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New World New Chances
By J. Sims


Chapter 1

"I'm sorry, what are you again?" Dawnie asked confused.

B narrowed her eyes at little sis and slapped her arm.

"What?" Dawn asked, glaring at her big sister.

"Stop being rude," B said pointedly as she turned her attention back to our guest.

"It's alright, Buffy. I'm going to have to get used to the stares and questions sometime," the tall Asian looking woman said with a wry smile.

I guess you're wondering what's going on so I'll give you the cliff notes. Giles bought a building in New York and began building a school and new Watchers Council for all the new Slayers. I decided to stick around and have been here for two years now. The Scoobies, B, and me are cool now. We all made the decision to put the past behind us and I've been trying really hard to change. It ain't easy but I'm trying to be better than I was and not to fuck up again.

Today I was out with B, Will, and Xander when we were surrounded by a group of guys that set off mine and B's vamp radar. There were five of them and it was daylight but they were giving off a weird dark aura that had us rooted to the spot. Here were two Slayers, a very powerful witch, and a semi-normal human guy that fought vampires and demons and we were scared stiff. This tall good lookin' guy came close to me and I could see his eyes were black and he was giving off this strange scent that was making me lightheaded. He had fangs and was moving close to my neck.

I closed my eyes, since I couldn't do much of anything else and waited for him to bite me. At the last second he pulled back and looked behind him. The whole group was staring hard at a tall Asian chick with long black hair with golden tips. She was dressed in tight leather pants and a shear black blouse under a short leather coat. I was finding it hard to look away. She was so beautiful, so exotic, so…going to get her ass kicked if she didn't run.

I was wrong; the guy or vamp or whatever he is snarled and jumped at the hot chick. She easily caught him by the throat, brought him in close, and whispered something to him before tossing him aside like a rag doll. The others looked spooked as we all felt the same strange aura coming from her only more powerful as she just smiled evilly at them. They ran like bats out of hell and soon we were alone with this strange exotic creature.

"Thanks," B said softly.

We were able to move again finally and the aura from our hero was vanishing as she just nodded her head and turned away. B looked at us to make sure we were all okay as I had my attention on the woman as she walked slowly away from us. I don't know what just happened, who those guys were or what they were, and right now I didn't care. I didn't want her to walk away and leave before I got the chance to talk to her.

"Hold up honey," I shouted as I ran up to her and stopped when she turned around and gave me a curious look, arching an eyebrow at me. That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen.

"Honey," she repeated in a silky smooth voice that sent a shiver down my spine and straight to my pussy.

"I didn't mean," I began in a shaky tone, a slight blush tingeing my cheeks.

Can you believe that; me, Faith Lehane, she of the 'get some get gone' way of life, even though I am working on that too, a Vampire Slayer who helped saved the world was blushing like a school girl over a woman. I ain't against the girl-on-girl love; done it myself more then once, just not recently. There was just something about this strange woman that caused my heart to race and my body to heat up.

"What my friend here meant to say was thank you, Miss," B said saving my ass and moving to stand next to me, a warm smile on her face.

"Tamwood, Ivy Tamwood," the woman answered B's unasked question, "You two are Slayers, your red headed friend there's a witch, no surprise there, and your Cyclops looking friend there's your average human."

"How do you know that?" Buffy asked in amazement.

Ivy, nice name by the way, took in a deep breath then answered calmly, "Your scent may be different but I can sense the power from the three of you."

"What about me?" Xander asked in a squeaky tone that he coughed to hide, "What do you sense about me?"

"That you're lucky to be wearing baggy pants," Ivy replied with a sexy smirk that caused Xan's face to match Will's hair and me to laugh.

"You know who and what those guys are don't you?" I asked after I stopped laughing to save Xan some dignity.

Ivy turned her cinnamon brown eyes on me and simply said, "Yes."

"Care to share?" I asked pointedly, not letting her see that she was getting to me.

"No," Ivy answered then turned her back on us and started walking away again.

"Ivy," Buffy called after her, "Please. We were powerless against those things. They were using some kind of pheromones to cloud our heads; I got that much from the way they smelled. They were going to feed on us like vampires but it's in the middle of the day and."

Ivy turned around and placed a hand on B's shoulder to silence her. B was scared; she was beyond scared; she was terrified. We were going to get bit and we couldn't do anything about it. It was like we wanted them to bite us. Buffy relaxed immediately as I picked up a strange scent coming off her.

"What's your name?" Ivy asked softly.

"Buffy Summers," B answered.

"No really, what's your name," Ivy replied in a teasing tone.

I smiled at that as the others laughed. I had the same reaction the first time I heard B's name.

"That joke gets old fast, Ivy," B laughed.

"It's new to me," Ivy said, giving Buffy a small smile.

"Help us out. Please," Buffy whispered, looking up at Ivy with pleading eyes, sticking out her bottom lip.

B was pulling out her most lethal weapon, the Buffy Pout. No one breathing can resist that for long. I'm a tough chick and all but even I fall and do whatever B asks when she pulls the pout out on me. Ivy stared hard at B but soon her face softens as she closed her eyes and let out a long sigh.

"Alright already," Ivy said chuckling, "I'll help, just please, stop."

B smiled warmly and said, "Thank you."

That was how we met Ivy Tamwood and brought her back to the school for show and tell. I know that went a little longer then cliff notes, sorry, but it's time to get back to the here and now.

"I'll explain it again," Ivy began from her position leaning against the wall, her arms crossed under her chest, pushing up her incredible rack as the rest of us were seated around the table in the library, "I'm a high-blood living vampire. Those punks that cornered you were low-blood living vampires. I will become a full undead and loose my soul when I die for the first time. Low-bloods will just die unless an undead is there to bring them across. Living vampires have none of the weaknesses that your vampires do. We can heal but can die like a normal human. Decapitate an undead to kill them. My speed and strength is greater then low-blood but not an undead. I feed on blood like your vampires but don't need it to survive."

"What about those pheromones Buffy mentioned?" Will asked.

"There are pheromones that we give off to dull a person, making them easy to bite, even wanting to be bitten. We also can give off pheromones to soothe people." Ivy answered looking over at Buffy.

"Thanks for that," Buffy said warmly.

Ivy smiled softly at her and continued her explanation, "An undead has pheromones that make someone totally willing to be bitten. Our saliva keeps inside a person after we bite them, allowing us to play on it, making them want us to bite them again. It also makes it impossible for another living vampire to play on it."

"Basically it's marking your territory," I interrupted.

"Something like that," Ivy replied staring at me.

"Is there an undead here from your realm?" G asked from the journal he was taking notes from.

"Yes," Ivy answered sadly with a tinge of pain in her voice.

That's the first thing she told us after introductions. She came here from a realm where all the nasty things we fight against here are known as Inderlanders there and humans know about them and live with them. It had something to with a virus. There are organizations that police them and Ivy's a Runner, sort of a freelancer. She came here tracking this undead vamp and that's about as far as she got before going silent.

"Forgive me, Miss Tamwood," Giles said after realizing Ivy'd gone silent again, "I didn't mean to stir up unpleasant memories."

Ivy looked up and we could all see tears behind her eyes. B was getting ready to get up and comfort her but I beat her to it. I stood in front of Ivy and placed my hands on her upper arms, smiling softly at her.

I know what you're thinking; this isn't like me. You're right, it's not but from the moment I laid eyes on her I've been acting totally out of character. I don't know what it is about her that's making me act this way but I'm beginning to like it.

"You okay, Ivy?" I asked concerned, "What did he do to you?"

"She," Ivy corrected me softly, "She took everything away from me."

She was on the verge of tears as she held herself closer, shaking from holding it in. I wrapped my arms around her waist and laid my head on her shoulder. I don't know what came over me but seeing her like this just caused my heart to hurt.

"Faith," Dawnie said concerned but B stopped her.

I haven't known her long but I could tell Ivy was a pained and troubled woman who hid her feelings behind a mask of intense control. Control over what she is and control over her self. She's not used to being touched or held like this or maybe she is, I don't care. Like I said, I don't know what's gotten in to me to be acting like this and right now I don't care. I just know I have to be here now for Ivy.

"You don't have to tell us the whole story right now," I said soothingly, "Just know you're not alone. We'll help you, whatever you need."

"Faith's right," B agreed strongly standing up looking at the rest of the Scoobies, who nodded in agreement right away.

"Why?" Ivy asked in a choked up tone, "Why would you help me? I just told you this is an enemy unlike any you've ever faced. I can't protect all of you."

"This is a school full of Slayers my dear," G said proudly, "True we were unprepared for the first encounter but I can assure you we will be for the next. We have many resources here that your enemy does not, am I right?"

"Faith," Ivy said in that silky voice that I'm beginning to love.

I pulled away and looked up at her blushing. She gave me a warm small smile as I moved to stand next to her.

"She only has the low-blood's with her," Ivy said calmly, "She'll make contact with your vampires to try and form an alliance."

"Those vamps we can handle," I said confidently.

"I've no doubt," Ivy replied.

"We'll have teams keep a look out for them and listen for any chatter about the vampires forming any major force," Xander said already coming up with a plan. He sure has come a long way from SunnyD.

"I ask again, why are you willing to help me?" Ivy asked with a confused look on her face, "I'm a complete stranger."

"It's sort of what we do," B said warmly, smiling at Ivy.

"Besides, it's not like we can turn away the hot chick who saved our asses," I added but soon went silent after I realized what I just said.

B looked away hiding her laugh as the others looked on in wide-eyed shock. B and me have become real close friends since we put the past behind us. She knows me better then anyone and can clearly tell I got the hots for our new friend here.

"Hot chick?" Ivy asked with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

I looked away so she wouldn't see me blush. I mean she already did but I don't want to be that obvious. I know, I know. It's too late for that now but still.

"Why don't I show you to a room so you can get comfortable," B said coming to my rescue, "I'm sure you'd like to take a shower and get organized."

It was already decided Ivy was going to stay here since she only had the clothes on her back, the money in her pocket, and the large duffel bag with her belongings. Ivy refused at first but once B threatened to use the pout she quickly said that would be fine and thanked her.

"Thank you, Buffy," Ivy said warmly, "Thank you all."

Everyone smiled at her, even Dawnie, as B grabbed her bag easily and led Ivy out of the room. Ivy shot me a half smile as she passed me by, running her hand along my arm. My skin heated up under the touch as I watched her leave, staring fondly at her elegantly thin yet muscled body and tight ass. Damn, I got it bad.

"Someone get a stick," Dawnie teased as I suddenly felt everyone's eyes on me.

"Try it half pint and it's going right up your," I began angrily.

"Easy there, Faith," Dawn interrupted, placating with her hands, "I was just funning around. Man you've got it bad."

I stared hard and cold at her then let out a pained sigh as I turned and walked away. No use getting pissed at Dawn for seeing what's obvious to everyone. I do find Ivy attractive and can't help it. She's a goddess. She's also in pain and wants to kill this undead vamp that must have done something awful to her.

That thought sends a new wave of anger through me as I head to the kitchen to get a drink. I don't care how strong this vamp is or what powers she has. She hurt Ivy she's going down. Hard. I REALLY got it bad.


Chapter 2

I was sitting at the island counter nursing my third beer when Buffy came in and went to the fridge. She pulled out a bottle of water and took the stool across from me as she opened the water and took a drink before sitting down. I could feel her smiling eyes on me as stared at the label of the bottle like there was a secret code, or in my case the answer to what I'm going to do about Ivy, written on it.

"Say it and get it over with, B," I said through clenched teeth.

"Say what?" she asked all innocent like.

"B," I growled.

"Oh now I remember," B replied in a sing-song tone, "Faith and Ivy sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

She didn't have time to finish. I shot up out of my seat and lunged at her. B knew it was coming and was already up and backed against the counter. I narrowed my eyes at her and was ready to jump the island and throttle her. She must have sensed what I was planning because she grabbed a white dishrag and waved it in front of her.

"Truce?" she asked hopefully.

"You done teasin'?" I countered, my eyes still narrowed.

"One more," she replied smiling wickedly.

"B," I breathed out as I sat back down, resting my head in my hands.

I sat like that for a while and soon felt a warm comforting hand rubbing my back.

"I'm sorry," B said softly.

"I was acting like a child with her first crush," I chastised myself.

"Yes, you were," B agreed calmly.

"I was soooo obvious," I said aggravated.

"Yes, you were," B agreed again.

"Stop agreeing with me and tell me what the fuck I'm supposed to do," I shouted angrily at B.

"Language, Faith," B scolded me. She doesn't like it when I cuss and I try not to, at least not in front of her.

"I've never felt this way about anyone, B," I began in calmer tone, "I mean I thought me and Robin might have something but he went off on his own and,"

"Faith," B stopped me, "I know you haven't been with anyone since Robin. You wanted to hook up a few times for your usual 'get some get gone' but you stopped yourself. You want to be better then who you were."

"I want to make you and the others proud, B," I said sadly, "I want to be worthy of the trust and friendship you've all shown me. Of the second chance you guys are giving me."

"You've come along way, Faith, and I am so proud of you," B said smiling warmly at me, "We're getting off topic though. Ivy is a strong beautiful woman, Faith. She's been through a lot and is still suffering. She might not be ready to start something. Just be patient and be yourself."

"Be myself," I laughed, "That's the best you can do."

"It's not like I have a lot to work with," B teased.

We both cracked up and soon I was feeling better. B's been patient and kind to me since we made up. We now have the friendship I always wanted us to have. I got it with all the Scoobies and I couldn't be happier.

"Thanks, B," I said hugging her tight.

"Anytime, Faith," B replied squeezing me back.

We separated and B went back to the fridge. She pulled out a box of leftover pizza and went to heat a couple of slices up. She then pulled out the half empty bottle of orange juice and poured a large glass full.

"Hungry, B?" I asked smiling.

"Actually it's for Ivy," B answered getting a tray and put the warm pizza and orange juice on it then stared at me.

"Oh no," I said backing away, knowing what B had in mind.

"Chicken," B drew out, doing the chicken wings and clucking.

"Fine," I said taking the tray off the counter, "You are so going to get it when I get back down."

"Promises, promises," B replied smiling as I left the kitchen and headed to Ivy's room.

"Come in, Faith," Ivy's voice called from behind the door, just as I was about to knock.

"How did you?" I began to ask but lost my train of thought as I saw Ivy pulling on a tank top.

Her skin was pale yet tan at the same time as I looked at her dressed in short shorts that showed off her long runners legs. She was gorgeous and I was staring as she turned around to face me. A quick sexy smile showed on her face before she took the tray from me and turned around.

"I could smell you," Ivy answered in a calm neutral tone, "Well, you and the pizza."

"Right," I replied taking a deep breath to calm my breathing, "How are you settling in?"

"It's a nice room. Complete with a private bathroom," Ivy answered taking a bite of the pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, and olives, "This is good."

"That's one of my choices," I stated, "Everyone else can't handle more then one topping, most of them anyway. Me, I love the toppings."

"Me too," Ivy said in a far away voice.

I took a quick glance around the room and saw she put up thick black curtains over the windows. She may be a living vamp but apparently she doesn't like the sun in the early morning. Her bag was on the bed with clothes neatly folded next to it. I noticed a frame on top of the stack of clothes and went to take a look. It was a picture of Ivy and some red haired woman. They were smiling brightly at the camera, Ivy's arm wrapped around her shoulder as the red head had her arms around Ivy's waist.

"Her name's Rachel," Ivy whispered behind me.

I had to stifle the urge to jump and focused on the picture. The one thing I noticed was the smile on Ivy's face. Since meeting her I've seen her smile but they've been small, not like this one. Her face was lit up and she looked so happy, so…in love. Just my luck, she has a girl already.

"She's dead," Ivy, breathed painfully as she took the picture from me and set it on the bedside table.

"I'm so sorry," I said honestly. Even if that revelation freed Ivy up for me it obviously pained her deeply and was probably the reason for her being here.

"Yeah, me too," Ivy replied softly.

She stared long and hard at the picture before starting to put her things away. Ivy certainly came prepared. She had clothes, necessities, a laptop, and a wicked looking katana.

"You want to talk about it?" I asked quietly.

Ivy stopped putting her clothes away and took in a deep breath.

"Faith," she breathed out.

"I'm sorry," I said quickly, "I'm not all that good at this. I'm more action girl then plan girl or talk girl. Just so you know B's your plan girl, Will's your talk girl, and me."

"Your action girl," Ivy finished with a small laugh.

"Exactly," I said proudly, "You need the crap beat out of someone, you talk to me."

"She didn't plan either. That was usually my job," Ivy said moving to sit on the bed, "She reacted on the fly instead of thinking things through. Used to piss me off to no end. You may not be a witch but you remind me of her, Faith."

"Is that good or bad?" I asked curiously.

"I don't know yet," Ivy answered looking up at me.

"Look, Ivy," I began softly, looking at the spot next to her. Ivy nodded her head and I sat down next to her, "You obviously know I find you attractive. If I have to be honest you're a goddess. You are also still in a lot of pain over losing your girl and I don't want to cause you grief or anything else. I'm not her but I'm honored by the comparison."

Ivy stayed silent as I said my peace and got up to leave her alone.

"She died because of me, Faith," Ivy said as I approached the door.

"Ivy," I began softly, turning to look at her.

"The undead vamp was once my girlfriend," Ivy continued ignoring me and staring off in to space, "Things happened and she went to jail. I still cared for her but I didn't love her. I loved Rachel and it took her a while to realize she loved me. We were happy, I was happy for the first time in ages. I was free to be myself with her. I truly believed she would save my soul so I didn't loose it when I die for the first time."

I sat down next to Ivy again but she didn't seem to know I was there as she went on talking in a far off voice.

"Skimmer made some deals in prison and got herself turned full undead. She heard about Rachel and me and was so angry. I have problems, Faith. I have a problem separating blood from sex. It was ground into me when I was younger by a master vampire but with Rachel…I didn't have to worry about that. She gave me both freely without fear. She trusted me, believed in me. Skimmer wanted me to be the way I was when we were together. She didn't want me changed and happy. She and her group of rogue low-bloods stormed our church and burned it down. Rachel was fighting Skimmer inside while I was caught outside dealing with those punks. Skimmer came out and tossed Rachel's bloody body in front of me and before I could say anything they disappeared."

"Ivy," I reached out slowly but she jumped up and turned to face me.

I saw a thin ring of brown around cold black eyes as she stared hard at me, her aura surrounding her and beating against me. I was getting a little scared but I stood up, took a deep breath, and faced her down. I've faced down worse things then her but I was drawing a blank at the moment. She was angry but I knew it wasn't directed at me and I could tell she was fighting her instincts but, I'm willing to bet she's still in control and wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

"She died because she loved me, Faith," Ivy breathed out, tears flowing down her eyes, "She died in my arms and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I lost everything I ever gave a damn about that night and what does Skimmer do, she makes a deal with a demon and jumps realities with her lackeys. I salvaged a few things from the ruins of our church and asked a favor from a demon that I knew. I buried Rachel, called her mom and let her know where she was and what happened then bid farewell to all I knew. This is a one-way ticket, Faith. I can't go home."

"Will could probably," I began hopefully.

"She can't," Ivy interrupted, "Al broke a lot of rules getting me here and made sure I couldn't get back to get him in trouble. There's nothing back there for me anyway. I have that picture and my memories, which will vanish when I die and I welcome it."

I could see it now. Ivy said she was good at planning things out and she wouldn't come here without a plan.

"You bitch," I shouted angrily.

"Excuse me?" Ivy asked with a murderous look in her fully black eyes.

"You come here to get revenge for your girl," I explain angrily, "You kill all of them, kill this Skimmer bitch and then you kill yourself. Oh but you wouldn't help us get rid of one undead to leave us with another. You plan on dying twice. No more Ivy."

"Clever girl," Ivy said with a half smile, "I may not be able to see her again but at least I won't have to live with the pain and memories anymore."

"That makes you a cowardly bitch," I state crossing my arms over my chest, "You think that's what Rachel would want. Life is hard. Life is painful. Life sucks. Believe me there were times when I wanted to end it and get some peace but I didn't. I stuck with it, made a lot of fucked up mistakes but now…now, for the first time in my life I have a reason to live. I got friends who love me, a job I'm good at. You could have that too Ivy; you can have that again."

"Faith," Ivy said softly, closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

"I'll make a deal with you, Ivy," I said with a wicked smile, "If you can look me in the eye and tell me you don't feel anything for me. If you can tell me you don't feel the slightest spark between us, I'll let you go through with your death wish. I'll even help you myself."

"Faith," Ivy said neutrally, looking me dead straight in the eye and for a minute my heart actually stopped beating. Was she going to say it?

"Faith…I," she continued in a softer tone, "I…I can't do it."

I let out the breath I'd been holding and smiled warmly at Ivy. She didn't say it. She can't say it. That means there's hope for us. I suddenly felt so happy and wanted nothing more then to run in to her arms and kiss her senseless. Of course I didn't do that because I'm not a wuss, but god did I want to.

"Well," I said smugly, "I think we've covered enough for one night. We'll save the rest for our next appointment. That'll be $500."

"Smartass," Ivy laughed, her eyes returning to their normal color.

"I should have warned you about that ahead of time," I replied moving in close to her till we were inches apart, "Don't worry, you're grow to love it about me in time."

"I'm sure I will," Ivy said softly causing me to blush, "We're not alone though. We have an audience outside the door."

I turned, glared at the door, and shouted, "Anyone dumb enough to be out there when I open the door is dead. I don't care who you are."

I heard a little shuffling and then doors closing then silence. Ivy laughed softly again and I turned to smile at her.

"I know we need to work up to kissing, which sucks," I said in a babbling tone, "Can we hug though? I'm not usually this girlie it's just,"

Ivy didn't say a word. She just pulled me in to her arms and held me tight. I wrapped my arms around her waist and just stood there happily in her arms, breathing in her unique scent and letting it soothe me. Ivy was also breathing in my scent and I wished I had taken a shower but she didn't seem to care. I should probably also tell her about Will's spell that re-souls the undead but I figure it can wait till next time.

We stand there in silence for what feels like forever before Ivy pulls away.

"We're going to have to talk more later," Ivy said in that silky voice. It is so sexy; I could listen to her read the phone book and not get bored. "I guess I should schedule another appointment for tomorrow afternoon."

"Sorry," I say sadly, "Got plans with B. I'm free that night though. Unless you want to start."

"I do," Ivy, said knowing what I was going to ask, "I can still talk to you before I go out and maybe when I get back."

"I'd like that," I reply warmly and move out of her arms, already missing the feelings being held by Ivy stirred, "Good night, Ivy."

"Good night, Faith," Ivy says and gives me a small warm smile. I hope one day to see that smile from the picture directed at me.

I open the door and am surprised to see Buffy standing there, a knowing grin on her face. She planed this. Little schemer.

"B," I say smiling back at her.

"Yes, Faith," B replies.

"You get ten seconds," I say shifting my smile to evil, "After that I'm chasing your ass down and tickling you to death."

"Tickling me to death," She repeats confused.

"You heard me," I said as I narrow my eyes at her, "Now run blondie."

B doesn't need to be told twice as she waves at Ivy then makes a mad dash down the hall.

"She's a pain in the ass sometimes with her plans and schemes to hook me up," I say warmly, looking over my shoulder at Ivy smirking, "But I love her."

"I see that," Ivy replies with a laugh.

I blow Ivy a kiss, seeing the look of surprise on her face was worth it as I close the door and start tracking down the best friend I've ever had.


Chapter 3

B and me were sparring in the gym on a mat, a group of newbies watching from the opposite mat. This was sort of a weekly thing for us. B and me would square off, demonstrating moves and techniques, and then let the class pair up and try them out themselves while we watched and gave pointers.

I was just about to make my first move on B when I caught the scent of incense and looked over at the doorway and saw Ivy watching us, or more accurately me. She was dressed in sweats and a sports bra, looking all kinds a hot and making my heart race. B used my gawking to sweep my legs from under me and pin me to the mat with her body.

"That, ladies, is why you should always stay focused on your opponent," B said in her teacher voice, "Let your guard down and your dead."

The girls nodded in agreement then walked off to spar themselves.

"Faith, the big bad Rogue Slayer, getting distracted because of a girl," B teased looking down at me with a smirk I just wanted to slap off.

"Girl?" Ivy asked in a heated tone from above B.

B jumped up and off me then lowered her head to hide her blush. Ivy offered me her hand and helped me to my feet. I gave her a thankful smile before turning to B.

"What was that you were saying about getting distracted, B?" I asked in a joking manner.

"I…I meant. What I was getting at…I'm shutting up now," B babbled.

"What you up to, Ivy?" I asked, repaying B for covering for me earlier.

"I thought I'd get a quick workout in," Ivy replied, "Maybe a little sparring."

"I'm sure B here would love to take a girl like you on," I said eyeing B playfully, earning me an angry glare.

"What do you say, Buffy?" Ivy asked taking my side and teasing her right back.

"If I say sorry, will that get me out of this 'mess with Buffy' moment?" B asked Ivy with a hopeful tone.

Ivy crossed her arms and eyed B closely as she answered, "Depends on how good it is."

"Ivy," B began in a warm voice, "I am sincerely sorry if I offended you with my comment. You are a beautiful forgiving woman and I beg your forgiveness."

"That was good," I said appreciatively.

"Very good," Ivy added smiling softly at B, "You're forgiven."

B let out a relieved sigh and smiled up at Ivy.

"Thank god," B breathed out, "For a minute there I thought I'd have to use the pout."

"Oh please, anything but that," Ivy said in mock terror.

We all shared a laugh and fell into a comfortable silence. This felt right to me. Ivy joking and teasing with us, her just being here with us felt right to me. I wonder if now's a good time to ask her to stay with us, probably not. She has her mind focused on ending that Skimmer who killed her girl and we agreed to take this thing between us slow. Well, maybe not out loud but we both know the timing isn't good. I'll take a page out of B's book and put my wicked thoughts on hold. At least until we find her undead ex and take her head off, literally.

"I'll go check on the girls," B said sensing she was becoming a third wheel, "You two can spar or."

"B," I warned and she walked off before I could slap her.

"So are you going to show me some Slayer moves or what?" Ivy asked drawing my attention back to her.

"Oh there are a few moves I'd like to show you," I replied in a sultry tone, flashing her my wickedest smile.

Ivy looked at me in surprise as I took her arm and led her to a mat.

"Relax, Ivy," I said softly, "I'll be gentle."

"Cold shower, cold shower," I muttered as a mantra, making my way to my room so I could take a cold shower, a VERY cold shower.

I round the corner and bump in to Xander, carrying a digital recorder.

"Xan," I say eyeing him with a cold stare, "What's the deal with the camera?"

"Uhhmmm, would you believe I'm going to record Giles' lecture for one of the girls?" he asked hopefully.

I crossed my arms and shook my head no, not dropping my stare.

"I was going to record the match but apparently I heard about it to late," Xander confessed finally, taking a step back, "I hear it was intense."

"Run," I said through clenched teeth.

"You're right," Xan replied backing up more, a big shit-eating grin on his face, "I can get the details from Buffy."

"Xander," I shouted after him as he ran away from me, fast.

I put Xander and thoughts of what I was going to do to him on hold and made it to my room, stripping out of my tank top and peeling my shorts and panties off. I took a look at the wet spot inside and tossed them aside as I ran in to the bathroom and turned the shower on. Once the water was as cold as I could stand I stepped under and shivered, both from the cold water and flashes of Ivy's and mine match.

We started out easy then built up to rapid kicks and punches. Seeing Ivy move, block, even kicking my ass, which she was for a little while, was pure poetry. I'm not big on poetry but seeing her move made me rethink that. We soon had an audience of B and the other newbies, Will and her girl Kennedy stopped by also to watch us. Kennedy even started a small betting pool.

I finally thought I had the upper hand and aimed a punch to Ivy's stomach. She grabbed my wrist and twisted it tight behind my back. I swung back with my free elbow and Ivy managed to block it and pull that arm behind me too. She now had both of my wrists in one and her arm around my neck.

"Do you surrender?" Ivy asked, breathing in to my ear in her silky seductive tone.

I closed my eyes and let out a low moan that she alone managed to hear. Her body was pressed close behind mine; her breasts were pushing into my back. I was losing all sense of continuing this fight and just allowing Ivy to have me. I'm not usually the submissive type but when it comes to her I'm willing to make an exception.

"Give up, Faith," Ken shouted, "I'll take you out for a beer with my winnings!"

Willow jabbed Ken in her side and I fixed her with a heated stare. That little twerp bet against me. That filled me with enough anger that I managed to push back into Ivy, knocking us both to the mat. I managed to roll out of the hold she had me in and quickly jumped on top of her. I put my knees in to her thighs, pushed her wrists down on either side of her head, and looked down at her, our lips only inches from touching.

Just the thought is causing my pussy to get wet, as I run my hands over my body. The cold water lost its power and soon I had a hand cupping my mound as I continued remembering how our match ended.

"Seems like the tables have turned," I said grinning down at Ivy.

"Cute," Ivy replied giving me a half smile.

I looked in to her eyes and saw her pupils expanding. I'm beginning to think that's an indicator of how far gone Ivy is when it comes to her vampire side. The blacker her eyes get, the less brown I can see equals Ivy being closer to losing control. I'm guessing vamps, living or undead, don't change like ours do. Thank the PTB that all Slayers have a built in vamp radar that works even on Ivy. The instinct to stake her, though, isn't there like it is with regular vamps and even if it were I'd have to ignore it.

"Faith," Ivy said calmly, pulling my thoughts back to her, "You shouldn't get over confident."

"This coming from the woman I got pinned," I countered, "Give up, Ivy. You ain't going to get to me."

"Oh really," Ivy replied in a sultry tone that had me rethinking my previous boldness.

Ivy raised her hips till her center was touching mine. I took in a deep breath as she began grinding in to me. I was loosing strength from the contact but somehow managed to maintain my grip on her wrists.

"Ivy," I breathed shakily, closing my eyes and trying to think of anything but the electricity flowing in to my pussy from Ivy's grinding.

I was getting wet and hot and losing all control. No one has ever had this power over me. It's scary and exciting at the same time. I leaned down till our foreheads were touching and opened my eyes. Ivy had a small ring of brown left and her breathing was as heavy as mine.

"Get a room already," Ken shouted and that brought Ivy and me back to our senses.

I jumped up and turned till I was glaring at Kennedy. Everyone that had been watching us got the message and walked away. B stood there and grinned at me as she held her hand out to Kennedy. Ken slapped a small stack of bills in her hand then quickly got the hell out of my sight.

"B?" I asked after regaining control of my breathing.

"I made the bet that neither of you would win but things would get heated," she answered as she counted her money, "I just had a feeling."

"I'll give you a feeling," I growled as I moved towards her.

B looked up and was about to make a run for it but her face got all serious as she looked over my shoulder. I turned around and saw Ivy, on her feet, holding herself tightly, a pained expression on her face.

"Ivy?" I asked, gently moving towards her.

"I'll be fine in a minute, Faith," Ivy answered in a strained tone.

I got her just as worked up as she did me. The only problem is I don't have vampire instincts that apparently go out of control from that kind of situation. Why didn't she have this problem when we hugged last night? I don't know and can think on that later. Ivy needs space and I think that means away from me.

"It's cool, Ivy," I said warmly, "I need to go take a shower anyway."

"Faith," she began to say but I was already out the door and heading to my room.

Back in my shower I had one hand on the wall and the other furiously rubbing my pussy to an intense orgasm.

"Oh God, I'm Cumming," I shouted out, "IIIIIIIvvvvvvvyyyyyyy!"

I came. I came so hard the only thing keeping me up was my hold on the wall. I pulled my hand away from my overly sensitive pussy and stood under the cold water that suddenly felt warm against my heated skin.

I stayed in the shower for another few minutes; using some of the peach body wash B got me in an attempt to mask the smell of my orgasm. I had no idea how strong Ivy's sense of smell is, probably as strong as the rest of the senses of our vamps. I didn't know and didn't want to take any chances. I usually just use soap and regular shampoo. Not that Bath n' Body crap B's always buying but I needed it to hide what I was just doing.

I got out and dried my hair, slipped on a fresh pair of panties, and looked at myself in the mirror. I really did have it bad for Ivy if I just had the most intense self-induced orgasm of my life. Not to mention the fact I practically screamed her name at the top of my lungs didn't help any. Oh shit, I hope no one heard that. Will did this spell on the rooms; sort of a soundproofing but we could all still here mumbled shouts every now and then. I just hoped my little session wasn't heard by anyone, especially Ivy. All her senses are heightened and I'm sure she'd have no problem hearing a pin drop at a rock concert. I can't face her, not right now, maybe not for the rest of the day.

A knock at the door brought me out of my thoughts and I made my way out to answer it. If it was Xander, wanting more explicit details, I was going to rip out his other eye. Just kidding. If my X-Man were completely blind who would I get to go to the sports bars with me? Andrew? That would be a total nightmare. Still, if it was Xan being a horndog, I'd have to do something to him. Just not anything stabby or murdery, I'm better now.

"Ivy," I said surprised.

The last person I wanted to see right now was standing in my doorway, dressed in her tight black leather pants, a tight turtle neck, and a pair of kick-ass boots.

"I'm sorry," she said softly looking away from my towel wrapped form.

I smiled and stepped out of the way letting her in. Ivy walked in and took a look around my room. It wasn't as well organized as hers or B's or anyone else's for that matter. I was something of a slob. Dirty clothes scattered on the floor, empty beer cans and bottles stacked up on dressers and my desk, I had a TV and Play Station 2 hooked up on a stand in front of my unmade bed.

"Nice room," Ivy said with an edge of sarcasm in her tone.

"Action girl, remember," I reply as if that answers why my room looks like this.

"Let me guess," Ivy said moving to stand in front of the desk and lifting the lid off a pizza box. She slammed it down fast and eyed me like I was crazy. "Buffy takes care of your cleaning. Either that or she hires a Haz-Mat team."

"You're a riot," I replied sarcastically, pulling out a pair of jeans, bra, and a t-shirt from my dresser and going back in to the bathroom, "Did you come here to bust my ass or did you need something?"

I left the door open a crack and let the towel fall to the floor. Standing with my back to the door with only a pair of dark blue low-rise panties on I waited patiently for an answer. I could feel Ivy's eyes on me, staring threw the crack at my toned slim body. I started getting dressed, figuring I shouldn't tease her and get her worked up again.

"I'm here for my appointment," Ivy answered as I stepped out of the bathroom, "We're going to have to make it a short one though."

"Why is that?" I asked curiously, pointing to the bed for her to sit down on. I pulled the chair from the desk and sat in front of her.

"Xander was kind enough to give me a layout of vampire nests in the city," Ivy said with a slight smirk, "I had to persuade him of course but he eventually did and now I have a map of potential targets."

"You planning on hitting them all?" I asked not liking where this was going.

Ivy seemed to be in plan mode. I've seen it before from B and Giles. Ivy was planning on searching for vampires in the hopes of running into either her ex or her lackeys and probably alone.

"As many as I can," Ivy replied calmly, eyeing me closely.

"Alone," I finished for her coldly.

"Yes," Ivy answered simply.

I took a deep breath in hopes of calming myself down. I used all the techniques B taught me, trying to find my center, my inner calm. Ivy is a strong fierce fighter. She's a predator, a lethal sexy as hell predator. Ivy can take care of herself. I kept repeating that over and over in my head.

"Let it out, Faith. Lets get it over with," Ivy's smooth voice pierced through my mantra and snapped me back to reality.

"You are not going out on your own," I stated calmly despite my growing temper.

"Yes, I am," Ivy, replied calmly.

I jumped up out of my seat so fast it fell over. Ivy remained seated and calm even though I was staring daggers at her. I was so close to tying her to my bed and…Ivy tied naked to my bed. Damn it! I just lost my train of thought.

"Faith," Ivy began softly, regaining my attention, "You and the others have been great. I have no doubts about yours or the others abilities. You just can't fight living vampires. We're perfect predators, luring are victims in. You tried to resist the last time and you nearly got bit."

"And you'll be there to save my neck again, Ivy," I interrupted softly, kneeling down in front of her and taking her hands in mine.

"Faith," Ivy breathed softly, closing her eyes as she took in a deep breath, "I lost Rachel. She was killed because I loved her, because she loved me. If Skimmer sees us together she'll sense it. She'll know you have feelings for me and that I…"

Ivy stopped and looked down, a tear falling from her eye. I placed a hand on her cheek, using my thumb to wipe away the tear.

"That you have feelings for me," I finished softly.

Ivy nodded then leaned into my touch. Our little sparring match this afternoon must have made her realize just how strong her feelings for me are and it obviously scares her.

"Ivy," I began warmly, "It's okay to let yourself feel again. Will lost her girl too. Her name was Tara and she was shot and killed by a punk enemy of B's. It ripped her heart out and led her on a dark path. She was pulled away from it by Xander and found love again in Kennedy. You aren't betraying her memory. Wouldn't Rachel want you to be happy?"

Ivy opened her eyes and stared sadly at me as she answered, "She would. She always wanted me to be happy, hating to see me in pain."

"I know the feeling," I said softly.

"And you say your not good at this talking thing," Ivy chuckled.

"I'm learning from the masters," I reply smiling warmly.

Ivy and me just stared in to each other's eyes. I wanted nothing more then to kiss her but the look in her eye told me she had one more thing to tell me and it was going to be hard for her. We also had to finish the fight over her going out hunting alone.

"Faith," Ivy said pulling me up and setting me on her lap, "I told you I have problems separating blood and sex. It was hard at the beginning with Rachel and me. She didn't want me to bite her and I respected her wishes, even if I had to stop half way through to reign my instincts in."

"You had to stop having sex?" I asked in disbelief, "You had to stop right in the middle of having sex with your girl?"

"Yes," Ivy answered looking away, "It aggravated both of us but Rachel understood. She eventually let me bite her and found it an erotic experience that brought us closer."

I could understand the fear that came with being bit. Angelus bit me and that led us to a flashback acid trip into Angel's past. Ivy's not a normal vampire. She craves blood but can live without it so I know if I do decide to let her bite me she won't take too much. It's just…I need to hear it one more time and I need her to be clear.

"Let me get this straight; if I tell you I don't want to be bitten and you get too worked up during sex, and believe me you will," I said wiggling my eyebrows, "You will stop us, leave the room or do some other technique to calm yourself down before we can continue?"

"I may not come back at all, Faith," Ivy replied sadly, still not facing me, "It's all or nothing. I told that to Rachel and we managed to do okay for a while without me biting her. I'm screwed up, Faith. I wish I wasn't but I am. I can control it for starters but eventually it will become too much for me. I'm sorry. I can tell you're a very sexual being and I would love to see how far we can go but, maybe…maybe we should,"

I interrupted her by grabbing the sides of her face and bringing her face around so she could see the strong look in my eyes.

"Don't you dare say it," I ordered sternly, "Not after this afternoon. Ivy, I just spent the better part of my shower getting off to the memories of the way you made me feel. We were fully clothed and barely even touching each other and you still got me wet. Do you have any idea what I wanted to do to you on the mat, in front of everyone."

"Probably the same thing I wanted to do to you," Ivy said in her silky sultry voice that started heating up my pussy again.

"Ivy," I breathed out shakily, "I'm going to tell you something and it's major for me."

"You're a virgin when it comes to women," Ivy teased.

"And you call me the smartass," I laugh, "No. What I was going to say is I've never felt this way about anyone. I've always been a one-night stand kind a girl. I never went in for that deep romantic connection crap. You get to me like no one ever has. You make me feel things I never thought I'd ever feel. I'm messed up too, Ivy. I could tell you stories of my childhood that could have yours looking like a kids bedtime story. I know this is all happening so fast and heavy for us both and I know your still getting over your first real love but…"

I stopped and looked away. Ivy placed a hand under my chin and brought us back face to face.

"Don't stop now, Faith," she said smiling softly, "You're on a roll."

I laughed again as she kept her hand on my chin, staring warmly in to my eyes as I continued, "We got something between us that we both feel and if it means being with you, having all of you, then I accept it. When the time is right and we get to doin' the nasty I want you to have all of me too. I don't usually like giving up control, Ivy. I didn't have it in the past over what happened to me but now that I do, it's hard for me to give it up."

"I don't want you to change because of me, Faith," Ivy interrupted softly, gently rubbing my chin with her thumb.

"I already have changed, according to B," I state smiling, "I'm willing to change a little more if it means I get to have you in my life. I trust you, Ivy, and I really need you to kiss me now so I stop with all this sappy shit."

Ivy closed her eyes and I could tell she was fighting with herself about this. I understand she loved Rachel but she can't shut herself off from moving on and if I have to.

My thoughts go out the window as the softest sweetest lips I've ever felt press against mine. I feel Ivy wrap her arms around my waist, pulling me in to her and I wrap my arms around her neck to do the same. She sucks on my bottom lip and nibbles lightly causing me to moan softly into her lips. I willingly open my mouth and soon feel her tongue exploring every corner of my mouth till she finds my tongue. I'm unable to stop the moans escaping me as our tongues dance between our lips, our kiss growing more heated, more passionate by the second.

We finally pull away from each other when breathing becomes an issue, resting our foreheads against each other. I look in to Ivy's eyes and see no cinnamon brown, only deep bottomless black that express more emotion then you'd think possible.

"Damn you can kiss," I breathe out, smiling.

"So can you," Ivy replies smiling back. It's a bigger smile then I've seen her give; not that big bright smile I saw from the picture but we're getting there.

"You do realize this means your stuck with me the remainder of the evening, right?" I ask calmly, still smiling.

Ivy lets out a soft sigh then placed a soft kiss on my lips and answered jokingly, "I guess I can live with that."

I kiss her softly then get up to get my coat, my lips still tingling and my pussy still hot from that kiss. I'm surprised I didn't have a mini orgasm from the way it made me feel. I shook those thoughts away as I grabbed my jean jacket from the floor, making sure my keys were still in them as I looked back at Ivy, now standing from the bed.

"Don't worry babe," I say in a sexy tone, moving in close to her as I put my jacket on, "You'll be singing a different tune once you see what you see my ride."

"What makes you think I'd let you drive?" Ivy asked skeptically.

"My ride, my rules," I state strongly, "And rule one is, no one drives my baby but me."

"That sounds hot and everything, Faith," Ivy says smiling a wicked smile that flashes a hint of one of her fangs and sends a shiver right through me, "But aren't I an exception to all your rules?"

She's using her sex appeal and her pheromones to mess with me, get me to agree to her demands. No one has driven my ride, though many have asked, pleaded, and bribed. I've stood firm and allowed none to persuade me otherwise. Ivy did have a point though. She is definitely the exception to all my rules.

"Okay fine," I concede, "You win. I'll let you drive but, if my baby gets so much as a scratch on her; no amount of pheromones or sexy tones will save your ass."

"Trust me, Faith," Ivy said warmly.

"I do, Ivy, but do you trust me?" I asked softly.

Ivy looked down and closed her eyes. Why did I have to go and say something stupid like that? We just had our first real kiss, I'm going to let her drive, and I have to ruin it by asking a dumb question like if she trusts me or not. Wait a minute; it's not a dumb question. I've put my heart out there for her and that's something I've never done for anyone. I can tell Ivy's the same by the way she acts. It's not easy for her to trust either. She must have trusted Rachel and now that that's ended she might not be willing to put her heart out there again. Not so soon at least and not when we still have to deal with Skimmer and her little band. I don't know why it's so important but I need her to trust me. I need to hear her say it.

"Faith," Ivy said softly, looking in to my eyes with nothing but warmth, "I trust you."

She said it. Holy Shit! She trusts me. I know B and the Scoobies trust me now and that makes me feel special but with Ivy it's different. Ivy makes everything different.

"Then what are we waiting for," I say happily, unable to contain my joy or feelings for Ivy, "Lets get moving."

Ivy extends her hand to me and I quickly take it as we walk out of my room and in to the unknown future. I just really hope she knows how to drive a motorcycle.


Chapter 4

"You can let go of me now, Faith," Ivy's soft voice said from in front of me.

"Are we stopped?" I asked hopefully, opening my eyes.

"We're stopped," Ivy replied with a soft laugh.

I released the steel grip I had around her waist and jumped off my bike, directing a cold hard stare at Ivy.

The first stop on the list of vamp nests had us at an alley two buildings away from where the vamps were held up. The plan was we storm the place, Ivy does some quick interrogating, and if they don't have anything useful we stake 'em. I have to admit I like this plan, seeing Ivy play the bad-assed living vampire that I know she is was going to be freakin' sweet.

Ivy wasn't all that surprised to see that my ride was a black Kawasaki Ninja when we got to the garage, she said it was just like me. The bike was a birthday gift from the gang. I almost bawled my eyes out but B just hugged me, setting off a chain reaction that had me thanking everyone, and crying.

Ivy got on and handed me the helmet saying I'll need this more then her. I haven't gotten around to getting a spare but Ivy didn't seem to mind, especially when I didn't put it on. She got on and started my bike up like a pro and grinned at me. I got on back, wrapped my arms securely around her and off we went; and by off I mean like a freakin' bullet. Ivy handled my bike better then me. She had us moving through traffic with total ease and speed. Cars, buildings, everything was flying by in a blur of lights and sounds that became too much for me to handle, forcing me to close my eyes and bury my face in Ivy's back. I'm guessing I had her vamp instincts to thank for the wild ride I was now on. I'm still surprised a cop didn't stop us.

"I should have mentioned I have a bike of my own, at least I used to" Ivy explained with an innocent look, shattering my flashback, "But I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Oh I was surprised alright," I scoffed straightening out my wind blown hair. I looked like a damn troll doll, "You surprised me so well I think I left my stomach on the last block."

Ivy came up and started smoothing down my long curly brown hair, helping me get it somewhat under control. I moved my hands to my sides and let her take over as I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of Ivy's hands moving through my hair. It had a nice calming effect on me

"Don't tell me I scared the big bad Slayer?" Ivy asked teasingly.

I reached up and grabbed one of her wrists, holding it in place, and shooting my eyes open at her as I answered calmly, "Ivy, the only one around here that needs to be afraid is you."

"Why's that?" Ivy asked.

"Because," I breathed out in a husky tone, leaning in close, "That ride got me soooo worked up. It's taking every ounce of self control I have right now not to push you against this alley wall and fuck you senseless."

Ivy closed her eyes and took in deep breath. I'm guessing she was using her vamp senses to see if I was lying. The slight shivers going through her told me she knew I was telling the truth. Serves her right.

"Faith," she said in a strained tone, "Work now play later."

"Do we have to?" I whined.

"Faith," Ivy stressed out.

I was getting her worked up and that's the last thing she wants right now. I wasn't really upset. I could tell Ivy was a very focused person when it came to a Run, as she liked to call this. I still didn't understand but whatever made her happy. Anyway, I needed to back off and wait till we were finished before I could relieve my raging sex drive. She has no idea what she's in for when we get back.

"Okay," I said softly, taking a step back and giving her the space and time to calm herself down, "You're just going to have to make it up to me later."

"I will," Ivy replied in her silkiest tone yet, "I'll show you how thankful I am for your patience. Over and over and over."

Minx. Now she's getting me worked up. God, she is so going to get it later. Right now, I feel the need to drive some hard wood into someone. I know how that sounds but you can blame Ivy for putting my mind in the gutter. She is definitely going to get it later.

Ivy and I stood outside the vamp nest with the windows painted black; always a dead give away. You'd think they'd learn by now being in a city with a school for Slayers.

"Any of your ex's friends in there?" I asked softly, pulling two stakes out from the inside pocket of my jacket.

Ivy breathed in deep and shook her head, as she answered, "No, I only smell six of your vampires."

"How can you tell they're ours?" I asked curiously, offering one of the stakes to Ivy.

She looked down with a crooked eyebrow and answered, "Your vamps smell like ash. A living or undead from my realm has an incense like smell mixed with their natural scent with a dash of pheromones."

"I did notice your incense was mixed in with a citrus smell," I said smiling warmly, "And would you stop staring at the stake and take it. You're going to need it."

"I feel like I'm in a bad horror movie," Ivy replied with a tinge of distain as she took the stake from my hand.

"You get used to it," I joked, "Quick lesson on killing our vamps; stake through the heart and they're dust, same thing if you take off their head. Sunlight turns them in to crispy critters then dust. There's a few other things but they can wait."

"Thanks, teacher," Ivy replied softly, placing a light kiss on my cheek.

I blushed and cupped my just kissed cheek. How can something so innocent send a jolt down to my pussy? Oh, that's right, because it's Ivy.

I hear her chuckle at the surprised look on my face and feel a little embarrassed. I decide to take my frustration out on the door as I kick it open violently, startling the vamps inside and sending them scurrying to the shadows like roaches.

"After you madam," I say cutely and bow like an usher or something like that.

"Such a gentlewoman," Ivy replies in mock flattery as she walks in.

"Wait till we get back," I whisper, "You won't be thinking that when I get through with you."

Ivy froze and looked over her shoulder at me. Oh shit, did she hear me? Of course she heard me. I got to remember her vamp senses and watch what I say around her. I think I'm the one who's going to get it later as she winks at me before shifting her attention to the vamps. I shake all thoughts of the fun we're going to have later away and go in to Slayer mode as I follow in after her.

"I'm going to ask you one simple question," Ivy began in a strong voice as she held up one of the vamps by his shirt, "You answer truthfully and maybe my friend and I will pretend we never saw you. You lie and you die, simple as that. Understand?"

I stood right next to Ivy, my stake clutched in my hand and my eyes scanning the other vamps. They had their game faces on and looked like they were about to make a move but suddenly froze where they stood. I could feel Ivy pulling an aura as she called it; apparently it freaked these vamps out and me, a little, but I knew she wasn't directing her power at me.

"What do you want to know?" the vamp in her hand asked, his feet dangling off the floor.

"Has anyone approached you giving off a similar power or scent as me?" Ivy asked smiling wryly.

"No," the vamp answered quickly, "I would definitely remember meeting someone like you."

Ivy took in a deep breath then shot the vampire a cold and angry stare, her eyes beginning to go black.

"You're lying to me," Ivy growled, tossing the vampire hard against the wall, causing the metal to bend.

One vamp got bold and tried to move on her but I staked him fast. He was dusting when Ivy turned her full black eyes at the remaining vamps, her aura beating down on them hard. They backed down and stayed put under Ivy's fury. I gave her a soft look, wanting her to know I was still here if she needed me. Ivy lowered her head sadly before looking back at me with a soft smile on her face before turning back to the dumbass that lied to her.

"Last chance," Ivy said forcefully, pulling him back up this time by the throat, "Have you seen someone like me?"

"A guy," the vamp choked out, "Came here last night. He gave off a similar scent as you although his power wasn't as strong. Gave me a number to call. Said he represented a new player in town. Got some major power and big plans, plans to get rid of the Slayers and make this city ours."

"I've got some bad news for you my friend," Ivy said feigning sadness, "You're not going to be around to make that call."

Ivy staked the vamp fast and he crumbled in to dust right in her hand, a white business like card the only thing seen in the pile at her feet. Seeing their buddy get staked filled the others with enough rage to shake off the spell Ivy had over them. Two rushed me and I quickly went on the defensive, blocking and sideswiping their punches as the remaining two made a beeline for Ivy.

"You're dead bitch," one of them screamed at Ivy as he ran to tackle her.

Ivy turned out of the way and drove her stake into his back, dude was dust by the time he hit the wall. I managed to kick one of my attackers aside and stake the other before glancing back at Ivy. She easily blocked all the kicks and punches her last attacker was aiming at her. Her moves were fluid. It was like watching water flow in a rocky stream.

"Faith," Ivy warned not looking at me, "Behind you."

I spun around just in time to see the vamp come at me with a knife in his hand. A hard roundhouse to his wrist knocked the knife out of his hand, as I followed up with a back-kick to the abdomen. He was doubled over when I moved in on him and pulled his face up to me by his long greasy hair.

"It's not nice to sneak up on a lady," I chastised, smiling evilly.

"You ain't no lady," the vamp spit out, "You're nothin' but a…"

I didn't give him a chance to finish as I drove my stake through his heart, turning to face Ivy as he dusted behind me.

"Need some help there, babe?" I ask jokingly.

"No thanks, sweetie," Ivy replied as she grabbed the vamps fist that was aimed at her face, twisting till you could hear a load pop. The vamp groaned out as Ivy staked him fast, ending his suffering.

Ivy bent down to pick the card up with the number for one of those low-blood idiots but before she got the chance to read it I had her pinned against the wall.

"Fai…," she started but was cut off by my mouth engulfing her lips.

I forced my tongue into her mouth as I cupped one of her breasts causing her to moan softly into my mouth. I moved my other hand to the front of her jeans. I was working on sliding my hand inside to get to the goods when Ivy stopped me.

"Faith," Ivy let out in a strained voice when I pulled away from her.

"Sorry babe," I said huskily, wrapping my arms around her waist, resting my head on her shoulder, "I always get a case of the double H's after a good slay. Seeing you in action doesn't help matters either."

"Double H's?" Ivy asked confused.

"Hungry and Horny," I answer smiling up at her.

"I see," Ivy, replied understandingly, "How do you usually take care of the double H's?"

"Late night dinners and lots of batteries," I state with a wiggling of my eyebrows.

Ivy laughed softly and pulled me tighter to her as she whispered in my ear, "Perhaps I can help you out with one of those."

God I'm so hot right now. Her warm breath is brushing my neck and sending shivers throughout my body. Dusting those vamps, seeing Ivy being all badass, fighting those vamps, and now whispering sexy things into my ear in her silky voice, breathing on my neck has me weak at the knees and wetting my panties but in the good way. I need her. Now.

"Ivy, I can't think of a sexy innuendo with you breathing on my neck," I state shakily, "In fact I can barely stand right now. I need you to take me home now."

"Why's that?" Ivy asks knowingly, an evil smirk on her face as I look up and see her eyes still black.

"Take a whiff," I reply wickedly.

Ivy does just that and before I can respond she has me scooped up and in her arms. I manage to wraps my arms around her neck as she makes a mad dash out of here and has us at my bike in a second. Damn she's fast. I hope she's not that fast in bed, although. Now that I think about it, it could be pretty wicked. I'm getting wetter just thinking about it. Ivy better hurry or I might cum in my jeans.


Chapter 5

We made it back in less than ten minutes and once again I was amazed we weren't pulled over for speeding. The only problem was the vibrations from my bike were driving me even more close to an orgasm. I was holding onto Ivy and trying to think of anything and everything in order to ignore the way my pussy was feeling. Andrew in a thong had me on the verge of throwing up but kept me occupied, only it's going to be a bitch to banish that thought from my head.

"Oh your back," B said as we made our way to the steps, "Find out anything?"

"Yes we did," I replied quickly, pulling Ivy behind me, "We'll talk about it tomorrow."

"Why can't we talk about it now?" B asked grinning. Little pest had to know what we were going to do by the look on my face. She just had to get in her teasing.

"If you must know, Buffy," Ivy said stopping us to grin wickedly at B, "Faith and I are going up to my room since it's cleaner, I'm going to rip her clothes off the minute the doors are closed, push her down on to the bed, and give her orgasm after orgasm. So you might want to warn everyone if they hear any screaming coming from my room not to worry."

B had her jaw practically on the floor as I cracked up laughing.

"I don't know what you're laughing about," Ivy said, turning that wicked grin at me, a hint of fang showing, "I just told her the truth."

"Gotta go, B," I said grabbing Ivy's hands and pulling her up the steps and around the corner, leaving Buffy standing there in wide-eyed shock, her mouth still hanging open, a little drool leaking out of the corner.

I was headed for Ivy's room because she had a point about my room being too messy for our first time. Oh Crap! I stopped dead in my tracks as it finally hit me. This was going to Ivy and mine's first time fuckin', making love, doin' the horizontal tango, whatever the hell you want to call it. The point is this will be our first time and that thought scares the hell out of me.

Funny, isn't it. Me. Faith. Afraid to have sex. I've had sex with men, woman, both at the same time even. Call me a slut at your own risk though. I love sex; I'd grab whoever's available after a night of slaying to ease the horny part of the double H's. I haven't been a virgin for a long time and the thought of being with Ivy has me just as nervous as if I were one.

"Faith?" Ivy asked concerned as she placed a hand on my shoulder.

I turned to face Ivy to see a warm smile on her face. She is so beautiful, so perfect. Why would she want to be with someone like me? I'm a fuckin' mess. I have so many issues that I'm working on and the top one on the list, the one B's always on my ass about is thinking I don't deserve to be happy. I don't deserve to have Ivy in my life. She is so much better then me, she deserves better then me. I'm not worthy of her.

"Faith," Ivy repeated, cupping my face, "I can sense a major change in you. Talk to me. Tell me what's wrong."

I leaned in to the warmth of her touch and closed my eyes. I didn't know how to tell her that I thought I don't deserve her after all the flirting we've been doing.

"Ivy," I reply softly, "Can we talk in your room?"

She nods her head and leads me to her room. She sits me down on her bed, closes the door then leans against it.

"You ready to tell me what turned you from hyper-ready-for-sex Faith, to depressed-n-nervous Faith?" Ivy asked softly, crossing her arms over her chest as she kicked her boots off easily.

"It just hit me all of a sudden," I replied then went silent again.

"What, Faith?" Ivy asked pointedly, "What just hit you?"

I looked at her for a minute, conveying with my eyes what I was too embarrassed to say out loud all off a sudden.

"Oh my god," Ivy said surprised as it dawned on her.

"That's pretty much what my reaction was," I laughed, "Only I was a little different in my word choice."

"I'm sure," Ivy, joked smiling softly as she moved to sit down next to me.

"I've never felt this way about anyone, Ivy," I began in a choked up voice, "I know I was all wanting to get in your pants a minute ago but, the minute I realized what we were about to do for the first time, I just got so nervous."

"I can understand that, Faith," Ivy said softly, "I was the same way my first night with…"

Ivy went silent but I knew what she was going to say, her first night with Rachel. I can't compete with that. Who can? You finally get to be with the girl of your dreams, the girl you've been waiting for and you loose her. Things are moving so fast between us. This is all so new to me that I don't want to fuck it up like I've done in the past with anything remotely good in my life. The gang and me are on good terms again, B and me have a close wonderful friendship and I'm still afraid of fucking that up. I'm just a screw up by nature. I can't change.

"Faith," Ivy said, wrapping her arm around my shoulder and pulling me in close, letting me rest my head on her shoulder, "I never thought I'd ever find anyone after I lost Rachel. I planned on killing Skimmer and her crew; then die twice. I never expected to meet wonderful people who would help me and fall for one of them."

"I'm going to have to kill Xander," I joke.

"I was actually referring to Buffy," Ivy jokes right back.

We laugh together softly as I lean in closer to Ivy, breathing in her scent. She's putting out her calming pheromones in an effort to ease my troubled mind. That combined with her soft silky voice is definitely beginning to have that effect.

"I know things between us are moving fast and I know you're afraid I'm not ready to move on," Ivy continued softly, "You're right, but not about me afraid to move on. You're right about Rachel, she would want me to be happy and being with you makes me happy like I never thought I'd ever be again. I love spending time with you, joking with you, sparring with you."

I smile at the playful note I catch in her voice when she mentions the sparring. Still can't believe we acted like that in front of B and the new girls.

"I like sparring with you too," I reply softly, "I'm happy you feel that way Ivy but."

"No, Faith," Ivy interrupts strongly, "No buts. Unless we're talking about yours and it getting uncovered soon."

"Keep up with the loving talk, Ivy, and you might just see it," I said standing up and looking down at her.

Ivy smiled warmly at me and said, "I'm trying to think of something more, Faith. I really am but all I can think about right now is you naked and panting."

I shiver at her words and pull my t-shirt up over my head as I move to stand at the foot of the bed and say in a sultry tone, "Keep going."

Ivy caught on fast and rested back on her hands, pushing her chest out, her breasts strained against her turtleneck as she said in her sexiest tone, "I want to get down on my knees in front of you and thank God and Rachel for bringing you in to my life as I worship your body."

I undid my pants and slid my jeans down, taking off my boots and socks, standing there in front of her in just my bra and stained panties. The only light in the room was the small lamp on the bedside table but Ivy could see me as if it were broad daylight in here. I put my hands on my hips and cocked them to the side as I waited for Ivy to continue.

"I want to taste you, Faith," Ivy said in a strained voice, eyes dilating black quickly, "I want to drive you crazy with need till you explode all over my tongue. I want you now, Faith."

Those were the magic words that sent all thoughts of my not being worthy of Ivy and all other troubling thoughts disappearing into thin air as I unhooked my bra and slid down my panties. I was naked before Ivy's hungry stare as she slowly got up and moved closer to me.

"You are so beautiful," Ivy said in a warm, honest voice.

I blushed and looked away from her loving eyes about to say she was the beautiful one. Ivy took hold of my chin and brought me back to face her and kissed me before I got the chance. Her sweet soft lips were kissing me softly as I instinctively wrapped my arms around her neck, pulling her down closer to me, pressing my breasts against hers, causing my nipples to brush against the fabric of her shirt. I was moaning from that sensation and feeling her hands exploring my exposed back till she was cupping and squeezing my ass. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around her waist, pressing my wet pussy against her leather-covered center and grinding into it slowly.

"Do you know what I want to do to you?" I asked her, pulling away from her lips.

"I'm drawing a blank," Ivy replied grinning.

I leaned in and licked her earlobe then whispered sexily, "I want to fuck your brains out."

I let out a squeal of excitement as Ivy flipped me onto the bed and got on top of me, her eyes black from lust and need as she stared down at me and smiled wickedly.

"You're going to have to wait your turn," Ivy breathed as she lowered her face and began kissing and nibbling my neck.

God I hope I lasted long enough to return the favor but at this rate Ivy was going to put my Slayer stamina to the test. If not, I'll just have to wake her up in a very interesting manner.

"Holy Shit," I shouted as Ivy continued lapping away at my pussy.

Once Ivy quickly undressed and let me marvel at her perfect body, she went right to work on me. She licked and kissed practically every inch of my body, paying special attention to my neck, licking and sucking on my pulse point. I was moaning uncontrollably from that and the soft kneading her free hand was doing to my breast. I couldn't hold out any longer and took her head in my hands, placed a forceful heated kiss on her lips then pushed her down to my needy pussy.

I shouldn't have done that. Ivy teased me for what felt like forever before she stuck her tongue in me and ran the tip against my g-spot. I lost it. My mind was in orbit for an hour as Ivy kept her tongue in me, drinking up every drop leaking out of my dripping pussy. Once I was back she started all over again.

"Want more?" Ivy asked playfully with a wet sloppy grin, "Or have you had enough."

I was panting like crazy and unable to form any coherent thought. I think she broke the part of my brain that comes up with my sarcastic, witty, sexually enticing comments. I hope not, that's part of my charm.

"Earth to Faith," Ivy said moving up to look in to my glazed over eyes, "Maybe this will get a reaction out of you."

Ivy ran a finger down over my breasts, circling each nipple, moving teasingly slow down my toned stomach till she was literally pressing my button. I gasped out as I felt her about to enter me with that finger and quickly grabbed her wrist.

"Too sensitive still," I breathe out placing her hand on top of my breast.

"That's okay, we can save that for next time," Ivy replied resting her head on my shoulder.

There was definitely going to be a next time but if she thinks we're finished, she's got another thing coming; in more ways then one.

I flipped over on top of her, eyeing her heatedly, and said, "You and that magic tongue of yours had your fun. Now let me show you my skills."

"Should I be worried," Ivy countered with a cocky smirk on her face.

She is so going to get it now that I got my second wind. True Ivy blew me away with her technique. No one has been able to make me cum that hard before; it usually took a couple rolls in the sack for me to feel satisfied. I had a feeling Ivy was going to make me feel overly satisfied from now on. Enough about her talents though, it's time I showed her my mad skills.

"You will be," I said menacingly, "You will be."

Ivy laughed softly as I began trailing kisses from her neck down to her large firm breasts. They were slightly bigger then mine and just as soft. I looked up at her with lusty eyes as I flicked my tongue over the nipple, teasing it with the tip before blowing on it softly, turning it into a dark eraser.

Ivy had her eyes clamped shut as I grinned at her twisted face and took as much of her tit in my mouth as I could, sucking on the nipple and circling it with my tongue.

"Faith," Ivy groaned out, bunching the sheets up in her hands.

I cupped her other tit in my free hand, squeezing and pinching the nipple lightly, causing her to groan louder. That's not the sound I wanted to hear though. Let's see how she feels about this.

"Oh My God," Ivy screamed as I twisted her nipple hard and pulled back on it with a little extra Slayer strength.

"I take it you like that?" I asked jokingly, looking down at her as I continued to play with her breast.

"Faith, please," Ivy moaned softly, rubbing her thighs together.

"You want something, Ivy?" I teased with an evil grin.

"Faith," Ivy growled.

God, that just sent a shiver through my recovering pussy. I pulled back on her nipple again, eliciting another scream.

"If you don't tell me what you want, babe, I can't help you," I told her feigning regret.

Ivy opened her lust-crazed black eyes and stared hard at me. I was messing with her and she knew it but that didn't mean I was going to stop. Not until I got the response I'm looking for.

"Faith, I want you inside me," Ivy replied in a husky silky tone that was getting me wet, "I want your fingers deep inside me. I want you to make me cum."

"As you wish," I said smiling, running a finger along her outer lips, eliciting a soft moan before driving it inside her.

"Oh, fuck," Ivy, screamed once I hit her g-spot.

I laughed softly at hearing her curse for the first time since we've met. It was so cute, seeing her face twisted in pleasure and letting go with the swearing. I added a second finger, then a third, using my thumb to rub furiously at her clit. Ivy was thrashing on my hand, pushing down every time I thrust in her till we got in a perfect rhythm.

"Faith," Ivy screamed, "Oh, Faith! I'm so close!"

I stopped once I heard that and smiled innocently when she shot daggers at me. I started back up again when she was about to say something and watched in amazement as Ivy once again was thrashing from the pleasure I was giving her. I felt her on the edge and stopped again, only this time Ivy grabbed my wrist and squeezed gently.

"Faith," she growled, narrowing her eyes at me, "I'm going to let go of your wrist in a second. You're going to continue and not stop until I cum all over your hand."

"And if I don't?" I asked curiously.

"If you stop on me again," Ivy answered smiling wickedly, "Not only will I kick your naked ass out of my room without your clothes but it will be a long, long time before you feel my tongue anywhere on your body."

"You're bluffing," I replied with a tinge of worry.

"I managed to control myself pretty well around Rachel till she confessed her feelings finally," Ivy countered with scary honesty, "Trust me when I tell you, I can go longer then you."

I've seen Ivy's self-control and while it might have swayed, it never broke. I'm guessing I've only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as Ivy's self-control goes. That instantly ended my teasing of her as I started thrusting my fingers into her, rubbing her clit for all I was worth.

"That's my girl," Ivy moaned, smiling happily.

Ivy just called me her girl. Why does that make my heart race faster and not the sight of her naked sweaty body writhing in pleasure? No ones ever called me their girl before, that's why. My heart warmed up and I leaned down and captured her lips in a loving tender kiss as I continued giving her my all, determined to make her cum like never before.

"Cum for me, Ivy," I breathed in to her ear, "I want to see you cum from my fingers inside you."

"Oh God, Faith," Ivy cried out as I looked her in the eyes, "I'm Cumming! Ohhhh I'm Cumming!"

Ivy's pussy clamped down hard on my fingers as she arched her back off the bed, driving my fingers deeper into her, creaming all over my hand until flopping back down on to the bed. Ivy had a satisfied look on her face and all I wanted to do was kiss her and snuggle up next to her as we fell asleep. That's what B would probably do but I'm Faith, I ain't satisfied till I got my partner begging me to stop and that's just what I planned to do now.

"Five minute break," I let out tiredly, lying on top of Ivy.

I might not of took Ivy's sexual prowess into consideration when I planned on making her beg me to stop. She is insatiable, just like me; and just like I can't get enough of her body, she can't get enough of mine.

"You're kidding, right?" Ivy asked in disbelief.

"I would be if I could feel my legs," I replied placing a kiss over her heart before laying my head over it, letting the strong even beats soothe me.

Ivy wrapped her arms around me and held me close as I could feel my eyes getting heavy. I didn't want to go to sleep. I wanted to stay snuggled up like this, listening to Ivy's heart and breaths. Okay so B is rubbing off on me. She got me to watch a bunch of lovey-dovey romance movies. I sat through them and even got to liking a few but I never told her. You squeal and you're dead. I'm just kidding. I'll just hurt ya, a lot.

"Go to sleep, Faith," Ivy whispered softly, placing a kiss on top of my head, "I'll be right here when you wake up."

I planned on holding her to that as I let the warmth of her body envelop me, closing my eyes and taking in a deep breath.

"I love you, Ivy," I whispered, not feeling the flash of tension pass through Ivy before sleep finally took me.


Chapter 6

I woke up feeling warm, happy, and surprisingly refreshed. Slayer healing, gotta love it. My head was in Ivy's lap and her hand was combing through my hair softly. I smiled and just lied there, wondering when I started feeling so girlie, so B like. I'm usually the tough chick, I got my soft side that only the Scoobies get to see, not the newbies I'm helping to train. I'm as hard as I have to be on them so they live long and don't make the same mistakes I did. My life made me tough and hard but I am changing. It's just lately…lately I'm acting all soft and it's all because of Ivy. You think I care? That's right, I don't. Not. One. Bit. Of course if B or any of the others start cracking wise jokes, I won't be so soft and girlie.

"Morning babe," I yawn as I sit up and stretch, the sheet that Ivy must have covered us in pooling around my waist, exposing my upper body to her wandering eyes, "You been up long?"

"A few hours," Ivy replied with a wry smile.

"Doing what?" I asked.

"Watching you sleep," Ivy answered then looked away, "Thinking."

Something about the way she said 'thinking' made me feel uneasy. She wasn't looking at me and seemed tense all of a sudden. This was not the Ivy I just spent a wonderful passionate night with.

"What's wrong?" I asked worriedly.

"You don't even remember, do you?" Ivy asked back, getting up off the bed and grabbing a long black t-shirt out of her dresser and pulling it on.

"Remember what?" I asked anxiously, "Did I talk in my sleep, drool on you? What did I do, Ivy?"

Ivy turned around and stared silently at me, taking in long deep breaths. She was using her senses to feel me out. Good, then she'll know I have no idea what she's talking about.

"Before you fell asleep last night you said," Ivy stopped and sat down on the bed placing her head in her hands, her long black hair forming a curtain to hide her face from me, "You said."

"I love you," I finished softly as I suddenly remembered, moving in slow till I was kneeling on the bed behind her.

I had no idea that would get her so worked up. For that matter I have no idea why I even said it. Think, Faith, think. You better come up with something fast before Ivy gets even more freaked out.

"Things are moving way too fast," Ivy began softly, "I know that, you know that, but there's nothing we can do about it. Did you mean it, Faith, or were you still caught up in the moment?"

That's a good question, a very good question. She turning around, staring at me with soft confused eyes wasn't helping. She wants an answer so what have you got, Faith. Nothing. My heads got nothin'. Ivy is either going to get angry and dump my sorry ass or she's just going to forget about it but things are going to get real awkward and never be the same between us. I'm screwed. What am I going to do? What would B do? That's it! I owe that girlie blonde a big kiss the next time I see her.

"I told you I've never felt this way about anyone before and I meant it," I started warmly, speaking from my heart, "It scares me how much I care about you, Ivy. You wanted to go off on your own to hunt down your ex yesterday and I got angry."

"You got pissed," Ivy corrected, a smile showing in her tone.

"Please shut up and let me finish," I said sternly, "This talking about my feelings thing is still new to me and I might not finish if I keep getting interrupted."

Ivy nodded her head in understanding and got quiet as I continued in a softer tone, "The only person I ever said I love you to was my Ma and she didn't believe me either. She was an addict and a bit paranoid, not the best mother in the world but I did love her. I've never said it again after she died, until last night and the only reason I would say that is if I meant it."

Ivy closed her eyes and took in another deep breath, seeing if I was being honest, if I meant what I was saying. I just knelt there with my head down and my eyes closed. I just told her my true feelings for her. I just put my heart on the line. I know Ivy cares about me but it might not be love yet, it might never get that far. I could screw it up like I might have just done.

"Faith," Ivy said warmly, trying to get my attention but I just kept my head down, "Faith, please look at me."

I looked up slowly to see Ivy staring at me with nothing but warmth in her eyes as she smiled at me and said, "I do care about you, Faith. You believe me, right?"

"I do," I answered without hesitation as Ivy leaned in and rested her forehead against mine.

"I just…I can't say it," Ivy said sadly, "Not yet, the pain's still there. It's not as bad or as deep as it was. It's because of you, you and Buffy and Willow and…everyone. I'm a stranger to all of you, a monster and yet you've all welcomed me into your lives."

"You're not a monster, Ivy, not to me and not to the others," I said strongly, "You saved us; we learned everything we needed to know about you in that moment."

"I'm just not ready to say it yet, Faith. I'm sorry," Ivy said softly, closing her eyes.

I cupped her face and started placing soft kisses on her lips until she began responding, kissing me back. I am in love with Ivy. I'm SOOOO in love with her. It's weird but I don't really care if she says it back. I know she's still dealing with the death of her girl and it will be hanging around us for a while and I'm cool with that. She cares about me and I can feel it in my heart, the way that she looks at me, that she does love me. I'll just have to be patient. B is going to be so proud of me, if I tell her. Whom I kidding, of course I'm going to tell her. I'm just going to have to make sure she doesn't start blabbing all this to the others. They're bound to pick up on it anyway.

"That's fine babe. I understand and am not going to pressure you," I state smiling lovingly at her, "Whenever you feel it, you tell me. Deal?"

"Deal," Ivy replied smiling back at me.

Crisis averted. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled Ivy down as we started making out, things going from soft and gentle to hot and heavy in a second as I felt Ivy's hands roaming over my stomach and inching lower.

"Knock, knock," Buffy said as she slowly opened the door and peaked in before slamming it shut behind her, "Sorry, Faith. Sorry, Ivy. Sorry eyes. I'm sorry."

"B," I groaned loudly as Ivy started chuckling, her face slightly blushing.

"I came to see if you two were still with us and wanted some breakfast," B shouted back through the door.

"Not hungry," I replied, wanting to get back to what Ivy and me started. Unfortunately my stomach didn't agree as it rumbled loudly.

"I heard that," B laughed.

"Beat it brat," I shouted, "We'll be down in five."

"Five minutes and counting," Buffy's voice trailed off as I heard her walking away.

So much for telling B later, the whole gang will know by the time we get down there.

"Five minutes," I said in a husky tone, wiggling my brows, "With your vamp speed, you could finish what you started in half that."

"Later," Ivy whispered, placing a soft kiss on my forehead as she got off the bed and me.

"Later as in after breakfast or later as in," I joked, picking up my jeans and sliding into them, pulling my tank top on, not bothering with my bra since I was headed to my room to grab a quick shower.

"Later as in you'll just have to wait and see how the day goes," Ivy finished sternly.

I stuck my bottom lip out and looked like she just drowned my puppy, doing my best to mimic B's pout.

"Sorry, Faith," Ivy laughed, "I guess I'm immune to your pout."

"That's cool," I said calmly as I passed her, "I'll just ask B to use her pout on you from now on."

"You're kidding, right Faith," Ivy called after me, "Faith?"

I continued with my calm act, trying not to crack up as I exited her room and headed for mine. Despite the rocky start, this was shaping out to be a good day.

"Quit it," I warned for the third time but Dawn apparently wasn't getting the message.

When we came down for a late breakfast, two minutes late according to Miss Punctual, everyone was wearing bright knowing smiles. I wanted to run back upstairs and hide. Actually I wanted to start smackin' heads but I can't get all violent when my friends are just funnin' with me. I know deep down they are happy for me but that don't stop them from teasing.

"Quit what?" Dawnie asked all innocent.

"A little help here," I pleaded turning to Ivy as she sat next to me sipping on her second glass of O.J. I wonder if that's where she gets that citrus incense scent.

"What would you like me to do?" Ivy asked calmly.

"Pull an aura on her, get her to stop grinning like an idiot, something," I huffed, narrowing my eyes at Dawn.

Dawn started giggling, Xan was hiding his own stupid smirk behind his cup of coffee, and so was Red. Ken was being open in her teasing like Dawn while Giles just sat quietly going over some old book. I would have been appreciative if it weren't for the half smile on his face. B was acting all innocent like this wasn't her fault but we both know it is.

"I couldn't do that," Ivy laughed.

"B, pull out the pout," I said staring hard at her.

"Faith," B replied shaking her head.

"Alright fine," I said sighing loudly, standing up and eyeing everyone, "Yes, me and Ivy spent the night together. Yes, it was good, very good. No, I will not go in to details, Xander. We are together, starting a relationship and the first joke I hear about me in a relationship gets my boot in their…"

"Okay, I think we get the point," B interrupted my rant, Ivy reaching up and pulling me back down to my seat, holding my hand, "We'll lay off for now, at least until we finish this fight with, what's her name again."

"Skimmer," Ivy added, helping B out.

"Skimmer, thanks," B continued smiling at Ivy and me, "Once we finish dealing with Skimmer then we can go back to harassing Faith, agreed?"

"Agreed," the Scoobies said in unison.

Ivy nearly spit out her sip of O.J. as I placed a hand over my eyes and shook my head sadly. I love them and hate them at the same time right now. That's family I guess. I'm lucky, I got a great group of friends and now I got a great hot girl. I hit the jackpot. Hope I don't fuck it up.

"If you you've all finished having your fun at the happy couple's expense," Giles said, bringing quiet order to the table, "Ivy, I believe you and Faith made an interesting discovery yesterday."

Ivy quirked an eyebrow at Giles and I dropped my head on to the table with a loud bang, covering my head with my arms. I could hear everyone coughing in a vain attempt to cover their laughter.

"Oh, dear," Giles said blushing nervously, "I didn't mean it like that. What I meant to say was."

"I know what you meant, Rupert," Ivy said calmly, smiling softly in an attempt to ease his mind, "I found a card in the ashes of the vampire I interrogated. The vampire met with one of the low-bloods in an attempt to join forces with them. The card had his name, Jason Brown, along with a phone number."

"We've gotten reports of vamps leaving their current nests and joining up with others," Xander added, "They also must have been contacted by either this Jason or someone else."

"They're gaining strength," Ken said crossing her arms, "The vamps have an idea of the mystical firepower we have at our disposal, besides all the Slayers in the city. They wouldn't try anything against us no matter who's giving them their orders."

"It's not that simple," Ivy replied, "Remember that we're different then your vampires. A small group of five low-bloods led by a full undead, guiding your unorganized but many vampires. That could equal trouble for us. If we take out Skimmer and her crew, the vamps would loose their motivation and disperse back to their own territory."

"Sounds like a plan," B said nodding in agreement with Ivy.

"I agree," Giles added smiling at Ivy.

"Great, we have a plan," I groaned out, resting my chin on my crossed arms, feeling Ivy rub my back soothingly, "How do we do it?"

We all looked at each other with blank clueless expressions, all but Dawn who slowly raised her hand. I chuckled at her childish behavior and was rewarded with her sticking her tongue out at me.

"You have an idea, Dawn?" Ivy asked softly.

"Y-Yes, I do," Dawn stuttered, blushing under Ivy's stare. Ivy smiled warmly at her as she gave her a nod to continue, "We have the card and the number of the contact. We set up a meeting, catch him so Ivy can do her questioning, get all the information we can and then…"

"Kill him," I finished, liking that part of little D's plan.

"That's very good, Dawn," Ivy said appraisingly.

"Thanks," Dawn replied, blushing deeper, "I know there's a few holes in my plan. Like they all saw Buffy, Faith, Willow, and Xander, so they can't play the bait."

"Back up a minute their, Dawnie," I interrupted, sitting up straight, a confused look on my face, "What bait? You didn't mention anything about bait."

"Obviously someone's going to have to meet with this Jason," Dawn answered me calmly, "He'll get suspicious if he shows up outside the trap and doesn't sense anyone living around or a scent that he recognizes."

"I think I can work a glamour that will make him think he's dealing with one of our vampires," Will declared proudly. Red's got mad skills so if she says she can do something we take her word for it.

"Okay, we got ourselves a real plan now," I said excitedly, rubbing my hands together, "So, who gets to draw the short straw?"

Dawnie had a point, even with the glamour me and the others could still get made. Dawnie could give it a go but there's no way B would let her; hell, there's no way any of us would let her. Little sis has come a long way but we're all still cautious of her going out in the field. Giles is a little too old to play vampire. Andrew's out of town plus we're not that desperate.

"I'll do it," Ken answered before I suggested it, "I'm the only one here who they haven't smelled before. I'm sure I could."

"Handle a living vampire by yourself," I scoffed, "No offense Ken but unless Red came up with a way to block their pheromones, you ain't going to last five seconds."

Ken was getting ready to argue when she went silent. I could feel Ivy let out a little of her power against Ken as well as releasing some of her own pheromones. We could all feel it for that matter.

"I get the point, call her off," Ken whispered, lowering her head in defeat.

Ivy pulled back and looked away as Will rubbed Ken's back, smiling at her in an attempt to cheer her up as I tried doing the same for my girl. I squeezed Ivy's hand under the table and nudged her with my shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Kennedy," Ivy said softly.

"It's cool, Ivy," Ken replied, flashing her a warm smile, "Sometimes I need things drilled in to me before I get them. Your girl there's the same way, just to give you a friendly warning."

"Thanks," Ivy laughed and we were all back to being friends.

We had ourselves a plan; all we had to do now is iron out the fine details. Ivy would be close by but out of sight and out range of Jason's senses incase Ken needed backup. B, Will, Xander, and me would also be close by and out of range. Ivy would get there before us when Ken gave off the signal or things got dicey. Will said she'd need to do a little research for the glamour spell, not only to allow Ken to smell like a vamp but to let her face morph and hide her heartbeat. Ken'll make the call now and make the meeting for tomorrow afternoon, leaving the rest of today free for us.

"What shall we do to pass the time?" I asked Ivy as everyone got up from the table.

"Yeah, what are you guys going to do to pass the time?" Xander repeated with a lecherous grin.

"Xander," I warned in a cold tone.

"I was going to talk to Kennedy about tomorrow," Ivy swooped in and saved Xan with a soothing tone, "Give her some tips to help her out with Jason."

"Do you know him?" I asked finally.

"No," Ivy replied in a cold tone, "All the living vampires back home knew who I was and that Rachel was under my protection. Skimmer maybe an undead but even she isn't stupid enough to recruit from the Hollows. Jason must be the leader of this group of rogues and is working for Skimmer under the promise she'd bring him and his friends across."

"You think that's their deal?" I asked.

"It's what I'd do," Ivy replied simply.

That's a scary thought. Ivy and this Skimmer must have been quite the item way back when if they think alike. I didn't want to pry too much in to her past, that, and I really didn't want to hear the details of another of Ivy's old flames. I know she's with me now and…and there is no and. Ivy said she still cared about Skimmer but I'm guessing that ended when she killed Rachel. It's just Ivy and me now and that's the way it's going to stay.

"Hey, Faith," B interrupted my thoughts as she stepped up behind me, "Dawn and me were going to head out and do a little shopping. You want to come with?"

Going out on a shopping trip with Dawnie and B, normally not my idea of a good time but it has been a while since the three of us hung out together. Plus I might find something interesting to wear for Ivy tonight.

"That okay with you babe?" I asked Ivy, just in case she had something planned for us after her talk with Ken.

"That's fine," Ivy, answered, wrapping me in her warm arms, "You need some extra money? I practically cleaned out all my accounts before coming here so I have quite a bit."

I know she was offering to be nice and I do get a sweet monthly allowance along with B and the other slayers. Giles, being one of the last Watchers around had access to all their funds and those stiff English guys had a lot stored up. I didn't know how much Ivy had and didn't want to seem like I was taking advantage of my girl.

"Whatever you can spare," I replied smiling, "Sixty bucks should cover me."

Ivy vanished from my sight and was back in minute with a small wad of bills. Seeing her using her vamp powers was strangely hot. I just shook my head at her as she lifted her shoulders as if to say 'what'. She handed me eighty then went over to Dawn and gave her twenty.

"For coming up with a very good plan," Ivy said, answering Dawn's questioning look.

"I thought it was a very, very good plan," Dawn pouted.

Ivy laughed then handed over another twenty. Dawn hugged her excitedly, thanking her over and over before running to grab her coat.

B came up next and just held out her hand expectantly. Ivy just lifted her shoulders again before slapping forty in her hand then running behind me.

"Thank you, Ivy," Buffy said warmly before following after her sister.

"Afraid your going to get mugged?" I asked jokingly.

"Something like that," Ivy answered, wrapping her arms around my waist and pulling me back into her.

"You know you don't have to bribe them," I told her as I leaned my head back so I was facing her, "They already like you. The money's just gravy."

"I know," Ivy, replied in to my neck, placing soft kisses around my pulse point, "I just like doing nice things for my friends."

"You're too good for me babe," I said softly but with an edge of truth.

Ivy's been nothing but great towards the others and me. She's been perfect and that once again puts the thought that I don't deserve her right back in my head. This outing with B and Dawnie could be just what I need. Those two are always there for me when I got something bugging me and right now I got a whopper of a problem. Dawn will be all honesty and sarcasm while B'll be all caring and understanding. Put them together and they are way better then listenin' to Dr. Phil tapes.

"Faith," B shouted at me, "You two don't separate soon you'll be left behind."

"Gotta go babe," I say softly as I turn to face Ivy and kiss her softly on the lips, "Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll find something nice to show you this evening."

I give her one more kiss then head out, not even bothering to turn around to see the shocked and heated look on her face; I can feel it burning a whole straight through my swayin' ass.


Chapter 7

We were walking through one of the big galleria like malls in NY, B and Dawn were a few steps ahead of me while I walked behind, hands in my pockets and deep in thought. Thoughts about Ivy and my lack of self-esteem as Giles would call it. I can't help it if I haven't had that many good things in my life. Ma telling me I was worthless, stupid, and a burden on her might have something to do with it. I got to stop thinking about my fucked up childhood, it's too depressing. I should just keep thinking about Ivy and how I don't deserve her, that's much more up lifting.

"You still with us back there, Faith?" Dawn asked over her shoulder.

"What," I replied confused, not really paying attention to what Dawn said.

B stopped and looked at me. The down and confused look on my face told her I had something going on through my head. Dawn was about to make some glib comment but when she also saw the look on my face, the pain in my eyes, she moved in and hugged me tight.

I hugged her back, burying my face in her shoulder as she ran a soothing hand up and down my back. Dawn may not go out in the field that much but she can hold her own in a fight. She's actually turning out to be more of a mini-Giles, the way she handles the other girls, the researching, even the planning. Dawn is our Watcher as much as Giles is.

"You want to take a break?" Dawn asked warmly, "Stop at the food court and get something to eat. Talk."

"That's not what she needs right now," B said happily, breaking us up and putting her arm around my shoulder, "That's what she needs."

B turned me around and pointed to the store in front of us. I let out a shaky laugh that led to a coughin' fit. B slapped my back to get me under control as Dawn came up next to us and smiled wickedly. We were standing right in front of 'Frederick's of Hollywood'.

"That's one way to shake her out of her funk," Dawnie laughed, wrapping an arm around me above her sisters.

"Shall we," B replied as she and Dawn led me in to the store.

These girls know me so well sometimes it's scary, but I love'em.

"You think she'll like it?" I ask B nervously.

B nearly choked on her salad as Dawnie just blushed and took another bite out of her sub. We decided to grab a late lunch at the food court. Dawn and me got Subway while B grabbed a grilled chicken salad at Burger King. We ate and talked about nothing in particular. They were giving me time to work things out in my head before I told them what's buggin' me.

"Faith," B began once her breathing was under control and pointed to the bag beside me, "Ivy sees you in that thing and we may never see you again."

"Sure we will," Dawn, said smirking, "She'll just be a shriveled dehydrated mess with a shit eating grin on her face."

"Dawn," B laughed as she lightly slapped her on the arm.

"You two should try for stand-up," I said sarcastically, glancing over at the bag and realizing they might have a point.

We fell into a comfortable silence as we finished our food. Dawn and B sat there patiently as they watched me playing with the straw of my soda.

"So," I asked softly, "What do you two think of her?"

Dawn looked over at B and had a silent sister talk. I know the only opinion that matters about Ivy is mine but, they're my friends, B's my best friend and I always ask her opinion and advice when I got a problem. She's the one I got the therapist joke I used on Ivy from; always cracking wise about being my unpaid therapist but always help's me out when I need it.

"She's a very beautiful woman. Kind, intelligent, strong," Dawn answered in a soft tone.

"But," I interrupted her, knowing she was telling me the things I already know because she has something to say I'm not going to like.

"But," Dawn replied looking in to my eyes sadly, "She has problems, Faith. She's also a vampire and what happens when she needs to feed?"

"First off, Dawnie," I said in an annoyed tone, "I have problems; issues I'm working on with your guys help. Ivy's here to kill the bitch that killed her girl, that's her only problem right now."

"She's what?" B asked sadly.

"Skimmer and Ivy used to be together but things happened and Skimmer went to jail where she became an undead with some demonic help," I explained, hoping Ivy didn't get upset with me for blabbing about her, "Ivy followed after her after loosing their home and is now stuck here. The demon she talked to could get in serious trouble for doing it so he doesn't want her coming back. She's got nothin' to return to anyway."

"I didn't know," Dawn, said softly.

"Secondly," I continued, remembering what got me worked up in the first place, "Ivy is a living vampire, that means she doesn't have to feed as much as our vampires have too. Did you have that problem when Angel and Spike were with B?

Buffy closed her eyes and a flash of pain crossed her face. Damn it, Dawnie! Why did you have to say something stupid that would make me say something stupid that would upset Buffy?

"B," I say softly, "I didn't mean."

"I know you didn't, Faith," B interrupted me, smiling warmly, "Ivy is a very strong woman with a great deal of self-control; something my sister should work on."

"All I'm saying is," Dawn began defensively.

"I know what you're saying, Dawnie," I cut her off sharply, "Ivy told me about some of the problems she has, the one that might interfere with our being together and I solved it."

Dawn opened her mouth about to say something but was silenced by B's hand over her mouth. A warning glare had Dawn going quiet as B removed her hand and focused on me, blushing slightly.

"I'm probably going to regret this but can you please explain?" B asked sheepishly.

"Ivy was tormented in the past by some master undead vampire that was friends with her family," I began in a calm tone, "She has a problem separating blood from sex. Her instincts get so worked up that she wants to bite. Ivy and her girl had the same issue since Rachel, her dead girl's name, didn't want to be bitten. She ended up changing her mind and it brought them closer. I told her that I want her to have all of me."

"Which means?" B asked knowingly.

"If it gets that hot, I want her to bite me," I answered blushing, "I've never felt this way about anyone before. I'd do just about anything to keep her in my life. I already told her I love her."

"You what?" Dawn shouted, causing a few passing bystanders to glance at us before going about their way as B looked on warmly.

Oh shit! I didn't want to blab that but apparently this is my blabbing day. I'm just so excited to be in a relationship with Ivy that I can't keep my feelings in check.

"I told her I love her," I repeated softly.

"What did she say?" B asked curiously.

"She said she couldn't say it yet," I replied, a touch of pain tingeing my tone, "I understand she's still dealing with the loss of her soul mate. Rachel was very important to Ivy, she loved Ivy for who she was, believed in her, worked her ass off trying to find a spell so she wouldn't loose her soul when she died for the first time."

"Willow can work the re-souling spell probably," Dawn, added softly.

"I haven't told her about that yet but definitely will," I continued, "I know she cares about me. I'm okay with her not saying it yet. I am. We got a deal that she'll say it when she feels it."

"Faith," B began warmly, getting up and moving to sit beside me on the bench, wrapping her arm around me, "I'm so happy you've found someone finally. I know you've probably been thinking you don't deserve Ivy, that she' too good for you. Let me be the first to tell you you're wrong. You've changed so much, come a long way from the person you were. You deserve to be happy and Ivy makes you happy, right?"

I smiled softly as I leaned in to B and answered, "She does. She makes me feel things I've never felt before, things I've never felt for anyone. She's got me acting and feeling all girlie, she's turning me into you."

"I am so going to let you have after we've killed Skimmer," B said threateningly.

"Looking forward to it," I reply warmly.

"My point is," B, continued, "You both need each other. She makes you feel things you've never felt before and you, well you're just there for her, showing her it's okay to love again. You two are perfect for each other."

I close my eyes as I let B's words sink in. She's right; we're perfect for each other. We've both got our issues that we're working on and can help each other with. In a weird way we sort of balance each other out. Think about it for a minute. Ivy's screwed up childhood gave her control over her emotions, true it's to the point at times where she buries them but still. My screwed up childhood turned me into a hard tough chick with no self-control but thanks to B and the others I'm working on it. You still might be confused and to be honest, so am I. Ivy stirs things up inside me and I'm causing her to feel again in general. I guess that's my point. I knew talking to B would straighten my shit out.

"Thanks, B," I say warmly, giving her a sideways hug.

"Anytime, Faith," Buffy replies in her custom way, hugging me back, "Just in case you don't already know, Ivy does love you. She might not be ready to say it but trust me, the way she looks at you, I can tell."

"Me too," I say happily.

"Me three," Dawn says after staying silent during our talk, "I can see it too, Faith and that's what worried me. I know you've never had a serious relationship and I was afraid if things ended badly between you two that."

"I'd go all dark again," I finished for her, "You ain't gotta worry about that happening ever again, Dawnie. If, god forbid, things do end badly between us I know you guys'll be there for me. Just like now."

"Always," she says warmly, getting up and hugging my other side tight.

We're getting strange and inappropriate looks from people and I don't care. I just glare back at them, as I hold on tight to my two other girls. I know things probably won't end bad for Ivy and me, as long as we're patient with each other, but on the off chance that they do I know I'll be okay. I'm not the person I was and will never be her again, and it's all thanks in part to the girls who dragged me on one of their shopping sprees.

It was a little past five when we got back and I was struggling to walk through the door. It turns out that payment to my therapist today was becoming her and her sister's pack mule. They were kind enough to hold the door open for me, right up to the point when they saw Will and Ivy walk by. That was the point where they ran right into her and left the door to slam in my face, if Red hadn't seen it and stopped it for me.

"Please don't worry about me," I shouted angrily annoyed, "I'm fine! Thanks Red!"

Willow walked up to me and snapped her fingers. I was suddenly freed from my burden of B and Dawn's bags, as they were teleported to their rooms.

"Thank you, Willow," I breathed happily, stretching out my arms and back, smiling warmly at Red.

"You're welcome, Faith," Will replied, beaming a bright happy smile at me.

I suddenly felt a sense of worry at seeing that big smile on Red's face. I glanced over to see B and Dawn both hugging Ivy frantically and speaking in incoherent unison, at least to me. Ivy looked up and smiled an evil smile. She must know I talked to them about her. She just motioned over to Will with her head and mouthed the words, "We're even."

"What were you two talking about before we walked in?" I asked in a worried tone.

"Ivy, Kennedy, and me had a nice little lunch after their talk about how to handle Jason," Will began in a sneaky tone, "We talked about her realm, Rachel, the spells and magic she did. She had a request that I was only too happy to do after hearing about what happened. We talked about Kennedy and me. Then we talked about you"

"Me?" I asked in a choked up voice.

"You," Will countered smiling.

Oh, I'm soooo going to kill her. Red and Ken are both dead. I don't care how super powerful Will is or how far Ken has come as a Slayer, they're dead.

"Relax, Dark Slayer," Will teases," I mentioned you made a few bad choices in the past but you've come a long way. You're a valued member of our group and one of my best friends, so if she hurts you she'll be in serious trouble.

I looked at Will in surprise for a minute but when she crossed her arms and tried off her best tough girl pose and face, I lost it. I started laughing and holding my sides, finding it difficult to breathe.

"I wasn't that funny," Red said getting angry, "I thought I pulled off the tough look pretty well."

"Sorry, Red," I breathed out shakily, "You did, sort off. I was actually laughing at the whole thing about you threatening Ivy."

"Wasn't a threat, it was a promise," Will said seriously, "Ivy's great, Faith, and I like her but you ARE my friend now. I do think of you as one of my best friends since you're always there when I need to talk about, you know."

"Yeah, I know," I reply softly.

Red and me have become close, having bonded over the one thing we have in common, we've both got darkness inside us. Red took a life and so have I and that's something that not everyone here gets. When one of us is having a bad day and feels the darkness stir, we always head to the other to talk about it. Red is the best and I'm lucky to call her a friend.

"It's cool, Will. I'm lucky to have someone looking out for me like you," I say and pull her in to a hug, "Besides, I just told B and Dawn most of the story anyway so now we're even."

"After the way Buffy and Dawn hugged me as well Dawn apologizing for giving me such a hard time when we first met, I'm not so sure now," Ivy's soft voice said from behind me.

"Help me," I whispered as I hugged Red tighter.

"Go easy on her, Ivy," Will said, pulling free of me and looking over my shoulder, "Faith is a bit messed up and we're all sort of her therapists."

"Hey, when I said help me that's not what I meant," I argued.

"You should say thank you, Faith," Ivy breathed in to my ear, "She just saved you from getting a lecture."

"Thanks, Red," I say shakily, Ivy's voice and closeness starting to get to me.

"You're welcome," Red replied smiling at Ivy, "I'll let you two have some privacy,"

Will walked away and once I was sure we were alone, I turned around and began to furiously kiss Ivy. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in close as she returned my fury with some of her own.

"I hope you're hungry?" Ivy asked heatedly.

"Oh I am," I answered in a husky tone.

"Good," Ivy said, taking my hand and leading me up to my room, "I have a pizza in your room waiting for us."

"Tease," I chuckled as I let her lead me.

Ivy just smiled at me from over her shoulder. I'll get her back after dinner. B saw us heading up to my room, my bag from 'Frederick's' still in my hand. She gave me a wicked smile and a wink as she whispered, "See you tomorrow, if you're alive."


Chapter 8

"Before I open the door I should warn you," Ivy said in a soft tone as we stood outside my door, "I had a little free time after my talk with Kennedy before meeting up with her again and Willow and I sort of…"

I sidestepped past Ivy and opened the door to see an entirely different room then the one I left. All trash, beer cans, even the moldy pizza box was gone. My clothes were off the floor and some were folded and resting on my dressers. It even smelled nicer, cleaner with a hint of Ivy.

"You cleaned my room," I finished in disbelief, standing in the center of my room.

"Vamp speed is a blessing," Ivy replied smiling softly, "I didn't go through your stuff, I just cleaned I swear."

"Ivy," I stopped, moving to stand in front of her, smiling warmly at her as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down in to a heated kiss.

"Is that a thank you?" Ivy asked warmly, then looked down at the bag on the floor, "Or is that?"

I was thankful the lady that bagged it put some of that white tissue paper on top to protect it I guess, which also made it so Ivy was unable to see what I bought. That was going to be my surprise to her but now it was also a thank you. I'm going to have to work a little harder now.

"That," I answered gesturing to the bag at my feet, "Is only half of your thank you. The other half you'll have to wait for."

"I'll try," Ivy replied in a sultry tone that had me wanting to act now not later.

I was pulled out of my naughty thoughts by the smell of a meat lover's pizza coming from my bed; I know my pizza. Two plates and a can of beer and glass of wine finished the surprise dinner. Ivy must have had more time then she's letting on but I wasn't complaining. She wants to surprise me with a clean room and pizza and beer for dinner, that's my kinda girl.

"So," Ivy began sitting on the bed and opening the pizza box up and putting a piece of the sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, ham; god my mouth is watering and it's not from the sight of Ivy on my bed, "I take it you let Buffy and Dawn in on my history."

"I didn't mean to, Ivy. It just sort of came out and," I began to explain frantically, hoping Ivy wasn't getting mad now that we were in private.

"Faith, I'm not mad," Ivy, said soothingly as I sat down across from her, "It was bound to happen eventually. I told Willow and Kennedy all that I could and Willow cried which set me off and before I knew it I was caught up in the strongest warmest hug I've ever gotten."

"Yeah, Red loves the hugs," I explained with a laugh, "She can use her mojo to increase her strength to Slayer levels. Makes for a killer hug."

Ivy laughed softly as she nodded in agreement then continued, "She was very helpful and understanding. She actually asked me if it was okay to tell Xander and Giles or if I wanted to. I was grateful and told her it was okay since I don't think I have it in me to tell it a third or fourth time."

"Is Ken prepared for tomorrow?" I asked in an effort to steer the subject away from painful things, taking a bite of pizza.

"Yes," Ivy answered, "I told her all she needs to know and Willow assures us the glamour will be foolproof. I'll still be close by, watching and listening in case things go bad or when I get the signal to jump in."

"Then we're all set?" I asked.

"We are," Ivy answered, "But that's enough talk about work. How was your day dear?"

I laughed and took a sip of my cold beer as we talked about my day, shopping with B and Dawn, and other small things. I felt so relaxed sitting here talking to Ivy over dinner. Maybe we can go out on a real date after this is over. I'd like that, take Ivy out on the town and show her a good time. I had to blush at that thought since that's what I have planned after dinner.

"Faith?" Ivy called once she got back to my room from taking care of the garbage.

"Be out in a minute babe," I replied from the bathroom, "Make yourself comfortable."

"Is babe your pet name for me?" Ivy asked.

I had to think about it for a minute. I have been calling her babe a lot lately. It just rolls off my tongue without even thinking about it. It just feels normal to me, all of this does.

"Does it bother you?" I countered.

"No, I kind of like it," Ivy replied warmly.

"Babe it is then," I said just about ready to make my grand entrance, "What about me? You got a name for me?"

I was met with silence as I put my hand on the door, this didn't feel right. I just said something that would ruin our evening I know it. Damn!

"I only have one name I call those who are close to me," Ivy answered, "I used it to describe Rachel and I can think of no other name for you, Faith, my dear heart."

I closed my eyes and had to fight back the tears that threatened to spill from my eyes from the warmth, the emotion, in Ivy's voice as she called me that. She was using the same name she called Rachel, her girl, to describe me. Most people might feel cheated but not me. I feel nothin' but loved at this moment.

I took a deep breath to steady myself before I opened the door and struck my most sexiest pose, placing a hand on the doorframe, the other on my hip as I cocked it to the side, one foot placed on tip toe behind my other leg. I was wearing a black half-cup bra with lace around the top with matching shear see-through low-rise panties that also had lace around the edges. I don't usually buy this lingerie stuff but B said it would do the trick. Judging by the blank surprised look on Ivy's face, I'd say it's working.

"You like?" I asked in a husky tone.

Ivy just stared at me heatedly as she got up off the bed and made her way over to me. I could see her eyes were still cinnamon brown but filled with lust.

"Ivy?" I asked a little shakily as she moved me to the wall beside the door.

"You are so beautiful," she whispered as her hands started roaming over my stomach, sending pleasant shivers through me.

"You said that last night," I breathed, closing my eyes as Ivy leaned down and started placing kisses along my neck.

"I meant it then, mean it now, and will definitely mean it the next times I say it," Ivy stated strongly, "You are beautiful, Faith."

"Compared to your exotic, goddess beauty, I'm a peasant, I'm a," I began but was soon silenced by Ivy's lips pushing on mine, her tongue forcing it's way into my mouth to claim mine.

"Faith," Ivy began in a warm tone, "You are beautiful and if I have to beat that thought into you, I will. If that doesn't work, well, I can think of another way that will."

"Ivy, tonight was supposed to be about you," I said sternly.

"And now I'm making it about you," Ivy replied, a wicked smile on her face, "You can make it up to me another time."

I was about to argue again but the only thing that came out of my mouth was a strong gasp, as Ivy cupped my panty clad pussy and started rubbing me, the silky fabric causing me to get wetter and wetter. Ivy was standing next to me, licking a path up my neck, along my jaw, till she reached my earlobe, which she started nibbling on.

"Tonight I'm going to show you how beautiful I think you are, Faith," Ivy breathed in to my ear in her silky smooth voice that was turning my legs to jelly.

"Ivy," I moaned out, "I want."

"I know, dear heart," Ivy replied warmly, "You wanted to touch me also, to show your thanks for cleaning this pig sty you call a room but you'll just have to wait till next time."

"Actually I was going to say I want your finger inside me," I said, managing a smirk despite the way my body was feeling.

"Smartass," Ivy whispered as I felt a finger sneak inside my panties and run up and down my outer folds, "Why should I do that now?"

"Because I'm begging you," I explained heatedly, "Because I need it, because you want to, because you love me; I don't care, I just need you to do it now."

"Since you asked so nicely," Ivy breathed in to my ear as I felt her finger plunge inside me fast and hit my g-spot hard.

"Oh Fuck," I shouted out as she added a second finger, her thumb finding my clit and pressing down on it, her warm breath teasing my neck as she continued nibbling on my ear.

I was lost, all I could do was moan and grind on Ivy's hand as she continued pushing her fingers in and out of my wet pussy. Her tongue's not the only magical part of her. She's so skilled, way better then anyone I've ever been with. There's no way anybody I hook up with can measure up to Ivy. What the hell am I saying, there ain't going to be anymore hooking up for me. I'm not letting go of Ivy. Ever. Stop thinking, Faith, and just feel. Ivy kept up with her fingers and brought me to two orgasms back to back before pulling her fingers out of me and licking them clean.

"Still with me, Faith?" I heard Ivy ask through my still muddled head.

"Almost," I let out shakily.

"Good," Ivy replied as I saw her go down on her knees, pulling my soaked panties with her.

"Ivy," I started softly, regaining some awareness as soon as I realized what she was about to do, "Baby, please. I don't think my brain can handle another overload and that's what's going to happen if you use your tongue on me right now. You could send me into another coma."

Ivy jumped to her feet and stood in front of me, cupping my face with one hand, the other wrapping around me protectively as she said in a warm caring tone, "I'd never do anything to hurt you, dear heart. If you want me to stop I'll stop."

My eyes were closed as I smiled softly, leaning into Ivy's comforting touch. She was being caring and loving, using my new, and very agreeable, pet name, pumping out some of those soothing pheromones. I suddenly felt some new strength and clarity coming from deep inside, maybe from the Slayer wanting to have some more excitement, as I opened my eyes and saw a concerned look on Ivy's face.

"I know you wouldn't babe," I stated honestly and warmly, "I just needed a minute for my pussy to cool off and my brain to return from wherever it checked out to. Red tell you about my first coma?"

"Yes," Ivy answered simply.

"She tell you who put me in it and why?" I asked suddenly becoming worried about her knowing about all the evil things I did in my past, especially to B and the others.

"Faith," Ivy said strongly, "Willow did tell me about what you did in your past. She also told me that you paid the price for your mistakes, that you've changed greatly thanks to your friends who love and care about you; also a vampire with a soul."

"I was going to tell you about," I began pleadingly.

"I know you were," Ivy interrupted softly, smiling warmly, "Willow thinks she can alter it to work on me but she has to do more research before she can be sure. My point is, I know about the terrible things you did and I know about the good things. How you came back with Willow and helped the people you hurt because it was the right thing to do. I accept you for who you are now, Faith, not who you were."

I really wanted to cry now. B and the Scoobies have forgiven me but I still felt bad every now and then. I know I should just take their advice and stop thinking about the past but it's hard. Now here's Ivy, telling me the same thing only with more emotion involved. She isn't getting caught up on my past, she's focusing on the here and now. Ivy wants to be with me and once this thing with Skimmer is over she'll still be here. That's what I need to focus on right now, the Ivy who cares and loves me, even if she can't say it yet.

"I feel the same way about you," I replied, "I love this Ivy, I don't care who you were back home or what anyone tells me about you. I know you're not a monster. I love you for you."

Ivy leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my forehead as she said in a soft sultry tone, "Thank you, dear heart. Now that we got all that out of the way, can I please go back to what I was going to do."

"Oh absolutely," I replied eagerly.

Ivy needed no further encouragement as she went back to her knees and proceeded to tease me with soft licks to the inside of my thighs, the outer lips, everywhere but the place I wanted her.

I decided to take matters into my own hands, literally. I lifted my leg and rested it on Ivy's shoulder as I grabbed her long black hair and pressed her mouth right onto my eager pussy. Ivy smiled, the message finally sinking in as she pushed her tongue into me and moving it all around.

"That's much better," I moaned as I held onto her head.

Ivy looked up and I could see the desire in her eyes to please me, which nearly sent me over the edge but I held on as she stiffened her tongue and really went to work fucking me.

"Oh fuuuu…Ivy!" I shouted out, "That feels sooooo good baby! Do it harder! Deeper!"

Ivy did as I asked and went all out, her tongue hitting all the right spots deep inside me as I continued holding on to her for support. I was getting so close and apparently Ivy could tell as she used her thumb to start furiously rubbing my clit. I tried to hold out but it was proving difficult.

"Go ahead and cum whenever you want, dear heart," Ivy said as she replaced her tongue with three fingers and used her vamp speed.

"Holy Shit," I screamed, fisting my hands in Ivy's hair, "I'm so close! Oh, Ivy! I'm cumming now!"

I let out a loud shriek as my pussy erupted all over Ivy's fingers. She switched back to her tongue as she lapped up all my juices, drawing out the best orgasm I've ever had. I know I might have said that already but Ivy just keeps surprising me with how hard, how strong she can make me cum. I love it and know I'll never get tired of it.

"Ivy," I breathed out tiredly after she got up to stand next to me, "I can't move. Can you carry me to the bed."

Ivy laughed softly and lifted me into her arms as she moved slowly to the bed before gently placing me down. She quickly undressed then got in next to me, pulling the sheets around us as I wrapped my arms around her and used her chest for a pillow.

"Too tired to take advantage of you naked in my bed," I said jokingly.

"That's okay," Ivy, replied, placing a kiss on top of my head as she held me closer to her, "I'm sure you'll return the favor next time."

"Count on it," I said grinning evilly as I just remembered where I kept my arsenal at and not my weapons for slaying.

"Faith?" Ivy asked with a tinge of fear, "What are you planning in that twisted yet beautiful head of yours?"

"You'll just have to wait and see," I countered with a yawn, "Good night babe."

"Good night, dear heart," Ivy replied, placing another kiss on my head before we both fell asleep.


Chapter 9

Waking up in the arms of the woman you love is a wonderful morning, standing on a rooftop with the woman you love is a boring afternoon. Ivy was standing next to me staring intently at Ken in her very convincing vamp glamour while I had to use a pair of high-powered binoculars. We've been standing here waiting for over an hour waiting for this Jason to show up and all I can think about is how hot Ivy looks in her leathers and top.

"Faith," Ivy said sternly, not taking her eyes off Ken, "Keep it in your pants. It's hard to stay focused when I can smell what your thinking."

"Sorry babe," I replied softly, "I'm just so bored, I hate stake-outs. I'm action girl not sit-around-and-wait girl."

"Patience is a virtue," Ivy said in a singsong tone, grinning cutely.

"Now you're just messin' with me," I growled moving in close to her but stopped when a car pulled up in front of Ken. Looks like we'll have to put things on hold for later. I turned my attention to Ken and watched the scene unfold, hoping things went as planned.

We couldn't hear the conversation, or I should say I couldn't since Ivy said no wires, but Ivy could and by the looks of things Jason was buying Ken being a vamp from one of the nests he visited.

"He alone?" I asked, unable to see into the car he came in.

"I think so," Ivy replied calmly, her full attention on Ken.

We agreed if things were going bad, Ken would take off the cap she was wearing. The meeting was taking place in a warehouse with built in sewer access so as not to arouse suspicions. If Ken rubbed the back of her neck, it was time for Ivy to make her appearance. With her vamp speed either way she would get there before any of us.

"Is he saying anything interesting?" I asked curiously.

"He represents a powerful new player to town with big plans to take over the city," Ivy repeated in a neutral tone, "She's not afraid of the Slayers or their witch partners. They get in the way she'll deal with them like she…"

"Ivy?" I asked softly, placing a hand on her shoulder when she went silent and tense.

"She'll deal with them like she dealt with the last witch that got in her way," Ivy answered angrily.

I could see she wanted to run down there and beat that creep into a bloody stain. She would to if I didn't have my hand on her. Ken was playin' her part and everything was looking good. Ivy was still angry and tense so I moved in closer till we were shoulder to shoulder. I may not be able to pump out calming pheromones but I could still do something to calm her down. I'm hoping me just being close would do the trick and it was.

"He's offering her the chance to be part of their plans," Ivy continued in a calmer tone, taking in a deep breath, letting my scent and presence soothe her, "Ken wants to know more about how this knew power intends to deal with the Slayers. She just needs more people on her side first then she'll let her in on the plan."

"I think that's all she's going to get out of him," I said and apparently Ken agreed as she rubbed the back of her neck, "Ivy."

"I won't kill him until I get Skimmer's location," she replied, looking at me with a warm smile, "Thank you, dear heart."

"Anytime babe," I stated strongly as I removed my hand off her shoulder, "Now go get him."

Ivy leaned down and placed a soft kiss to my lips before jumping off the roof and sprinting towards Ken and Jason. That was so cool and so hot. I'm really going to enjoy this evening, if we're still going to have an evening. It all depends on what Jason has to say.

"Something wrong?" Ken asked as she sensed Jason grow tense.

Jason never had time to answer as he found himself knocked on his ass and a very sexy boot pressed to his chest.

"Remember me?" Ivy asked as Ken came up behind her, a snap of the fingers removing the glamour of the short skinny punk vampire.

"Ivy Tamwood," Jason choked out, "I've heard so much about you."

"That's good," Ivy, said in a cold tone, "Then you know what's going to happen to you if you don't tell me what I want to know."

"I'm dead either way so I see no point in telling you anything," Jason replied smugly, cupping his hands behind his head.

I arrived and managed to catch the last part of his little retort. B, Will, and Xan popped in followed by Xan emptying his stomach in a nearby box.

"I'll never get used to the whole teleporting thing," Xander wheezed as he wiped his mouth off with his sleeve.

"What have we got here," Jason said amused, "A red headed witch. You definitely got a thing for those red heads, don't you? You tell her what happened to the…aaaghhhh!"

Ivy pressed down hard until we all heard a crack and growled, "Listen to me you low-blood piece of crap. You're right she is a witch, a very powerful witch with spells that we've never seen before."

"You're point?" he coughed out, a line of blood running out of the corner of his mouth. Ivy must have driven a rib in to his lung.

"My point is," Ivy said, an evil grin crossing her face, "There are worse things then death."

We all smiled as Red moved in to stand on the other side of Ivy. She got the hint and started rubbing her hands together, letting out a bit of her mojo for all of us to feel. Jason's eyes got wide as he stared up at Will. She may not like letting Dark Willow out but this is a necessary evil.

"She knows you're here, she's planned for this situation" he began frantically, "She's got her own place away from me and my crew. We get a call and a location to meet her at. I'm supposed to get a call tonight about how this meeting went."

"What do you think, Willow?" Ivy asked hopefully.

"A piece of his hair, a little blood and I can make the perfect glamour to hide you from her," Red answered confidently.

Whoa what, I'm getting confused. Just what is my girl planning that she needed a…hell no! No! No! No! Not happening! I WILL tie her to my bed if that's what it takes to keep her from doing what I think she's planning on doing.

Ivy leaned down and grabbed a fist full of his short brown hair and yanked it out. Jason let out a pained grunt that caused more blood to spill out of his mouth. Ivy used the hair to wipe it up then grabbed his cell phone from inside his jacket. Ken handed her a plastic bag and Ivy deposit the blood soaked hair into the bag but put the cell in her own jacket pocket.

"You got what you need, now what?" Jason asked angrily, his eyes black and pumping out a lot of power and pheromones that were starting to get to us.

Ivy started pumping out her own to counteract and keep us clearheaded as she glared down at Jason.

"What do you think?" Ivy countered.

"Well let's see," Jason began in that smug voice, "I team up with your now undead ex, help her burn down your church, your pixie's stump, keep you from stopping your witch bitch from becoming a chew toy. That makes me."

"Dead and not coming back," Red states as Ivy jumps away just as Jason bursts in to flames.

Ivy watches as Jason goes up like a Roman candle before evaporating in a puff of smoke. Damn. Note to self 'Don't piss Red off to the point she wants to fry my ass.'

"Sorry," Will said quickly, "I just…I didn't mean to…I'm."

"Willow," Ivy interrupted her rant calmly, turning to give her a warm smile, "Thank you."

Will sighed softly before coming up and hugging Ivy.

"I'm watching those hands, Ivy," Ken joked.

Ivy and Will laughed and broke apart, Will going over to wrap her arm around Ken, Ivy looking over at me and lowering her head. I had an angry gleam in my eyes and a hard expression on my face.

"You want to do this here in front of witnesses or back in your room?" Ivy asked in a soft tone.

Was she trying to piss me off more by being cute? Everyone could sense a fight brewing but didn't know if they wanted to step in and break it up, stay and watch, or run before shrapnel hit them. Ivy had to know what was bothering me, with or without using her vamp senses. She didn't hesitate and neither did Red. She's onboard with Ivy facing her ex alone.

"Faith," B said soothingly, coming up to stand next to me, taking my side.

"You can bring my bike back," I toss my keys at Ivy, turning to smile at B, "Want to grab a coffee, B?"

"Sure," Buffy replied, glancing at Ivy before taking my hand and leading us to the street to catch a cab.

"Faith," Ivy said softly but I just ignored her as B and me walked away.

I know I was hurting her by not talking to her right now, and part of me hated to hurt her, but I needed space and time to calm down and B could tell. That's why she's staying with me right now, so I don't do anything stupid. B's had to watch over me when I got this mad whether it was at one of the newbies, one of the Scoobies, or just that time of the month. Stop with the icky face. B would take me for a drink, spar with me, or just hang out with me someplace, just the two of us. Which is what I needed now.

"She's out of her damn mind if she thinks I'm going to let her do it," I begin angrily, pacing in front of B who was sitting on a park bench.

B and me grabbed two large coffees and a bag of pastries from a small coffee shop then headed to a park that was empty this time of day. B knew I needed to vent and when I do it's usually loud and angry.

"I mean she didn't even look at me or ask me," I continued, "And Red, Red is going to help her, knowing what she's going to do. I don't know who I want to kill more Ivy or Willow."

"Go for Ivy," B said smiling, "She won't teleport you into the Hudson."

"Good point," I replied and we both broke out laughing.

I sat down next to her after we stopped laughing and put my head in my hands. B began to rub my back as I just sat there silently.

"You're not mad because of what she's going to do," B explained soothingly, "You're not even really mad, Faith, you're scared. You're scared about her facing Skimmer. You're scared for Ivy and you're dealing with it the only way you know how, by getting mad."

"B," I breathed softly, "I don't know what to do. I know the glamour will work better with her since she's a living vampire but."

"You're still scared," B finished, "It's okay, you can say it."

"I'm scared," I conceded.

"I meant you can say I'm right," B teased, "I already know you're scared. Haven't you been paying attention?"

"Brat," I retort, pushing her playfully with my shoulder.

B pushed back and before I knew it I was calming down and feeling better. I was still upset but thanks to B I'm not planning anything violent towards Red or Ivy. I don't deserve her. I don't deserve any of them. I hit Will, fucked Xan, and nearly killed Angel causing B to get stabby with me. I did worse when B and me switched bodies and…OW. What the hell!

"What was that for?" I asked, glaring at B as I rubbed the back of my head that she just slapped.

"That was to stop you from thinking whatever you were thinking that formed the black cloud over your head," B explained rubbing her hand, "I promise to find a less painful way next time. Man, you have a hard head."

"Just now figurin' that out, B?" I reply sarcastically.

"Faith," B began in a warning tone, "We've been over this. Everything that happened in Sunnydale between us, all of us, is buried there in that crater. We're cool now. We care about the new Faith, not the old Faith."

"Ivy said the same thing," I said softly, "She cares about the Faith she knows now just like I love the Ivy I know."

"Smart way of thinking," B counters wrapping her arm around me and holding me close, kissing the side of my head.

We sat there in comfortable silence, watching the river and the lights of the city slowly come on. It was getting dark and getting late and soon Ivy would get the call from Skimmer. I was still a little angry with her but still wanted to be there for her when she got the call. She might need my calming presence, what little good it'll do right now.

"Time to go, B," I state getting up and offering my hand to help her up.

Buffy took my hand and I pull her up and in to a tight hug, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her in close.

"Thanks, B, for," I begin.

"You're welcome, Faith," B interrupts, "It's what friends do."

I pulled back and flash her a dimple smile that makes her laugh before smiling back warmly as we leave the park and head home.


Chapter 10

We got back and headed straight to the meeting and research room, aka the library, where everyone was sitting around the table staring at the phone. Will and Ken were sitting across from Ivy and Dawn while Xander and Giles were going over some reports. Ivy looked up at me with a soft sorrowful look and I immediately made my way over to her. Dawn got up to let me take the seat and went over to join B at the head of the table. I sat down and placed a kiss on Ivy's cheek and took hold of her hand.

"Does this mean I'm not in trouble anymore?" Ivy asked with a soft smile.

"Don't push it babe," I answer with narrowed eyes.

Ivy was about to say something but the cell interrupted her. She looked at Will who reached out, placed a hand on top of Ivy's head, then muttered something in Latin. Ivy stared at the phone, picked it up then stared at me.

"Yeah," she answered in a perfect imitation of Jason's voice.

"Yeah, I met with the vamp," Ivy continued, "Turns out her nest was visited then wiped out by a certain living vampire."

I squeezed her hand tightly as she mouthed, 'and a hot brunette Slayer.' I blew her a kiss and heard B chuckle. I smiled sweetly at her then blew her a kiss too.

"What do you want me to do now?" Ivy asked impatiently, "She knows me and my crew, she's seen our faces, and now is apparently hunting us. I told you, she stepped in when we confronted the slayers but beyond that I don't know if she's working with them. I am doing my job, maybe you should get off your ass and…"

Ivy went silent and closed her eyes. I'm guessing Skimmer was ripping 'Jason' a new one right now. I leaned in wanting to hear but Ivy pushed me away as she shook her head.

"Forgive me, I meant no disrespect," Ivy placated, "I'm just a little concerned about Tamwood. She followed us here and…I know your stronger now. I have no doubt you could easily kill her."

Ivy squeezed my hand this time, sensing how hearing her say that upset me and continued, "I understand. I'll meet with the vamp again; tell her to keep her eyes and ears open. When do you want to meet? I see. I understand. I'll wait to hear back from you then. I will. I apologize again and will try to remember my place."

Ivy pulled the phone away from her ear before turning it off. I took it away from her and set it down, sensing she was close to breaking it.

"She sounds so arrogant, so different," Ivy said softly, "She doesn't sound like the Skimmer I knew."

"That's because she's not," I explained calmly, "I don't know how it works with your undead but here, when someone becomes a vampire, their soul leaves and a demon takes it's place. It looks, sounds, and remembers like them but it's not them."

"It's similar to what happens to a living vampire when they become an undead, minus the demon part," Ivy replied sadly, looking at me, "I don't want that to happen to me. I don't want to forget how I feel about you."

"Red," I said, looking at her hopefully.

"Hey, I got a lot on my plate right now," Will replied teasingly but went serious when she saw the look in my eye, "I'm researching still but am hopeful I can make it work."

"Thank you," Ivy breathed as she stood up, "Skimmer needs time to think. She'll contact me when she has a plan to deal with 'Ivy'. Until then I'm to lay low."

"We need to be ready to move when she calls," B said strongly, "Will, make a glamour for Ivy like you did for Kennedy so she can put it on and off by herself. Xander, get a team together and put them on standby for when and if we need them. Giles, you and Dawn go over the reports and see if you two can figure out where the vamps are holding up, we take them out, Skimmer loses her muscle and makes dealing with her a little easier."

"You weren't kidding when you called her plan girl," Ivy said in amazement.

B blushed quickly before turning to Ivy and me.

"You two are now on vacation," B states sternly, seeing Ivy about to argue, "Leave the cell here. Skimmer calls again one of us will talk with her, get the location of the meet then call you. We need any more info we'll ask. Until then, you two are off duty. Take some time to yourselves. Stay loose. We've no idea when things will go down but we'll need both of you at your best when it does."

"Works for me," I say happily.

"I don't have a say in the matter, do I?" Ivy asked knowingly.

"No," B and me answered in unison.

"Alright," Ivy replied in mock irritation as she winked at me, "If I have to be stuck with her we might as well get started."

"Sounds like a plan," I said happily, starting to lead Ivy out of the room, "See you all tomorrow."

"Where are you two going?" B asked curiously.

"Are we confined to the school?" I countered.

B shared a quick look with everyone before turning back to me, smiling warmly and answered, "No, just don't stay out too late."

Ivy looked at me, wondering what I had planned. I decided that we shouldn't have to wait for our first date, after the afternoon we just had, we need to blow off some steam and I got just the place in mind.

"This is your idea of 'staying loose'?" Ivy asked as she took a look around the bar we entered.

This is one of my favorite hangouts, it' close to Time's Square and has a large bar, pool tables, sports nights, and even a dance floor with live music some nights and a DJ others, like tonight. Xander actually brought me here one night and I instantly fell in love with the place. I practically know everyone that works here.

"You don't like it?" I asked worriedly. I figured this place was different then places Ivy was used to but thought it would still be fun.

Ivy looked softly at me, wrapping an arm around me as she pulled me in and whispered, "I'm just joking with you, Faith. I like it, it's so you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked in mock agitation, crossing my arms across my chest.

"It means it's a nice place that I'm sure I'll grow to like over time," Ivy replied warmly, not buying my act.

I gave her the dimple smile and led her to the bar.

"Hey, Faith, who's the babe?" Max, the short stocky bald bartender and owner, asked eyeing Ivy closely.

"Back off there, Maxie," I warned, taking a seat at the bar as Ivy joined me, "She's taken."

"Really?" Max asked, giving Ivy a look of feigned surprise, "You'd rather be with this hot number here instead of a studly manly man like me."

Ivy gave Max a soft smile as she leaned over the counter and said in a sultry tone, "You're cute but not that cute."

Max's whole head turned in to a cherry and I had to fight down the laughter wanting to spill out as he fumbled behind the bar and brought out two beers and two glasses of JD.

"That's my usual but if you want something else," I began but looked on in shock as Ivy took all the JD down in one gulp then took a quick drink of her bottle of Bud.

"She is definitely your girl, Faith," Max laughed.

"Yes, she is," I replied softy, smiling warmly at Ivy then following her example and downing all my JD with a drink of Bud to wash it down. I do have a reputation to uphold as a sturdy drinker.

We spent an hour or so talking with Max and a few of the waitress' at the bar. Talking mostly about me and Ivy and how we met. I hated to lie to Max and the girls, they were always nice and friendly, joking and teasing and just a great group of guys, but they're just not ready to know that the things in their nightmares really do exist. So I made up a story about meeting Ivy through work and she followed right along with me, who knew Ivy was such an accomplished liar.

We then went and played a few games of pool. Ivy had this far away look in her eyes at first as she stared at the table. She explained that her best friend died and she got the pool table from his restaurant. I could tell there was more to the story then that but didn't press her. We were having a great time that I didn't want to ruin it by dredging up painful memories. I know Ivy will tell me when she's ready. I wish she would have told me she's a master at pool though, she wiped the floor with me but it was worth it to get an up close and personal view of her rear end every time she bent to make a shot. I think she was just showing off for me but I'm never one to pass up a free show.

Last but certainly not least, we headed for the dance floor for a little bumping and grinding; I think the DJ was playing continuous dance mixes just so the people got a show. Ivy danced just like she fought, with fluid grace that was mesmerizing to watch. The way she moved her body to the beat, swaying her hips, just letting her self go, it was beautiful to watch. I snuck over to the DJ and asked a small favor. Once this song finished a slower non-vocal mix came on and I grinned at the look on Ivy's face as she looked over at me.

Ivy held out her arms to me and I walked right into them, wrapping my hands around her neck, holding onto my wrists as I ran my thumb along the back of her neck. Ivy closed her arms around my waist and together we started moving in perfect rhythm to the music.

"Having fun babe?" I asked warmly.

"I'm having a great time, dear heart," Ivy answered softly, "This is the best night I've had since."

I stopped her from finishing that by placing two fingers on her mouth and saying sternly, "No dark thoughts, not tonight babe."

Ivy kissed my fingers and nodded in agreement. I rested my head on her shoulder as we continued dancing slowly together. I lifted my head up and started placing soft kisses on her neck then moved onto nibbling.

"Faith," Ivy breathed out shakily.

"You want to continue this dance back in my room or yours?" I ask in as sexy a tone as I can.

The look in Ivy's slowly blackening eyes was all the answer I needed. I ran out of her arms slapped some money on the bar as Max just laughed and gave me a cheeky wink. I just shrugged my shoulders and ran back to Ivy, grabbed her and ran out of the door to the cheers and applause of all the patrons and staff. I'm glad everyone liked our dance routine but that was just overkill. Oh well, what cha ya gonna do?

"Ivy?" I asked in a worried tone as she had me pinned to the bed.

We got back to the school fast thanks to Ivy's driving of my bike and ran straight to my room where we nearly ripped each other's clothes off. Foreplay was not on the agenda for tonight, we went at it hot and heavy and even brought out a few of my toys. Like B said I haven't done any of my one nightstand's so I need some interesting ways to relieve the hornies after slaying. Ivy had stopped me after her third climax, tossed the toy out of my hand, and was now on top of me, her eyes fully black and filled with an intense need that I've never seen on her face before.

"I can't," Ivy breathed out in a rough shaky voice, "I can't hold back anymore. Faith, I need…if you don't want me to…stop me now."

It hit me what she was trying to say. I got her so worked up with…you don't need to know what right now. The point is Ivy wanted to bite me but was scared, even though I already told her if the time came I wanted her to.

"It's okay, Ivy," I said softly, smiling warmly at her as I reached up and cupped her face, "I told you it's okay. I want you to be able to be yourself with me. I love you and trust you."

"Faith," Ivy said softly, still unsure.

I took her face in my hands and planted it against my neck; letting her breathe in my scent. I held her there as she began kissing and licking the spot right above my pulse point, getting me wetter with anticipation of what was about to happen.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I'm a Slayer and the whole letting vamps feed off us is sort of frowned upon. B did it to save Angel after I poisoned him, then there was the time she let Dracula bite her. I guess it would be okay to let a living vampire bite me, as long as it was just Ivy. I said I love and trust her and those two things aren't easy for me. Plus it would give me some protection against the rest of Jason's crew, but that's just an added bonus.

"I can have this?" Ivy asked, her voice returning to its silky tone that sent shivers down my spine.

"Yes, you can," I answered breathlessly.

"I…I love you, Faith," Ivy said then sunk her fangs into me.

I couldn't say anything, just moaned as Ivy's fangs went deeper into me and started feeding from me. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, in fact it didn't hurt at all. Ivy said that a living vampire's saliva turned the bite pleasurable and that it stayed in the persons system, that's what allows them to play on the bite. It would also make it so only Ivy could play on my bite.

"Oh, god," I groaned, rubbing my thighs together as I could feel myself getting close and she wasn't even touching me.

I also felt something else come over me. It was this energy coming off of Ivy and wrapping around me. There's an energy coming off me also that wrapped around Ivy and the energy she was giving off. It felt so amazing. I could feel all the love all the emotions Ivy had for me. She loved me; she really truly loves me. I couldn't help the tears falling from my eyes.

"Am I hurting you, Faith?" Ivy asked concerned, pulling away from my neck and looking down at me with a scared look, "Did I take too much?"

"No," I answered softly, "It's just, what's happening?"

"Our aura's are merging," Ivy replied smiling warmly, "It forms a connection during the feeding that can linger. It allows us to share a part of ourselves with each other."

"I could feel it," I began in a teary voice, "I could feel your love."

Ivy closed her eyes and went back to my neck, licking the two puncture wounds, cleaning me up as she said, "I do love you, Faith. I thought I'd never be able to after Rachel but from the moment I saw you, I felt this."

"Energy," I finished holding her close to me, "I felt it too."

Ivy pulled back after she finished taking care of my neck and smiled down at me. It was that bright warm smile filled with love that I saw in that photo and it was aimed at me. I wanted to cry again. I still can't believe Ivy makes me feel all soft and girly but if it means having her in my life, and the occasional merging of more then our bodies, I'm willing to put up with it.

"Can we do this again?" I asked as she rested on top of me.

"Definitely," Ivy answered warmly, "Now go to sleep. You may heal and recover quick but you still need to rest."

"Why would I need to rest?" I asked in a curiously sexy tone.

"Because, dear heart," Ivy replied in her silky sultry tone that now caused the bite on my neck to heat up, "I intend to return the favor once you've fully recovered."


Chapter 11

"Good morning," B said happily, beaming a bright smile at me.

"Morning, Faith," Willow said, handing me a cup of steaming coffee.

"Uuuuhhhhh," I replied groggily, taking the just brewed coffee and taking in a whiff of the strong smelling liquid before taking a drink.

"You with us now?" B teased over her bowl of Fruit Loops.

"Buffy," Will let out softly as she pointed to my neck.

My mind finally caught up with my surroundings as I covered the bite on my neck. Ivy was true to her word last night; I'm lucky to be walking right now let alone thinking. I should have hid the bite but I didn't think anything of it. I don't care what the others think, this mark is proof of how much I love Ivy and if they can't deal then the hell with them.

"That's one hell of a hickey," B said smiling softly, "And before you get all huffy I'm not judging you."

"Neither am I, though I will try and find a stronger silencing spell," Will added with an evil smirk directed at me.

"What?" I asked in wide-eyed confusion.

"Oh God," B mimicked, "IIIIIIIIvvvvvvyyyyyyy!"

Red slowly backed away as I stared daggers at B. I might have gotten loud last night but there was no way I was that loud. Was there?

"You scream like a banshee," B continued to joke.

That's it. I ran around the table to grab B but she was already up and running away. We started a merry-go-round chase around the table, Will just stood by the entry way sipping her coffee as Dawn came in, looking on the scene before her confused.

"What I miss?" Dawn asked Red, since B and me were still running around the island counter.

"Faith's trying to kill your sister for the teasing she's been doing about last night," Red answered like this was a normal event.

"Oh you mean all the shouting and screaming and language that would make an Irish sailor blush," Dawn said loud enough to get my attention, which she did.

"You want some of this?" I ask angrily, narrowing my eyes at Dawn.

"Should I be worried?" Ivy asked as she rounded the corner causing Dawn and Willow to jump and me to grin.

"No babe," I say, kissing her cheek as she walks by to get a cup of coffee, "Everything'll be fine once I kill the Summers girls."

"Why would you do something like that, dear heart?" Ivy asked over her coffee mug, eyeing B closely, "It's not like they were listening in on our evening together and then teasing you about it now. That's not what's happening here, is it ladies?"

"Maybe," Dawn replied softly, "Can I just make one last joke about the hickey?"

"You're more then welcome to, Dawn," Ivy answered calmly, "As long as you're fast enough to get away from me."

I smiled evilly, hoping Dawnie would press her luck. Ivy's got my back and even though it is our own fault for being so vocal, actually it's Ivy's fault. Ivy's and a certain toy of mine that you still aren't getting any details about yet. The things she did to me after I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like restarting our fun nearly did send me into another coma.

"You're not borrowing any of my make-up to cover up that love bite, Faith," B said then made a mad dash out of the kitchen but ran right into a black top pajama pants wearing brick wall.

B looked up with her pouting face hoping it would get her out of trouble. I could see Ivy's resolve wavering but when I cleared my throat and pointed to my new scar, she shook her head and leaned down over B.

"Care to take that back, Buffy?" Ivy asked pointedly with a hard narrowed eye stare.

"I take it back," B answered softly.

Ivy smiled at her then helped B to her feet. Ivy dropped the smile and turned the narrowed hard stare at Dawn and Willow and asked, "Does anyone else have something to add?"

Dawn and Will quickly shook their heads no and Ivy retook her place leaning against the counter. I smiled smugly as I took my mug and went to lean against Ivy. B, Dawn, and Will smiled softly as they watched Ivy wrap an arm around me and pull me in close to her side.

Remember that thing I said at the beginning when Ivy was explaining living vampires to us, about marking their territory. Turns out I was sort of right. Ivy's bite, her mark, on my neck meant I was hers and I liked that feeling. I was Ivy's and she was mine, so anyone wanting to cause trouble, tease or hurt her better watch their ass, it goes for me to it seems.

"Hey guys," Xander said walking in to the kitchen, "Whoa Faith, things got a little rough last night it seems. Guess all that screaming last night."

"Xander," B stopped him.

"Run," Will finished for her.

"Fast," Dawn added.

Xander was confused but once Ivy handed me her coffee mug he got the picture and turned around and bolted.

"Go easy on him," I said softly, "He's an idiot but we all love him and need him."

"I'll keep that in mind," Ivy replied, placing a kiss on my lips before vanishing quickly.

I smiled warmly after her then looked at the giggling faces of the girls.

"Okay wise guys," I began simply before sitting back down at the counter with an excited smile on my face, "Who wants details."

B and the others sat round the table when we heard a loud squeal coming from down the hall. There were a few shouts for help that quickly were silenced. We all looked at the entryway, waiting for Ivy to come back but she never showed so I figured it was safe. I'll worry about Xander later, right now I'm dying to tell them about what I learned about Ivy last night.

The afternoon began with a meeting. Xander was no where in sight which caused me, B, Will, and Dawn to look over at Ivy and try not to laugh, which was hard considering the innocent look she was wearing. Giles made the announcement that they located the staging area where all the vampires Skimmer has recruited were held up.

"We send in two teams and eradicate them," Giles began in his calm British manner, "It will let the vampires know we're onto their plan causing them to decide which their more afraid of, one lone undead vampire or a large force made up of Slayers and witches."

"If their smart they'll back down and go back to their holes," B said crossing her arms, "I hate to think we're loosing our ability to scare them."

"Yeah," I agreed with a laugh, "Who isn't afraid of a school of hot young women with superpowers?"

"If I might continue," Giles interrupted giving me a half smile to let me know he liked my quip, "I believe without the aid of the local vampires Skimmer will become desperate, possibly try to move on the school herself. What do you think, Ivy?"

"Skimmer won't want to deal with any other major powers," Ivy explained, "As an undead vampire she'll have better control over your vamps but not the demons and other creatures living in the city. If you take away the vamps she'll be forced to deal with you on her own plus the remaining living vampires she has."

"We get rid of her vamp muscle she'll get antsy and want to talk to Jason," I added smiling excitedly, "We can then take her out and the other living vamps will be SOL."

"Agreed," Giles said nodding his approval, "Buffy, you'll lead one team."

"And I'll lead the other," I said eyeing B, "Right?"

"Faith," Ivy said softly, "Have you forgotten we're on vacation."

"Sorry babe," I replied softly, "But a gathering this big of vamps is going to take both me and B leading our best. Right B?"

"Please don't get me in the middle of this," B pleaded.

"Giles," I said looking for back up but he just took his glasses off and began cleaning them slowly with a handkerchief.

I looked around the table but was met with bowed heads; no one wanted to get on Ivy's bad side. I'm supposed to be the Dark Slayer, the one they should be afraid of pissing off but apparently Ivy won out.

"Where's Xander," I asked Ivy, getting agitated, "He'll have my back."

"That's not reason enough to make me tell you," Ivy countered.

"Will you excuse us," I said in a strained tone, standing up and looking down at Ivy, "We're about to have our first real fight and it might get messy."

Ivy closed her eyes, leaned back in her chair, and crossed her arms over her chest in a relaxed manner. She was really getting me even angrier by acting all nonchalant.

"Faith," B said soothingly.

"Leave. Now," I growled and everyone got up and cleared the room, everyone but Ivy.

"Faith," B repeated softly as she passed me by.

"I'll try and be understanding B," I replied softly, "And if I get too angry I'll come find you but we need to deal with this now, just the two of us."

"You promise you'll walk away and come get me if," B began but I turned and gave her a soft smile as I placed my hands on her shoulders.

"I promise," I assured her honestly.

B glanced over at Ivy before walking out leaving us alone.

"Ivy," I began but she held up a hand to silence me.

"A little privacy please," she said in a warning tone.

A few minutes later followed by scuffing shoes and Ivy lowered her hand then said calmly, "Now you can begin."

"I'm going on that mission," I told her sternly, "I'm not going to stop being a Slayer just because I'm in a relationship now. I'll continue going out on patrols to help train the new girls. I'll continue to help fight any big bad that comes to town wanting to start the next apocalypse."

"Faith," Ivy interrupted calmly, "I don't want you to stop being who you are just because we're together."

"You don't?" I asked confused.

"No, I don't," Ivy, answered warmly, standing up and coming around to face me as she leaned against the edge of the table.

"Then what's the problem?" I asked, still confused.

"The problem, dear heart, is you didn't talk to me about it," Ivy answered softly, "Chances are Skimmer would not leave these vamps alone, she'll have one or two of the low-bloods watching them. The problem is you decided to go without talking to me first."

I'm not used to this whole relationship thing and immediately went to thinking Ivy wanted me to be a stay at home woman. Why does she want to be with me again? I'm messed up in the head, always going to dark thoughts first. I should have known Ivy'd have a good reason for not wanting me to go, she wants me to go but with her.

"Oh," was all I could manage to say.

"You thought I didn't want you to go because what?" Ivy asked, "I don't think you could handle yourself? I saw you in action, Faith, I sparred with you, and I know you can handle yourself in a fight. I trust you, Faith, but that's not going to stop me from worrying about you from time to time. Rachel went out on Runs by herself and I knew she'd be fine, with a little pixie back up and I still worried. That's what a girlfriend does when the woman she loves goes out and does something dangerous."

"I'm sorry," I said softly.

Ivy opened her arms and I walked in and held her close as she ran a soothing hand through my hair as I rested my head on her chest.

"I'm still knew to this whole relationship thing and…wait a minute," I said questionably, "Did you just call me your girlfriend?"

"Just catch that now, did you?" Ivy asked warmly.

"Say it again," I said smiling in to her chest.

"Girlfriend," Ivy whispered on my neck in her warm silky tone that caused my scar to pulse, which sent heat straight to my groin.

"That sounds so good," I breathe out shakily.

"Yes, it does," Ivy, agreed placing a kiss on top of my head.

We stayed like this even as I felt B peek her head around to see what caused us to go quiet. Slayer connection lets me know when B's close so it's hard for us to sneak up on each other.

"We're fine, B," I say warmly, "My girlfriend here is going to join us just in case Skimmer left one or more of those low-bloods to play babysitter. That okay with you?"

"That depends," B replied in a teasing manner, "Who's your girlfriend and can she fight?"

"Would you like to find out, Buffy?" Ivy asked with a wicked smile.

I turned in Ivy's arms to see B's worried look and had to laugh.

"You're in," B answered quickly, "But we will need Xander to keep an eye on us in his Ops. Center. Where is he anyway?"

"Bound and gagged in the closet by the steps," Ivy answered simply.

"You didn't," I said as B ran out to check.

I waited patiently before I heard B laughing hysterically and calling for others to come see.

"I did," Ivy stated causing me to laugh harder.

"Faith," B called, "You gotta come see this for yourself."

I looked up at Ivy and smiled warmly at her, my girlfriend. I gotta admit, I do like the sound of that. My girlfriend. Never had one before and like I said, I am still new at this relationship thing. Luckily Ivy is being patient with me. I kissed her softly and felt my scar heat up again because of the pheromones she was pumping out and soon we were groping each other, our kiss growing more heated.

"Faith," B shouted bringing me back, "Hurry up before Giles takes pity on Xan and unties him. You can go back to your girlfriend afterwards."

I pulled back and rested my forehead against Ivy, trying to catch my breath as I asked, "Am I going to be amused?"

"Hands behind the back tied with one sock while the other one is in his mouth," Ivy answered with a grin, "Course the shirt over the head and leaving him in his boxers might have been too much."

"B get pictures," I shout as I jump out of Ivy's arms and make my way out of the room, this I must see.

I stop and turn around, smiling softly at Ivy as I say warmly, "I love you."

"I love you too, dear heart," Ivy replied just as warmly, "Now hurry up before Giles unties him."

I just laugh as I blow her a kiss and make my way to see the spectacle that is Xander. This wasn't much of a first fight now that I think of it. I wonder if that means no make up sex? Nah, we'll definitely have that when we get back from staking a warehouse full of vamps. Of course by then it'll be more then just make up sex.


Chapter 12

You want to know the best time to hit a large abandoned warehouse full of vamps, bright mid afternoon. You want to know the downside, when the clouds come in and block out any sunlight, like today. There was a large cloud cover that moved in and took out our surprise weapon. Will was going to blast out all the windows, including the skylight and give us a slight advantage in the fight.

"We're unlucky," Will said sadly, "And there's no spell to undo that, unless you catch a leprechaun."

"Easier said then done," Ivy added next to Will as she looked over at the warehouse.

"Okay, new plan," B began turning to address the troops, "I'll take the front, we move in hard and fast and drive them to the back of the ware house. Will, can you knock that wall down without causing the place to fall in on us?"

"No problem," Will answered proudly.

"Then me and my team come in and wipe out whoever's not smashed flat," I said, catching on to B's plan, "Where are you going to be babe?"

"The low-bloods are not around the outside and I can't tell if they're inside," Ivy replied, "But I know they're in there, even a low-blood can influence some control or fear out of your vamps. I'll be on the roof, watching from the skylight. I'll stay back until I sense them moving then I'll crash in and deal with them."

"Sounds good to me," B said, turning to face Ivy and smiling softly at her.

"Me too," I agreed.

The girls have already been gossiping about me and Ivy and just Ivy in general. They've heard about our sparring match and Ivy dealing with those vamps. She scares and intrigues them, I know the feeling although she doesn't scare me as much as she used to. They feel safer knowing Ivy's watching our backs and so do I but we need to handle this ourselves. Ivy's here to stay and will help out where needed but this is still our city, our realm, our job.

"But you will jump in if things get heavy," B added softly.

Ivy smiled at her and nodded as she said, "I will."

"Thanks," B said then turned back to the girls, "Let's get in position."

B and her team moved off the rooftop we were on and went to wait till me and my team was in our position before moving in.

"Enjoy the show," I said warmly, placing a kiss on Ivy's cheek.

"Just be careful, dear heart," Ivy said softly.

"Don't worry, Ivy," Ken said, placing a hand on her shoulder, "I got her back."

"You had better," Ivy replied pointedly.

"Lets go Ken," I said moving around and dragging a now worried Ken with me as I turned and shot a wink over my shoulder at Ivy.

Time to get my head back in the game. Ivy will be close by if I, WE, need her to be. These are our vamps and we know how to deal with them ourselves. We've gone up against large numbers of them before and survived. What's the worst that could happen now?

When am I going to learn? What's the worst that can happen, Faith? I'll tell you what's the worst that can happen; getting put in a chokehold by a low-blood living vampire while another had Ken pinned to the ground, drooling over her neck.

Things didn't take this fucked up turn right away. Things went just as B planned, she stormed in staking and shooting the vamps with cross-bows driving them back to the wall where Will blew it down on top of most of them. A metal wall crushing a vamp won't kill them, just break a few bones and keep them trapped for a while. My team moved in and we started finishing off the last of the vamps. Ken stayed behind me and watched my back but was soon dragged away. I followed after her, hearing the skylight break but couldn't turn to look at Ivy. Ken was in trouble and I had to help.

That's when I ran out after them and followed them to an alleyway between warehouses and walked right into the arms of a living vamp. He knocked the stake from my hand then wrapped an arm around my neck, taking my arms and pinning them behind me with his body. I saw Ken on the ground with another living vamp on top of her. My scar was pulsing but no heat was following it, they were pumping out there pheromones but I wasn't being affected as bad as Ken was.

"Looks like Tamwood found herself a new pet," the vamp holding me breathed into my ear.

I struggled to break the grip but the more I did, the more pressure he put on my neck. I couldn't afford to black out here.

"This one's clean," the guy on top of Ken, laughed, "She wants some action too by the smell of things."

"Faith," Ken breathed out shakily as the low-blood above her pumped out more pheromones. She was loosing control.

"Look guys," I managed to choke out, "You said it yourself I'm with Ivy. So why don't you let her go and keep me."

They cracked up at that thought as the one above Ken turned to look at me, an evil gleam in his eyes as he said, "I got a better idea. My pal and me drain this girl dry then take you to see the boss. I'm sure she'd love to meet you."

"Get your hands off them now," Ivy shouted from the front of the alleyway, her hand gripping her katana tightly and eyes black as she stared hard at the two low-bloods.

"Take another step and," the vamp above Ken never got to finish his threat. Ivy moved in and took off his head cleanly as she stood between Ken and the last one, who tightened his hold on me.

Ivy stared in my eyes softly before turning her attention back to the low-blood and growled out, "Let. Her. Go."

Ivy was pulling an aura and letting out a lot of pheromones that were triggering my scar and making it hard for me to focus on nothing more then the feelings going through my body.

"I think I got the upper hand here," he said shakily.

"Not from where I'm standing," Ivy countered with an evil smirk as she focused in on me again, "In fact I think my girlfriend has the situation right in hand."

I smiled at her as the vamp began to question what she meant by that but soon began shrieking and yelping as I squeezed…well you can imagine what I was squeezing that had his eyes watering and practically bulging out of his head.

He finally had enough and let go of my neck as I rolled out of the way just as Ivy moved in and removed his head with a fast swing of her sword. I crawled over to check on Ken who was still on the ground.

"You still with me?" I asked her softly, running a hand through her hair, checking for any wounds on her neck.

"I hate these vamps," Ken growled as she got to her feet, wiping off her pants and jacket.

"I'm sorry," Ivy said softly.

"No, Ivy," Ken replied quickly, "I didn't mean you. I meant the bad ones. The ones that are trying to kill us. Not you."

Ivy nodded in understanding as Ken came up and gave her a quick hug as she said, "Thank you."

Ivy returned the hug just as Will, B, and the others came around the bend and looked around at the two headless bodies.

"So this is where you ran off to," B said with a wide grin, "You should have seen it Faith. Ivy jumped down and was on her way to follow after you when a wave of vamps pounced on top of her. I was trying to get to her when all of a sudden she pops up, throwing the vamps aside and cutting a path after you. She scared the crap out of the rest of them and us."

"I didn't mean to," Ivy said in a mock whining tone that had us all laughing.

"Can I cut in?" I asked Ken who was still in Ivy's arms.

"If you must," she replied and smiled up at Ivy before going off to the waiting arms of Will.

I was soon wrapped up protectively in Ivy's arms as the others gave us some privacy.

"Thank you, Ivy," Will said with a warm smile.

"You're welcome, Willow," Ivy replied smiling back at her.

Once the coast was clear I pushed Ivy against the wall and began to kiss her heatedly. Since starting this relationship Ivy's been the dominant one but not this time. This time I was in charge and she was going to have to deal with it.

"Faith," Ivy breathed out but I captured her lips again before she could say anything.

"Faith," Ivy said more forcefully as she pushed me away.

"Alright," I sighed, "I'll calm down but tonight you're mine. However I want you for as long as I want you."

"Deal," Ivy replied huskily, "Provided I get a quick bite in sometime tonight."

"Trust me, you will," I state strongly, smiling wickedly at her.

Ivy began rooting through the pockets for any clues as I went to get Will for clean up. The living vamps don't dust like ours but I'm hoping the undead ones do. Will came back and waited till Ivy was finished before torching the bodies. Ivy stood back and soon found herself wrapped up in a tight Willow hug.

"Willow," Ivy coughed out, "Having breathing issues."

"Sorry," Will said blushing, "I just…thank you for saving Kennedy. The thought of one of those things biting her."

"Red," I interrupted softly.

"Not that there's anything wrong with being bitten by a living vampire," Red explained quickly in an anxious tone, "They're living vampires, not things and they need to feed just not as much and."

"Willow," Ivy interrupted softly, "Breathe. I know what you meant and know you were worried about Kennedy. I'm sorry for.

"No," Red interrupted this time warmly, "This isn't your fault. None of this is your fault. It's Skimmer's. None of us blame you. You have been nothing but great to all of us and have helped out greatly."

"It's the least I can do for…OW," Ivy began to say but soon stopped once Will punched her in the arm.

"You didn't make her kill Rachel," Will said sternly but with warmth in her eyes, "You didn't make her jump realms. You aren't responsible, Ivy."

"Thank you, Willow," Ivy said softly.

"I promise to work on the re-souling spell," Will continued, this time softly, "We want to keep the Ivy we all know and love around."

I smiled warmly at Red, happy that all my friends and surrogate family love and accept Ivy so openly. Xander may have sworn revenge before we left for the mission but he said it in a friendly fun voice that made Ivy laugh. I must have done something right in a past life, since I know I didn't do something in this one, to deserve friends like them in my life, much less a great and beautiful girlfriend like Ivy. I guess I am lucky.

Ivy pulled Will in to a warm normal hug and placed a soft kiss on top of her head as I looked on, still smiling warmly. Yeah, I'm definitely lucky.


Chapter 13

Did I say lucky, I meant to say blessed. Why you ask? Remember that idea I kept having about tying Ivy up, guess where she is right now.

We got back and after Willow cooked a very nice thank you dinner Ivy and me ran straight to my room. We made out for a little, did some heavy petting, got naked, then I reminded Ivy of what she said in the alleyway. She raised her eyebrow and said she did. That's when I pushed her on to the bed and went to my weapons trunk, not the slaying kind, to get some supplies.

"You're mine tonight babe," I say in a strong tone, "I may have let you get away with being the butch one in this relationship but not tonight."

"Faith," Ivy began but I grabbed her hand and brought it up to one of the posts. Using a leather strap I tied her wrist to the post.

"Not done talking," I stated letting some of the Slayer out in my tone and eyes, Ivy felt it and went silent as I went and tied her other wrist, "I know you're a big bad living vampire whose used to being in control but tonight you're not. I'm the one in control here. Is that okay with you?"

My voice may have been stern but I blinked the Slayer away and looked softly at Ivy. I wanted to make sure everything that was happening was okay with her. Ivy has been in control most of the time and that's something knew to me. I'm the one in control of me but I trust Ivy. She makes sure she's not hurting me and that I'm okay with what we're doing, which is sweet. I thought tonight I'd return the favor.

"Do you want me to answer honestly?" Ivy asked with a wicked smile. She's playing along with the game and being cute at the same time.

"Yes, I do," I answered, straddling her hips, grinding into her a little in an attempt to get comfortable.

"I am used to being the dominant one in a relationship," Ivy began softly, "But sometimes I want to be dominated. I don't trust many people with my heart but those I do, I just want to let go. I want them to have all of me the way I want all of them. I trust you, dear heart."

I closed my eyes and tried not to cry. It seems Ivy always has me on the brink of tears with her sweet loving words and I always got nothin'. Again, why does she want someone like me? B trusts me to have her back, which I always do, same with the others. We all put the past behind us and I know I've said it before but it still gets to me. They trust me and I trust them but with Ivy, once again, things are different, more personal.

"You won't be disappointed then babe," I reply with a sexy smirk and warmth in my eyes, "You maybe driven mad but you won't be disappointed."

"Are you going to talk me to sleep, Faith?" Ivy asked smugly, "Or do you actually have something planned?"

I cupped both her breasts, ran my thumbs over the nipples as I squeezed softly. Ivy closed her eyes and let out a light moan. I smiled evilly as I dug my nails in to the soft firm flesh, causing that light moan to turn in to a groan.

"You should watch that tongue of yours, Ivy," I said still smiling evilly as she opened her blackening eyes at me, "I have big plans for it and if you do a good job, I might reward you with a treat."

"How may I please you, dear heart?" Ivy asked sweetly.

My smile shifted from evil to warm then back to evil as I climbed up, placing my pussy right above her mouth.

"Use that talented tongue of yours and then we'll see," I answered sternly, smothering her mouth.

Ivy wasted no time; she drove her tongue deep inside me and started moving it around. I placed my hands on the headboard and started grinding on her mouth, doing everything I could to make it hard for Ivy to make me cum too quickly like she has in the past.

"You're going to have to work harder this time babe," I laughed as I squeezed her head with my thighs. I knew she could still breathe; I just wanted to show her whose boss tonight.

Ivy groaned out an answer as she pressed the tip of her tongue against my g-spot. I breathed in sharply then pressed down harder on to her mouth. Ivy kept up the pressure as I started grinding harder. I stopped suddenly when it hit me what was happening.

"Oh no you don't," I laughed, rising up off her.

Ivy followed until her tongue was brushing against my clit. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. New plan.

"Stiffen that tongue up, Ivy," I said strongly, looking down at her heatedly as she complied, "Now, don't move."

I lowered myself down until all of her tongue was inside me then began to move my hips, grinding every time she was deep inside me. Ivy followed my instructions and didn't move, she just allowed me to pleasure myself and I did. I started playing with my clit with one hand as I continued moving on Ivy's tongue.

"Good girl," I cried out, "I'm almost there, keep going! Oh god, Ivy that feels so good!"

I managed to hold off my orgasm and last longer then I have while Ivy used her magic tongue on me but it was all becoming too much. The whole situation of having Ivy tied naked to my bed as I rode her mouth to orgasm was taking me on a serious power trip that had me cumming loudly in no time. I just hope the new silencing spell Red did was on and working, otherwise the whole building was in for an earful, leading Ivy and me to move out and get our own place. Now there's an interesting thought, one that should be viewed more thoroughly at a later and better time.

Ivy remained still as I leaned my head against the headboard, her tongue still deep inside me, lapping up all my leftover juices as I just sat there on her face.

I pulled up and off her mouth and moved to lie on top of her as I recovered. Ivy strained against the bonds I had her in. I know it was to get my attention since she easily could break free if she really wanted to.

"Did I do good?" she asked in a numb like tone. You know the way you talk when the dentist shoots Novocain into your gum.

I laughed softly as I rose up to look down and her and replied, "You did good babe. Did I hurt you?"

"No. So did I earn my treat?" Ivy asked softly and hopefully.

I got up off her and went to a drawer and started rooting around till I found what I was looking for. I turned around and showed a long white ribbed dildo like strap-on, minus the straps, that had a silicone egg attached.

"Yes you did," I answered with a dimple smile that had a wicked edge to it, "And what a treat you're in for. Allow me to explain how this toy, that I have never used to its fullest potential before works. This long end goes in you. The egg goes inside me and holds it in place while I drive it deep inside you. Oh, I almost forgot, it vibrates at both ends."

Ivy looked on in wide-eyed amazement, licking her lips softly as she rubbed her thighs together in anticipation. I left her feet free just for this reason. I wanted to tease her, knowing she wouldn't be able to get off that way. I think? I know I can't at least.

"Ready for a wild ride, Ivy?" I asked in a sultry tone with a wiggle of my brows.

"I am if you are," Ivy countered in her silky tone.

I pushed the egg inside me and climbed back on to the bed, kneeling right in front of Ivy's open legs. I cupped her mound and wasn't surprised to find her wet and ready. I climbed up more till I had my knees on either side of her head again, the tip of the toy running across her lips.

"Get it ready to go inside you," I ordered strongly.

Ivy ran her tongue over the tip, her eyes never leaving mine as she took as much as she could into her mouth. I was thankful I hadn't turned it on or the sight of Ivy sucking on the fake dick along with the vibrations of the egg right against my g-spot would have sent me over the edge again. I couldn't wait any longer.

"That's good enough," I said moving back down between her legs.

I looked down at Ivy and without warning drove the toy as deep as I could inside her. Ivy's head flew back, followed by a long moan, which grew as I started moving in and out of her. I didn't need the vibrations, the pressure of it hitting my g-spot every time I pushed inside Ivy was enough to make me climax. I knew the ribbed dildo brushing along the walls of Ivy's pussy would also bring her off but I wanted to draw this out so I slowed my thrusts down and began to play with Ivy's breasts.

"Please," Ivy groaned, "Please don't tease me, Faith."

I was getting her worked up and I knew that even though she fed off me the night before, she might be feeling the urge to do it again now. That wasn't going to happen. Looking at her exposed neck I suddenly got an idea.

"You are mine, Ivy," I breathed strongly into her ear as I leaned over her, "I'm not talking about just for tonight. I mean forever. No one is taking you away from me. You belong to me just as I belong only to you."

To prove my point I licked my way down to her neck where I bit her. I didn't bite hard enough to draw blood, just enough to leave my own mark on her for all to see.

"Oh God," Ivy cried out as she started moving her hips along the toy since I had stopped.

My girl was about to cum and I wanted it to be her best. I pumped my hips as hard and as fast as I could while keeping my teeth attached to her neck.

"Oh shit," Ivy screamed and I smiled into her neck, "I'm almost there, Faith! I'm . . . ahhhh!"

I kept up, trying to draw out her orgasm for as long as I could. Ivy was pulling hard on the restraints but didn't break them. I guess her mind was to overrun with feelings to use her full strength. It took a while but Ivy finally went silent and I stopped my movements.

"You still here babe?" I asked in a teasing tone.

"Barely," Ivy replied, giving me a half smile as she opened her fully black eyes, "That was incredible, dear heart."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," I said with a wicked smile, "But we're not finished yet. We still have to try out the vibrator portion of this thing."

That was round two turned three, which turned into round four then ended after Ivy finally broke her leather bounds and returned the favor after I bit her again. We fell into each other's arms after I pulled the egg out of my overly sensitive pussy. I'm going to send in some feedback on that thing, either that or invest in stock. I have a feeling that thing is going to be huge.

"When exactly is it going to be my turn to try that out on you?" Ivy asked, holding me close as I used one of her tits as a pillow.

"Probably when I get the feeling back in my groin," I replied but soon regretted my words as I felt the re-used scar on my neck flare to life.

"If that's the case then I might be able to jump start it for you," Ivy said in her silky smooth voice, pumping out just enough pheromones to heat up my scar but not anything lower.

"Ivy," I breathed shakily, "I really don't think I'd survive it right now if you keep up with what you're doing. If you want me around to use that thing on me I suggest you put it in park for tonight."

Ivy's pheromones shifted from the get-Faith-hot brand to the soothe-and-relax-Faith kind. It was working to; I was barely able to keep my eyes open.

"Sleep now, dear heart," Ivy whispered as she placed a kiss to the top of my head, "We both need our rest for what's to come."

We hardly mentioned it at all after the big battle in the warehouse. Skimmer was sure to hear what happened, what we did to her little army and was sure to get pissed. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. What if…

"Sleep," Ivy repeated in a sterner tone, "We'll deal with the fall-out tomorrow."

"Okay," I yawned as I snuggled in deeper to Ivy's warm and soothing embrace, "Love you."

"I love you too, dear heart," Ivy replied warmly, "Now shut up and go to sleep."

I laughed softly then held on tighter to Ivy, sleep slowly taking hold over my mind. The last thought I had before giving in was that if Skimmer wanted payback against Ivy or my family, she'd have to go through me first.


Chapter 14

"Where is he?" Ivy asked in a huff through tight lips.

"Who?" I asked curiously.

"That juvenile delinquent," Ivy answered still keeping her lips tight.

"Which juvenile delinquent?" Will asked.

When we woke up this morning and came down stairs all eyes were on us. Ivy and me both wore are scars proudly and the only thing everyone did was smile, even Xan was being surprisingly calm and quite. That should have been a sign. Red dragged me away for the details and Xander handed Ivy a coffee. Wait, Xan handed Ivy a cup of coffee then walked past us.

"Open your mouth," I said trying to contain my laughter.

"No," Ivy replied tightlipped.

"Ivy," I said in a stern tone, "Open. Your. Mouth."

Ivy sighed in a defeat then slowly opened her mouth, showing Red and me her bright blue teeth and tongue. Xan must have gone to either 'Spencer's' or one of the newbies who are always playing pranks on each other.

"Hey, Faith, Ivy," Dawn said walking up behind me, getting a good look at Ivy's blueberry smile, "Oh. My. God. Xander is so dead."

"Why is Xander dead?" Buffy asked joining her sister, "Oh, that's why."

"I'm going to brush me teeth, rinse out my mouth then I'm going to hunt him down and," Ivy began ranting angrily so I thought I should step in and calm her down.

"Babe," I said soothingly, "Take a deep breath. This sort of thing happens a lot around here. We're always teasing and playing jokes on each other. It's sort of a stress reliever for all the crap we have to deal with."

"Did I wake up in high school?" Ivy asked annoyed.

"Go take care of yourself," I said chuckling, "I'll take care of the Cyclops."

"Oh no," Ivy stated grinning evilly, "He's mine."

"Nothing too violent," I countered with narrowed eyes.

"Willow," Ivy asked over my shoulder, "Did you finish that little favor I asked you to?"

"Should be done brewing by now," Will answered, a knowing smile on her face, "I liked the idea and made you a few different ones to. I'll show you."

Will took Ivy's hand and started leading her away before I stopped her and asked, "What our you two planning?"

"Have Xander in the library in an hour and you'll see," Will said with an evil smirk as Ivy just shrugged her shoulders and allowed Will to pull her to her room/laboratory/magic central.

"I don't know if we should be scared or intrigued," Dawn said worriedly.

"I don't know about you two but I can't wait to see what their cooking up," B said smiling as she looped her arm in mine, "Let's go get Xander."

"Let's," I agreed. Mess with my girl and I have no pity for you, sorry Xan.

"According to our teams the vamps are returning to their original nests," Giles began once we entered the library, "With only two low-bloods left it seems Skimmer has lost any control over them. I'd say we're one step closer to ending her threat to us."

"Maybe we should wait for Ivy before continuing," Xander said in a strained tone, a big shit eating grin on his face, "Where is she?"

"Brushing her teeth," I said in a cold tone, narrowing my eyes at him.

"Oh come on, Faith," Xander whined, "After what all you put me through because of what she did. I'm still in the process of tracking down all those photos. I did swear revenge and this is only the beginning."

"Oh is it," Ivy said from the doorway, a half smile on her face and a red pistol in her hand.

"Ivy," Xander breathed in a frightened tone, "What is…"

Ivy shooting him stopped his question, which led to him falling onto the table before slumping down to the floor.

"Is he?" I began to ask but laughed once I started hearing light snoring coming from Xander.

"Just asleep," Ivy said smiling at Willow as she entered, "The sleep charms work. If he still feels the need to follow through with his vendetta maybe we can try that itching charm."

"Or the binding one," Will added, "I'm also working on a teleport charm that will drop them off either in the Hudson or one of our magically fortified cells. I still haven't decided which."

"Time out here," I interrupted, "What are you two going on about?"

"Rachel was a cunning witch," Will stated appraisingly, "She loaded this paintball gun with knock out charms in the paintballs that put whoever they hit to sleep. That is just brilliant."

"I thought so," Ivy said softly, as Red put her hand on her shoulder.

I moved to stand beside Ivy and wrapped my arm around her as Dawnie went and took a picture of Xander with her cell phone.

"Well," Giles said, clearing his throat to get our attention, "Shall we continue. Willow, will you get Xander a pillow. I believe this meeting will go more smoothly if we let him sleep."

We all smiled at Giles as Red snapped her fingers and a small fluffy pillow appeared in her hand. She went and knelt down beside him, lifting his head and placing the pillow under his head before taking a seat next to Ivy and me.

"Skimmer will surely call Ivy soon," Giles continued, "I can only assume she'll want to meet and discuss their next move. That will be the time to strike. Ivy will go and meet her wearing the glamour to a location of our choosing. Buffy, Willow, Faith, and I will be watching, ready to teleport when you drop the glamour."

"I want to deal with her myself," Ivy said strongly, squeezing my hand and flashing me a pleading understanding look.

"You will," I sighed sadly, "We'll be there as support only. The meeting spot is going to be at a small park we use for training that shouldn't be used that time of night but, just to be safe, Will is going to put up a masking spell so no one will hear or see anything. Me and B will stay on the sidelines in case you need a hand."

"What's your part?" Ivy asked Giles.

"I will be there to help Buffy reign in your overprotective girlfriend," Giles said smiling softly at me.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, G-man," I replied in mock agitation. He was also going to lend his support and silent strength. Just Like he always does.

"Thank you, Rupert," Ivy said returning his soft smile.

Giles nodded then looked back down at Xander and asked, "How do you remove the charm?

"Willow set it up so that it will wear off in four hours," Ivy answered smiling wickedly at Red, "If you need him up sooner, saltwater."

"Dawnie," B laughed as her sister was on her feet and heading for the kitchen in a flash.

"Sometimes I worry about the future," Giles breathed out as he cleaned his glasses.

"You want to douse him?" I asked with a knowing smile.

Giles may act all British and proper but we all know about his Ripper days, which he lets out every now and then with the new girls and with us. He also plays a few of his own tricks on us but it's always secretive and he always denies it. He just doesn't like admitting we're rubbing off on him.

"Yes, I do," Giles, replied grinning as Dawnie came in carrying a pitcher of saltwater.

"A glass would be more then enough," Willow said as Dawn handed the pitcher to Giles.

"I'm sure it would," Giles replied looking down at a peacefully sleeping Xander, "But as Faith would say, 'Where's the fun in that?'"

We all laughed, even Ivy. Things were going to get really heavy really soon and we needed these moments to help ease the tension and stay loose. B and me already came up with this plan on the way back from my cooling off period. You know, from when Ivy and Will already planned her facing Skimmer alone. It's a good plan, I think. Ivy will get her chance to fight Skimmer and if things look bad, B and me will step in or Will can always fry her ass. Either way it'll all be over soon. Then Ivy won't have to worry about dealing with her past anymore, she can focus on her future here with me. I hope she's got a plan cause I got nothin'. Action girl, remember.


Chapter 15

Two days. It's been two days since we wiped out Skimmer's vamp muscle and still no word. We also have no sightings of the last two low-bloods. Ivy was getting anxious. I, of course, was doing everything in my power to keep her distracted but there's only so much killer sex a Slayer can handle. Xander and her made up and promised no more jokes, at least until after Skimmer was dealt with. Ivy took to spending a few hours in the afternoon alone in the gym, training, getting herself prepared for her fight. That's where I found her now.

"I want to be alone right now, dear heart," Ivy said softly as she circled a punching bag, deliver quick jabs and kicks even my slayer eyes had trouble following, of course her speed was greater then our vamps.

"Want to spar?" I asked with a sexy smirk.

Ivy shot me a look that asked 'are you serious' then went back to working on the bag.

"This isn't helping you unwind," I stated, coming in to the gym that smelled strongly of Ivy and her pheromones and took a seat at a bench in front of her, "Want to go out, get a bite to eat, maybe go to Max's bar. We had fun the last time we went."

"Not in the mood right now," Ivy replied in a hard tone.

I took in a deep breath. Bad idea since the pheromones she was giving off was playing on my scar but I managed to shake it off and stare hard at the back of Ivy's head.

"If you want a free show that's fine," Ivy said delivering a punch kick combo, "If you're going to be giving me the evil eye, please leave."

"Ivy," I said in a strained tone, "I'm trying to be calm and understanding here but you are really starting to piss me off."

"Sorry," Ivy replied in an off-handed way.

"That's it," I shouted, jumping to my feet and pulling Ivy around so she was facing me, "How about facing off with something that hits back."

Ivy looked confused but only for a minute before I shot my fist out and clipped her jaw before she jumped back. I tossed my t-shirt off, kicked my shoes off then got in a fighting stance in my bra and jeans.

"Faith," Ivy began but I quickly silenced her as I went on the offensive and started kicking and punching.

I was pissed off and letting a lot of that anger fuel my fighting and let me tell you something, I know people say that you shouldn't fight angry because you make mistakes and can leave yourself wide open. That's what B and Giles say anyway and I usually go along with it but there's one flaw in their reasoning, if your fighting angry and you're a Slayer, its your opponent that needs to be worried not you.

I actually managed to hold my own better this time around, even managing to land a few hits. Ivy was still pumping out the pheromones but I was to pissed to let them effect me right now, later I'm sure they will but not right now.

"Faith," Ivy said as she blocked my punch and held it in place, "Calm down."

"Calm down," I growled, "You're telling me to calm down."

I grabbed hold of her wrist, turned my back to her, and tossed Ivy over my shoulder, slamming her hard onto the mat. I fell on top of her and pulled my fist back, ready to knock that confused look off her face.

"Faith," Willow shouted from the doorway.

The red mist lifted from my eyes and I looked down at Ivy. She had a bruise forming on her jaw as well as her right eye. Oh no. I lost control. Big time. I let my anger take over and nearly killed Ivy, my girlfriend, the woman I love.

"I…I didn't," I began in a choked up voice but couldn't stay here. I bolted to my feet and ran out the door.

"Dear heart," Ivy said getting slowly to her feet.

I was running up to my room fast and shaking. I needed to be alone and calm down. Not to mention figure out what the hell drove me to nearly killing Ivy. I'm just fucked up, that's reason enough.

"Go away," I shouted at the person knocking at my door.

I sensed a disturbance in my room but ignored it as I kept my arm over my eyes, lying on my bed.

"You left your shirt and shoes in the gym," Red's soft voice called from the foot of my bed, "As well as a confused and worried Ivy."

"I really don't want to talk right now, Will," I said trying my best to ignore her, "So please go away."

"You know that's not what I'm going to do," Will replied before sitting on the bed next to me, "So you can just lay there and listen quietly or I can use my mojo to make you. Your choice."

I didn't protest or move so Will took that as the go ahead.

"I know what happened down there, Faith. I felt it. The same way you know when I'm close to going Dark Willow, I know when you're going Dark Slayer. Ivy explained that her attitude might have led to you getting angry. She's sorry about that and once she explained a little of what her problem is I told her I'd talk to you. You didn't do anything wrong, Faith. Ivy's not seriously hurt or mad."

"I didn't do anything wrong, Red," I shouted angrily bolting up and staring at her hard, "I nearly beat her to death. I was stupid enough to believe I could have a normal relationship. Anything good in my life I screw up, just look what I."

"If you bring up what you did in Sunnydale I'm going to smack you and trust me it won't be soft nice Willow that slaps you," Will interrupted pointedly, "That. Everything that happened is dead and buried. This Faith here and now is my friend, my best friend that I love."

"Red," I cried then soon found myself wrapped up in a tight hug as I started crying into her shoulder.

I don't deserve her. I don't deserve Ivy. I don't deserve any of them. All the bad stuff I did, all the stuff that's wrong with me and they still want me around. I know we keep coming back to this issue and that's just proof of how messed up I am. They keep telling me it's in the past, keep telling me I deserve to be happy but I'm still not fully buying it.

"You should," Red said softly.

"Should what?" I asked confused.

"Buy that you deserve to be happy and that all the bad stuff you did is in the past," Will answered.

"How did you…are you reading my mind?" I asked getting a little agitated, "Cause you know how much I hate that without you asking."

"Sorry," Will said sadly, "I'm just worried about you. You just need to stop with all these dark thoughts. Focus on the now. Ivy loves you."

"I know, I just wish she'd tell me what's got her so wound up all of a sudden," I said worriedly.

"She will," Will stated smiling softly, "She's just waiting for me to leave."

I turned and stared at the door then turned back to Red and smiled warmly at her. Will smiled back at me then got up pulling me with her.

"Thanks, Will," I said softly hugging her close.

"Your worth it, Faith," Will replied then went to the door, opening it up to reveal a less bruised Ivy, smiling softly at me.

Will put a hand on her shoulder, smiled back at me then left us alone to talk. Something I have a feeling was going to be hard for both of us.

"Hi," I said warmly.

"Hi," Ivy repeated.

"So," I began worriedly, "Before I apologize for nearly killing you downstairs, why don't you tell me what's got you so wound up."

Ivy came in and sat down on the bed, a sorrowful look on her face. I could feel things were going to get serious and Ivy might need space to tell me what's bothering her, so I leaned up against the door and waited.

"Skimmer is now an undead, Faith," Ivy began sadly, "She has greater strength and speed then me. She also has stronger pheromones."

"You worried about us being there?" I asked calmly.

"That," Ivy replied looking me in the eyes, "And that I might not be strong enough to beat her. That's why I've been working out in the gym alone. I was too focused, too caught up in my training, which is why I wanted to be alone but I still shouldn't have ignored you. I'm so sorry, dear heart."

I came over and knelt in front of Ivy and started laughing. She just looked on confused as I ran a hand over the diminishing bruise on her jaw.

"I wail on you and you're the one apologizing," I laughed shakily, tears falling from my eyes, "I lost control babe. I let my anger cloud my senses so that not even your pheromones had an effect on me. They didn't have an effect on me."

"What are you thinking?" Ivy asked curiously.

"Slight change to the plan," I began to explain excitedly, "Skimmer is going to be spouting off all kinds of crap to get to you, probably bring me into it when she senses we're together, which will piss me off and."

"No. Absolutely not happening," Ivy interrupted getting to her feet and walking away, "You are not thinking what I think you're thinking."

"You know, most people would think it's cute that their girlfriend has that sort of insight," I stated fondly.

"Normally I would," Ivy replied, "But when my girlfriend is thinking something that could get her killed, I don't think it's so cute."

"Ivy," I said strongly, "If I can help you kill that bitch by letting out a little of my Dark Slayer side, I'm willing to do it. Red will be there to help pull me back or bind me if I get too out of control. Point is I won't be effected by her pheromones and can help you take her out."

"I'm not the one you have to convince, Faith," Ivy said softly coming up close to me, "I've seen you in action and after witnessing what happened down there you might have a point."

"So you want me by your side?" I asked hopefully.

Ivy wrapped her arms around me and held me close, pumping out some of those calming pheromones as she ran a soothing hand up and down my back. I breathed in her scent deeply, holding it in my lungs for as long as I could before breathing out.

"Always," Ivy whispered smoothly.

There she goes again, being all warm and loving with the soft words and all I can think of is starting the make-up part of our fight. I have my deep tender moments as you've seen but they are few and don't last long. That's just who I am and everyone, including Ivy, keeps saying that's what they love about me. Let's test that theory.

"So does this count as our first real fight?" I ask in a sultry tone.

"I think it does," Ivy replied, laughing softly.

"So does that mean we can move on to the make-up part," I asked, pulling back to give her a wiggle of the brows and sexy smirk.

"Considering what we're in for tomorrow," Ivy began.

"And that I should kiss and make better everywhere I hit you," I added, wanting to focus on the now, not the fun that was sure to ensue the minute we tell the others the change in plan.

"What are we waiting for?" Ivy asked as she scooped me up and deposited me on the bed. Oh yeah, she definitely loves the way I think.


Chapter 16

"No! Hell no," Dawn shouted angrily as she turned to face Ivy, "And if you put out any of those pheromones to mess with my head…"

"Dawnie," B interrupted sternly.

"Why am I the only one angry about this?" Dawn asked turning to glare at all of us, "She is not doing it. She's going to follow the plan."

"She can here you, Dawnie," I said stopping her rant, "Will already saw what happened in the gym yesterday and believes it will work."

"Undead vamps from their realm are different then ours," Dawn repeated what Ivy already told us, "They are also different then living vampires. That means Skimmer's pheromones are stronger then Ivy's you idiot."

"Dawnie," B shouted as I lowered my head.

Ivy wanted to come over to me but knew it wouldn't be a good idea right now but I could feel the warm smile she was directing at me instead and that made me smile too.

Telling the others our change to the plan went easier then I thought it'd be. My guess, Red let the cat out of the bag about Ivy's and mine fight in the gym. They thought it was a good idea. Dawn on the other hand, well you heard her reaction.

"You promised, Faith," Dawn said shakily, "You promised you wouldn't go there."

I ran over and brought her into a tight embrace, resting her head on my shoulder as I ran a hand through her long hair. I did promise that she'd seen the last of Dark Slayer Faith and I hated to break that promise, but I had to. I hated to do anything that would make Dawn cry. She's become like a sister to me since the day I met her and I know what you're going to say and you can shove it. I know those memories are all fake, thanks to those monks that put 'Dawn the Key' in our lives but I don't see it that way. None of us do. I know I hurt and scared her the last time I went all evil and I would never put her through that again but, like I said, I have to.

"I'm sorry sweetie," I said softly, "I'm so sorry. You know I don't want to do this. I hate feeling that angry, that in need to cause pain. I have to do it though, just this once."

"Just this once will turn in to more," Dawn laughed through her tears, "And if you use the P word on me I'll kill you."

I looked around for help and was surprised to see Ivy come up and place her hand on Dawn's back. She's been silent this whole time, letting me do all the talking and explaining and now she was going to try and soothe Dawn, without the use of pheromones. Good luck babe.

"I'm sorry too, Dawn," Ivy, said sadly as she closed her eyes and lowered her head, "This is all my fault."

"We've been over this, Ivy," Will said sternly.

"That's true, Willow," Ivy replied not lifting her head, "All the sweet words in the world though can't change the fact that I pushed Skimmer to this. She thinks I betrayed her by being with Rachel after she went to jail for saving my life. Skimmer killed the undead vampire that is responsible for the way I am and I left her in prison."

I hate this. I got Dawn in my arms upset, now Ivy's talking about her past and getting upset and I can't go to her and comfort her. This sucks.

"Dawn," Ivy, said in a stronger tone, "I won't let Faith break a promise to you because of me. We'll stick to the plan. Faith will stay as back up along with Buffy while I face Skimmer. Okay?"

No. Not okay. We are far from okay. Okay is on the other side of the planet right now. I know Dawn will be pissed at me for a while, hell, she may never forgive me or trust me again. If that's the price I have to pay for standing at Ivy's side as she fights Skimmer then that's fine. I'll learn to live with it just like I have with all the other screwed up choices I've made.

Ivy looked up and smiled sadly at me as she turned to walk away. Dawn pushed out of my arms and ran to hug Ivy's back, burying her face in Ivy's long black hair.

"I take it back," Dawn's muffled voice said; "I could really use some of those soothing pheromones right now."

Ivy laughed as she turned around and smiled softly at Dawn, all of us picking up on the calming atmosphere Ivy was starting to create.

"I'm sorry for acting all whinny and selfish there," Dawn began explaining softly, "You have to understand I love Faith, she's like a second sister to me. A cooler one that lets me get away with things my other one won't."

"Like what?" B asked in an agitated tone as she stared hard at me.

"Dawnie, if your plan is for your sister to kill me so I can't back Ivy up, I'd say it's working," I said laughing nervously as B started making her way towards me, a murderous gleam in her eye.

"My point is," Dawn, continued looking at Buffy and stopping her in her tracks with a pointed look, "I was torn up when she…but she came back and was the same old Faith I knew. I was so happy but I'm still scared that something might happen and she'll go bad again."

"It won't be that way this time honey," Will stated, coming to my defense, "Faith may have had a little mishap in the gym but I stopped it and helped her deal with it. I know you're afraid the same thing might happen with me someday too. I wish I could tell you it won't but that's why Faith and me are there to help pull each other back. Buffy, Giles, and Ivy, if she's still conscious at the time, will be there too to help pull her back.

"Thanks, Willow," Ivy said in mock irritation.

Dawn hugged Ivy tight and said, "I just want you two to be careful. You're part of the group now, Ivy, part of the family and I don't want to loose either of you."

"You won't," Ivy said on the brink of tears, "I promise you that. You won't loose any of us."

I moved in and joined them. Red did too. Then B came in, placing her face near my ear.

"When this is all over, you and me are going to have a little talk about what you let OUR sister get away with," B whispered then kissed the side of my head, "You are so going to get it."

"Can't wait," I replied smiling because, truth be told, I couldn't.

We went from arguing to near violence to being all hugs and understandin'. I guess that's what family is, working through a problem together then huggin' it out. At least I think that's how it works. I never had much experience with anything remotely resembling a normal family. Until now and I couldn't be happier.

"I hate to ruin the all girl love fest," Xander said, "But 'Jason's' phone is ringing."

Ivy took the phone from Xan, snapped her fingers, and right in front us stood Jason in Ivy's clothes. I thought it was funny and I wasn't alone.

"I'm done," Ivy, said angrily in her 'Jason' voice, "Tamwood is working with the Slayers. Not only did they take out a warehouse full of vampires but I lost two members of my crew. We're done; my crew and me are done. You're on your own."

Ivy smiled an amused smile as she apparently listened to Skimmer either yelling at her or pleading with her. It was hard to tell but I'm going with the yelling since Ivy had the phone away from her ear even if we couldn't hear anything.

"She's shouting at sub human audio levels," Ivy explained as she covered the receiver with her hand.

"That means only dogs can hear her," B explained proudly.

"Are you calling me a dog?" Ivy asked eyeing B closely.

"Well with the things you can do with your tongue," I began but quickly shut up when Ivy looked at me with wide eyes.

B turned around in order to hide her laughing face as she strained to hold it in. Xander just grinned like an idiot while Giles cleaned his glasses and tried to keep his face as stoic as possible. Willow and Dawn looked at each other then me then Ivy before they each took one of Buffy's arms.

"Excuse us," Dawn whispered as her and Will dragged B out of the room.

Ivy kept her hand over the cell phone, wide eyes narrowing at me when we heard three bursts of hysterical laughter coming from the hallway.

"She's finished shouting," Ivy called out and the girls walked in, smiling wickedly at me as Ivy went back to talking to Skimmer, "Yes, I know what you promised and you're the only one here that can do it. Actually that's not true. I could go to Tamwood, explain it was all business, pray, beg, and grovel, whatever it takes to get on her good side. I might even tell her about you calling me. Who knows, with all the witches and mystics those Slayers got working for them they might just be able to track you down."

Ivy looked at Will and winked. We tried that and it didn't work but Skimmer didn't know that. Will felt bad about that, hoping that Ivy wouldn't have to wear the glamour. Red told me she was just doing what Ivy wanted but secretly hoped she'd be able to find a better way. I should have trusted Will. I really gotta stop going to the dark thoughts and just trust in my family.

"Really," Ivy said interestedly, "You got a backup plan or are you just saying that to keep me and my crew around. Hey, after what happened you'll be lucky to find one vampire that wants to go against the Slayers. Okay, but we meet at a place of my choosing. No offense but I'd just feel more comfortable if we met someplace open. I saw this nice little park right by the river. Tonight?"

Ivy looked at us for reassurance before agreeing to meet with Skimmer then hanging up.

"We have a date tonight around ten," Ivy said dropping the phone then smashing it with her boot, "She wants to renegotiate our deal, which is undead talk for she's going to kill me."

"Great," I said crossing my arms, "So what, you show up, talk for a bit then what?"

"She makes a move to attack me, I drop the glamour and then we see what happens," Ivy explained calmly as she moved closer to me, "You can move in after I drop the glamour, maybe act a little loving just to mess with her then we end her. Sound good?"

"Sounds great," I answered smiling warmly as Ivy leaned down towards my lips.

"Okay," B interrupted before we could kiss, "We have six hours before the meeting. Will, get your supplies ready then get some rest. Faith, you, me, Giles, and Ivy need to talk about what we can expect tonight."

"After we do all the planning, then can I have a minute alone with my girlfriend?" I asked hopefully.

B smiled softly then nodded. Ivy placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

"You are in deep when this is over for that tongue comment, you know that right?" Ivy asked evilly.

"Ivy," I breathed shakily, "I'll let you use the toy on me, after we kill Skimmer. So please."

"Alright, dear heart," Ivy replied warmly, "I'll hold you to that though."

I want nothing more right now then to take Ivy upstairs and let her have me, unfortunately we needed to be at our best for tonight and needed to keep our head in the game. I took Ivy's hand and headed to B so we can start planning out the night. The minute Skimmer's history though, I'm taking Ivy up to her room, with the toy, and we are not coming down for a week. I'll call Red for take-out.


Chapter 17

Ivy told us what we could expect tonight which was stuff we already knew, pheromones, speed, strength, probably mentions of their past, Rachel. That would be my ignition switch. Ivy getting upset at Skimmer talking about her would piss me off and send me over the edge. Hopefully it'll work like it did with Ivy, me getting so angry that her pheromones didn't affect me. If not I'm screwed.

"What if she bites you?" B asked calmly.

I nearly choked on the sip of beer I was drinking eyeing B as she continued, "I mean is that something we should avoid? I don't know how it works with vampires from your realm."

"It would be a problem if I were an undead," Ivy explained softly, moving closer to me, "The vampire virus doesn't mix well when infected in another undead. She can still bite me and drain me or rip my throat out."

I cringed a little and Ivy sensed it. She put her arm around me and pulled me in close to her side, kissing the side of my head. Giles excused himself, saying he heard all he needed to, placed a hand on my shoulder then smiled at Ivy before leaving.

"Faith," B said softly, "I know this is going to be hard, on both of you. I'm with Dawn on the 'not liking you going all Dark Faith' thing but I know it's our best bet. I still don't know how you're planning to resist Skimmer's pheromones, Ivy?"

That's a good question, one we haven't covered. How was Ivy going to resist Skimmer's pheromones? From what she's told us undead can influence living vampires too. Skimmer hasn't bitten Ivy since she became an undead so there's no saliva in her system for Skimmer to play on.

"It's true Skimmer will use her pheromones and power to mess with me also but," Ivy answered holding me closer, "If there's one thing I have plenty of it's focus. I concentrate on something else, similar to Faith using her anger, and I should be fine."

"And what would you focus on?" Buffy asked with a knowing smirk.

"I really haven't thought about it, got any suggestions?" Ivy countered playing along with her.

"How about what I'm going to do to the both of you if you don't stop teasing me?" I replied with my own smirk, this one an evil one.

B laughed and raised her hands as a sign of surrender as she said warmly, "All teasing on hold for the time being, I just wanted you two to know that if you need me or if I see things going sour, I'm jumping in, otherwise it's your show."

"Thanks, B," I said smiling softly, disentangling myself from Ivy and hugging her tight, "Don't know what I'd do without you."

"You're kidding, right?" B asked with a chuckle, "Faith, if I didn't have you around, life would be far less interesting."

"Is that supposed to be a rip or a compliment?" I replied squeezing her tighter.

"Both," B answered, "You two get the rest of the time to yourselves, just no hanky panky. We need you both at your best for tonight."

"Hanky panky?" Ivy asked with a half smile.

"That's Buffy talk for," I began but B put her hand over my mouth, glaring hard at me.

"Ivy, if you need blood we have packets of donated blood in the infirmary," B stated sternly, still staring hard at me, "No sex, no biting."

"I appreciate the offer, Buffy," Ivy said smiling warmly, "But I don't need to feed to keep my strength up. Besides, after our last time in bed, I'm still pretty satisfied. At least for now."

"Too much information," B said shaking her head.

"Waahh smmoorr," I mumbled since B still had her hand over my mouth.

"No, I don't want more," Buffy replied quickly as she removed her hand, "I'm going to check on Willow and make sure every things ready for tonight. I'll see you two before we head out."

"Buffy," Ivy said softly but didn't get to finish; as B moved in and hugged her tight then took a step back.

"Thank me when it's over," B said warmly, "Maybe with a little money for a shopping trip."

Ivy laughed and nodded in agreement, saying she might go with her this time. B left and Ivy looked to me still smiling warmly.

"What would you like to do now, dear heart?" Ivy asked warmly.

No sex, no biting, thanks B for ruining what could be our last night together. There I go again with the dark thoughts. I'm surprised I don't have a cartoon storm cloud over my head twenty four seven. This is not going to be our last night together but, just in case it is, I can think of only one thing I want to do right now with Ivy.

"This is more proof that B is corrupting me," I said jokingly, "And the way you make me feel half the time."

"Care to explain?" Ivy asked chuckling.

"Here I am," I began to explain, "Laying on my bed with my very hot and sexy girlfriend and instead of doing some heavy breathing exercises we're just cuddling. I hug, hold, and sleep on top of you but cuddling, that is something I would never have ever thought of doing before meeting you."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Ivy asked softly as she stroked my back soothingly.

"A good thing, a very good thing." I answered warmly, squeezing her tighter.

We're in my room, dressed and ready to go, with Ivy propped up against the headboard holding me close as I lay on top of her. We just covered how sappy and girlie this all is but, once I thought of how things could go wrong tonight, all I wanted to do was have one last peaceful loving moment to remember.

"I agree," Ivy replied softly, kissing the top of my head.

"You scared?" I asked.

"A little," Ivy answered honestly, "When I first got here and was planning on fighting Skimmer, I didn't care what would happen. If she was going to kill me I planned on taking her with me. Now."

"Now you got something to live for," I finished, a touch of fear creeping into my tone.

" Yes," Ivy said strongly, "Now I have something to live for and I plan on living for a long time. With a certain slayer if she'll have me?"

"B'll take you in, you know that," I answered teasingly.

"I am starting to find your smartass attitude kind of cute," Ivy said with a soft laugh.

"Told you you would," I said laughing too.

I am so relaxed right now and its not just because Ivy's pumping out her pheromones, that's just a bonus. No, the reason I'm so relaxed and at ease right now is just being here with Ivy. It just feels so right, so good having her here. I know I keep repeating myself on certain things but I am messed up in the head so deal with it.

"So," I said softly, "After this is over, what do we do?"

"Why are you asking me?" Ivy asked.

"Action girl here, remember," I replied, "You're the planning expert in this relationship."

"I really haven't thought about it, dear heart. What would you like to happen?" Ivy asked curiously.

"I haven't thought about it much either," I answered, "But, I know one thing we have got to do. A must in my book."

"What's that?" Ivy asked her interest obviously peeked by me having a plan.

"A place of our own," I replied softly, "I love it here with B and the others don't get me wrong it's just. I think we need a place away from them so we aren't constantly being teased about…you know. What do you think?

Ivy was silent for a while which scared me. I really hope I'm not moving to fast here but it's the way our relationship has been since we met. I mean isn't moving in together what girlfriends do? I know I'm not an expert on lasting relationships, I could have asked B but then thought better of it. Will and Ken live in the same room here at the school and if that would be easier on Ivy then I'll just tell her to forget getting our own place.

"Okay," Ivy said simply.

"What?" I asked confused.

"I think it would be easier if we got our own place, someplace close by to the school."

"What?" I asked again in disbelief.

"Faith," Ivy said warmly, "I would love to get a place with you; an apartment, a loft, a house, what ever you want. I think having a place that is just ours is a wonderful idea."

I shifted so I was on top of her and looking in to her smiling face, seeing warmth and love in her eyes as I moved in and kissed her on the lips. It was a soft loving kiss that didn't go any further despite the little nagging voice in my head. I wanted to convey all that I was feeling right now in to that one kiss so Ivy would know that I was so happy she loved my idea, not get her so worked up that we started something B would give me a lecture on later.

"So once this is all over, we tell the others then find a place of our own," I said after pulling away from her lips.

"Sounds like a plan to me action girl," Ivy replied teasingly as I rested my head on her chest, listening to her strong loving heart, closing my eyes and enjoying the moment before it was time for the fireworks to start.


Chapter 18

Here we are, me, B, Red, and Giles, standing around a pond a good safe distance away from the meeting spot, staring down into the water watching Ivy in her Jason glamour pacing in a fake anxious manner. Will is scary good with the mojo. We could see and hear all that was going on and could teleport in at a moments notice.

"Someone's coming up to her," B said as we all focused hard at the glassy water screen.

I had to admit Skimmer was very good looking. She had long straight blonde hair similar to B's with a nice tan that now that she was an undead made her delicate features appear to glow. Okay, she isn't just very good looking; she's drop dead gorgeous, literally. If I met her in a bar and didn't know what she was, I'd definitely take her home for a wild night.

"Breathe, Faith," Red teased but I just shot her a cold glare, "Sorry."

"So what's your big back up plan now boss?" 'Jason' asked in a cocky tone.

"I think it's time I made my presence known to theses slayers, don't you?" Skimmer countered in a smooth voice similar to Ivy's. Maybe all high-blood living vampires are just sexy by nature or design.

"Yeah," 'Jason' stated excitedly, "It's about time you got in the game. Me and what's left of my crew will offer our support naturally."

"That's another thing I wanted to talk to you about," Skimmer said calmly, "I think I'll take care of the Slayers with the other two men, they know their place."

"Look if this is about what I said on the phone, I apologize," 'Jason' said softly, "I just lost two of my friends thanks to Tamwood and was upset. I would consider it a great honor to continue to serve you."

Skimmer stared long and hard for what seemed like forever before she smiled softly and replied, "That's better. I understand your anger towards Ivy about the loss of your men but remember she's mine. I have big plans for my dear sweet Ivy."

I tightened my fist so tight my fingernails were digging in to my palm. Dark Faith was on the rise. Red sensed it and came up to me but B stopped her. I needed to start getting angry, I didn't need to be comforted right now.

"I'm so relieved and thankful we can continue working together," 'Jason' breathed out as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Showtime," I stated grinning evilly. Rubbing the back of the neck was sort of our universal sign for moving in or everything was fine, depending on the situation.

"No ones around but I'll still put up the masking spell the minute we teleport in," Red said as she took my hand and B's as B took Giles'.

Hang in there one more second babe, we're on our way.

We teleported in a good six feet away from Skimmer and 'Jason', everyone standing straight up since we were all used to it by now. Skimmer shifted her gaze at us and her eyes instantly went black as Will clapped her hands above her head and a bubble of energy surrounded all of us and moved out.

"You two must be the Slayers," Skimmer addressed us coldly, "Oh and look what else we have here, a red headed witch. Where have I seen that before?"

"Probably back home, remember Rachel," 'Jason said calmly," The witch you drained and left at my feet to die."

Skimmer's head slowly turned to look back at 'Jason' as he snapped his fingers, revealing Ivy in her working leathers, holding her katana.

"Ivy," Skimmer said softly in a confused tone.

"Hello, Skimmer," Ivy replied calmly, smiling wickedly at her as I started to walk up beside her.

I could sense the others tense up so I shot them a wink and mischievous smirk before taking my place at Ivy's side. Skimmer was pumping out a lot of pheromones as well as pushing her aura against me after she took in a deep breath. Guess she just now realized Ivy bit me as well as other things.

"I figured you'd be with the witch, Ivy," Skimmer said smiling menacingly, "Not this Slayer tramp."

"Skimmer, stop digging yourself a deeper grave," Ivy stated strongly, her own eyes going black as I felt her power rise.

"Oh come on, Ivy," Skimmer whined playfully, "I was hoping we could take a minute to catch up before I kill your new friends as well as your new bitch."

I closed my eyes as my anger grew. The urge to kill Skimmer was growing more intense the more she spoke. Dark Faith was almost about to erupt and I wasn't about to stop her. Ivy took in a deep breath, scenting my emotions to see how much more of this I could take when I decided a little payback was in order.

"Can I please shut her up babe," I pleaded, turning to face Ivy as I took hold of her hand, "I know you want to kill her but she's getting on my last nerve. Please. I promise I'll make it up to you tonight."

"Really?" Ivy said excitedly, playing right along with me.

"Oh yeah," I replied wickedly, wiggling the brows, "I'll be your obedient slave. You can do anything you want with me."

B was clearing her throat loudly in an attempt to hide her laughter, Red not so much. Giles just shook his head sadly at our battle strategy.

"You rotten bitch," Skimmer shouted angrily, "What would your former chew toy think if she saw you now?!"

"I don't know," Ivy, answered, "You can ask her yourself if you see her but I doubt you will where you're going."

"From what I heard about her I still might," Skimmer countered in a calmer tone as she took a step and was in front of me instantly, "Kind of like this one, if the scent of death on her is any indication."

I had enough. I looked over at Red and mouthed, 'Watch me' then reached back and connected my fist with Skimmers face, sending her stumbling backwards holding her nose.

"It's on now bitch," I growled, charging after her.

I followed up with a kick to the stomach that sent her rolling backwards. I moved in to smash her skull in with my foot but Skimmer jumped up and grabbed my throat. She snarled angrily as she began to squeeze the life out of me as she lifted me off my feet. Ivy was at my side in a second, taking hold of Skimmer's wrist and squeezing with all her strength until she dropped me.

"Keep your hands off her," Ivy stated angrily as she kicked Skimmer strongly, sending her flying backwards.

Ivy followed after her as I knelt on the hard grassy ground, holding my neck and trying to get air into my lungs. I looked up with watery eyes to see Ivy and Skimmer trading fast vicious blows. I swear to god, the speed they were going at, it looked like watching a fight scene from The Matrix. You know the way that agent guy was beating the shit out of Keanu Reeves, except Ivy was doing better. Right up to the point Skimmer knocked the sword out of her hand and pushed Ivy to the ground then jumped on top of her.

"Does this remind you of old times, Ivy?" Skimmer asked with an evil gleam in her eyes, "Or maybe this will?"

Skimmer bent down and sank her teeth into Ivy's neck; only instead of feeding she pulled back, ripping a chunk out of Ivy's neck. Blood started spilling on to the ground as I got to my feet.

"Ivy," I said softly as my anger took full control, "IIIIvvvvyyyy!!!"

I ran straight at Skimmer and tackled her to the ground where I proceeded to punch her face into the ground over and over until Skimmer caught my fist and twisted until it snapped. I let out a pained cry and pulled back which gave Skimmer the opportunity to push me on to my back and pin me beneath her.

"Take one step, make one move and her throats next," Skimmer said sternly, eyeing B and the others, "I see Ivy already got a taste of you Slayer. Now it's my turn."

Skimmer bent down towards my neck as I closed my eyes. The last of my anger evaporated as my mind went back and replayed the instant Skimmer took a chunk out of Ivy. She was going to become an undead and I was about to die, in front of my family and there was nothing they could do.

"Skimmer," I heard Ivy's gurgled voice say from above me.

I opened my eyes and saw Ivy standing behind Skimmer, blood still seeping out of her neck, the katana back in her hand and glinting in the light.

"I told you to keep your hands off her," Ivy said as she swung the sword with all her might and speed, taking off Skimmer's head, a surprised face permanently stuck on her face as her head rolled on the ground.

I pushed her body off me and ran to Ivy as she fell to her knees. I cradled her body, placing a hand over the ugly wound in her neck, applying pressure and looking in to her eyes.

"Ivy, stay with me babe," I said in a teary tone.

"I love you, dear heart," Ivy barely whispered her eyes closing.

"I love you too, babe," I breathed shakily, my eyes blurring with tears, "Now please stop talking and save your strength."

Ivy felt cold and wasn't moving. Please no. I know I have dark thoughts but they usually never come true. Should have known my fucked up life would lead me to loose one of the greatest things in my life.

My throat was sore and tightening up but I managed to turn and look at B and Red as they ran towards me and shouted, "Help me! I'm loosing her! Ivy don't leave me! Please don't leave me!"

B pulled me away as Red and Ivy teleported away. I was on my knees, Ivy's blood on my hands, and B's arms around trying to talk to me but I couldn't hear her. I couldn't hear or feel anything. I was numb. I didn't want to be but I couldn't help it. Ivy maybe dying and I couldn't do anything but stay here and wait for someone to remember we were here.


Chapter 19

Red finally came back for us after two hours and teleported us right in to the infirmary where two nurses were standing over Ivy. Seeing her lying there, connected to a heart monitor, oxygen, and an IV giving her blood snapped me out of my numb spell.

"Ivy," I whispered.

Red knelt in front of me, cupping my face as B stroked my back and Giles placed his hand on my shoulder squeezing it softly.

"Listen to me, Faith," Will said in a strong yet warm tone, "Ivy is still alive. She lost a lot of blood but I managed to seal the wound. We're giving her blood after we found out what type she is. She's fallen into a coma from the blood loss though."

"Wake her up," I pleaded, "Please wake her up Willow. Heal her. Use your magic do something. Please."

"I can't," Will replied sadly, "Her body needs time to heal on it's own. There's only so much I can do for her, Faith. I'm sorry."

I broke down and placed my head on Red's shoulder and cried softly. I'm wrapped up in the arms of B and Will as Giles goes over to check on Ivy. This is not happening. This can't be happening. This is all a bad dream, that's what it is. I fell asleep in Ivy's arms on my bed. We haven't left to face Skimmer yet. Skimmer didn't take a chunk out of Ivy's throat. Ivy is holding me in her arms, alive and well.

"She's not there, she's not there," I whisper softly over and over before looking up and seeing Ivy lying in the hospital bed then crying out louder.

That was four days ago and as a kind of expert on comas I know it could last four years. I was sitting in my customary spot in the chair by Ivy's bed, holding her hand in my bandaged one and watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful that I almost didn't want her to wake up, but I did. Badly. I needed her to wake up and smile at me. I needed her to hold me. I just needed her.

I wasn't really doing much of anything. I woke up, ate, came here and sat with Ivy, went up to her room and slept with any piece of clothing that had her scent on it. That was it. B and the others came in and sat with me at times, but remained quiet. I wasn't myself and they knew it and let me be. If I got really bad then they'd do something to knock me awake. Until then they'll let me be.

Nearly the whole private room was filled with flowers and cards and other little things that the girls brought. The place looked like a Hallmark store. Ivy was important to me and that made her important to everyone in this building. She had eliminated a major threat to all of us and they were all grateful. I was happy and appreciative by all the sentiment but was just unable to show it. I had gone numb again, like my whole body even my soul was filled with nothing but Botox, except I wasn't dead.

"Any change?" Dawnie, asked as she came in and stood next to me.

"No," I answered simply.

"I brought you some Chinese," Dawn said handing me a container of pork and noodles, "It was hot right up to the point Andrew cornered me once again. He still can't believe he missed meeting Ivy. I punched him in the arm, stepped on his foot, and told him he can get the crap scared out of him when Ivy wakes up and confronts him herself. That's the third time I've had to do that and he still isn't getting it. Anyway, that's why it's cold."

I smiled a half smile before I took a bite of the cold food, not really hungry, just doing it to pass the time. Dawn looked down at Ivy and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"You need to wake up and save me from that annoying troll, Ivy," Dawn whispered warmly, "That and we're all getting tired of seeing Faith in her own waking coma."

I didn't take the bait. I knew Dawnie wanted to get me riled up just to get me riled up. Ivy wakes up then I'll let her have it. Ivy wakes up and then all the teasing everyone's been storing up gets unleashed. It would be worth it to.

"I gotta go," Dawn, said and I just gave her a nod, "I love you."

I took another bite and Dawn sighed sadly and left. My attitude was hurting my family and I knew it, I just couldn't do anything about it.

"Faith," I heard a scratchy voice say, "Dear heart."

My eyes shot open and I jumped awake and out of my chair so hard it rolled and smacked the wall behind me.

"Ivy?" I asked looking down and seeing her eyes slowly lift open.

"Hi," Ivy replied smiling softly as she stared up at me.

"Ivy," I breathed excitedly, "This is a dream, right?"

"I could pinch you to find out," Ivy said in a sultry tone, despite her gravely sounding voice."

I ran to the doorway and shouted for a nurse then went back to Ivy's side, taking her hand, kissing it softly before placing my cheek on top of it.

"Faith, what's wrong?" B asked worriedly as she stormed in to the room followed by a nurse, "Ivy?"

"Hi, Buffy," Ivy said offering her smile, "Did you miss me?"

"I'm not the only one," B chocked out in a teary tone as she moved to stand next to me as the nurse did her job, checking Ivy's breathing, taking her stats, checking her bandages.

The room was soon filled with the rest of the Scoobies as they all crowded around Ivy's bed. Red was the last to come in as she looked at Ivy and pushed her way through to stand at her side.

"How do you feel?" Will asked in a sob.

"Voice is a little out of whack," Ivy replied, "Other then that I'm fine. I hear I owe not being an undead yet to you. Thank you my little witch."

"You are most welcome," Red said crying softly as she leaned down and placed a kiss on Ivy's forehead then muttered something in Latin.

"Lips off my girl," I said in mock anger, smiling warmly at Will.

"She's back," B declared as she wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tight, "Thank god, I missed the smartass sarcastic nature of my sister slayer who's in the first relationship that's gone beyond the bedroom."

"B," I said calmly, "Tomorrow you can let it rip with the jokes about Ivy and me, just not right now."

"And even then you'll have to watch yourself," Ivy said, her voice back to it's usual silky smooth tone.

Ivy held her throat, feeling the bandage on her neck then looked up at Willow. Red sealed the wound and stopped the bleeding but the chunk was still missing from her throat.

"Give it two days," Will said warmly, "If your own healing abilities haven't fixed it up I'll take care of it."

"I'll keep that in mind," Ivy replied smiling at her before turning a heated look at me, "Although I think my dear heart can help with speeding up my healing abilities."

Ivy mimicked my eyebrow wiggle. That and the heated lustful look in her eyes had my scar heating up leading to my pussy getting wet. I was a second away from jumping on top of her and taking her right here in front of everyone.

"Please wait till we're out of the room," B exclaimed annoyed.

"For what," Dawn asked before her face went red and she pointed at me, "Keep it in your pants, both of you. Ivy needs time to recover."

"Relax, Dawn," Ivy said tiredly, "I may be awake but I'm still tired and sore."

"You heard her," I shouted, "Everybody out! Visiting hours start tomorrow at noon! Bring pizza!"

Everyone laughed softly and said their goodnights. Dawn, Red, and B each gave me a hug before leaving. Once the room was empty I looked down at Ivy with tears in my eyes.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" I asked hopefully, "I promise no hanky panky."

Ivy laughed softly and opened her arms, letting me climb in next to her before wrapping me up tightly. The bed wasn't that big for both of us but with me clinging to Ivy it worked.

"I am so sorry I scared you, dear heart," Ivy whispered warmly as I rested my head on her chest, thankful to be able to hear her heart again.

"I went numb, practically dead inside," I said crying in to the white gown Ivy was dressed in, "Ivy, if I lost you I would have…"

"Faith," Ivy interrupted strongly, "I would have become an undead if I died. Willow would use the re-souling spell and I'd be me just a full vampire. I don't ever want you to think that way again."

"I love you so much, Ivy," I breathed out softly, "It still scares me sometimes. When I saw that bitch bite you and you were on the ground bleeding."

"I know, dear heart," Ivy said softly, "I felt the same way when I managed to come too and saw her on top of you."

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath of her scent as I snuggled in closer to her till we were practically sharing the same space.

"I love you too, dear heart," Ivy said tiredly, "Now I need sleep and so do you. I'll be here when you wake up."

"Promise?" I asked as I let Ivy's warm body lull me to sleep.

"Promise," Ivy replied as we both fell into a peaceful sleep.


Two Weeks Later

I know you're wondering how we got from me and Ivy lying together in a hospital bed, to me and Ivy lying on our new couch in our new sky light top floor apartment in a nice little friendly neighborhood a good two blocks away from the school. I'll fill you in; bare with me this could get a little long.

Ivy did manage to heal on her own rather quickly, after I let her bite me. No, there wasn't any sex involved. I just let her have a quick bite one night after everyone left. I'm guessing her healing works kind of like a Slayer's, since my wrist was back to working order now and her flesh was all repaired. Ivy got out of the infirmary and we went straight to her room where we did have some nasty girl on girl sex but I'm leaving that to your imagination this time. Sorry.

Once Ivy was on her feet we filled in everyone about our plan to get a place of our own. Everyone was a little skeptical at first but thought it was a good idea. Especially Will and Ken, who thought it was time they also got their own place. Giles offered to pay for the place, which I accepted on the condition we pay for everything else. B and Dawn wanted to help pick out the furniture and everything else once we found the place. I'll think about it.

Giles already had that covered. Turns out he's been planning on buying up some apartment buildings and letting some of us rent out rooms. With all the newfound Slayers coming to the school the place was getting a little crowded. B was excited right up to the point she realized she'd have Dawn as a roommate. That was the condition for the G-man giving us rooms. I had Ivy, Red had Ken, and B jokingly said she'd take Dawn. Xan was left on his own since G's rule didn't apply to him since he was getting his own place. I wrapped my arm around Xan's shoulder and pointed to Andy.

"Anything but that," Xan pleaded as Andy just smiled.

"Stay here with all the girls that can break your arm if you try any funny business," I explained with a laugh, "Or bunk with someone who can recite every scene from Star Wars."

"I also know," Andy began to add but I raised my hand to stop him.

"Don't help, Andy," I warned.

Xander eventually agreed and Giles brought out the paperwork. G loves his paperwork. Ivy and me were first to choose and we picked, in my opinion the best of the bunch, a top floor apartment with a skylight and a large rooftop access balcony. It had a nice bathroom complete with Jacuzzi tub and a separate large shower. Two rooms, one was going to be our bedroom, the other our guest room or something; we're still debating. The living room had the kitchen and island counter behind it. It was perfect, spacious, and ours.

Once we were all moved in, which went pretty quick with some of the little Slayers helping out even if it did look weird having girls lifting all the furniture and boxes like it was no big deal, we had a house warming party.

"So what do you think of the place now," I asked B as we stood against the wall watching everybody converse and drink.

"A pull out couch, flat screen TV with built in DVD player," B began listing off my additions to the place, "I like it."

"Getting ideas for your place, Buffy?" Ivy asked as she came up to join us.

"I can't afford all the toys you bought her," B grinned as she nodded towards the back, "I like the bedroom too. Drapes are a bit much but it suits you both."

B was referring to Ivy's thick black curtains to keep the sun out of the room. I didn't mind not having the sun wake me up in the morning, I'm sure Ivy would find an interesting way to get me moving.

"Thank you," Ivy replied smiling warmly at B.

"Have I told you both lately how happy I am for you both?" B asked smiling back at Ivy.

"Not since this morning," I replied with a chuckle as I wrapped an arm around her shoulder, "But say it again, we love hearing it."

"I'm happy for you both," B countered with a warm smile as she leaned into me.

"Me too," Dawn said wrapping her arms around Ivy, "Especially if I get to escape here from my wicked sister."

"What did you call me?" B asked trying to get out of my arm as Ivy shielded Dawn.

"Now girls behave," Ivy scolded as we all started laughing.

The party went on for a few more hours before finally ending and guess who's stuck cleaning up, no one. Will snapped her fingers and POOF; everything was right back where it was supposed to be. She called it part of our gift, that and the enchantments she put to protect the place from no one but her teleporting in or spying on us, as well as a silencing spell so we didn't disturb the neighbors.

"What do you think those two low-bloods are going to do all by their lonesome?" I asked, feeling Ivy start to place kisses along the back of my neck.

"They probably went into hiding," Ivy answered in between kisses.

"Think we should start tracking them down before they cause trouble?" I asked shakily as I felt my scar start pulsing.

"Faith," Ivy whispered in my ear, "Do you really want to talk shop or would you like to go in to the bedroom and test Willow's gift?"

"Bedroom," I replied moving on top of Ivy, "I still owe you a turn with the toy."

"That and I remember something about you being my obedient slave,"

Ivy said in her silky tone.

"Okay, but don't get used to it," I said with a warm smile as I leaned in close to her lips, "I love you, babe."

"I love you too, dear heart," Ivy replied before capturing my lips in a soul searing breath taking kiss.

That's the story of how yours truly met and fell head over heels madly in love with a living vampire from another realm. Ivy is the best thing that ever happened to me. Sure I'm still the same sarcastic smartass Slayer with a dark side and a shit load of problems, but I'm working on it. Have a little faith in me. Ha, sorry couldn't resist. If you're lucky, maybe I'll let you know what the future holds for Ivy and me. Maybe. And if you're really really lucky, I may tell you more of our bedroom activities. Of course if I find out you're using these stories in a naughty way, you're dead. No, not dead but I can make you wish you were. I'm better but not that better, especially when it comes to Ivy. I'm in love and love makes you do crazy things, or so I've heard. Later.

The End

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