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Don't Go
By Kinetic-Kid


Chapter 13

Buffy smiles softly as she glances over at Tara, the two women doing a semi-quick patrol together. Continuing her thoughts while keeping her senses open to her surrounding, Buffy unconsciously shifts closer to Tara, their arms brushing against each other.

Thinking about how the end of the school year was creeping closer, and the group was slowly shifting and doing different things. Willow and Amy were planning on spending all summer with the Coven outside of LA, Xander and Anya were discussing getting married in Vegas and doing an around the world honeymoon for a month during the summertime. Her father had even been in contact with her and Dawn, asking if Dawn would like to spend part of the summer with him, surprising both of them. And Tara… Buffy turns to glance at Tara, smiling again at the Wiccan. Tara had offered to run the Magic Box for however long Anya needed and was planning on putting in as a substitute teacher at the different schools in Sunnydale before the new school year started. The rest of the time planning on just being with her and helping her try and get everything healed properly.

Tara and Willow have been broken up for almost four months now, and the two women were slowly working on a friendship. Remembering questioning Tara about Willow and Amy, Tara had just chuckled softly and shrugged her shoulders. Finally admitting that she thinks the two women were close, if they hadn't already started a relationship. Of course her and Tara's relationship was slowly progressing, though they hadn't made love yet. There were a few close calls, with Tara usually backing off, stating she wanted to make sure that this is what Buffy really wanted. And no matter how many times and how often she'd tried to explain, Tara was adamant that she wanted to wait until Buffy was healed, and to give the slayer a chance to search her own feelings deeply before they made the final step in their relationship.

When Dawn realized Willow had moved out permanently, she'd questioned Buffy and Tara about Tara's still sharing her bedroom. That of course snowballed into a deeper discussion of what the effects of being resurrected had been on the slayer, she and Tara both toning it down for the teenager, not giving her the full blow of it, or what could have possibly happened. Of course trying to explain to Dawn that they were sort of a couple had been an alternating nightmare and comedy show. The couple times when everyone had come to the house for 'family' dinner, Tara's way of trying to keep everyone in contact, it had been strange and slightly comical between Dawn and Xander both looking from her and Tara being together to Willow and Amy who were usually relatively close together.

"Is he making this a habit?" Tara questions curiously, looking a couple blocks ahead of them, the vampire's bleached blonde hair a dead giveaway.

Buffy growls softly as she zeroes in on the vampire in the distance, coming out of her remembrances. "Ever since I came back." Buffy admits. "Though, he doesn't approach me when you're with me. He usually only does it when I'm by myself."

Tara hums softly under her breath, remembering the phone call she had a couple weeks ago from Willow. Surprised when the redhead had told her Spike had looked her up and wanted to 'let her in on what her ex was doing'. Which had facilitated a discussion with Willow that Tara wasn't completely comfortable about, but letting the redhead know that she and Buffy were sort of seeing each other right now, albeit taking things slowly. Frowning Tara glances over at Buffy, trying to remember if she'd told the slayer about the fact that Spike was trying to stir up trouble. She had told Buffy about Willow knowing about their burgeoning relationship, but not remembering if she explained exactly how the conversation came about.

"Shit. Looks like you aren't even going to be a deterrent anymore." Buffy grumbles softly, unconsciously stiffening, her hand going to the stake tucked at the small of her back as Spike doesn't slink off, but actually turns to close the distance between them.

"He better behave himself." Tara warns softly, her hands sliding into two of her pockets, grabbing a small handful of herbs in one and the bottle of holy water in the other.

Buffy looks questioningly at Tara for a moment, seeing the serious expression on her face before she turns back to Spike. "If you have something important to say, spit it out. If you don't, leave." Buffy shifts closer to Tara, as both women pick up their stride, as they work on finishing patrol so they can get back home early for Dawn.

Spike adjusts his stride to walk beside Buffy. "Oi, now. I've been wanting to speak with you." He looks over at Tara before pulling out a pack of cigarettes, shaking one loose and placing it between his lips as he digs his lighter out of his pocket, lighting it quickly. "Glinda, why don't you go home and tend the kiddy while me and the slayer have a talk?"

Tara's eyes narrow as she looks at the vampire. "Buffy and I started patrol together, and we're finishing it together. Now say what you have to say and disappear." Tara's lip curls up in disgust honestly wanting the vampire to disappear for good.

Buffy chuckles softly at the look of surprise and shock on the vampire's face knowing Spike was more used to the quiet, meek Tara. Now he's come face to face with 'Mama Bear Tara', the Wiccan having become more and more protective of her as they became closer. Especially as they spent most Saturday's and Sunday's working on getting her fractured spirit back to normal, the process a slow and draining one but both women leery for different reasons to try the more in depth meditation and cleansing.

Buffy frowns as she listens more intently to Spike as he starts to snark hatefully at Tara trying to get her to leave. "Spike, if you don't shut the hell up, I'll stake your ass without a second thought. Now say whatever the hell you have to say and leave us the hell alone!" Buffy growls loudly as she steps between Tara and the vampire. Buffy gently presses her back into Tara, feeling the rigidness of the Wiccan's body. Reaching behind her with her right hand, Buffy gently grasps Tara's thigh, squeezing it gently, silently urging her to relax.

Tara reaches down and places her hand over Buffy's, threading their fingers together to gently squeeze for a moment before releasing Buffy's hand and putting the slayer's stake in it just in case.

"Nice way to treat a bloke that's been helpin' out." Spike drawls, his eyes narrowed not missing the display. Inhaling deeply, he smells the two women, frowning in confusion as their smells are almost literally identical, but he doesn't smell sex on them. Shaking his head at the oddity of the two women's scent almost being interchangeable, he growls softly. "I've been a good boy and been helpin' out. I've been behavin' myself and ain't hurt no one, so cut me some slack, Slayer."

Buffy's lip curls up in disgust. "Only because you have that chip in your head, Spike. I'm not stupid. If it wasn't for that you would have been attacking both of us and trying to drain us."

"Not completely I wouldn't. Wouldn't mind having a childe or two." Spike smirks, before grunting as he falls back on his ass at the quick strike across his chin. Blinking in surprise at not having seen the blow coming, he raises a hand to his jaw and looks up at the two women looking down at him.

"See! Right there shows you haven't changed, Spike. You're still an evil vampire at heart. You've just been neutered to where you can't do much damage." Buffy snarls at the vampire. "Why do you stick around here, Spike? What's the draw? You can't hunt and kill, the other demons and vampires think you're a laughing stock, a vampire that can't be a vampire. You sure the hell ain't sticking around for me, because that is SOOOO not gonna happen. I made one bad judgment call that will never happen again. So tell me, why don't you move on to greener pastures? Because one day you're going to piss me off and I'm going to dust your ass."

Spike snarls as he quickly regains his feet, staring down at the slayer. "What? And you think that little mousey witch there can do it for you? You came back wrong, slayer. You were dead. You belong in the dark not the light. When you get it through your brain that you're like me, you know where I am."

Tara snarls as she pulls the holy water out of her pocket, quickly flipping the top off and tossing it on the vampire, ignoring his scream as he jumps back. "She's not dead, Spike! She's alive, she can walk in the sunlight, she BELONGS in the light of the day not in the darkness you want to drag her into. She eats, she laughs, she cries, she loves, she's alive. Something you aren't and haven't been for so long you've forgotten what it's like. Give up on dragging her down, Spike. I'll wipe your ass out myself if I find out you've been sniffing around her again. This is your only warning. I don't give second chances."

Spike yanks his shirt from his skin where the holy water had landed and was burning through. Vamp faced he snarls at the witch, growling angrily even as he sees the witch's eyes swirling with power and anger. Grunting and bending over, grabbing his stomach, his gaze turns to the slayer who'd just hit him.

"Sounds to me like you have a very short, un-dead lifespan ahead of you around here, Spike. I'd suggest you find somewhere else to hang your worthless hide." Buffy states softly, the anger in her eyes all the more scary for the soft tones. Gently grasping Tara's hand, Buffy urges her ahead of her to continue on patrol, turning and kicking the vampire hard in the ass, sending him sprawling before she follows after Tara.

"I may not be able to do anything myself, but I can still cause problems of a different nature." Spike snarls softly as he stands looking in the distance after the two women. Skulking off in the opposite direction, he remembers a certain demon in town that was about ready to give birth. If he could get his hands on those eggs, those baby demons could turn the world into a huge snack. Grinning evilly at the thought, Spike picks up his pace to see if he can find the demon.

"Are you okay?" Buffy questions softly, Tara not having spoken since their encounter with Spike almost an hour ago, the two women finally making their way towards home.

Tara turns her gaze to smile softly at the slayer. "I'm okay, Buffy, just thinking." Tara admits quietly, turning back to watch where she's walking. Sighing softly, Tara starts speaking out loud. "You know, he did help out while you were…" Tara stops, hating to think about it, before she finally goes on after Buffy wraps an arm around her waist and hugs her gently. "But most of the time we had to bribe him with blood or money when things were too much for us to handle by ourselves."

"Typical Spike." Buffy nods, understandingly. "He's hardly ever done anything without it benefiting him. He's always been that way." Buffy admits softly. "Even when he was here originally, he only teamed up with me because he wanted to get Dru away from Angelus, and the fact he didn't want the world to end. But I honestly believe the deciding factor was Dru. That and the fact he hated Angelus." Buffy chuckles at the thought.

"Remember how he tried to pit everyone against each other when he was first chipped?" Tara frowns at the remembrance. She didn't really know the group of people well at that time and being in the bathroom with Anya as the rest of the group argued was a memory that was a bit odd.

"Yeah. He almost succeeded in breaking everyone up." Buffy admits quietly, remembering how everyone had acted, of course the vampire knew everyone well enough to put their own insecurities to the forefront with a couple well-placed comments.

"He can't be trusted." Tara states simply.

"No, he can't. I don't know why I haven't dusted him yet." Buffy frowns as they make their way up the sidewalk to their home.

"Because he hasn't done anything bad enough for you to warrant taking him out." Tara smiles softly at the slayer. "You're not like some people, Buffy. With what Willow had said about Kendra, she was a 'stake 'em first; ask questions later' kind of slayer. And unfortunately the world isn't black and white. There are good demons, just as there are bad humans. Right now with the chip acting as a little zap collar when he does something bad, Spike is in the gray between the two. And you, my lovely slayer, don't kill indiscriminately normally."

Buffy nods her head silently in agreement. Knowing the only times she's literally hunted down demons to stake and kill them was when she went on one her rampages, but knowing that the majority of them were vampires and definitely deserved to be taken out, while the other different demons had attacked her quickly with little provocation. "You're right. But if he keeps it up, his days are numbered." Buffy holds the door open, allowing Tara to enter the house before her. Turning and locking the door, Buffy watches as Tara gently shakes Dawn's shoulder, where the teen had fallen asleep on the couch.

"Huh?" Dawn blinks as she half wakes.

"We're home, Dawnie. Why don't you go ahead and go to bed. You have school tomorrow." Tara gently brushes the hair from the teen's face, smiling softly.

"Last week, thank God." Dawn mumbles as she staggers towards the stairs.

Tara chuckles watching Dawn head up the stairs before following Buffy into the kitchen. "Would you like some cocoa?" Tara quirks her eyebrow at the slayer as her hand reaches for the cabinet.

Buffy shakes her head and settles on a stool at the island within reach of Tara. Grabbing the Wiccan by the waist, she gently pulls her to her, settling Tara comfortably between her legs. Wrapping her arms tightly around her waist, she rests her cheek against Tara's chest. Smiling as Tara starts to stroke her back with her hands and places a kiss on the top of her head.

Tara closes her eyes and rests her chin on top of Buffy's head, continuing to run her hands gently up and down her back. The slayer more often than not seeking her out for the warmth and comfort she offers. One of the reasons Tara's afraid to consummate their relationship, silently wondering if someone else would do just as well in her place. Though knowing Buffy cares for her, but not entirely sure that the woman is in love with her, or just loves her as a friend. Knowing Buffy is attracted to her, which is a given with how easily the woman's turned on. Though that too was suspect, as Tara remembers how Buffy was with Riley, the only person she's seen her with. Knowing the two of them had been very sexually active.

Mentally shaking her head at her mind's wonderings, Tara hooks her hands together behind Buffy's back and presses her lips to the top of her head. "Do you want something else to drink? Or maybe something to snack on?" Tara questions softly.

"Not really." Buffy brushes her cheek against Tara's breast before turning her head to place a soft kiss on the cloth covered nipple. Easing her head away, Buffy tilts it up to look into loving blue eyes. "You have finals this week, Tara. We probably should go upstairs so you can be rested." Buffy smiles softly as she remembers the woman's studying binges, Tara finally having stated over the weekend that her brain couldn't handle any more facts, figures or information. That she was done and she'd either do well or not. Knowing how smart the woman is, Buffy doesn't have a single worry that Tara won't pass all her finals with flying colors and graduate with top honors.

Finally urging Tara to step back, Buffy hops off the stool. Threading her fingers through Tara's, Buffy grabs a bottle of water out of the refrigerator before turning off the lights on their way upstairs to their bedroom.

Tara follows quietly behind Buffy, allowing the slayer to head into the bathroom while taking the water from her and stepping into their bedroom. Setting the bottle of water down, Tara pulls everything from her pockets placing them in the proper places before stripping and placing her dirty clothes in the hamper. Bending over and pulling out a pair of sleeping shorts along with a tank top, Tara chuckles as a warm hand gently trails down her back to stroke softly over a bare butt cheek.

"Teasing me, are you?" Buffy lets the words rumble from her chest, her desire burning brightly at the sight of the naked woman.

"I thought it would take you longer to shower." Tara admits, straightening with the clothes in her hand turning to tilt her head at the slayer, seeing the desire flaring in Buffy's eyes, taking in the pale scar that most people don't even notice along Buffy's cheek. As she thought, the scar added to the woman's desirability, though Buffy had worried about it to begin with. After Buffy had realized most people didn't notice it, she didn't think about it much anymore.

Buffy shakes her head and she lets her eyes slowly trail down Tara's body, nibbling on her bottom lip at the sight of the woman's full breasts. Her fingers itching to touch, caress, and pinch the flesh. Smiling as the nipples harden perceptibly under her gaze, Buffy shifts her eyes down to the triangle of dark golden curls at Tara's apex. Buffy remembers having been surprised that Tara was a natural blonde as the woman's hair had become quite dark at one time before it had started lightening again. Tara explaining that if she wasn't outside frequently, that her hair did darken, though when she'd first been with Willow, she had colored her hair to an almost white blonde, not liking it she had let it grow out.

Tara gently taps Buffy on the nose to get the slayer's attention. "I'll be back in a minute." Tara quickly pulls on the shorts and tank top, chuckling quietly at the pouty look that comes over Buffy's face as she puts her clothes on.

"Don't like clothes." Buffy grumbles, pulling off the towel and tossing it in the hamper after Tara leaves the room. Pulling on her own sleeping shorts and top, Buffy folds down the covers on the bed before turning the overhead light off after switching on the lamp. Easing between the covers Buffy laces her fingers together behind her head as she stares up at the ceiling, listening to Tara taking a shower. Understanding to a certain degree why Tara was hesitant in taking the final step to consummating their relationship. But honestly it's to the point of driving her crazy. Buffy admits to herself that her desire for the woman is at the forefront ninety-five percent of the time. Just thinking about her will more often than not get her aching for the woman's touch. Sighing quietly, Buffy shifts, the desire already starting to dampen her sleeping shorts. Flipping the covers off, Buffy shifts to let her legs dangle over the side as she finally decides to take matters into her own hands. As Tara finally comes back into the room, brushing her damp hair, Buffy watches her for a moment.

Buffy stands, grabs Tara and kisses her hungrily on the lips, letting her desire flare to a higher level. Pushing her body firmly against Tara's, she grasps her butt cheeks while sliding a leg between Tara's, effectively straddling Tara's leg. Breaking off the kiss to pant heavily, Buffy presses firmly against Tara before finally questioning the woman. "Any chance we might be taking the final step?"

Tara whimpers quietly as she feels the heat and dampness coming from Buffy. Her own desire making her ache to the point it's almost painful. Tilting her head against Buffy's forehead, Tara digs her fingers gently into Buffy's waist. "I want to, Buffy." Tara finally whispers.

"I love you, Tara. More than I can say. I know you're worried on a deeper level that it's just because of your help and being there for me. But I know it isn't. Please? One touch is probably all it would take." Buffy finally whispers.

Tara hears the pain and desire in Buffy's voice, along with the almost shyly whispered last sentence. Closing her eyes, Tara thinks long and hard about their relationship. Realizing it didn't really matter if they consummated it or not, she was already head over heels in love with the slayer, and if Buffy decided she didn't love her or want to be with her, her world would be torn apart whether they've made love or not. Making a decision, Tara presses her lips to the tip of Buffy's nose. "One touch may be all it will take, but I won't be able to stop at one touch, or even one taste, Buffy."

Buffy's body jerks at the soft, sexy tone of the woman she loves, even before the words sink into her brain. Eyes opening wide she looks into Tara's desire-filled eyes.

"I'll want more, Buffy. And I can guarantee you, that probably neither one of us will be getting a lot of sleep tonight." Tara gently urges Buffy towards the bed.

Buffy's eyes widen even more before a huge grin crosses her face. "Really?" Buffy has to question to make sure, even as the back of her knees hit the bed and Tara gently pushes her down on it.

"Really." Tara's lips curl up into an answering grin as she notices the happiness shining in Buffy's eyes. "I love you, Buffy." Tara whispers, kneeling on the bed straddling Buffy as she follows the slayer.

"God, I love you, too." Buffy answers hoarsely, her eyes shining with love as she looks at the woman that has come to mean the world to her.


Chapter 14

Tara smiles as they shift slightly, Buffy lying in the middle of the bed, her eyes wide like it is Christmas morning and she's got the biggest pile of gifts to unwrap. Chuckling quietly as she already feels Buffy's eager fingers tugging on her tank top. Shifting up so she's kneeling between Buffy's legs, she allows the slayer to pull the top off, laughing outright as Buffy quickly yanks her own top off, both items flying across the room. "Someone eager?"

"Tara, I love you, but you've been driving me to a turned on, extremely horny mess these past few months." Buffy growls as she tugs on Tara's shorts. "Either we get these off quick, or I'm ripping them off." Buffy warns her voice low.

Tara swallows as she sees the truth of the statement in Buffy's eyes knowing the slayer won't hesitate to rip the clothes right from her body. Easing off the bed, Tara pushes them down her legs and steps out of them while Buffy yanks her own shorts off. Laughing as Buffy literally leans over, picks her up using just her arms and plops her in the bed beside her, Tara wraps her arms around Buffy's neck as the slayer starts to eagerly kiss and caress her way down her body.

"You cannot know how I've wanted to touch, caress, kiss and taste you." Buffy mumbles against Tara's breasts, eagerly devouring the flesh, Tara normally stopped her from going any further or from even enjoying the delightful items for a long period of time in the past. Knowing from what Tara had explained that she'd come close to climaxing multiple times just from her caressing and loving her breasts.

Tara arches into the slayer's hungry mouth, surprised and extremely turned on by the woman's eagerness and words. Buffy usually not this… "Oh, Goddess…" Tara's train of thought disappears as Buffy bites down firmly on her nipple causing her body to buck as a heavy flood of desire escapes her. Tara knows it won't take much more to climax.

Buffy growls loudly at the intoxicating smell of Tara's arousal, the scent permeating the whole room. Nipping her way across Tara's chest to her other breast, she nibbles around the rock hard nipple before finally capturing it between her teeth firmly and tugging on it, grunting loudly as Tara's body bucks and presses hard against her stomach. Hearing the deep, loud moan come from Tara as the woman grinds firmly against her stomach muscles, leaving a trail of wetness in her wake Buffy smirks in realization as Tara shudders beneath her before dropping her lower body back onto the bed.

"Buffy…" Tara whispers, her voice rough as she looks down at Buffy who's nipping her way inexorably down her body, jerking as the slayer's hot tongue dips in her belly button, Tara tugs on her hair.

"Uh, uh. No changing your mind now. I told you I want to taste you. Your smell has been driving me absolutely insane. I want to taste, lick, suckle and devour you." Buffy growls softly, biting gently on Tara's lower abdomen, chuckling at the clenching of her lover's muscles.

"Goddess, Buffy!" Tara jerks as Buffy's hands slide down her thighs and under them to slide back up, effectively lifting and opening her as the slayer settles firmly between her legs. Feeling the hot breath of air coming from Buffy's mouth literally centimeters from her aching body, Tara whimpers. Surprised at how quick and eager Buffy is to do things that had literally taken Willow months to work her way up to, Tara cries out softly as a warm tongue dips between her lips and slowly traverses its way up her center. Burying one hand in Buffy's hair and the other one digging into the bed, Tara braces her feet on the bed and pushes up as Buffy's tongue glides over her aching clit, pulling it the rest of the way out of its hiding place.

Growling softly as she comes across Tara's pulsing clit, Buffy flicks it with her tongue repeatedly before reaching up with one hand after resituating herself slightly, pulling the hood back to look at the flushed muscle. Eyes dark with desire Buffy laps up some of the escaping fluid coming from Tara, loving the earthy, rich musky taste. Hearing Tara's whimpering becoming louder Buffy grins as she flicks her tongue teasingly over Tara's clit again, watching as Tara's body jumps and quivers at the touch. Ignoring her own body's needs, Buffy swirls her tongue around the muscle, watching and listening to Tara's movements and whimpers. Slowly dragging the length of her tongue over the swollen muscle, Buffy whimpers herself at the low, long wail that comes from Tara even as the woman's body quivers and releases another flood of liquid for her to lap up. Hearing Tara trying to say something, Buffy looks up at her flushed lover and the hazy grayish-blue eyes looking back at her.

"In…" Tara whimpers, tugging on Buffy's hair firmly, needing to feel her lover inside her, her body clenching and aching to feel filled. Seeing Buffy, Tara whispers again not able to say it any louder. "Inside…"

Buffy frowns slightly trying to understand what Tara's asking before the light bulb flickers in her brain. Watching her lover intently, she shifts the hand she'd been holding the hood of flesh back with downwards, trailing through the wetness coming from her lover, learning her folds for a few moments before gently circling the tip of her index finger around Tara's opening. As Tara bucks at the slight pressure and her head tilts back, Buffy slowly eases the finger in, groaning loudly as Tara's body practically grasps it and drags her all the way in. Panting heavily at the unique feeling of being within her lover, Buffy slowly eases the digit out to slide back in again. The wet heat and the muscles clamping repeatedly around her finger making her own body clench and flood with desire.

Tara rocks her body, gently urging Buffy to explore, biting her lip as Buffy slips a second finger within her. As her lover gently eases in and out, Tara rotates her hips at the luscious feeling of Buffy's strong fingers starting to map out her insides, searching within her and learning her body.

Buffy growls softly, gently nipping on the flesh of Tara's inner thigh, her eyes unwavering as they watch everything she's doing. Stroking within Tara, Buffy slowly learns the feel and texture of Tara's inner body. Sliding the tips of her fingers slowly and intently over Tara's upper wall, searching for the spot that she had found by accident within herself that night Riley and she had almost killed each other having sex in the haunted house, Buffy bites more firmly on Tara's leg as the Wiccan jerks and cries out in pleasure as she finds the spot.

"B-b-buffy…" Tara stutters as the slayer starts to stroke continuously in a small, firm circle within her, keeping up the pressured rub over her g-spot. Trying to warn Buffy about stimulating her this way, but unable to get it out before the climax works through her body, exploding out of her to drench the slayer. As Buffy just grunts loudly, and keeps up her ministrations, Tara's eyes widen and her body continues to jerk and pulse against her lover. Her voice having shut down on her, Tara digs her short fingernails into Buffy's scalp as she feels an even more powerful orgasm starting to work its way through her. Silently crying out as she shoves her heels into the bed pushing up with the pleasure going through her along with the gush of liquid, Tara finally collapses back on the bed unconscious from the pleasure.

Buffy licks the fluid from her upper lip that's making its way down her face as Tara surprises her with the second reward. Not knowing it was possible to have two female ejaculations in a row, knowing from her own personal experience only ejaculating the once and it had taken literally the whole night and most of the morning after multiple orgasms to reach that state to have the one. Eagerly lapping at the sweet fluid coming from Tara, Buffy finally eases her fingers from within her lover as the muscles ease their almost painful clenching. Taking a moment, Buffy looks up to ask Tara about her climaxes when all she sees are the whites of Tara's eyes. Seeing Tara's chest rising and lowering quickly, Buffy hurriedly clamors up Tara's body to look down at the woman. Pressing her fingers to Tara's neck, Buffy buries her face on the other side as she feels the strong pounding heartbeat. Sighing in relief, Buffy kisses Tara's neck before easing back to look at the woman again.

"Tara?" Buffy whispers, stroking her fingers gently down her lover's cheek trying to help her come to. Continuing to stroke her fingers gently over her lover's cheek and neck, Buffy gently eases her body down against Tara's, burying her face in the woman's sweaty neck, waiting patiently for Tara to come back to earth.

Tara licks her lips as she slowly gains consciousness. The first thing she's aware of is fingers trailing softly over her cheek and down her neck before they make their way back up again. Smiling as the second thing she becomes aware of is Buffy's face buried in the crook of her neck and warm lips pressing softly against her skin. Dragging her arms up to wrap heavily around Buffy's body, Tara sighs heavily in contentment. The slayer's hot, wet body feeling right as it lies on top of her.

"You come back to visit with us mere mortals?" Buffy questions softly, smiling as Tara chuckles deeply.

"You sure you haven't ever been with a woman before? 'Cause I have to tell you, if this is your first time, the second may very well kill me." Tara jokes, hardly recognizing her own rough, scratchy voice.

Buffy laughs quietly, before shifting her body to prop herself up with one hand while reaching for the bottle of water with the other. Slowly easing off Tara to the Wiccan's grunt of disapproval, Buffy unscrews the top and hands the bottle to Tara. "Drink, love." Buffy orders watching as Tara shifts up in the bed and tilts the bottle to her lips, taking small sips. Wiggling in against Tara's body, Buffy rests her head on Tara's breast while letting her fingers play over Tara's body. "You surprised me tonight. I've only ever had one ejaculation in my whole life. And here you had back to back ones." Buffy chuckles as Tara whimpers quietly.

"You didn't stop." Tara points out softly, setting the bottle back on the nightstand, saving the other half for later. "I definitely didn't expect you to find my g-spot so easily then go after it quite that intently, or I would have warned you that whenever it's stimulated, I always end up gushing."

Buffy looks up in surprise her eyes taking in the heavily blushing, but grinning Wiccan. "Always?" Buffy questions hoarsely.

Tara nods her head, chuckling at the surprise on Buffy's face. "Always. And I have to admit, I've never had anyone ever continue after the first to give me a second one."

"I was pleasantly surprised." Buffy grins, licking her lips as she settles her head back on Tara's breast. "Gonna do this more often, see how many in a row you can handle." Buffy smirks as Tara whimpers. Trailing her fingers over Tara's lower abdomen, Buffy closes her eyes in contentment. "I love you, Tara. This has been the happiest day of my life, and I wouldn't trade it for the world."

Tara feels her heart catch at the slayer's heartfelt words. Wrapping her arms firmly around Buffy, she hugs her tightly. "Goddess, Buffy. I love you so much. Words are inadequate." Tara admits. "But I'd love to show you."

Buffy groans as her body literally vibrates at the thought. Having ignored her own wants and desires while concentrating on Tara, her body reminds her with a vengeance of what it needs.

Tara allows a small smile to cross her lips at the loud groan coming from her lover and as Buffy's body starts to rock against her, the dampness coming from Buffy painting the side of her leg heavily. "Let's see if I can't return the favor." Tara growls as she rolls Buffy over and kisses her hungrily.

Buffy pants heavily, as Tara finally releases her lips and nips her way firmly down her neck stopping to suck on the flesh at her pulse point. "Remember, I've only come like that once in my entire life, Tara." Buffy warns, grunting quietly as Tara shifts and slides one of her thighs firmly between her legs, pressing tightly against her. Buffy presses upwards into the warm flesh, rocking slightly, her body sliding almost effortlessly against Tara's thigh as it becomes slick with her desire.

"Gonna work on that." Tara murmurs before nibbling firmly on the flesh she'd been suckling on. Shifting her body to support on her hands, Tara presses harder into Buffy's apex, rocking gradually faster and harder as she watches Buffy flush darker as she creeps closer to release. Feeling the slayer's fingers digging into her waist, Tara presses slightly harder, rocking faster at the slayer's urging, chuckling lowly as Buffy's legs wrap around her leg and the slayer rubs hard and fast, a flood of fluid coming from her as she climaxes.

Buffy whimpers quietly as she explodes, the release helping but the desire still running rampant through her body. Groaning deeply as Tara gently urges her legs to unwrap. Dragging her eyes open, she looks into the smiling face of her lover.

"You need and want more." Tara whispers seeing the flame burning just as brightly in Buffy's eyes, the desire obviously at an all-time high within the slayer.

"Much more." Buffy admits, panting heavily as she watches Tara intently. Seeing the almost wicked grin cross Tara's mouth, Buffy whimpers.

"You'll have much more." Tara promises leaning down to invade Buffy's mouth hungrily, urging the slayer into a heated battle of wills as their tongues duel and hands grip and stroke. Growling into her lover's mouth, Tara digs her short nails firmly into Buffy's hips. Working her way quickly down Buffy's body, she places two quick nips on each rock hard nipple before letting her teeth scrape inexorably down the slayer's body until she's at the strip of dark curls.

Buffy whimpers as Tara nips gently at her mound even as her fingers playfully tug on the short curls. Burying her hands in Tara's hair, Buffy tugs gently. "Don't tease." Buffy growls as she tilts her head to look at the dark blonde hair spread out over her body, her heart missing a beat at the look of unadulterated love and desire looking back at her.

"No teasing." Tara shakes her head, her hands stroking down Buffy's thighs as she shifts to become comfortable, planning on spending a while enjoying her lover and hopefully bringing her much deserved pleasure.

"Oh, Goddddd…" Buffy moans, arching into Tara's warm mouth as true to her word she doesn't tease. Feeling the strong tongue dragging repeatedly over her distended clit, Buffy whimpers as lips surround her and a strong sucking motion commences even as Tara's tongue starts to flick repeatedly over the tip of the sensitive muscle bringing her quickly to another, stronger climax.

Tara hums appreciatively while continuing to suckle at the slayer, alternating to stroke the length of her tongue from the bottom of the slayer's slit, dipping playfully within her lover before continuing up and over the swollen, begging muscle and stopping to suckle for a few moments before doing it all over again, chuckling as Buffy hooks a leg around her back, pulling her in even tighter to her body. As Buffy shakes and another flood of liquid escapes her, heralding another climax, Tara allows her hands to come into play. Dragging her fingernails tenderly over the slayer's butt cheeks from where she'd been holding the woman, Tara slides both thumbs teasing down her lover's crack, smirking as Buffy whimpers and jerks as they trail over her rosebud. Deciding to come back to that at a later date and after a few questions, Tara slides the thumbs up the short distance to press tenderly into her lover's opening, the slickness of Buffy's arousal letting her slide in easily. Swirling her tongue around her lover's throbbing clit, Tara shifts, easing her thumbs out.

Buffy grunts loudly, her body shifting to try and keep the woman inside her, eyes opening to stare down her body at Tara as her lover looks up with smiling eyes.

"Easy, love. I'm just resituating slightly." Tara smiles at the disgruntled look on Buffy's face. Pressing her lips once more firmly to Buffy's clit, Tara shifts so she's straddling one of Buffy's thighs, the fingers of her right hand stroking through her lover's desire as she leans down to kiss Buffy softly, not knowing if her lover would like to kiss after what she'd been doing, pleasantly surprised when Buffy tugs her more firmly against her and deepens the kiss immediately, her tongue searching out her mouth while groaning in obvious appreciation.

Buffy sucks eagerly on Tara's tongue after enjoying the taste of herself on and in the Wiccan's mouth. Releasing it to moan loudly as Tara finally slides two fingers deep within her, stroking firmly in and out.

Tara pants softly as she opens her eyes to look into Buffy's passion-filled gaze. "Goddess, you're beautiful." Tara whispers, curling her fingers to stroke firmly over Buffy's pleasure spot, using her thigh to give her thrusts more power as she strokes in and out, letting her fingertips press over the muscle, building her lover's desire.

"Ohhhhh…" Buffy whimpers, bracing her feet to meet each of Tara's thrusts, feeling the building tension in her body at Tara's continued stroking.

"Relax and let yourself feel the pleasure, don't fight it." Tara whispers softly, watching Buffy's face contort with pleasure, the tightening making the scar stand out more prominently as Buffy's face flushes with the desire coursing through her. Tilting her head down the short distance, Tara eagerly kisses and licks the scar, feeling her lover's muscles starting to clench repeatedly around her fingers.

Buffy jerks and presses her body up harder and faster, grunting as Tara's fingers seem to press upwards even more firmly against her g-spot. Feeling the flow as the climax starts to work its way through her, Buffy cries out Tara's name as the Wiccan presses her thumb firmly against her clit at the same time her fingers bury themselves within her to press upwards continuously against the bundle of nerves inside her, tipping her over the edge.

Tara shifts to bury her face in Buffy's sweaty neck as her lover finally floods her hand in climax. Keeping her fingers firmly against the spot, Tara whimpers at the strongly clenching muscles even as she latches onto the slayer's pulse point, unconsciously biting directly over Angel's bite scar.

"Oh, my God!!" Buffy jerks upwards at the feel of Tara's blunt teeth sinking into her neck as another even more powerful orgasm rips through her, soaking them both.

Tara pants heavily as she releases Buffy's neck, lapping at the wound, not really aware of what she'd done, not even noticing the metallic tang of the slayer's blood.

Buffy holds onto Tara tightly, wrapping her legs firmly around her leg, effectively capturing Tara's hand against her, burying her fingers deep inside her as she feels a connection unlike anything she's felt before opening to her. Not understanding that Angel's unclaimed bite, from where he'd taken her blood to heal roughly three years ago was effectively and permanently just claimed by Tara. Something that should never have been able to happen between two humans, but because of their continued working together to heal her, it had opened them to each other in a way indiscernible before now to either woman.

Tara growls softly at the possessiveness of her lover holding her to her, enjoying the feel of the strong arms, and the hot sweaty body pressed against her, unaware that her body was just as sweaty. Feeling the possessiveness and happiness coming from Buffy, it takes Tara a moment to realize she shouldn't be 'feeling' these things. Blinking her eyes open, she tilts her head to look at Buffy's grinning countenance as she slowly works over what had just happened. Looking down at Buffy's neck, she sees a perfect impression of her teeth at Buffy's pulse point. Swallowing hard as she tries to make sense of what's happening, Tara cautiously reaches out to Buffy emotionally.

"What's wrong?" Buffy raspily questions, feeling the worry coming from Tara. Turning her head, she presses a soft kiss to her lips, slowly opening her eyes to look into extremely worried blue eyes.

"Do you feel it?" Tara questions hoarsely, searching Buffy's hazel eyes as they become unfocused, feeling the slayer searching within herself and eventually coming across the connection within them. Seeing the hazel eyes focus back in to look questioningly at her, Tara shakes her head. "I don't know. I…" Tara looks down at the bite on Buffy's neck, frowning heavily as she sifts through information of vampires claiming their childe, if they so choose. "Angel never did anything more than drink your blood to heal himself, did he?"

Buffy blinks in confusion at her lover's question before shaking her head. "No. Why are you…?"

Tara presses her forehead against Buffy's temple. "A vampire that has fed off a human, usually either plans on killing them for food, turning them to become a vampire, or …" Tara trails off, taking a deep breath not knowing if Buffy knows about this part.

"Or basically making them an indentured servant for however long they choose until they dissolve the link, turn them or kill them." Buffy finishes, having read it and questioned Angel about it one time, the vampire admitting he never tried to keep a human, not wanting the hassle and problems that could arise from it while being Angelus.

"His mark has been unclaimed, and I think in a weird sort of way I unintentionally just claimed it. But in a different kind of way." Tara admits hesitantly, afraid of what this might mean, never having read of anything like this happening before in all the time she'd done research and honestly not knowing how Buffy would take it.

Buffy frowns in confusion, slowly relaxing her body to release the tight grip she has on Tara, but keeping her arms around her lover. Groaning quietly as she feels Tara finally shift and ease her hand out from inside her and between their two bodies, Buffy blushes slightly at the feel of the wet sheets, thankful she has the protective plastic cover over the mattress.

Tara chuckles at Buffy's wonderings, before pressing her lips firmly against her temple. "You didn't pass out, though." Tara murmurs as she brings up her own second climax and consequential passing out.

Buffy grunts and grins slightly. "What does this all mean, Tara?"

"I haven't a clue." Tara admits, slowly shifting to lie beside Buffy, instead of on her lover. Keeping one leg tossed proprietarily over the slayer, Tara props her upper body up with her arm and rests her head in the palm of her hand as she looks down at her confused looking lover. Stroking her fingers lovingly up and over Buffy's body, Tara sighs quietly. "Okay, let's try this. Sing the theme song from the Brady Bunch." Tara orders.

Buffy crinkles her forehead and stares up at her lover. "I don't think so. Didn't care for the repeats I saw when I was a kid and I'll be damned if I'm going to sing the song." Buffy grumps, shaking her head at her lover.

Tara laughs uncontrollably at the look of disgust on Buffy's face. "Well, you're not under my thrall to do whatever I tell you to do." Tara comments between laughter.

Buffy grunts and gently smacks Tara's leg before placing her hand on the thigh, stroking her fingers over the warm flesh. "Maybe the transfer isn't complete… shouldn't I have some of your blood?" Buffy finally questions, her eyes gleaming as she snaps her teeth playfully at Tara.

Tara chuckles and shakes her head. "Hell if I know." Unconsciously running her fingers up to the bite, Tara frowns. "I didn't mean to do it, I just did." Tara admits sadly. "It was like I had no control and it just happened."

"Shhh." Buffy reaches up to hold Tara's hand, pulling it down to her chest, squeezing it gently. Turning to gaze into sad, teary blue eyes, Buffy leans in to kiss Tara lovingly. "Whatever it is, it's done. One thing you've taught me over the months is that you can't undo the past. You can just work on making things better in the here and now. We'll take this too, in stride." Buffy offers, chuckling at the surprise in Tara's eyes. "Didn't think I was paying attention, did you?"

Tara shrugs, blushing lightly. "I know you pay attention. It's just how much attention you're paying…"

Buffy growls playfully and rolls over on top of her lover, kissing her hard on the lips. "Be careful or I'll be marking you and see what happens."

"It would only be fair." Tara admits, Buffy having released her hand. Running both hands gently through Buffy's hair, she presses her lips firmly against Buffy's. Opening her senses to see the slayer's aura, she jerks back in surprise to look into Buffy's questioning hazel eyes.

"What now?" Buffy questions curiously, the shock in Tara's eyes obvious while the emotions coming from the Wiccan were confusing her.

"Your… your spirit… Your soul is healed." Tara blinks in shock, stroking her thumbs over Buffy's cheeks as she continues to stare at the slayer. "Can you tell the difference?"

Buffy actually pays attention to the way she feels, slowly nodding her head in answer to Tara as she doesn't feel the anger flowing just under the surface that she had been feeling. As a matter of fact, she feels pretty calm and relaxed. "Sure it isn't just because I had the best sex of my life? I mean, wasn't there a song called Sexual Healing or something?" Buffy questions fighting the smile wanting to cross her face.

Tara growls and smacks Buffy firmly on the ass after a second. "Marvin Gaye. And yes, it was called Sexual Healing. But I somehow doubt that is what healed you."

"Hmmm. I'll argue that point." Buffy smirks at Tara before leaning down to nibble firmly on her full bottom lip. "Why the hell did you put me off for so long? We could've been making out like bunnies the past couple months." Buffy points out wiggling her body enticingly against Tara, chuckling as Tara whimpers.

"You know why." Tara finally grasps Buffy's hips as the slayer wiggles her way firmly between her legs and was starting to rock back and forth slightly. "Buffy…" Tara warns softly.

Buffy growls at the note in Tara's voice, though her eyes do shift to the clock, realizing it's almost four in the morning. Whimpering and dropping her head to lay beside Tara's, Buffy whispers into Tara's ear. "You need a little sleep for whatever tests you have tomorrow." Buffy makes it a statement, not a question.

"Yes, I do." Tara admits, turning her head slightly to press a kiss against Buffy's ear. "We do have some serious discussions ahead of us, though. We need to find out what, if anything, this means."

"Okay." Buffy sighs heavily, before reaching out with her arm, feeling around to turn the lamp off, smiling as Tara hugs her tightly. "Covers." Buffy mumbles, wiggling her legs around to try and find them with her feet.

"Think they're off the end of the bed." Tara offers quietly, knowing they'd probably kicked them completely off with their exertions.

Buffy grumbles quietly as she slowly shifts and rolls out of the bed. "Don't want to have to do this a lot. We'll have to get strings or something attached to the little bastards and hook 'em to the bedposts." Buffy pulls the sheet and comforter up the bed before climbing in to lay half on Tara. "I love you."

Tara has to chuckle at Buffy's comments, before kissing Buffy lovingly at her declaration. "I love you, too."

"Better." Buffy mumbles against Tara's neck as she slowly starts to drift off to sleep. "Planning on keeping you forever."

Tara stills at the slayer's words, it finally hitting home how much the slayer does love her, and not just for what she'd done to help her, but just because. Not able to argue with the feelings coming to her from the woman even in her sleep. "Goddess, I'm sorry for doubting you." Tara whispers, pressing a soft kiss to Buffy's forehead, before relaxing to allow her body to give in and follow her lover into the land of dreams.


Chapter 15

Tara finishes the last question on her final, flipping it to the beginning to start double-checking her answers when she gets this barely there feeling of unease and confusion coming from Buffy. Frowning heavily, Tara looks up at the clock. Forgoing double-checking her answers, she clicks her pen, grabs her purse and trots down the steps hurriedly ignoring the looks she receives from her classmates. Smiling at the Professor as she places her test paper on the desk, she hurries out of the room and down the hall towards the exit and the parking lot.

Buffy finishes washing the dishes from breakfast, smiling at the fact today was Friday, and Tara was finishing her last final and would officially be done with school, short of graduation in two weeks.

Whistling happily, Buffy strides through the house looking to see if anything needs to be cleaned or washed before trotting up the stairs to grab the hampers to start working on laundry as she thinks about the past five days and the fact she and Tara had impossibly become even closer. The feeling of rightness of being with the woman unbelievable, even as her own anger and pain from coming back was gone. Though there were still twinges of sadness and longing for the happiness she had felt while being in heaven, but Tara's loving her was more than recompense for the loss of those feelings. Tilting her head, Buffy silently wonders if there is lovemaking in heaven, blushing lightly at the thought. "Hope so. Also hope that they'll let me and Tara hook-up, up above. Damn woman means the world to me." Buffy murmurs as she carries the dirty clothes down the stairs. "Before my heaven was just having peace, which is what I had. Now I want something a heck of a lot better."

The morning gone, and the afternoon starting, having just finished the laundry, Buffy steps outside with a glass of lemonade. Settling on the porch swing, she looks out at the afternoon sky. Deciding to wait for Tara to come home, knowing her lover said it would probably be somewhere between one and two, knowing she'll have at least an hour to wait, Buffy sips on her lemonade and rocks back and forth.

Tucking her leg under her, Buffy sets the empty glass on the small table to the side of the swing. Frowning as she hears a high-powered engine coming down the street, she turns her gaze on the large black SUV making its way down Revello Drive. Surprised as it slows down and pulls into her driveway, Buffy stiffens and her eyes narrow feeling a sense of unease working through her. Untucking her leg, she slowly stands and stares in stunned shock as Riley Finn steps out of the vehicle on the driver's side, talking to someone still in the darkened vehicle before turning to stride towards her.

Buffy unconsciously crosses her arms over her chest in a defensive gesture as she looks at the man she had at one time considered spending her life with. Surprised and shocked as he comes to stand in front of her a small smile on his boyishly good-looking face, Buffy's confused as she feels the ache of what might have been working through her. Shaking her head at the thought she quirks her eyebrow to stare at Riley. "I would ask what you're doing here, but considering the get-up, I would assume it isn't good."

Riley's smile slowly falls from his face and he shakes his head. "No, but I thought we might be able to talk while I'm here." Riley offers, looking over his ex-girlfriend, taking in the changes of the past year, frowning slightly as he sees the light scar trailing down her face wondering what might have caused it.

Buffy shifts slightly as Riley looks over her. "What's the sitch?"

Riley runs a hand through his hair and looks back at the SUV with the other four commandos in it. "We're hunting a Suvolte Demon that's somewhere here on the Hellmouth. I thought it would be best to talk with you and let you know what was going on, plus to see if you would want to be in on the hunt. She's about ready to lay her eggs, if she hasn't already."

"Suvolte Demon?" Buffy questions curiously, frowning as she doesn't remember that particular demon, though with all the different demons she's fought over the years, and her lack of caring what they were she could have killed fifty of them and still not known their name.

"They're literally eating machines when they hatch. They'll take over Sunnydale in a day and before a month is out, the whole United States would probably be nothing but empty buildings and countryside." Riley explains quickly, looking over Buffy having to admit she looks damn good, even with the scar. "You're still beautiful." He murmurs, his eyes widening at his admittance.

Buffy frowns and shifts uncomfortably at his words, not knowing what to say. Admitting she still feels an undeniable attraction to the young man, after all he is definitely good looking, but smiling blue eyes and a crooked, sexy grin sets her pulse racing and her heart thundering in her chest. "Who's in the SUV?"

"The rest of my group." Riley mutters, frowning at her lack of comment to his admittance. "Look. My reasons for coming here were two-fold, Buffy. They'll be okay out in the vehicle. They know I want to speak with you alone. Can we maybe continue this inside?" Riley tilts his head towards the door, silently pleading with Buffy to hear him out.

Buffy stares at Riley for a minute, before finally nodding her head and leading the way into the house, silently wondering what's going on.

Tara pulls up in front of the house, parking on the street as she looks at the large black Hummer. Worried, she hurries out of the vehicle and up to the house, striding through she looks into the living room before turning towards the kitchen, staring in stunned silence at Riley Finn sitting at the island in the kitchen.

"Tara, we have company." Buffy murmurs, hearing her lover come to a stop in the dining room and feeling the major sense of unease and worry coming from her. Turning her gaze back on Riley, she continues to think about what he just said, already knowing the answer to his question but trying to figure out why he's just now coming to ask her. "It took you a year to come and ask me this?"

Riley swallows hard and looks down at the counter, slowly nodding his head. "The more time I spent away from you the more I realized how much I loved you. I know you won't leave the Hellmouth, but my rotation in the Forces is up in six months if I don't re-up. I wanted to know if you'll marry me."

Tara feels her heart stop in her chest as she hears the heartfelt words coming from the young man, her eyes jerking over to Buffy, just feeling a sense of calmness coming from her lover, she doesn't know what to do or say. Her heart pounding in her chest as she silently wonders if this is it. If Buffy might decide to marry the young soldier, even with knowing how much she loves her.

Buffy feels the worry and fear coming from Tara. Turning to look at her lover, she sighs quietly, realizing that Tara doesn't know what her answer is, and obviously is extremely worried about the outcome of the young man's words. "Tara…" Buffy whispers, holding her hand out. Seeing the confusion in blue eyes and feeling the indecision as to whether to come to her or run the other way, Buffy shakes her head. "Please." Buffy wiggles her fingers.

Tara swallows hard and slowly finishes entering the kitchen, not daring to look at Riley as she slides her hand into Buffy's, surprised when Buffy shifts in the seat and lifts her to settle on her lap, wrapping her arms tightly around her.

"Riley, at one time I wanted that more than anything. But times have changed, and so have I. I've died in the time you've been gone, only to be resurrected four months later. I do care for you, and probably always will. But I don't think… No, I know you probably won't understand. I've fallen in love with Tara. She makes me happier than I have ever dreamed possible. Hell, even when we argue and fight a part of me revels in the love I feel coming from her when it's happening. Because she does love me. Me and my faults. She also understands what it is for me to be the slayer. And how I can't just work nine to five and put my stake down to have a normal life afterwards." Buffy explains quietly, her eyes on the shocked man's face as his eyes flicker between her and Tara, smiling as she feels Tara relax to the point of practically melting into her body. Pressing a kiss on Tara's cheek as she turns slightly towards her, Buffy chuckles. "How could you ever be worried?"

"I didn't feel anything but calmness from you after your original worry, unease and confusion." Tara admits, shifting to sit sideways and bury her face in Buffy's neck as her lover strokes softly over her back.

"Sorry." Buffy whispers pressing her lips to Tara's forehead. "Riley, I'm sorry but my answer is obviously no. But if you want mine and Tara's help in hunting out the demon, we will definitely help you." Buffy offers quietly.

Riley's mouth opens and shuts as he looks from Tara to Buffy and back again. Feeling a sense of frustration and anger shoot through him, he questions roughly. "When the hell did this happen and what about Willow?"

Buffy growls softly at Riley even as Tara answers him.

"Willow and I broke up over four months ago. Buffy and I have been working on a relationship for the last…" Tara looks questioningly at Buffy. "Three months?" At her lover's agreeing nod, she grins crookedly at her. "Three months ago. It's been a slow, but very intense process, and I love her completely." Tara warns softly, her eyes darkening in warning as she stares at Riley. "If you say or do anything to hurt her either physically or emotionally, I will have your ass."

Buffy smirks and buries her face against Tara's shoulder as she tries to quell the laughter coming up. The woman's possessiveness and caring for her only becoming worse the last few days after the whole mark thing. Having to admit in a way she feels extremely happy and pleased with it, and silently admitting to herself that she's becoming more possessive of the Wiccan as time progresses, even more so than she had been.

Riley leans back away from Tara, surprised at the forcefulness of the blonde, totally different from the shy, quiet woman he remembered. Turning his gaze on Buffy, he watches as she grins even as quiet laughter bubbles from her lips.

"Don't piss her off, Riley. Even the demons have learned that they will have an even shorter lifespan if they piss her off than they do with me. And her way of taking them out is usually a lot more painful than mine." Buffy warns seriously, though her eyes twinkle merrily. "Can you do a tracking spell on a particular demon?" Buffy questions curiously.

Tara nods her head as she looks at her lover. "If I have something personal from it, I can. If not, I can just do a generic tracer that will show us where the majority of the demons are throughout Sunnydale that don't have a magical blocker."

Riley sighs heavily before putting thoughts of him and Buffy being together out of his mind to sort through later. The soldier in him insists on taking care of the threat first and personal business later now that there was obviously no chance for them. "We were hoping Willow might be able to do a spell, and I remembered that she needed something of the demons. So I have part of a tooth out in the SUV."

"Willow isn't doing any magic." Buffy answers softly, at his curious and surprised look, Buffy shrugs. "She was out of control. Or maybe I should say the magic was in control and not her. She did some things that came back to bite her in the ass." Buffy hugs Tara tightly at feeling the quick streak of pain coming from her. "Sorry, love."

"Not your fault." Tara whispers, slowly relaxing again. "She's heading to a Coven to try and get control of the magic, or at least learn to drain the magic from her body as needed."

Riley nods slightly, though not really understanding. "We've heard from our contacts in town that someone calling himself "The Doctor" is dealing with the demon. I'm afraid it might have already laid the eggs, so the sooner we get started…" Riley stands looking at the two women.

"I have what we need to do the spell." Tara answers the unasked question in Buffy's eyes.

"Good, I'll go change. Are you going to come with, or…" Buffy lets Tara slide from her lap before standing and looking at her lover. Seeing the knowing crooked grin on Tara's face, an answering grin crosses hers. "Stupid question, huh?"

"Slayer moment." Tara chuckles at the scowl she gets in response to her answer.

"You'll pay for that later." Buffy grumbles before looking at Riley. "Go get the piece. The rest of the group is welcome to come in if you want. Game plan making time and all that." Buffy waves her hand watching her ex-lover nod his head sharply and head out of the kitchen. Sighing as she feels arms wrap around her waist.

Tara hooks her chin over Buffy's shoulder and presses a kiss to her cheek. "I'm sorry, honey. Insecurity and jealousies rearing their ugly heads."

"I say we have some things to work through still. But we will, and we'll be all the stronger for it, right?" Buffy smiles as Tara nods and nips gently at her ear. "I do love you, Tara. I've fallen in love with you and I wouldn't trade being with you for anything in the world."

"Goddess, I am so in love with you." Tara answers as Buffy turns in her arms and kisses her lovingly.

Buffy eases back after a few moments, hearing Riley and some other people coming back into the house. "Good thing, don't wanna see what an angry unloved slayer is like. Not a pretty sight!"

Tara chuckles as Buffy heads out of the room. "So not gonna happen." Tara smiles as she hears the quiet laughter come from her lover. Shaking her head at the realization that she needs to get her supplies, she trots up the stairs after the slayer, ignoring the testosterone moving around in the living room.

"Yo, Riley. Who was that hottie?" Jason questions Riley, his eyes following Tara up the stairs.

"Don't even." Riley growls roughly shaking his head at the young demon fighter. Fighting the anger and pain he's feeling at being turned down for the woman. Not understanding what Buffy sees in the blonde, but knowing that there's nothing he can do about it.

"Want to get in a quickie?" Buffy teases as Tara shuts the door behind her as she slowly strips her clothes off and wiggles her eyebrows at her lover.

"When have we ever had a 'quickie'?" Tara smirks at her lover's teasing. Heading over to the closet, Tara pulls down one of her pairs of cargo pants. Tossing them onto the bed, she heads to the dresser, chuckling as Buffy smacks her gently on the ass.

"Don't think you know the meaning of a quickie." Buffy chuckles as she grabs clothes out of the closet, smirking at the red leather pants and the black t-shirt she pulled out, hearing the groan coming from her lover, knowing from past comments that Tara really, really likes her in the pants.

"Haven't heard you complain, yet." Tara strangles out, knowing she's going to make Buffy pay for wearing those pants, now that they were lovers. Then she groans as she realizes they're going to have company out on the search mission tonight.

Buffy smirks at the feelings she's getting from Tara, along with the disgust and irritation as it occurs to her that they weren't going to be alone.

"Want me to call Xander or Willow to see if they would mind either staying with Dawnie tonight, or having her come and stay with them?" Tara questions as she starts to think about the teen while she changes quickly and grabs the ingredients she'll need for the spell.

"See if Xander would mind coming by and getting her. I think Willow and Amy were planning on heading out after her finals." Buffy offers softly, pulling the leather pants up and tucking the shirt in.

Tara nods, glancing over at Buffy, grinning at the sight of the tight red leather pants. "Turning me on, and teasing the natives… lethal combination." Tara comments curling her lip up in a half smile.

Buffy groans as Tara grins that sexy half-grin that never fails to turn her on. "Make sure you get weapons, just in case." Buffy warns even as she grabs a bag down, quickly tossing in stakes, a short sword, a couple knives, her crossbow along with extra bolts and a few other odds and ends.

Tara watches as Buffy tosses items into the bag. "I think you have us both covered, but I'll take one of the knives and a couple stakes, just in case." Tara accepts the items from Buffy, tucking them away in her pockets before quickly hurrying out of the room to take care of calling Xander.

"Thanks, Xan." Buffy smiles at her best friend as he grabs Dawn's bag.

"No prob. Come on, Dawnmeister. We have the Movie Depot and the Pizza place to hit." Xander winks at the teenager.

Dawn grins at Xander. "Only if I get to pick the movies." Dawn smirks as Xander groans and rolls his eyes, but nods his head. Turning to look at Buffy and Tara she stares worriedly at them before her eyes glance over to the huddling commandos. "You two better be careful. Dad is planning on picking me up next week, and I'd like to spend some time with you guys before then. With both of you all together, not in pieces." Dawn warns, staring a little harder at her sister, as she was still upset about finding out what had happened when she'd freaked, the two women not being able to hide the slayer's wounds.

Buffy narrows her gaze on the quietly chuckling Wiccan before turning and nodding at her sister. "We'll be on our best behavior." Buffy leans in conspiratorially towards her sister. "We have all the big, strong men to take care of us puny little girls."

Tara snorts back a laugh as Dawn groans and rolls her eyes. "We'll be careful, Dawnie. I promise we won't do anything purposefully dangerous." Tara narrows her gaze on Buffy this time, the warning silent but serious.

"Love you." Buffy smiles hopefully at her lover.

"I love you, too but that doesn't mean that you aren't going to be extra careful." Tara growls, before hugging Dawn tightly and watching the teen hug her sister, smiling at the unreserved hug, happy to see how much the two Summers' were getting along lately.

"If you need me…" Xander starts and looks at the two women and then the men, shaking his head. "Never mind. Just call if you need us, or if anything happens."

"Thanks, Xander." Tara smiles softly at the young man, having to admit he'd come around relatively quickly to her and Buffy being a couple, though he had received a couple growls from Buffy at some of the more 'risqué' comments that he'd made.

"Anytime." Xander winks at the two women before striding out of the house, followed closely by Dawn already rambling on about what movies she wants to rent, making Xander groan loudly.

"He's really a sweet guy." Tara comments, tilting her head at the thought. "I'm kind of surprised you or Willow never actually ended up with him."

Buffy grunts softly, before frowning as she wonders if Tara knows about the 'fluke'. "Did you hear about the little dress-fluke in high school?"

Tara chuckles and looks at Buffy, nodding her head. "Though I think Willow downplayed it a bit, not wanting to make me jealous."

"We'll discuss that later." Buffy smirks and wiggles her eyebrows. "Have all kinds of dirt on Xander, if you haven't already heard about the majority of it."

"Probably haven't. Usually Willow didn't talk about your guys' high school exploits unless something came up to trigger a ramble fest." Tara sighs quietly as she glances down at the map and the tooth. "Let me do the spell so we can get started."

Buffy gently squeezes Tara's waist and softly kisses her cheek. "Thank you for your help."

"I'll always help you, no matter what. That's a promise." Tara brushes her thumb gently over Buffy's cheek, lovingly tracing her scar before shaking her head. "Spell."

Buffy chuckles and watches as Tara prepares for the spell before looking over at the commandos, rolling her eyes at the differing degrees of lust and disgust showing, Riley's clenched jaw a dead giveaway to his anger. "Children." Buffy mumbles loud enough for the men to hear before heading into the kitchen to get something to drink, deciding to ignore the guys for the time being.


Chapter 16

"Spread out." Riley points to his right and left as they start to hunt the outskirts of Sunnydale, the map showing this as the last place the demon had been. "Keep your eyes open and contact us as soon as you have any confirmation that the demon was or still is here." Riley growls softly.

Buffy looks at Tara and tilts her head for her lover to stay with her, not trusting her life to the idiots with them. "Stay close." She whispers, the two women being as quiet as possible.

"Planned on it." Tara follows close behind Buffy as they start to search the area, speaking even softer than her lover, knowing Buffy can hear a pin drop. "How sure are they that it's already laid the eggs?"

"About ninety-nine percent." Buffy admits, frowning heavily. "And if it's laid the eggs, the gestation period is only a little over a week, so…"

"It's possible they're getting ready to hatch." Tara finishes softly, frowning at the thought.

"Yep." Buffy stills as she hears a low rumble, her senses going on alert while the other commandos spread out across roughly fifty yards of forest to either side of them, they're hard to see, but with her slayer-sight, still easily identifiable. Finally locating the noise, she knows it's not any of the other commandos. "We have something ahead and to the right of us." Buffy warns Tara, nodding to the radio in her lover's hand.

Tara nods and quickly clicks the radio on to let them know Buffy hears and senses something. Watching silently as the men close in. "No killing it, we need to find the babies." Tara reminds her lover.

Buffy grins wickedly. "No fun." She smirks before heading towards the sound in the bushes slightly to the right and about fifteen yards ahead of them, disappearing to yell out a few minutes later as she comes flying out of the bush. "Bitch is strong." Buffy growls, not having expected it for some reason before jumping back in after the demon as the commandos work their way more hurriedly towards her.

Tara shifts worriedly as she feels Riley and another commando stop beside her as the demon finally comes flying from where it and her lover had been fighting to land about five yards in front of them with Buffy following hurriedly as the Suvolte Demon tries to gain its feet. Breathing out a sigh of relief as Buffy manhandles the demon and looks towards Riley.

"Never asked, do they understand or speak English?" Buffy questions curiously, struggling to contain the strong, ugly demon on the ground.

"No. They are very low-level demons. Pretty much all they know is killing and feeding." Riley admits, shooting a tracking device into the demon's thigh before nodding his head towards Buffy. Looking at the monitoring device he makes sure it works before moving backwards. "You can release it. We can monitor it from now on and hopefully follow it to its nest."

Buffy looks down at the demon as it tries to shake her loose, it finally gaining purchase and pushing itself to a standing position with her hanging onto it's back. "Watch out, I'm going to let it go." Buffy waits until the perfect moment and lets go as she flies off the back of the demon to land and roll on the ground, watching intently as it takes off running.

Buffy growls and pops up, hesitating to look at Tara.

"Go. Make sure it doesn't harm anyone." Tara orders softly, knowing her lover is worried about leaving her with the commandos. "I'll be fine."

"Love you." Buffy whispers before taking off at a quick run after the demon, ignoring the couple commandos keeping pace beside her.

Riley looks at the other soldiers before looking down at Tara. "We'll follow behind once we get back to the vehicle. We should be able to catch up to them relatively quickly."

Tara nods and jogs hurriedly behind them, realizing she really needs to exercise more. The walking and patrolling keep her in decent shape, but running or jogging for long periods of time are really not high on her priority list.

Buffy glances over her shoulder at the commandos that are slowly losing ground, smirking and shaking her head, she looks back at the demon she's keeping track of. As they head back into Sunnydale, Buffy frowns as she lets it get a little further ahead of her, watching as it heads towards Restfield Cemetery.

Coming out of the woods a few blocks down from the cemetery, Buffy glances to the SUV heading down the road towards them, sighing quietly in relief as she sees Tara's arm wave towards her from the open window. As it slows down beside her, Buffy jumps on the running board and holds onto the mirror as the other two commandos climb in. "You okay?" Buffy questions softly, not having felt any feelings other than worry coming from Tara, knowing that the woman was worried about her.

"I'm fine." Tara gently strokes her fingertips down Buffy's cheek smiling at her lover as they make their way towards the cemetery. "You know where it's heading, don't you?"

"Yeah. Restfield from the looks of it." Buffy growls softly as something else plays around in her mind about who the "Doctor" might be.

"Do you think…?" Tara trails off as Buffy slowly nods her head, her eyes narrowing in contemplation.

"I wouldn't put it past him." Buffy admits her eyes serious as she considers what to do. "If it is, he's gone too far. If he's doing this…"

"I know, love. I know." Tara grasps Buffy shoulder and squeezes gently as they pull up outside the cemetery gates. Watching as her lover hops down and opens the door for her.

"Grab your gear, she's stopped moving." Riley orders, hitting the button to open the back as the men gather the gear. Looking over at Buffy and Tara as the two women talk softly, he shakes his head. Grabbing a chest belt with grenades and smoke bombs on it, he straps it on before grabbing one of the flamethrowers as Jason grabs the other one. "Be prepared for anything. Flames and explosions are the main things that'll kill them quick. Let's go."

"I'm going in first." Buffy warns softly, her eyes flashing as Riley starts to argue, the look obvious on his face. "Don't even. This is my town, my decision. You guys will be packing up and heading out again after this is over with. We have to live here, and I am in charge." Buffy growls deeply. Turning to Tara she starts to open her mouth and is stopped by a firm finger pressing against her lips.

"I go where you go." Tara shakes her head to Buffy's obvious look.

Sighing heavily, Buffy slowly nods her head, knowing she won't be able to talk the stubborn woman into staying back out of harm's way. "Be prepared, and please be careful." Buffy warns, kissing her lover hard and quick before turning to jog towards Spike's crypt.

"Always." Tara murmurs, hurrying after her lover as the commandos follow them in a spread out semi-circle, Riley almost even with Buffy. Shaking her head, she moves quicker so she comes even on the other side as they make it to Spike's crypt.

"He already knows we're here, stay back." Buffy growls, knowing the vampire had heard them, and could probably smell them by now. Shifting back, Buffy kicks the door in, smirking at the angry grunt she receives from inside. "Honey, I'm home!"

Tara groans softly as she slips into the crypt behind Buffy and shifts to the corner, pulling out her preferred weapons of choice as she watches Buffy stalk up to the blonde vampire.

"Oi, decided you wanted a bit o' me, did ya'?" Spike smirks at the slayer, before his eyes land on Tara. "I'm up for taking you both on, I am."

"Sorry, we're not interested, Spike." Tara murmurs, shaking her head. "I already have what I want."

Buffy smirks as Spike's eyes jerk back to her and the vampire inhales deeply even as he takes a step closer to her, his eyes widening in shock and surprise. "I bet you wish you were half as good as she is." Buffy smirks even bigger as she tilts her head hearing a noise that she can't place. Frowning slightly, she searches the crypt but doesn't see anything… Realizing the sounds are coming from down below, Buffy growls softly and shoves past the vampire, slamming her fist hard against his head as he grabs her by the arm yanking her around.

"Bloody hell!" Spike groans, spinning around into the side of the crypt from her hit. Reaching up to his aching jaw, he stares at the slayer, the shock still obvious on his face. "You've bloody well been claimed. Who's the bloke that took over Poofter's mark? He'll be rightly pissed when he finds out, he will." Spike smirks at the thought, before frowning. "Who the hell would you have let claim it? Only vampire you've been with is me Grandsire."

"Wasn't a vampire, Spike." Tara smirks, the pleasure of what she's going to tell the vampire flooding her.

Spike flares his nose and opens his vampire senses, before vamping out at the impossibility of what he's sensing. "Not fuckin' possible!" He snarls angrily, it being an affront to his vampiric nature that a human has taken over a claiming mark of a vampire, and one of his line at that. Snarling angrily, he lunges for the slayer, slamming into her, and flying over the sarcophagus beside Tara, ignoring the flare of pain from his chip.

"SEPARATE!" Tara cries out loudly after a second of watching the vampire slam into her lover, the shock taking a moment to wear off before she acts. Seeing Riley and a couple of the other commandos raising their guns, she snarls at them. "HE'S MINE!"

Buffy, stunned, shakes her head to get her senses back in order even as she watches her lover advance on Spike. Feeling the pure, unadulterated rage coming from Tara, she stares at the witch in shock. She never would have believed Tara capable of that particular emotion to that degree. Starting to say something to her lover, she hears some cracking and chittering sounds coming from below them. "Riley! Down below! They're hatching!"

Riley jerks his head from watching Tara advance on the vampire, surprised at the livid anger on her face to Buffy pointing to a hole in the floor. Pulling two concussion grenades, he yanks the tabs and tosses them into the hole. Backing away from the opening, he turns his back until they go off. "Now!" He growls as he climbs down the hole, preparing the flamethrower with Jason following him.

"I warned you, Spike." Tara explains softly, her eyes cold as she stares at the vampire.

Spike snarls at the witch before his eyes come into contact with the glacier white eyes staring back at him. Feeling his demon retreat within him at the power coming from the witch, he whimpers.

Buffy stares in disbelief as she watches her normally calm, caring and sweet lover literally tear the vampire to pieces with a simple wave of her hand. The hair on the back of her neck literally standing up from the power flowing from her lover, Buffy watches as Tara shakes her head slightly as the vampire dust slowly settles in the crypt. Cautiously stepping up behind her, Buffy places her hand on her lower back, sighing in relief as she feels Tara pulling the power back into herself. Never knowing that Tara was capable of doing what she just did, she stares at her as she slowly turns and collapses against her. Wrapping her arms around the shuddering woman, she presses her lips to her temple. "It's okay, love. It's okay." Buffy murmurs softly, holding Tara up as the woman's knees seem to give out and she leans heavily into her.

Tara starts to shake uncontrollably, not liking herself very much at this point as the reality of what she'd just done settles inside her. The uncontrollable urge to protect Buffy and take out the threat to her lover was all she could think about when Spike had gone after her slayer. Burying her face in Buffy's neck, she whimpers quietly as the tears start to fall.

Buffy groans at the confused, swirling feelings coming from Tara. Hearing Riley telling the commandos that they got all the Suvolte baby demons and the mother, Buffy quickly picks Tara up and carries her out of the crypt. Settling on top of a large tombstone, she hugs the woman to her body tightly. "You were just protecting me, Tara." Buffy whispers softly. "I would have done the same thing, except used my hands to do it." Buffy admits quietly, not knowing if it'll help Tara or not, but if it'd been Tara that Spike went after, she would have probably done worse to the vampire. Tara's ripping him apart had only lasted seconds, whereas she would have probably taken hours on the vampire and taken him out piece by piece, slowly.

Tara curls up into a tighter ball, grasping the slayer's t-shirt tightly in her hands. "Is it really going to b-be okay?" Tara questions hoarsely, keeping her face against Buffy's neck.

"You didn't do anything wrong, Tara. Think about what he was about to unleash on Sunnydale, and in turn, the world. He was evil and as soon as he would have figured out a way around his chip, he would have gone on a killing spree. You know that as well as I do and I can guarantee you eventually he would have figured it out."

Tara nods slowly, understanding her lover's words, but the guilt not so easily dismissed. Feeling Buffy stiffen slightly, Tara shifts her face to look at Riley as the other commandos head back towards the vehicle.

"The Suvolte Demon, along with all the hatchlings is taken care of." Riley explains, looking at the two women. "We can give you a lift home, if you would like." Riley offers softly, finally noticing how upset Tara is.

"Do you want a lift home?" Buffy questions Tara softly, brushing her lips over her cheek as all she gets is a little shrug from the Wiccan. Looking back up at Riley, Buffy sighs quietly. "Please?"

Riley just nods and tilts his head towards the vehicle before striding away.

Buffy eases off the tombstone and slowly makes her way to the vehicle.

"I can walk." Tara murmurs quietly.

"Shhh. Let me, Tara. You've taken care of me, let me return the favor." Buffy whispers before pressing her lips to her forehead. "You've nothing to be ashamed of, or to feel guilty about, love. He was a demon, and evil. Even with the chip in his head he went after me. He could have possibly gone after you, or an innocent. How would that make you feel, if you had a chance to take him out and he hurt someone?"

Tara groans and re-tucks her face against Buffy's strong neck. "I know what you're trying to do." Tara mumbles, slowly relaxing.

"You're smart, of course you know." Buffy smiles as she hears the quiet chuckle come from Tara and feels the slowly calming feelings of her lover. "You going to be okay?"

"Yes, how can I not be? You're taking care of me." Tara murmurs, grinning against Buffy's neck as Buffy snorts. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Buffy hugs Tara more firmly against her before carefully climbing into the front seat, still holding Tara. Slayer coordination definitely needed for the maneuver before she shifts slightly so she can shut the door.

Tara relaxes even more as Riley drives back to the house, the feel of Buffy holding her firmly while stroking her fingers gently over her side and back making her settle quicker. As Riley pulls into the drive, putting the vehicle in park without getting out, she glances up at the soldier. Seeing the pain, but also the acceptance in his eyes, she smiles softly at him. "Thank you, Riley."

"No, thank you." Riley smiles back at the understanding in her eyes along with the silent acknowledgement. "We need to get back and make our report." He pulls a card out of one of his pockets, handing it to Tara. "If you should ever need help, just call that number and leave a message. We'll be sure to get you whatever help you need."

Buffy looks at Riley for a few minutes, studying him before nodding at the sincerity in his eyes. "Thanks, Riley. Have a safe trip back." Buffy opens the door and steps down, continuing to hold Tara to her firmly, allowing Tara to shut the door as they watch Riley wave before putting the vehicle in reverse and backing out of the drive to head back down Revello Drive and out of sight.

"He screwed up in the past, but he's a good guy." Tara admits softly.

"Yeah, he is. I hope he finds someone, he deserves to have happiness in his life, too." Buffy hugs Tara and smiles down at her lover.

"Are you happy?" Tara whispers, searching Buffy's eyes, the question actually a lot more in depth than the simple words portray.

"Happier than I ever thought I could, or would be." Buffy brushes her cheek against Tara's. "Good thing it took me a while to realize that I like to play for the home team."

Tara quirks her eyebrow at the mischief filling hazel eyes as Buffy continues carrying her up to the house. "Do I have to ask?" Tara questions curiously.

Buffy gently sets Tara down on her feet before digging her keys out and unlocking the door, allowing Tara to go in front of her as she follows her in and locks the door behind them. Dropping the keys on the table she turns and wraps her arms around Tara's waist, pulling her tightly into her body. Placing her lips against Tara's ear, Buffy whispers with total conviction. "I would have fought Willow tooth and nail for you. And she wouldn't have had a chance." Buffy nibbles lightly on Tara's earlobe, smirking as Tara moans softly. "Wanna know why she wouldn't have had a chance?"

"Why?" Tara questions breathily, tilting her head to give Buffy freer access to her neck as the slayer works her way down her neck.

"Sexy Superhero here. By your own lips." Buffy chuckles as Tara snorts back a laugh, smiling as she feels Tara release the last bit of guilt and unease she'd been feeling.

"With puny muscles." Tara jokes, squeezing the slayer's arm, the strength the slayer has definitely not obvious to the casual eye, but the feel of steel-like strength under her fingertips very, very obvious.

"I's gots muscles… Just don'ts looks likes its." Buffy pouts adorably up at her lover before grabbing Tara into her arms and taking the stairs three at a time, heading for their bedroom. "Show you what I can do with my muscles."

Tara laughs delightedly at her playful lover, seeing a side of the slayer that most people didn't get to see. "Goddess, I love you."

"I love you, too." Buffy returns the smile coming from Tara as she gently kicks the door shut behind them, planning on making tonight a very memorable night. Wanting to be playful and not too serious so Tara doesn't think about what happened earlier.

"I need to shower first, love." Tara murmurs seeing the playful glint in her lover's eyes, wondering what Buffy's up to.

"Do you have anything against sharing?" Buffy questions curiously, the thought of Tara all wet and soapy making her pulse pound fast and hard.

"I guess not." Tara shakes her head, grinning crookedly at Buffy. "I've never shared before, but I don't mind trying new things."

"Good." Buffy growls, before spinning around and heading back to the door, chuckling as Tara reaches down to open it for her. "I foresee slippery fun in our near future."

Tara chuckles softly, having to admit she's really enjoying this side of the normally serious slayer.


Chapter 17

"Like that?" Buffy nips gently on Tara's shoulder as she works her hands firmly over Tara's breasts, the body wash soapy and slippery. Grinning at the low groan she receives in response as Tara leans back into her, one hand on the shower wall the other gripping tightly to her waist. Buffy knows she's going to have bruises for an hour or so when Tara releases her grip, though not caring as it doesn't really hurt. "Your skin is so soft." Buffy whispers squeezing Tara's nipples gently before flicking her thumb nails over the sensitive, hardened flesh, chuckling as Tara jerks and growls softly.

"Buffy." Tara grips the slayer's waist even more firmly, digging her nails into the flesh.

"You mentioned something a little while ago about not minding trying new things. Anything you haven't ever tried that you wouldn't mind trying?" Buffy questions curiously.

Tara tilts her head back, so it's resting on Buffy's shoulder, closing her eyes as Buffy's strong, small hands work small circles over her body. "Honey, I'll try anything and everything you want to try. But one day, night, however long it might take, I'd like to start at your gorgeous little toes and work my way up your body kissing, licking and nibbling until there isn't a single centimeter of you untouched by my lips and tongue."

Buffy whimpers, pressing her body firmly into Tara's, spreading her legs slightly as she presses her mound against Tara's ass cheek.

Tara smirks as she feels Buffy rubbing against her, the heat coming from the slayer almost unbelievable. "If we don't hurry up with this shower, the desire is going to be dampened quickly." Tara warns releasing the hold she has on Buffy's waist as her desire tones down a bit, now that the slayer isn't teasing her unmercifully.

"Spoilsport." Buffy grumbles, nipping Tara's shoulder again, really enjoying leaving little red marks on the pale white skin. "If you ever decide to get another tattoo, I'd like to go with. Maybe we can get matching ones." Buffy presses her lips to the small tattoo, while letting her soapy hands dip playfully between Tara's legs under the guise of cleaning the woman, chuckling as Tara groans and presses one hand against the back wall while putting the other hand back on the other wall and spreading her legs.

Dropping her chin to her chest, Tara closes her eyes as Buffy's fingers slide on either side of her swollen clit and squeeze gently. Groaning deeply as Buffy lets her hand trail further so her palm is pressing firmly against her clit while two of her fingers dip playfully inside of her.

Buffy shifts back a step, the shower water hitting her more fully on the back as she slides her other hand down between their bodies to teasingly run up and down between Tara's butt cheeks, chuckling wickedly as Tara whimpers loudly and presses back against her. "We're going to get one of the on-demand water heaters so we don't have to worry about running out of hot water." Buffy grumbles, really enjoying the feel and sight of Tara naked, wet and slippery. "Rinse the conditioner out of your hair, love, while I finish doing a quick wipe down of your body."

"Tease." Tara grumbles as Buffy's hands leave her to slide down her legs while the slayer steps back, tugging gently to urge her into the shower stream.

"No, I'm not teasing. This is foreplay." Buffy smirks at the loud growl she gets in response, knowing by the way Tara was knotted up that she was close to climaxing and would have probably only needed a couple good strokes over her clit to tip her over the edge. Surprised at how quickly she's learned the different signs coming from Tara's body, but knowing that she hasn't learned them all and they will definitely have a lot of fun and enjoyment in the future learning more about each other, both physically and intellectually.

"Good thing I'm usually easy going." Tara grumbles sarcastically, the water running down her body, washing the soap from her as she rinses her hair before crying out softly, burying one hand in Buffy's hair and one against the wall as Buffy shifts around her quickly on her knees, burying her face in her apex and licking strongly over her clit. "Goddess, Buffy!" Tara cries out, her hips bucking against the slayer as she brings her quickly to climax.

Buffy moans into her lover's body, loving the taste of the Wiccan as she laps softly, gathering what liquid she can coming from her lover. Panting quietly, Buffy slowly stands, licking her lips as she stares into hooded blue eyes. "Better?"

Tara half chuckles, half moans as she tugs gently on the hair in her hand. "Can I just say that you have definitely taken to being with me, a woman, like a…" Tara reaches back and turns off the water as it starts to become cooler. Grinning crookedly, she smirks at her lover. "Like a duck to water."

"And this duck is definitely in the mood to go swimming." Buffy wiggles her eyebrows and lets her fingers play gently over Tara's body, her fingers teasingly dipping just barely inside Tara.

"Oh, shit." Tara murmurs, both hands switching to Buffy's shoulders, holding on tightly. "Plan on causing a flood?" Tara closes her eyes and swallows hard as Buffy's fingers slide gently within her and curl to teasingly brushing over the sensitive spot, barely caressing before slowly easing back out.

"Multiples. Going to have a flash flood warning needed for the bedroom." Buffy helps Tara out of the tub, chuckling at the low, long whimper coming from her. Handing her a towel, Buffy hurriedly dries her own body before grabbing a new towel to rub over her head.

Tara chuckles as Buffy dries her body in record time. "Are you in a rush?"

"Yep. Got a sexy, lovely woman standing naked in front of me, like I'll ever head in the other direction when this option's available." Buffy growls playfully, snapping her towel at Tara before tossing it in the hamper.

"Watch that!" Tara shifts as the towel smacks her on the butt.

"I did." Buffy smirks as she brushes her hair, yelping when a hand smacks her firmly on the ass. "HEY!"

"Teach you." Tara chuckles at the look she gets from Buffy.

"I can't believe you did that." Buffy rubs her butt. "That actually stung."

"Good. You might think twice before you do that again." Tara chuckles wickedly as she tosses her towel in the hamper, grabbing the brush out of Buffy's hands to brush her hair quickly.

"Or I might do it more often." Buffy murmurs, brushing her teeth, grinning around the toothbrush at the narrowed gaze she gets from Tara.

Tara finally just shakes her head at Buffy as she sets the hairbrush down, waiting for Buffy to finish brushing her teeth, so she can brush hers. "Do you mind going downstairs and maybe picking up a few bottles of water for us?"

Buffy wipes her mouth as she puts her toothbrush up. "Anything else you want, love?"

"Just you, naked in the bed…" Tara grins crookedly at Buffy as the slayer growls playfully at her. Groaning as Buffy swoops in and kisses her thoroughly before laughingly breaking off the kiss and heading out of the bathroom. Licking her lips, Tara murmurs softly. "Minty." Laughing, she works on finishing her nightly ablutions.

Buffy practically jumps down the stairs and hurries into the kitchen, grabbing all the cold bottles of water out of the refrigerator before jogging back up the stairs, chuckling softly as she sets the bottles on the nightstand. Flipping the covers down the bed, Buffy listens as Tara hums softly, smiling at the sound that is becoming more and more commonplace. Knowing the Wiccan isn't even aware she's doing it, but in the past week, whenever she's felt extreme happiness coming from Tara, the humming usually follows.

Settling her body in the middle of the bed, Buffy eases onto her side to face the doorway as she hears Tara leave the bathroom and step towards the bedroom.

Tara exhales softly at the sight of Buffy lying in bed naked, the subtle play of muscles under the slayer's skin teasing her daring her to touch, kiss and nibble. Taking in the sight of her lover's body, makes her body heat up even more, even as her heart lightens and fills with love. "You're a Goddess." Tara murmurs softly, pulling off the towel she has wrapped around her body and tosses it into the hamper, slowly closing the distance between her and her lover.

"I think you have that mixed up." Buffy's eyes take in the sight of her lover. The full, firm breasts, slowly hardening as she gazes at them, loving the sight, Buffy smiles softly. Letting her eyes trail over the fuller figure of her lover her fingers twitch as they want to feel the soft, warm skin under them. "You are the Goddess. I'm just a little ol' slayer. Come here." Buffy orders softly, holding her hand out to Tara.

Tara quickly finishes closing the distance and lies on the bed, facing her lover. "So, what does the slayer have in store for me?" Tara questions, her eyes twinkling merrily at the mischief filling the slayer's eyes.

"Hmm. Pleasure." Buffy starts slowly stroking a finger down Tara's neck to circle one of Tara's nipples, watching intently at the sight of it becoming small and extremely hard. Trailing her fingers further down, she wiggles them down the Wiccan's sensitive ribs until Tara laughs and squirms. "Laughter. Fun and more pleasure." Buffy shifts her body slightly closer to Tara's, leaving just a couple inches of space between them.

"In that order?" Tara questions curiously, moaning softly as strong fingers caress over her butt cheek and down her thigh to her knee before slowly trailing back up, effectively lifting her leg so a strong thigh can slide between her legs, effectively propping her open to the slayer's touch.

"That's possible." Slowly leaning in, Buffy kisses Tara softly before nipping playfully on her bottom lip. "Do you like being playful, Tara? We haven't had much of a chance to talk about this side of our relationship. And most often than not, we've been relatively serious when we've been together. Of course, we haven't had that much of a chance to learn each other in the past week as much as I would like." Buffy admits, trailing her fingers teasingly around the triangle of blonde curls. Plucking gently at the curls Buffy chuckles as Tara giggles.

"That tickles." Tara wiggles as Buffy's fingers go from plucking playfully to swirling her fingers lightly in the curls making the skin tingle. "We have our whole lives to learn what we like, Buffy. You don't have to know everything immediately."

"Wanna know." Buffy grumbles, giggling as Tara's fingers wiggle with just enough pressure along her ribs to make her laugh. Burrowing her face in Tara's neck, Buffy nips firmly along the flesh under her lips, groaning deeply as Tara stretches her neck out to give her free rein. Sucking strongly on her pulse point for a few minutes, Buffy releases the flesh to lean back and look into passion filled blue eyes. "Doing that is like giving up your control, yourself, Tara. It's a sign of submission to vampires, animals and almost everyone."

"I know." Tara murmurs softly, her eyes searching dark eyes, the hazel more brown at this moment. "You would never take advantage of me, Buffy. Even if you have control of me, you would never allow yourself to do anything that would ultimately be bad or possibly hurt me. Anyway, you already own me heart, body and soul, whether you realize it or not."

Buffy licks her lips unconsciously, the truth of the Wiccan's words settling inside her. "The connection goes both ways. I can feel your love, your worry, your anger, and your caring. Is that what it's like for you with everyone else?"

"Different. The connection between us is always there now. I've tried putting my block up just to see if it would block your feelings out. I can block other people's feelings out, except if they're really, really strong, then they come through but not real bad. Plus, I usually have to be in the same room as them to feel their feelings." Tara admits quietly, slowly shaking her head. "They're there, no matter what. Have you tried to block me out?"

Buffy slowly shakes her head. "No. I like having your feelings flowing through to me. Knowing that you love me just by feeling it…" Buffy sighs quietly, tilting her head forward against Tara's forehead. "I've never been that sure of anything, Tara. Except maybe knowing that I'm meant to die young with being the slayer."

"Shhh." Tara murmurs, silently wondering how they'd gone from being ready to have a playful night of making love to becoming so serious. "You've been through that twice. There won't be a third time until we're both old and gray. We will have many, many years together."

"That sounds like a promise. I'm holding you to it." Buffy whispers softly, kissing Tara tenderly. "Can we put off playful for another time? It doesn't seem right now."

"Of course. I love you, Buffy, whether you're being serious, playful or somewhere in between." Tara runs her fingers gently through the slayer's hair, playing with the ends.

"I want to be tender, gentle and loving." Buffy brushes her lips repeatedly over Tara's without deepening the kiss. "And I want to make love to you."

"I want to make love to you, also." Tara admits softly, trailing her fingers down Buffy's cheek.

Buffy closes her eyes as Tara's fingers follow the line of the scar. When she feels the fingers replaced with warm lips, Buffy moans softly. The Wiccan had kept the wound clean and made sure to put the ointment on it as it was healing. Knowing it probably would have been a lot worse, if not for her tender ministrations. As it is, it's a pale scar and with a thin layer of foundation could be completely hidden. Though she didn't bother covering it that often, as Tara seemed almost obsessed with it and definitely found it sexy. Stroking her fingers softly over Tara's waist, not even being aware of moving them, Buffy shifts her head slightly to capture Tara's lips with hers.

Moaning deeply into the slayer's as she slowly searches out her mouth, Tara joins in the kiss, battling gently against Buffy's tongue. Threading her hand through Buffy's hair, Tara holds her tightly to her as she shifts her body closer to Buffy until their breasts press against each other.

Buffy growls softly at the feel of her breasts pressing up against Tara's fuller breasts, loving the feel of the hard nipples with the surrounding softness pressed against hers. Grasping Tara's thigh, she pulls it up over her legs.

Tara breaks the kiss, panting heavily before crying out softly as Buffy's fingers slide through the wetness escaping her body to brush softly over her aching clit.

Buffy pants heavily, tilting her head until she's resting it against Tara's forehead, her eyes closed as she enjoys the warmth and wetness of her lover. Flicking the tip of her index finger over the swollen muscle, Buffy allows a small smile to cross her face at the whimper coming from her lover. Feeling her own body jerk slightly, pounding almost in tandem with her lover's heartbeat. Feeling the pounding throb of the blood flowing to Tara's clit, Buffy's eyebrows twitch in consideration. "Can I try something?" Buffy finally questions, her voice low and rough.

Tara nods her head, even as her body rocks gently against Buffy's tender ministrations. Grunting quietly as Buffy's fingers disappear from her, Tara follows Buffy's urgings and shifts to her back, looking up at her lover hovering above her. As Buffy settles carefully between her legs and she feels the slayer's hand working its way between their bodies, Tara frowns in confusion.

"I want to see…" Buffy whispers, pressing a soft kiss against Tara's lips as she gently spreads Tara's lips with her fingers and carefully pulls the hood of flesh back away from the swollen muscle, maneuvering gently until she spreads herself open to match Tara's body and closes the distance between them.

Tara moans deeply as Buffy settles her lower body firmly against her. Realizing what her lover is doing, she carefully wraps her legs around Buffy, pulling her more firmly against her, rocking gently, the unique feeling of their wet, swollen clitorises rubbing against each other simply breathtaking.

"Ohhhh. Yesss…" Buffy whispers, closing her eyes as she shifts her upper body up with both hands on either side of her lover's shoulders, their breasts barely brushing against each other as she pushes her lower body more firmly into Tara's. Immersing herself in the throbbing of her center sliding and rubbing effortlessly against Tara's, Buffy groans deeply as Tara shifts her hips, pressing more firmly against her.

"Harder, honey…" Tara whimpers the throbbing almost painful as her body looks for release.

Buffy drops her head so she can nibble on Tara's shoulder while she rocks more firmly against her. Rolling her hips around, Buffy growls softly at the low whimper of intense desire coming from Tara. Pressing harder into her, Buffy rubs firmly against Tara, hearing the hitching of the Wiccan's breath as she draws closer to release. Feeling her own desire growing, the pounding almost unbearable Buffy pants heavily, crying out softly as she feels Tara's teeth nipping firmly on her mark.

"I…" Tara pants fighting the urge to bite down firmly on Buffy's neck again.

Buffy nips roughly at the crook of Tara's shoulder and neck, hearing the groan of approval coming from her lover even as they rock harder and faster against each other. The two women's bodies covered in a thick layer of perspiration at this point. "Go ahead…" Buffy growls roughly, pressing her flesh towards Tara's mouth even as she sinks her own teeth into the flesh that had been teasing her.

Tara finally gives into the urge, claiming Buffy again at the same moment Buffy's teeth settle into her, both women grunting loudly in pleasure as they climax immediately, their juices mingling even as they claim each other, completing the circle. Strengthening the joining already started when they had worked together to heal the slayer, allowing Tara to take over Angel's mark and now intermingling their spirits fully. Both women equal partners in their relationship, each stronger than they were before in their own areas of knowledge and expertise now that they are a couple.

Buffy pants heavily as she laps firmly at barely broken skin, feeling Tara doing the same as they continue to gently rock against each other, their body's slick with moisture so they literally slide effortlessly.

Tara slides one leg up and down Buffy's while letting her hands trail down to cup the slayer's muscular butt cheeks, kneading the flesh firmly as they slow the motions of their bodies while lips and tongues kiss and lick along salty flesh.

"I love you." Buffy whispers, feeling a calmness and serenity she's never felt before. Knowing instinctively that this is part of what Tara knows and has attained with her own learning's and meditations.

"Goddess, I love you, too." Tara murmurs, burying her face in Buffy's neck, releasing the flesh she was grasping to wrap her arms around Buffy, hugging her lover tightly.

"This feeling… Do you think this is what it would have been like if you'd actually tried to heal my spirit?" Buffy questions curiously, shifting slightly so she can look easier at her lover, sliding to where half her body is still comfortably on her. Trailing her fingers lovingly over the damp flesh, she stares into loving blue eyes.

"I think so." Tara smiles and tucks blonde hair behind Buffy's ear. "I think we need another shower."

Buffy chuckles and nips gently on Tara's arm, before brushing her cheek over it, closing her eyes as Tara's fingers gently scratch her scalp. Settling herself more firmly against Tara, she smiles as the Wiccan wraps her arms around her, hugging her tightly. "I would be happy to spend the rest of my life just like this."

Tara presses a kiss to the top of Buffy's head. "I'm right there with you. I'm putting in my order now with the Goddess."

Buffy snorts softly, running her hand up Tara's side to cup the breast she isn't lying on, squeezing gently. Sighing quietly, she feels the tiredness coming from her lover, knowing the Wiccan had expended more energy than she normally does. Shifting her foot, Buffy finds the covers and works to pull them up within her grasp. Settling them gently over her, Buffy presses a soft kiss to Tara's lips. "Playful and flood time in the very near future."

"Hopefully multiple times in the future." Tara jokes softly, laughing at the eye roll she receives from her lover. "Give me another kiss, Slayer." Tara orders softly.

"Hmm. An order I feel compelled to fill, maybe it does work." Buffy jokes before shifting and kissing Tara tenderly for a few moments before easing away to place one more soft kiss on Tara's swollen lips.

"Night, love. Another apocalypse avoided." Tara murmurs softly. "Of course, the soldier boys got to do the work this time."

"About time they did something." Buffy mumbles, settling more firmly against Tara. "Think they still owe me for that Adam shit."

Tara chuckles softly at the note of disgruntlement in Buffy's tones. "Sleep, love. It is summertime and school's finished. Playtime for us."

"I like the sound of that." Buffy brushes her cheek over Tara's shoulder before relaxing even more and slowly falling asleep.

Tara smiles as she hears the deepening breathing of her lover. Trailing her fingers gently through her hair and over her back, Tara places another kiss on her head before closing her eyes. Falling asleep to dreams of what their future may hold.



Five Years Later

Buffy slams into the hospital running full tilt and sliding to a stop, banging into the admittance desk. "Tara Maclay-Summers… Where is she?"

"She's with the doctor in Delivery room 3…" The nurse states pulling it up before starting to say something else before noticing that the small ball of energy had already disappeared and left a swinging door in her wake. "Are you family?" The nurse finally questions the empty space, shaking her head.

Buffy flies up the stairs to the birthing rooms. The two women having decided to have their child in more of a normal setting than the usual clinical delivery rooms. Hurrying down the hallway, Buffy pushes open the door cautiously as she feels the pain and anger coming from her lover.

"GET YOUR ASS IN HERE, SLAYER!" Tara screams her face flushed red as she bears down and pushes, their daughter wanting to be born.

Buffy whimpers and hurries in, grabbing Tara's hand and looking down at the Obstetrician as she winks at her.

"About time you made it. She's having this baby girl in record time." Doctor Lane chuckles as she looks at the head already crowning, Tara having only been in labor for a little over two hours.

"She knew she'd better get here, or her ass would be kicked across the country back to that FUCKING CRATER!" Tara screams as another major pain rips through her body.

Buffy whimpers as Tara's grip on her hand literally makes her knuckles crack. "Tara, honey, breathe, like we practiced." Buffy whispers softly, her eyes shadowed as she feels the pain coming from her lover, silently wondering if this is normal.

"Fuck your breathing! Next kid, you're having!" Tara takes a deep breath and bears down as the next contraction hits.

"Uh, uh." Buffy mumbles, her eyes wide and face pale as she looks from her lover's face up to the mirror angled to show their baby's birth. "She's got my hair." Buffy whispers in awe as she watches the head come out and the baby cry while the doctor eases the baby the rest of the way out, cleaning and suctioning the baby's passages.

Tara whimpers and collapses back against the bed. "Bottled or real?" Tara pants heavily, her eyes looking at her lover.

"Funny." Buffy grumbles, pressing a quick kiss to her lover's lips before holding her hands eagerly out for her baby.

"Hey, grimy paws, clean up first." The doctor admonishes, tilting her head to the sink, smiling as Buffy takes off like a shot. Working with the New Watcher's Council was definitely an interesting experience. Getting to know the two women that are now in the birthing room with their daughter a definite learning experience. The un-believability of them having a daughter between them with no donor still boggles her mind, though she knows it shouldn't. "Here, mama."

Tara smiles lovingly at the little pink bundle of joy the doctor hands her. Digging into the blanket, she pulls a little hand out checking all the little fingers before working her way through the other extremities as Buffy stops to cut the umbilical cord.

"Everything all there?" Buffy questions softly, tilting her head down to brush against Tara's as she looks at her daughter, smiling.

"All her fingers and toes accounted for, and nothing extra, either." Tara's eyes twinkle as she looks at her lover. "You did good, love."

"We did." Buffy whispers gently grasping a hand, grinning as their daughter wraps her fingers around her and squeezes firmly. "She's got a grip on her."

"She takes after her mommy." Tara accepts the kiss Buffy places on her lips. "What kept you?"

Buffy sighs and rolls her eyes. "Damn cell phone died."

"Died or got crunched?" Tara questions, laughing at the guilty look crossing her lover's face. "Who found you?"

"Faith. Believe it or not." Buffy grins at Tara. "Seems she made one of the Coven members do a location spell on where I was after finding out that no one knew where I was and she ran me down. I left her in the dust. She was on the phone calling Willow, Xander and everyone else to let them know you're here." Buffy's gaze turns back to their daughter who's sleeping quietly. "Jessica Anne Maclay-Summers is sleeping already."

Tara feels the tears coming to her eyes as she always does when she thinks about Buffy having insisted on naming their daughter after her mom. Anne being named after Buffy and her own mother, as both had Anne as a middle name.

"Let us borrow the little bundle of joy to get all the necessities taken care of." Doctor Lane smiles down at the baby.

"You behave for the Doctor, Jess." Buffy whispers softly, brushing her lips over her forehead before gently taking her daughter and handing her to the doctor as she and the nurse slide into the weighing room. Turning back to Tara, Buffy slowly relaxes as she looks down into her lover's tired eyes. "I never would have believed this would have happened five years ago." Buffy whispers, gently brushing the sweaty hair from her lover's cheek.

"Five years ago, you wouldn't have believed that the world literally has thousands of slayers patrolling it and working together to control the demon population, either." Tara smiles softly at her wife, thankful that times have changed and other than when she ran Buffy off when she was being extra grumpy, 'like tonight' she silently thinks, with the pregnancy, she always had other slayers to patrol with so nobody normally gets seriously hurt.

"Nope." Buffy looks intently at Tara for a few minutes, before leaning in to kiss her softly. "I'm retiring for good, Tara." Buffy whispers admittedly, watching the surprise and shock crossing Tara's face. "I would like Jessica to grow up in a normal household, without all the insanity that is our lives. What do you think?" Buffy nibbles on her bottom lip worriedly.

"Oh, love." Tara wraps her hand around Buffy's neck and pulls her down to kiss her thoroughly, before releasing her after a few minutes to the quiet cough coming from the nurse bringing Jess back into the room. "Maybe in a couple years Jess can have a baby sister to keep her company then."

Buffy's eyes widen in surprise and shock as she accepts their baby, cradling her carefully in her arms. "You were just…" Buffy whimpers quietly.

"Pain of childbirth. After the baby is born, the women usually are fine and forget all about it." The nurse explains, chuckling at the shocked look on the petite blonde's face.

Tara watches as a slow, beautiful smile crosses Buffy's face as she looks down at their daughter, gently brushing noses with her. Sighing quietly in contentment at the feeling of completeness, Tara relaxes and falls asleep after the strenuous activity of having their daughter. Dreaming of a house filled with laughing girls ranging from anywhere with white-blonde hair to dark brown hair with blue and hazel eyes.

The End

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