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All In The Family
By Ann


The fiberglass deck felt amazing cool against her skin as the overhead sun continued to beat down mercilessly on her bare back and legs. The strings of her black bikini top were spread out perfectly to her side, while the matching bottom just barely covered her firm ass. Beside her, her companion lay napping, choosing to forego a suit and sunbathe in the nude. A mischievous grin crossed her face as she reached for the nearby ice chest, but the chirping of her cell phone forestalled her plans to make use of the ice to awaken her latest conquest and then engage in an activity that would certainly turn the frozen water to liquid. Cursing, she flipped open her phone and put it to her ear.

"Bond." Immediately recognizing the voice on the other end, a smile split her face, and she eased to her feet, walking to the other end of the yacht, not at all concerned that she was parading around topless. "Moneypenny, how are you – missing me yet?"

"We've no time for flirtatious conversation, Jane; there's a matter of utmost importance that needs attending to."

Jane sighed. There were always matters that needed attending to, especially when she still had loose ends of her own to tie up. As if on cue, her companion chose that exact moment to roll onto her back, the sunlight highlighting silky blonde hair. Greedily drinking in the well-toned body much like a man dying of thirst – or a woman, Jane thought with a smirk - her mind wandered to other things, far more interesting things. "What now, Moneypenny?" She asked in a bored tone and focused her gaze on small nipples, imagining just how they'd come alive with an ice massage. As she listened to her newest mission, her eyes slowly inched down the tanned body to settle on a golden tuft of hair that glistened, indeed almost shimmered, in the natural light.

"An old acquaintance of M has called in a favor," Moneypenny said, well-aware that her Majesty's most special of agents was, as always, only half-listening to her words. "You're needed to track down an heiress and personally escort her to LAX in Los Angeles."

"Since when did British Special Services become an escort service?" Jane was thoroughly enjoying her view as the blonde model bent both knees and placed her feet flat on the deck. The other woman seemed to be able to read the agent's mind as she shifted her feet apart – wide apart. Jane tilted her head to get a better view, while she waited for Moneypenny's reply.

"Since Peggy Peabody called and asked for help; it seems she's been stung by an Irukandji jellyfish and is being flown to Los Angeles where she'll be heliported to the hospital. She asked M to find her daughter."

"Peggy Peabody?" asked Jane, forcing her gaze away from the valley of temptation. "How bad is she?" She immediately started for the wheelhouse, her thoughts conjuring up the few encounters she'd had with the older woman. Peggy had always given her a run for her money.

"M's checking on her progress as we speak, but it's imperative that you track down Helena." Moneypenny checked the notes M had given her. "And you won't have to travel far."

Shifting the phone to rest between her head and shoulder, Jane kept it in place while she primed the engines. "What do you mean?"

"According to Ms. Peabody, Helena is currently residing, and I quote, 'in a drab little hut in the dregs of Tahiti with the tax-evading granddaughter of a vanilla-pod picker.' So, it is quite fortuitous that you just happen to be in Tahiti as well."

Jane chuckled at Peggy's description. "Okay Moneypenny, tell M I'll have Helena in LA before Ms. Peabody's helicopter touches down."

Moneypenny smiled – leave it to Jane to go over and beyond what she was asked to do, especially when the mission turned personal. "I'll tell her, Jane."

With that, the connection was severed just as the engines came to life. A blonde head rose from the deck and squinted toward the wheelhouse. Jane pushed the throttle forward and sighed. Peggy Peabody was going to owe her big.

It hadn't taken Jane long to track down the hut Peggy had described, and she'd been surprised to discover that her old friend hadn't been off the mark by much. Jane could hardly believe a Peabody would step foot in the hovel, much less take up residence. She marched up to the door and knocked on the bamboo frame.

"One moment, please." The voice was decidedly British, putting a smile on Jane's face. She'd hoped to avoid Helena's 'housemate,' figuring she may be in for a showdown with the other woman. Stepping back into the sand, Jane waited.

Helena threw a loose-fitting shirt over her shoulders and quickly shimmied into a pair of jeans, fastening them as she walked to the door. She'd been grateful to discover that Dusty had already awakened and left the hut, much to Helena's delight. She'd not been in the mood for what her lover referred to as 'an early morning snack,' having grown tired of their lovemaking, and if truth be told, of the whole living off nature experience. She really missed her 'other life.' The knock on the door had dragged her away from her nostalgic thoughts and forced her to face another day of wishing for someone to come and take her away.

Shuffling to the door, Helena pushed the bamboo-covered entrance open and stepped outside. She frowned at the well-dressed brunette who smiled at her. The beautiful woman was obviously lost if she'd stumbled on their isolated hut. Helena didn't hesitate to offer assistance.

"May I help you?"

"Ms. Peabody?"

Helena's frown deepened at the English accent, and she briefly wondered if her subconscious was playing tricks on her, but from all accounts, there truly was a gorgeous Brit standing in front of her.


Jane extended her hand and stepped forward. "My name is Bond, Jane Bond, and I've come to take you to your mother."

"My mother?" asked Helena, her good manners having her automatically reach for the offered hand. "Is something the matter?" She shivered at the touch, noting the firm, but gentle grip of the English woman.

"There's been an accident," Jane began, quickly offering assurances, "but she's stable. It seems she's been stung by a rather nasty variety of jellyfish."

Helena's eyes widened in fear, and she tightened her hold on Jane's hand. "Stable? What does that mean?"

"It means that she's not in any danger, and she's on her way to Los Angeles where doctors are waiting to treat her." Jane eased her other hand on top of Helena's and gently patted the soft skin. "She's asking for you."

Without hesitation, Helena pulled free of the grasp and raced into the hut, leaving Jane alone in the sand. The agent glanced around the immediate area for a few moments, before she moved into the hovel. She briefly wondered where the lover had gotten off to.

In the small bedroom, Helena grabbed a duffle bag from the makeshift closet and began stuffing her clothes inside, her mind racing with different scenarios. Was her mother truly stable? Was she in danger of dying? Or was this some kind of trick to get her away from Dusty? Helena paused for a second, realizing that last particular scenario hadn't really bothered her. She stuffed another item into the bag and, with one final look, left the room, not at all surprised to find Jane waiting just inside the door.

"Just let me leave a note for Dusty." She hesitated for a moment, knowing this may very well be a 'Dear Jane' letter. The thought had her glancing at her guest and nervously chuckling. Perhaps the coincidence was some sort of sign that it was time to move on. With a few quick flourishes of the pen, she placed the note on the table and turned toward Jane.

"How fast can we get to Los Angeles?"

Smiling, Jane opened the door for her charge. It would be worth flying Coach to get to know Peggy Peabody's daughter.

"So you know my mother?" asked Helena as the pair buckled their seatbelts for take-off. She'd been impressed with the way Jane had taken charge, even managing to have the two of them bumped to first class by flirting with the flight attendant. At first, Helena had been furious at the audacity of the other woman to so blatantly hit on the redhead, but she's tamped down on her irrational jealousy when she'd realized she and Jane weren't a couple. Besides, it was nice to finally get back to first class.

"We've had some memorable encounters," said Jane wistfully, a noticeable gleam in her eye. It was their earlier meetings, when Jane was new to the service, that she'd looked back on fondly.

Helena searched the other woman's face and suddenly had no desire to discover just how well Jane knew her mother. She quickly changed the subject. "Well, I find it hard to believe Mummy would allow something as trivial as a jellyfish to do her in."

Jane laughed. "No, she certainly wouldn't. I imagine Peggy has already arranged to have the creature turned into a delicacy. No doubt it will be her first meal when she fully recovers."

Turning up her nose at the thought, Helena said, "I just hope she doesn't expect me to join her; Dusty was always coming up with rather creative meals." A look of remorse followed her words. Helena always knew, deep down, that she and Dusty weren't meant to stay together forever, and she felt a sense of guilt for leading the other woman on.

Mistaking her companion's expression for sadness, Jane reached for Helena's hand, pleased when it was taken freely. "So, how did you two hook up?"

"In prison." Helena shrugged. There was no other way to sugarcoat where they'd met. She was certain Jane had the means to check any story she may come up with, and besides, she felt an irrational need to be honest with the other woman.

"Prison?" Jane's eyebrow rose in surprise. She couldn't imagine what Helena could have done to warrant a jail term, not to mention why Peggy Peabody had allowed her daughter to spend time behind bars.

"Yes, well it's a very long story," said Helena, her gaze moving to the fluffy white clouds just outside her window. Jane squeezed her hand encouragingly.

"We've got plenty of time."

Helena kept her eyes focused on the different shapes she'd already begun to form, in her mind's eye, from the clouds, and for a moment, Jane was certain the conversation had ended. She was pleased to hear the pleasant accent begin to spin the tale, equally so that she had to lean in close to hear the words.

"Well, it all started when . . ." Helena was swept away into the past, bringing a willing Jane along for the ride.

". . . and my wish came true. You arrived to rescue me. In my wildest dreams, I could never have pictured a more desirable savior." Helena smiled gratefully.

"I'm glad to have been the one sent to find you," Jane offered sincerely. "I'm just sorry it was under these circumstances."

"Yes, me, too." The look Helena gave Jane couldn't be mistaken for anything except longing. With a soft sigh, she gazed back out the window, picturing Jane riding up to the hut on a white steed and whisking her away to a luxurious penthouse, where they'd make love until the morning's light. A sudden pressure brought her attention to an urge of another kind, and she glanced toward the forward cabin.

"If you'll excuse me, I need to use the loo."

Jane released the hand she'd held for the better part of an hour and stood, smiling at the flight attendant as she moved into the aisle to allow Helena to pass. With an intentional brush against the agent, Helena moved forward toward the lavatory. Jane watched her until she stepped inside the small room, before she retook her seat. A wicked smile made its way onto her face as she slowly counted to one hundred. When she finally reached the century mark, she stood and retraced Helena's steps.

Arriving just outside the door, Jane gave the flight attendant a wink and knocked sharply; seconds later, she was pulled forcibly into the small enclosure and pushed down on the toilet lid as the door to the lavatory slammed shut. Before she had time to utter a protest, which she surely wouldn't, a pair of lips had attached to hers, followed by a delicious weight settling on her legs. Jane chuckled around the attacking lips – like mother, like daughter – as she eased her hand under the loose-fitting blouse and cupped a firm breast. She allowed the other woman control for just a moment longer, before she roughly lowered the zipper of Helena's jeans, worked her hand inside, and took charge. According to her calculations, her earlier wish would come true in spades. She'd get to know every inch of Helena Peabody before the wheels finally touched down at LAX.

Just outside, the redheaded flight attendant looped an 'out of order' sign over the handle to the lavatory, completely disregarding the 'occupied' status of the room. With a bright smile, she closed the curtain that separated first class from the forward cabin and made her way down the aisle, offering refreshments to the other passengers. Her thoughts stayed centered on the return flight, where she had it on very good authority that the British agent would be traveling alone.

The End

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