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Breaking Free
By Ann


The four women sat at a corner table, sipping their drinks and watching the dirty dancing contest on the stage Kit had built especially for the occasion. Not wanting to miss a second of the action, Alice reluctantly excused herself to visit the ladies room, and Helena promised to give her a blow by blow description of everything she'd miss.

Shane and Bette never noticed the blonde's departure as a very well endowed woman was performing her own version of a mock strip tease; however, both women immediately noticed the figure crossing in front of them.

"Shit, where's Alice?" Shane asked, finally realizing her friend was no longer sitting at the table.

Bette suddenly came alive as well, voicing, "She was just here. Helena, did you see where she went?"

"Weren't you listening? She went to the loo. Why the sudden interest?" Helena asked as she looked in the direction she'd last seen her friend.

Shane glanced over her shoulder and gestured to the woman standing near the stage, saying, "I'm sure you've heard about Gabby Deveaux."

"You mean the woman Alice falls for every time she comes back into her life, only to have her heart stomped on again and again," Helena replied knowingly.

"That's the one," Bette supplied. "And she's standing next to the hallway leading to the restrooms. Alice is sure to see her when she returns."

All three women turned to look at the new arrival just as Alice walked around the corner and ran smack dab into the infamous Ms. Deveaux. Getting her bearings, Alice looked up to apologize, and once again, fell into the siren's spell as a goofy grin spread on her face.

"Uh oh," Shane said, shaking her head. "It looks like we're too late."

Leaning back in her chair, Bette suggested, "We've got to do something."

"Like what?" Shade replied, holding up her empty hands in a symbolic gesture that she had nothing to offer.

Helena stared at the two women on the far side of the room and raised her eyebrow when Gabby leaned into Alice. To her utter amazement, Alice practically threw herself into the other woman's arms. The entire exchange gave the appearance that the blonde was a piece of metal and the other woman was some giant, super-charged magnet.

"Shit, shit, shit," Bette whispered, watching the panther devour her prey.

Standing abruptly and almost knocking her chair to the floor, Helena made her way across the room, uncertain exactly what she'd do when she arrived at her destination; however, the open mouthed kiss the viper was bestowing on Alice firmly sealed her last second decision. The sudden and surprising blast of jealousy was just the impetus the brunette needed to act without hesitation.

Taking Alice by the arm, Helena pulled her into her side and glared at the arrogant Ms. Deveaux. "I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your lips off my girlfriend," the brunette stated very calmly as a dazed Alice snuggled closer to her savior.

"Girlfriend? Well, I think you better put a leash on her because she's certainly a bitch in heat," Gabby replied smartly, chuckling at her attempt at humor.

Rising to her full height, Helena towered over the smaller woman as she took a menacing step forward, and in a very proper British accent, she stated, "The only dog in this room is you, or perhaps, a snake is a moniker better suited for you."

"Oh, please. Give me a break. Besides, did you seriously think I'd believe you and Alice were an item? You're much too classy for the likes of her," Gabby countered, taking a step backward just in case the taller brunette truly did intend to harm her.

Helena had never wanted to hit anyone so badly in her entire life, but the last question from the short bitch changed her focus to making Gabby eat her words, so she did the first thing that came to mind.

Turning the still off-centered Alice around to face her, Helena didn't hesitate to take her friend's face in her hands and bestow light butterfly kisses to the already slightly swollen lips. Winding her fingers in the blonde's hair, Helena pulled Alice to her and proceeded to deepen the kiss. Soon, the rest of the world faded away as the two women seemed to forget the reason for their make-believe kiss, each becoming lost in the wonderful sensation.

Their combined moans were the only music heard by the pair until Shane's voice broke through their blissful moment.

"That was great; you should've seen Gabby storm out of here. It was .... um, hey guys? You can stop now. Alice? Helena?"

Reluctantly, Helena released Alice's lips and looked down into eyes clearly filled with desire, certain that her own mirrored those of her friend's. Glancing over at a shocked Shane, she replied, "Well, that's good to hear, but perhaps I should take Alice home just in case Gabby decides to return."

Bette, who'd been leaning against the wall watching the proceedings, agreed, saying, "That's probably a good idea, Helena. I believe Alice has had enough excitement for the evening."

"Hey, I'm in the room, you know," the blonde objected, although she'd somehow managed to intertwine her fingers with the tall brunette's while the others discussed her inability to function properly.

Helena smiled at her friend and asked, "Would you like to stay awhile longer?"

"No. I just wanted to have a vote of my own," Alice answered with a grin as the group shared a friendly laugh, everyone relieved that the blonde seemed to be back to normal.

The four friends agreed to get together again soon, and Helena pulled Alice toward the exit, never releasing the blonde's hand even when they reached the street.

Walking down the sidewalk, Alice smiled and asked, "Um, Helena? You know that thing you do with your tongue?" At the brunette's nod, the blonde continued, "I think you'd make the most perfect circles."

Grinning, Helena opened the car door for her soon to be lover, and the two women quickly climbed in and sped away, anxious to try out Alice's theory.

From the shadows, a dejected Gabby watched them drive away, wondering how in the hell she'd lost her hold on the blonde.

The End

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