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Fallen Sisters
By Faithx5452

Somewhere within the town of Sunnydale, a clock chimes midnight as its citizens lay in their beds peacefully asleep. Not aware of what is taking place across town, just like the creatures that had haunted the night had been unknown to them.

By the light of the moon, a woman is seen digging in an open field. She has been out here for hours, constantly digging and unaware of the blisters forming on her hands from the constant strain to her already bruised palms. The moon is full but is lost to the young woman who is so focused at her task that she is unaware of its beauty. There had been countless number of evenings that she and her beloved would sit underneath it, gazing up into the heavens as they searched for an answer to something they didn't know.

The shovel falls from her grasp as her knees begin to buckle from underneath her. She allows herself to fall to her knees, giving into the overwhelming emotion that threatens to suffocate her. Choked sobs barely make it past her lips as she remembers, she claws at the earth to steady herself as she remembers.

She remembers each and every one of their faces. She had made herself remember their faces, knowing she would be the one to bury the ones who wouldn't survive. The world had been blissfully oblivious to the horrific battle being fought to keep the balance, earth's champions never being recognized for their sacrifices. No, she had made herself remember each of them because they deserved to be remembered.

Despite what people may have thought, she was proud of each and every last one of the girls down to the very youngest. They had all fought as though they each had the power of the Chosen within them, fighting until they were too worn out but even then they kept fighting for something they would never see. The closing of the Hellmouth and the end of its horrors had plagued the earth for a countless number of centuries. She had trained them all to the best of her ability, assured that they had gone into the battle prepared. In the short amount of time that was given to them, she had learned each of their stories. Had gotten to know them well enough to feel their pain as they took their last breath.

Chloe had been one of the younger ones, eager to please but in the end fell victim to the First. She had pushed Chloe, admittedly a little harder than the others, because there was something about the dark-haired girl that reminded her of herself when she was first called upon by her Watcher. She had been so sure that Chloe would have reached her potential status.

Annabelle was someone who both annoyed and calmed her. Upon their first encounter, she had thought the girl felt she knew more than any of them. Which was true, for the brunette wasn't one for knowledge but action. She had been thrown off guard when the girl was killed by the uber vamp but more importantly that she had run out from the safety of the Slayer and into her own death.

Rona was so much like her, wanting to fight anyone or anything she could get her hands on. She had seen through the braided-haired girl's facade though, witnessed as the girl began to crumble to the reality that she was bound to die. And yet, somehow this girl had managed to pull herself together and fight. Fight she did, so hard that she had brought a demon to its end as death took her from this cruel world.

The others are buried in a field close to here, but in this field lays her 'sisters-in-waiting'. Countless mounds of dirt litter the field, the only hint of the bodies lying beneath the ground. Even though the Hellmouth has been sealed, she knows as well as the others that there is and will always be a lurking evil. Watching, waiting to strike when they're at their most vulnerable. They had all made an unspoken promise between each other one night, lying on the wooden floor of the Slayer's home. Whoever survived would stay by the Chosen's side, fighting any evil that dared show its face. It was their duty and their destiny.

She is brought out of her thoughts by her love's calling, picking herself up she wipes away the dirt onto her jeans. The only evidence of the task she was forced to do, she had thought it illogical for anyone else to bury these girls besides herself or any other potential. The Chosen's circle of friends have their own connection, she and others like her had a unique one of their own.

She casts one last glance over her shoulder, a single tear escaping past her eyelids and down her cheek. She's shed too many tears for her 'sisters' and is amazed she can find the strength to cry more. She walks away, shoulders slumped as she joins the remainder of earth's champions and the woman who has stolen her heart. She'll never forget this day, the battle that was fought and the girls that gave their lives so she may live on to tell their tale. More importantly, she will always remember the day her 'sisters' fell.

The End

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