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Seriously Jaded
By Angie

Chapter Thirteen


It took the gang forty five minutes to get home, but when they did and Buffy saw Giles was there, she ran up and hugged him hard.

"Ow ow, Buffy, oxygen's becoming a problem here," Giles said, attempting to loosen her vise-like grip.

"Oh sorry," Buffy said with a grin. "I'm just happy to see you is all."

Jade looked at Buffy's former watcher, not what I expected, but more British than I imagined, she thought.

"Giles, this is Jade," Buffy said while motioning for Jade to come over.

"It's an honor to meet you Mr. Giles. I hear your doing a great job as the new head of the council."

"Yes....well, I do my best," Giles stuttered in his undeniably British way. Giles was wary of the vampire, unsure if she was really trustworthy.

Jade had said enough to win him over. The group sat down together to go over the night's events when Buffy realized someone was missing, "where's Dawn?"

"Oh her and Mark are in her bedroom watching a video," Willow replied calmly.

"They are in her bedroom... alone?" Xander shouted.

Willow and Buffy looked at each other and smiled, they both knew Xander didn't like Mark but it was just his over protectiveness of Dawn that made him wary of the boy.

"They're fine Xander, and besides," Buffy added "Dawn's almost eighteen, I can't treat her like a child anymore."

Buffy explained the night's events to Giles, leaving nothing out, not even Jade's penchant for knocking the heads off things.

"Oh....right, well you did the right thing walking away, Jade was right, there is no way you could take on that many Bringers and I imagine if our theory is correct, which I believe it is, those were no ordinary vampires," the watcher replied, relieved that the group had decided to let the third nest wait until later.

"What do you know Giles?" Buffy asked.

"Not much I'm afraid, just that over the course of our final battles with the first, several potentials went missing. I was of course unaware of this due to the council being blown up," he added dryly.

"How many?" asked Jade.

"At least thirty, possibly more that we don't now about."

"You mean there could be at least thirty vamps out there with the same strength as Jade?" Xander squealed.

"I'm afraid so, Buffy I really think we need to discuss bringing in other slayers, there is no way you can fight this alone, even with Jade on your side," Giles said ominously.

"I have to agree with Mr. Giles," Jade offered. "I could probably take out two of those vamps at once, three in a pinch, but thirty, not a hope in hell."

"Please Jade, call me Giles, putting mister in front of my name makes me feel as old as I am," the watcher said, smiling.

Jade smiled at Giles, she understood why Buffy thought so highly of him, he was warm and caring, not like some of the watchers she had met and he seemed to genuinely care about Buffy, not just as a slayer but as someone very dear to him.

"Okay, there's nothing more we can do here tonight, I think we should all try and get a good night's sleep and work on this tomorrow," Buffy stated finally.

"I agree," Xander said rubbing various parts of his body. "I have bruises where I shouldn't have bruises"

"Yes Buffy you're probably right, besides my flight was hell, I got stuck in a seat with barely enough legroom for a tortoise and I'm completely knackered," Giles added quickly.

Kennedy smirked at Buffy, "I'm not tired but I'm going to bed anyway, come on Red."

Buffy smiled at Willow and Kennedy as they left, she was glad Willow had found love again. Kennedy could be a pain in the ass at times but she was a good slayer and she took care of Willow. Xander and Giles said goodnight leaving Buffy and Jade alone, until Dawn came bursting into the living room.

"Buffy can I stay at Marks tonight? His mom's going to come pick us up," the teenager asked in one excited breath.

"Stay over? Dawny, I'm not sure that's a good idea," Buffy hedged.

"Buffy come on I'm seventeen and besides I'm way smarter than you when it comes to men, I won't be doing anything I shouldn't, I promise."

Buffy thought about it for a minute, it would mean that her and Jade were completely alone in the house, "okay, but any funny business and....and I'll get Jade to remove his testicles."

"Thanks Buffy," Dawn said as she kissed her sister on the cheek. "Mark," she called down the hallway, "Buffy said it's ok, let's wait for your mom outside."

"Awesome, thanks Buffy, I promise we'll behave," Mark shouted as Dawn dragged him out the door.

With that Buffy and Jade were alone. Buffy looked over the table at Jade, wanting to say something to her but not knowing where to begin. Jade beat her to it, "so, if it's ok with you I'm going to eat something, shower and go to bed."

"Ok," Buffy replied, a little disappointed that Jade didn't want to sit and talk for a while.

"Ok, I'm off for a shower but I can sense you want to talk so, you want to perch on the toilet seat while I clean up?" Jade asked as she walked towards the bathroom.

Buffy looked at Jade shocked, "what...while you're taking a shower?"

"Well I'm not bothered by you being in there but if you uncomfortable..."

"No," Buffy cut her off. "I'm fine; I'll talk to you while you're naked." Buffy's face turned red upon realizing what she just said, but this only made Jade laugh at her.

"You're cute; you know that, you've definitely got the whole bashful thing working for you," the vampire said playfully.

Buffy smiled as she followed Jade into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet seat while undressed. She is amazing, Buffy thought. Her body was slim and well toned and after tonight's action her muscles were taught. Jade turned on the shower, aware of Buffy watching her, she didn't mind, she had invited her to come in here after all.

Jade got into the hot shower, talking to Buffy about the nights events at the same time as washing herself, "it was cool though, I mean I've never had a fight like that, I had no idea I had that kind of power, I hope you were paying attention. Tonight was about you checking me out, right?"

"What......I wasn't checking...."

"I meant my fighting skills Buffy; you were supposed to be checking out my fighting skills," Jade said, the amused smile touching her voice.

"I was, you're very good at the fighting, you're strong, you're able to anticipate your opponents next move, all in all you're a damn good fighter," Buffy answered honestly.

"See I knew you were checking me out," Jade said with a cheeky grin while getting out of the shower.

She was standing there in front of Buffy, naked, dripping wet. Buffy could feel her heart thumping in her chest. Shit what is wrong with me, I shouldn't be feeling like this.

"Can you hand me that towel Buffy? Are you planning on taking a shower?"

"Yeah, I won't be long though," the slayer answered as she handed Jade the towel.

Jade knew that Buffy wouldn't want her in the bathroom while she was showering, "I'll just go get ready for bed while you shower then."

"Thanks," Buffy said getting undressed.

Jade got dressed for bed, throwing on shorts and a T shirt. She hated pajamas or night dresses, as far as she was concerned they were for old married couples. By the time she was ready she could hear Buffy turning the shower off. She waited for a few minutes before knocking on the bathroom door, "Buffy are you decent?"

"Sure come on in."

Jade decided it was now or never, if she was wrong about Buffy then she'd screwed everything up but she was beyond sure that Buffy had feelings for her, she could sense it. Jade walked into the bathroom to find Buffy wrapped up in a towel, she knew if she had a heart it would be in her throat right now. She walked straight up to Buffy without saying a word. Buffy knew what was coming or at least she hoped she did, while she was in the shower all she could think about was kissing Jade.

Jade ran her fingers down Buffy's arm and felt her shudder beneath her touch. She cupped Buffy's face in her hands and pressed her lips against Buffy's, softly at first. She let her tongue flick Buffy's top lip as she felt Buffy wrap her arms around her. Buffy had never kissed a woman before but this felt right, as Jade's tongue touched her bottom lip she let out a moan and opened her mouth slightly, inviting Jade to kiss her deeper. Jade began to kiss Buffy exploring her mouth with her tongue. She moved her hands to the top of Buffy's towel and began to remove it.

"Wait," Buffy gasped between kisses. "I can't, not yet, I'm not ready for that," she said quietly, her eyes pleading with Jade to understand.

Jade looked at Buffy and smiled, "ok, there's no rush, I've got nothing but time." Jade held Buffy's hand for an instant and left her in the bathroom to get into bed.

Buffy got ready for bed, her head spinning after that kiss, she wanted more but she had to be sure of what she was feeling, the last thing she wanted was to hurt Jade. As Jade lay in bed waiting for Buffy her thoughts traveled back to Alyssa, she would have to tell Buffy that the two of them were involved, she didn't want to keep secrets from Buffy but she knew that now wasn't the time.

As Buffy crawled into bed she looked down at Jade, kissing her gently, "I'm not sure of what's going on with us Jade but I want to be sure that this is right ok?"

"Fine by me," Jade said grinning, kissing Buffy back. Taking the blonde in her arms the two women gradually fell into a deep sleep completely unaware of the dangers that lay ahead.

Chapter fourteen

Buffy started to wake, as she opened her eyes she looked up to see Jade smiling down at her. "Good morning" Buffy said kissing Jade.

"Hi," Jade said smiling. She had been awake for a few hours, having woken to find Buffy still wrapped in her arms and not having the heart to wake her. Instead she had lay there watching Buffy sleep, amazed at how good she looked first thing in the morning.

Buffy looked over at the clock, shocked to find that it was almost midday. "We should probably get up," she groaned.

"Come on, I doubt another ten minutes would hurt," Jade said playfully, before kissing Buffy on the forehead.

Buffy looked up at Jade and decided another ten minutes in bed might not be such a bad idea as she pressed her lips to Jade's. They were so engrossed in each other that they didn't hear Willow knock on the door before coming in.

"Oh....my.....god," Willow shrieked, completely shocked by the scene in front of her. There was Buffy, her very straight friend having a serious make out session with Jade, who just happened to be a vampire with a soul. Willow fought to keep from letting out a snort. She knew that Jade was into Buffy and Kennedy was convinced Buffy liked Jade, but Willow hadn't believed it until now.

"Shit, shit, shit," Jade mumbled while diving out of bed. "We were just, well um, I guess, oh bollocks."

"Jade it's ok," Buffy reassured her before turning to Willow. Jade and I, well, we are kind of seeing where this might go I guess. But I would appreciate it if you kept this to yourself for a while Will, I'm not ready to have to explain it to everyone."

"Ok," Willow grinned. "But just so you know, I'm not happy about you trying to usurp me as the groups head lesbian."

Buffy glared at her friend with mock anger, "is the rest of the gang here?"

"Yep and Dawn's going to be home around two, she's bringing Mark in to help with research. Anyway, I'll go let you two get dressed or smooch some more or whatever," Willow added with a smirk as she closed the bedroom door.

Buffy noticed Jade standing by the bed looking a little spooked, "Jade, Willow's ok, she'll keep this to herself as long as needs be."

"What, oh no it's not that, quite the opposite, I didn't think Willow would be that cool about catching us kissing," she said turning to Buffy, "looks like our ten minutes are up, I'm going to go for coffee, you want?"

"Please, I still feel like I could sleep forever."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As Jade walked into the kitchen she was aware of Willow watching her, as she turned Willow grinned widely.

"Coffee anyone," Jade asked trying to act cool.

"We had coffee this morning Jade, you know when we all got out of bed at a reasonable time," joked Xander.

Jade rolled her eyes at Xander, "so research today then?" she asked.

"I thought you and Buffy were going to the magic box so she could test you?" Willow said quietly.

"I don't know if now's a good time Willow, what with last nights events and all," Jade answered, trying to avoid the situation.

"Actually I think now more than ever we need to know how a slayer would cope against one of your kind," Giles piped up. "If Buffy can't, well, take you down so to speak then we don't have a hope in hell of taking the others down, even if we did bring other slayers in."

"What if I take her down though?" asked Jade, worry in her voice. "I really don't want to hurt her."

"It's ok," Willow said handing Jade a bottle. "Get Buffy to drink this before you fight. It's like an advanced protection potion, and should keep her safe."

"Thanks Will."

"Speaking of taking people down," Xander said, "Faith called to check up on you Jade, she wants you to call her back."

"Oh sure," Buffy said walking into the room, "now she calls." As Jade left the room to go and call Faith, Buffy sat down at the table with the others to drink her much needed coffee.

"Buffy, we think you should go ahead with your plans to test Jade," Giles instructed. "You are after all still the strongest slayer and we must know the strengths and weaknesses of these super vamps."

"Ok, I'll sort it out with Jade when she's done talking to Faith," the blonde responded, cradling her coffee mug in her hands.

Jade dialed Faith's number and Robin answered, "hey it's Jade, is your better looking half around?"

"Sure I'll just get her," Robin answered, not sounding like his normal self.

"Jade," the rough and tumble slayer answered quickly.

"Hey Faith, you called?"

"Yeah I just wanted to make sure you were ok and things were going alright."

"Things are ok, big hairy's to fight but that's normal around Buffy I guess. Speaking of Buffy, she's a little pissed that you didn't call to tell her I was on my way and honestly Faith so am I, she almost staked me babe," Jade said, trying not to sound too angry.

Faith felt bad, she had totally forgotten to call Buffy about Jade but she had other things on her mind. "I'm sorry Jade, things were pretty rough here and I guess I forgot," she added, not wanting to get into details.

"What's been happening?" Jade asked quickly, expecting to hear tales of demons and other nasties.

"It's my baby Jade; I lost it," Faith told her before breaking down into tears.

"Awe shit, Faith I'm sorry, if I'd known I wouldn't have moaned at you for not calling. I'm such an ass at times. How you holding up? How's Robin dealing?"

"He's gutted; he was so looking forward to this baby Jade. We both were. But now I need something to take my mind off it. I'm coming to LA. Xander tells me that the shit might be about to hit the fan."

"The shit has already hit the fan babe, right now were just trying hard not to get covered in it."

"Nice imagery. So I'll be there around three 'o' clock tomorrow, Xander's going to pick me up. It's ok I told him my plane gets in a half hour earlier than it actually does, that way if he's late I won't have to stand around," Faith added upon hearing Jade's grumble down the phone.

"Good thinking. See you in a few days Faith," Jade said before putting the phone down. "So Faith's coming over," Jade announced at she sat down.

"Huh, when was this arranged?" Buffy asked a little annoyed.

"Oh, she called before, I told her what was going on and she said it sounded like we could do with an extra slayer, you know, gift horse, mouth," Xander said sheepishly. He knew Buffy wasn't going to be happy about Faith coming over. They had sorted out their differences, and Faith helping to save the world helped but Xander doubted that Buffy would ever truly forgive Faith for the things she had done.

"I don't see how she'll be any good to us in her condition," Buffy snapped.

"She has no condition, she got jumped by a vamp on her way home one night and took a nasty kick to the stomach, and she lost the baby!" Xander informed her angrily.

"So," Giles breaking the tension, "Jade, you and Buffy are to go to the magic box and train together. We will go out again tonight by car and check out the locations you didn't get to last night. With a bit of luck we shall only find bringers there, although as an extra precaution I think Willow should come along for magical back up just in case."

"Fine by us," Jade and Buffy both said in unison. Willow smiled to herself, she was pretty sure Buffy and Jade would be eager for some alone time, the past few days the whole gang had been either in Buffy's apartment or out hunting together.

"Well have to take the sewers; it's a bit too sunny out there for you Jade," Buffy said to the other slayer.

"Aye, I'll go get changed then," Jade replied, heading towards the bedroom. As Jade was in the bedroom Dawn and Mark walked through the door.

"Ok ready to help, book me Giles," Dawn said happily, always eager to do research. Giles knew she would make a very competent and skilful watcher.

"So Dawn, are you and Mark here for the duration?" Buffy asked.

"Sure, as long as it takes," Dawn replied.

"Good, I'm going to head off and get changed. Jade and I are going to the magic box. I'm going to test her out, get a rough idea of what we'll be up against." As Buffy entered her bedroom she was disappointed to find Jade already dressed.

Jade, sensing her disappointment asked playfully, "want me to start again?"

Buffy smiled, wrapping her arms around Jade's waist and kissing her neck, "yes but we don't have time, we have to go to the magic shop and get this done ASAP."

Jade groaned, "ok but after we're done you owe me some smooching woman!"

Once the two women were ready they shouted to the others to let them know they were going and made their way to the basement of Buffy's apartment block where they would find the sewer access.

Chapter fifteen

Buffy and Jade made their way along the sewer tunnel, it would take them about 30 minutes to get to the magic box this way. Xander had converted the back room of the magic box into a training room just like the one she had in Sunnydale. She hadn't really used it that much since her slayer skills were no longer as much in demand as they once were. Buffy was looking forward to taking on Jade, even more so since Willow had cooked up this fancy potion for her. Buffy was jolted from her thoughts by Jade stopping in her tracks.

"What is it?" the blonde asked, instinctively lowering her voice.

"Something's hunting us Buffy," Jade answered, just as quietly. Instinctively Buffy and Jade went back to back, each facing opposite ends of the tunnel.

"I don't see anything Jade."

"Shh don't you hear it?"

"Hear what?"

"Them," Jade said as she watched three vampires, who just happened to be young females, coming towards her.

Buffy turned to see what Jade had seen, "they've got to be regular vamps."

"Drink the potion Buffy, just in case."

"It only protects me against you; if it protected me against all demons and vamps do you really think I would have died so many times?"

"Point taken; drink it anyway," Jade said as she pushed Buffy behind her.

"Hey, I don't need protection!" Buffy shouted as one of the vamps lunged at Jade and knocked her off her feet. Not regular vamps then, Jade realized, we could be in big trouble here.

As Jade got to her feet, Buffy flew at the vamp who'd just knocked Jade on her ass with a forceful kick, fuelled mostly by anger at the vamp for knocking over her girl. Buffy's kick connected firmly with the vamp's chin sending it staggering off it's feet. Buffy looked at Jade as she ran at the two remaining vamps, knocking one over with an uppercut and flooring the other one with a kick to the stomach.

Buffy ran over to Jade and grabbed her by the arm, "Jade we have to go, now!"

"What?! Buffy we can take them," Jade replied, fueled by the desire to fight.

"Last time I checked your kicks and punches did a lot more damage, these are super vamps Jade and we can't risk it until we know more!"

Jade got to her feet, albeit reluctantly, she was sure she could take them, but Buffy was in charge here not her. The two women ran back towards Buffy's apartment block. Jade looked back to see if the super vamps had followed, and realized that either the vamps were running really slow or they weren't pursuing. "Buffy, I don't think they're following."

"Doesn't matter, keep running," Buffy said quickly. It took only a matter of minutes for Buffy and Jade to reach the sewer access in her apartment block. Jade went up first, not having much choice since Buffy was pushing her up by the ass. Ten percent helping, ninety percent copping a feel, Jade thought to herself as she reached down and grabbed Buffy's hand pulling, her out of the sewer. Buffy shut the heavy steel door, cutting off the access to her apartment block.

"Pass me that chain Jade," Buffy told her motioning towards a thick chain sitting in the corner of the room. Buffy secured the steel door with the chain and a padlock. "There, even our new super powered friends shouldn't be able to force that open. Come on," Buffy added, grabbing Jade's hand. "We need to get to Giles."

Despite their recent attack all Jade could think about was the fact that Buffy was holding her hand as they walked briskly towards Buffy's apartment. Alyssa never held her hand; she said public displays of affection were too risky, if someone saw them she could loose everything. Jade suddenly realized that Alyssa was a bit of a tight ass.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They burst into Buffy's apartment. Giles looked up from the huge demonology book he was reading, "that was quick, you've barely been gone 30 minutes."

"Kicked your ass did she?" Xander said looking at Jade.

"Didn't even make it to the magic shop, there was a welcoming party of three super vamps waiting for us in the sewers," Buffy told him.

"What? Are you sure they weren't just regular vamps?" Willow asked.

"Nope, all three just happened to be young female types and also," she stopped to look at Jade hoping the next words out of her mouth wouldn't hurt the vampire's pride, "one of them knocked Jade on her ass and when Jade hit back, heads didn't exactly roll. I mean she knocked them down but damage was minimal."

Jade was angry, not with Buffy but with herself, she should've tried harder; she shouldn't have let one of them best her like that. Maybe I'm not as strong as I thought.

Giles sensing Jade's turmoil spoke, "Jade you did the right thing by coming back here, at this moment in time we have very little information on these super vamps. Other than the knowledge that they are strong the only other thing we have is you. If they'd taken you out we wouldn't stand a chance against them."

Jade smiled at Giles, thankful for his attempt to reassure her even though he didn't.

"Buffy did they follow you?" Willow asked, trying not to sound nervous.

"No Will, we're pretty sure they didn't. We blocked off the sewer access though just in case. I should call Kennedy, let her know what's going on, she'll be expecting Jade and I at the magic box any minute now," Buffy said as she moved towards the phone.

Willow turned to Giles, "we need to call in other slayers Giles and we need to find somewhere else to stay because it's only a matter of time before they find out where we are, if they haven't all ready!"

Chapter sixteen

"Kennedy's on her way home now," Buffy announced as she rejoined the group.

"Buffy we need to find somewhere else to stay, it's too risky to stay here since the latest attack was so nearby," Giles said immediately.

"I know Giles, I called Angel after I spoke with Kennedy, we're to meet him at his office in thirty minutes, he'll have somewhere ready for us," Buffy told him before turning to the rest of the group. "Pack the essentials and Xander; keep it light, your not going camping," Buffy added seriously.

Jade looked confused, "this Angel, he's the vampire with a soul right?"

"The one and only," Willow said before correcting herself. "Well apart from you and Spike, not that Spike counts any more what with being dead and all."

"The same Angel that Buffy used to date?" she asked Willow.

"That's the one."

"Oh." Jade wasn't sure how she felt about Angel being around, he and Buffy were over but still, it could make things a little weird. She had already decided that she wasn't going to like him.

Kennedy ran through the door, "is everyone ok, I was so shocked on the phone I forgot to ask." Noticing that Jade wasn't around Kennedy panicked, "please tell me they didn't get Jade."

"Jade's in the bedroom packing her stuff," Willow reassured her extremely freaked out girlfriend.

"Oh. Packing? What's going on Buffy?" Kennedy asked, obviously confused.

"It's not safe here Kennedy, Angel's finding us somewhere to stay. You and Will need to go and pack a few things, we still have four hours till sunset but make it snappy. Xander, Giles, you too," Buffy said, spurring everyone into motion. Turning to her sister, "Dawn I think it's time Mark went home."

"Why Buffy? He's helping," the teenager whined.

"It's too dangerous for him Dawn, call his mom and have her come pick him up ok."

"He's got the car, I'll go tell him he has to leave," Dawn replied, already sulking.

Dawn didn't have to tell Mark to leave, had already heard everything Buffy had said, "it's ok Dawn, I mean I understand." Dawn kissed her boyfriend and watched him walk out the door, she hoped it wouldn't be the last time she ever saw him.

"Dawn...pack!" Buffy yelled at her from the other room. Buffy grabbed a bag from a cupboard in the living room and went to her bedroom to pack. Jade was still in there but she had finished packing.

"I asked Angel to pick up food for you" Buffy said as she began to gather clothes.

"Thanks," Jade mumbled.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing's wrong Buffy, everything's peachy. I mean vamps I can't kill are after us. We don't have enough slayers and your ex boyfriend's helping us, life's grand," the younger slayer said, sarcasm obvious in her voice. Buffy smiled at her girl, she found it cute that Jade was jealous, not that she had anything to be jealous about though. She and Angel were completely over. Buffy went over to Jade and wrapped her arms around the vampire's shoulders, kissing her softly.

"Everything is going to be fine, trust me," she whispered softly.

Jade hugged Buffy, not wanting to let her go, "I just found you is all, I'm not looking to loose you this soon."

"You won't," Buffy told Jade kissing her once more. "Now come on, sooner we get off the better. You might want to take a blanket to cover yourself with, although, you'll be fine once you get in the car, it has tinted windows," Buffy added grinning.

Jade grabbed a blanket before following Buffy out of the bedroom where everyone was ready and waiting.

"Buffy, Jade, you're in my car, Dawn, Giles, Willow, your in Kennedy's," Xander ordered.

Willow teased him with a salute, "aye aye captain."

The gang left and got into their respective vehicles. It would take them about 20 minutes to drive to Angels place.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel lived in a basement flat under his new office. Now he worked with only Illeryia, who besides Angel was the only one to survive. He had lost Cordelia and Fred before Wolfram and Hart tried to take him down. Wesley had been killed just before hand taking out a member of the black thorn, and Gunn had died during the final battle when Wolfram and Hart had unleashed hell on the streets.

Spike had died too, not that Angel ever considered Spike a friend, and he did alright though, for an English pig. Angel hadn't seen Lorne since he had shot Lindsay. He often thought about him, thought about trying to find him but he knew that Lorne didn't want to be found; he just hoped that his green friend was alright. Connor had continued his life with his new family, he called Angel now and again just to check in, but they were no longer part of each others lives.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The gang pulled up in their two cars outside Angel Investigations. Buffy got out of the car, turning to Jade, "I won't be long, no point in us all going up there." She went over to Kennedy and told her the same. Jade was less than happy, she didn't consider herself to be a jealous person but she really wanted to come face to face with Angel so she could dislike him a bit more.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Buffy walked into Angel's office to find him sitting behind his desk waiting for her.

"What you got for me?" she asked without preamble.

"Hello to you too," the handsome vampire responded quietly.

"Sorry Angel, time's a factor here; can we do the catch up thing when multiple Bringers and vampires aren't trying to kill me and my friends?"

"Sure Buffy, but I'll hold you to it," Angel told her as he stood and handed her a bit of paper, a set of keys and a remote control that Buffy figured was for a garage. "Place is owned by David Nabbit, computer genius and sort of a friend of mine, he has three homes in LA so he said you could stay there as long as you need to."

"This guy's ok though, I mean he's not going to run around telling anyone who'll listen where we are?" Buffy asked suspiciously.

"Not a chance, I can't guarantee that he won't turn up for coffee, but he will keep quiet. Besides, he stocked up for you." Buffy hugged Angel and thanked him before heading towards the door.

"Wait!" Angel shouted. "You forgot your blood." As he handed the brown bag to her, he conveniently neglected to ask who it was for. Buffy thanked him again, asked him to thank David on her behalf and left. Angel had missed Buffy, but she was seeing someone new, he could smell their scent on her, even though they were over it still got to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Buffy knocked on Kennedy's window and handed her the bit of paper Angel had given her, "You drive, we'll follow," she said as she walked over to Xander's car and got in the passenger seat. "Follow Kennedy," she told Xander, handing Jade the brown bag that Angel had given her, "Angel came through."

Chapter seventeen

The two cars pulled up outside their destination, not far from the centre of town.

Kennedy jumped out the car, "holy crap, check this place out!" she screamed staring at the huge house in front of her.

"You sure this is the right place Kennedy?" Willow asked, sounding confused.

"This is the address Buffy gave me," Kennedy responded, wonder still in her voice.

Buffy used the remote to open the garage and Xander drove in while Kennedy got back in her car and followed. The gang got out of their cars and removed their bags from the trunks, Giles and Willow having the most baggage due to the books and magic supplies they insisted on bringing.

"Dawn could you go in and close all the blinds," Buffy asked her sister.

"Sure thing Buffy, we don't want our personal super vamp bursting into flames," Dawn responded with a smile.

The rest of the gang followed Dawn into the house leaving Buffy and Jade alone in the garage. Buffy could hear excited shrieks coming from inside the house, "must be one hell of a house," she said turning to Jade who was sitting on the hood of Xander's car looking a little pensive.

"Come on; spit it out" Buffy demanded.

"What? It's nothing, well, Angel, now that he's helping you does that mean that you two are…"

Buffy didn't let Jade finish her sentence, instead kissing her deep and hard, her hands working their way under Jade's top. Buffy felt Jade shudder as she slid one of her hands under Jade's bra. Jade's arms tightened around Buffy, pulling her closer. Things were about to get interesting when they heard footsteps coming along the hallway that led into the house. They quickly pulled away from each other just in time to lock eyes with Buffy's sister.

"Blinds are all closed Jade, you can come in now," the teen said, oblivious to the sexual tension filling the room.

"Thanks honey, you go on in, we'll catch up," Jade said, not wanting to meet the younger girl's eyes. She turned to Buffy who was looking flustered, "Close call."

"Yeah, come on, we better go inside," the blonde said quietly. Jade followed Buffy into the house; she couldn't believe the size of it and talk about swanky. She had never seen a house like this before let alone been in one.

"So," said Willow. "Sleeping arrangements are as follows, Kennedy and I have a room, Dawn, Xander and Giles you have a room each, and there's a spare room left for Faith when she arrives. Buffy, Jade, you're sharing," she added smiling at Jade.

"Why don't me and Buffy share? That way Jade gets her own room," Dawn offered.

"Dawn it's fine, really, I don't mind," Jade protested.

"Me either," Buffy chipped in, hoping she didn't sound too excited.

"Right then," shouted Giles. "When you're all quite finished arguing about sleeping arrangements, may I suggest we figure out some sort of plan?" Like scolded children, they all sat down around the gigantic table in David's dining area.

"I'm thinking that the plan you had before is the way to go Giles, you know, checking out the locations we missed the other night, strictly recon unless of course we are sure that only Bringers are there," Buffy said.

"Fine but only you, Jade and Willow are to go," Giles began.

Jade interrupted, "wouldn't it make sense to take Kennedy as well?"

"No, I want Kennedy here just in case the Bringers somehow find out that we're here. They, unlike vampires, do not need an invitation," Giles carefully explained.

"So I guess I'll be your driver tonight," Willow said looking at Buffy and Jade.

"Looks like. So we move at sunset, which is in a little under three hours. I think I might go lie down for an hour or so. That is if you guys don't mind?" Buffy responded.

"I think we should all rest for a short while, we may not get much sleep tonight," Giles announced.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As the gang left for their bedrooms Buffy turned to Jade and whispered, "I hope you're not sleepy," before grabbing her hand and leading her to the bedroom, which, thank god had a lock on the door.

Once Buffy had locked the door she pulled Jade towards her, planting soft kisses on her lips, she moved down to Jade's neck and stared nibbling, which elicited a quiet moan from the vampire. Buffy slowly started lifting Jade's top over her head, then stretched her arms around Jade's back, fumbling about for her bra clasp when Jade started laughing softly.

"Ok laughing when I'm trying to get you into bed is not a good sign," Buffy complained her face turning pink from embarrassment.

"Sorry it's just that, well, my bra fastens at the front," Jade told her still giggling.

"Oh. Awkward much?" Buffy teased finally undoing Jade's bra.

Buffy stared at Jade's full breasts while she slipped the bra straps over Jade's shoulders. Leaning over and running the tip of her tongue over Jade's nipple, making her moan while she teased the other with her fingers. Jade cupped Buffy's chin with her hand, raising the other woman's mouth to hers and kissing her deeply while deftly unbuttoning Buffy's jeans.

I'm so nervous, which is strange. It's not like I haven't done this before, the vampire thought to herself as she kissed the blonde and slipped her hand down the front of Buffy's underwear. Feeling her wetness she wanted to dive straight in, but she held back, she wanted this to last. Buffy moaned and took her shirt off as Jade's finger circled her clit. Jade's eyes, which were fixed on Buffy's face, soon lowered when she realized that Buffy wasn't wearing a bra. Jade removed her hand, making Buffy grumble in protest.

"Don't be in such a rush," she told the slayer as she caressed Buffy's perfectly formed breasts with her finger tips.

Buffy could feel herself trembling with every touch. She wanted Jade and she was finding it hard to wait. She pushed Jade onto the bed, quickly removed her jeans and Jade's, and then climbed on top of the vampire, positioning herself between her legs. Jade felt that since Buffy took charge outside, it was only fair that she took a turn in the bedroom. With that she deftly flipped Buffy onto her back.

Kissing Buffy, she ran her hand down the blonde's body, then up the inside of her thigh, until she found her centre. Buffy was undeniably turned on and as Jade slid her fingers inside her Buffy gasped and raised her hips off the bed. Jade could feel Buffy's G spot under her fingers.

By now Buffy was in heaven, she could feel Jade's fingers moving inside her and she knew she couldn't hold on for long as she gently pushed Jade's head downwards, silently letting her lover know what she wanted. As the tip of Jade's tongue connected with her clit, she felt her climax rising inside her instantly. Jade could feel Buffy tighten around her fingers and knew she was close, gently sucking Buffy's clit she moved her fingers faster and harder.

Buffy gasped as her body started to heat up and shake, the shake's soon turned to shudders as Buffy gripped the sides of the bed, moaning, her back arching off the bed, relishing wave after wave of pleasure shooting through her entire body. Jade planted kisses all the way up Buffy's body, and looking down on the blonde slayer, she realized she was falling for her.

"My turn," Buffy whispered in her ear as she pushed Jade onto her back.

Kissing Jade, Buffy could taste herself on the younger woman's lips. As she gently sucked on Jade's bottom lip, the vampire let out a moan. Buffy moved lower, biting Jade's earlobe, and then running the tip of her tongue down Jade's neck. Jade felt herself shudder as Buffy left her neck and started to circle her left nipple with her tongue before moving over to gently suck the right. She teasingly moved down past Jade's centre and down the top of Jade's leg, then moved to the inside to make her way back up, running the tip of her tongue up the inside of Jade's thigh.

Buffy could feel Jade shuddering underneath her with every touch. She knew she couldn't keep her hanging on much longer as she slipped her fingers inside Jade, causing her to moan loudly.

"Shh," Buffy laughed. "They'll hear us." Buffy looked down at Jade, her green eyes looking brighter than ever.

"Really not my fault you know.......JESUS!" Jade squeaked as Buffy pushed her fingers further inside her. Buffy kissed Jade and moved back down her body, burying her head between Jade's legs. "My God," Jade whispered as she felt Buffy's tongue run up and down her clit.

As much as Buffy was having fun tasting Jade's sweetness she wanted to see her face when she came. She moved back up to face Jade, brushing her thumb against the brunette's clit while rubbing the soft mound deep inside Jade with her fingers. Jade moved one of her legs so that it was between Buffy's and the two of them quickly found a rhythm. The feeling of Jade's leg rubbing against Buffy's centre was enough to excite her all over again.

She looked down at Jade, as their rhythm quickened, she felt Jade tighten around her and start to shudder. Jade could feel her orgasm building up and she grabbed Buffy's wrist and forced her deeper inside, hoping that she didn't make too much noise. She felt her body tremble, felt the contractions of climax start at her centre and work their way outward. Against her will, she moaned loudly with pleasure. Buffy and Jade, exhausted, looked at each other and smiled.

"Well that didn't suck," Buffy teased.

Jade smiled and kissed Buffy on the forehead, "I love you Buffy."

Buffy looked at Jade, at little shocked at first but soon realizing she felt the same, "I love you too Jade."

Chapter eighteen

Buffy woke after drifting into a light sleep and looked at her watch; almost two and a half hours had gone by. I really should think about getting up. As Buffy looked down at Jade sleeping she almost didn't want to wake her lover, but they had important things to do that simply could not wait. Buffy woke Jade with a kiss and felt Jade's lips instantly respond.

"Hey there cutie, I think it's time to get up," the blonde said, smiling softly.

Jade groaned, not wanting to ever move from the bed, "Ok, just give me a minute to come round."

Buffy got up and put her clothes on, "I'll go see if the others are up, don't be too long."

Jade got to her feet, "I gotta pee, and I'll be down in a minute."

Buffy kissed her lover and made her way down the stairs where the rest of the gang was sitting around the huge dining room table.

"Sleep well Buffy?" Xander asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Fine thanks," she replied somewhat confused by the question.

Buffy couldn't help but notice the strange looks her friends were giving her. You're imagining it, she told herself. As Buffy walked through to the kitchen to get coffee Willow followed her.

"Um, Buffy?" the Witch said nervously.

Buffy turned to face her friend, "what's up Will?"

"Well you know how you asked me to keep things quiet about you and Jade?"

"Oh my god, I knew it, you told them didn't you? I knew they were giving me funny looks," Buffy said, slightly angered that her friend hadn't kept the secret.

"No Buffy, I didn't tell them I swear. I kinda didn't have to, you know on account of the noisy lovemaking," Willow said, blushing slightly.

"Oh no," Buffy said her face turning red. "I am so embarrassed. They all heard?"

Willow nodded her head, showing Buffy the best empathy face she could muster. "It's ok though, everyone's cool, especially Dawn. She knew you and Jade would end up together, you know since Jade's a vampire with a soul and you tend to like that in your significant others," Willow added grinning. "So how was it?"

"Will it was amazing, I get why you switched to the other side," Buffy said with a wink.

"Ok, but dramatic change of the subject here, we have planning to do," the redhead said quickly.

Buffy followed Willow out of the kitchen to the dining room and was pleased to see Jade sitting with the others; she took the seat next to Jade as Willow sat next to Kennedy.

"Ok, as I said before, Jade, Buffy and Willow are to do a little recon," Giles said before turning to Willow, "I think you need to bring back the scythe."

"But, isn't that a little dicey, I mean what if the super vamps get their hands on it, we'll stand even less of a chance," Willow complained.

"We will just have to make sure that doesn't happen Willow," Giles stated firmly.

"Ok, I'll go do the mojo," she agreed reluctantly. After Sunnydale, fearing the scythe falling into the hands of evil, Willow had moved it into an alternate dimension bubble that only she could access in order to keep it safe.

As Willow left to prepare the spell needed to return the scythe Buffy turned to Giles. "Are you sure this is the right thing to do? If this falls into the wrong hands, or what if I can't keep it safe?" she asked quietly.

"The scythe isn't for you this time Buffy; I want Jade to use it," Giles said, meeting the vampire's eyes.

"Whoa Giles," Jade said standing at the table. "Pressure much? The scythe isn't meant for me, it's for the slayer."

"And you are a slayer Jade, albeit a dead one. The scythe holds tremendous power and I think it's the only way we can hope to win this," Giles explained.

Jade nodded nervously, "fine, but understand that if the bad guys get their hands on it, we are all screwed."

Just then Willow returned with the scythe and handed it to Jade. As soon as Jade put her hands on the scythe she could feel the power. It both reassured her and scared her at the same time, "ok, I can do this, I can wield a weapon that wasn't meant for me, I could do some serious damage with this, mostly to myself but I'll give it a whirl."

Buffy looked at Jade, "you'll only need this to fight the super vamps. For the Bringer's, you can just rip their heads off, no weaponry needed."

"Well let's hope we only find Bringer's tonight," Jade said before turning to Xander. "What about Faith? She's due here tomorrow, last thing I want is for the Bringer's or super vamps to get to her first."

"She'll be fine; I doubt the bringers will attack in the middle of LA airport," Xander answered.

"Fine but we need a different car. The Bringer's probably know what cars we're using and will be looking out for it. A different one will throw them off track," Buffy said. "I'll call Angel later, get him to pick Faith up and bring her here."

"Ok people, lets load up the car with Iraqi weapons," Willow said finally.

Buffy, looking confused turned to Willow, "Iraqi weapons?"

"Weapons of mass destruction, don't you watch the news?" Willow explained impatiently.

Buffy rolled her eyes and started gathering weapons, "yes I do and if you were paying attention you'd have known that they didn't find any."

"Pffft," was all Willow could say.

"Right then, Buffy, Jade, Willow, good luck and please remember not to put yourselves in unnecessary danger. Only attack if you are sure beyond all doubt that you are only facing Bringers. Kennedy, Xander, Dawn we will keep up the research," Giles ordered.

Willow walked on ahead to start the car as Jade and Buffy lingered behind. Buffy feeling a little jealous turned to Jade, "so you really care about Faith then?"

"Well yeah, she was good to me, helped me out a lot," Jade answered carefully, not sure where this was headed.

"So do you like, fancy her?" Buffy asked quickly.

"What? Buffy, no, I mean she's hot but I much prefer blondes," Jade told Buffy with a grin.

"Oh that's good then, so you nervous?" Buffy asked, successfully changing the subject.

"A little but as long as we're careful we should be alright."

Once they got to the car Jade put the weapons in the trunk while Buffy got in the front beside Willow, holding onto the scythe Jade got into the back seat.

"Ok guys, you all ready to go?" Willow asked.

"As ready as we'll ever be," Buffy answered smiling at her friend.

"Aye, but be warned. If I die, Willow, you'd better bring me back!" Jade said seriously.

"Of course, it's what I do after all," Willow said with a smirk as they pulled out of the garage and made their way towards a potential smack down.

Part 19

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