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Senator Grisham's Second Chance
By AnnabelUK


"You're an exquisite woman and right now - all I want - more than I want you - is for my girlfriend to want me as much as you do."

"She doesn't know what she's missing and this just wasn't meant to be. Shame though. It would have been good."

"I'm sure it would have. I'm sorry."

As the Senator's apartment door closed behind Bette, tears stung her eyelids.

It would seem that she'd just had the confirmation from Tina that she didn't want - Tina didn't care any more and she certainly didn't 'want' Bette.

Standing on the sidewalk, Bette looked back over her shoulder at the stylish apartments. What was she walking away from? A voice brought her out of her troubled thoughts.

"Miss Porter? The Senator has asked me to drive you back to your hotel."

The Senator's driver held the door of the limo open for Bette.

The drive back across the city towards Bette's hotel seemed to take an eternity. The streets of DC were still bustling with activity but she was oblivious to anything except the blood pounding through her head.

How long was it since someone had made her feel as desired as Barbara Grisham just had? Had she really just turned her back on one of the most powerful, respected and beautiful women in this city of power and politics? An enigmatic, strikingly beautiful woman who'd spent the past few hours trying to seduce her. And, for what? A seemingly mistaken loyalty to her increasingly irreverent and distant partner who was evidently completely apathetic about where Bette was or what she was doing or who she was doing it with.

Maybe it was time to start accepting that the chasm between her and Tina was growing ever wider and that what was broken was beyond fixing.

Bette felt cold and dark inside. Her heart ached. Everything seemed empty. More than anything she hated feeling alone and powerless to do anything about it.

Her cell phone sounded the shrill tone of a text message. She reached in her bag and retrieved the message.

"Your girlfriend clearly does not know what she's missing Miss Porter. I on the other hand most definitely do. I'm sorry that I couldn't offer the right encouragement to persuade you to stay. I enjoyed our all too brief encounter Bette - enormously. You're a beautiful and captivating woman. The loss is entirely mine. If I could have turned the sadness in your eyes into desire what a liaison we could have had!

Have a safe trip home - with resolve like yours, perhaps you should consider running for office. If you need any introductions - call me. Barbara."

Bette's heart started racing as the words coursed their way through her brain. Her resolve not to 'cheat' on Tina may have held steady but she certainly hadn't been able to prevent herself from feeling an intense attraction towards Senator Barbara Grisham. She'd aroused feelings within Bette that had been absent for all too long.

Bette replayed the evening in her mind, the touch of Barbara's hand on hers, the feel of her breath on Bette's face in that all too fleeting moment where her resolve very nearly broke down and their lips almost met. Oh how she wished she had stayed to enjoy that bottle of scotch and the Senator's attention.

Like a bolt of lightening striking, Bette suddenly felt such a deep sense of regret. Something, some exterior force was willing her to go back. Whatever was going to happen between her and Tina was not going to be changed tonight.

Without really knowing how she'd got there, or how quickly, Bette found herself walking back through the large smoked glass doors of Senator Grisham's apartment block.

As the elevator headed up towards the Penthouse apartments Bette's heart felt as if it would beat out of her chest. Her mouth was dry. Her hands trembling. She felt suddenly alive, as though some electrical current was charging through her body.

She stood outside the solid oak door, raised her hand and knocked gently… A sudden feeling of nervousness overtook her and momentarily she stepped away and contemplated retreating.

As she did, she heard the sound of a key turning. She held her breath and turned round. Greeting her with a warm smile Senator Grisham stood to one side - "I had just about given up on you Miss Porter."

Bette walked slowly and hesitatingly passed the Senator who shut the door behind her.

Bette was suddenly shivering.

"Go through and warm by the fire whilst I go and fetch you a fresh glass of encouragement."

Bette stood in the spot where she had been standing only an hour or so ago, looking up at one of the Senator's impressive abstract impressionist's paintings.

She felt a hand gently make contact with her elbow. She turned and accepted the glass of scotch.

She took a large sip and instantly felt both its warmth and its courage slip down her throat.

Bette took her jacket off and Barbara took it from her and walked across the room to place it on the back of a chair.

Bette couldn't take her eyes off the softly sashaying hips as Barbara walked away from her.

The Senator walked back across the room and sat down on the couch in the same spot she had occupied earlier.

Bette joined her and sat facing her. She leant with her elbow on the back of the couch and began tracing the top of her glass with her finger as she had earlier.

Barbara smiled.

"That's an extremely seductive action Miss Porter. It's having the same effect on me as it did earlier."

"What made you come back?"

Bette didn't take her eyes away from her glass.

"I realised that I'd forgotten something."


"How to accept, graciously, the attention of an exquisitely beautiful woman, when it's paid to me."

This time it was Bette who pushed herself forward on the sofa so that she was, once more, entering the Senator's personal space.

She looked long and hard into the Senator's enigmatic grey-green eyes.

Barbara placed her scotch on the table and let her eyes meet with Bette's gaze.

She reached out with her hand and as she had before, began to trace the contours of Bette's mouth with the tip of her finger. Bette briefly closed her eyes as she revelled in the softness of the Senator's touch.

She parted her lips and drew the Senator's finger gently into her mouth.

As she did she opened her eyes and once again met Barbara's gaze.

She reached out and placed her scotch on the coffee table. As she moved back she leant in towards Barbara.

Their faces were so close Bette could feel Barbara's breath against her cheek.

They held each other's desire in the look that passed between them.

Barbara moved her right hand through Bette's hair. Bette mirrored her host's earlier move and began to run her finger gently across Barbara's slightly open mouth.

Bette felt gentle pressure on the back of her head as Barbara drew her towards her until their lips met.

Her kiss was soft and only surface deep to start with. A small, gentle, slightly open mouthed kiss. Bette could taste the expensive, honeyed scotch on Barbara's lips. As their lips moved slowly and lingeringly against one another Bette could feel her heartbeat increasing and her breaths shortening. She felt slightly dizzy.

Bette moved her right hand to the Senator's neck and slowly slid her fingers into her hair, mirroring the action that Barbara's hand continued.

As they pulled each other's heads closer the kiss deepened. Bette felt the Senator's tongue gently push against her lips. Her mouth opened and she met the warm and welcome intrusion with her own tongue.

As the kiss became deeper and more searching Bette felt the Senator's left hand gently rest on her neck. She was aware that Barbara's breathing was becoming more laboured and soft moans were filling her mouth.

Bette gently pulled back. As her their mouths parted Barbara looked into Bette's eyes.

"Do you want me to stop?"

Bette held Barbara's gaze and almost imperceptibly shook her head.

She moved her hands down Barbara's shoulders and started to undo the buttons on the Senator's blouse.

As she undid the fourth button she pushed the blouse back to reveal the sensual sight of black lace against the Senator's skin.

A small gasp escaped Bette's lips.

The Senator once again took Bette's hand in hers and started to place soft kisses in the palm of her hand. She then placed Bette's open palm against the lace of her own bra.

As Bette gently caressed the Senator's breast Barbara started to unbutton Bette's blouse.

When she reached the last button Bette started to slide Barbara's blouse back off her shoulders. Barbara gracefully slipped her arms out of the sleeves and let the blouse fall behind her.

Barbara caused the same to happen with Bette's.

They sat in the warm, amber glow of the fire. Drinking each other in with the same languid enjoyment as they had sipped on the expensive scotch earlier.

They stroked each other's skin, tracing the contours of shoulders and collar bones with slightly hesitant fingers.

Bette placed her hands on Barbara's shoulders and pulled her into her. In a swift and lithe movement Bette was lying on her back on the couch with Barbara on top of her, one knee between Bette's legs and the other on the edge of the sofa.

Barbara smiled down at Bette and found her mouth again to start another searching kiss.

As the kiss grew deeper and more intimate so did their thoughts and their longing for each other.

Bette's hands moved down the Senator's back and over her buttocks. When her right hand found the edge of Barbara's knee-length skirt she started to nudge the skirt up and slip her hand up the back of Barbara's thigh where her searching was met with the top of a lacy stocking.

"You feel so good," Bette breathed as her hand left stocking and found warm flesh.

"So do you." Was all that Barbara could manage.

Barbara was aware that as she kissed Bette and caressed her breast with her right hand whilst supporting herself above Bette with her other, Bette's hips were becoming ever more restless as she pushed her centre against Barbara's leg. She was also aware that everything passing between them right now was leading her into an increasingly aroused state herself.

She pulled her mouth away from Bette's and sat herself back, kneeling, resting gently on Bette's outstretched leg.

The pressure of Bette's leg between her thighs only heightened her arousal.

Bette looked up into the Senator's eyes and smiled.

"God you're beautiful Senator Grisham….. Breathtakingly beautiful."

"You're not so bad yourself Miss Porter."

There was no self consciousness between them as they took the sight of each other in.

The Senator was completely losing herself in the beauty of the woman beneath her. Bette's long, dark bangs of curls framed her face perfectly and she couldn't take her eyes away from the younger woman's perfect skin. The falling and rising vales of her body which ran from her neck to her abdomen reminded the Senator of the most velvety milk chocolate ice cream. She had the feeling that once she tasted this elegant dessert she wouldn't want to stop. She saw a strength and a surety in Bette that she admired and yet there was a vulnerability to her, a sadness and childlike quality that made her want to offer protection.

As Bette looked up at Barbara she felt almost defenceless. She wasn't used to that feeling. She was used to being in control. She let her eyes wander from the Senator's face down her neck, across her gracefully sculpted collar bones to her breasts. How she longed to touch her skin. The Senator's skin looked soft and warm. Sun kissed with a gently fading sun tan.

Barbara reached out and gently slid the open palm of her right hand down the side of Bette's face. She was utterly mesmerised by this woman. She wasn't actually aware of having felt something so intensely before. There was something about Bette that reached deep within her and touched her very soul. She wanted her so much and yet she didn't want this stage of anticipation to end.

Bette placed her hands on the Senator's hips and drew herself up. She started to gently kiss the skin which remained uncovered by Barbara's bra. As she did she breathed in the musky scent of her perfume which made her moan gently. She slid her hands up Barbara's back as she continued covering her chest with soft kisses. Barbara pressed down onto Bette's leg, searching for some small relief from the ache that was building within her and as she did her head fell backwards.

"I want you so much." Whispered Bette as she continued with her butterfly kisses across the Senator's chest.

"I want you to need me, to want me to touch you, I want you to feel me and breathe me."

In what seemed like one swift, stealth movement the Senator had removed herself from Bette's arms and was sitting on the edge of the couch looking down at Bette.

"Bette, I can't, don't want to be and am not Tina."

Panic coursed through Bette like a hot knife through butter.

She stood up in front of Barbara, reached down and pulled the Senator to her feet.

She placed one hand in the small of her back and the other in Barbara's hair. She looked deep into her eyes.

"I don't want you to be Tina. I want you to need me and want me Barbara."

"You're making me feel things I haven't felt in such a long time."

"It scares me. I wasn't expecting this to happen. I wasn't expecting to feel so…."

"Out of control?" Came Barbara's reply.

Bette released her hold on the Senator and Barbara moved her hands to hold Bette's face.

"You can't always be in control Bette."

Bette's eyes were glistening with tears.

Bette had been on a roller coaster emotionally during the past few hours and both of them were feeling things that they hadn't anticipated when they entered the Senate hearing that morning.

The Senator's 'arrangement' with her husband had been an agreement for many years but it had been a while since she'd 'indulged' in an affair with another woman. She had to be so careful because of her profile and visibility and the damage that 'bad press' could do to her political career.

Bette had grabbed her attention with ultimate ease. She'd noticed her the minute she'd entered the Senate Committee room this morning. Tall, beautiful, confident, assertive and yet nervous. It wasn't until her 'fiery' retort to Barbara's fellow Senator Horsefield's pyrotechnics that she'd managed to engage more than just her attention.

When they'd recessed for coffee Barbara had Googled Bette Porter. Former director of the CAC. She'd put two and two together, given consideration to the cause she was representing today and decided that she was definitely worth further investigation.

As she looked at Bette now. Nothing about her seemed so confident or assertive.

"Sometimes you have to let someone else hold the reigns Miss Porter. You have to trust someone else to lead the way."

Barbara pulled Bette's face towards her own. She held Bette's eyes with her own. As their faces drew closer neither looked away from the other or closed their eyes. Barbara began to kiss Bette. First tracing the shape of her lips with the tip of her tongue. Then gently pushing her tongue beneath Bette's lips and drawing her top lip between her own and gently nibbling.

Barbara let her tongue slide into Bette's mouth, exploring, searching, caressing. Bette lifted her hands once more and threaded her fingers through the Senators long auburn hair.

Bette let her hands drop down to Barbara's shoulders, then slide slowly down her back. Bette's fingers met either side of the Senators bra fastening.

Barbara pulled back and Bette's hands moved from her back.

"Not here." Murmured Barbara softly.

"I want to take you to bed."

"I want you to trust me to take care of you."

This woman's words washed over Bette like the most soothing, calming and comforting spa waters. They made Bette feel safe and so fervently wanted.

Barbara took Bette's hand and led her from the sitting room.

As Bette followed, she felt the greatest sense of peace she had felt in ages.

They walked along a short corridor, boasting some beautiful works of art and vases of the sweetest smelling lilies.

All of Bette's senses were so attuned to her surroundings and this delicious woman she was following.

Barbara stopped outside a closed, heavy mahogany door. She gently pushed Bette against the wall. She placed her hands on the wall either side of Bette's shoulders.

Bette couldn't recall a time when someone had looked so deeply into her eyes.

Barbara kissed her, still with a delectable softness but this time there was a strength and determination behind her kiss.

As the kiss deepened Bette moved her hands to hold Barbara's head.

"You can hold me, but don't try to control Bette."

Bette let go and rested her hands once more on Barbara's hips.

As Barbara kissed Bette her kiss becoming more wanton and hungry, her hands moved to the waistband of Bette's trousers. Without struggle she undid the button.

Barbara had never experienced this before. With other lovers she had always moved quite quickly. From seduction to bed, then sex and 'goodbye'. She'd never allowed herself to get involved in anything more lingering or complicated.

With Bette, it was all so different. She wanted to enjoy every second. She wanted to make every moment last. She wanted to indulge in Bette like a fine wine. Sipping, tasting, savouring every single taste, touch, feeling.

What was this woman stirring in her?

As she continued to kiss Bette her left hand still placed firmly against the wall, her right hand moved slowly down Bette's arm, across her stomach, down her abdomen until it reached the top of her trousers.

The Senator ran her fingers across the diameter of Bette's waist, resting just above her trousers. She then let her hand fall down between Bette's legs, gently teasing and stroking her inner thigh.

Bette couldn't stop herself, she raised her hands again to cup the Senator's face.

"Please touch me. I want you to touch me."

Barbara so wanted to acquiesce to Bette's request. She also desperately wanted Bette to touch her too… to take this ache away.

Barbara moved aside, took Bette by the hand and opened the bedroom door.

The room was dark and Bette briefly lost sight of the Senator until she came back into view amidst the soft glow from a bedside lamp.

Bette stood next to the bed which was luxuriously adorned with a deep green duvet and dark red scatter cushions.

The Senator moved behind her. Bette could feel Barbara's breath on the nape of her neck followed by gentle kisses which sent shivers through her entire body.

As Barbara kissed Bette's neck she slid her hands around Bette's waist. Her long fingers found the already unfastened button and slowly undid the zip on Bette's trousers.

Bette closed her eyes.

Senator Grisham could feel the heat burning between her own thighs. Her breathing was quick and shallow. She felt heady and was finding it harder and harder to maintain a slow and deliberating pace.

She slipped her hand inside Bette's trousers. As she moved her fingers downwards she couldn't help but release an audible gasp as she discovered just how aroused Bette was.

As she slipped her finger just inside the folds of Bette's most intimate place, Bette moaned and moved back against Barbara, putting her hands behind her and searching for some contact with the woman about to become her lover.

Senator Grisham's resolve was waning. She released her hand from between Bette's thighs and allowed Bette to turn around.

As Bette turned the Senator undid her skirt which fell to the floor. She sat on the edge of the bed and removed her stockings whilst Bette let her trousers fall to the floor.

As they stood and faced each other wearing only their bras, Bette moved towards Barbara.

Senator Grisham allowed Bette's hands to release her bra fastening this time and as Bette let it fall to the floor the Senator relieved Bette of hers too.

Both women stood, naked in the soft haze cast by the bedside lamp, not able to take their eyes off one another.

Bette moved over to the bed, sat down and then inched her way back until she was lying on her back.

Barbara looked down at her and smiled.

She placed one knee on the bed and moved to the side of Bette.

She propped herself up on one arm with her face directly above Bette's.

She teased Bette's hair through the fingers of her right hand.

Her left hand moved down Bette's chest until eager fingers made their first contact with one of Bette's nipples.

Bette groaned as Senator Grisham teased with her fingers. She followed, quickly with an enquiring and searching mouth.

She teased Bette's nipples with her tongue. Gently sucking and circling whilst Bette moved under her touch.

Bette desperately wanted to guide the Senator's hand to touch her more intimately but…. She'd been warned … she could hold but not lead her.

Much to Bette's delight, it wasn't long before she felt a hand gliding gently across her abdomen until it came to rest on the soft warmth between her legs.

She opened her eyes and looked into Barbara's.

Barbara smiled.

"What do you want me to do?" Whispered the Senator.

"Kiss me."

Barbara willingly obliged and covered Bette's mouth with her own.

Bette broke the kiss. Looked deeply and imploringly into Barbara's eyes and spoke just one word.


Barbara knew exactly what she wanted.

She slid her hand between Bette's legs and once again discovered just what effect she was having on this beautiful dark haired woman now raising her hips to meet Barbara's touch.

Barbara maintained a slow and steady rhythm as she moved her fingers inside Bette.

Bette's whole body was responding to the Senator's touch.

Bette had one hand entangled in Barbara's hair and the other above her head, gripping the pillow.

As Bette's arousal became more intense and her body began to move more confidently, Barbara shifted position until she was astride Bette, one knee either side of Bette's left leg.

As she continued to gently but firmly thrust her fingers in and out of Bette's warm wetness whilst her thumb massaged the epicentre of Bette's arousal, Barbara caressed Bette's breasts with her other hand.

Bette moved her head from side to side as soft moans left her mouth one after the other.

The way Bette was responding to her touch and reacting to her intense arousal was increasing the Senator's own need to be satiated. She didn't recall having wanted to feel someone's touch as much as she desired Bette's.

Bette looked into Barbara's eyes. She wanted her to know that she was aware of exactly who was making love to her.

The Senator could tell by Bette's movements that she was pretty close to falling into the grasp of an orgasm but, suddenly, Bette took hold of Barbara's hand and pulled it away from her.

Bette looked at the Senator with such intent and spoke softly.

"Sometimes, it's not about who's leading the way but about sharing the journey."

Bette gently eased Senator Grisham onto her back. Placed herself between her lovers legs and started to cover every inch of her neck in hungry kisses.

Bette moved easily and assuredly down the Senator's body trailing her tongue in swirling movements as she moved down across her stomach and abdomen. Slowly she retraced her movements until her mouth found a taut and erect nipple. As she gently sucked and toyed with one nipple with her tongue she softly caressed the Senator's other breast with her long, supple fingers.

She could feel the now acutely aroused Senator's body writhing under her touch.

Bette moved herself so each of her legs were either side of Barbara's leg. Supporting herself on her arms she lowered herself and as her mouth found Barbara's and they kissed with a now almost uncontrollable desire, Bette pressed her increasingly wet and aroused centre onto the Senator's rising thigh. As she did this she could feel Senator Grisham impossibly wet against her own leg. As their mouths parted they held each others wanton stare.

Barbara pushed her right hand into Bette's hair.

Almost incoherently and breathlessly the Senator issued her plea to Bette.

"Miss Porter, you are killing me. As much as I don't want this incredibly luscious journey to finish, I need you to ease this excruciatingly beautiful pain."

Bette smiled back at this woman beneath her. This beautiful, sexy and sensual woman.

"You want me inside you?"


Bette did not take her gaze away from the Senator's imploring eyes.

She carefully shifted her position so that she lay alongside her lover, supporting herself on her right arm.

Slowly but with purpose, she trailed her left hand down over Senator Grisham's deeply undulating chest. As her hand reached it's destination, she let her fingers glide over Barbara's soft warm triangle. Bette's heart was beating so fast as, for the first time, she touched this woman before her in her most intimate of places. As her finger slid through the soft folds of warmth and wetness both women gasped. Bette's intention was to tease for a moment or too… to explore this sensual place and further arouse her lover. Barbara's need was greater than that would allow and as she moved her hips in an upwards motion, the Senator placed her own hand on Bette's and pushed her deep within her.

Realising that Senator Grisham's desire had now gone beyond being quelled by a soft, exploring touch Bette began to move herself so that she could give this woman the attention she obviously needed.

Without withdrawing from Barbara, Bette moved and knelt beside her lover. She leant over her not wanting to look away from the Senator's face, taut with desire, small moans ensuing from her slightly open mouth.

"I want more of you. Please - deeper Bette."

The Senator's wish was her command and Bette pushed deeper within her. As she developed a slow and steady rhythm Barbara reached up and held Bette's head in her hands. She was fighting to keep her eyes open as desire and arousal completely overtook her yet she didn't want to stop looking at Bette's beautiful, smiling face.

"God - Bette - I can't - remember the last time someone made me feel like this. I can't - remember the last time I felt so…………. So………… completely……….."

"Turned on?" Bette replied, smiling.

"Yes……..Turned on," Barbara said, half laughing, half gasping for breath.

Bette felt Barbara stop moving and felt her hand hold Bette's and force her to slide her fingers out.

Bette looked into the Senator's eyes…. They seemed to just look at one another for eternity but in reality only seconds.

Senator Grisham pulled Bette in for a kiss and as their mouths parted she looked so deeply into Bette's eyes, Bette was sure she must be able to see her very soul.

"I want to be inside you too. I want us inside of each other Bette. I want us to end this journey together."

With that, they both shifted position slightly and simultaneously, one mirroring the other, they entered each other again. At the moment this happened both women closed their eyes. Each was revelling in the acuteness of their senses. Every touch, sound, taste, smell more intense than they'd ever known.

As their movement inside each other quickened they looked once more into each other's eyes. Senator Grisham could feel Bette's muscles tightening around her fingers and she knew that she wasn't far from giving herself over to a tidal wave of orgasm.

As Bette's orgasm built so did her lover's. She could feel Barbara involuntarily drawing Bette's fingers deeper within her and the pattern of her breathing indicated that the ultimate pleasure was not far away.

Not a word needed to be spoken between them. They both knew what they were about to share.

Bette put her right arm beneath Barbara's back and pulled her towards her. Their faces so close their noses were grazing against each other, both of them gave in to the inordinate euphoria which coursed through their bodies. Both women cried out as their orgasms reached an unprecedented pinnacle of ecstasy. They held on to each other as their bodies shuddered and trembled uncontrollably.

As the initial climax subsided neither woman moved.

Bette felt the Senator's mouth on hers. As Barbara slowly lay back on the bed she pulled Bette with her. Bette gingerly moved her legs and lay next to her.

After a few moments to gather some strength Bette eased herself up on one arm and looked at the Senator.

She was so moved by how beautiful this woman looked and by what they'd just shared together. Barbara returned Bette's look and smiled.

"What are you thinking when you're looking at me like that Miss Porter?"

"That you're flawlessly and exquisitely attractive lying there and that I have the most irresistible urge to see if you taste as good as you look."

"Bette, I…."

Bette silenced the Senator with a long, lingering kiss during which she explored every space of her mouth with her tongue.

She moved her kisses down Barbara's neck, over her breasts, slightly damp and flushed with the exertion of their lovemaking and down across her perfectly flat stomach and abdomen.

Bette then positioned herself between the Senator's long legs. Barbara released a long low moan, knowing what was about to happen.

Bette moved her mouth up Barbara's inner thigh, leaving a small trail of tiny kisses in her wake.

She breathed in slowly and deliberately. Her senses met with the most luscious, sweet, musky scent she had ever known.

As she felt soft hairs tickle the end of her nose, Bette reached out with her tongue and made contact with her lover's intimate core- the essence of her femininity.

Senator Grisham moaned long and hard as Bette began to run her tongue across the soft, pink, wet folds. Her movements alternated between long, languorous licks to small, circling slightly firmer strokes, occasionally pushing her tongue as deep within Barbara as she could. As Barbara's passion surfaced once more and her desire increased Bette felt the Senator's hands on the top of her head as she pulled Bette closer to her.

Bette willingly applied more pressure, drinking in this delicious, sweet, sensual and delectable woman.

Barbara came quickly but long and hard with a cry of unleashed passion, her entire body quivering as her orgasm coursed through her.

Bette moved up to hold her lover and as she looked down, she saw Barbara's eyes glistening with tears.

"God, are you ok? Was that too much?"

Barbara touched Bette's face.

"No my darling, not too much - just too wonderful. I don't know what you're doing to me Bette Porter but I'm feeling things I never have before. Wonderful, sexy, exciting, enchanting, intense things that make me not stop wanting you."

Driven on by their ceaseless need and fervent desire they continued to take each other with an increasingly frenzied passion until they eventually lay in each others arms as sleep embraced them.

5am. Soft early dawn sunshine stole across the room casting a warm glow over the bed.

When Bette had awoken it had taken a while for her eyes to adjust to the darkness and she could barely make out the Senator's silhouette as she slept peacefully.

Now as the dawn arrived, she lay on her side and watched this beautiful woman bathed in early morning sunlight.

So many thoughts cascaded through Bette's mind as she looked upon the woman she'd made love with last night.

So much of her didn't want to leave this place. Not just the physical place but the emotional place she found herself in right now.

Senator Barbara Grisham had awoken feelings in Bette that she hadn't experienced for a long time.

For the first time, Bette had let someone else be 'in control'.

But, she hadn't felt vulnerable. She had felt safe and protected.

She knew that a greater part of her wanted to stay here, not end the journey they had started together last night and allow the feelings deep within her to grow and fill her with a new hope.

There was, though, one overriding consideration in all this and that was Angellica.

Bette was no longer just responsible for her own journey through life. She was responsible for her 6 month old daughter's too.

There was a reality to deal with back in LA and Bette had to face that and leave.

As she awoke, Barbara already knew, without reaching out her hand, that the place next to her was empty. She knew that Bette had gone.

When she'd invited Bette back with her last night, there had been no other expectation than that of spending the night with this enigmatic woman who had enthralled, intrigued and tantalized her with her impressive stand against Senator Horsefield's narrow minded, vigilante style onslaught.

Bette had awoken an ardour within Senator Barbara Grisham yesterday afternoon that had lain dormant for a good long while. The impassioned and fiery way in which Bette Porter had stood by her convictions and belief that it's everyone's given right to make choices in life had been utterly compelling to Barbara and undeniably attractive.

She had simply wanted her.

Now, lying alone in the bed in which her and Bette had ended their intimate and undeniably salacious journey in the early hours, Barbara felt a palpable sadness that her lover had gone and a realisation that she desperately wished it wasn't so.

With a sea of conflicting emotions rolling through her mind and with a heaviness of heart, Barbara got out of bed, took her robe from the door and made her way to the kitchen.

The warmth that had occupied her apartment last night had dissipated like the embers that had burned in the fire as her and Bette enjoyed their first kiss.

Why did she feel so empty this morning. Why had other lascivious encounters not left her with such a sombre heart?

As she entered the spacious kitchen and placed the now sour smelling scotch glasses on the counter top, she was drawn from her reverie by an incoming message to her cell phone.

She reached into her case, took out her phone and opened the text.

I cannot recall an occasion when leaving somewhere… someone… was so extraordinarily hard.

You are as equisitely beautiful when enveloped by sleep as you are when you're infused with sanguine lust and passion Senator Grisham! My love and responsibility for my daughter are what have taken me from your bed this morning. There is nothing and no one else that could have made me leave. I can't think of our journey having reached it's destination, only having arrived at a crossroads. I have some decisions to make about which road to take now. Perhaps you do too. Right now I can't think of anything I want more than I want you Barbara.

Until our paths meet again. Yours. Bette.

As a soft smile passed across her mouth Barbara placed the phone on the side and went to make coffee.

The End

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