated flatly "Tara cast your runes or do whatever it is you do"

"Yes Mistress" Tara mentally shook her head. Kalindi was the end of herself

"You can't do that" Buffy yelled "I didn't know where you were, If you were okay of not. Hell I thought you were a dream for a moment"

"Y-you scared us" Tara added softly.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know I worried you. I'd of came straight back if I didn't" Hyatt hung her head,

"Where did you go?" Willow asked frowning. She didn't like the way Tara was acting towards the other girl.

"I went to see a friend. She wasn't home so I came here" Hyatt explained "she's always home. I think that rain was a bad omen"

"Do not change the subject" Buffy's growled "You can't just disappear like that, and I don't want to going to that place alone. I just found you. I love you to much to lose you"

"I was perfectly safe. Fatima has entrances no where near the house. And my father never goes down there" Hyatt moved towards the slayer only to stop a few feet short "What did you say?"

"I think she said 'I love you' but it was kinda low" Anya helped out passing by towards the stacks.

"Thank you Anya" Buffy said sarcastically.

"No problem. Love is great ain't it" Anya patted Buffy on her shoulder "Does she give you orgasms yet?"

"Many with little time in between" Buffy lied. They'd only made love the morning after Hyatt was attacked. But she thought Anya would like that answer better.

Hyatt kept a straight face. Tara turned her back and mouthed something to Willow that made her laugh.

"Yeah" Willow said after catching her breath "They go at it more than us. You should've heard them this morning" she paused for effect "Oh Buffy harder, faster"

Hyatt bit her lip, Buffy turned to her friend "Willow you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"Hey atleast I didn't mention all those 'Oh fuck me Hyatt' 's that you screamed last night" Willow joked.

Anya gave Buffy an approving look "You know how to pick 'em don't ya" she shot Hyatt a look "She doesn't look like the kinky type. But it's always the quiet ones" she turned and looked at Tara who'd turned back around "Do you make Willow beg?"

Tara blushed hotly "She's on her knee's begging almost everynight. I like it when she services me" she gave a sexy growl and moved to Willow kissing her within an inch of her life.

"You love me?" Hyatt said quietly.

"Yeah. It just kinda happened" buffy said honestly "Please don't go back there alone?"

"I won't. I love you too much to risk it" Hyatt said quietly. She took Buffy in her arms and held on.

Willow and Tara stopped kissing, Willow was still away in the land of Tara kisses bliss for a moment before she came back to earth.

"Aw, I feel bad now" Willow whined when she saw Buffy and Hyatt holding each other "Look how happy she makes Buffy"

Tara wrapped her arms around Willow hugging her fron behind "It's okay. Maybe your just tryint to protect Buffy"

"Yeah. Maybe that's it"

"Xander! Xander" Anya squaled when the young man entered "Hyatt and Buffy are orgasm buddies"

Xander froze in his tracks, fantasies of every type running through his head. Anya smacked the goofy look off his face.

"No fantasizing about them if I'm not in it" Anya grouched.

Everyone froze.

"Well that came out alot more lesbian then I intended" she smiled "But nice"

Part 14

There were indeed Vipers in the grass in Sunnydale.

"Captain, we've identified and captured another with the genetic signal" the soldier reported staring at the young girl "Female approximately 19 years of age. 5'4 roughly 120 lbs. Black hair, blue eyes, no identifying marks. I.D. says her name is Martie Broswell"

"Good catch soldier. What do you believe this girl posesses?" Commander Ashleigh Cash returned.

"I saw her leaping through the tree's like some kind of monkey. But I think she's a Feral ma'am. She hissed at me when I caught her in my net" the soldier turned away as the girl once again made a rude gesture at him "She's hostile but contained at the moment"

"Where are you soldier?" Cash demanded zoning in on the radio wave for co-ordinates.

"Safe House T-78493" he reported briskly.

"Transport will arrive for the subject in approximately 40 minutes" Cash sent out the command "Have her ready for immediate transport to HQ"

"Aye ma'am"

"Did you retrieve the text Hyatt?" Giles entered the Magic Box nearly 30 minutes after Hyatt had returned.

"Yes. I also brought a few extra codices for some light reading" Hyatt smiled "They're out in my car, help me get them Buffy?"

The slayer readily agreed. Even a few moments alone would suffice for now.

"They just wanna make out" Anya told the room at large "They have that kissy look on their faces"

"Well thank you for that observation Anya" Giles cleaned his glasses. It seemed that all the Scoobies were pairing off "I'm sure they'll enjoy themselves"

They were.

Buffy had Hyatt braced up against her car, and was kissing her senseless.

"I really wanted you to help me bring in the Codices" Hyatt breathed once Buffy let her up for air "And I wanted to make out to"

Buffy smiled and licked her bruised lips "I'm just making sure your okay after going there this morning"

"Well if I wasn't I'm peachy now" Hyatt blushed as she turned to open the car door. Buffy grabbed her ass and squeezed gently "Well your awfully chipper today"

Buffy smirked "You just stuck it in my face. What did you expect me to do? Just look?" she squeezed again.

"I didn't stick it in your face" Hyatt argued "yet"

Buffy took the books Hyatt offered up. Some of them where as thick as the length of her middle finger.

"You call this light reading?" Buffy scoffed.

"No. Giles does though. Besides those things are older than England" Hyatt straightened holding several thick texts herself.

"So who's gonna open the door?" Buffy asked when they reached the entrance.

Hyatt waited, a few moments later Giles pulled the door open and looked out "Oh there you are"

Buffy rolled her eyes "I think he could smell the books"

" I think, there's something funny going on" Star turned to look over her shoulder once again.

Dawn sighed "Star sweetie your just paranoid"

"What's Para-noise?" Star asked checking the area behind her once again.

"Para noid. It's when you think something is happening, but nothing is" Dawn explained turning the little girl bodily.

"I swear I can feel eyes on me Dawn" Star whined, something the teen had never heard her do.

"Ok" Dawn looked around herself suddenly feeling like she was being watched "Let's hurry to the Magic Box"

Star didn't argue, she just started running.

They reached the Magic Box in record time, out of breath and slightly frightened.

They burst through the door and everyone present looked at them.

"Where's the fire?" Buffy asked standing. She was sitting at the table with Tara, Hyatt, and Willow.

"I think someone was watching us" Star's face screwed up as tears began to fall "It scared me. I thought they wanted my heart" she ran and threw herself into Buffy's arms.

Dawn hung back "I didn't notice until she said something, But something out there doesn't feel right"

"Feel? Like you mean, spidey senses feel?" Willow asked "Cuz I got a wiggins a few nights ago. Thought someone was watching me from the trees. I checked but no one was there"

"Why didn't you say something Will?" Buffy shifted the frightened little girl onto her hip "Stuff like that should be mentioned"

"Did you sense anything on patrol?" Hyatt asked. She didn't know of any demons that stalked beings for their hearts. Usually it was just attack, cut out heart, leave tortured body to be found.

"No, nothing out of the ordinary. Besides the fact that there weren't many vamps that didn't hold Vivione insignia" Buffy sat back down cradling Star in her lap.

"That's expected. Their power helps them recruit fast" Hyatt frowned "Are there any missing people? Un-explained murders?"

"I could check" Willow said pulling out her lap top. She hacked into the Police Files quickly. She'd made shortcuts for herself since she needed these files so often, and was in the database in seconds "There are a few. Uh a Helena Tennimen, disappeared from her back yard, her children had been visiting her at the time. Gregory Newton, didn't show up for work and hasn't returned to his home in almost a week, and oh.....a 6 year old girl named Ainsley Baker, was picked up from school by someone claiming to be her uncle with a, valid I.D. No description of the man"

"Did you say Ainsley Baker?" Hyatt and Star questioned in unison.

"Yeah. Why do you know her?" Willow asked shuffling between the case files looking for more disappearances.

"Yeah. She comes from a family of Sprites. She's their only child that carries the 'gift'" Hyatt explained.

"And you know this how?" Buffy set Star down and Dawn joined them at the table.

"There's a whole community of demons and mystical creatures in Sunnydale. The Good know the good, the Bad know the bad. Each sticks with it's own type. Mostly." Hyatt sighed " the Bakers are one of the better families. Rebbeca, Ainsley's little sister, used to come over and play with Star all the time"

"There's a demon community?" Buffy was still stuck on that piece of news.

"Yeah. The one's the look 'human' live above ground like normal humans. They go to the same school's eat at the same places, live just like us" Hyatt shrugged. "Do you know Mia Fortune?" she asked Dawn.

"Yeah, she's in like three of my classes" Dawn smiled "She's sweet and really a good friend"

"She's a natural witch. Her mother has a gift for healing, she passed it on to Mia" Hyatt pointed out "See how easy it is for you to be friends with a Mystical creature."

"Wow, I'm convinced" Dawn sat back.

"Maybe we should look into the other disappearances. Talk to this H-helena Tennimen's family. See if the connection is m-magical. If it doesn't pan out. No h-harm no foul" Tara took a deep breath. Sometime's it really took alot for her to speak out.

"That's a great idea Tara" Buffy stood "Hyatt come with me. You know about this stuff, and these people might even know you"

"Your the slayer Buffy, you'd be part of it too" Tara pointed out "Y-your m-mystical in nature"


"Does anyone else in your family carry Helena's 'gift'?" Buffy was getter comfortable with this.

"Yeah, my daughter Nina, she's away at college right now in Boston" Helena Tennimen's youngest daughter, Leanna, had been the only one home when they'd knocked. Fot this they were thankful "They don't believe in the magic. Mine was always weak. It faded as I got older. I think they smothered any 'gift' Mother passed onto them"

"Your family's demon type is?" Buffy asked slowly so Hyatt could take notes.

"Nahunya" Leanna answered "We were the demons that protected the Unicorns and other 'wishing' creatures. Though our we no longer serve a purpose"

Buffy looked to Hyatt "Unicorns are real?"

"Yeah, but the species has moved beyond into the Astrial Dimension" Hyatt said without looking up "It's a sub-dimension of this Universe"

"Oh. Are leprechauns real?" Buffy squeaked a bit. She hated Leprechauns.

"Yes. but they went extinct centuries ago. They cursed the favorite son of the Fairy King. So her cursed them all to become beautiful flowers. First their faces began to change color. usually a white face with wide red lips and a round bulbous nose. It's the modern clown face derives from. Then they formed into flowers, which would trapped their powers until they overflowed and went......well....poof" Leanna explained.

"Clowns?" Buffy's face fell "I wish I didn't know that. But atleast Xander is afraid of them for a good reason"

"So your the slayer?" Leanna asked Buffy "Your so young. How old were you when you came into your destiny?"

"I was 15" Buffy smiled at the woman.

"So young for such a hard job. But alteast you've found it" Leanna sighed.

"Found what" Buffy and Hyatt asked in unison.

"Found Love"

"Well Tara was right" Buffy said upon entering the Magic Box.

She stopped short when she realized there were customers inside.

"What was I right about?" Tara said coming out of the training room.

"That thing we discussed earlier" Buffy said heading her way.

Hyatt entered behind her and smiled at the customer who was ringing out.

"Oh" Tara's eyes widened.

"Did you hear that baby you were right" Willow looked up from the Pagan site she was studying on her laptop.

"That's for a protection spell" Hyatt said seeing what the customer had just bought.

"There's something bad in Sunnydale" the customer said softly "It's stealing magics. It can see what's in our hearts" She customer left without another word.

Hyatt was unsettled for some reason she just couldn't place.

"Thanks for letting me research Buffy" Dawn was excited that she was being included in the search for this new evil.

She flipped through the text and once again came across, a heart eating demon.

"What about this one. It's called Legas demon, hearts the hearts of magical beings to absorb their powers and gain eternal life"

"But Helena's power is far from it's peak. The woman was pushing 85 years old" Buffy huffed.

"Quite true. But the Legas demon leaves behind a remarkable stench" Giles added "Did you smell anything when you were there?"

Both Hyatt and Buffy shook their heads.

"Not a Legas demon" Dawn turned the page "Wow that thing has alot of horns"

Star who had been playing with some hearbs on the floor rose to see what Dawn was talking about "A Jaruko demon. They impale their victims then smash them into dust" she paused studying the picture "Or mush. It's a rather peculiar demon really. Their species is long lived and is slowly dying out. The males became over agressive and destroyed the females. Jaruko means 'foolish'."

"It still has a whole lot of horns" Dawn said joking.

"It is kinda horny" Star agreed.

Everyone at the table stopped for a moment.

"Oh god. This child has been around you all to long" Giles stood and walked away.

"I meant it has multiple horns all over it's body" Dawn squeeked.

"Actually there's something very strange about this demon" Star remarked dragging her finger over the drawing "Ayumi told me about them"

"Star" Hyatt tried to silence the girl.

"See this horn right here" Star pointed to the groin area, Dawn's eyes widened "This actually isn't the genitalia" She pointed to a curved dangling horn in the middle of it's chest "This isn't a horn. It's a penis"

Willow's chair collasped backwards, tossing the witch onto the floor ungracefully.

Buffy dropped her head to the table to keep the others from seeing the laughter in her eyes.

Hyatt buried her face in Buffy's back and laughed until her eye's watered.

Tara found herself with her hand over Star's mouth.

Dawn just sat with her mouth open saying nothing.

It was far past closing time, when the locked door was kicked open from the outside.

The all instantly reacted assuming fighting stances.

Drusilla's insane figure stood in the doorway.

"There's a Viper on the campus" she rocked herself back and forth.

Everyone froze, unsettled by her words.

"It's knows what's in our hearts" she twirled her hair around her finger.

"Uh" Buffy turned to her friends "I don't know what to do here"

"The Sun want's the Light, and the Fire" Drusilla began to back away putting on her game face.

"Look out for the Sun. It'll be out to get you"

She vanished into the night.

"Now that was firckin' weird" Star remarked after the door slammed closed by itself.

Part 15

"They're having sex" Star stated crossing her arms.

"No they are not" Dawn argued again "They're playing one of their.........Wiccan games"

Buffy had her forehead laying flat on the table with her eeyes squezed shut trying not to laugh.

Hyatt had given in long ago and was catching her breath on the floor.

"They're having sex, Dawn I'm not stupid" Star said emphasising by shaking her head.

"They're playing a game" Dawn argued.



There was another muffled thump from upstairs and a barely audible 'oh baby yes' that quieted everyone down.




"Wiccan Game"

"Hot Sex"

Star crossed her arms and stuck out her tongue.

Dawn did the same.

Giles sat at the end of the table sipping tea mixed liberally with brandy.

"Maybe their doing a spell" Hyatt said from her spot on the floor. She was laid out flat trying to slow her heartbeat.

"You did say the smelled like 'sex magick' when you came to the Magic Box" Buffy lifted her head.

"Told you they were having sex" Star smirked.

Giles slammed his tea cup down, one of the many he had stashed at Buffy's home "Thank goodness it's Sunday. She'll be at school tomorrow and won't hear the...... spells that Tara and Willow indulge in."

"Star doesn't go to school" Hyatt regained her seat "My father thought it was a waste to send a girl to Pre-School"

Giles frowned at this "He really is a stupid man. A girl saves the world almost nightly, yet he believes it's stupid to educate one?"

"Yup" Hyatt frowned and shook her head "some men just aren't meant to be fathers"

A rythmic thumping was heard upstairs along with louder moans.

"Oh Goddess Tara yes!" Willow's shout echoed for a few moments through the entire house.

"They're having sex" Star singsonged.

"They've been at it for more than an hour" Buffy checked the clock "Must be a long spell"

"I have to go study more about the Vivione" Giles rose and moved to pour out the tea.

"No give it to me" Buffy begged.

Giles handed it to her "And tomorrow get that child into a Pre-School. She needs to be around children her own age!"

The door slamed behind him.

Dawn and Star locked eyes.

"Ok they're having sex!" Dawn pouted.

"Don't interupt them!" Buffy whispered as Hyatt moved to knock on the door to Willow and Tara's bedroom.

Hyatt knocked anyway.

"What!" Willow didn't sound happy at all.

"Are you guys having sex?" Hyatt asked with a smirk.

Buffy covered her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

"Yes dammit!" Willow bellowed.

"Well can I come in and watch? I wanna see if me and Buffy are doing it right?" Hyatt buried her face into the door to keep from laughing herself.

"No. If we can hear you, your doing it right!" Willow shouted through the door. She was close to losing her temper.

"And we can hear you" Tara added. She sounded even less civil than Willow.

Buffy and Hyatt met each other's eyes "Ok"

They ran down the hall laughing.

"She's beginning to annoy me" Willow growled before kissing Tara on her belly. She'd been moments from kissing the girls lower when Hyatt had knocked.

"Do you think she really wanted to watch?" Tara said half moaning. She loved it when Willow kissed her belly.

"Why? Does it turn you on?"

Tara didn't have a chance to answer.

Willow dove between her legs. She found the moist center of her in second and began feasting.

Tara was a vocal lover. More so than Willow. Though everyone would say Willow was the louder of the two. Tara didn't actually forn words just strings of vowel or consenant sounds coupled with the usual moans and graons of ecstacy.

Willow ate her like a starvnig woman at a free banquet. Anywhere Tara had jucies Willow licked. The licking brought about more jucies that Willow would follow. But never to the apex of it all, and that was exactly where Tara wanted her.

"Aeeeeaaa" Tar managed as Willow came close to her clit only to back off again.

"What was that baby?" Willow teased. She knew her lover couldn't talk when deeply aroused.

"Oooooooiiiooooiii" Tara breathed as Willow added her fingers to the mix pushing to inside her pulsating hole "Aaaaiiiiiieeee!"

"Oh is that what you wanted?" Willow moved up and sucked Tara's clit into her mouth. She knew this would throw the other witch over the edge and into ecstacy.

She felt Tara stiffen, then the suctioning feel of her orgasm around her fingers.

"That's it baby" Willow whispered into the soft flesh between Tara's legs "Let go for me"

Tara was unable to do anything but cum. It seemed like wave after wave was assaulting her being. Not releasing her from the orgasm but building up again and spasming into more pleasure than she thought her body could take.

It was several minutes before the sensations stopped.

Willow was still between her legs licking gently at the last of her juices but avoiding her clit all together.

"I take it the thought of her watching does turn you on" Willow whispered. She wasn't really mad. Just intrigued.

Willow and Tara finally came downstairs at dinner time.

"Who cooked?" Willow asked. Everything smelled good, but if Dawn cooked it , you never knew what she put inside.

"Me and Hyatt" Dawn said proudly.

Star pulled at her shirt.

"Oh and Star helped" Dawn added as an afterthought knowing it would tick the little girl off.

"I stirred" Star made the motion of stirring.

"Wow" Tara gathered the child to her and sat with with Star in her lap "What do you recommend Little Miss Chef?"

"It's Spagetti" Star said with a big smile "Even Dawn can't screw 'that' up"

"Hey" Dawn put her hands on her hips "Your like the annoying little sister-"

"That you were to me" Buffy cut Dawn off.

"Didn't we already cover the family thing?" Star made the 'duh' expression.

"Yes, and we'll protect you from all the evil tables" Dawn assured her sarcastically.

"Your smart ass doesn't suit you" Star said sounding alot like Buffy.

"You're to young to say that word" Tara told her grabbing her cheeks "No saying 'ass' until your-.....uh how old should she be?"

"Your fifteen right Dawn?" Hyatt said.


"You can't say 'ass' until your sixteen" Hyatt said "Unless you 'want' to eat soap. Or Dawn's cooking"

"Okay enough with my cooking already!" Dawn pouted and sat down.

Buffy brought in the pot of noodles from the kitchen.

They talked amicably as they served themselves.

Tara made Star and plate and sat the girl between her and Willow.

They ate and talked comfortably through all their first servings.

"Dawn?" Star called staring down at her lap.

"Yeah" Dawn pushed her hair away from the sauce she couldn't help but get in it.

"Will you protect me from evil spagetti noodles too?" Star asked pulling the forkful she'd just dropped out of her lap.

"Why the hell did you bring me a Vampire?" Cash demanded of the cowering soldier before her.

"The readings we're getting off of her are different. It's like she's something more that what she seems" the soldier said trying not to show fear. He was failing miserably.

Cash checked teh readings "Your right. Her name is Drusilla?" Cash looked the Vampire over.

Drusilla wore a baby-doll dress, torn and matted with dirt. She hair was a disarray of twigs and other types of plant like. And a few things Cash hoped weren't shit or still alive.

"She doesn't look like much" Cash studied her further "But clean her up and take her to the Exam Room. I want her thoroughly tested"

"Yes ma'am" the soldier saluted and backed out of the room with Drusilla in tow.

"Sometime's a Viper cuts off it's own head" Dru said softly as she was dragged from the room.

Cash didn't hear her.

Next Morning

"So they have one elder awake. She's making plans so that the 'Elder' Elder's may rise in comfort with the plan already in place" Giles paced and cleaned his glasses.

"So we have to find her and kill her" Buffy said "Easy enough. Show me to their leader"

"It's a bit more complicated than that Buffy" Willow said looking up from the text "It says here that she comands shadows, as Posiedon does the waves"

"Poetic, but doesn't mean a thing to me" Buffy shook her head. She remembered her Mythology after a moment "Okay now it does"

"So she's the shadowmaker" Giles flipped through the codex her held "This just isn't adding up. It says here the Yulanga awakens last not first"

"Yulanga?" Buffy and Willow asked in unison.

"The Queen of Shadow's. She makes Lucita seem like a babe in arms. Lucita is over 700 years old" Hyatt sighed "But your right it doesn't add up"

"And that thing with Drusilla the other night" Willow shivered "What was up with that?"

"She said something about the sun" Buffy frowned "She's dillusional forget about it"

"The sun comes out at night" Giles flipped through the book "Now that adds up. But there's no information here" he frowned.

"The sun casts shadows" Hyatt said "Right"

"Duh longer at dawn and dusk and shorter at it's Zenith" Willow said sarcastically still angry about Hyatt interupting her and Tara.

"She said the sun is out to get us" Hyatt stated flatly "Kalindi means 'the sun'." Hyatt read aloud fromt the text "Kalindi is one of the first to awaken. Being of a younger sort she will be open to creating chances and oppurtunities for the end of time"

"Well that helps" Buffy said "but should we believe it when it comes from the mouth of an insane Vampire?"

"There's a thin transparent line between clarity and insanity, and you walk it in the dark" Hyatt remarked.

The bell over the door rang and Tara entered with Star.

"How'd the hunt for a school go?" Buffy stretched her back, it was stiff from slumping over a book for so long.

"We found one" Tara smiled "Smaller Scholars. It met all the requirements that Giles set"

"Well" Giles cleaned his glasses as they all turned to him "She's an intelligent child. She needs the best they can offer" he turned and hid in the stack mumbling somthing about getting another text.

"Said like a proud grandfather" Willow remarked.

Part 16

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