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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place about two years after season seven of "BtVS". The Scoobies have moved their new headquarter to Cleveland. It does not really bother with the comic books and their storyline. This story is part of my "Running Universe". It is a sequel to my other Buffy stories "Running into each Other", "Coming to Conclusions" and "Confessions", but set before "Born to Run" and "Run for Love". It takes place a year after "Confessions".
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By Kurna


For a moment, Willow was not sure what woke her up. Then she heard Faith move around. She saw her putting on clothes.

"Hey, you are up early."

The slayer turned to her.

"Yeah, just going on a quick run. You can go back to sleep."

She bent down and gave Willow a quick kiss.

"Okay, till later." Willow replied with a yawn.

Only when Faith had left did her face fall, showing her slight disappointment. Today was the anniversary of their first date. She had hoped to begin the day together, cuddling in bed and sharing breakfast. She lay back down, contemplating the last year. Their first date went surprisingly well and they had gotten steadily closer since then. So much so that lately they spent most nights together, usually sleeping in Willow's apartment. The redhead remembered, when she had asked Faith about it.

"Yours is closer to the kitchen." Faith had said.

Willow smiled. She knew there was more about it, but it was such a Faith thing to say. The dark slayer still had problems to voice deeper feelings, but she tried and that was what counted. Willow remembered how the conversation went on.

"That's true, but it is so different from yours."

"Yeah, no leather and plenty of knickknacks, but it is cozy, very much you. And I like you."

It had been a sweet thing to say. And something Willow could learn from. If Faith was willing to take her as she was, she should do the same with the slayer. So Faith went for a run, instead of cuddling with Willow. It was her way of keeping the inner darkness at bay. Willow should respect that. Instead of moping, she should get up and prepare breakfast for them. Faith had implied she would be back, after all. With new resolve, Willow got up. After a quick shower, she went to prepare breakfast. Although the mansion had a communal kitchen, the apartments of the senior members were each equipped with a small kitchenette. Willow had just started to make waffles, when she heard the front door of the apartment. She turned around.

"Hello Faith, that was quick."

"Yeah, I mostly just wanted to get something. I remembered you mentioning you liked its color. Happy anniversary!"

The slayer held a deep red flower, handing it to Willow with an almost shy smile.

"Thank you."

Willow beamed when she took the flower.

"A wild poinsettia, although I prefer its other name."

"What name is that?" Faith asked.


"Yep, sounds cooler. That name reminds me of someone."

With a grin, Faith pushed a strand of her girlfriend's hair behind the ear. Willow blushed, but she had to laugh as well. They kissed softly, but then the witch pulled back.

"Wait a second. I've got something for you as well."

Willow rummaged around in one of the cupboards and returned with a little box.

"Here, this is for you. Happy anniversary!"

Faith opened the box and found a silver bracelet inside. She picked it up carefully.

"It looks nice. Thank you."

"You are welcome. And it is not just jewelry. It's a good luck charm. I put a blessing on it. I hope it's not too glitzy for you."

"No, it's great." Suddenly Faith started to frown. "It's really perfect, but I only gave you a shitty flower. I should have bought at least a big bouquet."

"It's not just a simple flower," Willow replied forcefully. She knew that despite her girlfriend's apparent cockiness she could sometimes be insecure, especially where feelings were involved. She continued. "It's a flower you knew I would like, because you listen to me and always make an effort to understand me. That flower is much better than some random bouquet, because it shows me that you care for me."


"Yes. So, we are okay?"

"Five by five."

Faith smiled and they kissed again. Afterwards the slayer held out her arm, so that Willow could fasten the bracelet. Next the witch found a vase for her flower, before they sat down to enjoy the breakfast she had prepared.

During the rest of the day, they did not see much of each other. Willow was involved with research into their current foes, while her girlfriend was training with the new slayers. After dinner, Faith joined the witch again in her rooms. They cuddled together and watched TV. During an ad break, Faith turned to her girlfriend.

„You are always about saving the world and shit. Not just from the monsters, but also saving energy to save the environment, right?"

"Yes, many of the Goddesses I ask for magical help are deities of nature, so of course I want to preserve nature."

"Well, we could save even more energy, if we lived together, couldn't we?"

Willow's mouth dropped open.

"Are you saying …?"

"Yeah, that is if you are okay with it? I mean, I spend most of my time here anyway."

Willow smiled widely.

"Yes, I would be more than okay with it. I love being together with you, feeling you near me."

Faith smiled as well.

"Great. We can talk about the specifics later. Now let's celebrate our anniversary some more."

Their lips met for a kiss, with many more to follow that night.

The End

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