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By tigerDE

James looked up from his keyboard as a shout came from his boss's office.

"Shit!" he heard Bette exclaim, following the loud slamming of her phone. "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!"

The door flung open and Bette stormed out, tugging her hand through her hair as she frantically flipped through her Rolodex.

"Customs, customs…" she muttered under her breath, before turning to James. "Do we have a number for Customs?"

"Maybe…" James began, calling up the address book on his computer. "It depends where for, and why."

"I just got off the phone with our German transporters. Customs won't let any of the Fern Helerman work into the country – says it's 'indecent material'."

"Shit," James echoed.

"I know." Bette slumped in the chair opposite James. "Please say you have a number," she begged deflated.

James eyes moved over the lines of print rapidly for a few moments, before stopping. "Yes, I do. Shall I transfer it to your office?"

"Yeah, thanks." Bette let out a long sigh, before pushing herself out of the chair again and going back to her office. "Oh, and tell Franklin I have it completely under control," she called over her shoulder before slamming the door.

About an hour later, Bette heard a tentative knock.

"Look, I gotta go, just get it fucking sorted out." She slammed down the phone for the seventeenth time that day and slapped her fist on the desk, glancing around the room distractedly. It wasn't until there was another, louder, knock on the door that she remembered what she'd put the phone down for.

Not in the mood to see anyone, she stalked over to the door, flinging it wide open. "I'm really, really busy so can you…"

She stopped short as she realised it was Tina, balancing two cups of coffee and a brown paper bag on her briefcase. "Tina," she said abruptly, brow crinkling in confusion. "What are you doing here?"

"James called me, asked me to come over." Bette looked over at her assistant who was pretending he was busy in the background. "He figured after an hour of yelling into your phone you might need to unwind. So, here I am!"

"T, as much as I am glad to see you, I am up to my neck in it," Bette said apologetically. "I've got at least a hundred people to swear at and threaten to maim and kill."

"Darling, you look exhausted." Tina spoke softly, ignoring Bette's half-heartened protests as she took her by the arm and led her back into her office, shutting the door behind her. "Just…sit down for a bit, get your breath back."

"I really shouldn't…" Bette began weakly, eying the coffee greedily.

"Please, baby, for me? I'm scared you're going to explode."

Bette looked up into her lover's concerned face, and relented, falling back onto the soft cushions of her sofa with a loud sigh.

"So, what've you brought me?" she asked, waving her hand in Tina's vague direction with her eyes closed.

"Vanilla latte, with whipped cream." Bette let out a moan of appreciation. "Decaf. I don't think you need any more caffeine." She handed Bette one of the cups. "Oh, and a Krispy Kreme."

Bette opened one eye and regarded Tina silently for a moment. "You are too good to me," she finally said, her voice cracking.

"Come here," Tina said affectionately, taking the coffee out of Bette's hands and placing it on the table before sitting on the sofa and drawing Bette into her arms. She held her tight, playing lightly with her hair as Bette snuggled into her neck.

"I love you," Bette whispered, tears beginning to fall out of her eyes into Tina's soft blonde hair.

"Sshh…" Tina rocked her gently. "Why don't you tell me all about your day? Let it all out."

Bette took a deep breath. "Well, first I find out that Pete Antler, one of our main artists in the show next week, will only be bringing half the pieces he said he would, as the Tate Modern in London wanted some of them. So, I got onto our lawyers, and they said that the contract was written up badly, so he's under no obligation to bring all the pieces he said he would."

"You should get a new legal team."

"Yeah, Franklin fired them all, which is a small mercy. But now, instead of having the two rooms we promise in our adverts, we'll just have the one."

"There's nothing you can do about that. What else happened?"

"Customs won't let some more artwork into the country – says its indecent material."

"Is it?"

"Not like they're making out. It's art, not porn. But I've just got off the phone to them, and if I go down tomorrow and sign a load of documents, they'll release them to me."

"See, that's good! What else is worrying you?"

"The workers supposed to be building the display units are behind schedule because they ordered the wrong wood, the caterers have upped their price for the hospitality evening, and the rest…" Bette shook her head. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Baby, it's me." Tina pulled back so she could see Bette's face. "You can talk about anything you want."

"It's just a bit of insecurity, that's all," Bette admitted, looking down. When Bette wasn't any more forthcoming with information, Tina sat up.

"Ok, do you want your coffee?"

Bette sat up too and nodded, wiping her eyes. She took a long drink, closing her eyes in pleasure. "Boy, I needed that," she said after a few seconds. She opened her eyes to see Tina regarding her strangely. "What?"

"You are so goddamned beautiful," Tina whispered, almost in awe.

That made Bette smile. "Thanks. You're not so bad yourself."

They sat for a few moments, just watching each other, before Tina started.

"I'm sorry, babe, but I've got to go. My lunch break finishes about…" She looked at her watch. "…five minutes ago." Bette nodded, standing up as Tina did. "Don't work too late tonight, I'm going to cook you something nice, then you're going to have a nice hot bath and a massage, ok?"

"Ok," Bette grinned. She followed Tina to the door and gave her a long lingering kiss goodbye. She watched her until she went out of sight, then turned back to her desk.

Suddenly she had a reason to get her work done as soon as possible.

Five hours later, Bette was walking up the drive to her and Tina's house, a bunch of flowers in one hand and a bottle of red in the other, trying to jiggle her work as well. Struggling, she somehow managed to unlock the front door and get in, dumping her briefcase and files on the sofa.

"Hey baby," she called, following her nose to the kitchen, where Tina was preparing dinner. "Wow, that smells wonderful."

"I cooked chilli," Tina told her, accepting the hug and kiss Bette gave her.

"Mmm, my favourite."

"I know." Tina nodded towards the flowers which Bette had put down on the worktop. "Who are those for?"

"You," Bette replied shyly, handing them to her. "I got wine too."

Slightly puzzled by the gesture, and wondering if this was Bette's way of telling her she had to go away on another long business trip, Tina took the flowers and inhaled the sweet smell, before plucking the envelope from the midst.

~Thank you for holding me and letting me cry. I know I have trouble letting people in, but when you're around me, my defences come tumbling down. I love you.~

Tina looked up at Bette, who was nervously straightening her shirt and looking anywhere but at her.

"Baby, come here," she said gently, putting the flowers down. An expression of relief came over Bette's face, and she moved forward into Tina's embrace. "I'll hold you anytime you want," she whispered into Bette's ear, softly kissing the lobe and trailing her mouth along her jaw bone to her lips. The kiss was sweet and loving, a reaffirmation of their feelings for one another.

A loud bubbling on the stove made Bette pull away. "T, the chilli." She pointed at the pan.

"Huh?" Tina asked confused, her brain still processing the assault on her senses that was kissing Bette. "Oh, oh, the chilli." She turned round and began to stir, adding some herbs and spices.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Erm, can you…" Tina looked around the kitchen. "What wine did you get?"

"A Zinfandel, that ok?"

"There's a wine that will go better with dinner in the rack. We can have the Zinfandel after, if that sounds ok to you?"

"It sounds like I'm lucky I don't have any early morning meetings. Do you want me to open it?" Tina nodded, so Bette got the wine and poured them both two large glasses. She put some music on and sat at the table watching Tina finish the dinner.

They chatted lightly while they ate, about Shane's recent conquests, Dana's latest predicament with her homophobic agent, and Alice's current boyfriend. Soon, the wine was gone and their plates had been cleared, and Bette was feeling a lot more relaxed than she had in a while.

"Why don't you go and get the bath running while I clear up?" Tina suggested, standing up and taking the plates into the kitchen.

"Are you sure? I don't want to leave you to do it all yourself."

"It's fine, go on." She handed Bette the Zinfandel. "Take this up with you, and I'll be up in a minute."

"Oh, are you getting in the bath too?" Bette asked with a grin.

"Of course," Tina said flirtatiously.

"Can't wait." Bette bounded up the stairs eagerly, making Tina laugh. "Don't be too long," she called down.

Quarter of an hour later, Tina made her way up after her lover, turning off all the lights and locking the doors. If she got her way tonight, neither would be coming back downstairs till the morning.

She could hear the sounds of Bette in the bath, so she began to undress as she walked to the bathroom, throwing her clothes in the near vicinity of the laundry basket. Slowly she pushed open the door and leant against the doorframe, unnoticed by Bette. She took the opportunity to just look at her wife, a luxury she was very rarely granted these days.

She was the most beautiful woman Tina had ever seen. Flawless skin, thick, dark hair, and a body that Tina couldn't get enough of. Sitting in that bath, Bette was the closest thing to perfection Tina had ever known.

"Are you going to watch me all night, or are you going to get in?"

Bette's question startled Tina out of her reverie. Smiling in response, she walked over to the bath and slipped in behind Bette, her legs either side. Bette leaned back and rested her head on Tina's shoulder.

"Is this heaven?" she asked, reaching up to caress Tina's cheek.

"As near as we'll ever get," Tina murmured before leaning down to capture Bette's lips with her own in a kiss that quickly turned incendiary. After a few moments Bette, who was beginning to slip further under the water, pulled away and turned around so she was facing Tina, her legs wrapped round her waist. Their lips met again and Tina moaned, allowing Bette to push her tongue inside Tina's mouth and taste the softness there.

Tina's hands began to wander; sliding over Bette's back, feeling the muscles jump under her touch. The water made her skin feel even smoother, and Tina glided her hands lower so they were cupping Bette's buttocks.

"Ohh…" Bette groaned as Tina lightly squeezed, then ran her fingers round to her hip bones. "I want you," she whispered into Tina's ear, nuzzling her neck.

"You have me," Tina whispered back, letting her fingers move up so they were caressing the undersides of Bette's breasts. "You have me forever."

"Good," Bette croaked, arching her back as Tina's mouth latched onto a nipple and began to flick it with her tongue. Her right hand slipped down Bette's flat stomach and into the patch of curls between her legs, gently stroking the warmth she found there.

Bette inhaled sharply as Tina briefly caught the tip of her clit with her thumb. She was very aroused, and Tina knew it, so she deliberately avoided contact with her most sensitive areas to draw it out. She loved teasing Bette, and did so as often as she could.

"Baby…" Bette started, but had to stop as Tina kissed across the valley between her breasts and began to give the other nipple the same treatment. When she was able to breathe once more she tried again.

"Baby, I need to feel you inside of me."

Tina lifted her head and they made eye contact. "I need to be inside of you," she replied softly.

They kissed deeply and deliberately, the fire in Bette's stomach increasing more than she thought was possible. This time, when Tina's slow strokes reached her opening, she slowly inserted two fingers, causing Bette to gasp and clutch blindly at the sides of the bath.

Taking her time, Tina began to thrust, curling her fingers upwards so she was rubbing her front walls, an action that sent Bette into spasms of pleasure.

"Oh God…"

It didn't take long for Bette's already very sexually charged body to reach the edge, her muscles contracting rapidly round Tina's fingers.

"Look at me," Tina commanded in a whisper as she felt the contractions begin to peak. "I want to see you."

Bette's eyelids were heavy, and she struggled to open them, but as soon as she did Tina moved her thumb up and pressed her clit firmly. She came hard, her body shuddering for what seemed to be an eternity. The only thing her brain could process, apart from the intense pleasure racking her body, was the love and desire in Tina's eyes.

Eventually, her muscles relaxed and she slumped forwards onto Tina, wrapping her arms round her as if trying to climb inside. Wanting to hold onto the last lingering feelings before she came back to earth she nestled her head into the crook of Tina's arm, futilely attempting to calm her breathing and racing heart.

"Are you ok?" Tina asked amusedly after a few minutes.

Bette mumbled something incoherently, gesturing loosely with her hand before letting it fall back down.

Tina giggled. "Baby, I can't hear you."

Bette lifted her head, her unfocused gaze coming to rest on Tina's face. "I'm fine. Absolutely fine."

"Good. Because we've gotta get out of this bath."

"Awww, no," Bette grumbled, not letting go of Tina. "Why?"

"Because there is a large amount of water on the floor, which we ought to clear up."

Bette looked over the side, smiling when she saw the size of the puddle.

"That's not my fault. It was you with all your thrusting."

"Ahhh, but it was for you." She prodded her gently. "Come on, I'm getting all prune-y."

"Ok, ok," Bette said reluctantly, unfurling her arms and standing up. Tina didn't immediately take her outstretched hand, enjoying the sight of water cascading off her lovers flushed body.

"Come here," Bette ordered, pulling Tina up and helping her out of the bath. "I think its time for me to pay you back."

Tina smiled, her body already responding in anticipation. She grabbed a towel and was about to dry herself, when Bette pulled it out of her hands.

"Don't." She threw the towel to the floor and grabbed the wine and glasses, steering Tina out of the bathroom towards their bed. "I like you wet."

And wet she was…

The End

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