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Love Through Touch
By Nyka

Part 16

Drusilla rocked herself back and forth repeatedly. Whispering so softly none of her cell mates could hear.

"So this is Drusilla? The Great Seer" Cash paced in front of the cell.

The Underground base once belonged to the Initiative. It had 'officially' been filled in with cements and destroyed. But it wasn't.

"Yes. Turned by the Souled Vampire Angelus" Doctor Susan Gregory consulted her notes "She's just over 2 Centuries old"

"And she's insane" Cash shook her head "Useful but not"

"The moon and the heart are coming" Drusilla singsoned rocked herself faster "They'll be here soon"

Her cell mates squeezed further back into a corner, as far away from the insane woman as they could get.

"She doesn't make any sense" Cash growled.

"She makes perfect sense" a small voice said from the opposite cell.

Cash turned to face a girl no older than 6 "What?" she stared the child down.

The little girl blushed "Have you read up on you Prophecies lately?"

"How the hell did you manage to lose an insane woman!" Kalindi struck the minion again.

The woman lay bleeding on the floor, cowering in a dark corner.

"You give her a doll and she's happy for a week!" Kalindi kicked her once more for good measure.

"She hypnotized me and her gaurds" the minion said in a small voice "I underestimated her power"

"I'm surrounded by fools" Kalindi paced and growled under her breath "My 'best' minions can't even control ONE INSANE VAMPIRE!" she kicked the minion once again.

The kick landed on her head knocking her unconscious.

"Naida?" Kalindi nudged the girl with her foot "Wake up I did not kick you that hard" Kalindi began to panic when she nudged the girl again and her head hung limply.

"I think you killed her Mistress" a gaurd said from the floor behind her.

"No. She would've turned to dust" Kalindi knelt and lifted the girl into her arms "I shall attend to this" she left the hole* that she'd thrown them into.

Kalindi walked quickly through the underground catacombs that she'd taken over. Minions of all levels bowed or knelt as she passed them. No one remarked on the girl in the Master Vampire's arms.

Kalindi entered her private roms and lay her down on her own bed.

"Naida" Kalindi whispered brushing the girls blood drenched hair from her face "Please wake up" her voice broke as when the minion didn't move.

Kalindi panicked and straightened Naida's head. She slight her own wrist and fed the ancient blood into the mouth of the girl before her.

Minutes passed but Naida mad no move to awaken of even take a breath.

"Why couldn't I have found a Seer that was already dead" Kalindi growled. She was avoiding that fact that she was actually quite fond of the girl.

Naida coughed, taking a deep breath Kalindi was sure she didn't need. She sat up abruptly, her eyes wide and frightened.

Kalindi watched as the wounds she'd given the gril herself healed before her very eyes "Naida?"

Naida gasped and tried to calm herself "There are two?" she choked out "there are two"

"Question?" Willow asked tapping a pencil on the table for lack of anything else to do "Why did both of them have to go to pick Star up anyway?"

Buffy who was equally bored out of her mind just shrugged "Don't know. Maybe so they can trade stories about us?"

Willow sat back and watched her friend for a moment "You know your taking this awfully well"

"Taking what?" Buffy shook her hair out of her eyes.

"This whole girl friend thing" Willow crossed her arms "I wasn't taking it this well. When I first realized I had feelings for Tara I totally freaked. I went through that 'but we're both girls' things for a long time. I look back on it now and thank the goddess I decided it didn't matter"

Buffy smiled "I never knew you doubted yourself Willow. I thought you just took it as it came"

"Well we can't all be perfect like you" Willow rolled her eyes.

"Actually Wills, I wonder sometimes" Buffy looked down at the table "I wonder if Hyatt had come along earlier, would I have loved her then? Maybe it's just because I'm ready now. I can admit I love her"

"She was at the right place at the right time" Willow shrugged "Kinda like me and Tara"

"She and Tara are kinda close" Buffy frowned "I don't know whether to be happy or jealous"

"It's like they share something that we're not a part of" Willow agreed glad she wasn't the only one who felt that way.

"Yeah. But the question is, do we have the right to be jealous?" Buffy pouted "I don't wanna be"

"Why not be jealous? Jealous is a feeling. Feelings are good" Willow dropped the pencil and began to levitate it.

"Yeah. But we share something that they don't too" Buffy pointed out "I know you really well. I mean come on Wills six years of history here"

"True" Willow admited. The pencil began to flip over it'self.

"Maybe we should try to reach out to them. You get to know Hyatt better and I'll get to know Tara better" Buffy nodded "That way we all have a connection. No jealousy, and no left out feelings. Life as we know it will be good"

"Okay. I'll admit, it's a novel idea" Willow stopped the flipping pencil "And life is already good. Shadow vamps aside"

"Yeah"Buffy agreed "Maybe too good"

The pencil vanished.

"Hyatt, Hyatt!" Star raced over to where Tara and Hyatt stood at the gate.

"Hey babes" Hyatt waved and waited for the Teacher to let them in.

"Oh Tara I drew you something!" Star was smiling and holding out her arms to be picked up.

"Oh I can't wait to see it" Tara was happy that Star was this excited about her first day.

"Hello. I'm Ms. Kimble" the teacher opened the gate admiting the two young women.

Star launched herself into Tara's arms giggling as the Wiccan kissed both her cheeks in greeting.

"Hello Ms. Kimble. I'm Hyatt Al-Faqadi, and I believe you met Tara McClay yesterday" Hyatt shook the woman's hand. It sent chills up her spine.

"Yes I did. Are you Star's mother?" Ms. Kimble asked.

"Contrary to the resemblance I'm her legal gaurdian" Hyatt smiled.

Tara and Star wandered off to see her drawings.

"So Star does live with you, and Ms. McClay?" Ms. Kimble questioned.

Hyatt thought it odd but answered "Among others yes"

"Well I wanted to speak to you about something she did today" Ms. Kimble led Hyatt to a place where they wouldn't be disturbed but she could still see the playing children.

"What did she do?" Hyatt sighed and prepared for the worst.

"She drew a pentagram and protection symbols and blessed the school" Ms. Kimble stated flatly. "And she did it correctly, speaking both Latin and Greek"

"Your a witch?" Hyatt asked. She knew she felt magicks in the womans touch.

"No I'm 1/4 Reynuli demon" Ms. Kimble spoke softly.

"Oh. But she cast two protection spells then?" Hyatt sat back "What for?"

"One against, the Sight, and the other against the Form" Ms. Kimble said "She used salt and sand, I'm hoping to add onto the power of it. But I need to know what she is exactly"

"She's a White Naku" Hyatt said "I didn't realize how advanced she was" Hyatt bit her lip "I suppose to should pay more attention"

"I wanted to warn you also, there are shadows" Ms. Kimble rose.

"We know, the Vivione Kadesh" Hyatt rose as well they headed towards the building where Tara and Star were now exiting.

"Yes but there are also snakes, beneath the rocks" Ms. Kimble wandered off towards the children "Have a nice day. Bye Star"

"Bye Ms. Kimble" Star waved before embracing Hyatt's legs "I like it here"

Tara and Hyatt smiled at her.

They were in the car when Tara found enough guts to ask "What were you discussing when we came out? Seemed serious"

"She thinks Star's a very bright child, who casts protection spells her first day" Hyatt said never taking her eyes off the road.

Tara looked back at the girl in surprise "I didn't know she knew how to cast"

Star was fast asleep, slumped in the car seat.

"Neither did I" Hyatt sighed "I'm really slacking lately where she's concerned"

"You've had 'stuff'. But now she has Dawn, Buffy, Willow and me. Not to mention Giles, Anya and Xander" Tara said gazing at the sleeping child "You're not the only one who watches out for her now"

Hyatt smiled "I know. Just getting used to it"

"So how did the lady know about this stuff?" Tara turned back around and realized they were at the Magic Box/

"She's 1/4 Reynuli demon" Hyatt stated flatly.

"Reynuli? Don't they protect the charmed as children?" Tara searched through her memory.

Hyatt parked, she was crooked but didn't really care "Got it in one"

"That's good to know" Tar smiled.

Buffy and Willow looked up as the bell above the door rang.

Tara and Hyatt entered, and both women rose.

Tara was holding Star who was still sound asleep.

Anya came out of the training room and saw the child "Oh let me hold her" she rushed over and eased Star out of Tara's arms "Who is she?"

"She's ours" Willow said proudly "In a family, kid sorta way" she blushed "She's your's too"

"That's right Anya you haven't met her" Buffy made introductions "She's Star. She came as a package deal with Hyatt here. Definately incentive to keep her around"

Tara nodded in agreement. Willow smiled when she saw the happy look on Tara's face. Maybe Hyatt was the friend the shy Wiccan needed. Aside from her of course.

"Oh" Anya sat down and eased Star into a more comfortable position across her lap. Her head was cradled on Anya's shoulder "She's so beautiful" Anya's voice was soft as she stroked the thin arch of Star's brow "Is she mine too? You really mean it?"

Everyone looked at Anya strangely.

"I didn't know you wanted kids Anya" Buffy frowned.

"Oh yes I do" Anya smiled at Buffy "But Xander says it's too soon right now" she pouted "Maybe he'll change his mind when he meets this little angel"

"She's only an Angel while she's sleeping. I assure you" Hyatt deadpanned. She moved closer to the Slayer and softly kissed her cheek "We keep getting warnings about snakes in the grass" she whispered as she kissed Buffy's ear.

The slayer nodded and kissed her back on the lips. It was sweet and short, with a promise of more for later.

"So Tara. How much do you know about self-defense?" Buffy squeezed Hyatt's waist one last time and moved over to stand near Tara.

"V-very l-little really" Tara still wasn't used to being spoken to directly by the slayer.

"Wanna learn a few? Willow here tells me that your a quick study" Buffy winked at the Wiccan.

Tara readily agreed.

"I'm jealous of you" Willow stated flatly.

"Me?" Hyatt was taken aback "What did I do?"

"You and Tara have this....'thing'........and- and I'm not a part of that" Willow nodded sharply "And it makes me jealous"

"And what about you and Buffy? You and she have this 'thing' I'm not a part of" Hyatt countered "She loves you. You know like friend-friend love"

"Well Tara loves you the same way" Willow poked Hyatt in the chest.

"Then why are you jealous?" Hyatt poked her back.

"Cuz, I'm Willow" Willow poked her again.

"Well, okay whatever" Hyatt poked her back "But why can't we be friends?"

"We are friends" Willow poked yet again.

"Then why are you poking me?" Hyatt poked her back.

Willow poked again but Hyatt dodged.

"Hey come back here" Willow joked "I'm not done pokin' you yet"

"I'll get my slayer on you" Hyatt poked at Willow playfully.

"What's she gonna do? Tickle me?" Willow taunted.

They danced around each other poking and dodging.

A loud *thud* stopped their play.

They turned to see Tara and Buffy wrestling on the floor. Tara pinned the slayer down and straddled her waist.

"And how many lurid fantasies are running through 'your' head right now?" Xander asked.

Neither girl had heard him come in.

"About six" Hyatt said honestly.

"I got nine" Willow muttered.

"If you two joined them I'd have a big wopping 15" Xander said with a goofy smile on his face.

"How can I say this a nice way?" Willow questioned herself outloud "No wait I can't" She turned to Xander and hit him in the back of his head "GET YOUR NASTY LITTLE XXX RATED MIND OFF MY GIRL FRIEND!"

Hyatt kicked him in the ass "MINE TOO!"

Xander ducked and quickly left the training room.

Buffy and Tara looked over at the ruckus.

"I think I just fell in love with her" Tara sighed.

"The red-head or the dark one?" Buffy joked alreayd knowing the answer.

"A little bit of both" Tara whispered.

"Likewise" Buffy grinned.

Star jerked awake at the noise.

She looked into Anya's unfamiliar but gentle face and relaxed.

"Vengance Demon?" Star asked studying the face above her.

"Ex-Vengance Demon" Anya corrected.

"Oh" Star smiled sweetly "I know you have chocolate"

"Behind the counter" Anya whispered.

They hurried behind the register and Anya pulled open a hidden drawer. It was filled nearly to the top with chocolate and other candies.

Anya set Star on the counter and they both choose a few pieces.

Star managed to get the chocolate around her lips, and melted onto her fingers.

Xander rushed out of the training room and saw them "Hey you never share you stash with me"

Anya shrugged "Your not as cute as she is"

Star smirked at the disgruntled young man.

"Xander I want one" Anya begged again resting her cheek against Star's chocolate covered one.

"I told you Anya" Xander sighed "not yet"

"You can borrow me until then" Star offered "I'm sure they'd love to get rid of me so they can have sex"

Xander blushed, Anya beamed.

"Oh god she's like a little you" Xander cried and sat down abruptly.

Part 17

"Where's Star" Dawn frowned when they entered the house that evening after helping Buffy slay.

There had ben 17 Vamps slayed 13 had the Vivione charms of rank, and most of them had been a double bar. The mark of the stronger Acolytes.

"She's with X-xander and Anya t-tonight" Tara said puting some extra weapons under the kitchen sink just incase.

"Will she be okay?" Dawn asked wondering why no one really seemed to mind that the little girl was staying with ex-demon who happened to be obsessed with sex.

"Who are you more worried about? Star or Anya?" Buffy asked brushing loose vampire dust out of her hair.

"Both I guess, and Xander's sanity" Dawn shrugged "I'll miss her tonight, I have this new story to tell her. I guess it can wait"

"You tell her stories everynight?" Hyatt asked helping Willow place her magic implements in their respective spots.

"Yeah, she likes them. Always falls asleep with a smile on her face" Dawn grinned.

Hyatt looked at Tara who shrugged "Family" was all the blonde Wiccan offered.

"Cool. Your an awesome older sister Dawn, or are you an aunt?" Hyatt scratched her head.

"Well let's see, Dawnie is Buffy's l-little s-sister, and Star is k-kinda like your d-daughter, you being her legal gaurdian" Tara considered "So you and Buffy are-....... wait what 'are' you and Buffy?"

"We're dating with the intention to love for enternitiy" Buffy stated without pause.

"What she said" Hyatt thumbed in Buffy's direction.

"Wow so I'm an aunt" Dawn squealed "Wait 'til I tell my friends at school"

"Yeah Dawnie brag away about potty mouthed little niece" Willow said supportively "and don't forget to tell them she's gorgeous"

"Yeah. We'll get you pictures and everything" Hyatt agreed.

"This is so cool!" Dawn sobered for a moment "I'm really liking this family thing"

Everyone agreed.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Xander screamed and did his best to hid behind Star and Anya.

"It's just a little spider" Star pointed out.

"It has eight legs" Xander explained "Eight long legs for crawling al over your face and leaving little spider droppings on your-"

"Xander honey I'll kill it for" Anya moved forward to do so only to be jerked back by both Xander and Star.

"No, I'll put him outside" Star promised "Just don't kill him. He might have eight legs but he's a living thing" she pouted her cutest.

"Ok. But I'll put him outside. If Buffy found out I let you out, even to free a spider, after dark she'll have my head" Anya found a piece of paper and slipped it under the Spider "Ok not I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere"

Xander gave anya a wide berth as she carried the Daddy-Long_legs out of the apartment.

"You screamed like a girl" Star laughed when Anya disappeared from sight.

"Hush little girl" Xander waved at her at he headed for the fridge "You know nothing"

"I know you were Dracula's spider eating man-bitch" Star smirked.

Xander froze "My life just isn't fair"

Anya released the spider in the bushes outside. She knew Star would somehow know if she didn't.

She could feel eyes on her but when she looked around there was no one there. It unsettled her, she would remember to tell Buffy about it tomorrow.

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Are you getting a reading off the woman?" the soldier asked the sensor operator.

"A faint one. There's power there, but it's weak" he muttered adjusting her equipment "Now here's something. There's a strong magickal presence inside that apartment building. Second floor 5th apartment on the right"

"Do you think they're connected?" the soldier whispered.

"I guess we'll just have to watch and find out"

Buffy and Hyatt were readying for bed when Dawn knocked.

"Night guys" she called through the partially open door.

"Night Dawnie" they called back in unison.

Buffy pulled her shirt over he head and moved to undo her bra "So did you enjoy the slay?"

Hyatt stood mesmerized by the beauty now exsposed, it took her a moment to answer "It was nice to fight the good fight. But I can't say I enjoy violence"

Buffy reached over and pulled the shirt Hyatt wore over her head "I think those Vamps were surprised at how fast you were" she reaced down and undid the button fly of Hyatt's pants before tugging them over her trim hips "I know I was"

Hyatt stepped out of the pants and stretched.

Buffy watched as the tapered muscles of her back rippled with every movement. She didn't give the girl a chance to do anything else, she removed the bra herself.

"In a hurry to get me naked slayer?" Hyatt teased when Buffy went for her underpants. Hyatt stepped away and waited for an answer.

"Yes" Buffy growled and reached for her again, Hyatt side stepped again "The slaying. It kinda makes me hungry and horny"

Hyatt froze "Someone said something similar to me once, only it wasn't about slaying. If your hungry I can make you something" she grinned as Buffy tried to grab her again. She stepped away and the slayer frowned when she could only catch air.

"Hold still so I can strip you" Buffy demanded, her hands on her hips.

Hyatt stood still. Buffy slowly wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled them together.

"So" she kissed Hyatt's lips softly "I'm hungry for you" she kissed again "not for food" she backed them up against the bed. She pushed Hyatt backwards and she fell flat on her back.

Buffy knew she wouldn't have been able to do that if the girl hadn't been willing. Seeing Hyatt laying vulnerable like that below her, willingly, was a major turn on. Buffy lay dwon beside her surprising them both. Her original plan had been to 'jump her bones' so to speak. Instead she lay beside her stroking her hair. "I can believe I found you" she whispered into Hyatt's ear as she kissed the shell "Well actually you found me, but I'll take the credit anyway"

Hyatt chuckled as she too began to stroke Buffy's hair. She gently pushed it away from the slayers eyes and tucked in behind her ears Buffy what's your middle name?"

"Buffy 'Anne' Summers" Buffy smiled.

"Just Buffy? Not Elizabeth?" Hyatt smiled back up at her.

"To tell you the truth, I don't know. It's possible, I've always been Buffy to my mom. My dad would call me 'little blonde girl' whenever I got in trouble. My name might be Elizabeth. I should really check my birth certificate on that" Buffy babbled.

"I'll call you Buffy either way" Hyatt promised.

"What's your middle name?" Buffy rested her head on a slim shoulder.

"Hyatt is my middle name" Hyatt chuckled.

"Well what's your first name?" Buffy whispered into her ear. She pulled her naked body firmly against Hyatt's and wrapped a leg around her.

Hyatt's mind recessed inside it'self for a moment..


Fatima sat across from her in the library, a thick book of prophecies in her hands.

"Hyatt, did you know you were born with prophecy of Khalil?" Fatima turned her steady gaze to the child.

Hyatt mutely shook her head. She was just shy of 10 and still fearful of her mentor and Aunt.

"Well dear you are. I don't think they cared much what they named you" Fatima said turning her attention back to the text "But I will give you this warning once and only once"

Hyatt nodded. She knew when Fatima got 'that' tone that something was 'very' impotant.

"You will meet a Champion among protectors. People you will grow to love. but what you are must be protected at all cost. You may tell only one your true name. Anymore may mean your demise. but be careful who you tell, it will put that person into danger, much like that which you will face"

"Yes ma'am" Hyatt said softly. She trusted Fatima with her life, she wouldn't let her down. She refused to

~FLashback Ends~

Hyatt looked to Buffy's smiling face that was now above her as the slayer straddled her waist.

"I'll never tell" she teased in a sing-song.

"Oh you'll tell, I'll get it out of you. Some how" the slayer promised.

Hyatt began to laugh at how much Buffy sounded like a Mobster in that moment. She laughter was but off by a deep kiss, that stole her breath and her concentration.

Willow was stretching after all the recent activity slaying. She'd found out the hard way about not stretching and not cooling down her muscles correctly the hard way. Waking up with her entire body sore was not something she wished to experience again. Though Tara's massages were definately a plus, she's rather be aroused than sore and unhappy when she recieved them.

They heard laugher from the next room, cut off abruptly.

"I wonder what they're doing?" Willow wondered aloud.

"That was Hyatt laughing" Tara said from the vanity where she was brushing her hair "Buffy's probably telling her funny slay stories"

Willow smirked "She does try to impress a bit when Hyatt's around doesn't she?"

"No different than you when I first came around" Tara pointed out confidently.

Willow noticed that her lover tended to lose her stutter when it was just the two of them "Don't get cheeky"

"I'm 'never' cheeky" Tara scrunched her nose at Willow in the mirror doing a fair imitation of a rabbit.

"Cheeky" Willow muttered before stripping and readying for bed. She could feel Tara's eyes on her nearly naked form while she pulled the blankets down. It was a warm, posessive feeling that shot through her everytime she saw that look in Tara's eyes.

There was giggling and a muffled 'shhh' from the next room.

"Better warn them to quiet down a little" Tara said frowning in the mirror.

Willow nodded her agreement "They are kinda loud just to be playing around, besides it's late and Dawnie needs her rest. She has school"

"I'll go tell them"

Tara left the vanity. She was fully dressed not having done much but carry things since returning home.

The door was slightly ajar and she stuck her head in. The words died in her throat and her jaw dropped at the sight before her.

Buffy was straddling Hyatt leaning down and whispering something into her ear.

Hyatt's head had been turned when Tara stuck her head in. When she faced the Slayer to answer, Tara saw the tortured expression on her face.

Tara gasped when she realized what was happening.

They were both nude, that was obvious.

Buffy's position caused her naked breasts to sway forward and were visible to Tara's gaze. She had one arm bracing her, holding her up on the bed, with her knee's bent on either side of Hyatt's hips.

Buffy's arm miraculously hid Hyatt's breasts from view, and Buffy's bent legs hide the bottom of her torso. only her head and shoulders were visible.

The sheet had slid down and was caught on the slight flair of Buffy's buttocks, hiding their legs.

Tara gasped louder when she realized what Buffy's other hand was doing.

The gasp brought their attention to her.

Buffy's eyes held a predatory look, Hyatt's were vulnerable, she was making little mewling sounds, and she looked like she was in pain.

Before Tara's eyes, Hyatt's own eyes widened and she gasped before turning her face away from the witch.

"You wanted something Tara?" Buffy asked.

Tara could see her free arm tensing and releasing.

She could tell the slayer was thrusting her fingers into the girl beneath her.

Tara mutely shook her head, and backed away shutting the door behind her.

Buffy leaned down and whispered into Hyatt's ear "Tell me"

Hyatt shook her head 'no' and continued to thrash as Buffy thrust into her.

Buffy pulled completely out.

Hyatt cried out when the fingers abandoned her only to gasped when they returned. But instead of two, Buffy thrust three inside.

"Oh goddess" Hyatt whispered meeting the slayers gaze.

"Are you gonna tell me now?" Buffy looked down at her, her gaze posessive and none to aroused.

"No" Hyatt said stubbornly. She was laid flat with her arms above her head and her legs trapped between the slayers.

"I'll get it out of you" Buffy promised. She curled her fingers upwards hitting a smooth spot inside Hyatt that drove her wild "What's your name baby?" Buffy whispered when Hyatt arched up into her body.

When the slayer pressed her fingers into the spot again Hyatt reacted in a way that surprised her.

She kicked out. pushing Buffy's legs out from under her. Buffy pulled her other hand out and braced herself.

The space created when Hyatt kicked out brought both their centers together.

Buffy gasped when she realized what the warm moisture she was pressed against was.

"Shit, I knew you were wet but-" her voice broke off when Hyatt thrust upwards, rubbing them firmly against each other.

All Buffy could do after that was moan raggedly as she thrust back down and against her lover.

Moans and the sound of slight flesh against slick flesh were the only sounds in the room.

Buffy could feel the pressure build up in her abdomen and began to thrust faster. She didn't want to go before Hyatt so she concentrated on the other girls breathing, matching the cadence.

"Come with me" she begged softly.

Hyatt didn't answer she didn't need to. The desperation in the slayers voice set her off.

They both ground up hard against each other at the same moment.

Buffy screamed and Hyatt was rendered mute, as they both came together, all over each other.

Buffy collapsed into Hyatt's sweat soaked body, burying her face in the hollow of her neck and shoulder.

Hyatt turned her face in towards Buffys and kissed her forehead.

"Buffy?" she whispered on a sigh.

"Yes" Buffy's voice was weak from the scream.


Tara rushed into the bedroom and quickly devested herself of all clothing. She leapt into the bed and wrapped herself around Willow.

"Tara? Baby what's wrong?" Willow tried to sit up but the grip Tara had her in wouldn't allow it "Baby what happened?"

Tara had only left minutes earlier to tell teh slayer and her 'friend' to quiet down.

Tara opened her mouth to tell Willow when a scream was heard from the next room.

Willow's jaw dropped.

"They w-w-were kinda b-busy" Tara blushed. She pushed herself against Willows leg, hoping for some friction.

"Oh goddess baby you interrupted 'that'!" Willow held Tara closer and tighter. She firmed her leg and encouraged Tara to grind harder against it.

Tara had her eyes closed and tears were leaking down her cheeks.

Willow knew her lover was close. She reached down into the space between Tara's center and her thigh, and lay out her hand.

When Tara moved to grind against her again Willow curved her fingers.

Tara's eyes flew open when she felt the slender digits penetrate her.

"Oh goddess, whatever you saw must've been hot" Willow whispered.

Tara nodded, her breathing was too labored for her to form words, much less whole thoughts.

She kissed Willow in desperation as she felt herself rise inside.

Kissed kissed her back and began to man herself. It happened quite often between her and Tara. She only needed to touch the other witch inteimately to come herself.

Tara ground harder against her, causing their hips to slam together, shooting Willow's fingers deeper.

Tara cried out and buried her face in Willow's neck. She bit and sucked at the skin.

Willow whimpered at the none to tender act being to done her skin. I didn't hurt. Not on her neck anyway, but her channel was so tense and tightened she knew much more and she'd come.

Tara exhaled roughly and jerked qucikly against the fingers buried deep inside her.

Willow felt the warm rushed of Tara's desire drench her hand. She curled her fingers finding 'that' spot inside her lover.

Tara's eyes widened and she became verbal again as she began to orgasm again "Oh goddess Willow yes!"

Tara's husky voice was all Willow need to finish herself. She arched against Tara and sighed as the pressure was releaved.

The far away look in Tara's eyes made her smile.

So did the drenched sheets beneath them.

"Damn I'm good" Willow smirked "How much of 'them' did you see?"

Tara looked her in the eye.

The wonder Willow saw in her gaze made her even more curious.

"I think I just watched Buffy 'claim' her" Tara whispered.

"Claim her? Like 'forever always' claim her?" Willow eyes widened when Tara nodded the affirmative "No wonder you came back hot"

Tara blushed.

"That's a good thing though" Willow assured her "No complaints here"

Tara blushed harder "Can we just sleep now?"

"Our sheets are wet" Willow pointed out just in case Tara hadn't noticed.

"We did that?" Willow nodded "Just now!?" she nodded again.


Part 18

'Subjects leaving the building. Woman and child alone. The male left the premises at 8am this morning. We plan on following the two females in hope of collecting data that will prove them suitable for capture and testing.'

The hunter tucked her tape recorded back into the pocket of her business suit.

As normal as someone who did it everyday, she stepped out onto the sidewalk and got into her car.

She followed at a discreet distance.

"Where's Star?" Buffy asked and cringed when she realized how much like Dawn she sounded.

"I dropped her off at school" Anya tucked her purse behind the counter of the Magic Box "Thanks for opening for me Buffy" she smiled at the slayer.

Buffy nodded "It wasn't a problem. The whole up with the rising sun thing comes natural" she shrugged "That and my new favorite alarm clock"

"Your girl toy?" Anya hoped to get some inside snuff on what the Slayer and the Empath's relationship was.

"She's not my girl toy she's my" Buffy frowned "I don't quite know what she is. But she isn't my girl toy" facing Anya with a serious look "Got it?"

"Loud and clear" Anya mock saluted "But I'm guessing she is your new favorite alarm clock"

"Yeah" Buffy sighed remembering her awakening just hours before "She wanted to thank you for keeping Star last night"

"It was my pleasure" Anya said honestly "She teased Xander just like I do. Calling him a girly-man and everything"

"Ah motherhood" Buffy deadpanned.

"Speaking of which" Anya wandered around the shop checking this and that, making sure it was perfect "What are you guys planning on doing for the Holiday?"

"You mean like Thanksgiving and stuff?" Buffy shrugged "I haven't thought about it"

"I think we should spend it together" Anya's eyes were wide with hope "With Dawnie and Star now. We should do more family things. You know make them feel stable" Anya grabbed a Memo pad "Starting with Thanksgiving. We should have it at your house, it's bigger"

Buffy grabbed the pad from Anya bringing a halt to the woman's ramble "Shouldn't we discuss this with the 'whole' family here?"

"Oh. Yeah. Just got a little excited" Anya blushed.

It had to be a first for the ex-demon. Buffy had never seen her blush before.

"So your saying that all this falls in time for Christmas?" Willow flopped back into her chair "Wow talk about the gift you never wished for"

Fatima smiled at the witch. She had a dry sense of humor, something Fatima appreciated. Especially from someone other than her wife.

Hyatt had brought Willow and Tara with her to Fatima's library.

They'd been introduced to Fatima's wife Lucita, a dark beauty who kept Fatima on her toes.

"Evil knows no Holidays" Lucita sighed.

"Honestly Cita, do not upset the child" Fatima pressed a kiss into Lucita dark straight hair.

"Just being honest" Lucita pouted, lifting her face to be kissed. Fatima obliged.

Tara was still surprised by this. These two vampiric women were as loving and affectionate as Willow and herself.

"These are all the texts I know of that have the Vivione in them. Well that's detailed atleast" Lucita placed a particularly large text before Tara.

"Th-thank you" Tara choked out nervously.

Hyatt had long since disappeared into the stacks leaving Tara and Willow alone with her 'Aunts'.

"There's a prophecy for the Vivione Kadesh?" Willow asked not quite looking up from her reading.

"Several actually" Fatima sat down and opened a thick text "We don't know which is for which rising though"

"You mean they rise more than once?" Willow squeaked.

"Yes. They try again even few hundred years. Usually they get defeated before many of them actually 'rise'." Lucita smirked "I remember helping Greta destroy that annoying little new master of their's. What was her name again?" she turned to Fatima.

"Ariane" Fatima provided "She gave you that scar on your back"

Lucita pouted "You would bring that up"

"Who was Greta?" Willow asked watching the playing banter between the two vamps.

"She was a Slayer" they said in unison.

"Oh" Willow smiled "You've known many Slayers?"

"Lucita here is the mysterious shadow that has saved many a Slayer on an off night" Fatima stroked Lucita's hair "She hasn't done so for Buffy. She's a different type of Slayer"

Lucita smirked "She has two witches, a brave soul, and an ex-demon to watch her back" she kissed Fatima's lips "She doesn't need me"

"But I do" Fatima whisper low enough that Willow and Tara couldn't hear. Hyatt who had come up behind them, however, did.

"Eww. Old women mating" she joked taking a seat next to Tara.

"You're heading the right way for a bruised ass little girl" Lucita teased.

"Are you gonna spank me? You know how very much I like that" Hyatt mock pouted "Don't tease"

Willow and Tara's jaws dropped when they saw Lucita flush and Fatima burst into laughter.

"Stop teasing my woman. You have a Slayer to worry about" Fatima admonished pushing Hyatt's loose hair from her face.

Lucita looked at them both oddly "So that's who I smell all over you"

Tara looked away and Willow smirked "You can hear them too. If your on the same 'block' anyway"

"The same could be said for you Ms. Rosenberg" Hyatt shot back "If your on the same planet"

Tara began to giggle behind her hand. Dawn often teased them about their volume while having sex. Now it seemed Hyatt was too.

Willow pouted "Isn't it time to pick up Star already?" she wanted the subject away from her sex life.

"Oh shit it is" Hyatt leapt up "We've been here all day!"

"Watch your mouth little one" Fatima admonished.

"It's 3:30. We were supposed to pick her up at 3" Tara said without studdering "Her second day and we already forget to pick her up"

"We're terrible aunts" Willow sighed sadly "Tara honey we're terrible aunts"

"No we're not Willow" Tara assured her "We were just so caught up and protecting the world so she'll have a chance to grow up in it, that we forgot she's out in it right now"

Hyatt stood and packed away a few books Fatima had deemed important "And your not terrible aunts"

Willow and Tara looked at her as they left through the underground of Fatima's lair.

"We're not?" they asked in unison out of breath from rushing.

"No" they reached Hyatt's care and piled in quickly "Your terrible godmothers"

"Your late" Star frowned with her hands on her hips "Your very very late"

"It's all her fault" Willow pointed to Hyatt "She has the car and the watch"

"Hey" Hyatt protested as she helped Star into the back seat next to Willow.

"Well, you disappeared for a long time. And when you came back we left like a few minutes later" Willow supported herself.

"Yeah what were you looking at?" Tara asked. She'd been getting a sad and uneasy feeling from Hyatt since they left the compound.

"Oh nothing, just some sad thoughts" Hyatt lied.

Tara knew she was lying but said nothing.

"To the Magic Box right Wills?" Hyatt said glancing into the mirror avoiding Tara's knowing eyes.

"Yup. Buffy and Anya are there. Xander had to go somewhere with his job today" Willow settle back and played with Star's silky hair.

"Nice. What about Giles?" Hyatt asked.

"He's gone looking for some more text about the Vivione Fatima might not have" Tara offered.

"So it's just us girls?" Hyatt asked, smiling.

"Yup" Willow smiled too "Imagine the possibilities"

"You brought Ice Cream!" Anya bounded up to them before they's all gotten themselves fully into the store "I love you"

Willow blinked, Tara blushed, and Hyatt hid her carton of Wild Cherry.

"Geez An let them in first" Buffy said pushing the ex-demon out of the way.

She took Hyatt immediately into her arms and kissed her lovingly.

"Hi" she smiled at the stunned look on the girls face.

"I...........wow" Hyatt sighed "You, all day. Oh Buffy" Hyatt kissed the slayer back and wrapped her arms around her neck.

"I think they missed each other" Anya said as they all stared at the lip locked couple.

"You would think so" Tara whispered. Star gave her an odd look.

"Where's Dawnie?" Star asked suddenly looking like a little girl. Not the half grown midget she sometimes acted like.

"She's on her way. Coming from school" Buffy breathed when she broke off the kiss.

Tara and Willow confiscated the Ice Cream, placing it all in the freezer hidden behind the counter for Anya's snacks.

Buffy didn't let Hyatt go and Hyatt clutched at the slayer, unwilling to.

"Baby what's wrong?" Buffy whispered into the clingng girls hair.

"Just want to be near you" Hyatt whispered back. /For as long as I can/

Part 19

When Dawn arrived they immediately left, packing themselves into the two cars.

Buffy, Willow, Anya and Dawn in one car, and Tara, Hyatt, and Star in the other.

"What's a 'girls night in'" Star asked coloring in her lap.

"It's a night when we all get together and talk about stuff" Tara said turning to face the child "Like you doing magick at school"

Star flushed guiltily "Just a little protection spell"

"We know" Tara assured her "and a wonderful protection spell it was"

Star smiled happy and reassured.

"So what else do we talk about at a 'girls night in' with all us 'girls' attending?" Hyatt glanced in her rearview mirror for the third time.

"Life stuff, how we feel, what we're going through" Tara said softly "Why we seem suddenly desperate to touch-"

"Someone's following us" Hyatt cut Tara off. She took a left when Buffy took a right.

"What?" Tara turned and saw a shining black sedan take the turn with them, and two cars behind them turn right. The fourth car turned left "Which car is it?"

"The blue Toyota" Hyatt glanced back again "It was parked outside of Smaller Scholars too. It was up the street a bit" she turned again "and it stayed outside the Magic Box until we left"

Tara glanced back again, she couldn't see the woman who was siting in the driver's seat clearly though she could tell it was a woman "Why do you think she's following us?"

"For the same reason Star put a protection spell on the school" Hyatt touched Tara's shoulder "You have a telepathic link with Willow right?"

Tara nodded mutely as she turned forward in her seat.

"Tell her we're gonna make a quick stop and not to worry" Hyatt turned again, the blue car followed.

"Alright" Tara calmed herself and began to establish her connection with her lover 'Willow?' she didn't get an answer 'Willow sweetie if you can hear me, we need to make a quick stop' Tara calmed herself again 'We'll meet you at the house a few minutes late'

She waited for a reply, it was quick in coming but seemed unsure.

'Okay honey be careful'

Tara sighed, she didn't like this at all.

"Tara's nervous about something" Willow said aloud when the connection was severed.

"What?" Buffy was instantly on alert. If Tara was nervous usually that meant something was wrong, and her 'life' was in that car with Tara.

"She didn't let on, she wasn't scared though" Willow shrugged and tried to figure it out as well "Just nervous"

"We'll ask them when they get home" Buffy nodded to assure both herself and Willow.

Dawn and Anya exchanged a glance.

Dawn lifted a brow as if to say 'You too?'

Anya nodded "I swear I felt eyes on me last night. I went to let out this spider that Xander was crying about-"

"Xander cries over spiders?" Dawn giggled.

"Yeah he does he can be such a girlie-" Anya started to go off on one of her Xander tirades but Buffy interrupted her.

"You felt eyes on you how?"

"Like they were studying me. Almost like they're looking for something" Anya said slowly thinking back to the uneasy feeling she'd gotten.

"It's becoming a trend. First Dawn and Star felt like they were being watched. Now Anya" Willow looked around "But I don't feel a thing"

"Me neither" Buffy said "I hope that's not what their little detour is"

"She's going away" Tara said turning back around "She just pulled away. She turned left back there" Tara pointed back with her thumb.

"Good" Hyatt took a left turn onto the Buffy's street.

"How'd you do that?" Star and Tara asked in unison.

"Skill" Hyatt teased "I wonder what she followed us for anyway" she'd turned onto the end of the Street and needed to go up a few blocks to reach the Summers home.

"Maybe she found what she was looking for" Star said.

Tara and Hyatt glanced back at her. Her voice sounded choked, and there were tears in her eyes.

"Star honey don't cry your okay" Hyatt said hoping to calm the little girl.

"Am I?" Star's face frowned up and tears started to fall slowly.

Hyatt rushed the rest of the way home.

Buffy and Willow came rushing out of the door when the silver car pulled in minutes behind them.

Buffy went straight to the back seat and snatched Star out of her carseat and into her arms "What happened?" she demanded when Star buried her face in Buffy's shirt.

"We were being f-f-followed" Tara stuttered out of sheer nervousness.

"But they left off soon after we contacted you" Hyatt joined.

Willow took Tara into her arms and began to lead her inside.

Star began to cry harder.

Hyatt and Buffy rushed in as the sky opened up, and the rain began to fall.

"It's raining again" Naida sat on the slab before the crypt that served as a main entrance to Kalindi's lair. "I believe this is a bad omen"

Kalindi stood behind the young woman considering "Then why are you sitting in it?"

"Mother Earth is trying to tell me something" Naida said simply "But all I'm getting are 'the tears of a child'"

"Are you saying a crying child is bringing all this rain?" Kalindi leaned against the wall.

"No. It's the reason the child is crying, that's why it's raining" Naida closed her eyes and 'felt' the world. Anger, fear, love, happiness, and anguish, flooded into her all at once. She could feel them all. She began to block them out one by one until she was left with anguish "She's cries..........she cries because she can't protect them. She's not strong enough"

"A child is crying because she can't protect someone? Shouldn't it be the other way around?" Kalindi asked really wanting to know the answer.

"No. They protect her, and she tries to protect them. But they don't know it. She won't tell them" Naida stated flatly opening her eyes.

"Why won't she tell them?" Kalinda knelt by the girl bringing them eye level to each other.

Naida turned and looked into her eyes "They're not yet ready to understand. She is not what she seems" she leaned forward and pressed her lips to Kalindi's.

'Tests are affirmative' the hunter reported 'A strong Magick presence iminated from the car briefly'

She checked the charts and the intensity radar 'It's the highest level I've ever seen. Presence was of a Psychic nature, with incredible depth of clarity'

"Whoever was making that Psychic encounter, will leave an Astrial footprint, that'll last for days" she spoke aloud to herself.

'This is Cash from the Center of Paranormal Studies' the disembodied voice came over the radio.

"Cash it's me, Pryde" the woman said professionally.

"Ah so Hannah tell me what you got?" Cash was many things, but she wasn't formal when it came to her friends.

"Those women you had me follow? One of them is a powerful Psychic" Pryde said in amazement "Or her Psychic abilites are highly potent. She made some kind of contact from the car, and the Astrial footprint she left behind sent my radar off the charts"

"What about the weaver spots?" Cash asked. She couldn't believe any unknown Psychic could be that strong.

"The spots are blue Cash" Pryde laughed as she eyed her reading "There's no spot where there isn't power"

"A strong Psychic link. We may be dealing with a soul joined witch or a frickin Oracle" Cash sounded excited "We've never been able to study either. The Oracles always know when we're coming, and the Witches? Well they're almost impossible to find in this day and age"

"Well I found something. Something amazing" Pryde sighed.

"Did you follow them where they were going?" Cash asked suddenly.


"Hannah!" Cash was royally pissed "Why the hell didn't you follow them to their home?"

"Because I followed them to their Magick Shop earlier today" Pryde said cheekily.

"Hannah Pryde, you are my Goddess" Cash sighed and settle back into her chair.

"I'll remind you, you said that" Pryde said in a low voice that sent shivers down Cash's spine.

"I'm counting on it"

"What's with all the rain lately?" Dawn stood staring out of the window, leaning her forehead against the pane.

"Omen. It feels like an Omen" Willow shivered and hugged herself. Tara came from behind and hugged her as well.

"It's a bad Omen" Hyatt said sitting on the couch next to Buffy and Star who remained in her lap though she'd stopped crying.

Star climbed from Buffy to Hyatt and sighed.

"I think we need happy news, good news, you know something to make us all happy" Anya said sounding amazingly, and annoyingly cheerful.

"I could use a happy" Buffy said wrapping an arm around Star and Hyatt holding them both close.

"Yeah so could I. The whole 'having my girl being followed by some weird chick in a blue car' thing kinda ruined my day" Willow admitted as she and Tara sat on the other side of the couch.

Dawn sat on the floor between Buffy and Hyatt. She leaned back on Hyatt's legs and Star ran her fingers through her hair.

"Holiday plans!" Anya's eyes lit up "Since we're all family, and family should spend Holiday's together-"

"We should spend the Holiday here" Buffy finished.

"I was getting to that" Anya pouted.

"You were taking too long" Buffy raised her brows "Now you got any plans for this 'Holiday?"

"Yes we'll have it here. At the big house. You know yard and everything. Enough rooms" Anya began to pace as she planned out loud.

Dawn smiled "Family time! Oh I could get used to this"

"Yeah" Anya agreed "Our little family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. We need to keep it together, we don't want to fall apart. Then comes the lonely"

"Yeah. Lonely is bad" Hyatt agreed.

"Right! So we spend them together" Anya's eyes lit up "Cuz there's no way to be lonely if your with family"

"Ok. N-n-now what are we g-gonna do t-today?" Tara asked quietly.

"I say we cuddle and watch some of T.V" Buffy pulled Hyatt closer.

Willow pulled Tara closer as well and Anya and Dawn tried to fit on the couch. It wasn't working.

"Ok I know we're family and all, but do we have to feel like canned sardines?" Hyatt laughed as they all tried to get comfortable on the overcrowded couch.

"Your right" Buffy sighed "But it was a good idea to try"

"I have an idea" Tara said standing "Willow honey where are all the extra blankets?"

"Upstairs linen closet" Willow looked at Tara wondering what she was up too.

"Anya will you help me?" Tara headed upstairs with Ayna close behind.

They came back down moments later, their arms filled with comforters and throws.

Tara tossed them all on the floor and moved the coffee table and a few chairs, making room in the middle of the floor.

They began to get the idea when she laid out blankets and throws so that they all could lay next to each other.

"Good idea" Buffy said standing as well "So what do we veg on first?"

"I vote for Ice Cream and floats" Anya raised her hand.

"I second that" Hyatt stood.

"I third" Star raised her hand accidently bumping Hyatt in the nose "Sorry"

"I'm all for it" Dawn got up off the floor and headed for the kitchen "But I get first dibs on the Root Beer!" she ran.

Anya took off as well "I want Root Beer!"

"Them crazy kids" Willow deadpanned "I hid the Root Beer"

Part 20

"Have you ever seen the moon dance?" Drusilla asked the doctor who was scanning her brain.

"The Moon doesn't dance. It's a large rock floating in space" the man was tired of her insane ramblings.

"No. You're thinking from the wrong perspective" Drusilla turned and spoke directly at him "She dances so beautiful"

"I take it you think of the Moon as a person?" the doctor rolled his eyes "If it weren't for the activity in you brain, that's 62.358% higher than every other life form, I'd think you were just crazy, not Clairvoyant"

"But I am crazy" Drusilla sighed "I just can't seem to fight it anymore"

"How are the test going Doctor?" Cash entered the room and stood expectantly waiting for an answer.

"Test are going great. Her brain activity is above that of normal humans and vampires" the doctor reported unhooking the Vampire from the MRI machine.

"How far above?" Cash eyed Drusilla warily. She'd already killed two of her gaurds. Hypnotized them then sucked them dry.

"She uses almost 74% of her brain" the doctor reported.

"Have you ever seen the moon dance?" Drusilla asked Cash.

"74% Doctor?" Cash rolled her eyes.

"You really should read up on your Prophecies" the child's voice came from behind her "It would help"

"You little escape artist" Cash lifted the child into her arms "How is it your always right behind me?"

"Shadow's walk too" the little girl said softly.

"Ainsley dear your beginning to sound as insane as that Vampire" Cash told the little girl as she carried her back to her cell.

"She just want's to you think she's insane. She see's everything more clearly than we could ever hope to" Ainsley said honestly "but you really should read about Tabierna"

"I wanna know something" Anya lay on her stomach considering the two couples before her "You guys are in love right?"

Buffy and Hyatt both moved to say something but Anya cut them off.

"Oh don't deny it, it's written across both your faces" Anya waved "And I heard you tell each other. So what is it I'm missing about this girl-on-girl action?"

"Hello" Dawn waved her hand infront of Anya's face "Children in the room"

"Star's asleep and I'm pretty sure you know about sex" Anya rolled her eyes.

"Star could wake up, and you figure out this girl-on-girl thing yourself" Hyatt said her chin resting on Buffy's back.

Buffy lay on her stomach playing a game of cards with Tara as they both spoke softly too each other.

Willow was slowly rubbing Tara's back and skimming through a spell book, while Dawn and Anya took turns asking strange questions.

"Willow are you and Tara ever gonna get married?" Dawn asked twirling her hair around her finger.

"Yes" Willow said looking up from the book "Just as soon as she decides to set a date"

"I wanna wait and get married at the same t-time as Buffy and Hyatt" Tara said laying down a 10 to Bufy's Jack.

Buffy and Hyatt both looked up in amazement.

"We haven't said anything about getting married" Hyatt argued.

"It's writted across your face" Anya said again.

"Hey I have a killer poker face. Ain't nothing written here" Buffy said mimicking Willow's resolve face with amazing accuracy.

Hyatt began to press on her sides, hitting every single ticklish spot the slayer had.

Buffy burst into laughter and a large smile graced her face.

"Poker face my ass" Hyatt teased "I poke ya once and your face falls"

Buffy made a face at her and pulled her down for a kiss.

Everyone smirked at each other before interrupting the couple.

"You might as well set a date, there's no fighting love" Willow sighed "Not that you'd fight it in the first place"

"Willow we just started this relationship" Buffy said breaking off the kiss.

"We should see where this goes before making any permenant plans" Hyatt said quietly "We don't even know if we can stand each other yet"

"Oh I could stand plently of you" Buffy growled.

"I've got plently to give" Hyatt leaned in and kissed her again.

Everyone shook their heads.

Love Birds.

Kalindi couldn't get the kiss out of her head. Another thing she didn't get was Naida's attitude.

She acted as if she hadn't given her Mistress the kiss of her after-life.

Like it was a meaningless little thing like a hug between friends. She hadn't brought it up, hadn't even spared Kalindi and extra look.

"Naida" Kalindi whispered and sighed.


Kalindi jumped when the Seer's voice came from directly behind her.

"Do not sneak up on me like that!" her face contorted into her game face and she snarled.

"You've been rude. Go to my room!"

Naida didn't even flinch. She left the main chamber and disappeared into Kalindi's private rooms.

Kalindi didnt' know why she'd send the girl back there. What was she gonna do? Spank her?

A vision of her doing just that appeared behind her eyes.

She had the girl laid across her lap and was smacking her naked backside.

Kalindi shook herself before she became too aroused.

Just then minion's burst through the door. There were 27 less then when they left.

"What is the meaning of this? Where are the others?" Kalindi demanded.

There were 10 minions before her.

"Slayer. It was like she came out of the dark. She just attacked us" the eldest minion reported. Not the leader she'd sent then out with. But his third in command.

"Damn this Slayer is beginning to piss me off" Kalindi rose and began to pace "There has to be some kind of weakness in her. A parent, alover maybe?"

"There is, but she is beyond our reach" a wounded minion said coming forward slowly, favoring her right side.

"Nothing is beyond my reach" Kalindi turned and faced the lowly vamp "who is she?"

"She slays with the Slayer. I've seen them together. They were hunting the newly risen. I recognized her. Anyone would" the minion backed away only to be caught and pushed forward by the shadows that Kalindi commanded.

"Who is she" the Master growled.

"She is an Al-Faqadi" the minion managed before Kalindi grabbed her neck.

"Fatima's?" Kalinda released the Vamp "One of her 'children' I presume?"

"Yes" the minion held her bruised throat.

"Which one?" Kalindi sat back down a plan forming in her mind. Al-Faqadi blood brought great strength and power. If she just had a 'taste' of it...

"One of the 'special' ones. Either Mycah or Hyatt" the minion tried to remember which "I didn't hear the Slayer say her name but you always know when it's one of them"

"Hyatt and Mycah? I'm unaware of which these are. I've never heard their names. The Seer doesn't mention these names" Kalindi growled.

She swarmed from her throne and into her private rooms.

"NAIDA!" she bellowed when she entered her bedchamber.

The Seer rushed in moments later "Yes Mistress?"

"Who are they? Fatima's 'special' ones?" she tried to calm herself.

"The ones she favors?" Naida dropped to the floor and began to draw her symbols in the dirt. She chanted a few words. The dirt began to seeth, lifting from the floor in a small whirlwind, showing and hiding the answer "I can't see it. There's a strong protection spell"

Kalindi growled and tense to keep herself from hurting the girl again "Do the names Mycah and Hyatt ring a bell?"

"No" Naida paused "though a few of them do go by more American names. I think they're true names were to hard to pronounce"

"And too easy to protect" Kalindi paced.

After tense, silent minutes Naida spoke.


"Yes" Kalindi turned and met Naida's soft eyes.

The girl's eyes rested on her body, seemingly taking it in.

Naida looked hard at Kalindi.

The vampire sighed as the shadows she wore fell away, revealing her naked form.

"Truth or Dare?" Dawn suggested.

It was going on Midnight. Buffy had chosen not to patrol that evening.

"No way"

"Come on"

"I think not"

The negatives chorused.

"How about 'I Never'" Hyatt suggested.

"How do you play that?" Willow asked.

"Someone says something they've never done, and everyone who's done it has to, do something" Hyatt thought "Like drink something, or I dunno kiss somebody"

"I'm In" Buffy said sitting up.

"Me too" Tara sat upright.

"I guess" Willow said "But I'll make something weird to drink. I don't trust your lips and my girl"

Hyatt's jaw dropped, and Buffy started laughing. Tara flushed.

"Possessive much?" Anya asked.

Willow slapped her head on the way to the kitchen.


"You playing Anya" Buffy asked covering her laugh with a indiscreet cough.

"You bet. I wanna 'I Never' the hell out of that girl" Anya smirked.

"Can I play too?" Dawn asked feeling left out.

"Yeah Dawnie" Tara patted her on her back "Your playing is a given"

"Cool" Dawn got comfotable "So who's gonna start?"

"Hyatt because she suggested the game" Willow came back in with a pitcher something yellow and icky looking.

She took her spot next to Tara.

"Okay. I've never........"Hyatt thought it over for a moment "I've never kissed a guy"

Willow just shook her head and poured the yellow crap in everyones cup "Bottoms up"

"Do we have to drink the whole thing or just sip it?" Dawn asked looking into her cup like it might be alive.

"Sip" Buffy and Hyatt said in unison.

Everyone but Tara sipped and sighed.

"It just looks nasty" Willow smirked.

"It's sweet" Dawn said "Kinda fruity"

"Who's next?" Tara asked.

"Buffy, we'll go clockwise" Willow said.

"I've never...kissed Xander" Buffy laughed at the look on Anya's face when Willow took a sip.

"It was like way back in High School. I don't even remember it that well" Willow said quickly at Anya's dark look.

"Your turn Anya" Tara said.

"I've never kissed Tara" Anya growled.

Willow lifted her cup to her lips, but stopped when she saw Hyatt do the same "Hey"

Hyatt laughed and lowered the cup "Just kidding"

Willow narrowed her eyes and sipped.

"I've never.....hmmm cast a love spell" Dawn smiled.

Hyatt and Willow both sipped.

Buffy gave Hyatt a look.

"It wasn't for me" Hyatt pouted.

Buffy rolled her eyes.

"I've never gotten a tattoo" Willow said quickly unable to think of anything else yet.

Buffy and Hyatt exchanged a look.

"It doesn't count" Hyatt argued.

"Yes it does" Buffy countered.

"It wasn't my choice" Hyatt whined.

"It's still there" Buffy shrugged.

"You have a tattoo!" Dawn was surprised. Hyatt didn't seem the tattoo type.

"It's tribal. It shouldn't count" Hyatt pleaded.

"C-can we see?" Tara asked honestly intrigued.

"Yeah we wanna see" Willow sat up on her knee's.

Hyatt stood and Buffy pulled up the back of her shirt.

It was a curling design that they all thought beautiful but only one understood.

"The stairway of life" Tara said just loud enough for them all to hear. She ran her finger gently over the signs "This means Life, this" she traced the spiral design "is the actual stairway. This means love" she stopped and traced the last sign "I don't know what this means"

"That's so cool" Dawn's face lit up.

"You cannot get a tattoo" Buffy said dropping Hyatt's shirt.

"Aw come on" Dawn pleaded "your girlfriend has one"

"My girlfriend isn't 15" Buffy shot back.

"I've never fallen in love at first sight" Dawn said quickly.

Everyone drank.

Part 21

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