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Friendly Persuasion
By Ann



"Alice, there's no way; I simply can't do it. This is as high as I can lift my leg," Helena protested, struggling to raise the stubborn leg another centimeter.

"C'mon, Helena. I know you can do it. What about all those dancing lessons you took when you were younger? You still have it," Alice insisted as she watched her friend make the supreme effort to stretch the stiff limb higher.

Frustrated, Helena offered, "Alice, that was years ago. I'm just going to have to sell my boots, but I truly do hate to part with them."

An image of a naked Helena wearing only her knee length boots and standing at the end of her bed suddenly filled the blonde's head, and she shrieked, "No, you can't sell them!"

Helena turned toward her friend, clearly startled, and Alice quickly made the attempt to downplay her blurted remark. Stuttering, she continued, "I mean, um... you did say how much you loved them. Maybe we can figure out a way for you to keep them."

"But you said that I had to sell them if I couldn't get a proper paying job. And, I can't very well try out for a part in the local player's version of 'A Chorus Line' if I can't kick my leg any higher than this. It's a shame, too. I used to be quite flexible. In fact, I could stand flat footed, hold my right leg close to my body, and stretch it straight over my head. But now, well, that doesn't seem to be the case," the former socialite explained in defeat as she leaned forward, continuing to try to gain back some of the flexibility she'd lost from her younger years.

Alice closed her eyes as the earlier image quickly morphed into a boot-clad, naked Helena standing at the end of her bed high kicking her leg all the way up to . . .

The blonde's eyes immediately popped open, temporarily dispelling the erotic image, and in a tone that brokered no argument, Alice ordered her friend not to give up.

"Helena, keep stretching; you've got to get this job."

"But Alice, look. I have to bend my knee to even get my leg this high," the brunette stated, holding her calf and gesturing to the lack of height her leg had attained.

As Alice stared at the shapely gam, image after image rapidly filled the blonde's head, and she quickly replied, "I don't care. You're keeping those boots. Now, keep stretching!"

The End

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