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Crossing Paths
By Wicked


.: Part 16 :.

Note: Willow's POV

I hope she finished taking that shower. I mean, I don't really want to walk in on her all naked, wet and steamy from the shower. Then again, it probably isn't that bad of a view. I have eyes, I've seen she has a nice body and is curvy in all of the right places. You'd be a fool to not see that. I'm not a fool. I see it. So I'm not a fool. And I could be seeing it in all its glory right now.

So you have two choices Will, you either sprint up those stairs and knock down that door with some lame-ass excuse about how you forgot your wallet or something. Or you can calmly go up there and knock like a real lady would do. I guess I'll go for the latter – the first choice is something vampire-me would do. And quite honestly, I'd rather not be like her too much. Sharing the same sexuality is enough for me.

Okay, so take a deep breath, raise that hand and knock. It's as simple as that. Why would you be scared? There's nothing to be scared about. Nope, nothing at all. Scaredness is not welcome here. It should just leave me alone, what with the not being scared and all. Or nervous. There's nervousness as well? Since when?

Oh boy! Oh boy!

By the way, is scaredness a word? I don't think so. Well… it is now. So there. If it's part of my vocabulary it's a word. And it is part of my vocabulary; if you look up scaredness in my dictionary you'll find a picture of me because I am the personification of scaredness.

Anyway, back on track. I always get off track. Typical me. Well except when I'm all black haired and vainy, I stick to the plan then. But miss-high-on-magic is even scarier than Glory so better not go there.

God this is harder than I thought. I can admit she's hot, I can admit I'd jump her bones in a second but I can't say it or do it. It feels like… cheating. And the rational part of my brain tells me it isn't; it tells me it's just moving on. But I can't! SHE is still with me! SHE is still in my heart!

I can't even say her name in my head. How bad is that? I can't bring myself to say her name out loud, but I thought I could at least do it in my own head. And I can't. How could I? I'm talking about crushing on another girl, while I'm still head over heals in love with HER. This is all too confusing.

I shouldn't go in there. It's too… dangerous. I might lose HER. I might lose her forever. And I can't think about that, cos that hurts too much! I only lost her for my lifetime this time, I can't stand to lose her forever. I can't! I just can't!

I turn around and plan on walking to the kitchen, when suddenly Dawnie appears before me. "Dawnie!"

"Willow!" I think she mocked me there. What is up with that? "All high with the squeal, why? Is it because of the hottie up in your room?" She elbows me and gives me a wink. How… disturbing. "I bet it is. Why don't you go up there and talk to her a little. She's cool, you know. A little crazy in the head, but hey, aren't we all?"

Sometimes I wonder if I were like that when I was her age. All teenagerspaz like. No wonder Buffy loses it sometimes. "I-I am not high with the, eh, squeal. I'm not high with a-anything."

She raises her eyebrows and crosses her arms so she can give me the look. Yeah, the Summers look. It's a look that asks thousands of questions but one always pops out to hit you in the head: I know you know, now, do you know I know? Thing is, I don't even know if I know! It's a hard thing to know, you know. And the knowing is very big right now. I sigh and shrug. I need some coffee. I hear Dawn follow me into the kitchen and drop herself on a stool.

"Come on Will, spill the beans. She's hot right?"

I guess there's no sense in denying. She knows I have eyes and she also knows they function rather well. I nod and pour myself a cup of coffee. I hold up, signalizing if she wants one too. She briefly nods and I pour a cup for her too.

She giggles. "I knew it! I knew from the minute you said you were staying up with her that you had a thing for her!" She's actually jumping up and down. Does she have Slayer blood in her? She's made out of Buffy right? I seriously think she has Slayer powers sometimes, with the jumping all the time. That or she's hyperactive. I vote for both.

Hold on, a thing for her? What? "Dawn, I don't have a thing for her." And I don't! I never said I have a thing for her. When did I say that? I never did! A thing? No siree Bob! No thing at all! She's hot, deal, I'll agree. But I do not have a thing for her! Thing for her would be big and I'm not big with… the… big. You know. No thing. That's the bottom line.

And here is that look again! There is nothing to know! No thing and nothing to know. It's that simple. Deal with it. She should stop giving me that look cos the more she's giving me that look the more I start thinking about the thing and the know. Very very confusing.

"Stop looking at me like that, Dawn. There's nothing going on. There's no… t-thing. And nothing to know."

"Mmhmm, right. Well, I'll leave you to it then." She gets off the stool and heads outside. But just before she closes the door, she turns around. "Just one more thing Will. She wouldn't want you to stop living. She'll still love you, even if you continue living your life." With that she disappears.

She'll still love me, even if I continue living my life? She will…? I…

She said she'll always love me. And I believed her. No, I still believe her. I'll always love her too. No matter what, no matter who. She has a piece of my heart that no one will get. She alone is keeper of that place in my heart. She alone is allowed to access it. But what about the rest? That's what she would say. She'd make me realize there's still place left in my heart. She's… was smart like that.

I walk out of the kitchen, go upstairs and stop in front of my room's door. Hi door. How are you doing? Good I hope, heh heh. I have no idea what I'm doing here, you know door, but yet here I am. Just minding my own business I guess. Looking at you. No scratch that, staring at you is more accurate.

Hand? Hand?! What are you doing? Opening that door without knocking! Bad hand! Too bad you're a rather vital part in my life, on all kinds of different levels. You know I would've smacked you if you weren't. Although it's technically my door because it leads to my room. Okay, it's Buffy's ho-

Oh, erm, oh… ah… Ohmy.

She's in the middle of the room, dressed in a tank top – and may I add a very tight one - and sweats, doing… some exercises I think. She's standing on her right leg, left leg bend so her thigh is horizontal, with her arms crossed in front of her, like she's holding a ball against her chest. Then she slowly moves her arms so they form an open circle, while she raises her left foot forwards.

I think I'm dreaming. Yeah, like I thought I was dreaming she was having her way with me until I realized she was actually touching my bits. But anyway, there's this girl, in very tight clothes, in the middle of my room moving so beautiful it nails me to the floor, not to mention it leaves me completely speechless and makes me drool like a dog.

"Willow?" Oh, look, a waving hand in front of me. Should I wave back? Guess not, would make me look like a fool. Then again, I guess I've done that job rather well. Like you know, right now!

Oh! "Huh?"

"Oh, she joins the living after all." I've been part of the dead? When did that happen? Where was I when that happened? Is it me or is taking not an awful lot to confuse me right now?


"You sorta spaced out there, Will. You okay?"

I quickly nod and clear my throat. I'm just… "Peachy. I'm peachy." I walk over to my bed and sit down. Should I sit down on my bed? I mean, what if she gets the wrong impression and she thinks I'm luring her over here so I can ravage her. Like rip off all over clothes and run my hands over those nice-

No! Willow, stop! Have some self control for crying out loud! Who are you? A horny teenage boy? Well… I might not have the autonomy of one but the rest we pretty much have in common.

I don't think she gets the luring part because she just took a seat on a chair. What is that thing she sitting on? Is that…? Oh man! It is! She's sitting on one of my panties! What? She forgot to look at the chair before sitting down? Or was it done intentionally? Maybe she's sneaky like that.

What's so sneaky about that? Ack who knows! Who cares!

"Are you sure you're okay? You're looking really freaked out."

I shake my head. "I'm okay. Really. What was that, what you w-were eh, doing?" Just thinking about it gets me dizzy. I wonder how I managed not to pass out when I was actually seeing it. I think my body did realize this was too good to not see. Strange body I have.

"Tai-chi. Sims taught me. She said it helps me because I have a bit of a fiery temper. It does help release all the stress in me. And in the past 24 hours I've had a hell of a lot of stress." I can nod at that. Poor kid… girl… erm Kennedy has been trough a lot. "If you want I can teach you some time…"

Teach me some time? Oh boy! Oh boy!

I need to get out of here. Like now. Excuse, excuse, come on head come up with one! I need… erm… I need… Come on! "Library!"


Oh so cute when she frowns! No! Library! Old books! Yellow pages! New books! White boobies! No! She probably has tanned-

Ack! "I gotta go. Library. Old boobies, I mean books! Old books! I need old books! Not boobies! Not that I don't want boobies- No! I mean- books! I need books."

And here I am, in the hallway trying to remember what the hell I all blurted out in there?! Or why I freaked?! Okay, the visual I got when she suggested the teaching thing did. Oh boy! Oh boy!


.: Part 17 :.

Okay, old boobies? Is that her subtle yet babbly way of telling me she falls for older women? I'm not that much younger than her. Right? Gah, I don't even know her age! I should make a mental note to find out her age soon.

Like you care? Since when has age been an issue?

Valid point.

I know. Now shut up and run after her, you moron! She obviously freaked out by something you said, you dimwit.

Thanks. I really needed that motivation. Insert rolls eyes here please.

I open the door and glance in the hallway. No one's in sight. Great. Where did she go? Off to find those old boobies? I have young ones! Much better! I think… Maybe I should stop thinking about my own boobies and start focusing on finding Willow's boobies. Hrmm… Willow boobies… Should wipe the drool of my chin – isn't attractive.


"Aaah!" What the hell?!

"Wow, no need to get all scared, it's only me, Dawn." The teenager. Sister of Miss Blondie. Damn she scared the living daylight outa me! What is she doing, sneaking up on people like that? She powertrips on it?

Kenn, maybe you should, oh I don't know, calm the hell down! You hyperactive child!

How wonderful is this; my own head called me a child. I agree with the hyperactive buddy, but the child bit? Unacceptable. Totally unacceptable.

Shut up and find out what the kid wants. Child.


Pills. I need pills! Medication! A nuthouse! Maybe a shrink! Willow boobies! Hold on… Yeah Willow boobies will definitely do the trick.

The kid.

Oh yeah, the kid. Whoops… I OD'd, shortness of breath-

Stop singing Punk songs in your head!
Ma'am yes ma'am! I hate my life…

"Erm, yeah hi. What's up? Something, eh, wrong?" Lose stance, relaxed face, no frown – yeah she'll fall for it. She'll really believe I'm sane.

She raises her eyebrow. "You okay? You look… a little freaked?" Or maybe she won't.

Freaked? Me? Never! "I'm cool. So what's going on?"

She shrugs. "Beats me. I never have an idea of what's going on around here – except if the attack is directly aimed at me. Been there, done that." She rolls her eyes and stomps her foot a little. Kinda reminds me of a hippo. Funny hippo. "Anyway, my sister needs you. She sent me up to find you probably because they're discussing something that isn't meant for "teenage ears" or some crap like that." She emphasizes the 'teenage ears' with her hands. This kid is weird. I'm telling you, normal is something else.

Says the person with the biggest head trauma.

Again valid point.

Again I know.

"Fine. Where are they?" She points down the stairs with this 'duh' look on her face. I shoot her a 'like the hell I know' look back and lightly run downstairs. Looking to my right and left, I see there isn't anyone in the living or the dinning room so I'm guessing they'll be in the kitchen.

"I don't know Buffy…" I hear the glasses cleaner say. Let's check out what they want. Hey, how come I'm the only potential here? And oh! Boobies! I mean, Willow! I thought she had to go find some… boo… erm books? Or it really could be boobies – who knows. But if it was the latter, I really wish she would've come to me. Like I said, I have fine boobies!

Should really drop the boobies-bit. Anyway I guess it was a last minute meeting. Figuring Willow's here and not off to… the library. Well great, I have feeling this is one of those boring meetings. Too many Watchers. And people whom I don't know, like the guy and girl standing near the microwave. Or the blonde haired dude who's eating cookies on the counter. Who the hell are these people? One thing isn't right: the amount of Willows – not enough! Oh look, there she is, looking a-

Did she just…? She just didn't….! She did! Well moron, smile back!


I said smile, not a full blown flirty grin.


I OD'd…

Shush! Blondie said something!


"You know Kennedy; sometimes I think you live on another planet half of the time." Blondie sighs and motions for me to sit. "I said how are you feeling?"

I shrug. "Just peachy."

She nods, but has this unbelieving look on her face. Guess I can't fool the slayer.

"Fine, whatever. Look Giles, I know you're kinda shaky on this but we need her here. She can do a lot more here than in that craphole."

"I know Buffy," Says the guy near the microwave suddenly. "but you're talking about releasing a lunatic. Not too mention a homicidal psychopath. Have I-"

"Xander, I know this is hard for you. In fact, it's probably hard for all of you."

"Not me." The girl next to the microwave guy says. She's looking rather bored. I like her already. And Xander huh? He cooks a mean breakfast.

"I'm not surprised by that Anya. Anyway, like I was saying, this is hard on you guys, deal I get that. But right now we need any fighter we can get. And like it or not, she is still a slayer."

Erm, okay what am I missing here? She? Slayer? Isn't the Slayer here? Like in this kitchen? Someone should update me damnit! I'm confused! Again! Argh! "Sims!" Whoops, maybe that was a little loud.

"Kennedy?" Well at least she didn't yell at me for interrupting. Guess she's cutting me some slack.

"Slayer? Isn't she the Slayer?" I point at Blondie. "Or did someone feed me a bunch of lies?"

"No Kennedy, Buffy is indeed the Slayer. A Slayer actually. She is the original Slayer."

Are they trying to get me confused? Is it their main mission to make my head hurt so much again so I'll pass out again? Do they kick on it? Strange bunch of people. That's all I'm gonna say.

"Look to make a long story short; I died so another Slayer was called. When she died, another Slayer was called, obviously. She messed up a few years ago and went to jail to pay for her crimes."

Aha. So a Slayer went all crazy? Good to know I'm not the only mental case in the Slayer line. Since Xander said homicidal psychopath I'm guessing she went a little slay happy on someone. I know I have a few screws lose in my head, but I still know the end of a pointy stake should be aimed at the beasties. "What did she do?"

"She killed a man during patrol." And here I was joking with my end of a stake comment. How freaky. "Long story. Main point is we need her here."

"I don't know, Buffy." Sims begins. She looks stressed. Well… there are meanies out there out to get her skin. "From what I've heard, she isn't very stable. The Council-"

"No offence, but the Council doesn't know crap. And right now, there isn't even a Council anymore." Blondie's looking pissed. I guess we finally have something in common, besides the birth right; we both don't like them English twits.

"I know that. Mister Giles, you must agree with me."

"Uhm, I'm not sure Miss Simmons. Buffy is right, we do need every fighter we can get. And whether she made some mistakes in the past or not, she is a Slayer. And it's better to have two of those, except one."

"He has a point." Wow, she finally spoke up. I was beginning she lost her tongue or something. That would be bad. Really bad. I need that tongue! Erm, that is if I ever can put it to use. You know… "We need her here. Nutcase or not."

"Willow you can't be serious? We're talking about Faith here!" Wow, the Xander dude really doesn't like this Faith chick. Then again, I haven't met her and she already scares me!

"I know we are Xander." She sighs. Poor Willow. Bad Xander! Even though he may have a point.

"Look we're busting her out. I don't wanna hear it – this is the end of this discussion. We need her. Period. Kennedy go get Annabelle and Molly. Tell them to get ready because we'll be leaving in ten."

Wow, did she give me enough time to get ready or what? Ack I guess I'll better get to it then. I throw a quick glance at Sims, who sighs but nods. She isn't happy with this. Should I do this? I mean, my Watcher doesn't like me doing this.

"It's alright Kennedy. Go with Buffy."

Okay. If she says so. "Oh, Sims, watch out for Em, okay?"

"You know I will." She forces a smile and I walk out. What does a girl have to wear if when busting out a chick? They really should've given me some directions here. Well at least I'm not freaking out. Well yeah, this is peanuts to all the other stuff I had to swallow lately.

I just hope I won't wet my pants when I see this chick…


.: Part 18 :.

Man, it's dark in here! Like… pitch black dark. I can hardly see a thing. Well I can see the skinny potential in front of me cos I'm practically pressed up her back. She either doesn't mind or is as scared as me.

I don't like admitting it, but in this place I'm as scared as a cat in a dog kennel. Darkness and creepiness is all around. Maybe they should put that on their flyer. Great accommodation, dark and creepy – and all that for the price of a crime! Before you know you'll spot thousands of Japanese people with their cameras taking scrapbook pictures of all the inmates. That would be a hoot and a half.

"Kennedy!" The chief up front hisses, in a much whispered tone. I should've taken my tape recorder with me cos that was kinda funny.

"Yeah?" I whisper back. Don't want to disturb the guards or we'll be spending a few mornings in a place like this. And at that I would like to shudder, thank you very much!

"Keep your head on the mission, alright? And stay with the group."

I salute her and roll my eyes. Slave driver much? You know, if all Slayers are as bossy as her, I think I might pass on the entire Slayer deal.

What did I just say?! I'd never pass out on being a Slayer! I've been training for this since… like ever! Sims has put up with my childhood years, my puberty years and even those pesky teenager years for making me ready to be a Slayer. I like to believe I'm ready. I just hope I won't become like Blondie up there. Yikes. Then again, I don't wanna end up like Miss Psycho, wherever she is in this place.

"Okay, Annabelle you stay on this corner on the lookout. Molly you go over there. According to the records Willow hacked in, her cell is around the corner, second cell. Kennedy, you're with me." Yay, I get to free the big evil psychopathic Slayer. And what do I have to protect myself? Nothing. "And please keep your mind in this universe, please?"

I huff. Excuse me; my mind is always in this universe… I think. No, I know! It is. And that's that. Yeah. I mean, if it wouldn't be in this universe how would I be able to think about Red, huh? Yeah, think about that!

Erm, where did she go? Damnit! Blondie! Where did you go?! I look at Annabelle and raise an eyebrow, which is quickly accompanied with a sheepish smile. Whoops.

She points at her right, into a hallway and waves me into it. Don't rush me. I'm not good being rushed. Rushing means me making noise and waking either inmates or guards. Which by the way reminds me, do all these inmates actually sleep at night? If I'd be here I'd be lying awake, thinking of the outside world and all the things I'm missing out on. Then again, I guess I'd have to sleep some time.

Ah, there she is. She's looking into cells? I thought she knew what cell the psycho was in! Better catch up.

I tap her on the shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"I can't find her. She wasn't in the cell she was supposed to be. I think either the records were wrong or she moved after Willow hacked into the prison network."

Well I'll be… Man it is huge here. I look up and see about five stories high, all jail cells. D'ya think they'd put you in a jail cell up on the fifth floor if you're afraid of heights? Hey, hold on a minute… "What jail cell did Willow say she was in?"

She takes out a piece of paper and shows me. 2 2. Lemme guess, she read it as 22 but I'm guessing it's actually second floor, cell two. She really IS blond. "Erm Buffy, I think Willow meant the second cell on the second floor." I point to the mentioned floor to emphasize my point.

She looks up and raises her eyebrow. She sighs and nods. "Good work Kennedy." Did she just say that?! I'm shocked! Like really shocked! "Let's go."

Erm, yeah sure, whatever. I follow her to the stairs and glance to the cell right in front of me. Now you might call me paranoid but I bet that chick's eyes are so open. Eep! I sorta push Blondie up the stairs cos I'd like to avoid the inmate's piercing eyes. Willow managed to mess around with the security tapes but I guess she forgot about the inmates – they have eyes!

"Kennedy, chill out will you?!" I look at her rather dumbfounded. She wants me to chill out? We're in a frikkin' prison! God, this chick is unbelievable.

She peeks in a cell and smiles. It's rather ironic she's smiling when she found the psychopath we're trying to break out. I'm starting to think these people truly are crazy and beyond. She motions for me to come over but I'm not! She can break out her girlfriend herself!

Uhoh, now she's eyeing like's pissed off with me. Well too bad! It was her plan to break out miss evil; she can do all the work then. Harumph. Great, now she's giving me a look that clearly says, get your ass over here or I'll kick it. And she can. Oh fine! I slowly walk over and peek inside the cell. It's rather dark, but I still can make out the silhouette of a girl on the bed. I look at Buffy and raise my shoulders. Like I know what I gotta do. She rolls her eyes and hands me a bag with… sand? Do I even wanna know?! She takes out some of the sand and throws it on the lock. Wow, magic sand huh? Where did she get that from? Magic Beach in Disney?

But it did do the trick apparently, cos the magic sand opened the damn cell! Well I'll be damned. I should ask her sometime where that Magic Beach is cos I want some of that sand! She signs me to put away the bag, which I do. I guess there's still some leftovers, hehe, fun!

She quietly walks in and goes over to the bed. Which is all done in like three steps – very small cells. Ugh. What is she gonna do now? Kiss the chick awake? Actually that would be rather funny. Typical good versus evil story, as the opposites attract each other. I should write a book about this cos I think I'd make nice money with all this.

She looks at me and raises her eyebrow. Did she hear that?! I didn't say it out loud right? Cos if I did… whoops? She shakes her head and turns back to the person on the bed. What's next, Blondie taking out a handkerchief with chloroform?

Ohmygod! Dude I was joking! Oh man… I'm telling you, this is one bad, bad nightmare. And I'm hoping I'll wake up real soon! Ugh, great, that evil headache is back again. Did you enjoy your trip to the Bahamas? You know you could've stayed there longer, right?

Oh, Blondie's back carrying the girl in her arms. Wow, she's actually pretty! Like… sexy and hot pretty. Uhoh, keep your hormones under control and preferably in your pants. Then again, the whole she's-evil-factor is a bit of a turn off.

So what now? Home? Please can we go home now! Or are there any other evil Slayers in this place? God I hope not. I think one evil Slayer is all about I can handle tonight. My head isn't fully recovered from all the freaking out and passing out. It's a very traumatic experience.

At least I didn't wet my pants when I saw this chick…


.: Part 19 :.

So here we are, home again. The only thing different is the psycho lying on the couch, still passed out. I don't know how much chloroform Blondie used but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a teensy bit. I just hope when she wakes up she won't go slay happy on us.

Hehe, Happy slay. What can I get you sir? Perhaps a Happy Slay? Sure thing, mister vampire. Oh yeah, talk about the perfect pun.

You know, she doesn't look like she'd be the Big Bertha in Jail. Although she has the strength to fit the profile. What with the Slayer powers.

"So is she ever going to wake up? Not that I want her to or something… you know…" The Anya chick quips up. Weird one. "It's just… she seems pretty knocked out."

"I didn't knock her out, Anya." Blondie retorts.

You didn't do what now, Blondie? So you didn't chloroform her ass? Right, I see.

"And she'll wa-"

"My head!" –ke up soon? She just did, yeah. "What the hell? B?!"

B? I'll chuckle to that. She hasn't pulled out a knife and gutted us all. Not that I think she has a knife somewhere on her cos she just got out of jail and all, but you never know. Don't know much about the big house but I've seen the movies!

She hands Bertha some ice. "Put that on your head."

"Am I dreaming again? Cos if I am, I have no idea who half of this room is. Damn, should really stop mucking about with those guards – their beatings are giving me bitchass headaches, not to mention weird dreams." She sort of mutters to the last part. Dreaming? You have no idea how much I would like that as well. No. Idea.

"You're uh, not dreaming Faith." Blondie sits down on the couch and sighs.

"Then what the hell am I doing here? The last time I checked I was sleeping in my cell, cos you know, that's home for me now." Depressing much? She can go for Miss Psycho and Miss Depressed.

"We busted you out."

"I think she has figured that one out three minutes ago." I mumble. Red raises her eyebrow and at me and crosses her arms. Whoops, sorry! I sit down on a chair and shrug.

"Look, there are things happening here, apocalypse is around the corner. Again. And we need you. So you can either choose to fight the good fight and do something good for a change-"

"Cheap shot, but go on."

Which Blondie does, without even paying to Bertha's comment. "-or you can go back to jail and do about nothing in there. The choice is up to you. And I advise you to decide quickly, we don't have that much time left."

I think we sort of made the choice for her, like when we broke her out! Wow, dense much?

"Fine, sign me up for the good fight then. Whatever it is we're fighting against, put me in the battle field and I'll kick its ass."

"It doesn't have an ass." Oh, hey Red! You've been awfully quiet tonight. Cat got your tongue again? Bad cat. It should tell me how they do it cos I'd like to know.

"Excuse me?"

She shrugs at Faith. Wow, she looks very uncomfortable under Bertha's gaze. Hey, stop looking at Willow! I can't kick your ass, but I can at least try. No one messes with my gi-


She's not your girl!

I know!

Then don't act like she is!


I get up and walk out. I need fresh air. My head's at it again. I catch Faith saying, "What's up with the smurf?" and resist the urge to scream. Maybe I should find out where Buffy keeps the chloroform and knock Big Bertha out again and kick her ass like that. Very cheap but it does the trick.

Oh outside. Finally. I drop myself on the bench and look up. I'd love to know how all the starts are called. I guess some are even called after persons. If so then I… name the really shiny one Emily. She's always shiny when she goes out. All kinds of glitter and stuff. If you'd put her on a string and hang her on the ceiling, she'd function as a disco ball. Very noisy disco ball, but a disco ball nonetheless.


"Ahhh!" Not again! Why do people love scaring the hell outa me? It's no fun! Well… except if it's Red of course. Which it is. Yay!

"Oh my god! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you! Oh god, I'm so so-"

"Willow, it's okay!" Better stop her before she goes into Babblefest 2004. I move over on the bench and pat the free seat next to me.

To my surprise she actually sits down. Could this be anymore romantic?

Don't you even go there, Kenn! Don't!

I won't! I won't… I swear… a little. Ahem.


Mweh. Should I tell her about naming a star after wannabe-disco-ball? It might make her laugh. And a joke is always a good thing to break the silence. Not too mention the ice. I look her around and see pretty much only grass and flowers – no ice here. Don't think these people even know what ice is. Then again, they have fridges so I think… erm… they do.

"They're pretty, aren't they?"

I look at the person next to me and raise my eyebrow. What is she talking about? Herself? Yes ma'am, you are pretty.

She points up to the sky. "Stars – they're pretty."

Ohh. "Ohh." I nod. "They are. I was looking at them before you came out. I even named one."

"Oh really? Which one?"

I scoot up closer to her, hoping she won't hear my heart pounding this much and lean over her shoulder a little so she can see where I'm pointing. "You see the really shiny one?" She nods. "Well I named that one Emily because it reminds me of her when she's ready to go out. She looks like a disco ball when she does – all shiny." I hear Red laugh and can't help to laugh with her. "Stupid, I know."

She turns her head. "No, i-it's not. It's sweet. Funny as well, but mostly sweet." Oh god, there's that dazzling smile again. I think I might melt into a heap of mush right about now. "Do you see that group of stars there, like on the left of Emily-star?" I nod. "That's 'Moose getting a sponge bath'." It might be my crush speaking here, but I actually see a moose. I think it's taking a shower but details, details.

"Is that the scientific name?" I smirk and shove her gently with my shoulder.

She laughs. "God no. The scientific name is something extremely boring. My… I…" She sighs and I can just sense the sadness flowing off her. This doesn't look good. I'm not liking this vibe.

"Hey, are you okay?" I put my hand on her arm and squeeze a little. She nods and forces a smile. I know when someone forces a smile, I've done it plenty of times in my day. I look up again and quickly point to another group of stars. "What's that group called?"

"The Big Pineapple. That was the first one Tara tau-" She chokes up on her sentence and closes her eyes. Good going Kenn, really swell! You moron!

"Oh god, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to bring up bad memories or something! Oh god!" She looks like she's about to cry five rivers! Oh god! "I… damn."

"N-no, i-it's… it's okay. I, I just need a second…" Don't I have some tissue somewhere? I feel my pockets. Well look at that… I fish out a tissue and hand it to her. "Thanks." Oh thank the heavens, a little smile! Not forced this time.

"I'm really sorry; I didn't mean to make you feel bad or something." I'm like about to smack myself over the head with a baseball bat!

She shakes her head. "No, really it's okay. I just… It hurts thinking about her…"

Her? Are we talking about mother? Sister? Past girlfriend perhaps? Ack this is annoying. I can't imagine what's going through her head but I think it has something to do when I saw that look in her eyes after we kissed. The look of losing a loved one. Great, what now? "I…"

"Her name was Tara."

Okay, didn't expect that. She trusts me enough to tell me this? God, don't know if I should cry or smile! I move myself so I'm facing her and blame it on my head or hand, but a bold move is coming; I take her hand in mine and hold it tight. No blood-cutting-off-tight but supporting-tight. I think she needs that.

"We were together for roughly two years."

We're talking past girlfriend. Oh boy… Sometimes I hate being right. Buckle up Kennedy, cos this is gonna be one helluva ride.

"She was… my everything. My lover, my best friend, my soul mate." She wipes away a few tears. "She's the one who taught me the weird names for the stars. She taught me a lot." She sighs and I can feel her squeezing my hand. "

"Last year Buffy was fighting these three nerds who were trying to take over the world. I think they watched too much Star Trek or Star Wars, you know. They didn't really succeed. And one of them got a little ticked off, I guess and came here carrying a gun."

"What… uhm, what happened?" If she starts crying, you know I'll kick your ass Kennedy!

I know!

"We broke up because… of reasons. I went to a bad place. At that moment I thought that was the worst place I could go to. But I got better and we got back together. We were in my room and… it… she…" She sobs a little and it's breaking my heart in a million pieces. "… He came here with his gun and shot Buffy, who was in the garden. But one bullet went stray and hit…"

She doesn't finish. I don't think she can. Man! Oh no! Damnit! She's crying now! And I'm talking those five rivers here! What to do?! Damnit! This might end up badly, but I don't care… I take her in my arms and try comforting her. "It's okay… shhhh." I'm in deep. Real deep. Cos it's killing me seeing her like this. It really is.

After a few seconds, she slips her arms around and hangs on to me like her life is depending on it. I keep on whispering her comforting words and hold her tighter. Please be okay, Red. Please.


.: Part 20 :.

I definitely didn't expect this when I woke up this morning. First we bust out Big Bertha out of her safe little home, which alone gave me enough scares for a lifetime – really creepy place! And now I've got Willow in my arms. Holding her, comforting her.

She stopped crying a little while ago, which I'm grateful for; I'm not good with crying. It sorta freaks me out and it sorta gets me crying. And that's the wrong kinda wet, if you know what I mean.

Even though the waterworks have stopped, she's still clinging to me. She still has her arms wrapped around me, holding on tight. Like I'm complaining. Okay deal, the situation we're in isn't all that, but at least we got here. Then again, I have no idea where 'here' is or where we're going. If we're going somewhere! Again with the confusing – great.

"Willow?" Kennedy, what are you doing? Why are you talking? You shouldn't talk! Shush! You should bask! Bask damnit!

Shut up!

"Are you okay?" I feel her nod slightly. I'm trying to go for words here. Kinda not working. "Is there anything you need?" Shake of the head this time. Wonderful. She lifts up her head and looks at me so sad, it's heartbreaking. Come on Red, talk to me! Just a wo-



Maybe that.


Can go with that.

I sure can. Yes siree.

Oh boy…

So soft; so gentle and so damn nice.

Oh boy…

I'm kissing her. Again. And it's nothing compared with the first time. I don't know if it's because she started it, or because she's actually fully kissing me back, who knows but it's damn better. Hell of a lot of better. Loads. Lots of. You get the point.

No! Don't go! Damnit! Why are those lips always leaving mine? Are mine not good enough? I have soft lips – I use lip gloss, you know. I take care of them properly. I don't neglect them, I love my lips. If I could I'd kiss myself.

Bad visual. Bad, bad visual.

Stop having those and wake up, Willow is calling out your name moron.

"Kennedy?" Eh? Oh yeah, that's me right? I'm Kennedy. Yep. Kennedy.

"Yes? That's me. I'm Kennedy." That was supposed to stay in your head, fool.


"Are you… You seem, uh, a little freaked? Did I-I freak you out? Because I d-didn't mean to freak you out! Oh god, I freaked you out didn't I? Oh god, I'm sorry! I never meant for you to freak out. Never! I should go. I'll see you later."

And she's gone. Leaving me here out in the cold. Leaving me in the aftermath of kissing her. What the hell just happened?

Kennedy, you might get up and go find the girl and make her your girl! Do not mess this up, I mean it. But seriously, go for it Kenn. Jump in with the risk of crashing. Just… go for it.

Don't I just love myself? I'm so inspiring and can really get myself going. Who needs a best friend? Tss, not me!

"Oomph!" What the hell?! Why am I on my ass on the porch? Oh yeah, because something huge was in my way! I look up and see, "Bertha." Big Bertha was the huge thing in my way? She's like as thin as a stick! I guess the Slayer strength glues her to the ground? Weirdness all around.

"Yo Smurf, what's up?" Smurf? What is she, retarded or something? Do I look like a smurf to her? I haven't got a white hat on my head nor do I have blue skin. Slayers…

"The sky. If you'd look up you'd see that." I stand up and get ready to leave when I feel a hand on my arm stopping me. Bertha, any day will be fine for us to go down – even though you'll kick my ass to Timbuktu and back – but right now I have a redhead to find! Very important business.

"Are you okay? You know, for someone's who never met but has heard quite a few stories about me you're very… hrmm how should I put this… ballsy."

"Ballsy? Excuse me?"

She nods and takes out her pack of smokes. Great, pollute the air around me, why don't ya. "Yeah, ballsy. You got balls on you if you dare to talk to me the way you talk to me."

Is she trying to intimidate me? Cos if she is, she should meet my mother and she'll realize why I'm so 'ballsy'. Very inadequate put, by the way. Where was this chick born? The gutter? No wonder she fell off the boat out here. "Okay, if you say so. Can I go now?" I still have things to do. And being stared down by Miss Psycho Slayer is not on that to-do-list. She does scare the living daylight outa me, but the thought of not kissing the little cute redhead ever again is a by far scarier thought.

She sighs and lights her smoke. I was planning on going inside before the lovely smell of cigarettes would get to my nostrils. Plan failed, obviously. "I'm just saying… I like you. You're not scared of me, whether you know if all the stories you heard are really true, as I think you've heard 'em from people who are not considered to be reliable sources."

"Look Be- erm Faith, I didn't really hear all the stories okay? I just know you did things that made you end up in the big house, that's all. I'm willing to discuss this over a nice cop of coffee and some chocolate chip cookies, but right now I have bigger stuff on my head than being in the same room as a killer."

"She's up in her room."

"Thank you." I open the door and… Eh? She's what? I turn around and look at her with a very high raises eyebrow. Trust me, it's high!

"You're looking for Red right?" Okay… We call the girl the same nickname? You know, my mother would say she reminds her of me. She's a bitch like that. "And I'm telling you she's up in her room. She just sped by in the living room and went upstairs. B's up there doing the best friend thing, whatever that means." She rolls her eyes and flicks away her cigarette.

Evil? Sure. Psycho? Apparently. Murderer? So I've been told. Nevertheless I'm starting to like this chick. And hey, she said I was ballsy which earns me brownie points right, standing up to her. Don't know where the standing occurred but whatever.

I nod at her and finally leave the porch, on my way to get my girl. And nothing is going to stop me this time.



"What?!" Wow, that was practically yelled.

"I… nothing." Bloody hell! Now the little sis is gonna think I'm pissed at her or something. Argh!

And Kennedy, seriously, stop saying the English expression before I make you join Englisholics Anonymous.

"Em, what's wrong? I'm sorry I snapped. Come here." I open my eyes for her and she comes in storming. God, the kid must be terrified with all this. "You okay?" She nods and tightens her embrace. I feel like the local hugdummie. "Did you call Dad?" Another nod. What is it with women not talking today? And all big with the hugging? Are they trying to turn me into a mushy girl? "What did he say?" There, now you have to talk! Gotcha now!

"He said if you're planning on staying out again, you're out for good. Or something like that. I kinda tuned out when he started to curse your ass." She shrugs and releases me. I'm glad she did, cos my ribs were starting to crack. I could hear them crack.

"Well that's his loss. What did he say about you?"

She shuffles a little and downcasts her gaze. Uhoh… "He said I have exactly a day to, and I quote, get my ass in that house or all hell's gonna break lose."

I sigh and run my hand through my hair. This is really getting annoying, all these problems and crap. "Look, maybe you should go back, you know. You'll be safer there than you'll be here."

"Kenn! You know I'm not going back without you. There's no way in hell, and you know it."

Grrr. "Em, I know but I need to know you're safe, okay?"

"And I need to know you're safe! Kenn, come on. I wanna be with you through this. Cos if you fail…" She trails off and suddenly makes me realize she might be right. That we might fail. Deal, we have two Slayers on our side but is that enough? Nevertheless missy…

"Thanks for that." I scowl at her and she rolls her eyes. Teenagers. "We're not going to fail. We're going to kick some ass and I promise I'll be coming back. I promise."

She sighs and shuffles again. She knows she just lost this battle. There's no way I'm going to let her stay here. It's too dangerous. "Now, get your stuff together and I'll drop you off, okay?"

"You didn't drive here, Kenn. You don't have a ride."

I roll my eyes at her pathetic attempt to persuade me to let her stay here and push her upstairs. "Go get your stuff and be back here in five."

She reluctantly moves, stomping her way upstairs. She is a stubborn kid.

"I thought you'd be on your way to redhead-heaven, Smurf."

Oh lovely, her again. Well let's hope she behaves. I turn around and catch her checking me out. Oh yeah, that was such a check-out? Like what you see, Bertha? Yeah, I bet ya do, huh? Too bad, this is exclusively Willow-material. She just doesn't know it yet. Anyway, I have a feeling you rather have a piece of Slayer instead of potential slayer. Like someone didn't notice the tension between them. Right.

"Yeah, somet-"

"Kenn, are you ready to go?" She's back already? Wow, she's quick.

"Like I was trying to say, something got in the way. I've gotta drop of my little sis at home." I grab my coat and suddenly realize I haven't got a car. Damnit. "Do you happen to know where Blondie is?"

Bertha slightly raises her eyebrow at my nickname and points at the kitchen. I walk in and see her and the Watcher-crew sitting around the table.

"Ah, Kennedy, everything alright?" Sims asks when she spots me.

"Peachy. Look I gotta drop of Em at home, you know. You think one of you guys can give me a car?"

I know Sims won't, she's too in love with her English sportscar. Sjeez, tweed-addicts. Giles kind of looks uncomfortable lending out his car to a stranger. Thankfully Blondie comes in and saves the day. It's what she does, right? She grabs her keys and throws them at me. "Bring it back in one piece, please."

I nod.

"And take Faith with you. I don't want you out there alone." She has this look on her face, you know, the one that screams 'don't argue with me, I'm the Slayer, I'm in charge'. Fine. No arguing from me.

Bertha looks a little pissed for getting stuck with babysitterduty but fishes the keys outa my hands and goes outside. She's allowed to drive? Right. That's a smart move, Faith. Why no get yourself pulled over by the cops and have a one-way-drive back to jail?

My sister and I follow her out to the car and after shoving Em in the back seat, I grab the keys back. "You know you're not allowed to drive, Faith." I shove her towards the passenger seat and she actually growls at me. Okay, mental note: do not piss off the psycho slayer Kennedy! You might be ballsy, but she still can kick your ass.

Duly noted.


.: Part 21 :.

I hate my life. I really do. I'm in a car with a convicted murderer and my baby-sister on my way home to drop off said sister because I thought she would be safer there than at Slayer central.

Where exactly was my head when I decided that? What convinced me that Em will be safer at home under my father's "protecting eye"? Oh yeah, I think the threats of sending the cops at me was convincing enough. Go figure, me kidnapping my own sister. Unbelievable. Like I don't have better things to do, like, oh I don't know, keeping myself and my Watcher alive? Not important, right? Right. Asshole.

It's too quiet in here; it's driving me crazy. Err… Make that crazier. Should start some conversation here or maybe put on the radio. No, no, bad idea – if I hear a bad song I'll probably start pounding on the radio like it's some kind of beastie. Conversation it is. I guess I should start one with Bertha, getting to know her a bit. Not that I'm looking to bound or anything – I just don't like silence.

"So… Faith, where are you from?" That's a good start right? It's better than asking her views on the weather or her thoughts on today's politics. She doesn't look like she's interested in that crap anyway.

"Jail." O-kay? That wasn't the answer I was expecting. I was more thinking along the lines of a place, like a city or a town or hell, a country. But what do I get? Jail. The place I busted her out of. Fine, Blondie did it all, but I tagged along! I put my ass on the line in order to get her a jail-free-card. People can be so rude sometimes.

"I think she meant where were you born and where did you grew up and stuff." And it's the baby-sister to the rescue. Who would've guessed it?

Now she's looking my sister in the eye. No, it's more staring. Murderous stare? Or maybe it's that intimidating thing again. What is up with that? Did they teach her that in jail? I reach over wave my in front of Bertha's face, trying to make her stop looking at Em. Er, okay, I guess that approach didn't work. Fine, I'll take another one. She won't kick my ass… too hard right? Only one way too find out…

"Ow! Damnit Smurf, what the hell?"

No ass-kicking is occurring, only a scowl and a few swearwords. I can live with that, figuring I just slapped the back of her head. I shrug and smile. "You were staring at my sister; I don't like people staring at my sister." I'm totally pushing my luck here, I mean she can just burst and kill us both before taking the car to drive off to Mexico. I gulp to that!

She clears her throat and eyes me again. She has a very intense gaze. And I mean very! It's like she's either devouring me with her eyes or she's wondering how I'd look like covered with my own blood. Although both are not my favourites, I do prefer number one. Look but don't touch, please!

"Right. I see." She slides further in her seat, her knees almost touching the dashboard and starts looking outside. Is she trying to spot a good stop to make me stop the car so she can go all kung-fu on me? Or maybe karate? "Where were you born and raised, Smurf?" That one came out of the blue.

"Erm, Boston." I can't use the jail-bit because I haven't spent the last two years locked away with a bunch of butch women. Then again, college can feel that way. Only difference is the women are really hot chicks, but with sticks so far up their asses they can't bend over no more.

That was a nasty visual, Kenn.

"Boston?" Wow, she actually seems surprised. Why is she raising her eyebrow like that? "What's your last name?" She's asking me for my last name? What is she trying to do? Gather as much intel about me before she takes over my life or something?

I really should stop watching those thrillers. They fill my brain with weird theories and strange conspiracies. It's like constantly living in an X-Files episode. Then again, that wouldn't be that bad because Scully is one fine lady. I totally have a thing for redheads – so sue me.

"It's eh, Haydon. Why?"

She shakes her head but frowns, like she's in deep thought. "Haydon, Haydon… Where do I know that name from?" She mutters, more to herself really. Why is this so important to her? It's not a big of deal, you know, it's just a damn name I'm stuck with my entire life. Not really something I chose for.

It's a pain in the butt having Haydon as your last name. It's not so bad around here, only a few people know what it is about. But up in that corner of the United States, people know the bloody name better than their own. That's why I always avoided letting people know my full name while going out. My very appealing but also very uncommon first name in combination with my last name is something that people instantly recognize. That's why I thought it was best to switch to my middle name; hence the use of Kennedy. It kinda stuck, I guess.

"Oh! Now I remember, Haydon Inc. – the biggest producers of ice-cream on the East coast." Damnit! How does she know this? There's only one rational explanation for this: Bertha's from the East Coast. Great.

It's like the past is haunting me or something… Man, I was happy to leave Boston behind and all that constant crap of being reminded I'm the daughter of a millionaire. Sounds cliché, but I just wanted to be a normal girl here. As normal as I can get, that is. What with the entire Potential deal.

Oh no, here eyes are widening! That's not good, that probably means she's remembering something that she shouldn't have. "Kenney Haydon! Of course, you're the daughter. The little spoiled brat that gets her way. Damn girl, you have one hell of a rep in Boston, you know that?" I know that all too well. Although I do try to forget it, hoping it'll go away one day. Yet it never does.

There's only one explanation Big Bertha knows about my oh-so-lovely reputation back in Boston and that's when she herself is from the city. This is getting better and better. "You're… You're from Boston?" I'd pray for her to say no, but I don't think it will help much.

She nods and grins. "Southie all the way, baby."

I groan and let my head fall against the headrest. I glance at Emily using the rear view mirror. She's sitting there, chuckling quietly and enjoying this way too much. I'm suddenly feeling good about dropping her off at home. She'll have dad watching her every move. I chuckle. Yeah kid, have fun at home.

"Why did you move here? Boston giving you a hard time?" Bertha snickers. She has no idea how bitching Boston was. In the sense of fun and in the sense of annoying.

I shrug. "Dad married another bimbo and she didn't like the East Coast. Not that I cared much." We need a serious change of subject here. I have a feeling this conversation might not turn out like I want.

"Have you told Red about your rep? I mean, don't think she wants to be another notch on your bedpost." See, that's just a rumour! I don't have notches on my bedposts. I mean, I have but not a bloody thousand! I'm not that big of a slut.

"You know, that's not of your business but to set the record straight – no pun – that is one nasty rumour, okay? I don't have a bedpost full of notches." I let my gaze fall upon Em again. Why is she looking at me like I'm lying? I'm not for crying out loud!

I guess Bertha saw the look the little sister gave me because she's smirking her ass off right now. Wonderful! "Emily, stop looking like that damnit!"

She shrugs but doesn't stop looking like I'm the world's biggest liar. "I know what I know and saw, Kenn, that's all I'm saying." What the hell is she talking about? Deal, I'm not exactly a virgin anymore but I never brought them home unless they were slightly important to me.

Better not use that line with Red, doesn't sound too good.

Here we are, home sweet home. End of the line, Em. I get out and push the intercom button. After a minute or so, a female voice greets me. "Yeah hey…" Damnit! What's Gucci's name again? "… you. Could you open the gate? I'm dropping off Emily."

"Oh god! Kennedy! You're here!" Okay, can't hear much of the next crap cos it's muffled. Who is she talking to? "Kennedy!" Ah, she was talking to dad.

"That's me, last time I checked. Are you going to open the gate or should I throw Em over the fence and let the dobermans get her?"

He sighs and I bet he's running his hand through his prim ass hair. "I don't think you've forgotten the code, now have you?"

Of course not. I just thought the moron would've changed it so I couldn't get in anymore. He's evil like that. "Fine." I punch in the code and walk back to the car. When the gates are open, I drive up to the house.

Look at that, the house hasn't changed a bit. Too bad. I turn off the ignition and get out. Em's already out, grabbing her stuff. "Look, if something's up or something, call me on my cell, okay?"

She nods and swings her backpack over her shoulder. "I will." I give her a big hug and gently kiss her forehead. "Promise you'll come back?"

I nod and smile. "Promise."

She gives me one of her dazzling smiles and scampers off to the front door. That's my cue to get my ass out of here. Confrontation with daddy dearest is something I'd like to avoid right now.

See you when I kicked some evil ass, Em.

Well Bertha, guess it's just you and me now. Scary. Seriously.


.: Part 22 :.

Home, thank god! The silence Bertha's giving me is getting way too scary for my likings. She looks nice – scratch that, she looks hot and she knows it. But I meant, she seems nice and all. It could be a trick though. Who knows. Well I guess, she does.

I drive up the driveway and kill the ignition. She's not getting out? Neither am I, but I have my reasons. Does she have reasons? She looks like she's far away in thought. Maybe I should punch her again, you know, shake her awake or something. She might deck me, but that's the chance I have to take.

Right. I'm not that stupid.

"Erm, Faith?"

"Hmm?" That at least tells me she is alive. Maybe a bit more than 'hmm' would confirm my thoughts of her still being all good in her head? Err, Psycho Slayer all good in the head? Yeah, my point exactly.

"Are you okay? You look a little… away." I clear my throat and squirm a little in my seat. I could get my head bitten off here if I'm not careful. I should remove my seatbelt so I can make a quick escape to the house when she attacks. Better safe than sorry.

"I love her…" Er, eh? Like, a double huh raised with a what? Followed with the look on my face right now: wide eyed and shocked. Did she just say that? Or did my head imagine that? Damnit, I knew I should've stayed off those stale looking cookies! They're messing with my head!

So to make sure… "Huh?"

"Her… I-I love… her." Okay, so it's not the stale cookies. It is, indeed, Big Bertha next to me saying that, uttering those words. What now? I'm not a shrink! And I'm definitely not the person to come to for advice on love. As I think this is the main subject, what with the use of the word love and all. Spooky.

"Err, okay." I clear my throat again and glance at her. She's still looking at outer space or something. She's clearly somewhat shocked. She looks like a little innocent child; so vulnerable and small. Isn't an image I had in mind of Big Bertha.

Hold on… her? She's gay? Okay, that doesn't shock me too much. My gaydar *does* work. I think the thing that shocked me is that she said she loves someone. Kind of cruel of me to think she's incapable of loving someone, I guess. Although I wanna bet I'm not the only one who thinks that.

I wonder who 'she' is. I'd say lucky but I'm not sure on that one… yet. I'm starting to know Bertha and she isn't as bad as people say she is. She's as scary as they state though. I would say lucky chick on the area of the bed – I've got eyes, she's frikkin' hot. And I bet she's damn hot in the bed. Too bad I prefer redheads in mine.

I bet it's Buffy.

You're a funny one, aren't you Kenn?

I sure am. It'd be funny though, Chosen Two getting it on. Make that fu-

Don't swear, Kennedy!

Fine. Grumble.

Maybe I should ask her, who 'she' is. It's not that I really want to know… I'm just curious. It's in my nature, I can't help it. "Who is… erm, she?"

She suddenly directs her gaze at me and I'm pretty much stuck in my seat. My mind wants me to bolt out of this car and run to the nearest Slayer, with exception of Bertha of course. I wish she would look through me but she isn't. She's staring at me, very intently. Like she can read my thoughts or something. Which are not too interesting at the moment, I guess. Eek!

Eh, where is she going? Hey, Bertha, get back in here! We aren't done yet! I should follow her, right? She looks like she can use a friend. And I have a feeling I'm the closest thing to that.

I get out of the car and jog up to stop her. "Faith, hold on." I grab her arm and make her stop. She didn't hit me, that's a plus point. "Look… I-"

"It's okay." She cuts me off. "You should go; I think someone's waiting for you." She moves to start walking again, but I stop her again. I don't want her all alone now.

Suddenly my mind takes me back into time, back to the moment when we broke out Miss Psycho. I remember the look Buffy had on her face when she saw Faith, lying in her bunk like it was yesterday. Which… isn't too wrong, I guess. Anyway, she had this look of pure… devotion really. Can't explain it really. All I know is that the same look was plastered on Faith's face when she woke up and saw Blondie. Either they have this mutual awe for each other or…

"Is it… Buffy?" I wasn't planning on asking this but my gut is telling me to take a shot at it. Going on the look on her face, I'll go with a nice clean yes. Wow, I am good.

Big bad psycho Slayer loves the original Slayer. The Slayer who had to die in order to call another Slayer so she could die and bring in Bertha. Alanis Morissette's Ironic comes to mind.

She shuffles a little, gives me a small but sad smile and walks off. I don't stop her this time. I don't know what to do or say if I would. I guess she needs some time alone. Maybe to think about stuff? Or perhaps to put up her tough girl image again? I'm reluctantly going with number two.

Kinda feel bad for her now. I hope she knows I'm here for her. If she doesn't go homicidal on me, that is.

Okay, now it's time for me. I'm going to be selfish and take care of me. Nothing's going to stop me this time. I'm going for the girl and I'm going to get her! Whether she wants it or not! Well, I guess SHE is going to want it. Or we'd be dealing on a whole non-consent level. Not a level I'd like to spend a second of my time on. Hey, she kissed me the last time so she probably wants *something*. That's a beginning I can work with.

"Kennedy, back already?" Mister Glasses asks. I sure am. No one told you I'm a fast chick? Yeah, you bet your pennies I am. I quickly nod and pass him by, running up the stairs.

"Hold it missy!" Damnit, Blondie go annoy someone else, will ya? I turn around and give her my 'I am very annoyed' look. It's very effective as it's been tested and approved of course. "My car keys, please?"

I roll my eyes and fish them out of my pocket. Maybe I should throw them at her head. She doesn't bruise easily but I bed I can make a tiny red spot. Then again, she's Willow's best friend. Better not piss her off too much. I throw them at her and to my disappointment she catches them without any trouble. Damn Slayer reflexes.

"Thank you."

I quickly run up the stairs, towards Willow's room. Here I am again, Willow's room. I shouldn't spend much time out here, huh? Time's a waisting; or whatever that saying is. I grab the doorknob and open the door. It feels like I'm entering heaven… or hell.

Kennedy, step inside of the room. Don't stay out there in the hallway like a moron!

Oh! Yeah, good idea.

Man, I hope she is in he-

Oh, there she is. On the bed. Sleeping. Great, just great. I'm going for the girl, finally having the guts to actually admit to someone I care about them – even though I've only just met them – and actually not caring about the future or other crap, cos I know it'll be good as long as I'm with her. No, not good. Great. Magnificent. Wonderful. For once in my life I know I'll be treated well and not like I'm the next best thing. Just my luck as the object of my affection is sleeping (not too restless may I add) on the bed.

I walk, more tiptoe actually, over to the bed and quietly as I can sit down next to the sleeping body on the bed. She looks so beautiful, it's breathtaking. Wow, I am in deep, aren't I? I'm not thinking about how hot she looks or how she's in the right position to just… you know. Only thing that catches my attention is the beauty that just radiates from her. It mesmerizes me someone can make me feel like this. Strange not too familiar feelings but knowing she caused them makes it all the much better.

I think I'm really falling in love with this girl.


.: Part 23 :.

In love. Me. In love. No way.

In love.

With another person.

Someone other than myself.

No way.

Oh man, I'm really in love with someone. In love. There's someone whom I can say I love you to and not in the family or friends way but in the lovers way.

In love.

This is weird. I'm Kennedy, I don't fall in love. I just… I don't know what exactly, 'sleep around' seems so hussy and the usual 'I don't do relationships' sounds foreign in my own head.

Now I definitely wish this was all a bad dream and I would wake up soon. Preferably in a hospital with good food and a nice looking redheaded nurse called Willow. Yeah, that would be kickass right about now. But I highly doubt that is going to happen. I never get what I want.

I look down at the sleeping beauty. Well I almost never get what I want. I got my kiss. Two even. And if my brain would've cooperated I would've gotten more. But oh no, the little moron up there thought it would be a good idea to freeze and do nothing at all. Good job, idiot.

Reaching out and tucking a lose piece of hair behind her ear, I can't keep the smile off my face. I'm such a sucker. Here I am, crazy about this girl I've only known for a few days, my life on the line and the people close to me aren't clear of any danger either. I've said before and I will say it again: I have a weird life.

I gently cup Willow's face and smile when she scrunches up her nose. That has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. I wish I had a camera with me; I'd be taking pictures every second. I guess a video camera would be more efficient then. That would make one hell of a movie.

I have this sudden urge to lean in and just brush my lips against hers. Nothing big or anything, just brushing you know. I fight the urge though – don't w ant to be that big of a freak. I don't even wanna know what would happen if she chose that moment to wake up. Eep! That would seriously suck! And slayer kicked by Blondie. Don't think she'll appreciate if I molested her best friend in bed while she was sleeping. That would indeed be bad, Kenn.

I sigh and shake my head. I should go and catch some sleep or something. Or at least feign to be asleep. I'm pretty sure either Blondie or Bertha will be roaming the place for a wide-awake potential to bitch at. And I for one am not in the mood to be the Slayer's ranting buddy. They've got each other for that. Well that and other stuff – they just gotta realize it first.

Enough about Joey and Dawson. Why moan and groan about them when there's this hot chick lying right here, being all kinds of beautiful.

I should go and get a job at Hallmark or something, cos the crap my mind produced today would make about fifty Valentine cards a second! Then again, all the moosh and stuff every day would make me puke eventually. Not attractive, right? Nope.

Enough with that stuff. I'm gonna say goodnight to Willow, tiptoe on outa here and find a place to rest my eyes a little. I don't wanna put Red in a weird spot tomorrow morning by crashing here again. I should be down with the other potential girlies anyway.

"So Red, you have a nice night. Don't let the bed bugs bite you." I whisper out softly and lean in to kiss her forehead.

Since when does her forehead feel this soft and err lips-y?


I pull back and am greeted with a pair of confused green eyes.




"Uh… oh?" Uhoh? Is that all my mouth can utter? Or my mind, for that matter. I AM the world's biggest ditz! What the hell was that anyway? Why the hell did my lips end up on hers? What the hell happened to the coordination of my lips? I was supposed to kiss her forehead; not her lips! Forehead, about 4 inches higher than the destination I reached! Uhoh!

"What… when…" She gets up on her elbows and runs a hand through her hair. She looks so adorable.

Don't even go there, Kenn! Don't!

I would like to not go there but when she raises her sleepy eyes like that to look at me, I don't think I have a choice! It's stronger than me! I'm a weakling! Weak, I tells ya! Weak!

Insert mental slap here. Get a grip, Haydon. This is peanuts. Kindergarten. Like a walk in the park.

I don't like the park. Pout.

"What are you… When did you get back?"

Back? Back from where? I went somewhere? Where? Huh? "Huh?"

She raises her eyebrow and smirks. "Are you on this planet, Kenn?" I don't think so – I'm currently on planet Red. Uhoh! Yes, uhoh again – the redhead has an evil glint in her eyes! And I may not know her that well, I know by the look she has now it's gonna be an evil thing! "Or did my lips dazzle you?" I knew it!

Oh you gotta be kidding me… I'm blushing?! Oh yep, I sure am. Red cheeks and all. Might as well go all the way. Oh no worries, my body has taken care of that: hide behind the hair because I am officially BUSTED!

Yeah, snicker all you want Red. You're not the one who got caught with her lips on the woman of her affection. This is going to end ugly if I don't end it right now. I should let her go back to sleep anyway. "Look… I'll err, just go. Now. Catch some z's, you know." I get up and look down at her, smiling a little. "Sorry for waking you."

" 's Okay." She smiles.

"Goodnight." And now let's get the hell out of her before my body has another one of those mysterious spasms and jumps Red or something. Of course it would be handier if my wrist wasn't stuck, so I could take it along with me. Cutting it off isn't high on my to-do-list. I follow my arm, down to my hand so I can see where the hell my wrist and attached hand are stuck and see… "Willow." Well yeah, duh, of course. We've already established she is the one on the bed but she's also the one who's holding my wrist, effectively keeping me from leaving. The hell?

"I… Could you… I mean… I-I don't want to…" She sighs and looks down at the wrist she's holding. That's my wrist. You like it? I'm sure it likes you. It has told me. And no I'm not a mental patient. I'm just… special. "Do you, h-have to go downstairs?"

Am I required to go downstairs? No? I don't know? "Huh?" Again big on the vocabulary, Kennedy. One would start to think you never attended an English class in your life!

"I-I think… no… maybe…" You know, shaking her head like she's doing now can't possibly be good for her brain cells. Or eyes. Or anything medical that I should know and that I do know but right now I know nothing as my brain has deserted me once again. "Could you stay here? With me?" She suddenly asks with this little voice. She sounded like a kid in a candy store asking for the good stuff but knowing she couldn't afford it.

Maybe I should focus on the question she asked me instead of cooing on the way she asked it. I mean she did ask me to like, oh I don't know, stay with her tonight! Like, you know, with her!


"Like… here?" She nods and I gulp. I'm nervous. Oh god, I'm nervous! I don't get nervous! I mean… no nervous! What is she doing to me? She's turning me into this… other person! Nervous in love person!

Like you care?

Errr, swell point.

"Okay, I… okay." I look around and guess there's enough space to drop a sleeping bag on the floor. I should probably go downstairs and find one. Or maybe… "You happen to have a sleeping bag around here?"

She frowns at throws a quizzical look my way. "A sleeping bag?"

I nod. "Yeah, to use it? I'd like some kind of cover at night, or I can't sleep." I shrug. What can I say? Kennedy equals weird.

She blushes a little and the corners of her moth turn up into this cute little smile. "That's okay. You don't need one. I mean big bed. I'm willing to share." She scoots over to prove her point. Big bed indeed. Big. Yep. Bed. Sure. Big. Uhuh. Uhoh. "If you want to, of course." Want? Want what? You? Sure. Big bed. And wanting.

I mean, no! No wanting! Big bed! You! No! I mean, no wanting big bed! No! No wanting you! That's not right either! Damnit! Kennedy shut up!

Crickets. That's what I'm hearing right now. What with the orders from above to shut up; even though I wasn't even technically talking. But hey, details, details. Back to the matter at hand. She asked you to share a bed with you, not to share her panties you mook. So get over yourself and get in that bed to sleep! And not to sleep with her, just to sleep. While she sleeps. Just a nice night of sleep.

"Uh… yeah that's fine." I shuffle a little, not knowing what to do now. I'm a little stuck. I guess she notices my distress cos she holds out her hand. Mostly moving on autopilot, I take it and slide in the bed next to her. I feel like this wooden plank or something. I can't even relax for Pete's sake. I mean not to look like a total slut but there aren't many times I can remember sleeping in a bed with a girl when no sex has happened. That sounds so bad on so many levels.

"Are you okay?" Red asks, hell scratch that, she whispered it as she's lying right next to me. No need to yell then, huh? Yeah, thought so.

"I'm okay." I quietly say. I turn around on my side and face her, don't know why exactly. It felt like the right thing to do. She stays on her back though, starring at a spot on the ceiling. "Are you?"

She nods and removes her eyes from the ceiling, to meet mine. "I am. This is… nice." Uncomfortably nice, sure. You know, I think this would be a good time to have an appearance by Kennedy the hussy. Not to put up a show or anything, just to help me out. So what would hussy Kenn do this instant?

Pounce the poor girl and have her wicked way with her?

Yeah, hussy I am. Perhaps a little more… I don't know… romantic or something?

Wrap her arms around her and hold her?

That sounds a lot better, wouldn't you say?


Red has got her eyes on the ceiling again. It must be a very interesting ceiling. "We should call it a night. It's been a long couple of days for me, so it must've been a helluva week for you."

She snorts and laughs. "You could say that. But you're right." She rolls over to face the bedside table on her side and turns off the lamp. "Night Kennedy."

"Night." I blurt out but I don't lie down on my back just yet. We either plunge or we don't. Oh screw this, I'm young; I can plunge if I want to.

I move closer to Willow and gauge her reaction by putting my arm around her. When she doesn't really react the first five seconds, I scoot even closer and spoon her body against mine. Oh boy, I think this will drive my mind in overdrive! I'm actually lying against her, holding her! And she isn't pushing me away or anything. On the contrary; she just took my hand in hers and squeezed it lightly. I must be in heaven. "Night Red." I whisper in her ear and smile when she squeezes my hand again.

And I can tell you, heaven kicks some serious ass.


.: Part 24 :.

Hmmm, I don't remember the last time I've slept this good. Comfortable bed without the lumpy feeling, nice normal covers, not like the fancy ones we have at home and a beautiful redhead in my arms that goes by the name of…


Where is my beautiful redhead? That's a pillow. That's an empty space. This is not the way I expected to wake up! Where's my Willow?!

I open my eyes and look around. I would've settled with a semi-naked redhead putting some clothes on but I'm not even getting that! No fair! Where is she?

Oh god. She doesn't have regrets about last night, right? I mean maybe I shifted when I should've stayed still or maybe I snored real hard or maybe I hit her with my waving hands when I was having that freaky fish nightmare! It was rather scary. I was surrounded by a bunch trouts slapping me with herrings! Can you believe it? I have mental issues.

Yeah and you're biggest one is going from Willow to trouts and herrings!

Good point.

I throw the covers away and get up. Looking down at myself I see I still have my clothes on. I really should buy me some pyjamas and stop sleeping in my clothes all the goddamn time! Before I know it, I can go for Miss Tramp 2004.

I make my way downstairs and basically follow the sound of chatter, which takes me to the kitchen. Full of people. I've been here, mostly, the past few days but I seriously doubt I've been paying any attention because I have no idea who all these people are. My first guess would be potentials, like me and those other two, Molly and Annabelle. But first things first.

Where the bloody hell is my beautiful redhead?!

I have a feeling she isn't here. I don't really spot a red haired head between all these heads. I don't think yelling Willow at the top of my lungs will do any good. If these kiddies are half as scared and antsy as I am, there's a possibility an act like that would give them a heart attack.

"Hey Smurf. 'Sup?" Bertha. Not the woman I was looking for. Sure she's hot but my redhead's hotter!!

Calm down, you freak.

I AM calm. I just want my beautiful redhead. Is that so much to ask? I don't think so.

Why don't you ask Faith, you moron.

Stop calling me names. You… you… You Kennedy!


"Hey Be- errr Faith. Have you-"

"She's downstairs in the basement. The main guys have gathered there. Something about a box." She shrugs and walks over to the counter, where she randomly snatches a cereal box. It's strange how she knew what I was going to ask. It's not tattooed on my forehead right? Big fat letters saying, where's my redhead?! I don't think that'd be a pretty sight. But back to business Kennedy, get your ass in that basement!

I open the door to the basement and start to walk in but it seems something is blocking my way. A petite tweed wearing tea drinking woman: Sims.

"Ah Kennedy, you're awake. Good." She moves past me and one by one they come out of the basement. The Watcher type dude, Blondie, Anya with Xander and last but certainly not least… "Willow." I think the smile that's plastered on my face can light up an entire soccer field. I know our field could use it – the lights we currently have suck.

"Hey." Now, now, no need to get shy on me, Willow. I won't bite. Right now anyway. "I-I didn't want to wake you. I mean, you haven't slept that much past few days so I, eh, I figured you could use some extra hours of sleep. You know."

"That's alright. Thanks." I grin and contemplate leaning in to kiss her. But I'm not sure. I'm not sure she's ready for this. Deal, I kissed her and she didn't react like the first time and then we slept together. In the no-sex sense of course. But I'm a little confused on the subject. Like, what are we now? Less than together but more than friends? I feel a 'we need to talk' mood coming our way. Great.

So I just settle on another dazzling smile and wait it all out. See if she makes a move or not. Balls in her court now.

We walk into the kitchen and take a seat at the counter. The people who were in here have scattered all over the house, still chit chatting each other's – and mine – ears off. Teenagers. That reminds me… "All those girls, potentials?" I ask Red.

She nods. "Their Watchers sent them here or Giles tracked them down." I see, how lovely. "To be honest, it is getting a little crowded in here. You should've seen the living room this morning, full of sleeping bags and snoring kids. I felt like I was at a boarding school or something." She frowns for a minute, like she's thinking and adds, "Well a very poor boarding school. I'm confusing myself. Am I confusing you? Cos I can really understand it if I am. I mean I'm confusing myself, so I'm pretty sure I'm confusing you. And usually I'm not big with the confusing. Then again, I don't think that's entirely true-"

"Damnit Red, breathe before you pop a vessel." Isn't Berth a doll? A bundle of joy! So tactful and kind. Yep, that's Faith for ya!

Red clears her throat and sends a semi-glare at Faith. A semi one, because her eyes have this playful glint. She better not be flirting with Bertha. I'm not the jealous type but you know, my redhead! Growl! "I don't pop vessels, Faith."

Bertha rolls her eyes and snorts. "Whatever you say, Willow." She winks at her and sits down at the kitchen table, eating some cereal. Different kind than the ones she nicked from that chick earlier. That woman has five stomachs. Now that was fun and interesting.

Oi, what the hell? Is that… No way. Well it sure feels like it! She's holding… my hand… with her… hand. Under the table, not so much visible by the others but it's something! I mean, she wouldn't do this if there's nothing going on between us, right? No she wouldn't. Because if she'd hold my hand in a friendly manner, she'd do it on top of the table where everyone could see it. But we're not holding hands in viewing range – we're holding hands under the table. Secretive. Oh yeah, praise the secretive please!


Huh? Someone's calling my name? I look at Red and she's kind of frowning at me. No! Don't dare to pull that hand away! It's mine now. For the time being anyway. Now, who called my name?

"Kennedy, come back from whatever daydream you were currently in and join the conversation please. A little attention is required right now."

Sims. She's always talking about how she requires a little attention. Sjeez. A baby needs less attention than she does. But fine, might as well see what they were talking about. "Sorry Sims. What's up?"

"We were discussing the potential's training. We'd like to ask you to help." Help? As in… help with the training? You've got to be kidding me, right?

"Yes." chips the glass cleaner in. "You see Buffy and Faith won't always be able to train them as other priorities might come up. When such a thing occurs, we'd like to know if you would take over the training sessions."

"So… let me get this straight." I hear Red giggle next to me and can't help but poke her in the ribs with a finger. "You want me to train those potentials when they can't?" I nod at Faith and Buffy, who are leaning against the fridge, looking kind of chummy. Well I'll be damned. What did happen after I went up to Willow? I must say, Faith does like awfully chipper today. Maybe she went up to Blondie's room for some 'Slayer bonding'. Mmhmm.

"Yes, indeed." Giles says.

I don't get it. Why me? It doesn't make a lot of sense. I haven't even had one training, let alone sparred with any of the two Slayers. Why the hell pick me? "Why are you asking me?"

"Kennedy, you are the oldest potential in the group and so the most experienced. You've had more training sessions with me the past year than any of those girls have had their entire lifetime. I believe you are cut out for the job."

Thanks for the praise Sims. I'll be sure to send you a nice Christmas card.

This is an offer I can't resist, right? I mean, I get to boss around a bunch of teenagers girls. That has fun written all over it. Then again, with death peeking around the corner the fun level decreases a lot. Darn that pesky little death!

"Fine." I shrug and lean back in my chair. "Tell me when and where you need me and I'll be ready."

Sims nods and looks at Giles who says, "We start training in half an hour. I suggest you take place with Buffy and not with the other girls." I nod at that. No complaints coming from my side. "Very well. That's all then." And off he goes, probably in search of some books he can devour.

They're all streaming out of the kitchen now, except me and Willow. Did we scare them away? Like I care, I get some alone time with Red!

Well, well, what do my little eyes spot there? Bertha and Blondie, walking out the kitchen, Bertha whispering something in Blondie's ear, leaning dangerously close to Blondie. Not even a piece of paper would fit between them. I think my suspicions were right. Go Bertha!

And they're gone. Byeeee! Now first things first. I turn to Willow and it goes a little different than I thought, cos she's uh, kissing me. Okay I admit I was going for the same thing, but I didn't expect her to beat me to it! And oh god, her lips are so soft… so very soft… velvet… silk… no crap like that can beat Willow-lips! Willow-lips rock! Yep they do… Hmm…

I pull back and smile. But as much as they rock, it's time we had a little talk. Nothing big but I need some clarifying. Like… "What are we?"

"Excuse me?" She looks a little shocked. Granted I did kind of just throw this at her but that's me, direct girl. Why go around the bush when you can get to the point without all the crap around it? Then again, a little tact could come in hand here.

"I'm sorry. I just…" I sigh and run my hand through my hair. "I just want to know where we stand, what we are. You know…" I trail off because as much of a direct girl I may be, I'm kind of stuck here. I can't really know any other way to put this. Well I can but even direct girl knows she should be careful with her choice of words.

If she isn't going to say anything in the next minute and just sit there looking at me, eyes wide and mouth gaping, I might just pop a vessel. Come on Red, simple question – sort of, work with me here – and it necessitates a simple answer.

So what's it going to be, Red?


.: Part 25 :.

And a minute has passed. Call the fire department because Kennedy is going to pop some vessels and start a fire in her moment of insanity and frustration! Where are my matches? This place looks woodsy, it'll burn rather quick. Goody.


Wait! Don't go grabbing for those matches just yet. Red has spoken. I know it isn't much but it's something! Now if she would just finish her sentence, that would be great. Really great.

"I… I mean… What do y-you, uh, want us to be?" Yeah sure, throw me the raised eyebrow when you turn the question on me. This is one hell of a sneaky woman. But fortunately I have an answer for that and you wanna bet I can give it to her without a stutter or a pause to think?

For some bubbly and shrimp?

You're on.

"I want us to be together. Like a couple. I'm not talking about some monthly fling or something. I like you Willow, I really, really like you."

No need to scare the beezies out of her and drag in the big l-word.

Erm… okay like starts with an l as well.

Oh for the love of…

There! The big word! You said it anyway!

Shut up!

"I… ah I see." She starts fidgeting with her shirt and is looking anywhere except me. I have a feeling this isn't going as well as I had planned. Do I have an emergency plan? Yeah right. I don't do plans so I definitely don't have an emergency plan. Wonderful.

So I nod and fold my hands in my lap. Just staring at the sink, like it's the most beautiful thing in the world. "Yep." Cos, yep, she sees, huh? I mean… yeah. Whatever. Ugh.

"I like you too." Did she really say that or is my head playing tricks with me again? It sounded like a whisper, coming from the redhead next to me, but my mind is such an ass I don't always trust it!

I turn my head and look at her. She's looking me straight in the eye this time. So… that… my head… no playing? No playing. Woohoo! Woo-freaking-hoo! Yeehaa! Let us dance baby! Dance like the little cartoon dudes do when they're happy. Cos dude, she likes me too!

Get a grip woman.

Errr yes, thank you. I got a grip.

"So…" I start, hoping she'll finish. She's nodding so I don't think I'll be disappointed. "You want us to be together?"

"Yes, I'd like that." No stutter, only a slight blush but a dazzling smile. If I die right here, right now heaven will have one hell of a happy Kennedy up there!

I reach over and cradle her hand in mine and grin. "So to make this official, can I ask you out on a date?"

"A date?" She squeaks and really resembles a dear caught in headlights. A very cute dear at that, but nevertheless she looks a little spooked. Did I say something wrong? The date didn't scare her off, right? I mean, she has been on a date before?

"You have been on a date before, huh? You know, go out to some fancy schmuk restaurant, eat some of the most expensive food and drink some wine that has been seriously overpriced but not caring a tiny bit because it's all worth it when you're with the person you want to be with." And now she looks even more like a dear caught in headlights. Is there a car around here? I don't think so right? I mean, yeah there's one on the driveway but it's not on and shinning lights into the kitchen, now is it?

"A restaurant?" Another squeak; magnificent. "You wanna take me to a restaurant?"

How I can answer to that question extremely pervy… How I can! But I shall refrain and just reply in a decent manner. "Sure." It's decent enough for me! And better than the original reply I had in mind.

And in your pants.

Teehee, yes I know.

She looks a little flustered. I can't think of a reason why she should look flustered. It's not like I asked her to go skinny dipping with me. Oh the wonderful thoughts… Aaaaanyway. "You don't if you don't… want to go. It's, eh, okay, I guess."

Shaking her head feverously now. I'm kind of worried she's gonna shake it so hard her head's gonna fall off. "No! I mean yes!" She takes a deep breath, probably to calm her nerves or something. "I'd like to go out on a date with you." And I get a dazzling smile again. Yep, this is probably the best day ever.

Okay time to bring out daddy's cash and make the cute redhead swoon. Because that's what we're going for, a swooning redhead. "Great. You free tonight? I think I know a good place a few miles from here. Well it looks nice. Don't know much about this place though so I gotta go on the looks of stuff." I kind of eye her up and down to give her an example of my way for rating stuff. Willow will definitely get a 10!

She blushes again and nods. "I am free tonight. If nothing supernatural comes into play, that is."

Wee! Let us dance again! "Gre-"

"Yo Smurf. Where the hell is your skinny Bostonian ass?" Cancel the dance, miss Bertha probably thought it was fun to disturb us. She's evil like that, I've concluded hours yesterday. We should've left her where we got here, damnit!

"We're still in the kitchen, Faith. And stop calling me Smurf, you big Bertha."

She saunters into the kitchen, looking all sexy and hot and drapes her arm around my neck. Is it my smell or something that makes her think we're best buds? You know this freaky animal thing. Weird. "Nah, I like calling you Smurf, kid. It suits you."

"How the bloody hell does that suit me? I'm not exactly blue, now am I?" I quickly look down at my clothes to check I am indeed not blue. Nope, all red and black.

She grins and ruffles my hair. I feel like I'm six again. "You ain't blue, I know that too Smurf. But you just remind me of that dorky smurf with the glasses." And bring in the laughter. Even my own girlfriend is chuckling!

Wow. Girlfriend. That's soooo cool. Teehee! I'm giggling like a little schoolgirl! I'm such a lucky chick.

"So anyway Smurf." Never mind the lucky bit – my luck just changed heaps. "I was coming to get ya for some sparring. Whadya say? You and me. I promise I won't go too hard on ya; won't make sure you'll really look like a smurf afterwards." She snickers and winks at me. Thank god it's not the slutty kind but the evil kind. Guess that's not any better.

"Actually I have better thi-"

"Kid, kid, no need for the negative attempts." She sighs and shakes her head. "B wants to do the best friend thing with Red here. You know, talk about clothes and hair and boys, oh wait, I meant girls and giggle a little." She shrugs and drags me off the chair. "Never much was into that stuff, too girlie if you know what I mean. But B asked me nicely and she promised to give me a treat later on." Her voice kinda sounded squeaky on the 'treat' bit so I'm going on a limb here and say her treat involves Buffy.

"Fine. Let's go." I start to follow her but suddenly remember I forgot something. Spinning around on my heels, I run to Red and give her a short kiss. "See ya later." She smiles and waves. I turn around again and follow a muttering Faith into the basement. Frustrated much? I bet you got some last night so shush it, Bertha!

Here we are, in the basement. I drop myself on the cot that stands against the wall and look at Faith who's putting on some sneakers. "What's your surname?"

"What?" She replies a little taken aback.

"Your surname, what is it? You know mine so I think it's only fair if I know yours." I'm trying to get a conversation going here. She asked me all kinds of stuff when we dropped off my sister so I think it's my time to play interrogation-cop.

"Little out of the blue, don't ya think?" She throws a towel my way and I barely catch it. Add some Slayer strength, why don'tcha?

I shrug and put the towel next to me. "I just wanna know your surname. It's not like I'm asking your weight or your age. No need to be offended."

She raises her eyebrow and eyes me for a second. "Fine Smurfy, it's McFadden. I currently don't know my weight as I've eaten quite a lot here, though with my Slayer stamina I don't think I should worry about being overweight. And I'm 20 years old."

She actually answered it all? Should I faint now to illustrate how stunned I am? McFadden? She's Irish? She's from across the ocean?! "You're Irish?"

She hits the punching bag once but grabs hold of it so she can look around it. "No, I'm from Boston remember kid? My good for nothing dad's grandfather was from Ireland. He immigrated here years ago, or something. Who knows; who cares."

She has issues with her dad, like me? Is this chick some kind of doppelganger or something? Freaky much. "Faith isn't exactly an Irish name, now is it?"

"Where's Kennedy from?" Was I asking for that? No. So why give me that, then? Argh.

"It's Gaelic. Used a lot in the UK and Ireland. My grandfather was from Bath in England. Haydon's an English name."

"That was interesting. And just cos I like ya I'll tell you this much: my middle name is Kathleen, after my grandmother who raised my dad all alone after her crappy husband left her. That's why the McFadden name was passed on, she gave him her last name instead of his father's one. Don't know if that's such a bad thing – having the name D'hondt isn't a fun thing."

Doho what now? "D… eh?"

Yeah, roll your eyes, you were taught how to pronounce it! To me it's something that resembles jibberish. "Like don't, but with a 'huh' sound in between the d and o. It's a Dutch name, I think. Not sure."

"I think I like McFadden better." It's one I can at least pronounce. What a name.

"Yeah, you and me both kid." She throws me some pads and motions for me to stand up. "Let's get sweaty, Smurf." Did she really just wiggle her eyebrows? She did, didn't she? That's just… bad.

Erm, what was that sound? Was that… "Breaking glass?"

She looks up the stairs then back to me and frowns. "I think we've got comp-"

"Faith, Kennedy, get your ass up here now!" Blondie suddenly yells from upstairs. I think we definitely have company. I guess that date's gonna be out of the question now. Lovely.


.: Part 26 :.

I think I'm gonna have a breakdown again. Soon. Like… now.

No, I can't. I've got to be strong. Strong for her. That's what I do, be strong. Stronger than your regular human. I can be strong; I'm used to being strong. Strong being the keyword here. Strong.

But look where all my strength has brought me. What it did to my life. Mess it up, real bad. The only good thing that came out of this was Willow, but they messed that up as well now. Because here I am, sitting on the floor next to her bed clinging to her lifeless hand like my life depends on it. Waiting. Just waiting until she opens her eyes and gives me another one of those dazzling smiles.

I hate those damn Bringers. I hate them with everything that I am. And I swear here and now, those assholes are going to pay. Pay big time cos no one messes with my girl. No one!


I glance over my shoulder at the figure in the doorway. It's Blondie. Good for her. I don't care about Blondie, only about Willow. Come on Red, open your eyes. You know you can. I'm here and I'll always be here.

I know Blondie's behind me, looking at me in sympathy and looking at Willow hoping the same thing as I am. She's her best friend; it'd be pretty crappy if she wasn't hoping that.

Maybe there is one question I'd like to ask Blondie while she's still here. "How's Be- Faith?"

She walks over to the other side of the bed and mirrors my position on the floor. Don't know why but for some inexplicable reason we're all too scared to sit on the bed. I guess we're scared of somehow hurting her like that, even though we probably know that's a stupid theory. "She's alright. Recovering already, what with Slayer strength and all." There's that word again, strength. Strong. What a load of crap. "Although I'm not too sure on her knee – that jerk hit it pretty hard."

The same jerk who hit Willow against the wall a split second later after crashing Faith's knee. The same jerk who killed Annabelle. The same jerk who I gutted with all the strength I could muster. I guess for once 'strong' does apply to me cos that jerk is dead right now. My first kill. Doesn't fill me with joy though because I'm still sitting beside my unconscious girlfriend.

"Should take her to the hospital." My voice sounds so monotonous. I know it does but I can't help it. I can't stop it, it just happens. It just is. Monotonous. Numb. But I'm not numb – I'm angry and sad and I just want to cry and hit something at the same time. I'm helpless and it's killing me. I don't think I can do this!

I raise my eyes from Willow and look at Buffy. She's holding Willow's other hand in both of her own and is just gazing at her. Doing the same thing I am, just in the best friend sense. "She'll wake up. Trust me."

I sigh and put my head on the bed next to the hand I'm holding. "I hope so." I whisper and tighten my hold on her hands.

"I don't think Faith needs a hospital though. It's too risky for her anyway – she's still a figutive. Look, I'll uh, I'll be back later. Gonna check up on Faith for a sec." She's gonna do the desperate lover stare on her own honey, I guess. Only difference is, Faith's wide awake to enjoy it.

She has nice fingers. Seeing them up and close I notice that. I should tell her when she wakes up. And if I feel naughty I can add something that will make her blush for days. I might even attach a promise to it – of course to be acted after she has healed. No need to get her all worn out when she's supposed to be resting.

I remember from one of my classes that talking to people who are in a coma is helpful. Maybe it helps in an unconscious state as well. I should try it.

I move my head up, resting it on the bed so I can look at her while I talk.

"So… hey Willow. I might make a complete idiot out of myself here but yeah, that's me I guess. Man, this is hard. I don't really know what to tell you."

What the hell do I gotta tell her? How it's dark outside and the cemetery's probably full of nasties? Damnit!

"Maybe, maybe I can tell you my life story? You're not awake so it won't freak you out. That's a plus factor. Yeah, I'll uh, do that."

Where to start, where to start?

"My mom and I, we don't really have a great relationship. Not that I've got the best one with my dad or anything. Guess I was at the end of the line in the parent-factory when they were giving them out."

Way at the end of the line. I don't think I even was at the right line. Damn their organizing skills. Damn them.

"They divorced rather quickly. I was hardly two years when my dad cheated on my mom. They split all the cash and dumped me at my dad's – apparently my mother wasn't too keen on raising me."

Bitch. I should voice that thought.

"Bitch. Anyway, daddy dearest quickly found a new toy and married it faster than you can say 'boo'. Not that I remember a lot of that time, but I think it was his best marriage ever. Of course she had to mess it up by getting pregnant. He divorced her immediately."

I hardly know what a family is, but Emily definitely doesn't know. She deserves that, a real family. It's what I gotta make sure of she has one day.

"Then he just switched between marriages and divorces. Good thing he's a lawyer, huh? I think that's the only thing he's good at, being a bloodsucking little jerk."

I guess that's more of my dad's life story. Bad Kennedy.

"I kind of got of track, I suppose. My bad. I guess you don't know this but I was born on Valentine's day. Spooky, huh? I was my dad's Valentine's present back in 1983 when I was put upon this earth. That's just proof of how I was doomed to have a crappy life: it started out like crap.

I wasn't premature or anything, I was pretty much on time. I doubt it I was switched at birth but nevertheless I keep on hoping one day my biological mother will be at my door and say, 'I'm your real mother!' What can I say? I love to dream.

My mom likes to say I was an annoying brat when I was a kid and in her eyes I haven't changed a bit. Then again, my mother always had a cynical view on the world, not too mention she doesn't like immediate family.

My life was pretty boring up until that damn day back in high school when I met Sims and she fed me some crap about how I was going to be a great and powerful person one day. Yeah right. Load of crap."

This sucks. I'm telling her all this stuff and she looks like she's bored like hell and rather would stay unconscious. I sigh. This royally sucks.

"I'm gonna tell you one more thing because if you ever find out and you throw 'you never told me' at my head, I can at least say I did tell you! You know, Kennedy, it's not my first name. It's my second. Changed it because of reasons back in Boston. But even by my second name they seem to know me better back there than they know the pope. Well, if you must know, my real name is… Abigail."

I groan and roll my eyes. I really do hate that name. And I usually kill anyone who calls me that. No one calls me that! Ever! And they better never or there's gonna occur some asskicking. The serious kind.




.: Part 27 :.

She's awake! Willow's awake!

I scramble up from the floor and hover above her, trying to act all doctor-like so I don't look like I spent hours beside her bed waiting for her to wake up. Which of course I have but she doesn't need to know that fact, yet. "Hey sleepyhead. How are you feeling?" I brush away a few stray hairs from her face and discover her smile. I love her smile. It's really lovable. Just like her.

"I think pretty well considering I just heard I'm dating someone named Abigail." Her voice sounds so hoarse. It's kinda sexy. Must store this for future reference but right now I must deal with the situation first.

"How are you really feeling, Will?" I look her straight in the eye making sure I look like I'm not kidding. Cos you know, for once I'm not kidding or joking around – I'm dead serious. I need to be sure she doesn't have a concussion. I guess Blondie's happy I'm here, future doctor in the house. It's easier than going to the hospital with a bunch of injured people claiming you got attacked by a gang. It was a gang alright. Gang of dead boys right now.

"My head's a little achy." She rubs her temples and scrunches up her nose. That just had to be the cu-

Kennedy! Back to business!

"Any dizziness? Vomiting feeling?" I hold up my hand and show her three fingers. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

She frowns for a moment. "World's not spinning, I don't feeling like vomiting and you're holding up three fingers."

I sigh and cup her cheek. "Good. You remember what happened?" She nods. "I don't think you have a concussion then, which is a good thing. You should try to get some rest. Regain your strength." She nods again and closes her eyes. I lean in and gently kiss her forehead.

Trying to be as silent as I can, I tiptoe out of the room. I just have to get one last quick glance at her before I close the door, to reassure myself she's still there. And guess what, she still is! Time to close the door. Click and it's closed.

I guess I should tell Blondie now that she's awake. I press my head against her door and have the sudden urge to yell 'go Faith' or something because the sounds that are coming from behind this door are definitely sounds of a certain blonde getting some! Let us all hope the stick that was firmly planted in Buffy's ass will be out now! I have faith in Faith! Teehee, a pun.

But I think I must disappoint myself now. She did give me strict orders to come and get her when Willow woke up. And Willow woke up, right? I think the disappointment of a non-relaxed Buffy will be quickly swiped away by the look on their faces when I catch them with their hands in the cookie jar. Sorry, my bad, that should to be in the other one's pants.

I normally would just barge in there and tell Blondie, but I think I've gotta cut them some slack – I'll knock once before entering. So that's what I do, knock the door once before my hand goes to the handle and opens the door. And what do I see? Bertha on top of Blondie – who's panting very hard may I add – with her little Bostonian hands in the blonde's pants. What? You didn't have the courtesy to at least remove her clothes? It's easier in the handling as well.

Uhoh. Facial expressions aren't so hot right now. Bertha's looking extremely pissed off and Blondie has this shocked expression going on. If looks could kill… "Hi guys." Insert sweet smile to cool them off a little. In every sense of how they need it. "I've got some news for Buffy. But I guess I'm interrupting a party here." I make a move to leave Buffy's room but if I know that little blonde in that bed over there just a little I know she'll realize it's about Willow.

"Wait! Kennedy! Did Willow wake up?"

I turn around and just nod. What's there to add?

She smiles and tries to get up from the bed. Which is harder than usual, as Faith's hand is still in Buffy's pants. Like she didn't notice. Wanna bet because Bertha's holding her back, she's gonna go down on her face?

Told you so. And I just can't help to snicker at that little show. This has to be the best blackmailing material ever.

Now she's trying to get up with some grace. It ain't working – her fly is still undone. Teehee. She glances at me nervously when she's up and then looks at Faith with a smile. "I'll be back. Just gonna check up on Will." Faith just nods and lies down on the bed with a sigh. Buffy glances at me again but I guess she doesn't care I'm here cos she leans down and gives Faith a kiss. You've gotta love these two lovebirds. I'm happy for Bertha though, she needs something like this.

Note to self: remember to talk to Bertha about this situation. Must fish out the details, damnit! I'm a curious person.

"So when did she wake up?" Buffy asks me.

"Just now. But I told her she should rest some more. I don't think she has a concussion, so that's good." She nods. "You told me to come and get you the minute she woke up so…" I half shrug and smile.

"I know. Thanks." She opens the door to Willow's bedroom and creeps in. I follow and sit down on Red's bedside tucking some stray hairs behind her ear. Her eyes flutter open and a smile graces her face. She then looks at Buffy and grins.

"Hey Buff."

"Hey Will. How are you feeling?" Blondie walks a little closer to the bed and crouches down.

"Like I got hit by a truck." I grab her hand and give it a squeeze. Don't know what possessed me to do it but I felt like doing it, so I did it. And hey, it earned me a smile and a wink!

"I know how that feels."

"How are the others?" Not a question you should be asking right. Most of them are fine, just a bruise and a scratch here. Though I think Giles won't have any glasses to clean in situations of stress. Poor guy.

These people all have dealt with apocalypses before and I guess once you're confronted with death so many times it doesn't really do anything to you anymore. You just know you have to survive. But tonight I was staring death in the face when those Bringers barged in. They killed Annabelle. A potential just like me. They gutted her like she was a slice of warm butter. It could have been me. I guess with my destiny it's best not to be too afraid of death but I just entered my twenties – dying isn't high on my to-do-list.

I sigh and release her hand to get up and walk over to the door. I should let them do that best friend thing. I know they're dying to do it. "I'm gonna go talk with Faith for a sec or two." I smile at Willow to set her at ease. I walk to Blondie's room after leaving Willow's and open the door. Bertha's lying on the bed with her arm above her head. I know she's not sleeping so why isn't she jumping up? I could be Buffy, you know.

"I know you're not B so I'm going with Kennedy. Get in here Smurf." Did she read my mind or something? Ah, I shrug to that. Whatever. I jump on the bed beside her. She kinda grunts at the sudden movement the bed makes when I land. She sounds like a dog – how funny. "Whadya want Smurf? Besides ruining this bed, that is."

"It looked jumpable so I jumped. And I guess it is jumpable cos it's still standing." I put a pillow under my head. A girl has to be comfortable, you know. "I just came to have a little chitchat, you know." I shrug.

She turns to face me and eyes me with a raised eyebrow. "A chitchat about what exactly?" No need to be so suspicious, Bertha.

I give her a sweet smile. "How did you know I wasn't Blondie?"

"It's Buffy to you, nice change of subject and I can sense B. Don't ask me how – you're still in the Slayer diapers so you wouldn't understand anyway. Get back to me when you are a Slayer." She frowns for a moment and I guess realization kicked in. Good one Bertha. "I guess you can't… Cos if you're a Slayer, I'll probably be de-"

Time to cut her off! "Okay! Don't finish that, alright?" She nods and gives me an apologetic smile. "I'll answer your question now. Chitchat about what happened between you and Buffy?" I stress out the Buffy, just to annoy her. Doesn't seem to faze her though. Damnit, plan failed. Pout.

She gets this evil-like grin on her face and rolls on her back so she's looking up at the ceiling. "You wanna know the details or just the cliff notes?" I'm a little shocked she actually would tell me something. Weird. I don't want to know the details as they probably resemble the porn channel but the cliff notes are just not enough.

"How about something in between?"

She nods. "Well you see Smurf, the deal with B is…" She leans in a little closer and if I wouldn't know any better I'd be thinking she's going to kiss me. But she has Blondie and I have Red so kissing is not on the menu today. "… none of your frickin' business."

Argh! I should have known! She really is evil. And who said she was reformed? Right. I have proof she isn't! Evil, evil, evil! And to top that off, she's evil! Evil!

Stop saying evil Kenn. It's freaking me out.

Whatever. You're evil as well.


As to respond to her in a way she can see, I roll my eyes and hit her with a pillow. I know if she'd hit me she'd probably break a few ribs but I'm taking the risk. Let her hurt me; I'm sure she'll have my girlfriend on her tail. Oh yeah!

"Don't be such a kid, Smurf. No need to get all violent! Sjeez. How old are you? Five?" I'd prefer six, but whatever. "I was just getting a rise out of ya anyway. You know I'll tell you anyway. You're the only person who hasn't judged me before getting to know me, so I like you. But if you tell anyone this you know I'll crush your kneecaps." I don't think that's an empty threat. But I'm glad she considers me as her friend. She's cool too. Talking about kneecaps…

"How's the knee?"

She wiggles her eyebrows and I'm almost sure some sexual comment is gonna follow. "You walked in on me and B didn't you?" I knew it and I voice my discomfort as well: I groan and roll my eyes. "Shut it Kenn, you know you loved it." Great and now she's winking at me with this winner's smile plastered on her face. I retract my 'she's cool too' remark – she's cool sometimes but most of the times she's just horny. She nudges me in the ribs and laughs. "The knee is fine Smurf. I'll be slaying deadboys in no time."

"Good." Two Slayers are always better when you're living in a house that's practically a magnet to danger. But back to business, I'm still curious! "Now what's the scoop on you two?"

"We kissed." She shrugs and smiles this uncharacteristic smile. It's not an evil smile or a sexually laced smile – nope it's this sweet thinking of their loved one smile. "With a lot of talking and some crying but that's just boring."

I guess they went further after the kissing, figuring what I walked in on. Wow, they're quick. I mean, I'm a chick and I have hormones but to jump Red in the middle of the apocalypse?



You see…

Okay, I would jump her. Who am I fooling? I still am Kennedy Haydon. Okay deal, I'm technically Abigail Kennedy Haydon but details, details!

"So you're happy?"


That's good. I think a happy Faith is better than a psychotic Faith. "Cool." I wonder how the others would react to this. Hrmm. "Aren't you just a wee bit scared of how the others are going to react? Because the way I've seen it, they're not so keen on you."

She shrugs and sits up. "I'm in love with B, not her superfriends. If they think I've tricked B into this, too bad for them. It's B's life and so her choice." She turns around to look at me. "Does Red know?"

I shake my head. "I don't think so. But figuring I left Buffy alone with Willow, I'd think she does now. Best friend thing to do, you know, talk about the smoochies they got in the last 24 hours, compare notes or whatever."

"Guess so." She lies back down and we just lie there in silence. A pretty comfortable silence at that. It's soothing – I like it.


.: Part 28 :.

Here I am; facing my biggest demon. I'm not sure what to think right now, other than despite all the crap in my life I did like living. Wasn't particularly that bad. There are people out there who have it worse than me. So I would just like to thank the people who made this life bearable – you guys are great.

"Yes?" The voice comes over the speaker after I pushed the red little button. I feel like I'm ten years old again. This is torture.

"Hey dad."

What? Did you think I was facing the First or something? Man, I wish! But alas, my biggest demon isn't some punk who can't take corporal form but my sperm donor. I'm pretty sure what his reaction is going to be like. He'll probably yell and tell me I'm irresponsible but what I'm not too sure of is if he's gonna let me in. I desperately want to see Emily – I miss the little brat.

"Kennedy?" No Santa. Who do you think, moron? I roll my eyes but then again, I guess he can't see that right? Unless he finally installed those security cameras, that is. Better glance around. "I saw that young lady!" That answers it. I wonder where he put them. I can't seem to spot them. Bugger.

"What were you thinking just running away from home and staying at this, this stranger's home with that private teacher of yours?" I wasn't really opting to go tell dearest daddy Sims was my Watchers. So I went for private teacher. Miss Simmons daily helps me catch up with my subject. And that's not a lie! It's just no the normal school subjects. Details, details.

And didn't I say he was gonna yell and moan and groan? Oh yes I did. This is Ranting 101. Welcome class.

"Not too forget you dragged your half-sister-"

"Sister." I interrupt him but don't think he'll mind it much.

"-into it without letting me or Simone know where the hell you were!" Ah yes! Simone! That's Gucci's name. I knew it was some pansy assed name but couldn't remember what it was. "Again you managed to disappoint me by being your usual irresponsible self! This has to stop Kennedy. You're heading the wrong way and I will not stand by and let whatever group of friends you picked up this month lead you to the wrong path. I simply will not let my daughter rot away in a ditch somewhere."

"Are you done yet?" I raise my eyebrow for good measure because I know now he can see me. And thus he can he see my raised eyebrow. Tells him I mean business. Well okay, he thinks it tells him I couldn't care less. Which is basically true. Again, details, details.

I assume he is done ranting for now so better make sure he can't start again. "Can you please let me in? I'm not in the mood to talk to you through an intercom when I'm standing in the middle of a creepy neighbourhood."

It's not like we have a lot of criminals or even supernatural stuff – just the fact that I'm surrounded by rich snobs is spine-chilling. I wish I was allowed to slay them but I don't really wanna end up like Bertha. I'm not ready to become somebody's bitch.

Is he gonna let me in already? Sjeez, what's taking so long? "Dad?" Nothing. A little louder then. "Dad?!" Nothing again. Dude stop wanking and start talking to your own goddamn daughter already! I know I usually mentally tell you to stuff a sock into it but I'm serious here! For once! "DAD!"

"Uh, what? Oh Kennedy, right." Yes I'm Kennedy and you're Paul. Now that we've established that fact, can you please open the friking gate?! "Kennedy!" Said that aloud again, huh? I should put up a meeting between my brain and my mouth so they can fix that problem.

I hear a buzz and I see the gate open. Finally. Took him long enough. I slip between the opening before he can change his mind and slam the damn thing on my face. Great the front door is opening already – is he really gonna yell at me in the middle of his driveway?

Hello, he yelled at you through an intercom.

Good point.

"Kevvy!" Oh wait that's not my dad. That's Emily. I can tell because the speeding ball of teenager is bolting my way at a speed my dad can't even reach with his car.

Oomph! Covered in teenager goo. Just the way I wanted my homecoming to be. And I'm not kidding!

Sure ya ain't.

Shut it.

"Hey kid." I pry her off me and ruffle her hair. She hates that and I love it that she hates it. Especially when she gives me this look: typical 'I'm not five anymore' teen look. Gotta love it!

"I'm not a kid anymore, Kennedy. I'm like taller than you, you big goon." And she is. She loves to rub that fact in my face. "Where the hell have you been? You didn't call or write or anything! I'm pissed at you by the way."

"Really now? Well I'm sorry Em for being away for such a long time. Bad Kennedy!" I can be a dramaqueen to if I want to be. And hey, it's fun to annoy my little sister a little. "Wait, wait!" I put my hand on her shoulder and give her a shocked look. "I wasn't away for days! I was like, you know, only away for…" Insert a gasp for the horror effect. "… hardly two days! Ohmygod!" I would fall to the floor, grasping my chest like someone slapped me with a fish but I think the last time dad cleaned our driveway was uh, never so I shall refrain.

She hits my shoulder and pouts. There is one thing I cannot stand and that's Emily pouting. That girl looks like a beaten puppy when she pouts! "Stop it Kevvy. I've really missed you."

"Aww Em, you know I've missed you too." I pull her into a hug. "I'm here, aren't I? I was kind of preoccupied. I'm sorry. I should've called, I know."

"What happened?" She puts her head on my shoulder and I can't stop myself form planting a kiss on her head. What conditioner does this girl use?! Well whatever it is, she should ditch it faster than a bad promdate – her hair is all rough and stuff!

If I was able to look at myself with a freaked face, I would. Since when do I care about conditioners and whatnot? I've been hanging too much at Buffy's place. Giggling potentials are affecting my brain and its train of thoughts!

"Nothing that can't wait until I've faced-"

"Kennedy!" Speak of the devil and it will rear its ugly head. "Are you perhaps too afraid to come in?"

I know what would piss him off. Put on my finest and cutest smile and being polite to boot. "Never daddy." Told ya it would piss him off. The look on his face is priceless right now. If he wouldn't be this close I'd send Em to get a camera or something. This would be great material for family get-togethers. My cousins would have a blast.

I drape my arm around Em's shoulder and together we walk in, following dad into the living room. Is he planning on throwing stuff? Because if he is this place isn't the best room to do so. Lots of expensive breakable stuff in here. I'm just saying.

"Now, what did you want to talk to me about?" That's it? Nothing else? No more yelling or moaning or groaning? What?! Did I enter the twilight zone or something? Glancing at Emily she's pretty surprised too. Cue eerie Twilight Zone please!

"Uh well, you see uh…" Okay I admit his little trick threw me off my game! Damnit! Take a deep breath and everything will be fine. There, better. "I came here to tell you that you should leave Sunnydale."

Errr Kennedy, maybe just a little more tact would have been in order.

"Good going Kevvy." I hear Emily mutter from behind me. I turn around and give her a sharp look. She just rolls her eyes and points at dad. Okay he's looking rather irritated. I think the gnashing of his teeth gives it away. Heh.

"You have some nerve, young lady. Some nerve…" I can't hear what he says after that because he's really grumbling it between his gnashing teeth. And despite the fact that my hearing is better than a normal human being's, it's not yet up to Slayer standards just yet. Oh wait, he stopped. I feel a hurricane coming… "May I ask you why on earth I should leave Sunnydale?"

That's a tricky one, old man. Should I tell this with Em in the room? Oh screw this, she's old enough. "Maybe you should take a seat or something because what I'm about to tell you, it ain't sunshine and daisies. It's the cold-hearted truth and nothing but the truth."

Astonishingly he does what I just told him. I don't think he ever did that. The guy must really believe I mean business. I giggle to that because on this weird twisted way it's funny!

Maybe you should get back to business now?


"Alright. I'll bite." Like a fish on dry land, baby! Uh, right.

I motion for Emily to take a seat as well and as expected she takes the beanbag. How she can be comfortable in those things is beyond me. God I sound old!



"Okay look, I can't go into detail much," Already back-pedalling. I'm such a coward. "but you're lives are in danger if you stay in Sunnyhe- uh Sunnydale." Damn Bertha for messing up my vocabulary. Damn her. Shake fist high in the air and have a scowl plastered on face.

I don't think he loves the fact that he bit. "Lives in danger? What are you talking about Kennedy?!"

I sigh and drop myself on the couch unceremoniously. Does he really want the entire story? He sucks. Wait I already knew this! "Can't you just listen to me for once? Just do as I say and leave. Hell, go back to Boston for all I care! Just get out of here as soon as possible."


"Dad!" I cut him off rather forcefully. Maybe using a little sound will make him listen. I guess he deserves the truth but the more time I waste here, the less time I have to spend on the important part. "Just do as I say. I'm begging you! Grab some clothes and the most important stuff and get on outa here. Something's coming, something big. And I can't explain this in five minutes because you can't even start to comprehend. Just trust me on this one. Please."

He eyes me with a sceptical look but I guess something gave in his mind because it changes form sceptical to determined. "Alright. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and leave when I'm sure I can leave the office unattended for a few days."

He just doesn't get it, does he? I shake my head and sigh. "No dad. Leave today, tonight. Get your biggest car and stuff it with personal things and clothes and drive on off to LA or San Fran or whatever. Just away from here."

"Kennedy, I can't leave the office without-"

"Then go to the office and give them all some time off! I'm sure they will appreciate the offer. And while you're at it, give them the advice to leave town as well. The further away the better."

"You have finally lost it, haven't you?" And now he realizes this? Took him long enough.

"I wish. I really wish."

He gets up and shakes his head. "Emily, call Simone on her cell and tell her to come home right this minute." He looks at me. "In the meantime I'll be at the office. When she gets home tell her what's going on and start packing. I'll be back as soon as I can."

I nod at him. I can't really believe he listened to me but I don't hate it. I definitely don't hate it. Better get out of here – I'm needed somewhere else.

Dad starts leaving the living room. Before he disappears out of our line of sight he turns around and if I wouldn't know any better I'd say he has a tear in his eye. "I guess you won't come with us?" I shake my head. "Alright. Take… take care of yourself?" I nod this time. "Very well." And he's gone.

Even though I think most of the time the guy's oblivious to everything and anything that goes on in my life, sometimes, just sometimes, he can surprise me and make me wonder if he really is that unaware of all the stuff that go on in my life.

I know Em's eying me with those puppy dog eyes and they do have tears in them. She knows it's big and she knows there's a risk I won't make it through this. She's not that naïve. "Guess you gotta go now?"

"Yeah. They're expecting me back at Slayer central. In fact I shouldn't keep them waiting any longer." I get up and start walking to the front door. I don't want to hug and say goodbye – I just don't. I can't stand it.


I don't know what it is what makes me stop in my tracks. Whether it's the desperate tone in my sister's voice or maybe the nickname, I don't know. "Don't. I… I'll be back."


"You know I can't do that, Em." That's like asking me to change the world. Right now I can hardly slay a vampire, let alone change the world.

"Promise?" She's an insistent one, isn't she?


"Promise me, damnit!"

I turn around and look her straight in the eye. Even though I know there's a change this is a promise I won't be able to keep, I just can't deny her this. "I promise." And with that I leave the house and hope my closest family will be fine.


.: Part 29 :.

I walk into the Summers home and drop myself on the couch with a deep sigh. I just made my family leave their house. Strangely enough I don't feel as satisfied as I thought I would I mean the image of Simone leaving behind half of her wardrobe should be enough material to have my chuckling till I'm sixty, right?

No such ting. I truly feel bad for them. Did Willow slip something in my tea this morning? Or maybe put a spell on me?

Or perhaps you actually do care about them?

Huh. Never thought about that one.


"Yo sup Smurf?" Bertha. Just who I need.

Don't get me wrong, I like her. Especially in a house full of giggling spazzing teenagers. But right now I don't think I can handle her sexual laced comments or her tales about how Buffy did this thing with her hand last night. She pulled that one on me this morning. She said 'Hey Kennedy, you know what B did last night? She did this amazing thing with her hand. Really hit the spot you know. Man that was one buzz kill! In that extremely good way of course.' – followed with a sluttish wink. Now what do you start thinking about when someone says something like that? Yeah, me too. Wrong. She was talking about how Buffy snoozed their alarm. Go back; it all fits what she said. But when Faith says it, it frikkin' sounds like she's talking about… you know! I know one thing for sure: I will never ever look at an alarm the same way like I used to. Or Blondie for that matter.

"Dude! You done with that internal babble of yours?" She lets out a throaty chuckle and I can feel the teasing comment coming before it probably even reaches her mind. "You sure you don't have been hanging way too much with Red lately?"

"Right Faith. That's impossible." Willow is the light in my day, the greener grass on the other side, the little butterfly that sits on my arm when it's rainy, the-

Uh yeah. I think I made my point clear. And made myself realize I might need psychological help sooner than I thought.

"Oh cue in the corny love music! She has her I'm-so-in-love face on ladies and gentlemen!"

Man, does she know she sucks?

"Who has?"


"No one!" Talk about synchronized denying. Good save, Faithy.

The redhead arches her eyebrow, probably at our 'We didn't do it' look. Then again, I think she knows it's really our guilty look. She's smart like that. "Alright." She comes over and gives me a small kiss. Yipee! I love these kisses. So full of passion and just a teensy weensy bit of lust. Just enough to get my motor purring.

Alright enough with the corny and the lusty.

"Did you visit your dad?" Uhoh. I wasn't expecting that question. I guess I should have but still. I know she knows I was planning on going but I wasn't waiting for her to ask me about it.

I nod and hope she just drops it.

"Did it go okay?"

Sigh. I guess not. I rise up one shoulder and muster up a half a smile. "Sure." She frowns and kneels down in front of me.

"Are you alright?"

"Sure." I'm stuck on repeat; this might give me away. Yep, she definitely doubts my answer. Her face pretty much tells me that. Time to bring in the big guns. "I am, I swear. I'm just, you know, gonna miss my little sis." I lean in and gently peck her lips. If this doesn't do the trick, I don't know what will. I really don't want her worrying about me right now. We've got bigger problems on our hands than Kennedy's little family concerns.

She seems to accept it this time cos she smiles and gets up. "Good. I'll be with Buffy if you need me."

I nod and smile at her. Thank the heavens she believed that. As much as I can say I'm fine, I don't think I am. But me being me, stubborn hardheaded Kennedy, won't admit that of course. It's strange. I know what I'm doing, yet I can't stop doing it.

When Willow has left the room I feel a hand on my shoulder and a gentle squeeze. I look at it and follow it up alongside the arm to see who it belongs to. Faith. Well, well, affectionate huh? Never pegged her to be that. Guess we're all full of surprises.

"You sure you're okay?" And she surprises me again. I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think she finally said something that doesn't fall under the sexual comments categories but actually in the human concerns one.

"Uh… yeah sure."

For some reason I think it's easier to fool Willow than it is to fool Faith.

"If you think I'll believe that, you're wrong."

I sigh. "You're a hard one to fool, aren't ya?"

"Baby I invented the tough bravado and I put together the manual for the fooling trick. I can smell it from a mile away. Two if the wind's right. Point is, no way in hell someone can pull that off on me. Now spill. What happened at your dad's?"

I believe I'm shocked again. She's actually interested in what happened to me this morning? I thought she just hung with me cos I was the eldest potential around and I know she isn't too keen on the Superfriends – as she so adequately puts it.

So of course the big question here is do I tell her my insecurities? Do I open up to someone who've hardly know for a week and someone who has spent more time in a correctional facility than I have at college?

Oh what the hell I may not even live till tomorrow. And who knows, maybe she'll have some wise advice for me.

Uh, right.

"I told him to pack up some things and get the hell outa Sunnydale. And for once he's listening. He's gonna leave tonight, together with Gucci and Emily." Well it's easy to say it, short and all.

Guess she wants me to continue cos she's all nodding and stuff. "I'm not feeling like I thought I'd feel. I thought I'd just tell him to leave, have a chuckle or two and have that feeling of satisfaction for ordering my dad around you know? But I actually feel bad; bad for letting them down."

"What do you mean? On what level do you feel like you're letting them down?"

What is she? Undercover shrink? Well whatever it is, it seems to do the trick. Mental note to self: ask Willow about spiked tea and spell casting because my behaviour is quite odd. "Like I'm not doing my job. I've been told my job is to protect people, yet when it comes to my own family I just send them away and don't even bother to try and protect them."

"Look Kennedy, you might think you're letting them down but by sending them away you're saving their life. You are protecting them. You know as well as anybody else in this place that they're not safe if they stick around. So stop being a knucklehead and realize you're doing the right thing." Leave it to Faith to insert an insult in the middle of a peptalk. "And you'll be saving their lives all over again by staying here and kick that dead people's skin wearer's ass."

Dead people's skin wearer? She gives her enemies the strangest names. I wonder what name she'd pick for me if I'd become her arch-nemesis. Smurf? Oh yep. Definitely.

I don't like to admit it but she's right. And if I tell her that it'll be worse than her being my enemy. Her head most likely will swell and swell and swell and take up this entire room and take away my oxygen! Oh dear, the choices we make and consequences we have to handle!


Thank you. I do try.

"Where did you learn this shrink stuff? Not that I'm complaining but you don't seem to be the listen and give advice type of person. No offence."

"Scary huh?" Yes scary indeed. People are gonna start thinking Big Bertha actually has feelings. Gasp, the horror. "In prison I had my own personal shrink. On of the perks of being a murderer I guess." She shrugs and gets this glint in her eyes like she's remembering something. And I'm not talking about remembering your first kiss, that I reality sucked so much you wish you never kissed that damn dog.


What can I say? I've always been a sucker for puppy eyed looks.

Uh… huh.

Now I kinda feel sorry for her. I mean deal, she did kill those people and stuff but still. Maybe she wouldn't have gone psycho if she had friends and family to be there for her.

"Do you think you're life would have been different?" Where on earth did that come from? My mouth? No way.

"Whadya mean?"

"Do you think you'd be different if…" Is that mouth of mine still talking? Damnit. Consult with the brain, consult with the brain! How many times am I gonna have to tell you that? Now you better be putting this subtle. "… if you had a bit of a better life?" Now abort mission and cringe away for the ass kicking that's gonna happen any minute now. Damn mouth. I should only open you when I'm having se-

"Who knows, Smurf. Do you?" I shake my head. Guess no on the ass kicking bit. "There you go; neither do I. It's one of those 'what if' cases and honestly, life's too short to be pondering about 'what if's'. I regret what I did and I always will. It'll haunt me till the day I die but whatever I do I can't change it, I can't take back what I did. Took me a while to get that but I did. And now I'm ready to… to make a sort of amends with myself and others I hurt in the process. I can't do that with the people I killed, so I might as well do it with myself and those others. And that's why I'm here."

"Sorry for asking such private questions." Better be safe than sorry is what my dutifully Watcher always says.

"That's alright. I'm a big girl, I can take it. And I've learned talking about it makes people understand it a little better. I don't mind kid." Kid? Excuse me?

"How old are you?"

"Out of the blue much?" She chuckles and slaps me upside the head. Not Slayer like thank god. "What's with this third degree, dude? Trying to get the skinny on good ol' Faith? You want my height and weight as well?"


"You can guess about the weight." She winks at me and I think I'm blushing. Oh dear. "I'm 21. Why?"

21 years old? And she's calling me a kid? What is she, demented? Senile? "You're 21 years old and you're calling me a kid?" She doesn't respond, just raises her eyebrow probably wondering what the hell I'm on about. "I'm like-"

"Faith!" Nice one Blondie, interrupting me like that. Bertha gets up and says, "Keep whatever you were gonna say in that pretty little mind of yours for now, Smurf. The misses is calling me. Talk to you later." And with that she's off to find that blonde girlfriend of hers.

What to do now. I'm bored. I can't believe I'm bored, really. I mean, come on! Standing at death's doorstep here and I have nothing to do. Maybe I should track down Sims and demand a training session. I am feeling a little antsy so it might do me good. She's probably hanging with Giles so find him is the message.

Wow, decided that one just on time. The spazzing squad just walked in, surprisingly not giggling as much as they usually do. Maybe their favourite Hollywood couple broke up. I know I was heartbroken as well when Anne and Ellen called it quits. But like, you know, Tammy and Melissa's marriage made up for it.

Uh… something's keeping me from leaving the room. Willow? The hell?

"No need to leave just yet. We're having a meeting." She drags me back inside, pushes me down on the couch and takes a seat on the armrest next to me. Well I'll be damned…

Ah there is Blondie, followed by the rest of the Superfriends and the Watchery crew. Maybe now I'll know what on earth is going on.

"We've called you guys in here because we wanted to tell you… that we're gonna go to battle tomorrow."

Huh. Well… I'll be… uh damned.


.: Part 30 :.

Ouch my head! Wait, ouch my arm too. And I guess you can add ouch my leg as well, not to talk about the ouch my ribs. Did I get hit by a garbage truck again?

Did I ever get hit by a garbage truck? What the hell IS a garbage truck?!

A big truck that picks up people's trash?

Oh yeah.

Man, but I really wanna come back to the ouch-my-head part because ouch my head! Not to be a baby or something, but my head really hurts. Makes me wanna come back to that garbage truck.

Okay, what is it with you and a garbage truck?

I have no idea. Who the hell are you anyway?

I'm you.

That explains.

Maybe I should try to open my eyes. But I'm a little scared I'll go ouch my eyes. Then again, it is only normal I keep my train of thoughts on the same track. Ouch my eyes it is.

Or not. It's kinda dark in this… place so no ouch my eyes. I feel like a broken record. On every possible way a person can feel like a broken record.

So… dark. Not lightly. Dark. Darkish. Darky. Daaaaaark. Da-ark. Derk. Dork. Dork! That's it! Dork!

Maybe I should get up and try to find out why the hell I'm yelling dork in my head. We'll forget about the rest, shall we?

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch. It kinda stings to get up and walk about. But I guess it's for the best interest of the country!

Uhhh… sure.

A door. Usually it's opened so people can walk into other rooms or outside or inside or uh whatever. So my vote goes to the door. There we go. Ohh hallway. Nice, nice. Red carpet. Yes, yes. Nice, nice.

Staircase, should go down there huh? Yes, yes. Nice, nice. Ouch that hurt. I guess storming down the stairs is outa the question right now. Too bad cos it looked like such a cool stairs to run down from. Darn my luck.

I hear people. People talking. Chatting. Chitchat. Yapping. No yelling – that's a good sign right? Yes, yes. Nice, nice.

"Hey, look who joined the living!" Living? There's living? So that means that there are dead too? Spooky, wouldn't you say.

"What are you doing out of bed? You should be resting! Lots of resting! Weeks full of resting even!" Are they talking to me? I think they are, as all eyes are watching me. Well huh.

Too be honest, resting doesn't seem like such a bad idea. My ribs are ordering me to say ouch but I refrain from doing so. And I've got quite a good reason for it, too. See, I have this question. This probably really dense question. But I really gotta ask someone before I freak out completely.

"So… Can I ask you guys just one thing before I go on and rest some more?" I'll take the silence and various nods as a good sign to continue, so better do so, right?

"Who the hell are you people? And while we're on that subject, who the hell am I?"

The End

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