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Snowed In
By J. Sims


"This is turning in to a crappy week," the witch Rachel Morgan said out loud, looking out the back window of her church with her bright green eyes; the church that she shared as a home and business with her two partners and roommates. The entire backyard, as well as all of Cincinnati and The Hollows, was buried in at least six feet of snow courtesy of a freak cold front that had moved in a week ago and was still lingering. The Hollows was the area in Cincy where most of the Inderlanders lived. Inderlanders being the witches, warlocks, vamps, weres, and other so called mythical creatures that stayed in hiding until a virus knocked off a good portion of the human population. Everyone in Cincy and The Hollows was hidden now from each other thanks to the snow covered streets and heavy clouds.

"Tell me about it," cursed the pixie on her shoulder, "Do you have any idea how much repairs the family an I will have to do to the garden?" Jenks, her pixie backup and friend had moved his rather large family to Rachel's desk in the sanctuary of the church. Pixies hated the cold, their small bodies and metabolism couldn't handle it so Rachel cleared out the desk and let the pixies call it home until it got warmer.

Rachel, dressed in gray sweatpants and a loose black top, went over to one of the stoves in her luxurious kitchen she used for making her charms, spells, and amulets. Jenks flew off her shoulder, pixie dust trailing in his wake before landing on the island counter in the center of the kitchen.

"Are you sure this is a good idea," Jenks asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"What?" Rachel asked as she stirred the pot of hot cocoa.

"You know what," Jenks huffed, "She's been avoiding you for a good reason, Rache. She's wound tighter then a fairy's rectum since being trapped here with you for a week."

Rachel ignored Jenks' colorful description of the way her other roommate has been acting. Ivy Tamwood, the living vampire that had a lot of emotional and personal problems. She has a problem separating blood from sex, hated the way her instincts kept causing problems with their friendship, and other issues that had been plaguing her thanks to the former head of the vamps in Cincy, Piscary. He's dead now but that hasn't cured Ivy problems. Rachel knew that being trapped in a church, unable to go out and take care of her needs was straining her normally steel like control. That was only half the problem. The other half was due to Ivy's feelings for Rachel, she loved her more then a friend but was content with the way they are, and being in such close proximity caused their scents to mingle more and more. Ivy had retreated to her room, her only current sanctuary three days ago because it had become too much for her instincts to handle.

Rachel did love Ivy but wasn't in love with her. That's what she kept telling herself anyway. This storm had forced her to reevaluate those thoughts. She hated seeing Ivy like this and hated it even more when she knew she was the cause. Rachel and Ivy once shared blood but it proved dangerous so now Ivy refused to find a blood balance with her. Rachel already had an unclaimed bite on her neck that allowed any vamp to use their pheromones to play with it, getting her hot, shaky, and wanting to be bit. Ivy's protection guaranteed other vamps wouldn't do that. Ivy was there for Rachel all through her troubles and she loved her so much for it.

Rachel spun around and stared at Jenks, a shocked expression on her face, a knowing smirk on his.

"Took you long enough, you stupid witch," Jenks said smugly.

"Jenks," Rachel said shakily.

"I know I haven't exactly been supportive of the two of you necking," Jenks said sadly, "Now that I think about it, Ivy would do anything you asked of her Rache. She believes you'll find a way to save her soul before she becomes a full vamp. She puts up with all the drama in your life. She loves you and deep down you love her too."

Rachel lowered her head as it all hit her at once. Jenks was right. Why did it take this long for her to realize it?

"Admit it," Jenks said sternly. Rachel stared at him long and hard before going back to the pot of finished cocoa. She turned the burner off, got a mug from the cabinet, and poured some in.

"Rache," Jenks asked softly.

"Go back to your family you irritatingly wise pixie. There's only one person I have to admit that to."

Rachel left the kitchen and was on her way to the hallway that led to their rooms. Jenks flew close, coating her in golden dust before heading to his family. Rachel stood outside Ivy's door about to knock before she heard a cold hard voice shout, "Go away Rachel! Please just leave me alone!" Rachel could hear the pain in her normally calm and smooth voice. She was hurting and it caused a tightening in Rachel's chest.

"Ivy come on, I got hot cocoa," Rachel said softly, trying not to chicken out or let the tears building in her eyes fall, "Please let me in. I want to talk." The door slowly opened to reveal Ivy dressed in a white tank top that hugged her large firm breasts and tight black short-shorts that showed off her long athletic legs, her long black hair with golden tips was matted and her cinnamon brown eyes stared sadly at her. Ivy was hot, both figuratively and literally at the moment. Rachel exercised and wasn't ashamed of her athletically fit body with smaller breasts, but Ivy was a goddess compared to her.

"I'm hot enough already Rachel," Ivy said, her voice regaining some of its silky softness that moved over Rachel, warming her skin, "I don't really need anything and would like to be alone. I'm sorry." Rachel felt her chest tighten more at the pain evident on Ivy's face.

This strengthened Rachel's resolve as she smiled sweetly and took a sip of the hot chocolaty goodness then said cutely, "Who said it was for you." Ivy looked confused which gave Rachel the perfect opportunity to slip past her and enter her room.

"Rachel, please," Ivy said in a pleading tone as Rachel sat on her bed, "I really need you to leave. Now."

"No," Rachel said strongly, ignoring the look in Ivy's eyes and her tone of voice, "Not until we talk."

Ivy wrapped her arms around herself tightly in an effort to gain some control, lowering her head as she pleaded softly, "Rachel please. I will talk about anything you want after the snow passes and I've... Please Rachel, I'm begging you. I don't want to hurt you."

Rachel put her mug on Ivy's nightstand as she stood up and said, "I know you don't. That's why you've sealed yourself in here but I'm still not leaving. Ivy I have something I need to tell you. It's important." Ivy looked up and stared hard at Rachel with black eyes. Rachel knew this would happen. By entering Ivy's room, sitting on her bed, it was causing their scents to mix more strongly, triggering Ivy's instincts. Ivy breezed past Rachel and went to her closet to get dressed.

"What the hell are you doing," Rachel asked confused and a little agitated.

"Leaving," Ivy said simply.

"Oh no you don't," Rachel said sternly, "You garaged your bike and my car remember. You're gonna kill yourself if you try to go out in this weather."

"Don't care," Ivy replied coldly, "Don't care what you have to say, don't care if I break my neck in the snow."

"I do," Rachel shouted, grabbing Ivy's arm and pulling her away from her closet. Rachel wasn't known for planning or thinking things through, she knew this, so did others, which explains her short-lived surprise at what happened next.

Ivy whirled around, grabbed Rachel by her upper arms and pushed her hard against the wall, knocking the wind out of her. "You stupid witch," Ivy hissed angrily, "Do you have any idea what the hell you're doing? Do you know what I want to do to you right now?" Rachel wasn't scared. Ivy's eyes may be black, the grip on her arms tight, but she was not scared. This close to Ivy, her hot breath moving down her neck, triggering her scar, the glimpses of fang, it was all having a different affect on her.

Rachel smiled sexily, causing a spark of confusion to cross Ivy's face before she said in a husky tone, "Probably this." Rachel had to lift her head up since Ivy was taller but managed to place her lips on Ivy's. Rachel pushed her lips hard against Ivy's in an attempt to deepen the kiss as she put all her passion, all her love in to it. Ivy was a statue that slowly began melting from the heat of Rachel's lips on hers. When it finally hit Ivy what was happening, she jumped back away from Rachel giving her a confused look as she brushed her fingertips along her lips.

"Ivy," Rachel said slowly moving towards the door in case she tried to escape, "Before you freak out and try to run through me, please let me explain what just happened."

Ivy went over and sat down on her bed, crossing her legs as she gave Rachel a cold stare and said, "Make it good witch."

Rachel took in a deep breath then let it out softly and said honestly, "This week I've been thinking a lot about us, our relationship and how I really feel about you. You have been there by my side when Kisten died, when I learned I was capable of giving birth to the next generation of demons, you've been there through all of it and never stopped caring about me. I am so grateful for that and you have no idea how much I need you in my life. Ivy I can't stand seeing you like this, in pain and hiding from me. I know the only reason you've locked yourself away is because you think it's the only way to protect me from you. I hate that you have to think that and I am so sorry that it's taken me this long to figure out how I feel about you."

Ivy looked on the brink of tears as she asked, "How do you feel about me Rachel?"

Rachel moved in then knelt down in front of Ivy, taking hold of her hands as she answered softly, "I love you Ivy Tamwood. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met. I want to be with you always. You don't have to be afraid of scaring me. I love you for who you are, who you're capable of being. I love you and really want you to kiss me."

Ivy took a minute to scent the air, making sure she wasn't dreaming this and to make sure Rachel meant what she said. She did. Rachel wasn't scared of her at all; she hasn't been since she squirmed her way in here. Rachel really truly loved her.

"Ivy," Rachel said in a worried tone, "Either kiss me or say something because if you stay silent I'm going to."

Ivy silenced Rachel's threat by kissing her hard on the lips. This time the kiss was mutually received as they put all their pent up emotions in to the kiss. Ivy lifted Rachel up and placed her on her lap, without breaking the kiss. It was only when breathing became an issue that they broke apart. Rachel just sat straddling Ivy's lap, looking deep in to her eyes and seeing a ring of brown slowly returning.

"Are you feeling better now," Rachel asked smiling.

"I've never felt better," Ivy replied smiling back. Ivy rarely smiled so warm and fully before that Rachel nearly cried upon seeing it. Ivy, sensing this, rolled over so Rachel was on the bed and she was on top, her long black hair draping down as she gazed in to Rachel's teary green eyes.

"Please don't cry dear heart," Ivy said, "I've just never felt this happy before. I love you."

"I love you too," Rachel, said softly, "That's why I want you to have all of me."

Ivy closed her eyes as she breathed out, "You don't have to do this Rachel. I'll be happy to just have you. I don't want to hurt you or scare you anymore. I'd rather die twice then let that happen."

Rachel smiled warmly up at Ivy, her strong and foolish Ivy as she said, "Listen babe."

"Babe," Ivy interrupted with a raised eyebrow.

"What," Rachel retorted annoyed, "You get to have a pet name for me and I don't."

Ivy shook her head as she explained quickly; "I didn't mean it like that Rachel. It just surprised me."

Rachel raised her own eyebrow mockingly as she said jokingly, "Well if you don't like babe, let's see. There's goddess or hot stuff. I could go with sweet cheeks if you prefer."

Ivy leaned down and placed a soft kiss to Rachel's lips then replied, "Babe will be fine, although I do like the sound of goddess on your lips."

"I'll save that for special occasions then," Rachel said sweetly.

Ivy dropped the smiles and joking tone as she said seriously, "I mean it, Rachel. You don't have to do this. I know after all that's happened you may not want me to bite you."

Rachel placed her hand on Ivy's cheek as she said softly, "I'm not afraid of you Ivy. Everything with Kirsten and his killer is in the past. I want this for both of us. I trust you completely Ivy, so please."

Rachel brought her other hand up and guided Ivy to the crook of he neck, right next to her demon scar as she continued, "Jenks already knows about this and us. Damn pixie knew before I did. I want you to claim me Ivy. I still don't want to be your scion. I'm sorry but that will never change. I do want everyone to know that I belong to you though, body, heart, and soul."

"Rachel," Ivy breathed softly on to her neck, causing electricity to race all through Rachel's body and her scar to blaze to life, "I love you." That was the last thing Ivy said before her fangs sank in to Rachel's neck.

Rachel wrapped her arms tightly around Ivy's neck, moaning softly as she felt Ivy pulling on her blood. Rachel knew Ivy needed this, her strained and sweaty appearance when she saw her told her that Ivy was at her limit, and she needed this release to regain control. With the promise of more beyond just biting, Rachel wasn't afraid of Ivy going overboard and taking too much. Ivy bit deeper and Rachel just held on tighter as their auras began to merge together once again. Not since the night Rachel burned the bodies of Kisten's undead killer and his scion in that secret hideaway, sealing it with a black curse so only she could open it, had she felt Ivy's clean, compared to her demon-smutted aura penetrate her. It had protected her that night; since her aura had been paper thin thanks to a banshee, from the ley line energy she had used to work the curse. Tonight was different. Rachel was overcome by the love she could feel that Ivy had for her through their combined auras.

Tears of joy fell from her eyes as she moaned, "Oh god Ivy. I love you so much. I never want this feeling to go away."

Ivy fed for a few minutes more then stopped, happy and thankful that Rachel was willing to supply her with what she needed before licking clean the two marks, proving that Rachel was hers and no one else's.

Ivy laid down on her back next to Rachel, pulling her in to her as she wrapped her arms around her. Rachel wrapped her arms around Ivy's waist as she laid her head on her chest and listened to the beat of Ivy's heart. Holding on to each other like this still connected their auras. Rachel didn't know how this was possible and at the moment didn't care. She was just grateful for it. At this moment they didn't need to share their feelings. They were able to read them clearly through this newfound connection. That still didn't stop Rachel from stating the obvious.

"I could stay like this forever," Rachel said softly.

"So could I," Ivy agreed, "Although I am a little anxious to move on to the next step." Rachel blushed as she noted the sexy edge to Ivy's voice.

"I'm a little too weak for strenuous activities at the moment," Rachel said looking up at Ivy to see a wicked gleam to her eyes, "Oh no. You are not making me some of your famous Brimstone cookies."

Ivy feigned a hurt look as she replied, "Fine. If you don't want to spend the next few hours exploring the body you haven't been able to stop gawking at all these years, that's fine. I was going to let you have free reign to do whatever you wanted to do but I understand. You need your rest."

Rachel rolled off Ivy and started pushing her off the bed as she said excitedly, "What are you waiting for woman. Move that sexy ass and make me some cookies."

Ivy got up and laughed a sweet laugh that was as rare as her smile as she asked, "What's the magic word?"

Rachel grinned evilly as she rose to her knees on the bed, moved in close to Ivy, and whispered softly in her ear. Ivy's face was cherry red when Rachel pulled back.

"That's actually two words dear heart but I get the picture," Ivy said huskily and with vamp speed was out the door and in the kitchen.

It was late at night when two sweaty and satisfied bodies lay on Ivy's bed, wrapped in the black silk sheets. Rachel was snuggled in close to Ivy's side, her head once again resting over her heart so she could listen to the strong soothing beats. Ivy could hear Rachel's heart anytime she wanted so this was a rare treat for Rachel.

"I like this sound," Rachel said softly, "It's my new favorite sound." Ivy smiled as she stroked Rachel's hair, enjoying this tender loving moment.

"Ivy," Rachel said looking up with tired dreary eyes.

"Yes," Ivy replied looking back with a soft smile on her face.

"Can I sleep here tonight," Rachel asked, "I'm too tired to head back to my room."

"If you think I'm letting go of you anytime soon you're crazy witch," Ivy answered, tightening her hold on Rachel.

"Is that a yes then," Rachel asked teasingly.

"Yes Rachel," Ivy said lovingly, "You can sleep here as long as you want."

"Good," Rachel replied happily, snuggling in closer as she closed her eyes, "Night baby. I love you."

Ivy placed a soft kiss on top of Rachel's head as she said softly, "Good night dear heart. I love you too."

Ivy closed her eyes as she held close to the woman she loved, smiling at the last thought to run through her head as sleep began to take her, "Getting snowed in this week wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."

The End

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