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Closer to You
By Babydykecate


Faith likes the way she fights. She likes the poetry of Buffy's violence, each kick choreographed, each joke a weapon perfectly crafted by her. Nothing compares to the feeling of fighting beside her, when everything is amplified, and Buffy's heartbeat echoes in her chest.

Faith's chest heaves as the last vampire is dusted, exhaustion and adrenaline giving way to those slayer post-fight urges. She's hungry and horny, and Buffy's looking better than a bag of a chips. Buffy's so close, with their slayer connection stronger than ever and all Faith can think about is pressing her lips against Buffy's. Her mind flashes to an image of Buffy, shocked and repulsed. Faith moves away from Buffy, returning to their normal chatter. The need for Buffy to like her is greater than the need to kiss her. Doesn't stop the longing though.

The music at the Bronze throbs, and Faith is lost in the rhythm. Buffy is dancing beside her, their bodies pressed together whenever drunken men bump into them. When Buffy takes Faith's hand, Faith can't help her hopeful desire. She wants to kiss her right there, in the middle of Bronze, with everyone watching. She doesn't.

Her face is inches from Buffy's, and she delights in the power she holds. She could make her do anything. Too bad Angel's still here, she never really fancied having a guy watch. Still, maybe she'll kiss her. The kiss would be angry, forceful, and passionate. She'd make Buffy feel everything she does, make her just as twisted inside.

Then Angel's words crash down on her.

"Second best."

The chosen two are fighting again, slayer against slayer. When they have each other at checkmate, knives held at each other's throats, Faith searches Buffy's eyes. She doesn't find anything.

"What are you going to do, B? Kill me - you become me. You're not ready for that..." she says with a laugh.

Then she finally does it. A kiss, hard. It's not enough. Just a kiss goodbye.

It's later, when Sunnydale is just a big hole in the ground. When they've won the fight, and Buffy finally smiles at her.

That's when she kisses Buffy. Kisses her with everything she's got.

The End

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