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Three Small Words 2
By Nyka

She said it. She did, then she left me alone.

'I love you'

I can still hear it echo in my head. Her voice was shaking and it was just above a whisper.

Then all I can hear are my sobs.

She's lying in my lap, bleeding her slayer blood all over me. Staining my jeans and probably the floor.

I press my hands against the gash to stem the flow of blood. She doesn't even wince at the pressure.

Please don't die now.

I never said I love you back.

I didn't know Giles could drive this fast. Most of Sunnydale goes by us in a blur of partially shadowed houses and poorly live streets.

I barely remember the trip aside from staring down at her breasts, measuring her shallow breths with only my eyes.

She looks so helpless and small here in my lap. Her skin pale, her eyelids fluttering as if she's dreaming.

I don't know maybe she is.

Or maybe she's blinking to adjust to the proverbial 'light' at the end of the tunnel.

No don't think that.

Good thoughts, good thoughts.

Were there. Sunnydale General. Giles and rushing around the car and pulls her out cradling her in his arms.

I've never seen him so scared. I know the feeling.

He loves her too. But he's never told her.

I can't follow him inside. I just can't. People die in hospitals. Lots of people who are in better shape than she is.

"Stop, stop stop!" I scream pulling at my hair. I'm sitting half inside the car, my legs hanging out with my feet on the asphalt.

I feel a warm breeze flow through the car, sifting through my hair and wrapping me in a phantom embrace.

I gasp when I realize what it means. Checking my watch I realize I've been sitting in Giles old car for nearly an hour. I leap to my feet, ignoring the slight twinge in my legs and hurry inside.

I find him in the waiting room, his head in his hands trying to mute the sounds of the soft sobs he's admitting to pass his lips.

I sit beside him and he wraps his arms around me, crying and comforting me at the same time. I allow myself the cry into his shoulders.

At some point Xander joins us.

"She said she was ok... I didn't know she was hurt so..." his voice trails off when we both look at him.

"Oh god...oh god no" he starts pacing.

Long torturous minutes pass before the doctor walks in. We nearly jump the poor woman when she approaches us.

Giles shakes his head she she looks at us frightened. Xander and I back off.

We only hear snippets of what's said.

"...much blood loss....resting peacefully...the damage is..."

The damage is what? What the fuck did those vamps do to her? I'm gonna find them, and I'm gonna kill them, then I'm gonna resurrect them, force them to tell me what they did, then kill them again. Yeah sounds like a plan.

"M-may we see her?" Giles stuttering is never a good sign.

"One at a time, but I don't believe she'll actually know you're there" the woman pats his shoulder awkwardly.

Giles turns to me looking distracted "You should go first"

I nod. I want to see her 'now' and I mean NOW!

She has some explaining to do. If she's awake that is.

The room is a plethora of machines, each with it's own annoying little rythmic 'beep'. And there she is, in the middle of it all, unconscious but beautiful.

I cross to the bed careful not to step on any cords. I clutch at her sword hand, it's sporting both and IV and a pulse monitor. God it must be so bad.

Slowly I climb onto the bed. I just want to be near her, even if it is only for a few seconds. I curl around her acting like a pillow.

Her head rests on my belly and I'm leaning over her shoulders, my lips only a breath away from her ear.

"I don't know, what words I can say. The wind has a way to talk to me.."

I don't know why I'm singing to her it just feels right

"Flowers weep, a silent lullaby, I pray for reply. I'm ready"

She looked for this song for months after hearing it in Japanese from some cartoon.

"Quiet days, calm me, oh serenity"

I start singing quieter not wanting to be overheard.

"..someone please tell me, oh, what is it they say, maybe I will no one day"

Now I'm just whispering in her ear still singing a little but talking mostly.

"I don't know what words I can say, the wind has a way to talk to me. Flowers weep a silent lullaby..."

My voice breaks as I start crying "I...pray for reply.."

Her eyes flutter open and she stares into mine as she finishes the song...

"I'm ready..."

I kiss her forehead and she smiles at me as the heart monitor starts beeping in a normal heart rythym.

"I love you too baby" I press my lips to her eyes, her nose, then to her lips.

I slide off the bed to stand next to her. She sits up dislodging most of the equipment attached to her setting them into warning bells.

We're kissing too deeply to care.

The doctor and a few nurses rush in only to find her sitting up, well immursed in my mouth.

Giles and Xander somehow appear as well.

She turns to them giving our audience a sheepish look "I feel fine can I go home now?"

The doctors and nurses are arguing amongst themselves.

"She was near death..."

"Shouldn't have lasted 'til morning..."

"It's a miracle..."

"Come we should leave before they get any ideas of testing you for some type of 'blood' something or other" Giles disconnects what remained attached to her and ushers us out.

We look at each other "We're ready"

The End

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