Dark Wyldchilde

The Quick and the Damned 18 Ivy/OFC While Ivy's place in Kim Harrison's Hollows is assured she never seems fully utilized. As a fanfic author I decided to rectify that with a story that not only has Ivy as the heroine, but where Rachel can not help her. Complete

J. Sims

Snowed In PG-13 Rachel/Ivy A freak snowstorm causes Rachel to realize and accept her feelings for Ivy. Complete

Rained In PG-13 Rachel/Ivy A powerful rainstorm keeps the two indoors, forcing them to cancel their date. Complete

Trust Issues PG-13 Rachel/Ivy A confrontation about Ivy's secret Run leads to some interesting payback from Rachel. Complete

New World New Chances 18 Ivy/Faith BtVS crossover - A strange new visitor to the gang brings with her a new threat and new feelings for Faith. Complete


Where Rachel Dare 1 2 3 4 15 Rachel/Ivy Spellmaking 101: Never spell, when you can't smell. Complete

Million Dollar Moment PG Rachel/Ivy Alice Morgan invites her daughter to the traditional solstice bonfire. Rachel invites Ivy. Complete

Window to the Soul PG-13 Rachel/Ivy A run has an unexpected consequence on Rachel and Ivy's relationship. Complete

Just Stay With Me PG Rachel/Ivy Robbie Morgan shows up on his sister's doorstep one day without warning. Can what Rachel and Ivy have made for themselves stand against it? Complete

Let Sleeping Vamps Lie 1-7 18 Rachel/Ivy Rachel is forced to confront things that she'd rather leave undisturbed and learns a great deal about herself and Ivy in the process. On-Going

Return to the Hollows 15 Rachel/Ivy Rachel is always making mistakes. One day things go too far. Some mistakes can't be fixed or gone past. Some mistakes are lasting, and some have consequences that can change lives. Complete

Touchy Situation PG-13 Rachel/Ivy The more things change, the more things stay the same. Rachel makes a discovery, and has to deal with the consequences of what she's learned. Complete

Endless Possibilities PG Rachel/Ivy Ivy is haunted by possibilities. Complete

Your Kisses Make My Skin Feel Weak PG Rachel/Ivy Kisses in the sun. Complete

Running Isn't Always The Answer PG-13 Rachel/Ivy Life is about growing up and making the right decisions - even if it is the more difficult path. Rachel finally figures that out. Complete

In the Line of Fire 18 Rachel/Ivy A spell gone awry leads to something neither Rachel or Ivy would have expected. Complete

A is for Accident PG-13 Rachel/Skimmer(Ivy) "It was an accident, Turn it!" Complete

K is for Karma PG-13 Rachel/Ivy   Ivy/Glenn Ivy's getting married. Rachel has unpleasant realizations. Complete

M is for Misunderstanding PG-13 Rachel/Ivy Misunderstandings aren't always a bad thing. Complete

W is for Workout PG-13 Rachel/Ivy There's more than one way to work off some energy. Complete


A Glass of Water PG-13 Rachel/Ivy When Rachel gets up in the middle of the night, she finds herself getting more than a glass of water. Takes place after the events of books #1 "Dead Witch Walking" Complete

One Moment PG Rachel/Ivy One moment is all it takes for everything to change. Complete

So ... Uh ... Yeah ... PG Rachel/Ivy AU, set after A Fistful of Charms. Rachel and Ivy are trying to maintain a blood balance after trying again once they returned to Cincinnati. Complete

The Sleeper Awakens PG Rachel/Ivy No synopsis given. Complete

Kitchen Confidential 18 Rachel/Ivy Ivy comes home from a run, and she is riled up. Complete

Long Live The Night PG Rachel/Ivy Ivy and Rachel have dinner. Complete

Tense/Release 18 Rachel/Ivy Ivy is on edge, and only Rachel knows how to make it better. Complete

Burning PG Rachel/Ivy   Ivy/Glenn Rachel is the third wheel, and doesn't like it at all. Complete

Domestication PG-13 Ivy/Skimmer Skimmer wants Ivy back, and Ivy wants to be wanted. Complete

When I Think About You 15 Rachel/Ivy A lazy afternoon gets Rachel in a bit of trouble. Complete

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might 15 Rachel/Ivy Rachel and Ivy have a girl's night out, but things don't exactly go according to plan. Complete

Eyes Wide Shut 15 Rachel/Ivy An uncomfortable incident leads to Rachel being forced to deal with her feelings for Ivy. Complete

Kirk Baldridge

My Immortal PG-13 Rachel/Ivy Rachel finally figures out what she wants and Ivy finally gets what she's been wanting all along. Complete

Through Her Eyes PG-13 Rachel/Ivy Miscast magic brings new understanding to Rachel and Ivy and deepens their relationship. Complete


A Good Sharp Kick 18 Rachel/Ivy Sometimes you just need a good sharp kick in the ass to make you see what's right in front of you. Complete

A Very Ravy Christmas PG-13 Rachel/Ivy Christmas at the Church. Complete

A Very Ravy Easter PG-13 Rachel/Ivy Easter, Ravy style. Complete

A Very Ravy IDF PG-13 Rachel/Ivy Rachel discovers the IDF and femslash fanfiction courtesy of Ivy and Jenks. Complete

The Bet 18 Rachel/Ivy Erica & Jenks make a bet with Ivy and Rachel. Established Ravy. Complete

Gravity 15 Rachel/Ivy She knows how it's going to end, but she can't help being sucked back in anyways. Ivy POV. Complete

Super Duper Cookies New PG-13 Rachel/Ivy Rachel raids the "special cookie" jar while Ivy's out on a date. Complete

Welcome Home New 15 Rachel/Ivy Rachel's in the Ever After and Ivy's stuck home waiting for her return. Complete

Not Enough New 15 Rachel/Ivy Rachel's power over her will never fade. An Ivy-centric, Ivy-POV oneshot. Complete


Black Roses Red PG Rachel/Ivy No synopsis given. Complete

Breathe You In 15 Rachel/Ivy No synopsis given. Complete

Rune Traverse

Witching Hour, Bloodied Moon 1 15 Rachel/Ivy No synopsis given. On-Going


Tainted Love 15 Rachel Morgan-Berry/Quinn Ivy Fabray Glee crossover - Quinn's a vampire and the last thing Quinn ever expected was to be attracted to a witch. But, did that witch have to be Rachel Morgan-Berry? Complete

Witches, Vampires and Complicated Things 1 2 15 Rachel Morgan-Berry/Quinn Ivy Fabray Glee crossover - Sequel to 'Tainted Love'. Things in both girls lives become even more complicated. When Rachel finds herself in trouble, Quinn unexpectedly becomes her protector. When Quinn finds herself in trouble, it's Rachel who unexpectedly becomes her protector. Complete

Woke Up Gay 15 Rachel/Ivy Rachel's been having sex dreams about Ivy. Complete

Use Me 18 Rachel/Ivy It's just sex. Complete


In The Leyline of Fire 15 Rachel/Ivy Death comes knocking. Harsh words are spoken. And Rachel learns that it's okay to need someone. Complete