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By Wicked



"It's your turn."

"Nope, it's yours."

"Nuhuh. I did the last one – this one's up to you."

"I, not you, did the last one. So that means you, not me, has to do this one."

"Are you deliberately trying to confuse me so I'll cave and go even when it's your turn?"

"I'm offended you suggest such a thing."

"Sometimes you still suck B." Faith grumbles and drags herself out of bed. Pulling a t-shirt over her head, she mutters some incoherent insults that are directed at her wife. She shuffles into the adjoining bedroom and flicks on the light. "Angela, for the last time, there are no bad monsters in your closet! Mommy and I have scared them all away the last time we were in here."

"But only mommy was here the last time."

"Ha!" Exclaims the brunette and runs to the door. "Hear that B? Huh? Yeah." Grinning she walks back to her daughter's bed and takes a seat on it. "Look honey, they're all gone. I promise."

"I know but still…" The girl looks around nervously and decides to throw in a pout – it has proven to be efficient in the past.

Sensing the child's doubts, Faith suddenly gets a rather evil, yet effective idea. "So you really don't wanna sleep in your own room?" Angie shakes her head. "Yeah thought so. Tell you what, why don't you go on sleep with auntie Willow and auntie Kennedy then? That's far away from your room and your closet, isn't it?"

Angela nods. "Yes it is."

"Yep, sure is. So go on." Faith can't help but chuckle at the evilness her mind still has. Even after all those years. "Oh and Ange, remember, jump ON auntie Kennedy." Giving her daughter a last wink, she watches her run off to the other couple's room. "Payback IS a bitch, Smurf."

The brunette casually walks into her own bedroom and slips behind her wife in bed and wraps her arms around her. Snuggling into Buffy's shoulder, she places a kiss on her wife's cheek and quietly awaits the thunder that is about to happen. And she knows there's gonna be a bang.



"What did you do this time, F?" Buffy mumbles and turns around to eye her wife. Seeing the evil glint in her eyes and the very uncharacteristically innocent smile, she realizes it probably also involves Faith junior; or better known as Angela. "Unbelievable." She shoves the younger woman out of bed without resistance, as Faith had never expected such a bold move from the blonde and hooks her head around the edge to look at the fallen woman. "Go fix it. And don't you dare come back until it is."

Faith rolls her eyes but gets up nonetheless. She doesn't need to go far as a rather cranky Kennedy barges into their room and flicks on the light, earning a groan from Buffy. "You know, having a kid jump on us in the middle of the frikkin' night, fine, I can handle that usually. But having YOUR daughter jump on US in the middle of the frikkin' night when we're in a bit of a compromising position is something I CAN'T handle."

Realization hits Faith a split second later and she bursts out into a fit of chuckles. "Compromising, huh? Oh that's gotta be the best material for Christmas parties everywhere!" She continues chuckling and takes a seat before she topples over.

"You're not even concerned about your daughter's reaction? That you'd laugh with us, yeah, kinda expected that! But not even worried about Angie? I'm shocked Cubs, shocked." To add some drama to the situation, she puts her hands on her hips and musters up a glare.

Buffy, finally fully waking up, rises up from the bed and walks over to Kennedy. Stifling a yawn, she asks, "Where is she?"

"With Willow. She's kinda shook up."

Throwing her wife one last glare, she shuffles out of the room. Faith just rolls her eyes and gets up to smack Kennedy's head. "Good going, Smurf. I know the kid ain't shocked."

"How you so sure, huh, Cubs?"

Rolling her eyes again, she jumps on the bed. "Because number one, it takes a lot more to get Angie all scared like. Number two, she has ME as her mother. If she indeed gets shocked so easily, sjeez, kid would have been in therapy by now with me as a role model."

"Touché." Kennedy shrugs and nods.

"And number three, she's sixteen for crying out loud! She ain't a kid anymore." Faith sits back on the bed with a self-satisfied smile, daring Kennedy to try and contradict her points.

But Kennedy has other things in mind for an attack. Much more effective measures; bring in the boys! "Are you gonna say the same when she's coming home with her first real date?"

"Dude, that friend of hers, what-his-name-again…" Faith clicks her fingers trying to remember her daughter's friend, whom Angie had brought over for dinner a couple weeks back.


"Yes, him! She brought him over for dinner last month. I think I handled it pretty well." She crosses her arms and gives her friend another trademark smug look.

"Sure. You handled it like a real pro, Cubs."

Faith had insisted to be alone with the boy for a few minutes. In those minutes she had managed to interrogate him about his non-existing sexlife – or so he had claimed -, his parents and even performed a strip-search. Needless to say, that was the first but also the last boy Angie had brought over for dinner.

The older brunette throws a pillow at the younger one, who stumbles backwards with impact. "Shut it Smurf. Like you're so great when Kayley brings around Peter."

"Well I have reasons! He's 17, that's a year older!"

"Piffle, piffle."

"Go get your daughter, tuck her into bed and make sure she stays there so me and Will can get some quality time together!"

"Fine, fine. Sjeez, no need to freak out like that."

Delivering a slap to Faith's head, Kennedy quickly runs towards her own bedroom, trying to avoid Faith's revenge. Arriving at the door, she stops abruptly and feels Faith bump into her. Hearing Faith's beginnings of a loud protest, she quickly turns around and covers the other woman's mouth. She makes the universal signal for silence and points behind her. On the bed, Buffy and Willow have fallen asleep, with Angie in between them. She rolls her eyes when she sees Faith's 'ahhh' look and shoves her towards the room where they came from. Picking up an extra blanket, she gently drapes it over the sleeping woman and child and quietly closes the door. When she sees another door opening, she smiles at the tired look her own daughter is giving her.

"Wha'sgoin'on?" The teenager mumbles and tiredly rubs her eyes.

"Articulate Kayley." Kennedy scolds her daughter. Inwardly she's of course cooing at the cuteness that is her daughter right now. She hardly has these cute moments anymore, so treasure the ones life throws atcha is her motto.

"Wha'er." She clutches her teddybear a little bit closer and shuffles into her mother's arms. "Where's mom?"

"Wow, something I actually understand." She snickers and kisses Kayley's temple. "She and aunt Buffy have fallen asleep with Angie. Faith pulled a trick on us."

"Again, huh?"

"Yep. I think putting sand in aunt Faith's clothes made her pissy again. We should've expected a counterattack." She leads Kayley towards Faith and Buffy's room. Closing the door behind them, she shoves Kayley on top of Faith. "Catch Cubs."



"What?" She gives them an innocent look and tries to pout but doesn't succeed as she can't help but laugh. "Sorry. Maybe we should catch some sleep." She flicks off the light and relies on her Slayer enhanced eyes to make her way to the bed. "Night Cubs. Night honey."

"Night guys." Kayley says and gives them both a kiss on the cheek, before snuggling between the two adults, still clutching her teddy like her life depended on it.

"Nimff." Comes the muffled reply from Faith's side.

Kennedy quietly chuckles at her friend's cute behaviour. Of course, she could never tell Faith that. She still values her life too much. She puts her arm around her daughter and settles herself comfortable for the night, silently sending out thanks to whoever made sure that she has such a wonderful life.

The End

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