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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story was heavily inspired by a UK short film called 'Double Entente' (1994) by Jacquie Lawrence. Tara's POV.
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By Fun In Dysfuntion

My phone rings as I'm walking to the Espresso Pump. It's my love. I answer, "Hi baby."

Willow can't make our date. It's the third time this week that she has had to cancel. It's our last year, and she is working on her senior thesis. I'm disappointed, but I try to hide it. I murmur reassurances and endearments. I don't want her to feel guilty. 'The loneliness is only for a little while,' I tell myself.

Walking to the local coffee house, I decide to sit down and people watch from a table near the windows. I don't have any plans tonight. Hours go by as my eyes follow the hurried pedestrians walking past the windows. Window seats make me feel like I'm at an aquarium. But, I'm never quite sure who is on display. That's when I see her. She's beautiful. I try to calm my erratic heartbeat. I don't want this woman to know how much her mere presence affects me.

"May I sit down?" she asks me. I'm slightly miffed at the disturbance of my solitude.

With the coffee house so busy and no other tables available, I warily reply, "Sure."

She smiles at me as she sits down. I can tell she isn't content to just drink the coffee she has cradled between her lithe fingers. She wants to talk. She stirs her coffee much like women do in bars when they are looking for company.

She sips delicately on her beverage, eyeing me. I pretend to be lost in thought. It's difficult with her distracting me. She smells like jasmine.

"Are you waiting for someone?" she politely asks me.

I know why she is asking. Before I can quell my flirtatiousness, I hear myself say, "Not any more."

She smiles knowingly as she decodes my answer. There's potential.

She turns on the charm. The loneliness in me responds to the attention that she is proffering. I don't want to respond, but at the moment, I can't stop myself from wanting what I've craved for so long. I can feel the blush rising on my cheeks. She knows she has me flustered.

She reaches out to caress the top of my hand. I should pull away, but I don't. Her touch is warm, caring. I look into her eyes. I can see the desire there. My eyes are betraying my own.

"Leave with me," she says. It's a question, but it sounds like a statement.

I hesitate. I should stay at the coffee house, ignore her offer. Her hand is on mine. I can feel her fingers slowly stroking my hand.

She senses my hesitation and waits patiently. Her eyes caress the curves of my body.

I want this moment.

Standing up, I take her hand in mine. We walk to the glass doors, exiting out into the cool evening air. I shiver as a chill breeze raises goose bumps on my arms. Her arm wraps around my shoulders as she draws me close to her body to warm me. She leads me through campus to the dorms. Opening the door to a dark, quiet room, she pulls me inside. Only moonlight illuminates the room. Grabbing matches, she lights several candles around the room. She shrugs out of her jacket and turns to me. She looks vulnerable in the soft glow of the candlelight as she pauses to see whether I have changed my mind.

I want her.

Striding toward her, I wrap my arms around her neck and pull her to me. The passion I've held back surfaces in my first kiss. I lick her lower lip. I want to taste her. She opens her lips as my tongue slides into her mouth. Her mouth tastes like mocha. My hand caresses the nape of her neck as the other wanders down the front of her shirt releasing the buttons along the way. I'm inpatient. I pull at the shirt until it falls in a heap on the ground. Breaking the kiss, I take in her beauty. Her pale skin is flushed. With labored breaths, her chest rises and falls. My hand reaches out to caress her silk bra. Her breast just fills my palm. I can feel the nipple hardening in my palm. I bring my gaze up to meet hers. Dilated pupils darken her green eyes. I lean forward to place gentle kisses on her neck as my hands wander through her soft red hair. My warm breath near her ear makes her tremble.

I whisper softly, "I need you, Willow." Her body shudders at my words.

Clothing melts away until all that is left is us, wanting.

The End

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