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Welcome to Sunnydale
By Babydykecate


Fred stands awkwardly by the wall, her hands in her pockets. At the table Buffy, Xander, Anya and Willow are deep in conversation. Willow turns away from Buffy, smiling at Fred with that dreamy-flirty look she gets sometimes and Fred blushes slightly.

"Why don't you sit down Fred?" Willow offers, gesturing to the chair next to her with a grin. Once Fred has joined them, Willow grabs her hand.

Fred had liked Willow from the moment they started emailing. Willow was smart, funny, and always managed to say something sweet to make Fred blush. They could talk for hours on IM or the phone, without ever running out of things to say. It was no exaggeration to say that Willow's intelligence was a turn on- to Fred, talking about theorems was just as exciting as kissing. By the time Willow came to LA to help the gang, Fred had a big bad crush on her.

They'd been up late talking when Fred blurted out, "I like you". It wasn't long after Willow told her that she liked her too that Willow suggested Fred visit her in Sunnydale. "It's not like California's that big" had been her logic.

Now that she's actually at Buffy's house, she's not really sure it was actually such a great idea. There's a reason cars don't have five wheels- four work perfectly fine. So here's Fred, the fifth wheel, feeling as useless as can be.

"But how can we possibly have enough force to kill it? Buffy couldn't even break his skin," Xander asks.

"All you'd need is to formulate the desired thrust with an object that could withstand the impact, preferably one that would allow Buffy to strike from a greater distance," Fred mutters quietly.

The scoobies turn to stare at Fred.

"I guess I could do the formula and the weapon's design... if y'all didn't mind or anything," Fred continues, smiling awkwardly.

"Welcome to the team," Buffy replies with smile.

Willow squeezes Fred's hand, and Fred's face breaks out in a huge grin.

The End

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