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Night Out
By J. Sims


It's been three years. Three years since our epic battle with The First. Three years since SunnyD became a crater and me, B, the Scoobies, and all the newly full-fledged little Slayers left California. Giles wanted to set up a school and rebuild the Watchers Council, so he found a building in, get this, Cincinnati. Can you believe it! Of all the places in the world to set up shop and he chooses Cincy. I heard there might be a Helmouth in Cleveland but G-man and Red said Cincinnati was the place we needed to be.

I didn't really get the whole science and meaning behind it but luckily B saw the confused look in my eyes and repeated it all in a language I could understand. It seems that there's these lines of mystical magical energy all around the earth called Ley Lines, witches and all other magic users boost the power of their spells with these lines. Cincinnati it seems is a convergence point of all the lines in the U.S.; hence the reason we're here. It's our job to defend it because besides being used by witches and magic users, these hot spots tend to spit out unknown demons and other big bads from different realms and places. Think of it as flotsam and jetsam, Cincy gets a lot of bad mojo pulling around and through it; explains having Jerry Springer as a mayor. I still can't believe he used a check to pay a hooker. That guy is so…I can't even come up with a word to describe him.

That's the explanation for us being in Cincinnati. The reason for me being in a nightclub that just opened up on the river a couple of months ago, dressed in tight black leather pants and an even tighter black halter-top is simple; I got the night off. I have been working my ass off helping train the newbies, setting up patrols in the many cemeteries in the different counties, and anything else they needed my help with. That's right, the Scoobies and me are cool now. Xander is my best guy pal and occasional drinking buddy. Red is one of only a handful who has seen me all girly and cute, Dawn's another and the little sister I never had and always wanted, most of the time. B, well B and me are cool too but more on that later. I just spotted a hot little blonde thing all alone, facing away from me, begging for attention.

"Hey there hot stuff," I said in a sultry tone, using a cheesy pick up line but one that has served me well, "What's a pretty little thing like you doing all alone in a place like this."

"I'm waiting for my girlfriend," she replied in an off hand tone.

"She must not care that much about you if she sends you out dressed like that all alone," I state leaning in close to breath in her fruity smelling shampoo coming off her long blonde hair.

The blonde's dressed in a short black wrap around skirt that shows off her tanned thighs complete with black stilettos, a sheer silky cream colored blouse finished off the outfit. Her hair hung loosely down to her shoulders. She was gorgeous, at least the back of her was. I couldn't wait to see her face.

"Oh she cares," the blonde replied, a warm smile showing in her tone, "She is very protective of me. It gets on my nerves sometimes but when some hussy with a hot voice is hitting on me, I actually find it kind a cute."

"Really," I breathed in to her ear, wrapping my arms around her waist, "You must love feeling special then."

"Oh I do," the blonde replied warmly, turning around in my arms till emerald eyes were looking in to my brown eyes, "You do think I'm special, don't you Faith?"

"Special is only one word to describe you, B," I answer grinning wickedly and waggling by brows, "There's a few other choice ones that I'll save for later."

Buffy let out a soft laugh then moved in to place a soft kiss on my lips.

I told you I'd explain more of my new relationship with B but now I don't think I have to; but I will. B and me have been together for two years now. The first year after the fall of Sunny D we spent becoming friends again, putting all of our fucked up, sorry, messed up past behind us. B lets me get away with a little cursing, a lot if it's during wild and freaky sex. She's also made me quit smoking, stating she hates the smell and doesn't want to loose me to cancer. I can still drink but should never come home drunk unless I want a long lecture; luckily Xanman let's me crash at his place when I've had one too many.

Back to B and me. There has always been an attraction between us from the moment we met. I ruined anything we could have had by going all crazy and dark. We got our second chance and finally admitted our feelings for each other, much to everyone's glee. Turns out the Scoobies knew about our feelings before we did and were secretly hoping we'd get together. Red stated we were the perfect match for each other and then hugged us. Dawn was all teasing and sarcastic when she said no one else would put up with us. I wanted to throttle her but she gets a pass since I love her. B and me have our own spacious place with a view of the river, courtesy of Giles and the new found Council as well as a car and bike that I drive. I love B but I certainly don't trust her to drive, or be in MY kitchen. Anyway, I'd love to give you more details but OUR night off is more important to me right now then fueling your over active imagination. Sorry.

"Want to dance?" I asked, hearing an upbeat dance mix coming from the DJ.

"Lets see," Buffy said tilting her head in consideration, "Dancing with my girlfriend to music that would require a lot of grinding and close proximity to each other, or standing around here."

"Dance," we answered in unison, smiling wickedly at each other as we headed out to the dance floor.

An hour of lightly groping each other, B grinding her ass against my center, me running my hands over her body had us both breathing heavily and wanting to continue this dance back at our place. A tapping on my shoulder however spoiled the mood and pulled my attention, as well a murderous glare to the person behind me stupid enough to interrupt us.

"Red," I groaned through gritted teeth as Buffy pulled away and straightened herself out.

"Can I cut in?" she asked softly, ignoring the glare I was giving her as she smiled up at me.

"Sure, Will," Buffy, said quickly before I could protest, "I'll go get us some drinks and see you two back at the table."

B placed a light kiss on my cheek and headed off the floor just as a slow song began to play. I shook my head and looked back at Willow giving me an innocent smile as she moved in to me. I gave her a light smile, taking her hands and placing them around my neck, wrapping mine around her hips as we began to sway to the music.

"Sorry," Willow said in a soft voice as she looked up at me with pleading eyes. She obviously needed to talk to me about something and as much as I wish she'd chosen a better time, I couldn't turn her away.

"It's cool, Red," I assured her, flashing her my trademark dimple smile that seemed to calm her down, a little bit at least.

Red and me have also put the past behind us and have formed a special bond that B was jealous of at first but soon understood. It's kind of the same thing Angel and I have in common. Okay it IS the same thing. Red has taken a life and has to fight against the darkness inside her same as me. We spend nights together just hanging out or talking whenever it gets bad for one of us. B's okay with it now, she knows there are things going on in my head that I need to talk about and she's just happy I talk about them with someone. I owe Red big time, in more ways then one, and would do anything to help her out. I'd do anything for any of the Scoobies for that matter. They're my friends, and in a strange way my family and I love'em all.

We danced in silence as Red rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel how tense she was about whatever it is she wanted to talk to me about. So I held her close, running my hand in soft circles around her back. I could see B sitting at our table with little sis, eyeing us warmly as she gave me a soft smile. Dawn took a sip of her drink and began talking with B. They obviously knew something I didn't about what was bugging Red and were giving us space to talk about it ourselves.

"Red," I said softly, getting a little scared now.

No response.

"Willow," I said in a stronger tone, squeezing her tight.

"Please, Faith," she finally answered in a teary voice, "Please just hold me for right now. I'll spill later but right now I just…I need."

I hushed her softly, moving my hand up to stroke her hair as I began humming softly along with the music. Red gave me a thankful squeeze as we continued dancing softly. A few frat boys were eyeing us lewdly, a cold hard stare from me had them backing off in fear, assholes. The music stopped and I pulled back from Red but held her hands, a warm smile on my face as I looked down in to her teary eyes.

"Red," I said in a soft yet firm tone, "I love you and all but if you don't tell me what has you all puffy-eyed, I'm afraid I'm going to have to use extreme measures to get the truth out of you."

"You can't do the pout like Buffy, Faith," she chuckled, flashing me a wry smile.

"True," I agreed, "My girl does know how to use the pout to get what she wants. I was talking about something more physical."

I gave her an evil grin and had to hold down the laugh that was growing at the look of understanding that crossed Red's face. One night of talking turned teasing and we were rolling around the floor of her place, wrestling playfully. Red can use her mojo to increase her strength to Slayer level but this wasn't one of those times. I was distracting her after I found a very sensitive spot below her ribs that sent her in to fits of laughter when tickled. Thus a new weapon was added to my arsenal against Red's soft puppy eyes. Tickling her in to nearly peeing her pants was a common threat that she knew I would go through with, if I had to.

"You wouldn't," Red countered with narrowed eyes.

I leaned in slowly, brushing her hair back from her ear and whispered smugly, "In a heartbeat."

"Okay, you win," Red replied quickly, "Anything but that."

I pulled back to show her my winners smile as I led her off the dance floor and to an empty booth off in the corner, away from prying eyes so we could have this major discussion in private.

"I should probably tell you for starters that Buffy and the others already know this," Red began in a frantic tone the minute we sat down, "I was going to tell you, Faith. I was. It's just..."

"Willow," I interrupted calmly, placing a soothing hand on her skirt-clad knee, "Take a deep breath. Let it out. I'm not going to get mad that you didn't tell me first. You and B have been BFF's since long before I entered the picture. It's only natural you'd go to her before me."

"I know, it's just," Red said more calmly, placing her hand over mine, "You and me, we've gotten closer and I didn't want you to feel..."

"Red," I interrupted again, eyeing her closely, "Tell me what's got you all riled up or I'm going to start."

"Kennedy cheated on me with one of the new girls," Willow said in a quick and surprisingly calm manner.

"What?" I asked in disbelief.

"She said she was sorry, that it was a one time thing but then I caught the two of them again and we had a huge fight," Willow explained not looking at me, which was probably a good thing since my face went from disbelief to full on pissed off rage in less then a second.

"Where is she?" I asked in an anger filled voice, getting ready to bolt out of the club, track Ken's sorry ass down, and beat the living shit out of her before chucking her corpse in the Ohio River.

"Faith, please," Willow said in a soothing tone, "I know your angry and want nothing more then to kill Kennedy in some gruesome manner. Buffy did too. Right now I need my friend. I need to...I need you to listen and not get angry."

"I can't promise that, Red," I said sadly.

I've changed my ways but not that much. I still have a tendency to loose my temper, especially if someone messes with my family.

"Please," Red pleaded, giving me her soft puppy dog version of B's pout that always gets to me.

"Okay," I breathed out, leaning back against the cushioned seat, my arms crossed and attention on Red.

"The cheating is only half of it," Willow explained softly, "The fight that happened after I caught her the second time is what really did us in. We were shouting at each other and Kennedy brought up Tara. That's always been an issue for us but I thought we were past it. I guess I was wrong. I do still think of Tara every now and then but not as much as I used too. Kennedy didn't believe me, saying I'm still hung up on her and that's why she cheated. She said some other things about Tara and I lost it."

"Lost it," I repeated slowly, a little worried about what she meant.

"I went all Dark Willow on her," Willow continued in a sad tone, "I wanted to kill her, Faith. She said she was better than Tara as well as being alive. I lost it and could feel the darkness inside me coming out."

"If Kennedy were smart she'd apologize then run like hell," I said with a half smile.

"She did," Willow replied leaning back next to me, "It's what she said on her way out that made me come to. She said that she was surprised that I didn't hook up with you since we have so much in common. That maybe she should warn Buffy about the bond we have becoming more."

"She is so dead," I stated angrily then looking over at Willow with wide eyes, "You don't believe her, do you?"

"Do you?" Willow countered leaning closer to me as I wrapped an arm around her.

It's true Red and I have a bond and have gotten closer but we've never done anything more then hug and the occasional kiss on the cheek, that's all. Red is a hot little witch don't get me wrong, if I weren't in a committed relationship with Buffy I'd totally go out with her, but I love B and would never do anything to hurt her. I love Red too but as a friend and would also never do anything to hurt her.

"Willow, I do love and care about you," I began softly, "You have no idea how grateful I am for everything you've done for B, for being there when I need someone to talk to. I love Buffy an..."

"I know, Faith," Willow interrupted, resting her head on my shoulder, "I know how much you love her and would do anything for her. She knows it too but it doesn't mean you have to stop telling her."

"I'll tell her everyday, Red," I said softly.

"I love you too, Faith," Willow said happily, wrapping her arms around me in a tight hug that I happily returned.

"I knew it," Buffy shouted angrily from in front of us.

I let go of Willow and shot up to my feet, a frightened look on my face.

"B, it's not what you think," I pleaded jumping to my feet.

"Actually, Buffy, it's exactly what it looks like," Willow said, grinning as she stood up and wrapped her arm around my waist, "We shouldn't hide it anymore from her, Faith."

I looked down at Willow like she'd sprouted a second head. Was she trying to get us killed? B and I teased each other but we both knew where the line was and Willow just crossed it then burned it.

"You little…witch," Buffy huffed as she moved in close to Willow.

"B," I said softly, hoping I didn't have to get between them.

Red and B stood face-to-face, nose-to-nose about to square off and I was speechless; right up to the minute they started giggling then embraced, smiling brightly.

"Oh you two suck," I said in a childish tone.

"You know I do babe," B retorted in a wicked tone causing me to blush.

"Too much information for me," Willow stated, stepping out of B's arms and away from us, "I got to go. I'll talk to you guys later."

"Red," I said in a worried tone, "I think we still need to..."

"It's okay, Faith," Willow replied, coming up and giving me a quick hug, "I'll call you later."

"Anytime, day or night," I said giving her a tight squeeze before letting go.

B gave her another hug before she headed off to where Dawn was waiting for her. Dawn waved at us as she handed Red her coat and left.

"She'll be okay," Buffy said, standing in front of me, "She's got a large support group; which is more then I can say for Kennedy. I know you still wanted to talk to her but, I figured you needed time to take it all in before you two started up again."

"You're right, I don't even want to think about that..." I held my tongue.

"Bitch, Faith," Buffy finished for me, "In this case I agree but you're right, let's not talk about her now."

"You know I would never," I began but B stopped me by placing a finger on my lips.

"I know, Faith," Buffy said smiling warmly, "I love you and trust you. Willow's lucky to have a friend that cares about her as much as you do, as much as we do. Besides if you ever did cheat on me, well I'd do a whole lot worse than kicking you out and teleporting your things into the Ohio River."

"She didn't," I said excitedly about Red's evil mind.

"She did," Buffy acknowledged with a grin.

"Go, Red," I said proudly.

B moved in and wrapped her arms around me, resting her head on my chest. I held her close, placing my cheek on top of her head. We stood there in warm loving silence, taking strength from each other's presence. Red would be okay. She knew to call B or me if things got bad. She'd be fine. Kennedy on the other hand wouldn't be if I ever saw her. If she were smart she'd ask Giles for a transfer out of town fast.

"Do you want to dance some more or," B said in a husky tone, a wicked gleam in her eye, "would you like to go home where I can give you a more private dance."

If you've ever seen B dance or seen her naked you'd know the answer to that question in a second. Of coarse if you did see B naked for any reason, I'd have to kill you. Just kidding. Maybe. I'd probably just beat the crap out of you or gauge your eyes out. Like B said, I'm a 'little overprotective' of her. I'm working on it.

"Lead the way, B," I said as she took my hand and pulled me out of the club.

I'll check in with Red in the morning. Tonight I think I'll have my hands, and possibly my mouth, full of hot sexy Buffy goodness. God I love my life, even if it happens to be in Cincinnati. Don't get me wrong it's growing on me but still, Cincinnati. A Slayer's life is never boring. B and me are living proof.

The End

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