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Born to Run
By Kurna


"Hi Will, what's up?"

Buffy sat down next to her best friend and handed her one of the cups she was carrying. The redhead nodded in thanks.

"Not much, why?"

"You seem a bit worried about something. Usually my Willow smiles a lot more when she is watching her beautiful daughter."

They were sitting in the backyard of the mansion in Cleveland, where most of the staff of the new Watchers Council was living. The yard opened directly into the park which surrounded the headquarters and shielded it from view. On the grass, a few yards further from the house, Willow's daughter Joyce was playing. She waved and the girl waved back, but then she went on with her game of tag. At the moment she was trying to catch Faith, her other mom. Buffy was still amazed every time she watched those two. Was this really the same Faith she had known in Sunnydale? The former "Dark Slayer" was now the most caring mother you could imagine. The blonde slayer turned again towards her best friend, when she saw a frown cross Willow's face.

"Well, yes, there is something. Not something apocalypse bad, but ... well Little J had a math test yesterday. And she failed it!"

Buffy almost smirked at the easiness, with which Willow now used the nickname Faith had invented. At first she hadn't liked the way it shortened the name Willow had suggested. The couple had decided that each of them would pick a name, Willow the first and Faith the middle one. Buffy was floored when the redhead told her her choice was Joyce. But probably not as much as Willow herself, when her partner chose Tara. Returning her thoughts back to their conversation, Buffy tried to placate her best friend.

"Hey, it happens. It doesn't mean she is not smart."

Willow waved her words aside.

"I know. She is smart, but just not book smart. She doesn't like to read books, Buffy. Well, except her mom's comic books." She added testily.

Ouch. Buffy winced. She knew how that was still a sore subject. In all those years, the only major row between Faith and Willow had erupted when the slayer had called reading books "boring". That hadn't been received well by the redhead. The old, insecure Willow had reared her head and she had taken it personally, as if Faith had called her boring. After all, Willow loved books, loved to read. Out of nowhere a big fight had started. In the end it was Faith who managed to bridge the gap. As she later told Buffy, she had ways to make Willow forgive her. Ways, the older slayer decided not to dwell on. No, sir, not when it concerned her best friend and her sister slayer.

For a moment they watched Faith and her daughter again. The little girl actually had her mom going almost full speed to avoid being caught. Even at her young age, Little J was already much faster than most normal adults. Pointing at them, Buffy turned to Willow.

"Well, it seems obvious she got more of her genes from her mom than her mommy. But look at it positively. Once she meets her first vampire, being fast will probably help her more than being good at math."

The End

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