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Crossing Paths
By Wicked


.: Part 1 :.

I pick up my books and sigh. Why again did I decide to go to college? Oh yeah I didn't - my dad did.

Kennedy you will go to college! No arguments.

Hey, I did argue but he was too busy to listen.

I guess his current wife's legs were more important than my future.

I sigh again and shuffle out of the classroom into the big hallway.

Damn these halls are huge! I wonder how ants find their way around here; it's like a trip round the world for them…

Ants? Why on earth am I thinking about frikkin' ants? Have I watched the movie Ants lately? No. Did I see an ant today? Not that I know of. Then why are there ants stuck in my head?!

God, Kennedy, take a pill please! Or at least get your head checked out.

Yeah and if I'd do that, they'd probably tell me I'm material for the loony bin. Hell, I could even open up my own! Kennedy's Institute for Mentally Challenged. It has a nice touch to it. And I could get a discount on the padding; my uncle is into the cushion world.

I grin and shake my head at my own weirdness.

After having a brief fight with my pants, I finally manage to fish my schedule out of my pocket and try to figure out what class I have next.

Oh look at that, I have no class until… tomorrow.

I smile. Couldn't have been better. Okay, a nice car with a driver, few beverages in the cooler and some Michelle on the radio could make it better but I'm not that high demanding. If I'd just get Michelle, I bet she can take care of the car and beverages.

With a small chuckle I stuff my books into my backpack; swing it over my shoulder and with a grin on my face I make my way outside. Oh freedom at last! I know this is college, but sometimes it feels like a jail! I mean I even can't afford to miss any classes. Makes you miss high school… go figure!

I take a deep breath and let the sunrays caress my skin. God I do love this weather. Makes me feel all warm and tingly. Okay I do have another activity which could me make me feel the same way… but that's beside the point.

Going gutter again Kenn?

Yes mind. Got something against it?

Nope. Not at all.

Suddenly that Institute looks so appealing.

I make my way over to a vending machine, drop 6O cents into it and push whatever button my hand wants to push. I reach down to grab my drink and take a look at it. Root beer? What the…?!

Okay hand, next time I let you pick, slap me first so I'll know not to let you pick. Brain, you've noted that down? You better have.

After getting another drink, and this time I made my brain pick for damn safer reasons, I walk over to a litterbin and almost dispose myself of the Root beer can until I feel an elbow pressed into my back for a split second.

"Hey!" I yelp and turn around to find out who thought it would have been a nice idea to nudge my back with their elbow. "Who do you-…"

My words quickly die on my lips when I find myself staring at the girl in front of me. A really cute girl with sparkling green eyes, shiny red hair and freckles… lickable. Which basically have turned me into a fish. Hey mind you, I'd make a pretty cute fish, even if I say so myself.

"Uh… hi." I manage to bring out. Yes I have always been this articulate. Especially when standing in front of a beautiful redhead. Oh that so helps with the sentence forming process in my head. Really, you should try it sometime.

"Hey. Sorry f-for that, I didn't see, I-I mean I saw you cos yeah, who wouldn't see you-… uhm but then you were gone – no I thought you w-were gone but then you were back and I-I couldn't stop myself from doing the colliding and uhm I tend to babble, like now." She gives me a small smile.

"Uh, it's okay." See what I mean? I am a genius with words. Really, they should give me the Nobel price for having an outstanding achievement in the creation of a normal English sentence.

She glances at the can in my hand. "You, uhm do realize you h-have to drink it first before throwing it away…" She waves her hand quickly at the litterbin.

I give another fish performance before mentally slapping myself. Get a grip girl and talk! You have a tongue for a reason. Yes, another reason than that! "Yeah I know but it's uh, Root beer. Not really my thing." I give her a half smile.

Nice going brain, finally able to utter full normal sentences without uh's or uhm's. I congratulate you and give you a trophy. Oh and a year subscription to the magazine, Fish so you'll know just how to stay in shape!

Good god… I have mental issues! I mean, here I am, in the middle of my college's ground, with this hot redhead in front of me and the only thing I can do is giving my brain subscriptions to a fish magazine?!

And I think the redhead has figured out I'm having a chitchat with myself. Ah well, what better way to make a first impression, than to stare at the person all fishlike when you're having a talk with yourself.

"Are you okay?" she asks a little cautiously.

Oh yeah I'm good; I'm just hitting myself with a trout for being such an ass. But hey, you don't see the trout do you? That's good, then it IS all in my head.

"Uh, sorry. I kinda was daydreaming for a sec there."

"Yeah, I uh, I noticed." She smiles. "I'm… uhm… Willow…"

Willow? Like the tree? Okay maybe shouldn't go ask that cos I might scare her away and that is most certainly not the point here!

"Nice to meet you Willow." I finally manage to bring out. Now if I could only remember my name…. "Kennedy! Uhm, I'm Kennedy." I extract my hand and she gives it a quick shake before putting it back under her books to support them.

I giggle internally - a quick shaker huh? Oh my jokes crack me up. I'm literally rolling on the floor laughing out loud.

Okay in my head I am. I'm not gonna suddenly fall on the floor, clutching my ribs and start laughing like there's no tomorrow. People – and not to mention the hot redhead - might look at me weird and that's something I rather avoid.

"So… you frequently bump into people?" I give her a little smirk and a twinkle in the eye. Hey, a girl needs to know how to sweep a person off their feet. I tried it with Scarlet, didn't work. I'm thinking the age difference might have been a slight issue.

"No." she looks down at her shoes and then back up again. "Not really. It's n-not something that I do daily."

Ohhh… a wiseass comment. I like that.

"I see. So uhm Willow, where were you off to before elbow bumping me in the back?"

"I was on my way to class, actually." She takes a look at her watch. "And if I don't hurry, I'll be in a bit of a situation."

I frown. Is it that bad when you enter a class a little later than expected? I did it all the time in high school and they let me pass. So I wonder if it's such a big a deal in college.

So I decide the casual shrug and a small smile are in order. "Don't let me keep you."

She gives me a small nod and says, "Well Kennedy with the dislike for root beer, I'll see you around?"

"Yeah Willow with bumping elbow, I guess I will." Teehee, a tree with an elbow. Makes me wonder about the autonomy of a tree… Ugh, Kennedy shut up!

I see her walk towards the big building and enter it. I can't help looking forward to our next meeting. I mean a hot redhead like that – who wouldn't wanna bump into her! Ohhh, look at that! I didn't go gutter on that one… I'm improving.

I smirk. Yeah right. Keep saying it and you might start believing it.


.: Part 2 :.

I open the door, take a peek inside and release the breath I was holding. Deserted. Just how I like it. Though I don't really like the desert - too sandy and not to mention too hot in the day and too cold in the night.

But the deserted bit here is good, cos it means this girl is on time for once!

Okay no, she's late again. But I do swear, one day I'll be on time. I'd even wanna place a bet on it.

Mind, you interested?

Sure. What we betting for?

A bottle of champagne and some prawns.

I shake my head free from all internal ramblings and take the express train back to this reality. Don't like prawns anyway.

Then I realize I actually never went inside. So basically I've been standing here like an idiot for the past five minutes. What's new in that? I mean it isn't the first time I've made a complete idiot outa myself right?

No need to answer that; it's a rhetorical question.

I make my way inside and close the door. I drop myself in a chair and prop my feet up on the table. If she'd be here, she'd be yelling to get my feet off the table.

"Kennedy remove those feet off the table!" I suddenly hear from the back.

She's here?!

Told you she was gonna do that. I know her like the back of my hand. I glance at my hand and see a wound. Hey, since when is that there?!

Oh never mind the wound, Kenn, just get over there.

"Damn English woman." I mutter when standing up. I shuffle over to the back from where I heard the voice. What is she doing in there anyway? Hiding?

"How nice of you to join me." She says in her typical British accent.

"Sorry Sims, I got caught up. This really hot red-"

"Kennedy, I really don't want to hear anymore of your escapades. If I am in a desperate need for teenage crushes – which I highly doubt - I'll buy a magazine." She smirks and goes into the other room.

I hate it when she does this! First she'll act all stiff and English and then she'll smirk at me. I think her British has been Americanized or something…

Thank God I like her. Cos if I didn't, I would've smacked her back to England ASAP! Of course with a type of fish that's capable of doing such a thing. Like, oh I don't know a trout?

Yes, I have a thing with fish. That's it, I'm gonna quit school and open a fish shop. I'd definitely earn a lot of money. Just the smell isn't gonna be too appealing to people. Nothing enough perfume, a shower every five minutes and an air refresher could fix.

Hold on, teenager? Like a teen? People who have the age that ends with –teen? Hello, my teenager period past some years ago.

"Sims, I just want to point out this little fact. I'm 20 years old – not exactly a teenager anymore." I fold my arms across my chest and try to glare at her.

She turns around and glances at me. Glaring worked better when she wasn't looking at me. And why do I have a feeling she's gonna smirk again?

She smiles and says, "Your ID may say 20, but your behavior says 10." And with that she continues flipping through some books.

I throw up my hands and roll my eyes. She had to go and say that!

My behavior? I have a behavior? Okay, everyone has one but is mine so bad? Come on, get real! I'm just sometimes late, you know, now and then…

You know when I had a behavior? Like a teensy weensy bad one? When I met Sims. I still remember it like yesterday. I forgot some of my books in my locker, so when school was out I went back to get them. Suddenly this woman comes up to me.

5 ft. tall, brown hair put up in a bun, glasses and dressed in this female suit. I swear you saw this was someone who wouldn't like to be messed with.

I once said to her she has a lot of attitude for a short person – I got one hell of lecture about how strong short people can be.

Hey I have to hand it to her; she taught me how I'm able to turn my height from a burden into an advantage. And trust me, it's handy!

"Kennedy, do get in here!" Sims yells from the other room. Woman has a powerful throat too. She yells and you can ask the Mexicans to repeat what she said.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I smirk and silently add, "Just not the way I'd like to."


.: Part 3 :.

Blue stuff here, red stuff there and green stuff somewhere.

Oh how I love ordering the supplies rooms. So much fun. Especially if they tell you are free to use any ordering system you want.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Hear that? It's the sarcasm dripping from that comment.

I cry out from frustration. Well more whisper since silence is required and all in this place. You drop a pin and they're on your ass telling you to be more careful next time. A pin for crying out loud.

I roll the cart outside and make my way to the next room. They gave me a map. I mean, huh? A map of this place, go figure. Don't they have signs, like road signs, only hall signs here?

No I am not a mental patient; I'm a part of the staff. You think they'll buy it?

If I had a choice, I so would not have taken this job. But my precious daddy thought it was a good learning school for my studies and a nice credit on my application form.

Okay the man has a point but cos of duty as daughter I am supposed to question all his decisions and if possible, reject them too.

Ugh! What the… I look up and see a wall not too far away from my face. Okay what has just happened? I look at the cart that's currently standing against the wall. Great, I've hit the wall. I turn my head and look at the door of my original destination. Passed that and hit the wall cos I've been talking in my head too much.

I glance around to see if someone has witnessed my embarrassing little accident. Phew, I'm clear. I would've gotten a week of teasing and poking if someone of the staff saw that. I should probably bribe Jerry of the security cameras first thing tomorrow…

I pull the cart back to the room I passed just a few moments ago and open it. I shove the cart in and take another look around before entering too.

Hold on! Back up a bit Kenn, my eyes caught something! I open the door again and look through the door across the hall. I see a girl… red hair, reading some big book and she seems very intrigued by it. Never liked books, too much reading requires too much think-

Get back on track here Kenn, Willow's in that room! Why is Willow here? I mean there is a reason why she's here right? Or maybe she couldn't find a quiet place to read her book.

Get. A. Grip. It isn't that hard! Just… erm grip the bars of the get-a-grip-roller coaster. Or something. Whatever! Just go in there.

I walk to the room and knock. Hey my mum raised me good. Well she did the first two years. I hear a 'come in' on the other side of the door so I open the door and make my way inside, only to be welcomed by a surprised redhead. Yes, hi I'm Santa Kennedy. Have you been a good girl this year? I bet ya have!

Shut up Kenn. Mentally I mean, not erm mouthly. You need your mouth to ask Red over there what's wrong with her. So just stop thinking and ask her.

Hey Willow, what's wrong?

Not in here, idiot! Open up your mouth, use your tongue and vocal chords to utter sounds. Then form them into words. Oh and direct them at the hot girl on the bed. C'mon it doesn't take being a brain surgeon!

"Uh… hi." Very well. It's better than talking to her in your mind.

I lose my stand and hook my thumbs in my belt loops. Always look cool I say. Not cool as on cold but cool as in, erm cool. Yeah.

"Kennedy?" I vaguely hear. I focus my stare on her and internally whimper. It's just those eyes, green mesmerizing eyes, turning me to human goo.

That's enough mush for today. Cut it out already.

"Uhm, yeah… hi."

SMACK! That was me slapping myself with a catfish. You've already said hi, doof. Keep the things you've said logged please, so you won't say the same thing twice in the same 5 minutes.



Hey, that wasn't me so shush! Can you mentally glare at yourself? I mean, like if you want to scold yourself and add a glare to it and go all 'boo you' on yourself.

Uhoh, Willow's looking at me like she has seen a ghost… or urm something. That's not good. What with me not being a ghost.

"You're a, uh, a doctor?" She then asks.

Yes, I am doctor Kennedy. And my next thesis is about the autonomy of women with a tree name. So Miss Willow, you are my first patient. I grin and say out loud, "Hopefully I will be in 3 years."

"Oh, uh, so you're a student?" She gives me a curious look.

I stuff my hands in my pockets and shrug. It's unbelievable how I can turn into some shy twelve year old just by getting some looks. "Yeah, student it is. Pre-med."

"Oh cool. So you like helping people and, uh, stuff. Lots of blood though, icky red blood. I'm not too keen on, uh blood. It wigs me out. But maybe you do like it, the blood I mean. There are people who like it. Though personally it's kinda disgusting liking blood. Not that you are disgusting! No, I'm not saying that, definitely not saying th-"

"Willow!" I cut her of. Teehee, she was babbling. Soooo cute! And I would've let her go on cos hey it was quite a show. But the shade of blue her face was getting showed she forgot to breath in that little word marathon. And dead Willow will start a chain reaction that will end with weeping Kennedy. Oh hey, look a new tree! Okay back to reality please. Thank you.

"I was babbling huh?" Ohmygod, she's fidgeting with her shirt! So adorable.

I nod and smile. "No biggie. Nothing I can't handle." I smile, partly to calm her down and partly cos of my comment. Nothing I can't handle… I'm sure I can handle Willow!

"So…" I shuffle to her bed. "Why are you in the hospital?" I ask casually and sit down on her bed.

"Oh, uh…" She looks like she got caught doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing. Like when a mother catches her kid with their hand in the cookie jar. Is she hiding something?

Oh listen to me! Talking like I've known Willow for like my entire life. This is only the second meeting for crying out loud. Don't lose it Kenn; you're going crazy I think.

Right, crazy Kennedy.

Shut up.

You shut up.

No you shut up!

Both shut up! Find out what the redhead has to say!

I turn my attention back to Willow and see a very high raised eyebrow look. Wow, a little higher and her eyebrow would be considered a part of her hairline.

"Are you okay? You look… uh, mad."

Mad? Oh, angry look cos of the mental fight. Oops! Damn my face for reflecting the things that go on in my head. "Uhm, no not mad. Sorry, my face has a uh, mind of its own, you know…"

She gives me a small smile. "Yeah, those faces and their minds; such troublemakers."

I laugh. "They should be punished." Funny Willow. Mushy Kennedy. And troublemakers. Oh, the day out of the life of Kennedy. That's the new blockbuster of this summer. You'll see.

I clear my throat and look at her. "So you're not going to tell me why you're here?"

"I, uh… bumped, yeah, bumped into a…" She glances around. "Uh, into a door! It broke one of my uh ribs."

Bumped into the door? Good god, that's like THE oldest excuse in the book! They should revise the book and bring out a new edition. Sjeez!

I pick up her chart. Committed for a broken rib and several bruises.

Woah, looks like the 'door' is very strong. Wonder if the 'door' has a name. Probably something macho, like… Bert or Mark.

If I'd get my hands on that 'door', I'm pretty sure macho Bert would be cat door Bert.

Okay calm down. Going after the evil 'door' is not good. Jail is not a pretty thing. Ask Uncle George. He lives there, permanently.

It is kinda weird. I would've sworn she swings the other way. Guess my gaydar is a little off. Should take it to shop and ask a refund. I paid good money for the damn thing.

I continue reading her chart. Next of kin, Buffy Summers.

Buffy Summers? What is it with Sunnydale and their weird names?

Look who's talking. The Parental Unit named me after a dead president, who got shot and had an affair with Marilyn Monroe!

I do wonder who this Buffy chick is. Oh, maybe she's the door. It does sound kind of butch.

Could be her mother. But Willow's last name is… Rosenberg. Then again, her mother could've kept her maiden name.

"So everything okay?" She questions.

I give her a look that says 'huh'?

"Well you were uh, studying my chart. All doctor like even. And " She indicates my clothes. "the blue doctors thing, well you look like a doctor. Well more of a surgeon but that's sort of a doctor so. And I'll stop talking now."

And she does. I'm still stuck on the huh look, cos my mind is processing everything she just babbled. Then I look down to take a look at myself. I do look like a surgeon, what with the blue shirt and pants. They make us wear it so people will know we're part of the staff. Though no one has come up to me and said, 'Are you a doctor?'

"Erm well," I put the chart back and look up at her. "everything is fine. It says you'll be discharged in an hour. You want me to call someone to pick you up?"

"Oh no, it's okay. I've called a friend of mine." She smiles and grabs the glass of water that's on the bedside table.

I spot my chief outside the room. He's probably wondering where on earth I am. Time to get back to ordering I guess. "Okay I hope that rib gets better soon. But I gotta go. You know, duty is calling." I give her a wink and with that a little jump I get off the bed. "See you around on campus."

She smiles and nods. "Bye."

I slip out of her room and tiptoe back into the supplies room. Back to mind numbing labor. But a flash of a hot redhead and it's all done with a goofy smile.


.: Part 4 :.

Ugh, my cervical muscle is killing me. Not to mention my spine got a divorce from the rest of my body four hours ago!

I'm so not in the mood to pay money for an attorney. They're bloodsuckers. Like…

I shake my head and groan. No need to think about that right now. Or I will file for a divorce from the rest of body.

Thank god my shift is over cos it seems my mind has been reduced to thinking crap. Not that I usually don't think crap. But that's different crap; it makes sense. Like right now I'm not making any sense. That's cos I'm thinking crap that doesn't make sense.

Okay, time to get my mind back on track before I lose it completely. I need something relaxing but fun. I could rent a movie. That's always fun. And it doesn't involve much thinking. Perfect. Could even ask Em to join me. Have some chips and dips.

I hope dad's not home. Not only can we then watch the movie on the big screen, but I also don't get any nagging! I'm not in the mood for that right now. Too tired. And I might throw a catfish at him and what's-her-name-again. I can never remember his wives their names. By the time I really know their name, they're leaving! So why bother remembering their name. Takes in important memory space in my head.

I just remember them by their clothes. The one before this was Prada. She was always wearing Prada. One day she got home and yelled, 'Honey I need money! Prada's newest collection is out!'

Was funny cos my dad is a bit of a cheapskate. He doesn't like spending money. Except if it's for gambling or booze.

I think that was the only time he didn't give his wife a credit card. Smart decision I must say.

Yes! No car on the drive way means no dad and no Gucci! It is my lucky day!

I grab my keys and open the backdoor. I don't like the front door. Like what's the point of going through the front door anyway? It has what, ten locks? So that takes forever to open. And it's only there for decoration anyway. Don't think it ever has been opened.

I drop my stuff on the table and look for a note of some sort. Not that my dad would leave one but if Em went along, she would have.

"Kenn that you?" That's Em, short for Emily. Where is that annoying brat?

Hey she's cool. Just her age makes her sometimes so unbearable you are willing to commit a murder to get some peace and quiet.

Not that I was a saint when I was her age. Hell no. Always getting into trouble, doing what I wanted and never listened to people.

Well look at that, haven't changed a bit.

I snicker. That's a bit of a lie. I have changed. And the cause of that is Sims. She raised me all over again. She was my bootcamp. Bootwoman Sims.

"Yeah Em, it's me. Where's dad?"

I hear like 20 people run off the stairs but when I round the corner I'm greeted by only one girl. I still wonder how she pulls that off!

She's taller than me. I guess she didn't get the short DNA. Lucky brat.

"He's out with Gucci. Some dinerparty of something." She shrugs and stuffs some candy in her mouth. I grab the candy and throw it on the dresser.

"No candy before dinner." I know she's pulling faces at me now. I look around the kitchen to spot something to eat. Guess he was too busy to go shopping. I sigh and take the phone. "Pizza sound good to you? We can rent a movie and watch it while eating."

She gives me an affirmative nod.

"Cool." I quickly call the pizza place and order the pizza.

"So sis, where have you been?" Em asks and narrows her eyes. What is she up to this time?

"What do you mean Em? I was at the hospital. Where else? Old people's home?" I roll my eyes. Why did she ask that? Argh, it's the age thing again.

"Sims called a few hours ago. She was asking where you were. Apparently you were missing in action." She's looking at me, probably trying to find a clue that says I'm lying. Well hey, guess what, I'm not lying! And missing in action? Excuse me?

I slap my hand against my forehead and groan. "Em, number one, you really should stop watching those army movies. They're starting to affect your language, not to mention your head. Number two, I had class, went to Sims and then I got my ass to my job so I could earn some money. You know, the green paper things with dead presidents on? You've seen it. And number three, missing in action?"

What did she take? Or better yet, what was in that candy? She's like her mother, so frikkin' curious. Needs to know like every detail of your day. And don't you think of leaving out one single detail! Unbelievable.

"Kenn, come on. Do us all a favor and tell me which girl it was this time. The one from your soccer team? Or maybe that hot brunette from on the corner?" She smirks.

Argh! What did I do to deserve this? "Em shut up! There was no girl. Okay, no girl. Do I need to spell it?"

She shakes her head and sighs. "Sorry. Sims called to say you better be on time tomorrow. I'm just trying to find some action. I've been stuck here in this house all day Kenn, I need you to give me some juicy stuff."

I better be on time, huh? Yes, when birds can talk. Need to give her some… "Juicy stuff? You're 14. Not old enough to get juicy stuff Em." I mutter. Kids. I'm never gonna get any if they're all like this!

"Wasn't talking about that Kenn. Eeew much?" She grimaces. Gotcha there kid.

"Look why don't you go to the store and get us some chips and dips. In the meanwhile I'll go get the movie." I grab a twenty and hand it to her. "You better bring back change! And I'm not talking about coins. I want those earlier mention dead presidents."

She grabs the money and runs out. The kid's hyper.

Really, she's hyperactive. I remember when she was a kid, she chased the dog with cat food yelling, 'I'm gonna turn you into a kitty!' I swear the dog had a look on his face that was screaming, help!

I chuckle. I grab my wallet, so I can get that movie.

I'll probably settle with some chick flick. Em and me always comment the boys, girls and wardrobe. It's fun. And when it's just too bad, we start throwing popcorn at the screen.

What can I say, we're both nuts.


.: Part 5 :.

Ugh… sun go away. I don't want to wake up and you're waking me up.

Can you make the sun go away? Like, shoot a huge missile at it and make it go kaboom?

I jump out of bed and rush to the bathroom. I need a shower! STAT! My mind needs to wake up. I was talking about blowing the sun up for god's sake!

Is it talking? The thing you do in your mind, is it talking or thinking? I mean you talk without using your vocal chords so I guess you could consider that thinking.

Ugh it's way too early to be discussing this. What time is it anyway? 12? Crap, I'm so gonna miss my one o'clock class! Again! That's bad. I should remind myself to set an alarm next time. Someone invented it for a reason. And no, that reason isn't to just look pretty on your bedside table.

I'm gonna take a quick shower, put on some clothes and grab my stuff. Gonna at least try to be on time for class. Who knows, I might even make it.


I groan and drop my head on the table. I think I need a drink.

Here I am, huffing and puffing, trying to catch my breath. Dad should really give me a car. At least I'm on time today.

Okay someone just tapped me on my shoulder. Come on, tired Kennedy here, leave me alone! I drag my head up and turn it so I can see who disturbed me. "Willow."

No, don't leave me alone! Definitely do not under any circumstances leave me alone! Hassle me, bug me, hell stalk me!

"Hey." She smiles and I'm instantly turned to mush.

Okay stay calm and cool Kenn. I know that's asking a lot of you but bear with me here. A cool Kennedy will not, I repeat, will not scare Willow away. A freaking Kennedy will. What do you think is best, huh?

"Hi, urm, you need a seat?" I indicate the vacant table next to mine.

Throw confetti, light some fireworks and put on the music - she took the seat!

Woah, I think I'm finally gonna attend a class where I don't fall asleep! I mean, it'd be pretty stupid to fall asleep when there's a cutie next to you. Won't pay much attention to class though…

"So hey, how's your rib?" I just remembered that. What can I say, I see Willow and I hardly remember my own name.


Yes I know, he's a dead president.

No, you Kennedy.

And you Jane?

No, you're Kennedy.

Nuhuh, I'm not a dead president. I'm a girl and alive and a pre-med student.

I chuckle. They should record all the stuff that goes in my head.

You have trouble sleeping? Then buy the mental ramblings of Kennedy on tape for only $5.99! It'll have you sleeping in no time!

Where's my prozac when I need it?

"The rib's uh, fine. Healing nicely, you know. Well, you uh should know, what with you being a pre-med student." She knits her brow together and suddenly ask, "Why are you here anyway? I mean, you're a pre-med, why this class?"

"Oh I took this class as an extra." I did. My dad made me take an extra class, so I picked literature. It's a nice class to catch some sleep. Except today of course.

She grins and takes out her stuff. A notepad? We're supposed to take notes? Great, I've missed that memo. Should really kick the memocompany. It's that chick Jayme; she's been keeping all my memo's.

Okay I have no idea if there is such thing as a memocompany but I gotta think something!

Okay, so do I have a pen?

I try my jacket. Jackpot, pen I have.

A notepad?

I check my bag and fish out a piece of paper.

See I do always come prepared. Well sort of. Oh well, now I'm able to take some notes and act all smart towards Willow. Impression, ain't it important.

"Oh, you also take eh, notes?" She blurts out. Which honestly, made me jump a little.

I give her a quizzical look.

"Uhm, see not many students take uh, notes in this class. It's like a miracle to see someone who, urm, does." She smiles sheepishly and tries to hide her blushing face.

Shoot, I have no explanation for this one. "Oh uhm… well see… I mean… You know…" Damn, I'm so stuck! I have absolutely no way out!

"Oh hey, look the teacher's here. Late again, but hey at least his classes are good." She grabs her pen and starts noting stuff down.

I look at the teacher loading out some stuff from a huge box. Seems I did get a way out: the teacher.

I glance back at Willow. So she's noting stuff down when he has not even started teaching?

Maybe she's psychic and already knows what he's gonna say. That'd be pretty cool. All mind reading.

Uhoh, if she can read minds, she can also read mine…

Where's a fish when you need one? Cos I seriously need some smackage so I can get some sense slapped into me.

Oh pay attention, old man in the front has started. Okay, pick up a pen and start taking notes. I wish I had a tape recorder; I really don't like writing.

"Psst Kennedy?" I feel Willow nudge me in the ribs. Good thing I'm not ticklish.

"Yeah?" I ask and try to keep my voice low. Which is quite hard cos it got squeaky from the nudging.

"Do you happen to have an extra pen on you? Mine just died."

Shoot! I don't think I have! Maybe in my bag. I grab it from the floor and start going through all the pockets. Front pocket… empty. Side pocket… empty. Other side pocket… Yeah! Got one! I take it out and grin proudly. You're gonna be lucky; all touched my Willow's fingers. So make us all proud buddy. Don't muck up!

"I have one." I tell Red and hand it to her.

When our fingers touch, I feel a bolt of electricity go through me. Good god, how is it I'm so smitten already? I'm a hopeless case.

"Thanks." She smiles and I immediately get that pesky goofy grin back on my face.

I look at the pen and study the way she's holding it. Index finger leading it, thumb keeping it in place and middle finger supporting it.

Can a person get turned on by watching someone holding pen? Or maybe it's because those three fingers are the most important…

I groan and drop my head on the table. I think I need a shrink.


.: Part 6 :.

"That's it for today class. You may all go now." I hear the teacher say. Finally! It took a lot of willpower to not fall asleep. Literally. The things I do for a chick…

Well hey, another tap on my shoulder. I turn my head and see Willow. Yeah, that's the chick the all right.

"Thanks for letting me use that." She smiles and hands me back the pen.

I look at the object in my hand.

Hello Kenn, you in there? Or did the teacher bore you to death?

Yeah I'd go for that.

You wanna bet on that?

Sure. Ten bucks okay?

I get up from my seat and walk outside. Stupid mind! I've missed Willow walking out. You and your betting; if you don't stop it soon I'm gonna go all 28 Days on you!

I grin. Yeah, I'm definitely weird. Though the 28 Days deal doesn't sound bad. I mean, stuck in some place for 28 days together with Sandra Bullock? Tempting.

Feet stop! I spot a redhead… and a blonde. Hrmm. Green isn't your colour Kenn. Wait, cut down the green, they're too close to be just friends, but not close enough to be together together.

Not that I think Willow's gay. I man, with the door and all.

What am I saying?! I have no frikkin' idea. I thought she was gay cos my 'dar told me. But then that thing at the hospital. She of course could've been hit by a door… but that's the oldest excuse in the book.

No freaking out Kenn. It's not good for your skin – makes you go all wrinkly. Just be… remotely cool cos that's probably the only cool you can handle around Willow. Now go over to her.

No, she's with a friend.

So? Like you're not a friend?

Didn't say that. Just me-

Sush! Move that ass buddy!

Damn me and my ordering all the time. Drives me nuts. I never can say no.

I shuffle my way over to Willow and her friend with a smile plastered on my face. "Hey". Nice and cool, well done.

"Kennedy, hi!" She sounds chirpy. "Buffy, I'd like you to meet Kennedy. She's a student here too – pre-med student even."

Buffy? Buffy Summers? The next to kin person? She doesn't look old enough to be Willow's mother. Well duh, that's cos she isn't!

Let's shake the hand Buffy just offered before I mess it up. Yikes, little chick but she has some strength in that hand! "Nice to uh, meet you Buffy."

She eyes me suspiciously. "Yeah you too." She directs herself at Willow again. "Will gotta run. Finally have a job I'd like to keep." She hugs Willow and adds "See you tonight." She smiles at me and scampers off.

Was it me or did she gave me… a weird vibe. Like a ticklish feeling inside of me. Not necessarily a bad feeling though.

I shake the frown of my face. Where's Willow? Ah there. Looking at me weird. Again. Sjeez, nice going Kennedy. "So uh, you have class now?"

Urm, whatcha doing?

Shut up and let me do what I want.

She thinks for a moment and then shakes her head. "No. Hardly have classes in the afternoon."

That's what I wanted to hear. Not that I have a classfree afternoon. Oh hold on, incoming message. Look at that – I just got a classfree afternoon! Teehee. "Do you urm…"

Just say it already! Use that tongue. "Uhm, you know…"


"Do what?" She frowns.

"Get a, uh, coffee or something?" There, it's out! Out of the date-closet! And to think I was even easier to come out of the closet…

She looks like a dear caught in headlights. Doesn't look good… Well who would look good when a car is heading at you full speed, about to hit you and probably kill you.

Erm, yes…

"Oh, I-I uh don't know. I have some, uhm… things to do a-and stuff to uh, correct. A-and I have to pick up Dawn. Oh yeah, you don't know Dawn. She's Buffy's sister. Hey, now you look all sad! No, I mean, don't look all sad. I-I don't like sad people, they make me sad. Why are you sad? Oh yeah, cos of the coffee thing. Yeah, see I'm not ready I guess. A-and a lot of stuff to do. Busy, busy, busy! Don't get me wrong, you seem like a nice girl and all but, and I'm sorry for the cliché, it's me. And now I'll stop before I faint cos of lack of breath."

Mind still processing?


Okay hit me.

Dawn and Buffy? Ohmy, crazy parents.

Sad? Yeah, disappointed, turned down, beaten like a dog. I can go on and on but I'll stop.

Not ready? Saywha? Why not ready?

Nice girl and all?

Okay hold it! All of it! 'Not ready' and 'nice girl and all'? Do I see…? Yes I see… HA I knew my gaydar wasn't wrong! Never failed me before.

Now back to the not ready bit. What happened that makes her not ready? Yeah, think about it, you'll definitely get it. I virtually roll my eyes. Doof.

"Kennedy?" Did it again? Shoot. "You okay? Did I freak you, with the uh babbling? Sorry if I did-"

"No!" I cut her off. Oops. Now I have freaked her. "I mean, no you haven't freaked me out." As if, Willow's babble is way too adorable.

"Okay. Uhm, you sure you're okay?" She looks worried. Not a look I particularly like on her face.

"Yeah, I'm good." I sigh when I fully realize I've just been blown off. Her babble covered it all. But the fog cleared and I saw the huge billboard saying "Rejected tootsie pop!" Let's burn it. Later.

The look changes from worried to guilty and I can tell she's debating something. "Look uh…" She takes a deep breath. "I-I mean coffee won't hurt me. It's just having a coffee with a fellow student, right?"

She asks it like she's expecting an answer, so I nod. "Yes of course."

"See of course." She frowns but then smiles. "Let's grab that coffee."

Okay did she just say what I think she said? Or are my ears playing tricks on me? I'd pinch myself but it would make me look weird. Err, even weirder.

"Cool! I mean urm, yeah. There's this place on Main. Something with Pump."

"Espresso pump." She offers.

"Yeah that. A lot of youngsters hang out there. Wanna go there?"

She nods and I'm practically dancing! Yeah this is turning out to be a good day after all. Now just the lottery and I'm set for life.


So after walking to the Espresso Pump, we claimed a booth and ordered our drinks. She has a mocha and I settled for a black coffee. Milk makes my skin crawl and sugar gets me all hyper. What can I say?

I shift in my seat uncomfortably and let my gaze fall on her. She's staring at her mocha like there's a fly in it. Drowning. You know…

"So…" I start. Question, question, come on, gimme a question! "Uhm, how long have you lived in Sunnydale?"

Gotta have something to start the small talk with. And somehow 'What's with the weather' doesn't fit the description.

"My entire life. Was born here, raised here and probably die." She says that last bit mumbled, but I heard it nevertheless. Woo frustration. Doesn't look good on her; clashes with her black shirt.

"Oh." I offer. There's kinda a lack of things to say to that. I mean what can you say? Nice dying then, here in good ol' SunnyD. Okay I know other situations to say that… Anyway, back to Willow.

"What about you?" She asks. Me? Long or short story? Or even better, just a few details. The full story might scare you away.

"Urm me? Yeah… I was born in Boston. Went to school there, graduated and pretty much had a nice life built… what with college and all. But when my dad got married again, we moved here."

"Boston huh? That's a, uh, while from here."

I nod. It is. And mom still lives there, so if I want to see mommy dearest I have to spend a few hours on a plane. Not something I wanna do every fortnight. "Is your friend Buffy also attending college?"

Hey I'm curious, so sue me.

She shakes her head. "No. She has a job at the new high school. She's a student counselor."

New? So there's an old one? Like, the new is for the new people and the old for the uh… oldies? Yes, I am going for doctor. Though sometimes I wonder me and what pair of brains. "Eh, new?"

She frowns. Oh hey look, an "ohhh" face. "Yeah, sorry. You don't know that story. A few years ago the old high school, the one Buffy and myself graduated from, went all kabloowee on our graduation day." She looks around uncomfortable and sips from her mocha. Hrmm…

"What caused the explosion?"

She thinks for a moment. "Not too sure. They uh think a malfunctioning in the electricity." She clears her throat and fidgets with her cup.

Hello! Did I miss something in this conversation that makes her act like this? Should really pay more attention.

Even more attention? Impossible.

Shut it brain.


"So do you like Sunnydale?" She suddenly says. Talk about a stir. Don't like my convo's stirred; rather have them on the rocks and shaked.

"It's cool. I like the college. In Boston, the college people are downright nasty. Here they're mostly friendly." The other day this ass bumped into me without apologizing.

"Uh yeah, nice college. I like it here. It's home you know." She smiles and finishes her mocha. She gets up and grabs her bag. "Gotta run. Got a kid to pick up." She smiles sheepishly and swings her bag over her shoulder. "I'll see you later. Thanks for the mocha."

I get up and nod. "Yeah, it's cool." Oh boy she's close, like really close. Just… and I'd be able to… No thinking thoughts like this!

Only acting.

So what do I do? I lean forward and press my lips to hers.


.: Part 7 :.

Oh god, I can't believe I'm kissing her! Willow! I'm kissing Willow! Hey where did those lips go?! Get back here!

I open my eyes and see Willow standing there, looking a little shocked. And I think 'a little' is an understatement in this case. Way too much shocked is a better thing to say.

What's wrong? Am I a bad kisser? Did I have an icky breath? Or maybe I changed into another person and is she now wondering who the hell I am. I swear, there will be heads rolling if I changed into a guy!

That's what they call denial; you talk so much you just don't think of the situation that's going on and you stretch time before realization kicks in and crushes you. Okay I don't think that's denial, but pure avoidance. Same crap.

"Erm…" I start but don't continue cos I have no idea what to say. No idea what to do either. It seems I'm quite stuck here. Maybe someone glued me to the ground. Superglue is really strong stuff you know.

"I-I…" Willow glances around. What is she doing? Checking if her dad is around and caught her kissing another girl? Where did that come from anyway? Gah, head be nice. "I need to go. I'm sorry… I'll just-" And now she's walking away.

What is she walking away from? From me, from this thing that just happened? Okay thing? We're not talking about an indescribable event, we're talking about a kiss that just happened between two people. She just can't walk away from it. We need to…

That's the question right? What do we need to do? I sigh and sprint after her. "Willow. Please stop." I join her little walking session. "We uh, need to talk about this I guess."

She shakes her head. "No we don't. We just… have to forget it." Excuse me? Forget? This? Oh yeah, I'll definitely forget the fact that I have just kissed a hot redhead! Yeah and tomorrow I shall play the superbowl. Come on!

And don't start walking faster! I'm a shorty, short legs you know. And quite frankly, all this walking is just annoying. Let's end it then.

"Just stop alright?" I grab her arm and bring her to a halt. "Okay good." I take a deep breath. I think there's only one explanation for her reaction. "Look if I just scared you or something, I'm sorry okay. I am. I-I didn't really intend this to happen. It wasn't like I woke up this morning and said, let's kiss the cute redhead." She blushes at my comment and I smack myself in the head. Literally this time. "Sorry. I… Sorry."

She's still looking at the ground. Oh man, I would really like to just put my finger under her chin and lift it up. But no, Kenn, that's not the way to go. But I need to see those eyes. I really do. I sigh and run my hand through my hair. I should've known today was gonna be a bad day. Aren't I supposed to have this sixth sense or something? Gah!

Oh boy, breakthrough. She has looked up and is looking me in the eye. And I'm blown away. Like totally. It's like this big sledgehammer knocked me down but yet here I am, standing though my knees are starting to give in.

She's looking me straight in the eyes and the only thing I can see are those green pools of her that hold so much sadness. The purest kind of sadness there is. It's like she lets me take a peek in her soul. A tortured soul, a broken one but definitely not mended. I feel a tear slip on my cheek and I just let it slip. I don't feel the need to wipe it away; it's there cos of what I'm seeing now. She sees it and grimly smiles a little. She turns around and starts walking again. This time I don't follow though. My heart is yelling to move my legs but my head advises me to let her go.

I grab my bag from the ground and hug it closely. I need… a punching bag. Guess the sorrow I felt for Willow has now turned into rage. Rage for the person who caused that sadness in her eyes. And somehow I know it wasn't me.

I start running towards Sims' place. It's not far away. Just around the corner and I'm there. I stop running and walk towards the door. It's a good thing if you know where she keeps the spare key. I lift the pot and grab the key. I turn the lock and open the door.

I hear music. Classical music – Mozart. Hey I may be a clumsy idiotic fool, but I do know my music. Guess she's home then. I shuffle towards the living room and see Sims in the couch. She loves Mozart. Sometimes I think she would've married the bloke if she would've had the chance.

I need to sit down. Where's that damn chair? Ah here it is. Sims already knows I'm here – she has felt my presence from the moment I got through that door. She's special that way. Then again, I guess she's special in a lot of different ways.

I sigh and close my eyes. Maybe I should take a nap. I am sort of tired. What with all this crap happening today.

"Kennedy. It's nice to see you." Sims suddenly says. Startled me to death by the way. I guess that nap is out of the question. I sit up and stretch my back.

"Yeah, I bet I'm a lovely sight to see." I murmur. I open my eyes and look at her. She sighs and turns away her gaze.

"Has something happened?" She asks and turns around to face me again. I shake my head. "It's not yet time for your training. Why are you here then?"

I shrug. Like I can't visit you when I want? "Cos… it's raining and your house was the closest nearby." Raining? Right Ken, it's sunny outside.

She looks outside and sees the same thing I just said, a sunny day. Sims rolls her eyes and takes up her cup of tea. Or coffee. Who knows, it's just something hot cos it's still all steamy. "I see."

You do? Cos I don't. I mean, I don't see water pouring out of the sky! "Er, yeah." I take off my coat and drop it by my bag. "So can I train?"

She glances at her watch and nods. "Very well. Go change and I'll join you in the backroom in a moment." She walks into another room.

I drag myself up and shuffle to the changing room. I really don't wanna wear them damn shorts again. They cut off all the blood to more southern directions. And I would like to keep those regions intact.

I glare at the shorts. No, I am not going to wear you! Go torture someone else.

Let's go to the punching bag. Knock the living daylight out of it. Maybe even kick it from its hinges. That might be nice and it would impress Sims.

Ah there is my baby. How have you been buddy? Just hanging huh? Oh yeah, cracking jokes with the punching bag again. At least he listens to me! And he likes it when I kiss him. Pity I don't really swing that way.

Okay, what is this? Punfest 2004? Uhuh, the only contestant being me. Fun. Hey at least I know this is a game I know will win. It's nice to have a reassurance that I'll actually win something today.

Bam! Nice spinkick to the bag and it's swinging alright! I see Sims looking at me with a pair of raised eyebrows. Impressive huh? Yeah, I know.

She slowly walks towards the bag and holds it steady. "Please no kicks when I'm holding it. Knowing you, you would probably hit my face instead of the punching bag."

I roll my eyes. Funny. Very funny. Okay let's get hitting then. Brace yourself buddy, cos you're in for some serious aching.

Or maybe not. I'm just standing here, looking at the bag. I should be lifting up my hands and hit it. Like, lift, swing and impact. Not too hard right? Even babies can do that.

I slump my shoulders and sigh. This is not good. "Sorry, I…" I shrug. "Don't know." I walk back to the living room and sit down on the couch. Sims enters the room a few moments later and walks over to the mantel.

"Is there something wrong Kennedy? Did you have another fight with your father?" She looks at the pictures on the mantel. There are loads of pictures there. A few pictures of me on there but the most are of Sims' dad. She loved him to bits. Mister Simmons, that's what I used to call him. Well yeah, that was his name. He was a cool man.

He passed away two years ago. I never saw Sims so emotional crushed. I thought nothing would get her back to the old Sims. Nothing did, cos that's impossible. She changed that day. She really did. But she moved on. She got through this period of sadness and-

Realization; it hits you on the most idiotic moments. I remember looking Sims in the eyes when her dad died and what I remember even better is the emotion that was hiding behind her eyes but visible nonetheless. It was… sadness. The same kind of sadness I saw in Willow's eyes today.

She has lost a loved one. A very close loved one.


.: Part 8 :.

I put the key in the keyhole and turn it. I hear a click so that means it's unlocked. I grab the handle and open the door. All quiet. That's not exactly normal. Two scenarios: either they all got killed or they're all out. I hope for Em out and the rest killed. What? I have my cruel side…

What time is it anyway? Oh… it's ten past one. Am. Ah yes. I guess the quietness is normal then. Figuring everyone has gone to bed by now. Except Em co-

"Kennedy?" Daddy? I was going for Emily you know! Damn it.

He probably stayed up to put me through a third degree questioning and possibly ruin a night of sleep. Not per se a good night, but hey it's sleep – who doesn't need it? Well maybe toiletducks don't… I desperately need some sleep by the way, what with all that has been going on today. I don't think this day could get any worse than this.

"Where have you been all this time young lady?" Mom?! I turn and see her standing by the fire place. No way! I just had to jinx it! "Cat got your tongue?"

No a redhead did. But don't worry, she gave it back. Turns out she wasn't that interested in it. "No but a cat did drag in something…" I mutter. She raises her eyebrow. What do they want me to say? I'm not 17 anymore – then again, they never got that.

"Instead of muttering your way through this, don't you have something else to say? Like an excuse for your absence?" Shut up dad. If you don't have to explain your actions, then why should I?

I shrug and shuffle into the kitchen. I need a drink, kind of thirsty. I hear the parental unit follow me. Mental note: next time glue their feet to the floor.

I grab a bottle of water and take a sip.

They're staring at me like I'm some kind of freak. "What? Did I turn into a ghost or something?"

Mom rolls her eyes and sighs. Yeah, you know that patented mother-sigh. The one every mother on this planet knows and uses! Talk about universal language… "We've been waiting for you to tell us where you have been, Kennedy. So would you like to share that little piece of information with us?"

"What is she doing here anyway?" I ask dad and point at mom. "Boston isn't exactly around the corner." I glare at mom. Yeah, take that woman! It seems my glare still got it – she took a step back.

"Your mother is in town for business. She decided to stop by and pay you a visit. Now answer the question please." Look at his fists, clenched; unclenched. Clenched; unclenched. He's getting pissed off.

"I was at a friend's house. Just lost track of time. No big." I'm going to bed; too tired to be having this conversation with these people at this time of the night. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Kennedy! Come back here!" Ugh, see pissed off. He's already raising his voice. Just wait till mom starts… Oh dear, my ears! You guys better run for your lives. No I don't care about the blood! A bigger mess than this it can't get, so go!

Hey, mental institution isn't around the corner… It's right here.

I turn around on the stairs. "Look, I'm tired and I just wanna sleep a bit. I've got class tomorrow and would love to show up in a somewhat human form. I'm not 17 anymore dad, I can do whatever I want." If the avoiding Kennedy doesn't work, bring in the bratty Kennedy!

"Kennedy, you know that's not true." This is getting better, mom's butting in know? She doesn't even live here! I feel a headache coming up. "Your father and I were very worried. You usually don't do these things. A phone call wouldn't have hurt you, you know."

Coming from someone who decided to drop by for a visit after three years. That's just great. "I just lost track of time. That's all. Nothing big; I didn't rob a bank or something." I sigh and move to turn around again.

"Don't you dare walking up those steps!" Yup, that's mom raising her voice. Told ya it wouldn't be pretty. Well she wants to play it tough? Fine.

Suddenly have this mental image of a boxing match. And in the one corner you have Kennedy! And in the other corner, her mother! Let's get ready to rrrrumble! Smackdown 2004.

"Or what mom? You'll punish me? Oh wait, scratch that cos how you gonna keep tabs on the punishment if you only drop by every three years? By the way, what made you come over this time – you outa cash again? Cos for the life of me, I just cannot come up with another reason."

"Kennedy!" Oh shut it dad, you know it's true. I run my hands through my hair and sit down on the stairs. This is gonna be a long night. "I demand you apologize to your mother right this instant!"

Right, like I'll do that? When a birdie comes up to me and shake its little feathers and sign some Frank Sinatra song, then I'll listen to you. I shake my head. "Why?" Hey, it's a simple question – probably doesn't have a simple answer.

"Why?! Because you just treated me like I'm nothing to you Kennedy. That's why!" Mom takes a deep breath and calms down. "We used to be able to talk to each other Kenny; we were best friends. What happened between us? When did you become so… rebellious?"

Excuse me? We used be what now? Sorry, I'm just gonna go have a stroke, cos this just shocked me to death. I guess the shock is written all over my face cos I see dad smirk in the corner of my eye. Jackass. Kickass show, but he his the one who actually is it.

"Where's Prada?" I ask dad and glance around. If she left him again I swear, I'm really gonna die – cos of laughter of course.

"She's out of town. Some party with her family." He waves his hand. "Don't know. But don't go off topic now Kennedy. We're still waiting for your…" Throat clearing? Yeah, something idiotic is gonna come now. "…explanation."

Okay, they want an explanation? Fine. "Alright! You wanna know where I've been? Fine, I'll tell you then. I've been out, partying with friends. I got drunk, got some with this hot chick I met and crashed at her place. When I woke up, I got drunk again and hooked up with this bloke I know – wicked cool guy and pretty good in bed." Always give 'em details, they love that. Snicker, snicker. "After that little adventure I came home. So here I am. How's that view of me being a rebel, mom?"

So that's how the look of total shock looks like huh? I even get it double, how funny. You know, if they're gonna stay like this for a while, I have the opportunity to take a picture. If I hurry I might be able to pull it off…

"Kennedy!" Dad yells. Damn, guess that picture is out of the question. Bummer. "Would you please, for once, act like your age and be serious? Is that too much to ask? I think not…"

"I think so…" Mom mutters under her breath. Gotta love my superhearing.

"I bet ya do, huh mom? You always though of me as a loser, a piece of crap, not really meant to be put on this earth. No, you never really say so, but I can see it in your eyes or hell, even your actions. But don't worry, it's not like I care or something. God, I'd be a real stupid headcase if I would! So why don't you just get your hiney out of here and on the first best plane back to Boston? You'd do a lot of people a huge favour." I glance at dad and see him biting his lip. Yeah, he's one of those people but because he has to be the parental figure in this house…

"Kennedy! That's enough! No more of this attacks at your mother. She was very worried about you tonight, as was I."

I cross my arms over my chest and raise an eyebrow. How come I don't believe all this crap? Oh yeah, cos it ain't true. "Is that so? Well if you wish that I would seize the attacks aimed at mother, why not chose you instead?" I have no idea where this is all coming from… Hold on, I do! But maybe I don't know why it's all coming here and now. Oh I started it, might as well end it.

"Dad?" Oh boy, Em. "What's going on? Why is everyone yelling?" I turn around and look at her, kind of pleading to stay and get me out of this mess. I guess she's too sleepy to realize. Then again, no need to drag the kid into this.

"Nothing honey. Go back to bed. It's all okay." He smiles and shoos her off with his hand. Didn't know she's a dog…

Instead of going back to her room like a good little girl, she descends the stairs until she's reached the step I'm sitting on and takes a seat next to me. "You alright?" She whispers in my ear.

I shrug. "Been better but I can handle this." I smile at her and ruffle her hair. "Go back to bed. It's okay." She looks at me skeptically but complies nonetheless. Yeah, she usually listens to me in situations like this.

When I hear Em's door close, I direct myself at dear daddy and mommy again. "I don't care anymore. You get that? I don't care what you think about me, or what you are gonna do or whatever. I just had a really bad day and I just want to sleep for a few hours so I won't pass out in class tomorrow." Is that so you can see the redhead or be awake to avoid her? Possibly both. "So go get drunk or laid or whatever you please – I'm going to bed. Goodnight."

I get up and practically sprint to my room. No need to hear the protests! They'll give me a headache. I close my door and drop on my bed. Ugh, sleep, very much needed.


.: Part 9 :.

I pop the French fry in my mouth and chew on it. Well what else can you do with a French fry in your mouth? And I better stop this thought right here before I go thinking something gutterish and start choking on the fry and draw once again all the attention to myself. Hey, see, I did find something non-gutterish that I can do with a French fry in my mouth – choking. I smile.

Good thinking Kenn.

Thank you, thank you.

French fry. Why is it a French fry? Why not just fry? I mean, what point has it to put French in front of it? I heard fries came from Belgium anyway. Wherever Belgium maybe anyway. Probably some island in the Pacific. I shall ask someone brainy later…

"Hey Kenn, how's the soccer going?" My lunchbuddy asks. She's currently munching on a burger. No worries, she still has two other burgers and three portions of fries on her plate. And I think she has her eye on that last brownie. Yup, she's definitely my sister.

"It's alright. We're scoring goals and winning, which is the main err goal really." I grab my burger and look at it. It's strange but every time I try to eat a burger, I see this big cow pouting at me, begging me not to eat it. It's disturbing. Nevertheless, I still let Emily drag me here.

I unceremoniously drop my burger in my sister's plate and wipe off my hand to my pants. I forgot to take a napkin; so sue me.

"Is the big bad cow haunting you again?" See, that's what you get with siblings: they mock you with your flaws. I shoot her a glare that basically says shut it before it gets ugly. She seems to get the message cos she drops it. "So are you finally gonna tell me who broke your heart this time?"


Ouch! Okay, I just pulled a few muscles cos of my head shooting up so fast. And the rubbing isn't helping. Damnit.

By the way, is there some huge balloon above my head, displaying my experiences of the day? I mean, where on earth did that come from?

"No need to widen your eyes like that. You know you can't pull of shock." And with that she takes a bit out of her burger, leaving me with wide eyes, a shocked expression across my face and pulled muscles in my neck. Sometimes I do wonder if people ever consider my feelings.

"Well? I'm still waiting you know."

Is this a teenage thing? Cos if it is, I don't remember having it! And I was a very bratty teenager.

Oh hey, so is she! So it does run in the family. And here I was, thinking my mom gave me that trait. Guess it was dad all along.

"Erm… Em, eh, there… I mean, no-one broke my eh heart." Why is she eyeing me suspiciously? Okay, stop eyeing me suspiciously. I don't like that you're eyeing me suspiciously. I mean, I'm not someone you eye suspiciously!

Okay, I got stuck on the eyeing suspiciously. I'm like a broken record – I get stuck easily.

And oh, there we go, gutter. I don't always get stuck easily… Nope, but then again, in those situations there are more 'gliding' factors in the game.

Now she's giving me the raised eyebrow? Come on, have some sympathy for me! First the eyeing, now the raising. This is gonna get ugly. Em with a raised eyebrow means either two things; she's genuinely confused or she's fishing for the juicy stuff. And in this case, I'm the fish who has the juicy stuff. No gutter intended.

"Right. So that's why you looked like a beaten dog yesterday and why you look like someone ripped out your heart and had a dancing contest on it today?" She sighs and wipes her mouth with a napkin. Hey she has napkins. Shoot. "I'm your sister, Kenn. Not dad or that evil mother of yours. No offence."

"None taken." What? She is evil. I mean, she's probably the founder of evil or something. Does that make me the daughter of Satan? God, I hope not…

"I'm just saying, you can tell me anything. I'm not gonna put it in the papers or post it on some forum."

I rub my temples and sigh. "Look, it's nothing okay? Just a miner mishap. No big." I shrug to emphasize my point of the no big. Not that isn't a no big, cos it is a big big but she doesn't need to know that. Let her deal with her own teenager problems, I've got this under control.

You've got this under control? I think not. You know you have no grip on the situation.

Who says?

I says!

It's I say, stupid.



I'm acting like a prick again. Hey, like that's a change in the usual behavior!

I stand up and grab my jacket. "Can you get home by yourself? I got soccerpractice."

She gets up too and grabs her bag. "What? Suddenly I can't join you on your interesting after school activity? I am truly shocked, dearest sister."

I roll my eyes. Only reason she'd join me on my interesting after school activity is the fact that the field next to ours is taken by the footballteam. She won't be eyeing suspiciously then. She'll be more drooling and having this mesmerized look on her face. I joined the soccerteam for the same reason – only the subject of our attention is different. I'll be keeping my eyes on my field.

I grab her arm and drag her along. "Come on, let's go so you can have your boys fix for the day."

She huffs and slaps my arm. Yeah, like it hurts. "I'm shocked to know that you think I only tag along to drool on those fabulous handsome boys from the football team? I never expected you'd have such a low image of me, Kennedy."

I scowl at her and roll my eyes. "Right. So you join me at soccerpractice to watch us run ten laps around the field and kick a ball around?"

And if you believe that, you obviously still believe in Santa. She's the queen of excuses but this one is so poor it wouldn't even convince a naïve monkey. Ask her mother…

"Okay, I admit! The silence was slowly but surely killing me." Oh yeah, she's a dramaqueen too. "I do drool over the footballteam But hey, come on, you're in an all girls soccerteam. You have shared showers. It's not like you don't have a hidden agenda, missy."

Yeah, she got me there. That's one of the reasons I joined. Though, the biggest reason is, I love soccer. And I'm good at it. But yeah, the shared showers, those are a blast. I feel a sneaky grin making its way onto my face. Must muster all the power I have to stop it or my sister will have a field day.

"Let's drop that, alright? And hurry our hineys cos Coach wasn't too happy when I showed up an hour too late last week." I seriously gotta work on that being-on-time bit – it's getting bad! "Oh hey, Em, do you know where Belgium is?"

She shrugs. "I don't know. Somewhere in the Atlantic?"

I really need to meet some brainy people.


.: Part 10 :.

"Sims?" I call out when closing the door behind me. Wow, darkness all around. Creepy much?

Do I smell… coffee? Coffee?! Like Brazil-imported coffee? I love coffee from Brazil. It's so fresh and has such a rich taste. Beats Starbucks any day baby!

Eck, okay stop thinking about the bloody coffee and find out why on earth you smell coffee in Sims her house. Oh and maybe also why you just said bloody. You've been Britishized.

I walk into the kitchen and spot a coffee pot on the counter. Cambodia imported? No way! Smells just like Brazil imported coffee.

I shrug and keep walking, towards the living room. There I see Sims sitting on the couch holding a cup of something steamy. If she's drinking coffee I swear I will jump in the nearest river!

Huh? Who is he? I stare at the stranger who's sitting on the other couch, watching me very intently. Maybe I should figure out who the hell he may be.

"Kennedy, hello." I hear Sims say. I keep my eyes on the guy but turn my head so I nod at Sims. He looks like he's in his mid forties, khaki pants, blue sweater, normal footwear – he's a bit of a casual dresser. Not really Sims's type, I'd imagine. Then what the hell is he doing here?

"Who's he?" I ask Sims, while finally looking at her. She stands up and sighs.

"Politeness did skip a generation, I see." The stranger quips. What is his problem? And-

"Excuse me? Skip a generation?" What the bloody-

Argh! Again with the bloody! Kenn stop using the British, for crying out loud. You only lived there for like two months.

Shut up you! I can use whatever language I like.

Je suis… erm… a girl. Okay, so I fell asleep during French class. Wasn't my fault – the teacher was an old man.

"Kennedy," Sims says on that tone that pretty much means 'say another disrespectful word and you'll be getting a big talk about politeness'. Don't want have that, now do we? "I'd like you to meet Rupert Giles."

Rupert Giles? This name sounds familiar… He extends his hand and I quickly shake it. "Yeah, hi."

"It's nice to meet you Kennedy." He says. He sounds British but not completely. There's a touch of American in his accent. Maybe he's one of those Americans who like to fake their accent cos it'll make them look good with the chicks. Hey, it happens! "I don't believe you'll remember me, but I was a good friend of you grandfather's."

Oh yeah, now I remember the name. Granddad used to talk about his 'buddies' all the time. He had mentioned Rupert Giles a few times.

"Well, that explains who he is. But what is he doing here?" I ask Sims and drop myself on the couch.

"Mister Giles is a former Watcher, Kennedy."

Former… Watcher…? Like… you?

Out loud please.

"Er, like… you?" I point my index finger at Sims.

She nods. "Like me, yes. Well, me not being former, of course." Duh, you wouldn't be sitting here if you were a former Watcher. But he, a watcher? I can't wrap my mind around it! I mean, he's casually dressed, no tweed, he has American bits in his accent and he… drinks coffee! Oh… my… god! Isn't he supposed to drink tea? I mean, he's English right?

"Are you English?" I ask and narrow my eyes.

"Kennedy!" What? Just asking!

"It's quite alright, Miss Simmons." Miss Simmons… ugh, make me shudder will ya. "I am, indeed English yes."

O-kay. This is officially a freakshow. And I'm not liking it. I want my money back. Do you think they give out refunds? I doubt it.


I clear my throat. "Erm, yeah?"

"Are you okay?" I nod. "Okay, well Mister Giles here as something to tell you. So I'd like you to pay attention. Can you handle that?"

I raise an eyebrow at her and give her look that says 'do I look like a kid to you' which is rather quickly replaced with one that says 'don't answer that'. I fold my arms and relax a little. "Well, let's hear it then."

"Er, well, where to start?" He clears his throat and takes of his glasses. Wow, he actually looks kinda nice. Too bad I don't swing that way. "I suppose it's best to start at the beginning. You've heard about the original Slayer, here in Sunnydale yes?"

Like I haven't… Sims has told me enough times to stay away from her. Something about her being a bad influence. "Yeah, I have."

"Very well. She's in danger. In fact, the entire Slayer line is in danger. There's an evil force out there, which has a mission to kill every living girl that's a part of the Slayer line."

Did I just image that? Did he just say that? He didn't, right? I mean, he didn't just say that there's dude out there, ready to kill me? Nah, he was joking – British humour and all, you know.

Oh, now he starts cleaning his glasses with a handkerchief. Ain't he a neat freak?

"I didn't, uh, didn't mean to scare you but you have a right to know about the situation. Miss Simmons and myself have discussed the matter and found that it was best for you to join me to the Summer's residence."

Summer's residence? What's that? Some spa thing? First he tells me someone's out to chop my head off and then he tells me he wants me to join him at some spa thing? Okay, now I definitely want my money back; this has to be the worst freakshow ever!

"Kennedy, do you understand what Mister Giles is saying?" Sims ask and puts her hand on my arm. What the… She's never this affectionate towards me! She only is when…

Oh fu-

I jump up and back away from them. No no no, this… No. There's no one after my ass! No way! Come on, I'm just a girl, you know, pre-med student. There's no way there's something wicked evil out there that will take its pleasure by slicing and dicing me!

Freakshow! I was only joking about it but I'm starting to think it really is! Some British dude, completely Americanized; coffee in Sims's house; Sims being affectionate towards me! Last time that happened was when my grandfather had died. She's only like this when something is up. Something really bad.

"Kennedy, I know how this all must feel, I-I mean it can't be easy for you to handle. Let alone comprehend." The Giles dude says.

"Comprehend? Oh that's the easy part. The hard part is what the hell are you all on about? You're like vague about the details, you tell me you want to take me away from my own home and take me to some spa thing and you," I say pointing at Sims. "stop acting so affectionate! It freaks me out!"

She sighs and sits down on the couch again. "Fine."

That's… better. Okay, I just need to take a deep breath and clear my head. I mean, I'm Kennedy – tough and almighty Kennedy. I can handle this. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. There, that's much better.

"Spa thing?" he suddenly says. What, he has a bad hearing or something? He doesn't look that old…

"Yeah, you said something about Summer's residence." I shrug.

"Oh, no, I, ah, I meant the original Slayer's house. Buffy Summers."

"Oh, I se-"

Buffy Summers?! A-as, as, in, next to kin Buffy Summers?! As in Willow's friend Buffy Summers?!

Well, I doubt it there are a lot of people out there who call their kid Buffy, so I'm guessing that's all the same person.

And here I was, thinking this couldn't get any freakier. It just did.


.: Part 11 :.

Isn't my life fun? After having some Watcher type telling me the first ever evil is very excited about slitting my throat, I am currently sitting in his car, my Watcher driving the car – cos apparently he hasn't renewed his license – and him setting next to her, talking about all kinds of Watcher type stuff.

Not exactly the best topic to discuss. I mean, they're probably talking what kinds of tea they like to drink on what times of the day. Or well, they could be chitchatting about their charges. Wow, Sims will have the floor all the time. Well maybe not, she has told me heaps about this Slayer in Sunnydale – she has a rep!

On other times I'd be excited to meet her. Come on, meeting the Slayer would be a fieldtrip for me. I'd ask her questions about the demons she has fought, the big bad she has killed, Willow's phone number.

Okay, that last would probably be the only thing I'd ask. And if we ever get to her house, that will be the first thing I'll ask. No, second thing. First will be, can you protect my ass please?

Are they still talking about Watchery things?

"… and after freeing her sister, she jumped…" I hear Giles say. Yep, I think they are. Boring. Oh, that reminds me.

"Hey, Sims, can I ask you a question?"

She looks at me and narrows her eyes. "Kennedy, Mr Giles and I are having a conversation. Instead of butting in, why don't you pay attention and listen to the stories he has to tell."

"Well, for one, they're rather boring. No offence."

He takes of his glasses again and starts cleaning them – again. "None taken." He raises his eyebrows for a split second and then frowns. That was a rather funny view.

"And for two, I have a very serious question." I see her nod and smile. Goody. "Do you know where Belgium is?"

She sighs and shakes her head. "Kennedy, this is not the time to be asking me where certain countries are! They have invented schools for matters like this. Now be quiet and pay attention."

Well, thanks. I was just trying to figure out on of the ongoing mysteries in my head before I die. I'd like to know where Belgium is before I'm lying six feet under.

I sit back and cross my arms over my chest. Maybe sulking will work. I can only try.

"Pull up here." Giles says. Oh, so we're there? Wow, pretty nice house. Not as big as mine, but yeah, dad loves to have all of his things big. I think it is to compensate certain things.

Guess I better get out too, figuring the Watcher crew got out decades ago. O-kay, so what now?

"Err, yes, please come with me." Giles says and leads us to the front door. He rings the bell and waits. And waits. And wa-

"Giles!" Buffy Summers. The one and only Slayer. This is kinda weird, now that I know she's the Slayer, she looks differently. And I guess this tingly feeling is Slayerconnected. Good to know for future reference.

They're hugging? Slayer and Watcher are hugging? Insane people.

"It's good to see you Buffy. Although the current situation we're in could be better." He musters a half smile and turns around towards us. "I, ah, I'd like you to meet Miss Simmons."

Sims shakes the offered hand. "It's an honour to meet you, Miss Summers. And I can gladly tell you, I never liked the Council that much either." Ain't that a fact. She hates them like I hate hamburgers. She's always ranting about their methods and way of handling things. Why she never quit years ago is still a big question mark in my head.

"This is Kennedy, she's a potential Slayer." Giles says and waves his hand at me. Yep, that's me. Hi, nice to see you again.

"We've met before." Buffy says. "She's in Willow's class. I knew something was up with you, but I thought you were something evilish."

"Err, no. Just a potential Slayer. Nothing remotely evil about me." Well my dad would beg to differ on that. He thinks I'm the root of evil. Ha, I'll be able to show him wrong.

"Well, come on in." She takes a step back so we can enter her house. I follow Sims into the house and take a look around. Pretty nice. I see a teenager running at us faster than a hurricane.

"Giles!" Oh my! That was a high squeak! Even for a teenage girl… I think my ears are bleeding.

"Hello Dawn." Great, more hugging. I roll my eyes at that one. Touchy feel people.

Wait a second. Dawn? Willow mentioned her; she's Buffy's sister. Well that explains why a teenager is at the Slayer's house – she lives here.

"What are you doing here? Why didn't you call? Is a letter too much to ask for?" And trust me when I say she now holds the record in saying the most amounts of questions in one second!

"Dawn, slow down please. And maybe one question at a time?" Giles chuckles. He leads me and Sims into the living room and we both take a seat. Comfortable couch, must say.

"I'm here because of apocalypse reasons. It seems there's another evil brewing up a plan to take over the world." Giles explains. Yeah, leave out the fact that my ass is on the line here.

"Like that hasn't been tried." Dawn quips. She does have a point.

"Well, this is a somewhat more difficult evil to beat." He clears his throat and stands up. Come on dude, you just sat down! "I know this might be too much to ask for, but I believe it would be safer for Miss Simmons and Kennedy to stay here, under the protective eye of the Slayer."

"Err, well Giles, maybe you can first give me the skinny on this entire situation first. Weird stuff has been going on and I'd like to know who or what is causing it."

"Very well. Miss Simmons, care to join us?" She nods and follows them into the dinning room. Great. So I'm stuck with the teenager?

"Hi, who are you?"

Blunt. I like her already. "Kennedy."

"Kennedy… Like the president?" If I'd get a penny every time people asked me that question, I'd be rich by now. Okay, I'm already rich without but you know.

"Yeah. In fact, he's my grandfather. We have to visit his grave every Sunday, to pay our respects. It's always a very sad happening." Always tell them a little fib. At least then they get an exciting answer.

She looks at me, all wide-eyed, mouth gaping like a fish on dry land. Maybe some water would help – it does wonders to fish. "I was joking."

"Oh… Oh! Okay, erm, so Kennedy is not your surname?"

No. It's my middle name. My first name is not too… appealing. "Not exactly, no. My surname's Haydon."

"Oh, cool. My name's Dawn, nice to meet you." She extends her hand. Okay, from blunt to polite. Moodswings much?

I take the offered hand. "Yeah, you too. So, what are you to the Slayer?"

Okay, I already know this fact but I can't stand silence.

"Oh, Buffy's my big sister. Well technically she isn't and technically I'm not even me. But those are just boring details that don't really matter anymore." She shakes her head and sighs. "So where are you from?"

Weird kid. "Originally from Boston, but I just moved to Sunnydale."

"Boston? You have no tendencies to kill people, right? Or to take people hostage and teach them the five ways to torture someone, right?"

What? "No, not err, exactly…" She nods her head and looks satisfied with my answer. If her sister is as weird like she is… I wonder how many vampires have just staked themselves cos they couldn't stand being around the Slayer much longer. "Erm, Dawn, could you show me the way to the bathroom? Nature is calling and it's getting cranky if I'm not gonna pick up soon."

She looks at me with a raised eyebrow. "Just up the stairs, first door you'll see."

I nod and stand up. Stairs? Over there. Two steps at a time of course. First door I see is the one right in front of me, so I guess this is it. I open the door, close it behind me and lock it. Don't need any peeping Toms. There's the toilet and… wooo that was a close call.

We never like to talk about it but we all know this is just stress relieving. It's a bloody known fact.

Even the bathroom is nice. Little white for my eyes but then again, it's not as painful as the black and white bathroom we have. It's like being in a chessgame. My dearest father being the king of course.

I'm out in the hallway again and look around a bit. On the wall there are tons of pictures. Buffy. Dawn. Buffy and Dawn. Buffy, Dawn and some woman, who I suspect is their mother. She looks pretty. Guess they got the looks from her.


Wha… Gah… I… Crap! Tha… that's…



.: Part 12 :.

"Wha… what are you doing here?!"

What am I doing here?! What are you doing here?! I mean… I mean… You… Here… Me… Here…

Damnit! She turned me into a stammering idiot in my own head! Get a grip, Kenn, I think this is gonna be a hell of a ride. And I'm not talking about a happy fun ride in Disney world.


Hi? Hi?! That's all you can say?! Who are you? Dumb and Dumber's cousin, Dumbest? Sjeez…

Well… maybe I am. And so what if I am. I can be who ever I want! So… there.


She frowns and runs her hand through her hair. "Yeah, hi. But w-what are you doing here?"

Is she stuck on repeat? She has already asked me that question. Well I guess I could always answer and make her turn off the repeat button. That could be a smart thing to do. "I…"

What the hell am I gonna say? Does she know about Buffy? Does she know an apocalypse is on its way? Does she know about Watcher type crap? Damn, I don't know this stuff! I mean, she has lived her entire life here in Sunnydale, so she'll know something isn't always okay in the night. She's a smart girl. "I'm here, with my err aunt. She's, erm, a colleague of Mr Giles…"

Come on Red, catch my drift.

"Oh…" Again with that cute little frown. She's killing me. "Oh!" Wide eyes. Wow, new look but I think we have a winner. "You mean… erm, you mean, she's a" She leans in real close and whispers. "Watcher?"

Okay, so she does know. Thank the heavens. I nod.

"So you, you know about your aunt's profession?"

Okay, guess I didn't make it that clear. I shouldn't have used the aunt bit. Crap. "She's not my aunt. She's my Watcher."

"Wa-watcher? You're a s-slayer?" No need to stutter. Is it that shocking?

You're not a slayer, Kenn.

No, I'm not a slayer – yet. There's a difference.

Yeah, right.

"No, no, I'm uhm, a potential slayer. You know… I might become the slayer if…"

Better to not finish that sentence. Tell her I'll become something that I've only been training my entire life for might upset her. And do we want an upset Willow? No we do not. Avoid that in any situation.

"If Faith dies, yeah I know."

Yep. That's ri-

What? Faith? Who the hell is that? I thought the Slayer's name is Buffy. Well maybe it's Faith and she uses Buffy to cover up her real identity. But that would be stupid. Why cover up a nice name like Faith with Buffy? "Erm, the blonde chick downstairs, that's… Buffy right?"

"Yes, that's Buffy. The Slayer." She nods and folds her arms over her chest. Damn, there goes my view.

I frown and hook my thumbs in my beltloops. I'm so confused right now – it ain't pretty anymore. I shake my head and look up at her. "Okay, so if the Slayer dies I'll be called. Well that's a big question mark because I have no idea if I'm the next in line. Sims thinks I am, figuring I'm one of the oldest potentials out there. She says because the Slayer has lived this long, it was, well impossible for me to be called so as she gets older, so do I. But I think I'm way too old for this gig anyway. Is there an age limit on this Slayer deal? Do you know that? I mean-"


AHHH! What the… Who was that?! It wasn't Willow cos she's looking at me with… an amused look? What's up with that?

I'm getting a headache and I don't see a trout in the neighbourhood so the fish didn't do it this time. And I can't help but wonder what did! Grrr.

"What?!" I growl out to whoever thought it would be fun to yell my name.

"Where are you?" Oh, it's Buffy. Faith. Whatever. The bloody Slayer.

I look at Willow and raise an eyebrow at her. She does get her funnies in the weirdest situations. Oh… Okay, funnies… in weirdest… places. I'm open for giving funnies, I have fun and weird places.

And stop. No more gutter. Where are those stairs? Oh, yeah here. Okay, one step at a time and nothing will go wrong.

"What's up?" I ask Buffy while I'm walking downstairs.

"Meet Molly and Annabelle." I nod at them. "They're also potentials. I want you three in the backyard, ready for some training."

You have to be kidding me right? I just got here! I just got told I'm this close from getting killed and Blondie here wants me to go have some 'training fun' in the backyard, where those creeps can show up and chop us to pieces? She IS crazy.

I look at Sims, pleading with my eyes to give me a break. No such luck, she frowns and nods. "It'll be good for you Kennedy. Receiving training from the Slayer is an unique opportunity."

I sigh and follow the two girls into the backyard. Once there, I drop myself on the lawn and put my head on my knees. I need an aspirin. Or maybe a catfish so I can knock these people out. Maybe then can I catch some z's.

"So… You're Kennedy, huh?" One of the chicks asks. I nod. Might as well ask which one of the two she is.

"And you?"

"Annabelle. It's nice to meet you." Sure, in a totally not-death-threatening situation it would indeed be.

"So, you're Molly?" I ask the other one. She nods. I guess the entire world had a period of give-your-kids-weird-names. This is insane. Hey, I have a question for them. "Any of you two know where Belgium is?"

Molly shrugs and Annabelle thinks for a second before also shrugging. "Why do you ask?"

"No reason." I sigh and stand up. This blows. I have better things to do, you know.

Crap! Em! She doesn't know I'm here yet! Gotta remember to call her when I know she's back home from school – I'll let her break the news to dad.

"Is that your Watcher in there?" Annabelle suddenly speaks up. I nod. "You're one of the lucky ones then."

I frown and look at her. "What do you mean?"

"Annabelle, don't." Molly interferes.

"No, please do. What do you mean I'm one of the lucky ones?" What is she on about?! I mean, come on, don't scare me like this! I've had enough scaries the last couple of hours.

"I… Uh, my Watcher, and Molly's Watcher both were killed by the Bringers."

What the hell are… "Bringers?"

"They are the little lapdogs of the First. Little vicious lapdogs, at that." I hear behind me. I turn my head and see Buffy walking towards us. "At the moment, those men are our biggest concern."

"So… You're telling me they're not only after my ass, they're after my Watcher's life as well?" Oh god… please say no, please say no.

"Basically, they are, yes."

This is… this is too much…


.: Part 13 :.

Ugh… my head. What time is it? Is it time to get up yet?


No mom. Another five minutes. It's no biggie, I can rush my morning activities. I can rush a lot – it's a part of my destiny.

"Kennedy? C'mon, open your eyes."

You're talking funny mom. Why are you talking funny?

Hold it. I haven't lived with my mom in years. Then what the hell is this?! And why is my head feeling like it got hit by a sledge hammer? Did I get drunk again last night and end up in bed with the first best chick I could pick up?

Well no, cos I don't do that. Maybe I should open my eyes. Ah there we go.


Ah there we don't. Light is too shiny. Shiny light is bad. Get rid of the shiny light.

"Kenn, stop being such a wuss and open your eyes for crying out loud." Emily?! Wuss?! I am not a wuss!

I open my eyes. Better take a look around.

Oh for the love of… Here I was thinking it was all a dream. I guess not. Blondie's still here, so is Mister likes-to-clean-glasses-a-lot – but I don't mind looking at the redhead though, she's a nice view.

"And sleeping beauty awakes." And the annoying sister blocks my view.

"Emily, shut up." I groan and try to sit up. Ouch, maybe shouldn't do that. "My head…"

Red comes over and gives me… a pill? Are you crazy? And I'm pretty sure my facial expression says the same.

"It's good. For your head. That's hurting right now. You know…" She trails off. She has nice lips. Kissable lips. If I'd just lean in and-

Pill! Gibe me the pill STAT! I grab it out of Willow's hand and swallow it immediately. God, my head is such a bitch sometimes. Guess it's like me then. Heh, chuckle chuckle.

"So sis, how are you doing?" Don't slap me on my back Em! I'm in pain here! I glare at her, hoping she gets the message behind the glare.

"I'm fine. What are you doing here anyway?"

"Sims called me and told me I should come over to this place. Why, who knows. She just said you were here and all. I actually thought you were at one of your girlie's house. Definitely thought that when the blonde opened the door. Until I realize blond is so not your colour and-"

"Emily!" Ugh, my head! Please! Rambling teenagers is not what I need right now. I'm still confused on the whole ordeal of me opening my eyes and suddenly having the feeling of a knife being plunged into my head. "What happened?" I ask Sims. She better have some answers.

She sighs. "Well it, ah, seems like you fainted."

Fainted? As in… fainting? I faint? I don't faint! I don't do the entire fainting deal! Unless I haven't eaten for days but I have – like a horse even. "Fainted?"

"Yes. You were out back with two other potentials-"

Ugh potentials. Yeah, potential dead bodies.

"-and you just passed out." She clears her throat and shuffles a little. She just shuffled… Sims never shuffles. I've said it before, and I'm gonna say it again: a freakshow!

Why did I pass out? I mean, come on, I'm Kenn-

She's gonna die. I… She… I remember. Them other two goobers lost their Watcher… and I'm… gonna lose mine. I can't… She can't… No, no, no!

"No… I…No!" I get up and start walking… where?! Where the hell am I gonna start walking to? I can't go outside cos these Bringers could appear and in here I hardly know my way to the front door! This is not good! I've got nowhere to go! My life is in danger, my Watcher is in danger and… and…

Goddamnit! I'm crying! I'm not supposed to cry! I'm big tough Kennedy – I'm not supposed to cry! No!


Em. My sister. My younger sister. What… what is she doing here? She isn't supposed to be here. She's in danger here. Everyone is in danger here! Danger seeks me! And it hurts the people around me! And she doesn't deserve it! She's hardly 15! I need to… need to hold her and protect her. She needs protection.

"Erm, Kenn, you might wanna ease off on the hugging. You're crushing my ribs."

God, I love you. You're my sister. The little squirt I love picking on. I'll let nothing happen to you. Nothing. I swear. I hold her at arm length and just look at her. "I… I love you Em."

"Erm, are you okay Kennedy?"

I kiss her on her forehead and release her. You're my little sister. My little sister I love.

"Kennedy dear, maybe you should sit down for a bit."

Sims? God. What would I do without you? You've given me so much; So much advice, so much wisdom. You're so wise. My best friend, that's what you are. I don't know what would become of me if you wouldn't be around to guide me, to teach me how to survive in this world.

No! I don't wanna think about… it. It's too, too, hard. Too scary. To think about… it. It. It. It… it. Too. Scary. No. No! NO!

I need to… go. Go. That's what I need to. At least… out of here. This room. It's suffocating. Too suffocating.

I run into the dinning room and slide against the wall to the floor. It's safe here. Here I'm safe. No one will find me here. I'm good here. No black roped guys will find me here. No death will track me down when I'm here. Safe.

Who's there? I hear noises! Thumping noises. Someone's here. Someone's in my safe place! Who's there? Show yourself! No! I'm safe here! Stay away you creature… with red hair. You're… "Red."

"Kennedy, are you okay?"

Red. It's Red. Willow. Tree girl with the bumpy elbow. She's nice. Even though she bumped into me, she's nice. She makes me smile. See? And she's pretty. Very pretty. "You're pretty." You are.

"Uh, thanks."

You're welcome. I'm gonna take a nap now. Can I lean against your shoulder? Thank you. A nap, yes…


.: Part 14 :.

Hmm, I've got nice pillows. All squishy and soft and… smell like vanilla? Since when do my pillows smell like vanilla? They usually just smell like our fabric softener: lavender.

What time is it? I'm guessing morning, figuring I just woke up. Better grab my watch from my nightstand. Oh… that isn't my nightstand… that is… something female that I should not be touching if it isn't mine!

What the hell?! I sit up straight and look around. I don't know this place. Where am I? And whose female goodies did I just grab? I look behind me and see the only person I'd never thought I'd see.

"Hey, you're awake." Willow. She's blushing. Well duh, I just groped her goodies!

"I…" Oh god, I'm so confused. What is this? Am I dreaming or something? I grab my head with my hand and groan. My stupid mind is giving me evil dreams again. I hate those.

"Are you okay? Does your head hurt? I have some pills if it does. Do you want some?" Willow's questions even are in babble-form.

I shake my head. Don't need pills. My head doesn't hurt; it just feels a little stressed for some godforsaken reason. How can a head feel stressed in a dream? Sjeez.

So I guess the squishy vanilla smelling pillow was Willow's shoulder. Great. Ah well, might as well enjoy the dream about it. I'm guessing this is my take at Willow's room. Never seen it before, but I have to hand it to my mind, it has a good idea of how Willow's room might be like. Go mind.

"Maybe you should sleep some more? You kinda look like crap; no offence." She sheepishly smiles and shrugs.

This is my dream, why on earth would I make myself look like crap? That doesn't make sense. Unless… this isn't a dream. That would mean… "Willow?"


"Pinch me?"

She raises her eyebrow but complies by reaching her arm out and bringing it to my arm. Ouch! Damn, that's one hard pinch. And that's one hard wake-up call as well. So I'm not dreaming this?

Oh god… I completely freaked out yesterday. Now I remember. I totally lost it. I just started lashing out in front of… everyone. This isn't good. They probably all think I have some major head injury or something! I don't even wanna begin think about what Willow must be thinking.

"Kennedy?" She puts her hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay?"

I turn around and face her. "Did it all really happen?" I whisper.

She nods. "Buffy took you upstairs when you fell asleep. I stayed with you, cos I didn't want you to wake up alone after…" She trails off, not really knowing what to say probably.

She stayed with me the entire night? Great, the first night I spent with Red and I wasn't even awake to enjoy it. But I don't think that's my biggest problem. "Is my sister still here?"

"Yeah, she's downstairs with your Watcher." She gets up and flicks on the light. "Do you want something to eat?"

Food. That might be nice, yeah. "Sure." I try to get up but she pushes me back in the bed. Woah, getting kinky already, huh? I raise my eyebrow at her action.

"You stay in bed. I'll get you some breakfast and send your sister up. You just stay put and rest. You need it." The tone of her voice is telling me this is not open for discussion, so I just lean back against the pillow and wait till Em comes up.

I guess I really pulled a serious funny last night. It's funny because I remember it happened, but I don't remember I actually did it. This is confusing. It's like I saw someone else doing it, but doing it in my body.

But at least Red isn't scared to be with me in the same room. She would have every reason thought, after my little screw up. Sometimes I'm the biggest dumbass walking on this planet.

Eeew! Kenn gross much? You slept in your clothes! I'm such a tramp! The need for a nice warm shower and some fresh clothes is rather big.

Suddenly the door opens and I see my sister standing by the door. "You're not gonna kill me by hugging me, right?" She comes in and closes the door behind her. Isn't she the funny sunshine in here?

Kids. "Come closer, Em. I'm not gonna eat you. I've got the munchies covered already." She jumps on my bed and puts her head on my shoulder.

"You really scared me last night." She says it so softly that someone with normal hearing wouldn't have heard it. I wrap my arm around her shoulder and sigh.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't really myself, Em." I take her hand and rub my thumb over it. "You know I would never hurt you – even if freaky Kennedy was driving the car."

She removes her head from my shoulder and sits in front of me, facing me. "I wasn't scared of that, Kewy."

Kewy. Hehe. It's been a while since she's called me. It's my nickname. Or the one she gave me, anyway. When she was a kid, she never could pronounce Kennedy, so she just called me Kewy. I guess it sounded like Kennedy in her head. I do know she only calls me Kewy when she's serious as hell. This isn't good.

"Than what do you mean, Em?"

She sighs and runs her hand through her hair. She looks me in the eye and I can see tears forming in them. "I was scared of losing you." A few tears escape her eyes but she quickly wipes them away.

I reach out and hold her. "I'm not gonna go anywhere, Em. I'm here. See? You can feel me right?" I poke her to emphasize my point. Jackpot, I got myself a giggle! "I just… had a lot of crap thrown at me in the past 24 hours and it had to come out somehow. Deal, it wasn't the best way to get rid of it but hey, at least the pressure is gone."

"Are you okay now?" She whispers.

"I don't know, Em. But you shouldn't worry about losing me – I'm not going anywhere. I promise. Scout's honour."

"You never joined the scouts, Kewy." She says and I can feel her smile. That's better. I don't like my little sister all depressed; gets me pissed off. "Okay." She sits up and wipes away the remaining tears with her sleeve. "I'm gonna go downstairs and hang out with Dawn. She's a pretty cool girl, you know."

"Yeah I know." I lean over and kiss her forehead. "Call dad and let you know where you are. I don't want him calling me and yelling at me for kidnapping his daughter or something."

She giggles and gets up from the bed. "No worry, I told him Sims took you on some camp thing far away. He was happy to hear that I think. And I told him I'll be spending a few nights over at a friend's house because we have a big project to work on. He did say to give you a message."


"Well, and I quote: Your mother is very angry at you, young lady! She dropped everything at Boston to come and visit you and you just disrespected her. I don't like that attitude Kennedy. End quote. He was pissed; I could tell."

I shrug and wave it away. "Like I care. I'm moving out anyway. I can't handle it anymore; the guy drives me completely insane."

"You know if you move out, he'll cut off your financial support."

"I know and I don't care. I'll live." And I will. I'm a big girl, damnit. I'll get a job and a place and I'll take care of myself on my own.

She rolls her eyes but doesn't say a thing. Instead she turns around and goes to the door. "I'll see you later."

"Later." I say and she her disappear through the door. I never knew she could be this affected by that entire freaking out deal I pulled off. Great job Kenn, getting your sister scared. She's the only family member you really care about and you still manage to screw that up.

I sigh and close my eyes. Suddenly those pills Red offered seem like a good idea. But I'm not gonna snoop around her room for a couple of pills. I don't want her to come in and see me going through her underwear with having the excuse of, 'I was trying to find some pills'. Right. Maybe I should sleep some more. It might help getting rid of the headache. For a while anyway…


.: Part 15 :.

"Okay, so I have eggs, pancakes, waffles, orange-juice, milk and coffee. I didn't know what you would like so I just took it all." Willow blurts out just as I was about to close my eyes. I guess sleep isn't happening right now. I'm more interested in the food.

She picks up the tray, from the dresser where she put it to close the door and walks over to the bed. "You like coffee right? I mean, I can make you some tea if you want." She puts the tray on the bed and smiles.

"No… Coffee's fine." I glance and the tray and wonder how she got this all done on like ten minutes. I look up at her and it seems she can read my mind. Erm, I hope she doesn't, it's too gutter for her.

"I just took Xander's breakfast and told him to make a new one for himself. He doesn't mind. Xand is a big softy, especially for people with bedrest."

Xander? Who the hell is he? Whatever; like I care right now. All I care about is putting something juicy with a red colour in my mouth.

A strawberry! I pick it up from the plate and pop it in my mouth. Hmm, this is delicious. Yummy. I can see Red eyeing me from the corner of my eye. She's probably wondering why on earth I'm enjoying this strawberry way too much. Well, I'm willing to show her but I think I might get my ass kicked if I would – sexual harassment isn't a funny deal.

I chuckle. Good gutterish thought, Kenn. "So… what's on the schedule today?"

"Nothing." She shakes her head. "That's not true." Thank the heavens! I don't wanna sit in this room all day. "You have the entire day to rest a little. We need you fit."

Excuse me? I'm not gonna sit here doing nothing all day long! I have a life! I have class! I have-

"But don't worry, I'll be here to keep you company."

…nothing to do at all! Spending all day here is the best idea ever!

She casts her glance downwards and blushes. Probably at the grin that's currently plastered on my face. So yeah, hearing I get to spend the entire day with Red does indeed make me grin. Natural reaction everyone would have, I'd like to think. "Okay. That's fine by me."

"Good. Now, why don't you finish your breakfast and I'll see what I can do for some clean clothes." She gets up from the bed and goes back into the hall again.

Wow, I'm gonna spend an entire day with the hottest redhead on the planet. This is my lucky. I smile and grab the tray to put it over my lap. This stuff actually looks good. Better start munching away on it.

Waffles, huh? I never have waffles. I usually grab the cereal box from the cupboard and throw some in a bowl. And if we have milk in the fridge I'll mix the cereal with some milk. But that's a rare day, milk in the fridge day. It happens like once or twice a month. Gucci isn't the groceries type. She once told me big supermarkets that have food and stuff and no clothes freak her out. What a dimwit…

Hrmm, this coffee smells delicious. Home made stuff, lovely. Better take a sip before it goes all cold on me.

"Okay, I got some clothes!"




Coffee, wrong pipe!

Holy hell! I thought I was supposed to die of a knife or something pointy! Not of chocking on frikkin' coffee! Thank god Red had a nice reaction to hit my back. I cough to get the remaining coffee out of my lungs. "Thanks." I croak.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to startle you. I just… found clothes." She holds up a pair of slackers and a t-shirt. Great, I'm feeling like a tramp dressed in the same clothes I've slept in. Not to mention the shirt I'm in right now is decorated with coffee now.

"Great. You think I can get a shower around here?"

She points to a door next to her closet. "In there. I'll go get some clean towels for you." She gets up and disappears again. I'm not gonna drink anything anymore; don't wanna have another near-death experience. But this breakfast looks to not eat it.

So what do I do? I eat if of course.

"Are you drinking anything?" Willow calls from outside. I raise an eyebrow at that one. The fact that she just yelled that without warning me would've scared me again. And would've made me choke again. She's lucky I only had the remains of an egg in my mouth.

"I'm cool." I yell back. I chuckle when she hooks her head around the door. I wave my hand, motioning for her to come in. "I won't choke or bite, Red." … not yet of course. Hehe.

She nods and comes in. "I know. Just wanted to be sure, you know."


She takes a seat on the bed and eyes the tray. "Is it any good?"

"Yeah, it's delicious. Tell Xander is a good cook." I pop another strawberry in my mouth and try to look sexy with it. She suddenly leans in and wipes something from my chin, which is probably some of the strawberry juices. Guess the looking sexy bit totally blew up in my face. "Thanks." Woah, sheepish smile huh, Kenn? Have you lost your touch?

Shut up. I so have not. I'm just… a little rusty? Yeah right, we're talking about me here. I need to shut up in my head and listen to what Willow has to say – much more important.

"How are you feeling?" She sits back and puts her hand behind her back, so she can lean on it. Does someone have a camera? This is such a Kodak moment. Or a Playboy – pick damnit.

"I'm feeling better." I smile at her. Do I see a blush? I see a blush! Now tell me I've lost my touch. Like hell I have.

"Does y-your head still hurt?"

I shake my head. Sjah right, hot redhead in front of me and my head's gonna be a pain in the ass by having a headache? I'd kill it if it'd dare. Sucker. "It's all pain free. Little shaky, what with all the information it had to absorb."

She nods. "It's a bit much to take huh. I'm used to all this, I've been fighting the good fight for 7 years now." Wow, 7? Holy hell and you're still able to look this beautiful? I'm shocked. "Buffy's all cool with it. Literally cool. She has to be, she's the main man. Erm, woman."

I chuckle at her slip and put the tray aside. It seems my stomach is also a little shook up. "She's like Sims then. She's always telling me about how you need to cut yourself of from stuff. Only focus on your mission – the rest be damned. I can't do that. I still have a human side you know. I can just think, oh yeah gotta kill those robes dude without thinking about whose lives are at stake."

"I get that. Buffy used to be like that. But I guess circumstances drove her to other strategies or something. Who knows?" She sighs and sits up. "It's a pain in the hiney, this situation. But we gotta meddle trough it, one way or the other. It's ours to fix, whether we want to or not."

I nod. "Let's kick some hiney then?"

She laughs. "That's the spirit." She gets up from the bed and looks down on me. "I put some clean towels in the bathroom on the towel rack. And I put the clothes on the chair. You'll find them. I just hope you'll fit them."

"Whose clothes are they?"

"Mine." Does she realize she just gave me the perfect excuse to openly check her body? Maybe she does… if not, she will now. I eye her form top to toe, every curve and bone. Maybe I should wipe away the drool, it's rather embarrassing. She shuffles a little under my appraising gaze. Gotcha now, don't I Red?

"I'm sure they'll fit real nicely." I give her wink and smirk.

She nods and turns around to practically run out of her own room. I'm enjoying this way too much. Shrug to that, I'll probably die in a few weeks or so.

Now, that shower is something I'm really craving for. So shower, get ready, here I come.

Part 16

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