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Night In
By J. Sims


"What's on the agenda tonight babe," I asked stepping out of our room dressed in a big loose t-shirt and short shorts, my long hair still wet and slick against my neck from the shower I just took.

"I don't know," Buffy replied from the couch, placing the fashion magazine she was reading back on the coffee table in front of the couch.

"I thought I hid all those," I said shaking my head sadly as I sat down next to B on the couch.

"You did, you big meanie," Buffy scolded, sticking out her bottom lip in a mock up of her standard pout, "I bought this one today and kept it hidden from you."

"Oh, B," I breathed moving in close, "What am I going to do with you?"

"I promise not to go overboard at Macy's tomorrow," She pleaded softly, "I'll just get a few things, maybe something special for you."

"Special as in," I began but stopped when I saw the knowing smile on B's face.

I'm going to get lucky tomorrow night and B was going to look hot. I am one lucky ex-con but, if I play this right, I could get some action now.

"I'm still not convinced," I said in a husky tone, running a hand through her soft blond hair.

"Well, if it's convincing you need..." B replied in a sultry tone, placing a hand on my thigh and moving it slowly up.

Kennedy, in a bid to get back in our good graces, had volunteered to take over our patrolling for the next three nights. B and me accepted, happy to have a few nights of peace, but we still avoided Kennedy. She cheats on Red, twice, moves in with her new girl, and wants things to go back to the way they were; I don't think so. I liked Ken, she reminded me a little bit of myself but that didn't excuse what she did.

I know I know; Faith, she of the 'get some get gone' way of life getting all upset over a little thing like cheating. The old me would have already forgiven Ken, maybe even asked how Red was in the sack, and if she was interested in a three-way with her new girl. The new me, the me that's changed thanks to wanting to be better then that, better for B, is still in a pissed off mood and plans to stay that way as long as Ken is still in Cincy.

"What's on your mind, Faith?" B asked pulling back.

"The naughty things I want to do to you, B," I answered with a wicked grin, one that wasn't up to my usual wickedness.

"Try again," B retorted with a half smile, knowing me all too well.

"I was thinking about Red's situation," I answered sadly, "How Ken seems so desperate to stay with us and can't take the hint that we don't want her sorry ass around here no more."

"I know," Buffy agreed as she held my hand, "I talked to Giles and he agrees it would be better if she and her floozy were stationed some place else. There's something else bothering you though. What is it?"

B knows when I'm lying, knows when there's something on my mind even when I don't talk about it, she knows me better then anyone. I guess that's the downside to being together for two years. The upside is having someone who loves you for you. I find that I like it. I like having someone who loves me and knows me the way B does.

I'm beginning to learn all about B's quirks too. She loves shopping, it's a relaxation technique, and sometimes I think a drug for her. I let her have her fun but sometimes she goes bonkers, buying like ten pairs of shoes that she hardly even wears. I got mad about it once and B made it up to me, over and over and over, promising me she wouldn't go that crazy again. I believed her but wanted insurance. Dawn goes with her and holds on to her wallet whenever she goes out on a shopping trip and in return, I give the little thief fifty bucks and loan her my bike, after teaching her how to ride it, every now and then. She's very careful with my baby, knowing full well that if she gets so much as a scratch on it, she's dead. No matter who her sister is or how much I may love her.

I digress, the point is B knows I got more on my mind right now then I'm letting on. She also knows it takes me a while to put into words what's going on in my head. I'm not all that good with words; I'm more of an action kind a girl.

"This whole thing has brought up some bad memories that's all," I said, getting off the couch and heading for the kitchen to grab a beer.

"What kind of bad memories?" B asked following me, taking a seat in front of the island counter.

I pulled out two beers, offering one to B, and trying to ignore the question. B took the beer and stared at me as I took a long pull from my bottle. It was her 'I know what you're doing and it's not going to work' look. I let out a long sigh and took the seat across from B.

"It's just," I began in a stained voice, "Ken and me, we're a lot alike. We both have a similar attitude and way about us. You've teased me about it more then once; you all have. Ken reminds me of the person I..."

"Used to be, Faith," Buffy interrupted, reaching out and grabbing my hand, "Past tense. You aren't that person any more. Kennedy maybe your clone but you are two entirely different people."

"I know, B. It's just..." I said looking down at my beer.

"You've changed so much, Faith," Buffy interrupted again, squeezing my hand reassuringly, "I am so proud of you, we all are. I know you still have some issues you're working on. I know you and Willow have a bond that helps you two get through those issues and I'm fine with it."

"Are you?" I asked softly.

"Yes," B answered but I could sense she wasn't being honest.

We used to argue about the fact I could never talk to her about the darkness inside me for days on end and I hated it but she doesn't get it. Angel got it and tried to help me, DID help me. B threw it in his face saying she couldn't be in our club because she's never killed anyone. She may have been forced to believe she may have, but she's never taken a life and I would gladly spend the rest of my life in hell if it meant she never did. Staking vamps and chopping up demons is one thing, killing a human being is something different. Red killed, I killed, and we have to live with that. We also have to live with the darkness taking that life created in us. Mine may have been born through my screwed up life and came out that night in the alley but Red's, Red is a mix of vengeance and magic addiction which makes Red's a little darker then mine but it still forged a bond between us that started on the drive from Cali to SunnyD and has only gotten stronger.

"Come on, B," I said looking up at her, finishing my beer and looking at the one she hasn't even touched yet. She pushed it my way then got off the stool and started pacing.

"Willow's my best friend," B began, "I've been nothing but supportive in everything she's done. When her and Tara were getting started, I didn't judge. I was there for her when that hell bitch, Glory, hurt Tara. I tried to be there during her magic addiction but..."

"B," I interrupted softly, not wanting to hear about her and Spike. He saved the day, sacrificing himself in the process and I respect him for that but I don't want to hear about the things they've done.

"My point is," She continued explaining, "I get scared sometimes."

"Of me and Red?" I asked moving to stand next to her.

"I know you would never cheat on me, Faith," Buffy said frantically, looking at me with pleading eyes, "It's just, I see the way Willow looks at you sometimes and..."

"B," I interrupted, "You are imagining things. Me and Red, we're buds nothing more."

"I'm not imagining things," Buffy shouted angrily.

"Buffy," I said soothingly, placing my hands on her shoulders, "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking since Ken is out of the picture that Red'll make a move on me because of this thing you think she has for me, which she doesn't. You said it yourself 'she's your best friend', do really think she'd do that to you. That I would."

B began to relax and soon was in my arms, resting her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, rested my chin on top of her head and just held her close. She was getting herself worked up over nothing. I did notice a gleam in Red's eyes every now and then when we hung out but she never said anything. She either shook it away or buried it. Red knows how much I love B and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize it for us.

"I'm sorry," Buffy, said softly, squeezing me tight, "I just get..."

"Paranoid," I added smirking.

"Protective," B clarified poking me in the ribs.

"Now you know how I feel," I said warmly, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

We stood there holding each other, seeing nothing but love reflected in our eyes. I wanted nothing more then to kiss her, take her in to the bedroom, and prove to her she's the only girl for me. Sadly things have a tendency to interrupt our plans. It's usually an apocalyptic event and it always pisses me off. Whatever the interruption it always starts with a phone call, just like now.

B pulled back and stared angrily at the phone before unfolding from our embrace and went to answer it. A few minutes of listening to the person on the other end put a worried look on her face.

"It's okay, Will," She said strongly, "Just stay inside. Don't do anything, you hear me Will. Don't use any magic on her, we're on our way."

B hung up the phone, almost breaking it, and looked at me. Whatever's going on with Red has her worked up and anything that has B worked up always tends to be bad news for us.

"Get dressed," B ordered in a strained tone.

"B, what's going on?" I asked not liking the look in her eyes.

"Kennedy is at Willow's," Buffy answered and I was in our bedroom getting ready in a flash, "She put a barrier around the door and is safe inside. Kennedy wants to talk to her and doesn't seem to be taking no for an answer."

"She will when we get done with her," I growled, pulling up a pair of jeans over my shorts, tucking in the t-shirt, and grabbing my leather jacket.

Buffy just nodded in agreement as I stormed back in to the living room, grabbing my keys off the counter, and heading out the door with B right behind me. If Kennedy was still at Will's place when we got there she was going to be in some serious shit. I just hope she wasn't. The last thing B needs is Ken spouting off bullshit and making matters worse.

The End

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