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We Are Family
By Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond

Part 2

**As the song finished and Ivan was smiling at her, Kit knew how the night would end. In bed with Ivan. Not that Kit did not want to make love with Ivan; it was the how they'd make love that had Kit confused. Ivan might be gentlemanly bus she's diffintly a woman. Ivan had escorted her to the passenger side of her classic Cadillac, opened the door for her, held her left hand as she eased herself into the car, waited very patiently for her to adjust herself then shut the door, and proceeded around to the driver's side and drove Kit home.

They walked to Kit's door, she unlocked it and they went in. Ivan did not pressure her; they talked for like an hour. Kit was growing more and more comfortable with her, Ivan, and was actually find her getting sexually excited by the possibilities. While they talked, Kit considered how she'd want Ivan to make love to her. She'd never been with a woman and actually considered calling Bette to get some advice. She'd heard of strap-ons and that idea did not appeal to her sensibilities. It was kind of an oxymoron when she thought about it. If, a woman wanted a penis then be with a man; it had always made sense to Kit in the past, she had been practicing that concept her entire adult straight life.

If, she really was going to be with this woman, she was going to be with a woman. None of that sex toys and kinky stuff.

"Ivan, would you mind taken off your wig and mustache-beard. I want to get to know the real you." Kit asked in a way she hoped did not offend nor imply any sort of discomfort on her part.

Ivan just smiled widely at her and went into the bathroom and espeediently removed her king garb. She even shucked off her jacket and jewelry, as to make Kit more comfortable with the woman she was underneath that entire external male she portrayed. When she returned she looked damn good with her hair being up in that weird pompadour/mullet styling she was most comfortable with; she just had it tied up into a simple ponytail that excited Kit more. And the wife beater tank top, which Ivan had on underneath her dress shirt, without the jewelry that usually accompanied her ensemble showed off her sweet and beautiful feministic virtue that foretold of a sweet, but feistiness, that endeared and turned Kit up on high.

Ivan didn't even make it half way back to the couch before Kit grabbed her hand and lead her back into her inner sanctum. Before she even had a chance to admire the ambiance of Kit's bedroom, Ivan was in the midst of a ravenous eye lock with her soon-to-be lover.

"Ivan you are a woman and I need you to know that I've never been with a woman, even though my baby sister Bette has been with her fair share. However, there's a first time for everything. The way I feel about you goes beyond the mere physical, sexual need. I need you to make love to me as a woman." Was all Kit was able to explain to Ivan, before she gently put her index finger to Kit's lips.

"I think I can handle that." And with that Kit and Ivan's mouths came together for the very first time ever.

They slowly caressed each other as they lay upon the top sheets of Kit's bed. Ivan laid atop of Kit with her legs straddling her lover's right leg, causing them to press their most ravenous parts into the others' hip. Kit eventually slid the scrunchy off of Ivan's hair and it fell around her; using her fingers to allow it to caress widely over Ivan's and her own shoulders. This is when they spent time to staring wordlessly up at each other with a contended, happy smile. After watching the desire build to a fever pitch in Kit, Ivan began to unbutton Kit's blouse while she suckled on the other woman's neck and earlobes. Moans of pleasure were building to a fever pitch within the both of them. Kit hungrily released Ivan from her tank top with one flurried motion, while Ivan slipped Kit's blouse off right along with her bra. Ivan begun to move further down with her mouth over Kit's chest. While she showed admiration for Kit's breast, her hands caressed down to her pants and began to undo her zipper. Kit held onto her concentrated effort only long enough to release Ivan from the rest of her clothing restraints. As Ivan removed Kit's last barrier she worshiped her lover's stomach and hips. Eventually, Ivan resumed her position up with Kit, but this time her entire body was between Kit's sprawled legs. Their caress continued as they took in the tactile sensational memory of each other's bodies, while they sought to join their souls with their eyes and the desperate kisses that made their body temperatures rise and their desire for each other to reach a fever pitch. It wasn't even until the first tall-tale signs of dawn made themselves known through the bedroom windows that desire over took their need to take things slow. Ivan began to rub herself up against Kit. It was slow but intense, despite the lack of penetration Kit actually loved the sensations of being with a woman. However, not just any woman-but, one particular woman. A woman that would do anything for her, because she loved Kit that much. There were some added benefits to being with a woman, also, Kit thought. Women naturally are softer, gentler, and they diffintly know how to treat another woman during lovemaking. Ivan diffintly did. By the time, they reached a fever pitch of no return, the sun was a golden hue flooding in over their sweat soaked bodies. It must've been at least 6 whole hours of pure lovemaking, an experience that Kit had never had the privilege of knowing. It was incredible because it was not about the physical release as much as it was about the emotions and joining of their souls. When the both climaxed at the same time, looking deeply into each others' eyes, Kit experienced an orgasm so intense and strong that it couldn't been induced by anything other than a deep love for this woman making love to her.**

Thinking back on that first time will always be one of Kit's most cherished memories.

Part 3

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