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SEQUEL: To 'Fruit Loops'.

Wee Ones
By Wicked


"Damnit B, the kid threw up again!" Faith exclaims and throws her hands up in the air. Why again did she agree to have a baby? Oh yeah cause she's too damn weak to resist Buffy's puppy eyed look. She looks at the little child sitting in the chair – specially made by Xander for the tiny baby – and sighs. The 10 months old infant smiles at her younger mother, effectively killing the brunette's pissy mood. "Damn munchkin, you've got me all wrapped around your little finger. Just like your mommy." She picks up her daughter and makes her way towards the kitchen.

"Did little Angie puke on you again?" Kennedy teases when she sees Faith covered in babyfood. She chuckles at the display. Faith on her turn throws a menacing look at Kennedy, which makes the younger brunette laugh even more.

"Shut it, Smurf. Or I'll make her puke on you for a change." Making sure her point got through, she holds Angie in front of her motioning the child towards Kennedy. The younger brunette takes a few steps back, realizing Angie is capable of doing such a thing. Angie just squeals at her mother's crazy antics.

"Faith! Don't use our child like you'd use a smelly sock!" Buffy cries out and quickly takes Angie in her arms. Holding her protectively close, she coos at her, "Did mommy leather scare you again, little girl?" Recovering from her exercise on the human swing, Angie basks in the motherly warmth she finds in the arms of the blonde.

Faith rolls her eyes and sighs. "Stop teaching her to call me mommy leather. Before I know it she'll be yelling it across the playground at school and I'll be the one who's gonna be responsible for the ramifications."

"Careful Cubs, you might choke on such a big word!" Kennedy quips. She swiftly ducks to avoid Faith's fist and runs to the other side of the counter, putting some distance between them.

Buffy just rolls her eyes at the two younger women. Sometimes she thinks she has two kids; Faith included in that package. Kissing Angie's temple, she decides to give her a cleaner outfit. And perhaps change her own shirt, as Angie just started drooling on her. 'Just like her mommy leather – only I tend to be without a shirt then.' Snickering she leaves the two bickering brunettes to go upstairs.

"You better run for your life, Smurf." Faith growls. Playfully, of course; don't want everyone to think she's gone psychotic again. She grabs a towel from the nearby towel rack and raises her eyebrows. "Payback's a bitch."

Kennedy gulps and quickly tries to plan her escape route. Kitchen door is behind Faith so that's a no go. Best bet is to flee through the living room. She dashes to living room and spots the front door. Jackpot. But before she can ever reach the front door, she is tackled to the ground by Faith. Not waiting for the younger brunette to recover, she ruthlessly starts to tickle Kennedy. "Told ya payback's a bitch."

"Uncle! Uncle!" Kennedy yells, desperately trying to stop Faith from tickling her any further. She tries batting Faith's hands away but the older brunette doesn't let go that easily. "Uncle!" She yells again in the midst of the giggles erupting from her. "Aunt?" She desperately yells between the giggles.

"Faith Kathleen McFadden, you better get your butt of my wife right this minute!" Both women immediately freeze when they hear the voice coming from the direction of the stairs. They look at each other sheepishly and shrug at the same time. Busted.

Kennedy raises her head and smiles sweetly at her wife, who's standing on the stairs, hands on her hips. "Hey baby."

The redhead doesn't reply but just raises an eyebrow making clear they should better get up first. She watches them quickly stand up, trying to look decent and not like they had been rolling all over the floor for the past five minutes. "You know, I think it's the fact that you both have Irish blood in you that makes you this wild. I swear if Kayley is going to end up like that I will have more grey hair before my mother does."

"Having Irish blood in ya makes you wild?" Mutters Faith. She faces Kennedy and pulls a face that clearly says, eh? Kennedy shrugs her shoulders. The older brunette frowns for a minute but it quickly turns into a grin. "No wonders B likes me all naked in bed."

Both Kennedy and Willow groan. As much as Faith has grown up and matured, she still has little bits of the old Faith left in her, to much chagrin of the people around her. "You're bad Cubs, real bad." Kennedy grumbles and walks away shaking her head.

"Some things never change, huh Faith?" Willow smirks. She turns around and heads upstairs to go and check on her daughter. Passing by Angie's room, she hears Buffy talking to, what she assumes and sort of hopes, Angie.

"Yes little girl, when you're all grown up you will give your mommy leather a hard time and ask her about boys, or well girls, whatever you prefer of course and ask her for allowance and stuff. Bug her real good, you hear?" The blonde giggles and picks up the infant. Spinning around she halts in a mid-spin when she spots Willow standing in the doorway. "Damn Slayer senses, they never work when they're supposed to." She mutters and sheepishly smiles at Willow.

"Teaching Angela bad stuff already? I at least thought you'd wait till she was 11 months, Buff."

Buffy shrugs. "You can never start too early!" Giving Angie to Willow, she goes back into the room and grabs a bag with some baby supplies for this afternoon. The entire gang decided to go have a walk in the park and just enjoy the sun a little.

"Now little Angie, listen to your godmother Willow. Whatever your mommy just said, disregard it all! When you're old and wise enough you'll be able to decide for yourself whom you're gonna bug for stuff like that."

Handing the child back to Buffy she points at the next door, which has a little nameplate on it that says Kayley. The redhead opens the door and takes a peek inside. She smiles when she sees her daughter studying a little bear real intently. "Aww, just like her mommy." Buffy teases from behind her.

"She definitely didn't get that trait from Kennedy, that's for sure." Willow chuckles and carefully picks up the little girl. "Let's go see mom now before she kills Faith."

The two long time friends walk downstairs and into the kitchen. Once there they see something they didn't expect at all. Faith and Kennedy are sitting at the counter… thumbwrestling. They abruptly stop their game when they hear their wives enter the room.

"There's my baby!" Kennedy says and takes over Kayley from Willow. "Hello baby. How are you today?" She fusses at the baby, gently nudging her in the stomach. "Yes you are a pretty baby, yes you are!"

Faith makes a puking motion behind Kennedy's back, making her wife and Willow chuckle. "Cut it out already Smurf; you're gonna turn her into a mushball."

Turning around, Kennedy raises her eyebrow at Faith. "Look who's talking, miss but-you're-such-a-wute-wittle-baby." She hands her daughter back to Willow and leans in to give her kiss a short but passionate kiss. "A baby for my baby – how convenient."

Willow rolls her eyes but can't stop the little grin that is tugging at her lips. Her wife always has been a sweettalker and the years haven't changed that the slightest bit. "All that sweet talk. Be careful or your teeth are gonna get cavities, sweetie."

A feral grin appears on Kennedy's face and she wraps her arms around the redhead's waist, with Kayley still in her mommy's arms. "If I'm gonna get cavities it ain't gonna be cause of the sweet talk – it's gonna be cause of the sweetness that is my wife."

"You two, get a room. Horn dogs." Faith grumbles from the table and rolls her eyes. Buffy puts Angie in her playpen and comes up behind the older brunette to wrap her arms around. "Feeling a little frisky, huh B?" Faith purrs when she feels the blonde's hands wander a bit.

"Always am when I'm with you." She places butterfly kisses on Faith's necks and keeps on letting her hands wander on the body she loves so much. "Like you're not enjoying this?" Eliciting a moan from Faith, she grins. "Thought so."

"Look at them kids, getting all frolicsome when there are babies present." Kennedy teases. She's resting her head on the redhead's shoulders so see can watch at Kayley getting comfortable in Willow's arms.

"Pot calling the kettle, Smurf." Faith retorts and sticks out her tongue at her friend. "So whadya say B we take this upstairs?" She whispers in her wife's ear. "We can ditch Angie with her godmothers – I'm sure they'll have fun. Not as much as us though." Faith chuckles and runs her finger along Buffy's cheekbone.

"You're incorrigible Leen, you know that?" The blonde grins and shakes her head. "Yet I can't stop loving you."

"And you better never do!" Faith exclaims and turns around, still chuckling at her wife's nickname. Buffy is the only person who can call her by her second name. Or a part of it, anyway. "So I guess that's a no?" She mock pouts.

"Keep your hormones in check, Faithy, we're going for a walk in the park! Our daughters are waiting for us. So take it like a Slayer." Willow says and moves away from Kennedy, mainly to keep her own hormones in check. "She should, huh Kay?" She coos. "See, even your goddaughter thinks so."

Rolling her eyes she walks over to Willow and motions to give Kayley to her. "What is your mommy telling you, little K?" She holds the little girl in front of her and tries to look her in the eyes. "Whatever these three goobers tell you about me, never believe it. You can do that for your godmother, can't you? Yeah, sure you can." She nuzzles the child against her and gently kisses the top of her head.

"If vamps could see you now, Cubs… you're rep would be dead." Kennedy chuckles and grabs the buggy. "Put the kid in here, please and receive a penny." She says giddy.

Faith does as she's told but instead of waiting for the promised penny, she delivers a slap to the younger brunette's head. "Shame on you Smurf, only willing to pay a penny for your own daughter."

Kennedy rubs her head and scowls at her friend. "Whatever Cubs. Next time don't add Slayer strength, will ya?" She pushes the buggy outside. "Such nice weather, don't ya think Kayley?" The infant doesn't reply but just watches at Kennedy like she has suddenly grown a second head. The brunette frowns and absently wiggles her finger at the little child. "That could happen here you know. We are on another hellmouth. Weird stuff happen on a hellmouth." She shakes her head free from all two headed monsters and peeks inside the kitchen. "Are you guys coming? I don't wanna walk home in the dark."

Buffy comes outside first, pushing Angie's buggy. "We're here." They're quickly followed by Faith who's carrying both of the baby bags.

"Why am I carrying Angie's AND little K's bags? I'm not a mule you know." She mopes and drops the bags on the patio. "Why not let Smurf be the mule? She's the youngest."

"Because Faith, she's pushing Kayley's buggy." Willow says coming outside. She closes the door behind her and quickly locks it. They don't want any uninvited demons paying them a visit when they're not home. Muttering a quick spell, she puts the protection barrier on the house and ushers everyone of the patio. "Grab the bags and carry them, please Faith?" She throws in a pout for good measure and chuckles when Faith complies and swings both bags over her shoulder.

"Everyone set? Good, let's go then." Buffy says and starts pushing the buggy along the driveway towards the street.

Another day for the four friends without apocalyptic fights, making them enjoy the joyful bliss that is having a family. A bit of a unconventional family, but hey, normal is boring right?

The End

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