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The Aftermath of Want, Take, Have
By Acathla


I can't stop thinking about her. Her smell, her taste, the look in her eyes when she first saw me and our eyes locked and we both knew that we'd be having sex together that night. Her body haunts me, her fingers and her tongue keep me distracted all day long.

This is not typical of me. I don't do relationships and emotional entanglements and neither does she. She made that clear right off the bat and of course I agreed with her. But that was before… before that first kiss, that first touch, that first orgasm. Before all of that, before her, I was more than comfortable with one night stands and hook ups. It was my normal style and I loved it.

Love was for regular girls like Bette, Tina, Dana, Alice, Lara… they were better suited to the twists and turns and drama of love. I tried it once and got burned, so I wasn't going to go down that road again. No way. Not Me.

But like I said, that was all before her. Now, she's gone and all I can do is sit here at the Planet with my cup of coffee and remember that night. It's been weeks and I still can't make myself forget her.

Her long, dark hair, those red, almost pouty lips and that tongue, did I mention how talented that tongue of hers was? Oh man. I can't tell anyone about her either. My friends would all take one look at me as I talked about her and they'd come to the same conclusion I did the morning after that night---I got it bad for this girl. One night was so not enough and yet, I have no clue how to find her. All I have is her first name and the memory of that night.

I don't do relationships, love and commitment is so not for me but… for her I think I'd give it all a try. If only I could find her again. Like I said, all I got was a first name, and I only got that after she said, in a cocky confident voice, "my name's Faith, try to remember it you'll be screaming it later tonight."

Well she wasn't wrong but I wasn't the only one screaming that night. Faith. That's one name I won't be forgetting anytime soon.

The End

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