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We Are Family
By Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond

Part 4

**Trying to make their son was stressful, but it was also fun. The getting Tina aroused to a point of an orgasm when Bette shot the semen deep within her hot and ready vagina. Then, she'd put the diaphragm in and have to evaluate Tina's legs and keep them that way for hours. Of course, Tina was unable to move and Bette would stay right by her side, as Tina felt defenseless and helpless. Tina had certain qualms with certain lesbian sexual aspects of their relationship, sure she could finger fuck Bette but the eaten Bette out was something she could never get used to in her brain. However, Bette liked giving more than receiving, theirs' was the perfect relationship when it came to sex. Bette's controlling nature and ego were appeased and Tina didn't have to do anything she wasn't able to do. Unfortunately, their were those times when Bette would get just as aroused, if not more than, Tina and she needed (desperate) to "get her rocks off"; it wouldn't happen every time, just when she's gone longer than she should without either making love to Tina or masturbating. Ever since, Provocations has came into her life she has obsessively been distracted; she's ignored her needs for months now. Bette has been diligently taken care of Tina's need (especially, during the insemination process) and she's been going without, not that it had mattered-that is until tonight. Usually, after the insemination Tina was sated and relaxing, totally concentrating on conceiving their first child and tonight was no different. Except Bette was desperate and she couldn't leave Tina even for a moment to go to the bathroom and take care of the fire that was raging between her legs. You'd never guess with as much wetness she was producing that she'd be able to describe the ache as anything but a white hot inferno raging for her expert attention. Ever since she fell in-love with Tina, she's been less selfish (in bed at least) about her own sexual desires; always putting Tina's needs before her own, gladly. They would fuck on occasion, but making love and making it last always seemed of the utmost importance to the both of them. However, there were times when Bette was so fucking desperate that she'd ravage any poor, unsuspecting pillow within arms reach when Tina would leave to go to the kitchen or bathroom; there were times when Tina would roll over and she'd be spooning Tina and Tina would move just right and she'd ravenously fuck the hell out of Tina's ass (sometimes Tina found it absolutely humorous and at the more desperate times, downright scary). Tonight was no exception, but Tina demanded Bette's undivided attention, she'd want Bette to gently lie beside her and stroke her belly. Soon it became too much for Bette, she needed some kind of' relieve and right now. She tried to not allow Tina to look directly into her eyes (if, she did then she'd know, and Bette did not want to scare Tina) but when even that became too much of a task, Bette simply rolled on top of Tina, no longer caring if she'd frighten Tina or not.

"God, Tee, do you not know what you do to me," Bette asked with a husky deep voice of arousal as she looked deep into Tina's eyes, "I am so fucking horny right now, baby! And I really need you to get me off and right now."

Not waiting for a response, she grabbed Tina's right hand and shoved it between her legs that glistened with love juices that have already coated the inside of her thighs. Tina felt the immense heat rolling out of Bette's pussy like thunder searing the skyline; it was at that point that she knew Bette wasn't going to take no for answer and that was almost scary if it wasn't absolutely one of the things she so loved about Bette, the control freak had absolutely no control when it came to her hormones and when Bette needed it-really needed it, she became an animal in bed. This would be one of those times when Bette would need more than just one quick, hard orgasm. Hell, Tina could just tell by the look in her eyes that Bette was going to have marathon, multiple orgasms that extended well into the double digits. And just once would not be enough. Laying there prone, hoping that the insemination took this time, Tina was absolutely fixated on watching Bette turn into an animal right before her eyes. While Bette impaling herself onto Tina's four fingers (with thumb left to stroke her clit) and begun her desperate fucking ride on Tina's hand, Tina's own arousal started to climb to heights unknown, too. Watching Bette loose all control during sex always did that to her, hours later Tina could not take it any longer. She came with Bette but it only seemed to turn her up even more, as Bette started to become more aware of the fact that she was human-Tina begged Bette to take her at the same time. Now all bets were off, they both were too far-gone to even have a rational human thought, much less question their sexual qualms. Tina found herself during some really incredibly erotic things to Bette that had the situation been more humane' she'd never had done; however, the more basic animal instincts in the both of them were at their peak. Bette disengaged herself from Tina's hand and came up to straddle Tina's face, Tina grabbed Bette's ass and forcibly pulled Bette down while simultaneously diving up to Bette's still overflowing with love juice abundance twat. Bette practically had another orgasm by the possessiveness that Tina was now eaten her out with.

"God dammit, Bette, what you waiting for," Tina stopped only long enough to demand.

Not even bothering to verbally answer her authoritative lover, she simply plunged into the sweltering heat of her wife's core of womanliness and began to sup on the quenching flowing juice from Tina's volcanic core. They must've been at for hours, because the next thing they knew they were laying next to each other, on their backs and staring unfocused at the ceiling above them, still in the 69 position.

"Damn, baby, I never knew it could be that good. I like. We diffintly have to do that more often." Tina heaved a giggliest reply when she was able to start to think clearly again, with sweat glistening off her body.

Rolling her head over and titling it up to be able to admire her lover's body, again, Bette gave a throaty chuckle, "Yeah, all-nighters can be good!" **

Thinking back on that first time, the discovery that Tina had made at the beginning of their trying to get pregnant will forever be an ignition for Bette's libido to kick into overdrive.

"Too bad, the next month we found out that Sean's gism was no good. I could've used that excuse at least one night a month." Bette admonished herself as she sat and waited.

To Be Continued

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