A.M. Glass

Morning Delight 18 Bette/Tina A continuation of the scene where Bette and Tina are on the front steps to their house. Complete


The Aftermath of Want, Take, Have PG-13 Shane/Faith BtVS crossover - Before Faith returned to Sunnydale (during season 7 I think) she had an encounter with Shane...these are Shane's memories of that night. Complete


Friendly Persuasion PG Alice/Helena Picture fluff. Complete

The Unthinkable PG Alice/Helena Alice watches as Papi strikes up a conversation with Helena. Complete

Breaking Free PG Alice/Helena Helena isn't about to let Alice be seduced away by Gabby Devaux. Complete

A Day to Remember PG Alice/Helena friendship Loss. Complete

A Winning Hand PG Helena/Addison Grey's Anatomy crossover - Card games and casinos. Complete

All In The Family PG Helena/Jane Jane Bond crossover - Ever wonder how Helena was able to arrive on the roof of the hospital before the helicopter? Complete


Senator Grisham's Second Chance 18 Bette/Senator Grisham What could have happened if Bette had changed her mind after leaving Senator Grisham's apartment. Complete


Be Good to Me 18 Myka/H.G. Warehouse 13 crossover - Myka left the Warehouse after the disaster in Yellowstone. She starts a new life in California as a musician. Her time at the Warehouse is fading away. A new relationship helps her move on even though her new girlfriend reminds her quite a lot of the woman she is trying unsuccessfully to forget. Complete


Strange Little Girl 15 Shane/Jenny 13 free verse poems. Complete


Shane's Not Likely to Change PG Shane/Addison Grey's Anatomy crossover - Will Shane ever change? Complete


Lost 1 2 3 4 5 15 Bette/Tina   Alice/Dana How do you find your way back when you've lost yourself? Complete


Inside Myself PG Bette/Tina Bette accepts that if she wants perfection, she has to ask for it. Complete

Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond

We Are Family 1 2 3 4 PG-13 Bette/Tina   Kit/Ivan Trying to sum up my perspective on the whole Bette/Tina relationship, Bette's relationship with her family, especially her sister Kit. And a little bit Kit/Ivan's relationship. On-Going


Chance Meeting 15 Alice/Tash   Bette/Tina One year after season 6. Complete


The Fall and the Getting Back Up 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 15 Alice/Dana   Shane/f It's just after the season finale, and follows the character's paths after the cliffhangers. The others may follow, there's also some surprise guests. On-Going


Storm Watch 1 PG-13 Tina makes a decision, a life altering one. Dana see's an old flame. Alice does a balaning act of sorts. Shane reflects. Bette and Candace have a morning talk. Based on season 2 spoiler info. On-Going


Spark 15 Alice/Dana Random musings and resolutions. Complete


Top-sy Turvey PG-13 Alice/Shane Alice really needs an attitude adjustment and she turns to Shane for an infusion of nipple confidence. Complete


September Mourn PG-13 Bette/Tina Bette has an appointment with Peggy Peabody in Manhattan for September 11, 2001. Complete


Chronicles 1 2 PG-13 Alice/Dana A collection of things that happened and did not happen to Alice and Dana. On-Going


How Tina Must Have Felt 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-24 PG-13 Bette/Tina Bette and Tina's thoughts as they try and rebuild their lives after Provocations. Complete

Portia Richardson

Why, Bette? 1 2 3 4 5 18 Bette/Tina Bette must come to terms with her actions at the end of season one, and try and find a way back to Tina. Complete

Bette's Loss and Gain 18 Bette/f After meeting a former lover, Bette shares her coming out story with Alice. Complete

Laid Up: Another Season 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 18 Bette/Tina   Shane/Carmen   Alice/Dana This story is my version of Season 3. I've had a hard time believing that what I witnessed in Season 3 is true to the story or the characters. I sought my own truth and prefer it. On-Going


A Little Sympathy, Please PG Alice/Helena Alice's revelation about the weirdness of her day doesn't produce the results she expected from Helena. Complete

Basement Bette PG Bette/Jane Bond Jane Bond crossover - Jane and Bette get stuck in the university's basement. Complete

The Raven

Uncharacteristic Behaviour 15 Shane/Det. Elana Macias Dragnet crossover - Detective Macias picks Shane up for questioning due to her being a possible material witness in an ongoing case... Complete


Landfall PG Alice/Dana Alice comforts Dana after the party on the boat. Complete

Labor Day PG Alice/Dana Closeted Dana/Alice longing. Season One Prequel. Because we all know this has been going on for a long time. Complete


How To Save A Best Friend PG Alice/Dana   Alice/Helena No synopsis given. Complete


The Plate of Vegetables PG Dana/Lara Dana muses... Sort of. Complete

Except for Lara PG Dana/Lara Alice talks about Dana and Lara. Complete

Shades of Grey PG Bette/Helena "I really like your necklace." Complete


Defences 18 Bette/Tina Just a bit of B&T loving - kinda a PWP really. Complete

Honesty 18 Bette/Tina Bette decides honesty is the best policy... Complete

Please... 18 Bette/Tina What if, instead of turning to Candace, Bette found comfort in Tina... Complete

Got time for a quickie, dear? 18 Bette/Tina Bette has to go on a last minute business trip, but she has a few minutes spare... Complete

Love, Life and London 1-4 18 Bette/Tina The gang go on a trip to London, and all sorts of hilarity ensues... On-Going

Wrong Place, Wrong Time 15 Bette/Tina Rule number 47: Always make sure your living room is empty before succumbing to your hormones... Complete

After the Tone 15 Bette/Tina It's quite obvious when you read it! Go on, you know you want to... Complete

Dear Tina PG Bette/Tina Bette writes a letter to Tina... Complete

Dear Tina 2 PG Bette/Tina Tina replies to Bette's letter... Complete

Reacquaintance 18 Bette/Tina Bette returns home after a loooonnnnng business trip - PWP! Complete

Reconciliation 18 Bette/Tina What happens after Bette and Tina argue? Complete

Smashed Into Little Pieces 1-3 PG Bette/Tina Tina goes to Bette in her time of need... On-Going

Voyeur 18 Bette/Tina James sees something he wasn't meant to... Complete

...because I'm an asshole? 18 Bette/Tina Just at the start of their relationship, Bette and Tina have a fight... Complete


Smoke and Mirrors G Bette/Tina Remember back in season one when Tina recounts meeting Bette for the first time (ep. 12, "Looking Back")? This is Bette's point of view of their first (and second) meeting; if you need to refresh your memory, you can find a clip of the flashback here. Complete


Love is a Word 1 2 3 18 Alice/Dana Alice can't stop thinking about 'that' kiss. Complete