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Snow Falling on Scottish Castles
By Babydykecate


Willow races out onto the balcony of the castle, glee radiating from her face. She twirls, her arms outstretched, the white flakes bouncing off her auburn hair as it flutters around her face. The Texan stays back, hovering nervously at the door.

"You're sure this isn't another apocalypse?" Fred calls out, her brow furrowed.

Willow laughs, walking back to the door.

"This is just little old harmless snow, Fred," Willow tells Fred with a grin. Fred hesitantly allows Willow to lead her outside. "See? Wet icy stuff," Willow teases.

Fred nods, her eyes still slightly suspicious.

Willow notices the lingering look, and tries to reassure her, "Apocalypses like grand gestures like blocking the sun and big creepy snake guys, this is just Scotland being all Scottish."

Fred smiles slightly, Willow's charm once again winning over any final doubts.

"Of course I've seen snow before," Fred starts to defend her overreaction, "Well- I mean I've seen it in the movies and on the weather channel..."

Willow laughs again, and Fred scowls and pokes her.

"You know a snowball is a better weapon than your finger," Willow taunts, banking on her prior snowball fight experience to protect her from Fred's payback.

Fred pauses to consider this for a moment, one hand playfully resting on Willow's waist.

Suddenly Willow feels the cold, soggy snow come in contact with her cheek, and realizes that Fred cleverly distracted her.

Willow brushes the snow from her cheek, and eyes Fred defiantly.

"You wanna play, huh? Oh, it's on!" Willow shouts, her hands reaching for fists of snow.

Fred is caught in the shoulder by the first snowball, but quickly rallies her icy weapons. The balcony provides little space for the girls to hide behind, and they quickly find themselves shivering and soaked to the bone.

"Will? Truce?" Fred calls out, the chill finally starting to get the best of her.

"Alright! Just one more!" Willow calls back.

Fred closes her eyes and waits for the slushy thud, too tired to fend off another snowball. She opens her eyes in surprise when she feels Willow's lips on hers instead.

"Kiss in the snow. It's a necessary cliché," Willow tells her with a grin after the kiss.

"No disagreement here," Fred replies, beaming back at Willow. "You know another fun cliché? Say you've got two people, both soaked and shivering. They seem to always end up in the same bath, even if they're got a whole castle full of bathrooms..." Fred trails off with a wink.

"You know, I seem to remember something about candles, too..." Willow adds as she takes Fred's hand and leads her inside.

"Oh yes, definitely candles," Fred agrees. "And I seem to remember all these movie montages when the characters hurry to undress each other, hopping out of their jeans, and getting their heads caught as their shirts are pulled over their heads," Fred teases as she moves to undo the button of Willow's jeans.

"I love those montages," Willow replies with a grin as her hands slide under Fred's shirt. "Just no falling, the stone floors seem kinda... hard, with all that stoniness and all," Willow jokes.

"No falling. Got it," Fred replies with a grin, pulling Willow in for another kiss.

The End

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