Forgotten Conscience
Two roads, one path
By Christopher Andrews


Chapter 111
Gear up and go

Faith's POV

"So we're going to the hospital eh?"

I guess so.

"That's where the big pile of evil dust told us to go."

Yeah he probably told us that so we could go there and die.

"Well it makes sense since most of us are gonna need medical attention by the end of it anyway."


She looks at me at Xander's words.

There she goes again, trying to shield me from the truth.

"Anyway we're not going to the hospital, not for the big battle scene."

"We're not?"


I know B told me that everything's gonna work out and live for the moment and all that happy fairy tale crap and I wanna believe it, I really do, but I can't. I've never had it this good, I've never had this much or been this happy and if I let myself believe, even for one moment, that everything's gonna work out… then I could lose it all. I can't do that. I WON'T do that.

"Omega's lair is in a cave not far from the hospital, that's where we'll find him."

Willow looks confused, they all do.

"Then why are we going to the hospital?"

"For Riley."

Here it comes. She talked about it all day today. About how she could finally avenge Riley's murder tonight. She probably would've talked about it last night too if we hadn't been… busy.

"For Riley?"

"Yeah. Riley's killer is somewhere at the hospital. I wanna go there, and stake him for Riley. Then we'll go fight Omega, and then we'll kill him… and then we'll go for drinks or something."

Ugh, again with the bad jokes.

"Okay so, where is he? Where is he in the hospital?"

"I… well I don't know exactly. But someone does. Someone there has to know. And when I find him, he's dust."

I roll my eyes at her but she's too busy to notice.

"Yes B, I'm sure we all know you're gonna kill him to death. Can we go already? I kinda want this over with and it'll be dark soon."

Spike's cowardess rears its ugly head.

At least it looks better than his real one.

"Go? Why go anywhere? Tonight is Saint Vigeous won't they be coming to wherever you are?"

Son of a bitch.

"Remind me again why we don't stake Spike?"

"Cause, we know he wants to be on the winning side, and we're the winning side…"

Oh right, I forgot.

"Besides, we know he can't hurt any of us. So when the fighting breaks out he's got exactly two options. Fight with us and he just might survive, or fight against us get a killer migraine and be dust in the wind."

I look into her eyes and I can see she's serious.

"B, you're not seriously gonna let him come with us."

"Yes, I am."

"Why the hell for?"

I look deep into her eyes and… she… she can't be…

"Spike is the only person here besides you and me who has any chance of getting anywhere near Omega. He may just be neutered evil but his evilness is at its peak tonight and we could use that."

My head drops into my hands as everything becomes clear.

"Yeah we could use him, in case one of us has to die."


"Hey now, I can be pretty handy in a fight and…"

"Shut up Spike… Faith that's not what this is about."

I get up and look in her eyes.

"Isn't it? You know as well as I do that when we walk in there it could come down to you and me. You KNOW it."

Xander gets up.

Probably thinks we're gonna fight, and the way I'm feeling? We probably will.

"Faith, I…"

She can't even finish what she starts to say.

"Don't lie to me B."

She stays silent for at least a few moments.

"I told you how I felt last night. I love you Faith."

Oh right.

"Yeah last night you love me, tonight I'm gonna kill you."

I turn away from her.

I can't look at her face right now. God how twisted is that? I can't even look at the woman I love.

I feel her hand gently on my shoulder.

"Faith please, I didn't mean to…"

I brush her hand off me, heading her apology off at the pass. After a moment of composure I turn to the Scoobies, purposely avoiding Buffy's gaze.

"Look, it'll be dark soon and I'm suddenly really itching to kill something. I'd prefer it not be one of you guys."

My eyes finally find the courage to face B's.

With one exception.

"Unless it's Spike, then I'm fine with it."

Spike stands up nervously my angry gaze never leaving Buffy's hurt one.

"Giles, weapons all around we're burning day light here. Which is usually a good thing in my case but not today let's go."


Her eyes never leave mine as she answers.

"Y-yeah, let's go."

Giles heads to his weapons chest and I join him. He opens the weapons chest and we start looking through it.

Maybe something large and blunt, I feel the need to do a lot of damage.

I can feel her come up behind me and wait her turn.

Ah here's something.

I pull out a two handed double edged axe from the chest and look it over.


This is gonna help me do all the damage I want.

I move away from the weapons to let the others in. I pass Buffy without even looking at her. She puts her hand against my arm to stop me.


"Don't B… just don't… let's just gear up and go."

I walk out onto the porch and start swinging it a little, get a feel for the weapon.

Chapter 112
About last night

Buffy's POV

It's not going away. I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and it has nothing to do with the fact that we're walking through a hospital full of potential enemies. I have my slayer senses on high alert and the only thing I can sense for sure is that Faith is angry with me.

I would never think Faith would hurt me, but some how I made her think I would and it tears me up inside. I thought last night settled things. I told her how I felt, and she told me the same. Then came the fight, and we were so in sync it was eerie, and then we went home and we showed each other how we felt.

With the… and then the… with the way she… and I … got it was intense. When we all get through this and I patch things up with Faith, the two of us may have to go clothes shopping and we might wanna pick up a new bed while we're at it.

The headboard took quite a beating last night. But that wasn't the most intense part. The most intense part was afterwards when we just… lay there together, in each others arms all night. We didn't talk, we didn't make out, and we didn't fall asleep, well not for a good long while, we didn't even look at each other we just lay there… together.

Last night was incredible, but today everything is different. Today she's angry with me and real big with the not talking about it. This is not gonna happen. I'm not going into what could be the fight of my life with the woman I love mad at me.


She stops dead in her tracks as a groggy hospital patient in a paper gown comes our way down the hall. She grabs her by the throat and pins the patient to the wall.

"Where is he?"

I move to stand besides Faith.

"I… I don't know what you're…"

She pulls a single bottle of holy water out of her pocket and splashes the patient with it. The so-called patient vamps out and growls at Faith as her skin starts to burn. The gang and I are suddenly very aware that literally anyone in the building could be Omega's henchmen, not just the staff. Faith applies a little more pressure to the vamp's throat.

"WHERE is he?"

"D-Down the s-second on the right… J-John Markette."

"Thank you so much."

She pulls a stake out from her jacket and dusts the girl right there. Without saying a words Faith heads off in the direction the vamp mentioned. I just shrug to Xander, Willow, Tara, Anya and Giles.

"I guess we know where to find Riley's murderer eh?"

Willow shrugs back.

"Yeah and we know his name."

Spike decides to chip in.

"What kind of sissy name is Markette anyway?"

Xander strikes back.

"I dunno William, what kinda stupid name is Spike?"

"Hey now…"

Giles steps in to break their near fight up.

"Children enough…"

He points to Faith who's already 10 to 15 feet ahead.

"We have more pressing matters at hand."

Xander and Spike retreat to neutral corners and we start to follow Faith down the hall to catch up. Anya makes her usual obvious comment.

"Kinda gung-ho about this isn't she?"

I noticed.

"Yeah… and I think I'm the reason."

We turn to the corner, still lagging slightly behind Faith. Tara tries to help.

"You should… you should talk with her."

Willow backs her up as Faith starts frantically checking office doors for John Markette's name.

"Yeah tell ya what, we'll do away with this John guy and then we'll give you two a few minutes alone to sort things out."

Yeah that'll help.

"Guys you know it's not that I don't appreciate the offer but if you haven't noticed… talking with Faith is a lot like pulling teeth. It could take more than a few minutes."

"So then we'll wait as long as it takes. Buffy her head is obviously not in the right place."

"Xander is correct. Clearly Faith needs to resolve whatever issues are clouding her judgment and seeing as how a large part of her issues revolve around you…"

"Right, okay… I'll talk with her."

Faith stops at a particular door and turns to us.

"This is it, John Markette, this is his office."

We walk up to the door.

She's right, it has his name on it.

"Oh good job Faith, talk a little louder so he'll hear us coming."

Faith goes to attack him but my words stop her.

"Shut up Spike."

She composes herself slightly.

"Okay here's the plan. I'll kick the door in B can go in and stake the son of a bitch. Then we can move on to the important stuff."

Hold it.

"Faith w…"

She kicks the door in and I guess I gotta go in, so I do. The room's empty. Faith comes in after me and looks around frantically.

"He's NOT HERE!"

"I did actually notice that Faith."

She goes over to the desk near the window and picks up what looks like a note. She reads it and slams the note on the table, cracking it slightly. I walk over and pick up the note.

'See ya real soon slayers.'

He knew.

"He knew we were coming."

"You think?"

She kicks the wall and puts a hole in it.

This is getting out of hand.

I look to the door, my friends standing watch outside the door.

I guess a few minutes wouldn't hurt.

"Okay so, if they know we're coming then they probably think this'll make us stop and slow down. So the only way to keep the advantage is to go ahead now, maybe we'll catch them off guard and… okay we should…"

She starts to the door and I put my hand against her upper chest to stop her.

"This isn't gonna happen."

She looks at me like she's trying to figure out what the hell I'm thinking.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

I look toward the door, Giles and Spike in the doorway the others are all watching the halls.

"Would you guys give us a minute?"

"Of course."

Giles grabs the doorknob and starts to close the door.

"Oh come on, I wanna see what happens."

Giles grabs the other knob and pushes him out of the doorway as the door closes.

"Do you have any popcorn?"

I turn my attention back to my one true love.

"What's going on B?"

I take my hand off her chest and look at her.

"I was actually gonna ask you the same question."

She starts to avoid looking at me, shifting her weight from side to side.

"Nothing's going on B."

Okay here we go. Where the hell are my pliers? I need to pull some teeth.

"Then what's with the kamikaze attitude?"

"I want this whole thing over with, don't you?"

"Of course I do but…"

"Good, then we should get to it."

She goes to leave but again I stop her.

"Faith I'm not going into a big fight with you hating me."

There's a moment of thick silence between us before she responds.

"I don't hate you B, I love you. You know that."

"Well if you don't hate me then you're obviously angry with me. And we have to deal with it."

"I'm not angry with you either."

I look at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay so I am angry with you… sorta, but it's nothing. It's not important."

"But it is important Faith. You mean the world tome, and if we go into battle this way I'll never be able to concentrate on the fight. And I don't think you could either."

She takes a deep breath.

"Probably not."

I take Faith's hands in mine and slide them around my waist.

"Then talk to me. Tell me what I did to hurt you."

She starts to hold me to her as I put my hand in her hair, feeling the soft silkiness of every strand between my fingers.

"You know what you did B."

She's right, I do know.

"I'm really sorry Faith. I didn't mean it the way it sounded. The only reason Spike is here is because I want us to go into this with everything we've got, even if it is only Spike."

My fingers caress her cheek.

"I wanna know that all of us will make it through this."

"We will…"

I kiss her softly, tasting the truth of her words on her lips.

"So are we good?"

She smiles at me.

"We're good."

I turn so we're both facing the door, my arm around her shoulders, hers around my waist. We go over to the door and she opens it. Giles and Spike are the first to notice.

"Can we go yet? I can feel Saint Vigeous start to charge my batteries and I'm gonna need a good spot of violence before long."

"You'll get it Spike, you'll get it."

We start heading towards the exit.

"And how are thing?"


"Things are five by five Giles. Aren't they Faith?"

"They are indeed B, they are indeed."

Chapter 113

Buffy's POV

Well here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for. The big fight scene, the battle of a lifetime. We can all feel it.

We walked through the cave entrance a few minutes ago and all our moods shifted.

We're not scared not really we'd all just rather somewhere else. We've been through a few apocalypses in the time we've known each other and we all know that some of us might not make it through this. But all of us also know that I would never let that happen. We don't really talk about it, but we know I'd do anything to save my friends, and Fait knows I'd do twice that to save her.

You know they say hindsight is 20/20, well in my case it's better than that. Mine is 20/40 or 40/20, which ever is better than perfect. Cause that's what my life is, better than perfect. Even with the big battle only minutes away I can say my life is perfect. Everything that we've been through, every moment of pleasure and pain and all the moments in between.

All of them worth it just to know that we're here, now, with my friends…With our friends, and happy. I can't think of a single thing I could ever want more than this. Well maybe this Omega son of a bitch dead, which will be happening pretty soon if I have anything to say about it, and I do.

We come up on what looks like a new section of the cave and we all stop.

"Okay, remember what Giles said Omega will have his closest followers chanting around him, giving him their strength. Take them out if you can and any other vamps he might have with him but leave Omega to the super slayers okay?"

"Right cause going up against a mightily pissed off demon that's existed since the dawn of time, that was my first impulse."

"Shut up Spike. Okay let's go."

We break into a running charge as we enter the room, and then we stop.

"Well that was… anti-climactic, all that build up and then… nothing."

Xander says something I never thought I'd hear him say.

"I'm gonna have to go with Spike on this one, a doctor's office waiting room isn't really the place for an ultimate battle."

Faith looks around at the absurd little room and walks over to the big wooden doors on the other side of the room.

"Yeah if it weren't for the giant wooden doors it would be exactly like a doctor's waiting room."

She seems to listen to something as I join her next to the door.

"Sounds like some big chant session going on inside. Can't make out what they're saying though, this door must be pretty thick. Could be demon boy is in here."

I can hear the chanting too.

"Guess there's only one way to find out. You guys ready?"

They all take their weapons in hand, ready to use them. Faith and I put our hands against one of the two double doors.

"Ready babe?"

"I always am lover."

We smile at each other before opening the door. We open the door to a massive room full of vampires.

Oh good.

In the middle of the room is a huge demon surrounded by 12 vampires in cloaks.

That must be Omega. He's at least 20 feet tall and seriously ripped. He looks essentially human, though I don't know too many 20 foot humans with grey skin that look that ripped. And then there's the face. He's got these white spiky things on either side of the top of his head, pointed ears, and teeth like… well let's just say they make vampire teeth look like white mice. But that's not what bugs me the most. What bugs me the most are the over 200 vamps that are kneeling around him and his little entourage. This could be a problem.

Faith snaps them out of their chant-a-thon.

"Is that a private spiritual gathering or can anyone join?"

Heh, good one.

"Yeah I gotta say this whole chanting thing seems like a lot of fun."

All of the vamps in the room turn and stand up.

"No please, don't get up on our account. Continue."

One of the vamps breaks formation to greet us.

"Buffy… Faith, how are you ladies?"

"Better than you will be in about five minutes."

It's him it's the guy who murdered Riley. It's John.

"Hey Spike, feel like sitting this one out?"

"I wasn't planning on it."

"Well you might want to after we give you this."

He holds up a disk.

"Little present from an old friend of ours named Adam. He gave us the specs for your little chip so we could remove it for ya. Thought we could use it."

Both Faith and I look at Spike and he doesn't even think about it before responding.

"Not a chance mate. I trust you about as much as these Scoobies trust me… I ain't making no deals with anyone."

John scowls at us.

Well now that that's settled.

"You're gonna die."

He just smiles at us.

God I'm gonna kill this guy.

"You really think you can get through all my friends here in less than five minutes?"

I grip the stake harder in my hand.

"Maybe not but I'm sure as hell gonna try."


"Yeah and then we're gonna chop your lame ass boss' head off. Aren't we B?"

"Damn right."

John glares at us.

Hit a nerve did we?

The loud booming voice of the big bad Omega tries the oldest trick in the book, intimidation.

"You will pay for your insolence."

The guy has been around for thousands of years, he's been preparing for this moment for centuries, and THAT is his best line? Please…

"Let's get on with it."

John's glare turns to a slight grin at my words.


Here we go.

The army of vamps starts coming at us and the battle begins. Faith and I make quick work of the first few vamps to com at us while the rest of the gang takes a little longer. The numbers start to get to us and we're fighting vamps left and right, trying to keep as many of them away from our friends as possible.

It's only after we both stake at least 20 vamps each that Faith and I realize this isn't working. We each throw a vamp in the direction of each other and they slam into one another, back to back. We simultaneously stake the vamps leaving only the two of us, looking at each other as the battle rages around us. It's like we have the same thought.

"We have to go for Omega."

We try and make our way to the center of the room where Omega stand ominously, surveying the raging battle before him. We take out as many vamps as we can without losing forward momentum.

Giles and the others will be okay, they've faced a lot of things without my help. Maybe not this many all at once but I now they'll be okay.

The two of us get about 15 feet from Omega before we're stopped by the one vampire in this mob that I want to kill, that I need to kill, John.

"Took you longer than five minutes to get here."

"We're here aren't we? And after we dust you we are gonna tear your master apart."

"Is that so? Cause I'd have to bet against that. By the time you get through me, and the twelve dead guys in cloaks to get to Omega it'll already be too late. My master's power will be complete. His strength will be beyond anything you pitiful slayers could ever muster."

"You really think you can keep both of us busy?"

He gets this evil grin on his face.

"No but I can keep one of you busy."


Out of nowhere Faith gets tackled by three vamps.


I'm about to jump to her aide when one of the vamps goes flying off her and I hear her voice as she struggles with the other two.

"I'm… FINE B just, get to Omega that's all that… matters."

She's right. I have to get to Omega before he powers up.

I turn back to John, only to have his fist connect with my face. I stumble back slightly.

So the bastard's got some power in his punch eh? Doesn't mean I'm gonna make him any less dead.

I take a swing at him grab his stomach briefly to avoid an onslaught. I try for an uppercut and he barely dodges it. He tries to punch my briefly exposed mid-section from the uppercut but I'm ready for him and I grab his clenched fist, twisting his arm with it till he's bending backwards and left open for a staking.

I raise my stake to the man who killed Riley, ready to take my revenge, when the ground starts shaking and the sound of twelve vamps in cloaks turning to dust stops me. I look up at Omega standing a few feet away. He's got this glowing blue aura thing going on and he looks mad as hell.

This can't be good.

John laughs from his uncomfortable position.

"It's all over now slayer."

I look down into his hate filled eyes, my own hatred for him reflected in his eyes.

"Maybe for you…"

I plunge the stake into his soulless heart, taking my revenge for Riley's murder.

"But I'm not dead yet."

I wipe the dust off my hands, knowing that I set things right. I turn to face Omega, looking at his massive form. Knowing this isn't gonna be easy. He roars in anger, raising his arms to either side of him as two beams of blue energy shoot from his hands, blasting straight through to the surface.

I get into a fighting stance as he looks right at me, his pure black eyes seemingly staring right through me. The blue glow around him gets brighter and it isn't until it's too late that I realize he's charging up. The huge blast comes at me and I don't have time to get out of the way, but at the last second she tackles me out of harm's way. The blast dissipates, taking at least 50 vamps with it and I look up at the love of my life.



I smile at her on top of me.


She looks at the rapidly closing hole in Omega's forces and smiles back.

"For what… that? Ah it was nothing."

She gets up and offers her hand to help me up. I take it. I look at Omega.

"I guess we were too late."

She watches Omega's glow get brighter.

"Looks like… wanna give up?"

I laugh at her.

"Not a chance."

She chuckles.

"There's my girl."

I punch her playfully in the arm among all the carnage.

"You better believe it."

"You know I do."

Omega looks like he's about done charging.

"Looks like it's now or never B."

"Let's make it now instead of never."


We start to rush Omega and he fires his next blast. We dodge it, letting the blast pass between us as it takes out another 40 of his own soldiers. I get to Omega first and throw everything I can at him. I land every punch I can but it isn't long before he slams his fist into my gut, sending me clear across the room and into the stone wall.

God DAMN that hurt.

I use the wall to stand myself up, trying my best to block out the pain. A nearby Willow calls out to me as she fends off a vamp.

"Are you okay Buffy?"

I walk over slowly and stake Willow's vamp.

"I'm… fine Will. I just…"

A big boom shuts me up as I see Faith go flying to the other side of the room after being hit by one of Omega's monster punches.


I break into a run as I see a couple of Omega's faithful pick her groggy form up and hold her still for their master. A blue glow starts to fill the dark room as he charges up.

He's gonna fire.

I start knocking a few of the less than 20 vamps left over in a attempt to get to Faith quicker.

Oh god, I'm not gonna make it. I'll never get her out of the way before it hits her. I'm running as fast as I can and I'm not gonna make it. I can't let this happen, I won't let this happen. I have to do something… anything. So I do the only thing I can do. I do the only thing that anyone could do to save the one they love.

I put myself between her and the blast.

Chapter 114
Hell hath no fury like a woman with nothing left to lose

Faith's POV


She steps in front of me and the blast hits her.

Oh god…


I look into her eyes and she looks into mine, a look of pure love looking back at me.


I struggle to break free of the grip the vampires have on me as they disintegrate around me and B. The force of the blast dissipating throws her limp body into mine and I take her in my arms. Her breathing is slow and shallow as she tries to talk.


I can barely speak myself, the tears in my eyes choking me up.


"Are you… okay?"

I gotta lay her down so I can look at her.

I gently lay her down on the cold stone floor.

"I'm fine B, just fine… god Buffy what did you do?"

"What… what I had to Faith. The only thing I could do to save you."

"But why? I… I could've done something… gotten out of the way at the last second, I… Buffy…"

"Faith, it's all right."

"No, no it's not all right B. You're hurt, you have to stay still. I'll get you help."

"No, don't… it's too late for me. I'm dying."

"Don't say that B, I'll get help."

I look around at the battle going on around us and all I can think is I have to save B.


She's fighting the last of the vamps. She can't get to us.



I try and look down at her through my teary eyes.

"Ssh B, don't talk… it'll hurt less if you don't talk. You've gotta hang on."

"Faith please just… just kiss me."

I lean down and kiss her gently.


"Tell me you love me."

"I love you B, with all of my heart."

"Then it was all worth it, every last moment."

She reaches up and touches my tear soaked cheek.

"I'd die a thousand times as long as you love me."

"I do… I love you more than words could ever say."

She puts her other hand against my other cheek and I can't help but cry harder.


"Faith listen to me… please…"

"What, whatever it is you can tell me later."

"No, Faith I… I want you, you to know that I love you… that I'll never stop loving you."

I kiss her passionately.

"I know Buffy, I know."

"Remember me… please."

"I could never forget you Buffy… even if I lived forever I'd never forget you B."

"Protect my friends for me?"

"Of course B, I won't let anyone hurt them, I promise."

"Help them…"

"I will, I'll make the world a safer place for them, because it's what you want, I promise."

Oh god I'm gonna lose her.

Her breathing gets even shorter and her hands start to slip from my face.

"I love you Faith…"

"Don't leave me B… please."

She falls limp on the floor.


She doesn't move.

"Oh god Buffy?"

I put my hands on her shoulders and shake her lightly.


I shake her harder.

"Don't leave me Buffy!"

I take her in my arms and put her head against my shoulder.


I squeeze her tightly to me.


She's gone… she's gone and I couldn't save her.


A horrible looming laughter fills the room.

She's gone.

"That's it? That's what I've been afraid of for so long? How pathetic."

She's gone.

"Why was I afraid of THAT?"

She's gone and its all his fault.

I rest her body peacefully on the floor and stand up to face Omega.

He took her from me.

Willow starts to come this way with Tara in tow.

He took her from me and now I have nothing. He made her leave me… and now he has to die.

Willow's POV

I rush to Buffy's side as Spike stakes the last vamp and Tara follows me.


I kneel down beside her to check her over.

"Faith what happened?"

She doesn't say a thing. She just stands there, staring at Omega.

"Faith I need to know what happened so I can help her."

"Get her out of here…"

She doesn't even flinch.

"Is she okay?"

"Take Buffy and get out of here."

She hasn't moved and neither has Buffy.

"Faith if she's hurt I need to know so we can…"

She turns around and the look in her eyes TERRIFIES me.


Faith turns around and faces Omega again. I have to take a second to get over the fact that my blood just turned to ice before I do as she says.

"Tara, take her feet… carefully."

Faith starts to walk slowly toward Omega as we pick Buffy up and carry her carefully to the door.

"If I had known it was that easy to destroy her I probably never would've bothered."

"You're not dealing with her anymore asshole, you're dealing with me."

Faith hasn't even tried to run at him, she just keeps walking at a slow pace. The gang catches up to us as we get half way to the exit.

"Okay then little girl, let's go."

The light around Omega seems to super charge and the room fills with blue light. Faith still hasn't changed her slow and steady pace, her eyes never leaving Omega.

"Willow what's going on?"

"We're leaving, help me with Buffy."


"Don't argue with me, we're leaving. Now help me with Buffy, she's badly hurt and we don't wanna make it worse."

A worn out Xander and a tired Spike take over for Tara and me. Omega fires a super charged blast and Faith puts her hands out, deflecting it into a wall of blue energy.

She hasn't even lost a step she just keeps walking slowly toward Omega pushing the wall back at him.

How is she doing this?

We make it to the door as Faith and Omega are less than a foot from each other. We leave the throne room, taking us off the potential targets list.

Buffy hasn't moved voluntarily since we got to her. Something's wrong…

"Guys put her down. We need to check her out."

They put her down and I look her over.

She doesn't have any broken bones but… she's, she's not breathing.

"Oh my god…"

"What? What is it Will?"

She doesn't have a pulse. Oh god no…

I bury myself in Tara's arms as I start to cry.

"Is she…?"

Spike says the words none of us can bring ourselves to say.

"She's dead."

No she… she can't be…

I squeeze Tara a little harder as I feel her cry against my shoulder. And then like some horrible wake up call, something explodes inside the throne room and Faith comes crashing into the floor out here. She doesn't move.

Oh god not… not Faith too she…

She coughs up a lung full of dust before rolling over onto all fours to cough up more. Giles is the only one with enough composure to form half a thought.

"Faith are you…?"

"I'm fine…"

"What about…?"

"He's gone… I killed him…"

She crawls over to Buffy's body and puts her hand against her cheek.

"… For her…"

I should tell her.


"I know…"

She kisses Buffy's lips gently before she collapses on top of her and cries.

The End

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