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Four Times Faith Was Tricked & One Time She Was Treated
By xlivvielockex



She stood in the corner, watching her mother open yet another can of beer, bringing it to her lips. She'd made her costume herself from one of her mother's dingy forgotten sweat shirts and a red marker, D drawn crudely on the front, hair pulled into pigtails, red marker used to color in her cheeks.

"I thought we were goin' trick or treating?" She spoke up fearfully.

Her mother threw the now empty beer can at her, causing the young girl to turn so she got hit in the back this time. "Trick or treat, Faith. Trick or freaking treat."



The kids knocking on the door was driving her nuts. Didn't they get by the lack of decoration that there was no damn candy in this apartment? After the fiftieth knock, she finally got up from the lumpy couch, making sure her footfalls were extra heavy on the way to the door.

She yanked the door open, ready to give the kid what for when she saw a little girl dressed as a ninja before her, brown curls poking out from the back of her mask.

Faith grabbed the fruit pie off the dresser, tossing it into the kid's bag.



"So what are you?" She looked the other girl up and down.

"I'm The Slayer." Buffy just blinked at her, confused.

"No, I mean, what are you going as, B? For Halloween?" Leave it to Buffy to give an answer like that. Even in coma dreams, B was still no fun.

"I…I don't know. What are you going as?"

"Oh, you gave me my costume already." Faith pulled her hand away from her middle, the red blood spreading across her shirt. "Figure my guts on the outside is enough to scare any little kid walking around. What do you think?"



"How you liking the Halloween special, Lehane? You got your green meat and your candy corn."

Faith felt an elbow nudge her, almost enough to make her lose control of her tray. She looked down at the food, feeling her stomach turn. It damn sure wasn't onion blossoms at The Bronze washed down with a beer purchased with a fake ID (cause ill gotten beer, always the sweetest).

Back in her cell, she found a plain paper wrapped package, one end already torn open for inspection. She knew that handwriting. Just when she thought everyone had given up on her.



"After living with Harris for all these years and you don't know who I am?"

"I told you, you look like Catwoman, Faith."

"I am Black Cat. Totally different comic. She was busy fucking Spiderman's brains, stealing tons of crap. And giving people bad luck."

"Sounds like you guys have a lot in common. How did you know all that anyway?"

"Nothing to do in prison but read and get packages from hot blondes with perky tits." Faith grinned. "I think you are digging the latex catsuit."


"Come here, B, I will show you nice. Trick or treat, baby."

The End

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