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W is for Workout
By Jaina


My back hit the wall with a thud and then my head exploded into pain. I blinked rapidly as I struggled to focus on Ivy's face only inches in front of mine, as she pinned my wrists to the wall on either side of my head. 

"Turn it, Ivy," I hissed. "This is just supposed to be a workout." 

"And what do you call this?" 

"Kicking my ass," I grumbled. 

A smirk flickered across her lips, there and then gone. "You shouldn't make it so easy." 

I kicked at her shin. She dodged to one side easily. Okay that was childish - and useless. But it had been momentarily satisfying. 

Then Ivy shifted forward, pinning my hips and lower body against the wall with hers none too gently. I grunted. Ivy pressed into me again. I tried to squirm away from her, but she held me fast. 

"Damn it, Ivy," I protested again. So what if I was repeating myself, she wasn't playing fair. 

"What's the problem, Rachel?" Ivy asked, her voice dropping to that low, grey silk register that told me I was in trouble now. 

"You know exactly what the problem-" 

Her lips covered mine, swallowing whatever else I had been to say and reducing my brain to a pile of mush. I reached for Ivy, only to be thwarted by her grasp on my wrists. She didn't waste anytime, pulling her mouth away from mine, drawing a whimper of protest from me and then working her way across her jaw and down my neck. 

By the time her lips reached the base of my throat I was almost panting with anticipation. Ivy's tongue flicked out, over the barely healed scar on my neck and I gasped, feeling a jolt of white heat shoot straight to my belly. 

"We're never going to finish a workout this way," I protested. It was one of the stupider things I'd said that day, but she couldn't expect me to think when she was doing that to me. 

In answer, I felt Ivy's fangs graze my skin. I shivered from head to toe. In the next instant her teeth sank into my skin and my knees buckled. The only thing holding me up was Ivy pressed up against me. My hands scrabbled for something anything to hold onto and in lieu of anything else, knotted into fists. 

The world shifted, blurred into perfect harmony for just an instant as my aura merged with Ivy's. Then stars exploded in front of my eyes, leaving me limp and gasping in Ivy's arms. She let go of my arms and scooped me up effortlessly. Instinctively my legs went around her waist, clinging to her as I raised my arms to rest on her shoulders, my fingers linking together behind her head. It had taken more effort than it should have - a sign both of the workout and the small amount of blood Ivy had taken. I groaned at the thought of the brimstone she would surely be forcing down my throat tonight. 

It was a small price to pay for being with her though. I lowered my head to her shoulder. It was getting heavy. Being that close to her without doing anything about it was hard though. I turned and nuzzled into her neck. She shivered, always sensitive there. Tentatively I flicked my tongue against her neck and then my lips closed over delicate skin, worrying at it. 

"Rachel." Ivy sounded a little hoarse, her voice low and warning. 

I lifted my head. "Jenks is gone right? And the kids aren't in the house. Bis is asleep." 


"-Are so going to," I countered. "You had your way and now it's my turn." 

Ivy laughed. "But we'll never finish our workout this way." 

I growled at her mocking tone and shifted my weight, letting go of her with my legs and sliding down her body until my feet were firmly planted on the floor. Then I pushed her back with a quick shove. She could have blocked it but she was laughing as she fell back against the couch. I followed her without hesitation, straddling her. 

"It's okay," I whispered. "I have a feeling we'll burn off plenty of energy this way."

The End

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