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What are we going to do?
By Bynx


"Yeah, Buffy, what are we going to do now?" She hears Dawn asks from behind her.

She feels the little smile come across her lips and the beginning of tears in her eyes as she looks over the abyss that was once Sunnydale, California. She feels them all, her not so little family, waiting for her as always, but for once she is free. She doesn't have to wait anymore. She doesn't have to put off her life and its desires anymore. She isn't the only Chosen One anymore. Her 'Big Gun' Wicca Goddess made sure of that. Once again, she freed Buffy and now it's time to let her know the whole truth and hope that she hasn't waited too long. She slowly turns to face her family.

"Now I do something I've waited years to do and pray that I get it right," she answers.

The short blonde slayer moves as quickly toward Willow as she can manage with her wound. She draws her into her arms and gazes deeply into the Witch's deep green eyes.

"Buffy…what?" Willow starts to stammer.

"Sshhh…." Buffy whispers, "I want to live and spend the rest of my life loving only you, Willow…Please…"

As soon as the last pleading word leaves her lips, Buffy dips Willow in her arms and kisses her with a passion she has never felt before. It only takes a moment for the Red-headed Wiccan to return the kiss as fervently. As the sun sets over the crater, two souls meant to be joined since the beginning finally burn together in brilliance and power. Together they will take on the future as it was always prophesied.

The End

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