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By Wolfb8


(the following belongs to those in charge of Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

"BUFFY :Maybe it's time for a new tradition: birthdays without boyfriends. It can be just as fun.

WILLOW: Preaching to the choir, here, baby.

TARA: Yeah, some of my best - (seeing something) Oh God……

Others follow Tara's look. The room goes silent as the happy gives way to horror.

Dawn is standing on the other side of the room. She holds her hand out, blood dripping from a gash across her palm. The birthday cake knife she used to inflict the wound hangs limply in her other hand"





(Okay now the rest of this is mine!*EG*)





Tara could no longer restrain herself as she realized that with everyone's attention diverted to Dawn this was her chance to indulge in her secret shame. Her hand crept towards the leftover Birthday cake, as her eyes shifted left to right nervously making sure no one was looking. As the others rushed over to help Dawn, Tara quickly grabbed the cake and hid it behind her back. With everyone distracted by what was going on in the hallway she took the opportunity to tell Willow she was leaving because Buffy, Dawn, and their mother should really be alone right now. Before Willow could answer Tara had run out the door hiding the cake as best she could.

Willow turned and saw Tara running down the dark sidewalk, she sighed and thought how she'd have to check on her girlfriend later as she knew the sight of blood made the blonde witch queasy. But right now making sure Dawn was okay was her top priority, Tara could wait.

SCENE- Tara's Dorm Room

Tara slowly opened the door to her room, being careful not to drop her illbegotten prize. She put the cake down on the nightstand, then turned and moved to shut the door making sure to lock it. Her eyes never left the birthday cake as she removed her shirt, and bra.... then after thinking for a moment she removed her skirt as well leaving her in nothing but a pair of red lace and silk panties. Willow had insisted on getting those for her one day when they had walked by Victoria's Secret and Tara had commented on how good Willow looked in lingerie.

She moved towards the cake, the anticipation was almost too much to bare as her fingers slide into the icing and sent shivers up and down her spine. Tara picked up the cake making sure to get icing all over her hands and slowly slid it up and down her arms. As the cake began to crumble she took the leftover icing and rubbed it liberally over her breasts.

From behind her came a startled voice....


Tara whirled around shocked to see Willow standing in the doorway with a key in her hand.

"Oh God..... Ummm Willow this isn't what it looks like!" Tara's mind went into overdrive trying to think of a reasonable explanation for why she was covered in Buffy's birthday cake.

Willow stunned for only a moment got an evil glint in her eye as she closed the door and said "So would you care to explain what it is then?"

Tara could only think of one thing to say "I was going to surprise you, you're always saying how we never try anything new so I thought..."

Before she could finish Willow interrupted her "You expect me to believe that? I know you Tara and this is definitely NOT your style! This is something Anya would do."

At that moment Tara's heart sunk, she knew Willow was probably so shocked and disgusted that she'd leave her right then and there.

Hoping to get out of there before Willow could say she was leaving Tara almost in a whisper said "I think I should go have a shower."

As she moved towards the closet to get her towel her eyes never left the floor.

Willow answered her by turning and locking the door, "NO you're not, you're staying right here! You wanna do kinky baby? Let's start with me cleaning you up!"

With that Willow moved quickly across the room and raised Tara's hand up to her mouth. She slipped one of the icing covered fingers into her mouth and slowly swirled her tongue around it sucking off the sugary sweetness and for the first time in her life thanking God that she wasn't a diabetic. Tara watched wide eyed as her girlfriend sucked the icing off her fingers one after another, making sure not a drop of icing was left on any of them. Tara's knees were already going weak as Willow ran her tongue up one arm and began nibbling on her neck ending at her mouth. Willow slid her tongue between Tara's lips and Tara eagerly sucked the remaining icing off of the redhead's tongue. It continued like that until both arms were spotless, to Tara it seemed like forever as she felt the moisture growing between her legs. Willow thrust her tongue back into Tara's mouth searching for hers and Tara wondered if she'd be able to hold out until her breasts were clean as well. As Willow moved down her neck again kissing and nibbling along the way getting closer and closer to her breasts Tara seriously doubted she'd be able to. She knew under all that icing her nipples were already stiff and it was all she could do not to direct Willow's head to them. As Willow sucked and nibbled her way across Tara's collarbone she noticed how the sticky mounds looked like 2 giant cream puffs and she couldn't wait to get to the yummy center. She knew this much sugar at one time wasn't a good thing, aside from making her hyper there was also the whole icky stomach thing too many sweets always caused, but at that moment she decided it was worth a tummy ache.

Willow's hand moved up to Tara's breasts, and her fingers began tracing patterns through the icing. She slipped two fingers into the blonde witch's mouth and Tara eagerly sucked and licked the icing off of them. Willow's tongue moved over one breast as she licked her way around it deliberately avoiding the hardened nipple, and wondering for just a moment if Tara's arousal was because of the icing or her. A sudden deep moan of pleasure gave her the answer. Her hand continued to make paths through the icing on the other breast, she brought her fingers up to Tara's mouth and felt the blonde's tongue circle them and then slip them inside. Tara was having a hard time concentrating on cleaning off her honey's fingers but that was nothing new, it seemed that whenever Willow touched her she lost all coherent thoughts. Willow cleaned off the other breast in much the same way as she had the first then guided Tara back towards the bed and gently pushed her back onto it, the time had come for Willow to really make Tara squirm.

Tara lay back as Willow went back to sucking her breasts, she closed her eyes and let the sensations take over her mind. She gasped and a shudder ran through her body as Willow fastened her mouth onto a nipple and ran her fingers over Tara's clit at the same time. Willow grazed her teeth across Tara's erect nipple as her fingers stroked Tara's sensitive clit. Willow was getting excited and extremely turned on by the reactions she was getting from Tara, she could feel the heat rising between her own legs but she decided that could wait for another time.

Tara couldn't hold out much longer and Willow knew it, she gave the nipple one last suck and then began kissing her way down Tara's stomach. She delighted in torturing Tara by working her way down slowly towards her favourite patch of blonde curls. Tara's fingers dug into the mattress as Willow's mouth clamped down on her clit and she easily slid two fingers into Tara's center. Willow's tongue circled and flicked Tara's swollen bud as her fingers worked their way in and out at a slow and steady pace. Tara felt Willow slip in a third finger and thought she might go insane soon if Willow didn't speed up the pace. She was oh so close to the edge but Willow was moving her hand agonizingly slow and Tara knew she was doing it to tease her. Willow Rosenberg was a vixen alright, she loved to make Tara beg and then later plead ignorant when Tara tried to call her on it.

"Willow Please!" Tara begged

Willow stopped sucking and looked up "Please what? Did you want something? Because you know Tara if you do all you have to do is ask."

Willow had an evil look in her eye and Tara knew she was going to have to beg harder than that.

"Baby Please go faster!"

"What like this?" Willow's hand moved a little quicker but not much.

"Willow! PLEASE, faster, PLEASE!" Tara pleaded, she was so close it was pure torture.

Willow grinned and could feel the moisture growing in her own center as she moved her hand faster in and out of Tara's now dripping hole. She brought her mouth back down and continued to suck hungrily on Tara's clit.

'So this is what Ambrosia tastes like' Willow thought 'and it's mine all MINE!'

Willow felt Tara's muscles tighten up almost cutting off the circulation in her fingers as an orgasm tore through Tara's body, She screamed out Willow's name and then was still. Willow pulled her fingers out and savoured the taste of her lover licking them as she moved back up the bed grinning from ear to ear and pleased as punch that she and she alone could elicit these types of responses from Tara. Tara could barely move as Willow leaned over her and kissed her, she could taste herself on Willow's lips but she was to exhausted to even think about that.

Willow looked down at Tara's sleepy face and then with a twinkle in her eye said "I guess we should start adding icing to the shopping list!"

The End

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