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Love is a Word
By Wordsmith

Part Three

Dana looked at Alice. Alice looked at Dana. Shane looked at them both and rolled her eyes. For a couple trying to keep their relationship a secret, they were doing a terrible job. It wasn't just the long looks over coffee cups. It wasn't even the non-to-subtle sudden absences. It was the closeness of their chairs at the table. It was the lingering fingers as one passed the other a packet of fake sugar. It was the unconscious way Alice pulled a tendril of Dana's hair off her face. She wasn't even aware that she did it. But to Shane every move and gesture shouted out to her of their newfound status, and only seemed to emphasize the loss she still felt in her heart over Cheri. Sometimes it felt as if she would go out of her mind. Never had she felt this kind of all consuming pain, actual physical pain, at the thought of Cheri. Shane cursed, startling the lovebirds out of their reverie toward each other, and left the table.

"We have to do something for Shane. She's really starting to worry me." Alice proclaimed, wiping a crumb off Dana's cheek.

Dana nibbled at the finger before it got away, "I know. I've never seen her this upset over a girl."

Alice smiled ruefully, "Yeah, it's usually the other girl moaning and wailing. I don't get it though. I mean, wasn't it just a fling with Whatshername? Isn't it always a fling? This is Shane after all."

Dana pondered, "I don't know, I guess not if she's this upset over it all."

"God, " said Alice, "You don't suppose she really loved Whatshername? Really love loved her, you know?"

"It looks like she might have." Dana admitted.

"I feel like I'm living in a soap opera. First Tina and Bette break up, now Shane's all freaked out over a fling gone bad. What next? Amnesia, someone getting thrown down a well or stranded on a desert island?"

Dana sang, "Just sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip."

Alice joined her, "That started from a tropic port, aboard this tiny ship…"

In no time at all, they had the whole joint singing along forgetting what brought up the song in the first place.

When they pulled into Dana's driveway a few hours later, Alice asked, "Are you sure it's going to be safe for me to be here? Tonya's gone, locks changed, all that?"

Dana smiled, "Yes, when I got home this morning, all her stuff was gone and her key was on the kitchen table. As per your orders, I had Harrison come over and change all the locks for me."
"Harrison?" Alice was amazed. She only thought he was good for being a beard during Dana's closeted tennis star dates.

"Yeah, he's got a crush on one of those Queer Eye guys, so he's learning how to be handy. I could have done it myself, but why bother when he needs the practice?"

"Good point" Alice agreed, and then was startled to find herself roughly pushed against the front door once she was inside. "Oof! Hello, can I help you Dana?"

Dana was busy pulling on Alice's coral shirt, trying to free it from her jeans. "Okay I think I was really good back there, and in the car, totally not touching you since you aren't ready to be "out" in public with me, but we're home now."

Alice raised an eyebrow, "So you decided to ravish me?"

Dana glanced up from what she was doing, "Uhm, yeah?"

Alice took pity on her, taking her face in her hands marveling at the soft skin, "Honey, I know it's hard, but really I just want to make sure there are no adverse repercussions from Tonya before we start letting the world know that we're together."

Dana covered the hands with her own. "I know, it's just…when you look so good, and sound so good, and smell-"

"So good, I get it, I get it. Another couple of days and then we'll be free and clear. Then it's public sex all the way."

Dana perked up, "Really!"

Alice slapped her lightly on the arm, "No, not really but we can at least hold hands, and make out in dark corners like real couples do. Until then, you'll just have to get your fill of me in private."

"As if I could." Mumbled Dana.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Alice, I don't know if it's just because it's you and I'm so comfortable with you or what the deal is, but I can't stop thinking about you. I mean, all the time. At home, at work, in the bathroom."

Alice stopped her, "You think about me in the bathroom?"

"Yeah, I mean no. I mean, while I'm in the bathroom, you just pop into my head. I just sit there and think about how amazing you are and how much I love being with you, and wondering what you're doing right then and…is that weird? It's weird, isn't it?" Dana searched Alice's face for a reaction.

"Yes, it's weird. But no weirder than my thinking about you while I'm writing. I wrote an entire article today and have no idea how or what it was about because I was thinking about you the whole time. Well, okay it is more weird to think of me while in the bathroom, but I see your point. Look this is still very new to both of us, and it's a little overwhelming, but wonderful overwhelming."

Dana smiled, "It is pretty wonderful."

Alice's brown eyes sparkled, "Yes it is. Hey, aren't you supposed to be ravishing me?"

"Oh yeah." Dana replied and set her mind back to the task at hand. She finished pulling Alice's shirt out, and then pulled it up over her head but rather than taking it all the way off, Dana used it to bind Alice's hands together.

"Uh, Dana?" questioned Alice.

"Don't talk." Dana looked Alice right in the eye, paused for a moment before whispering, "Say Gilligan if you want me to stop for real. Otherwise, please just let me do this."

Curious and excited beyond belief, Alice nodded wordlessly but in her head she was screaming, "Oh my god, Dana wants to play? She wants to play rough? I can't believe it. What happened to sweet, naïve Dana? I guess she needs to reclaim her power as a woman, after how Tonya treated her. But does she really think she can do this? Hey, why I can't I lower my arms? Oh god, I guess she can do this. I think I am in big trouble. Goodie."

Dana had managed to wrap Alice's shirt around her hands, and then suspend them on a hook on the back of the door, leaving her full access to the rest of Alice's body to do with as she pleased. And she pleased to lick and fondle each nipple to diamond hardness. She pleased to quickly pull down Alice's slacks, only fumbling for a moment when her heavy boots got in the way of them completely coming off. She pleased to tease with her tongue, teeth and lips all the way back up Alice's legs, spread so obligingly apart.

A little too obligingly, it seemed. Dana made her way up Alice's nude form, bypassing her core but slowly kissing every other exposed inch until she was once again dipping her tongue into Alice's panting mouth. Alice tried to be patient, she really did. She wanted to be the good little camper that Dana needed her to be, but submissive just wasn't part of Alice's hardwiring for long.

"God Dana, you're making me crazy!" she gasped.

Dana licked the cords of tendon in her neck, "Good."

"Dana" Alice didn't want to plead but couldn't help it, "C'mon, I need it."

Lick. "Need what, Al?" Lick, lick.

"God, did I mention that you are making me crazy? I need you."

"Need me to what?"

"You want me to say it? Fine "Alice deadpanned, "Oh Dana I need you so much, I want you to fuck me.

Oh yeah, make me come. You hot babe you." Her tone was flat and nasal, sounding more like Ben Stein than a woman in the throes of ecstasy.

This was not the correct response. Dana's eyes narrowed, and Alice swallowed convulsively, and tentatively pulled her arms against the shirt. "Uh oh, " she thought, "I think I just screwed up here. Shit, if she gets mad enough to walk off, I am well and truly stuck here. Unless I want to wreck either my shirt or Dana's door or both."

Luckily, Dana took pity on her. "Alice" she said in a silky voice that made Alice weak in the knees. "Remember when you said you nearly came the first time we kissed?"

"Yes, " Alice admitted hesitantly, thinking, "Oh god, is she going to actually try to do it? Oh god, she is, there she is trying. And I think she'll do it."

Dana's face was a study in concentration. Feeling heat emanating from between Alice's legs, she decided to take pity on the trembling, moaning blond. She brought her hand up and slid her index fingers through the silky wet curls, feeling Alice quake as she did so. One finger simply wasn't enough, so another was added. Long deep kisses kept tempo with slow gentle thrusts. Long deep thrusts competed with slow gentle kisses. No one had every made Alice feel this way, at least not so soon in the relationship. Usually there was the standard Getting To Know You phase where each person brought out their best stuff to see what worked on the other, a hit and miss proposition at best. But with Dana, each touch, each kiss, each new technique added to the pleasure Alice was able to achieve. Soon she was crying out Dana's name, who managed to unhook her and help her collapse into a heap onto the hard wooden floor without hurting herself in the process.

"Good god woman." Alice panted, "What you do to me."

Shy Dana had returned. "Yeah well, you inspire me."

"Well help me up and into your room, so I can return the favor." She smiled wickedly.

Dana gulped. "Gilligan?"

The next morning, Alice and Dana were enjoying a late morning breakfast of scones and coffee, each reading a section of the paper; Dana sports, Alice the book reviews when there came a knock on the door followed immediately by the chiming of the bell. Frowning, Dana went to answer it. When she came back, Alice was startled at how pale her lover looked, holding a blue backed paper in her hand.

Dana tried to speak, "She, she's..."

Alice jumped up "Sweetie, what is it? Are you okay? You're white as a sheet. Is it your folks?" Grabbing the paper from Dana's hand, she read it over quickly. And exploded.

"Tonya's suing you? What the fuck? She can't sue you!"

Dana couldn't speak, watching in silence as Alice paced the kitchen continuing to read. "Breach of contract! What contract? She can't sue you for breach of contract when you had no contract!" Stopping to look at Dana, "Tell me you never signed a contract with that bitch."

Dana shook her head, "No, never."

Alice resumed pacing and fuming, "Well that just goes to show she's a wacko!"

"Unless" started Dana.

Alice whirled around, "Unless what?"

"Well unless you count the marriage proposal." Dana thought, "Does that count as a contract? Like a verbal one?"

"Oh shit." Alice swore, as Dana grew pale again. "Quick, let's call your dad, he's a lawyer."

"No, I can't call him about this. He still can't accept I'm gay, let alone being sued for proposing to a..a"

"Psycho?" Alice supplied helpfully. "Bitch? Psycho bitch?"

"I was going to say woman, but psycho works too. We need someone better. We need, we need…"

Alice jumped up, "We need Tina."

"Tina? She's not a lawyer. Besides, she's still all freaked out about what happened with Bette and Candace. I can't bother her about this now. She's got her own stuff to figure out."

Alice had already pulled out her cell phone. "Tina? Hey, it's Alice. Howya doing? I know, it must be terrible. You know we're all here for you, right? Good. Look, I hate to be the worst friend in all the world, I can't imagine what kind of pain you're in right now, but I need your help. Actually, it's Dana who needs your help. You know that psycho Tonya? Well she's suing Dana. For breach of contract. I know, isn't it amazing, the gall? You can? Great, I knew you would. Look, why don't we meet you at the Center in an hour. Thanks T. Love you."

Alice looked at Dana. "Tina's going to meet us at the Advocacy Center in an hour. She thinks there's a lawyer there who can help us put the kibosh on this whole thing before it even gets started."

Dana's eyes grew moist, "Jees, Al, you take such good care of me."

Alice took her in her arms, "Nothing to it, Sweetie."

At the Advocacy Center, Tina met them in the dull beige reception area. "Come on, we can talk in here." As she led them into a conference room furnished with many styles of folding metal and plastic chairs and an uneven table, Dana mouthed to Alice, "She looks good." Given Tina's appearance, the last time she had seen her, Alice was amazed. Tina was well turned out in a light blue casual business suit with low-slung heels. After the heartbreak of Bette's betrayal Alice had imagined she would barely be able to brush her own teeth, let alone dive back into her volunteer work at the center.

"Edgar gave me the names of some great lawyers who have helped out here over the years. I called one named Kris who said she could meet us here in about a half an hour. Do you want to fill me in on this?" Tina poured coffee for them all, and then sat at the end of the table. "Dana, how can Tonya being suing you? I heard she broke up with you?"

Alice said, startled, "You heard? You heard where?"

Tina smiled, "Shane filled me in on the whole thing. She called yesterday to check on how I was doing with the whole uh situation with Bette. Good plan, by the way. Making Tonya think it was her idea."

Dana gave her a small grin, "How are you doing, Tina? I mean, this deal with Tonya, that's just stuff, you know. How are you, really?"

Tina smiled back, "Actually, I think I'm still in shock. I process but when I think about what happened, it feels like it's happening to someone else, you know? I know I should talk to Bette, but every time she calls, I just get so angry again, I can't face her. Once I can hear her voice without seeing red, we'll figure something out. Until then, it's actually good for me to have something else to think about."

Dana blew out a sigh, "Well as long as you know we're here for you in any way you need us."

"I know" Tina replied. "Oh this must be Kris."

Kris Pappas walked breezily into the room, "I'm looking for Tina Kinnard. They said the conference room and this is the only room big enough to qualify."

Tina rose from the table and shook Kris by the hand. "Hello, I'm Tina. Yes, we are a bit cramped for space around here. I sure appreciate your coming over on such short notice."

Kris, a blond woman in her early forties, who could only be described as short, was also stunning. Her shoulder length hair curled slightly and brushed back easily from her face, revealing high-sculpted cheekbones. Her eyes shone brilliant blue, highlighted by her English rose complexion complete with a scattering of freckles across her nose. She quickly scanned the room, focusing her deep blue eyes on Dana. "You're Dana Fairbanks, are you not?"

Dana rose nearly spilling her coffee in the process, "No, I am." She stammered.

"Breathe sweetie." Murmured a none too amused Alice as she too stood to shake the woman's French manicured hand. "I'm Alice." And sat again.

Kris raised one eyebrow but never skipped a beat. "So Tina, what can I do for you?"

Tina quickly explained the situation to Kris. "So, Tonya is suing Dana for breach of contract, and since Dana never signed a contract, we can only assume Tonya is referring to the marriage proposal."

Kris focused her gaze on Dana, "And you are sure you don't want to marry this Tonya?"

Dana and Alice both answered "No!" too quickly, a point that flew by Tina but was picked up on by Kris.

"And did you tell her specifically that you don't want to marry her anymore, or give any reason for breaking the engagement?"

This time Alice remained silent. "No." Dana answered. "I haven't spoken to her personally since the night we broke up."

"You didn't break up" Kris corrected her, "She broke up with you. If anything, she is the one at fault. Now, did you get back the ring?"

"No" admitted Dana, "She can have it if she really wants it."

"I don't think so." Said Kris fiercely "Not if it's worth what you said it is. The way I see it, she is the one who broke up with you, she broke the engagement when she did so, and she had better return that ring if she knows what's good for her."

Tina asked with an amused smile, "So you'll take the case?"

Kris smiled back, "Oh yeah, I love this kind of case. Makes up for all the crummy ones I lose to high-powered teams of corporate lawyers. If this Tonya is the kind of woman I think she is, she's too cheap to hire a real lawyer, or anyone who's any good. She clearly is in this for the money. I'll make sure she doesn't get any." Her eyes grew flinty for a moment, "And if we do this just right, she'll have to pay some out in the end." Just as suddenly, Kris's eyes warmed. "Now who do I have to screw to get some of that sludge they call coffee around here?"

"I guess that'd be me," said Tina brightly to the shock of Dana and Alice.

"Great. Actually unless you have any more details to fill me in on, my work here is done for the moment."

Said Kris rising from her chair gracefully. "Unless you'd care to let me treat you to lunch?" The question was directed at Tina, who blushed and looked away but said nothing.

Alice and Dana stared at the petite blond. Alice cleared her throat, "I have to get to work myself, and don't you have practice, Dana?"

Dana shook her head, "No, remember I cancelled-" She was cut off by Alice giving her The Look, the one that said If we go now, we can be in bed within ten minutes. "Oh right! Practice. I need practice."

Shaking hands with both women, Kris smiled brilliantly. "It was a pleasure to meet you, and rest assured this will all be water under the bridge in a few days."

"Great, thanks." And with that Dana and Alice left. Kris turned to Tina who had been watching her. "So, to lunch then?"

Tina gestured to the door, "After you."

Three days later, all four of them met outside their assigned courtroom door. On Kris's advice, Dana wore a cream pantsuit, borderline bland, in keeping with her appearance of non-threatening innocence. Kris herself was dressed in a conservative navy blue power suit and black heeled boots. She was the picture of competent attorney.

At her side stood Tina, surprising Alice and Dana when they arrived. "I had to see how it all came out." She confessed handing them each a coffee. Wearing a bright print dress and low pumps she seemed well on her way to returning to the cheery, confident Tina they both remembered. This is itself unsettled Alice a bit. "Tina seems so together. What happened to the shell-shocked husk of a woman I found in my apartment? Shouldn't she still be all-heartbroken and stuff? I mean, Bette hasn't left the house in days. And how does she know how Kris takes her coffee? And why is Kris keeping her hand on Tina's elbow as we're walking in. Huh, kind of like how Dana has hers on mine right now. Oh my god! Kris is doing Tina! No way!" Alice looked again at the pair of women in front of her. Kris was leaning against the railing at the front of the courtroom chatting amiably with Tina. When Tina said something she found amusing, Kris reached out to lay her hand on Tina's forearm, giving it a slight squeeze. Having been the recipient of just such a squeeze by Dana in the past week, Alice drew a quick breath in. "Oh my god, they're doing it! But Tina, what about Bette? No, this is none of my business. If Tina wants to get a little comfort from the cute little lawyer, who am I to pass judgment on it? I'm Bette's friend too, that's who. Well clearly Tina and I are going to have to have a heart to heart talk about this!" Realizing that for now she needed to concentrate on the issues at hand, Alice pushed what she thought to be true into the back of her mind.

The case began with little or no fanfare. Alice smirked when she saw Tonya enter with her lawyer, a balding man who resembled the character of Stanford from "Sex and the City" so much she did a double take. Tonya wore a loud robin's egg blue suit that appeared to be tailored yet ill fitting at the same time. Her handbag matched her shoes but neither matched the suit, and around her neck was flung a gaudy scarf in deep red and gold. Her lawyer had her on the stand first where she explained how Dana "had done her wrong" going into great detail of Dana's pursuit of her at the Dina Shore Weekend, insisting she ride home with her "gang of hangers on", then proposing after only a few weeks of seeing each other, presenting her with the large diamond ring now flashing on her hand. Next, she outlined the conversation overheard at the bar wherein she learned of Dana's reputation as a player, and how she had felt compelled to end their relationship then and there. Kris reserved the right to question the witness, namely Tonya, at a later date but didn't ask any questions. Tonya's lawyer then called Darcy to the stand, much to the surprise of Alice, Dana and Tina. Apparently, it took more than a surprise witness to faze Kris, who simply noted it on her legal pad, listening closely to Darcy's replies. After Darcy told the judge what she had said at the bar, Kris took advantage of her right to cross-examine the witness.

"So you told your friends that Dana Fairbanks had proposed marriage to you?" asked Kris in a crisp businesslike tone.

"Yes" answered Darcy, leaning in toward the microphone.

"And you told them that Dana Fairbanks had given you an engagement ring?"


And you told them Dana Fairbanks was known for being a female ejaculator?"

"Well not exactly. I told them that she could do it and seemed inordinately proud of being able to do so."

She leaned back in the chair and smirked up at the judge. "But I also told them I knew girls who did that as party tricks." The judge, an imposing middle-aged man looked impressed but said nothing.

"And, was any of it true? What you said to your friends that night?" asked Kris, redirecting the court's attention.

Darcy leaned toward the mic again, "Not a word of it."

Tonya gasped. Her lawyer paled and shuffled through his papers. Alice guffawed while Tina snorted. Kris ignored them all, pressing on.

"So you were never asked by Dana Fairbanks to marry you?"


"And you were never given an engagement ring by Dana Fairbanks?"


"And you never commented on Dana Fairbanks ability to ejaculate?"

"Oh wait, I did mention that." Darcy smiled sweetly at Dana, "But I have no idea if it's true." Dana blushed furiously and ducked her head, thankful for the absence of reporters in the courtroom.

"Thank you." Kris said dismissing her and walking back to the table. "Your Honor, I would like to call the plaintiff to the stand to cross examine her testimony now, if you please."

"Certainly." Complied the judge, warming considerably to the defense.

Once Tonya was seated again, Kris attacked. "Now then, did you or did you not break up in public with my client?"

Tonya tried to look sympathetic but only managed to look oily, "Well after I overheard the previous witness's conversation with her friends, I assumed Dana was just using me."

Kris's eyes narrowed into dangerous slits. In a cold voice, she repeated, "Did you or did you not break up in public with my client?"

Tonya gulped, "Well, yes I did but-"

Kris interjected, "Thank you, nothing further." Turning to face the judge, "Your Honor, it would appear that the plaintiff has no cause for broken contract since she is the one who broke the contract by breaking up with Ms. Fairbanks. In light of this, I ask that you dismiss the charges against my client, and impose all court costs against the plaintiff with punitive damages for wasting the court's time and energy on such a frivolous matter. And make her return the ring."

"Indeed, I agree Ms. Pappas. Will the plaintiff please rise?" Trembling and looking ready to kill her lawyer, Tonya rose to her feet. The judge continued. "You have wasted the state's time and energy on this case, which would have been moot even if you hadn't broken up with the defendant first seeing as how there is no such thing as marriage between two females in this state. So even if Ms. Fairbanks did break off the engagement there was no valid contract to begin with. In light of this reckless litigation, I am hereby imposing all court costs, including the defendant's attorney fees, to you along with a two thousand dollar fine. And you will return Ms. Fairbanks ring to her immediately. Case dismissed." And with that, the judge rose from the bench and exited through a back door.

Tonya sat back down in the witness chair, clearly deflated. Dana hugged Kris, swinging her up in the air and around while the lawyer protested. "Hey there! Not good for the image, let me go!" she insisted smiling as much as her client. Dana vaulted over the rail in her haste to hug Alice who whooped and hollered while Tina looked on grinning from ear to ear. Darcy hovered uncertain in the background until Dana caught sight of her and swept her up into a hard embrace, exclaiming, "God Darcy you saved me again! How can I ever thank you?"

Darcy beamed, "Honey it was worth it to stick it to that pig again! Though I suppose a formal intro to your hot lawyer would square the books with us." She waggled her eyebrows up and down. Dana laughed and brought her over to where Kris was standing quite close to Tina talking to her in a low tone. Dana tapped her on the shoulder and Kris moved a pace back. Tina looked guiltily away.

"Kris, this is Darcy. Darcy this is Kris." Dana sputtered awkwardly aware she was interrupting something between the two older women.

Kris held out her hand to be shook, "Darcy, you really saved us there. Thanks."

Darcy held the hand, "It was my pleasure." She purred, "Any time."

Kris's eyes twinkled, "No doubt." Retrieving her hand, she turned immediately to Tina, "So, you ready to go?"

Tina glanced anxiously at Dana but replied cheerily, "Yup, ready whenever you are." Taking the shorter woman by the arm, Tina led her out of the courtroom while the rest watched awestruck.

"Okay that is just so wrong." Said Alice when Dana rejoined her. In response, Dana took Alice by the hand and stared deep into her brown eyes. "Al, you know what this means, right?"

Alice cocked her head to one side, "It means you don't have to pay Kris' fees for one thing. And you can bet she's going to charge Tonya twice as much as she would have charged you."

"Argh" growled Dana in frustration. As Alice opened her mouth to reply, Dana pounced. Alice's response was swallowed by Dana's mouth, who groaned in return. Alice felt Dana tongue sweep possessively into her mouth. Feeling her knees buckle, she clung to Dana and kissed her back just as fiercely. It was only Darcy's uncomfortable throat clearing that separated them.

Darcy's eyes narrowed, "So you two are together now too? Gees, is anyone not getting some besides me?"

Seeing Dana begin to open her mouth, she continued, "Don't answer that! Let me know the next time you want to play games with bitches. It's fun." And with that, she swayed out of the courtroom brimming with confidence.

Alice turned to Dana again. "Ready to go?"

Dana took Alice by the hand, "Absolutely."

As they walked out, Tonya approached them. Alice tried to keep going but Dana stopped her. "Let's just get this over with and then we'll be done with her forever." Alice agreed but stayed close.

Tonya nodded regally to Alice, resembling a bobble head doll with a bad perm, "Dana, I'm sorry our relationship had to end this way, but I hope there are no hard feelings."

As Alice snorted under her breath, Dana grimaced "Sure Tonya. I hope you do find the love of your life. Someday."

Tonya smiled showing her even white teeth, "Here's your ring. And I hope you get everything you deserve too."

At this, something in Alice's head raised a red flag. Indicating to Dana to go ahead, she went back into the courtroom and marched up to where Tonya was filling out a check for the court's cashier. "Tonya" she said in a steely voice. "I know what you did to Mr. Piddles, and if you ever try anything with Dana again, even try to contact her or influence her life in any way, you will go to jail for it." With that, she turned on her heel and walked out.

Once back in the car, Alice turned to Dana, "Can we just go home now?"

"Of course, Sweetie." Replied Dana, "Yours or mine?"

"Yes" came the answer.

The End

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