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Love, Life and London
By tigerDE

Chapter One

"Right, so you put that here…"

Dana screwed her eyes up in confusion, trying to manoeuvre her fingers into places they shouldn't naturally be.

"…and then you put that in there…"

Dana squinted her eyes, concentrating as hard as she could.

"Gentle! Its delicate y'know!"

Dana drafted in the use of her thumb, struggling to get her hand to make the right shape…

"Nope, I give up!" Dana proclaimed, throwing her empty chip packet to the table in a huff. "I can't do it!"

"Look, its easy," Alice began, holding up her own packet, which she had carefully folded up into a triangle. "You've got to be nimble-fingered and agile."

Dana just glared at Alice.

"Guys, don't you have something better to do?" Shane piped up from the other end of the table where she'd been watching the morning activities from a safe distance. "Like, say, a job?"

"Where's Tina anyway?" Dana asked. "She's a bit late."

"Ahh, she's in the car park." Alice waved her hand vaguely, already occupied with folding a serviette into a triangle.

Dana peered out the window, and her eyes almost popped out her head. "Oh. My. God. Where is Bette's hand?!"

"They've had sex again," Shane commented nonchalantly, sitting back in her chair and watching the couple with mild interest. "That's the third time this week."

"Second," Alice corrected, not looking up from her impromptu origami.

"Well, it depends on if you include Sunday morning or not."


"How can you tell?!" Dana exclaimed, looking between Alice and Shane. "Do you have some kind of weird sixth sense?"

"It's all about the signals," Alice told her, putting down her serviette triangle with a self-satisfied flourish. "You can just tell."

"If you know what you're looking for," Shane agreed.


Alice let out a long exaggerated sigh, and turned her attention away from her mound of triangles to focus on Dana.

"Right, think back to Sunday morning. What can you remember that might give us any clues?"

"Tina answered the door in her robe," Dana said slowly. "And she had nothing else on underneath."

"Did you see her neck?"

"Erm…" Dana scrunched up her eyes, thinking hard. "I remember thinking it looked a bit red, like she had a rash coming."

"God, you really are blind!" Alice cried, throwing up her hands in exasperation.

"They were bite marks," Shane explained. "And they went all down her neck and under that robe of hers."


"And Tina had to call Bette down from upstairs, and when she came down, she was also in a robe."

"And grumpy," Alice interjected. "Very grumpy. There was sexual tension you could cut with a knife."

"And they got us out the house in ten minutes," Shane continued. "Which is highly unusual."

"Ok, I'm beginning to see," Dana nodded. "But…how did you know about the other two times?"

"Well, we could tell they had sex Tuesday night, because on Wednesday morning they were more touchy-feely than normal," Alice said.

"Yeah, they have this way they sorta lean into each other, like this…" Shane moved to sit next to Alice, and they both touched shoulders and stared into each other's eyes. "That means that they didn't have sex, they made luurrrve."

"Well, this morning's kinda obvious," Dana acknowledged, looking back out of the window again. "I don't think I've ever seen them so…"

"Lusty?" Alice offered.



"Uh, watch out guys, Tina's coming over," Shane warned, and all three quickly turned back to their coffees.

"Morning!" Tina almost sang as she came through the door, waving at Marina behind the counter.

"My, you're unusually chirpy this morning," Alice remarked, barely concealing a smirk as Tina practically bounced into her seat.

"Is Bette not coming in?" Shane asked innocently, gesturing towards the door.

"No, she's…umm…" Tina cleared her throat. "She's running a bit late this morning."

"Really," Alice drawled, looking pointedly at Dana.

Tina looked between the two, slightly puzzled, before changing subject completely. "Anyway, I needed to talk to you guys," she said, leaning forward conspiratorially. "How do you fancy going on a little trip?"

"Ooh, where?" Alice clapped her hands excitedly.


"London?" Dana echoed. "Why would we go to London?"

"Well, I've gotta go for a conference in a couple of weeks, and work are paying for a double room. And they can get me a discount on a few single rooms, if you're up for it?"

"How long for?"

"The conference only lasts a day, but me and Bette are going to book a week off and extend our stay."

"Sounds great, count me in," Shane said.

"And me."

"And me!"

Tina grinned. "Great, so we're all sorted! I'll sort out the rooms today, and ring you with the details this evening." She stood up. "Right, I got to go to work sometime this morning, so I'll seeya later!" She waved and left, quickly stopping to thank Marina for the coffee she handed her.

The other three looked at each, and there was a moment of silence, before Dana broke it.


Chapter Two

"I am so excited!" Alice said breathlessly, flipping through a magazine as the gang waited to board the aeroplane. "I've always wanted to go to England – apparently the girls are very hot."

"Ooh goody," Dana purred, rubbing her hands together in glee. "I fully intend to use my new 'out' status."

"So, what do you guys want to do while we're there?" Bette asked, looking through a guidebook. "Anything you especially want to see?"

"I'd quite like to go on the London Eye," Tina said, moving closer so she could see the guidebook too.

"Yeah, me too," Dana agreed. "And we've gotta go out in Soho."

"Ooh yeah, the Candy Bar!" Shane exclaimed. "It's supposed to be brilliant. That's in Soho."

"What about you?" Tina asked Bette.

"Well, I want to go to the Tate Modern," she began. "But, if you lot don't want to come, I'll go alone."

"What's that?" Dana searched her brain hard for where she'd heard that name.

"It's an art gallery."

Alice rolled her eyes, and reached over to take the guide book from Bette's hands.

"It's ok, baby, I'll come with you," Tina told her, stroking her thigh. They kissed for a moment, until Alice's none-too-subtle coughing made them pull away.

"Sorry," Tina said sheepishly, grinning at their friends.

Just then, a voice came over the intercom. ~Could all passengers of the British Airways flight 5698 to London, please make their way to boarding gate 17.~

"That's us." They all stood and grabbed their hand luggage.

"I'm sorry you guys," Tina apologised as she handed the tickets to the staff at the boarding gate. "Work paid for me and Bette to travel business class, but you're in economy."

"Aah, that's ok," Shane said. "I can't afford business class. I'll just be sleeping anyway. Just think of us when you're in your lavish seats drinking champagne."

Tina and Bette smiled, and made their way to the business class section at the front of the aircraft.

"Wow, this is nice," Bette noted as they were shown to their seats by a drooling flight attendant. "And he fancies you," she added under her breath.

"Uh-uh," Tina argued. "He fancies you. He can't take his eyes off your highly visible cleavage."

Bette looked down at her outfit and shrugged. "Maybe he fancies both of us." They sat down and took the proffered menus. "Anyway, do you not like my choice of clothing?"

"Oh, I love it," Tina drawled. "And it's always amusing to watch men fall over themselves to impress you."

"Whatever," Bette dismissed, putting the menu down and sitting back with a yawn. "I'll get something later, I'm too tired to eat right now. I think I'll just catch up on my sleep from last night."

"Aww, poor baby," Tina said affectionately, giving her a quick kiss on the lips. "Has that mean old wife of yours been keeping you up again?"

Bette chuckled. "Don't you need to sleep too?"

"No, I've got some work to do first. But you go ahead."

"Ok, well I'll see you in a bit. Love you." Bette put the seat back as far as it would go and closed her eyes, letting her mind drift.

Tina watched her for a few minutes, the small smile she always got when she watched Bette sleep tugging at her lips. She was so beautiful, sleep robbing her of all pretence and exposing the vulnerability that only Tina ever saw.

She could watch her all day, but she had a mountain of work to get through before the conference tomorrow. With an inaudible sigh, she turned back to her spreadsheets and finance documents.

She was just finishing a few hours later when Bette stirred and opened her eyes.

"Hey," she said sleepily, sitting up. "I just had a dream about you."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. It was a really, really, REALLY dirty dream."

That got Tina's attention. Putting her files away, Tina turned to her lover, reaching out to smooth her sleep tousled hair. Bette leaned forward so her lips were teasing Tina's ear.

"I'm so wet right now," she whispered, making Tina gulp loudly. "I'll meet you in the toilets in five minutes."

She stood up and started down the aisle, only pausing to turn round and flash Tina a 'come hither' smile. Tina just watched her go with a smile of her own, knowing the extra swing of Bette's hips was purely for her enjoyment.

Quickly she packed away her files and, when she thought five minutes was up, made her own way to the toilets. Giving herself a moment to straighten out her clothes, she knocked lightly. The door flew open, and before she could react, Bette had grabbed her arm and pulled her in, locking the door behind them and kissing her hungrily.

"Wow, you really are turned on," Tina breathed when they had to break apart for oxygen. "Must have been some dream."

"Mmm-hmm." Bette's eyes were dilated and her chest heaving with arousal.

"Tell you what," Tina said, moving forward, forcing Bette back against the door. "You tell me all about it, and I'll see if I can do anything about your little…" She searched about for the word. "…predicament."

"I'd gone to see you at work," Bette started as Tina began to kiss her neck, freeing her shirt buttons and pushing the two sides apart. "And you were being all 'in-charge' and sexy and…"

Her voice trailed off as Tina kissed her way down her collar bone to her chest, as her hand began to undo her trousers.

"Go on," Tina murmured, opening them and slipping her hand inside.

Bette let out a moan, but managed to carry on. "…and I pushed everything off your desk and ravished you." Tina gently pushed Bette's panties to the side and slipped her fingers into the warmth she found there, causing Bette to moan again.

"You really are wet," Tina said in slight disbelief, beginning to rub Bette's clit slowly. Bette's eyes closed and she let her head fall back, her mouth opening in ecstasy.

"See what just thinking about you does to me," she stammered. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," Tina whispered, slowly sliding one finger into Bette. Bette groaned, reaching out blindly to pull Tina back up to her so she could kiss her. Tina was only too happy to and she pushed her tongue into Bette's mouth in time to her thrusting hand.

It took only moments for Bette to climax, crying out into Tina's mouth. Her knees began to buckle, but Tina caught her, holding her up while she recovered, planting kisses all over her face.

"I thought it was about time we joined the Mile High Club," Bette joked when she got her breath back.

"Baby, we joined the Mile High Club five years ago, when we went on holiday to Mexico, remember?"

"Oh yeah." Bette closed her eyes again. "My brain cells aren't fully functioning yet – just give me a moment."

Tina laughed and drew her in close for a hug.

At the same time, down at the other end of the plane, Dana turned to Alice.

"D'ya reckon Bette and Tina are having fun in business class?" she wondered.

Alice looked up from her magazine. "Nah, Tina's got loads of work to do, and Bette said she was going to sleep the entire flight."

Dana nodded, and they turned back to their magazines.

Chapter Three

"So, here we are," Bette said as the taxi pulled up outside the Metropolitan hotel in Mayfair. "It looks nice."

"Wow!" Shane exclaimed as they piled out of the taxi. "Thank fuck we got the rooms at a discount!"

"Hello, may I help you with your bags?" a porter asked politely, gesturing to the pile of suitcases the taxi driver had deposited on the pavement.

"Uh yeah, sure." Bette paid the taxi driver, then turned back to the waiting gang, who were looking up at the place in awe. "Come on guys, let's go in."

"They had sex again," Alice whispered to Shane as they trailed behind Bette and Tina, watching the way their bodies kept brushing up against each others 'accidentally'.

"Yeah, even I couldn't miss the twinkle in their eyes," Dana agreed.

"Twinkle in whose eyes?" Tina asked, just catching the end of the conversation as they reached the reception desk.

"No ones."


Alice and Dana spoke at the same time, then turned and glared at each other.


"Look, they were just saying how happy you looked," Shane interjected. "Its nice to see you two have stopped fighting and have started..." She gestured with her hand and wiggled her eyebrows.

"Thanks Shane," Tina said warmly, slipping her arm around her friend's waist. "You're all cuddly under that 'hard dyke' image of yours, aren't you?"

"Ssh, don't tell anyone," Shane joked in a loud whisper.

"Hey, we're all checked in," Bette interrupted, handing out the keys. "You three are on floor two, and we're on floor seven."

"So, what do you say we all go get settled in, and meet down here later for some dinner?" Tina asked. "I don't know about you lot, but I am starving."

The rest agreed, so they told the porter where they needed the suitcases, and made either way to the lift. Bette and Tina decided they would come down to the others rooms – which were conveniently next to each other – in an hour, and they would go to the restaurant together.

"And don't forget to dress up, it's a posh restaurant!" Bette called through the closing lift doors at the second floor.

Tina chuckled as the lift started up again. "What do you reckon Shane will wear?"

"She must have something, a shirt maybe?" Bette suggested, taking Tina's hand and pulling her in close.

"You're about the same size; maybe you should go down in a bit and lend her some of your clothes?"

"Uh-uh." Bette shook her head. "I am going to take a nice hot shower, and you are coming in with me."

Tina giggled. "Sounds good. As long as we're not late…"

Dinner was delicious, served in the Japanese restaurant in the basement of the hotel. Bette, Tina, Alice and Dana chatted while they ate, the conversation flowing as freely as the wine, while Shane eyed up the various bored wives dotted round the room.

A couple of hours later, as the buzz from the alcohol was beginning to take hold, Shane turned to Dana. "Hey Dane, what do you think of that blonde over there?" She discreetly nodded towards the bar.

"She's cute, why?"

"She's been staring at you for the last half an hour."

"Yeah right," Dana replied sarcastically, waving the comment away. "See, she's with that guy." The gang watched as a rather weedy man in a suit came up and kissed her on the cheek, then held out his arm for her.

"So? Maybe she wants a bit of pussy on the side," Shane insisted.

"Oh no, I am NOT getting mixed up in any of that."

"Good for you Dana," Bette said. "It's immoral."

Alice almost choked on her wine. "What?! How can you, of all people, say that?" she asked accusingly. "You did exactly the same thing with Tina and Eric!"

Tina looked at Bette. "She's right you know. You behaved terribly immorally."

"Aah, but you see, I knew it was true love," Bette defended, placing her hand over her heart. "And that you weren't just some fickle bi-curious girl."


"Oh, sorry Alice." Bette grinned, letting Alice know she was just teasing.

"It doesn't matter, I've decided I'm not bisexual anymore," Alice told them morosely. "I'm asexual."

Tina rubbed her back and poured her another glass of wine. "We'll have to change that while we're over here then. Hook you up with some dashingly handsome women/men."

"Yeah," Shane agreed, leaning in and lowering her voice as if to tell them a big secret. "I hear the English girls are wild in bed."

"And that accent…" Tina put her hand to her forehead and pretended to swoon.

"Oh God, and the men are so smooth!" Alice said excitedly, her glumness gone as quickly as it struck. "Like James Bond…he is so sexy and gorgeous and…mmmm! Don't you think?"

The rest of the table just looked blankly at her.

Chapter Four

"Do you have to go?"

Tina jumped, her lover's voice loud in the otherwise silent hotel room. She turned away from her briefcase, fully intending to admonish Bette for sneaking up on her, but stopped short as soon as she laid eyes on her.

Bette was leaning against the door frame of the bedroom, her arms folded and a cocky grin on her face. Naked.

Tina's mouth went dry, and it was a few seconds before she found her voice.

"I really, really, really… have to go," she said, her eyes roving hungrily over Bette's body. "Can you put some clothes on?"

"Do you not like my body?" Bette mock pouted, glancing down at herself.

"Baby, I love it. But…if you stand there like that for much longer…I'm in danger of jumping you and spending the day in bed."

Bette raised an eyebrow, pushing herself away from the door frame and sauntering over to Tina.

"And that would be a bad thing because…?"

"Because months of work is hinging on this meeting." She turned back to the table, mentally running through the files she needed to take in a futile attempt to dampen her hormones. "And the L.A. office is relying on me not to mess it up."

"So you really can't take off this pretty little suit of yours and come back to bed?" Bette asked, fingering the lapel of Tina's jacket.

"No, I really can't," Tina insisted as firmly as she could.

Bette held Tina's gaze for a moment longer, then turned round and walked back to the bedroom. "Your loss!" she called back over her shoulder.

"Don't I know it," Tina muttered, managing to pack away her laptop blind as her eyes were glued to her lover's retreating form. Right, I've got files, laptop, phone, purse…what else do I need? She scanned the room, trying to spot anything she'd forgotten. Ooh, contracts! She grabbed the envelope from her bag and stuffed it into her briefcase.

"Ok, that's everything," she said to herself, clicking the case shut. "Now I just need to say goodbye to Bette…"

Be strong Tina Kennard. Don't give in to her damn fine body.

Taking a deep breath and squaring her shoulders, she went into the room and sat down on the bed. Bette, who was leaning against the head board, the covers round her waist, reached over and lightly stroked a hand down Tina's arm and entwining her fingers with Tina's.

"Are you going?"

"Yeah," Tina replied, none too enthusiastically. She let her eyes wander down to Bette's chest one last time, before pulling herself together. "Don't have too much fun without me," she ordered.

"I won't do," Bette told her with a smile, letting go of Tina's hand as she stood up. "I'm gonna catch a few more hours sleep, then me and the others might go and check out that fitness centre. I feel like a swim."

"Well, don't wear yourself out too much," Tina said as she smoothed down her hair and suit in the mirror. "I have a feeling I'll have some energy to burn after sitting in the meeting all day."

"Promises, promises," Bette quipped, winking.

Tina leaned over and gave Bette a kiss that was as chaste as she could manage under the circumstances. Which wasn't very chaste.

"Love you," she murmured, pulling away and leaving the room. "I'll call you at lunch."

"Love you too!" Bette called after her just before she heard the door slam. Laughing inwardly, she settled herself into the soft, silk covered pillows and let herself drift back to sleep.

To Be Continued

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