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By tigerDE

Tina slammed the glass down onto the bar and motioned for the bartender to pour her another. He gave her a compassionate smile and topped up her tumbler with whisky, which she downed again.

God, she was angry. Very angry. She'd had another fight with Bette, and for once she'd been the one that had stormed out of the house. Which explained why she was alone in a bar on the other side of town, jaw tense and eyes blazing as her mind ran over the argument again and again.

There was just something about Bette that managed to get her so wound up that she had to keep reminding herself to breathe. It was a good job she'd left when she did, before she really flipped and said some things she'd regret in the morning. Like she always did.

A look of puzzlement came over her face when she realised she couldn't even remember how the fight started. These days it didn't need to be anything big, they argued over anything and everything. And she was sick of it.

As she sat there fuming, she became aware of someone slide into the barstool next to her. Ignoring them, she gulped down the potent brown liquid the barman had just poured for her, watching the ice cubes swirling in her glass intently.

"Woah, you're going to feel that in the morning," the woman next to her said in a voice as rich and smooth as caramel.

Tina glanced at her, and was taken aback when she saw the most beautiful woman in the world looking back at her. She had long, dark hair and deep, brown eyes, which were complemented perfectly by the white silk shirt that hinted at her cleavage.

Realising she was staring, Tina quickly turned back round. "I don't care," she said, surprised by how dry her mouth had suddenly become.

The woman chuckled. "Well then…" The words rolled seductively off the woman's tongue, and Tina felt herself shiver at the sound. "…care for a refill?"

Tina nodded and pushed her glass towards the woman, who was waving the bartender over. They sat in silence until he'd finished serving them, then the woman turned back to Tina.

"So, are you going to tell me why you're sat here alone, downing drinks like there's no tomorrow?"

Tina grasped her glass in both hands like it was the only thing giving her strength. "I had an argument with my girlfriend, and I walked out."

"Your girlfriend is a fool," the woman told her, her twinkling eyes raking over Tina's body. "She must be, to risk losing you over an argument."

Tina looked at the woman, smiling humourlessly. "That would never happen. Because, no matter how much she pisses me off, I love her too much. And she knows it." With that, Tina downed her drink, grimacing as it burned her throat and stomach on the way down.

The woman contemplated her for a few moments, then stood up, beckoning for Tina to do the same. "Come with me," she said softly, throwing a few notes onto the bar and grabbing her jacket from the stool next to her as she walked to the door. Tina followed, the cool night air bringing out goose bumps on her exposed shoulders as they stepped from the bar.

They walked down the street in silence, then the woman grabbed Tina's hand and drew her into a dark alley. She backed her against a wall, one hand on either side of Tina, and leaned in so their bodies were pressed together. Bending her head so her lips were mere millimetres from Tina's ear, her hot breath caressing the sensitive skin just behind it.

"You are gorgeous," she murmured. "Can I touch you?"

Tina swallowed hard as all memories of the argument flew out of her head. "Yes…" she whispered, trailing off into a gasp as the woman nibbled her earlobe then kissed her way along her jaw and up to her mouth. Capturing Tina's lips in an incendiary kiss, she moved her hands from their place on the wall to her shoulders, sliding them down over Tina's breasts and stomach to the hem of her tank top. Slowly she pushed it up as she broke away from the kiss and moved down, her mouth and teasing tongue leaving a wet path in its wake.

"Oh God," Tina groaned as she felt hot lips on her nipple, her eyes rolling up into her head at the sensation. Threading her hands through the woman's hair she tugged gently, bringing her up so she could devour her mouth again. She took the woman's hands and guided them to her waistband, and the woman, taking the hint, unbuttoned her fly and slipped her hand inside and underneath the lace panties. Her fingers made contact with liquid fire and they both moaned into the kiss.

Tina felt her knees buckle as the woman entered her, and she grabbed hold of her shoulders to brace herself as the woman began to slide her fingers in and out, her thumb reaching up and rubbing Tina's clit in small circles.

Under the woman's expert touch, Tina reached climax quickly, her body sweating and shaking as her muscles contracted round the woman's fingers. She was held in that place of pure bliss for one moment, then she went limp and slumped into the woman's arms, holding her close as she tried to calm her raging heart. She felt tears coming and she didn't fight them back, letting her hurt and anger and frustration seep into the woman's jacket.

"I'm sorry," the woman whispered, pulling back. She reached up and wiped Tina's tears from her cheeks with her thumb. "I didn't mean to make you cry."

Tina looked into her eyes, searching. "Take me home," she said weakly, her voice breaking on every word.

Bette smiled and held her close as they walked off into the night.

The End

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