Forgotten Conscience
Two roads, one path
By Christopher Andrews


Chapter 106
First Date

Faith's POV

She's such a great woman.

I'm sitting here together with Buffy at a table at the Bronze and all I'm thinking is…

She's such a great woman. Course I wasn't thinking that earlier tonight. Earlier tonight I was thinking we're all gonna die and I'm gonna lose the one person in the world who means more to me than me. But not anymore, Buffy took care of that.

I still don't know how she did it. She just, talked to me and everything was all better. Maybe it's this whole being in love thing. Maybe that's why all she has to do is say the right thing, or look at me or even just touch me the right way and I just know everything will be okay. Oh god can she touch me the right way, the way she… and then she… with the way she… oh and her tongue.

She has got the greatest tongue I've ever had the pleasure of feeling against my skin. And there was a LOT of pleasure. I've never met a man, or a woman for that matter who can do what she does to me with that tongue of hers. I love this woman, and she loves me back.

I reach my hand across the table to her and she takes it in hers, staring into me as she does.

Even with everything I've done at her, after the way I've hurt her. After everything we've done to each other, she still loves me. I'm the luckiest woman in the world.

I finish my beer and set it down on the table next to the other empties.

I should tell her. I should tell her how I feel. That's what you do in a relationship isn't it? You tell each other how you feel.




Buffy's looking toward the crowd and Willow and Tara appear out of nowhere.

Oh, Willow.

"Hey guys, how are things?"

How are things?

"Things are great Red."

Tara's got this reserved grin on her face.

"Yeah… thanks to you."

"Well I'll tell you what, you can buy me a drink and we'll call it even."

Willow goes to sit down but Tara stops her.

"W-Willow h-honey…? I t-think they want… wanna b-be alone."

Willow's gaze goes from Tara to me to Buffy then to our joined hands. It takes a second for it to register in her head.

"Oh, okay. Oh man… my bad. My total bad... I'll just, be…"

She starts frantically pointing away from the table.

"… You know, away. I'm gonna go…"

She backs away, taking Tara with her. Tara still has a smile on her face.

"… away so you two can…"

She just shuts up and leaves. B and I just laugh at her panicky state before going back to each other.

"She's kinda cute when she's like that."

Buffy does this sexy little pouty face and all of the sudden she has me all riled up.

"Cuter than me?"

I roll my eyes at her.

"Hey, you know there's no one cuter than you, or sexier."

Her pouty face turns into that half smile thing she does and…

Okay, we so have to do something besides just sit here. If we don't, this down low tickle of mine is gonna make me bend her over this table and fuck her brains out. Would be fun I'll admit but in a room full of people? Could get real embarrassing, especially for Buffy.

A big beat worthy song starts playing and it dawns on me.

This is perfect.

"Hey B, do you wanna dance?"

She lets go of my hand and stands up, coming over and looks down at me.

"I thought you'd never ask."

She puts her hand out for me to take it and I do, standing up next to her. I start to feel the pounding of the beat from the electronic music as we walk out on to the dance floor, or maybe that's my heart.

It's pounding like there's no tomorrow in anticipation of what we're about to do. I've never been so nervous about a simple little dance.

We find an empty spot on the dance floor and the music starts to overtake me. I move to the music and Buffy joins me, we move slowly at first but as the beat starts to work its way inside me we dance faster, more gracefully together with every moment that passes. My hips grind against hers as our bodies meld together like a piston thrusting up and down, back and froth against each other to the music.

God this is incredible.

I feel her hands against my hips holding me closer, if that's even possible, and the whole world goes away. The world goes away and it's just us, us and the music. I turn to face her, our eyes locking, hearts pounding together to the beat of the music.

I throw my arms around her neck, her hands still on my hips as she slips a thigh between mine forcing one of mine between hers. The heat between our bodies is unbearable as I start to ride her thigh like a mechanical bull.

The sweat drips off our bodies as the song trails off and I can't take it anymore. I kiss her with everything I am.


"Make love to me B. Take me home and make love to me the way only you can."

She takes my hand and we leave.

She this is what it's like to be in love? I never knew being in love could feel this incredible.

We try and make our way down the alleyway but B just snaps.

"Fuck this."

She throws me against the alley's wall, crushing me between her and the wall as she slams her body into mine. We kiss as she grabs my tits with both hands. She whispers sweet nothings to me as she kisses every naked part of my flesh she can get her lips on.

"I can't wait… I want you now… I need you now… right here… right now… like this…"

Her hand dives down between my legs and can't help but gasp with ecstasy as her fingers press into me.

God she feels so… I can't do this. Not like this… it isn't right.


"Why? Don't you like it?"

"God yes it's just… stop… I just… Buffy…"

She kisses her way up my neck but when she goes to kiss my lips I stop her.

"Not like this… not like some cheap slut in some random alley. I've done that too many times, with too many people… and I can't do that with you. I love you B, and that's not something I can just say. But if we do this here, then all I'll feel in the end is cheap and dirty, and I don't want that… do you?"

"No of course not."

"Then can we just, wait until we get home?"

Her breath is still heavy as her eyes wander down my body.

"It's just… after, that dance I'm… going crazy not touching you…"

We step away from the wall.

"I know what you mean… but do you really want our first date to end in this alley?"

She has to take a moment to answer, groping my left breast.


"Then let's go back to your place, like we should."

"We better get there soon."

We turn to walk down the alley, my arm around her waist, hers around my neck.

"We will… but till then? You can touch me all you want, wherever you want."

She starts rubbing my stomach with her free hand.

"Just save the good stuff for later?"


"Will do."

Wow, a real date, with a real ending. How cool is that?

Chapter 107
Ominous tidings

Faith's POV

I'm standing in front of B, squaring off. We're moving back and forth. Ducking and weaving to avoid punches that neither of us is throwing. Then we get to the fun stuff.

She throws 3 punches and I dodge them easily. I duck for a leg sweep and take her legs out from under her sending her flat on her back. I scramble on top of her, pinning her down at her waist. I grab her arms and pin them over her head. She smiles up at me and I can feel myself smile back as I lean down into her.

I swear I can feel her lips against mine as I kiss her deeply. Well I like this. This is a lot of fun. I… all of the sudden I feel my hands wrap around her neck. What am I doing? I have to stop myself. I don't stop, in fact, I start to strangle her. She gasps for breath but I don't stop. I put more weight on her neck and she tries to stop me but the lack of air in her lungs makes it impossible.

Why am I doing this? I don't want to do this, but I can't stop. I wanna stop but… something won't let me. Let me stop, please, for the love of god please somebody let me stop. I love this woman I can't kill her. You can't make me kill her. I won't let you. I won't… I won't… I won't. I can feel her neck snap under my fingers.


I sit up in bed in a cold sweat.

What have I done? What did I do? Buffy?

I look down at Buffy who's waking up next to me.

She's okay, thank god she's okay.


I hug my knees as she sits up next to me.

I thought this was over. These dreams were supposed to stop when I made my choice to be with B.

"Faith, what is it? What's wrong?"

"They… they were supposed to stop. We're together now… they were supposed to stop…"

"What was? Faith, talk to me."

I squeeze my eyes shut to try and block out the sheer terror I can't get rid of. She puts her arms around me and it only makes the feeling worse.

"The dreams… they should've stopped."

"Faith it's okay. It's just a bad dream."

"But it won't go away. Why won't it stop?"

She strokes my hair lovingly and I calm down a bit.

"What happened? Tell me what the dream was about."

"I… I can't…"

I can't tell her. If I do she'll freak out. Even if she does love me.

"Was I there?"

"You… you w…"

"What did I do? Did I do something to you?"

"No I… it was me… it's my fault…"

I didn't want to, but I couldn't stop.

"What was it? What did you do in your dream?"

"I-I hurt… you."

She doesn't say anything and I feel tears on my cheeks.

Oh god, I actually said it… and now she isn't saying anything. She isn't safe with me.

"I-I have to go."

I push her away despite her protests.

"Faith, don't. It was just a dream, it doesn't mean anything."

"I have to get away from you before…"

I get out of bed to get away but she grabs me by the waist and throws me back on the bed, climbing on top of me.


I have to get away. She's not safe with me.

I try and throw her off me but she grabs my wrists and pins them above my head.

"Faith, look at me."


"Faith if you love me, look at me."

I stop moving and look at her through teary eyes.

"Do you wanna hurt me?"

"No… oh god no."

"Then don't go. Stay here."


"Faith the only way you could hurt me is if you left me. It would hurt me worse than any fist in the face, worse than any kick to the head, and so much worse than any knife to the gut."

She puts her entire naked upper body against mine.

"You don't wanna hurt me? Then don't leave me… please?"

I look into her soulful eyes and I just can't do it.

I love her too much.

"Will you stay with me?"

"Buffy… I love you…"

She leans into me and kisses me gently.

"I'm sorry B, I didn't mean to…"

She puts a finger to my lips to quiet me.

"It's okay Faith."

She lies down next to me as I calm down, holding me tightly but in a loving way.

"You had a bad dream. It would've scared anyone, even me."

I snuggle up to her.

"I just… I don't wanna lose this feeling."

"What feeling is that?"

I turn my head to look in her eyes and kiss her gently.

"You know exactly what feeling I mean."

She grins at me.

"Of course I do. I just like hearing you say it."

I touch my hand to her cheek.

"I love you B. I didn't mean to scare you like that."

"I love you too Faith."

We lie there together, staring into each other's eyes as the sun rises in the window.

I love her so much. I just hope I don't do something that would take her from me. I hope my dreams don't come true.

Chapter 108
The history of Omega

Buffy's POV

She's still really freaked out. She says she's over it but I keep getting this feeling like part of it still bugs her.

We're walking down the street toward Giles' after his call asked us to come by and I can feel the tension in her.

It must've been one hell of a dream to freak her out this much. I would've thought last night would've eased the tension, the way we went at it. But then she had that dream and things changed. Faith isn't the type to freak out like that. Even when she killed the deputy mayor she didn't freak out, not in the traditional sense. But this is different.

This time she went insane and freaked out and all that.

I squeeze her hand in mine and she smiles a worried smile at me.

Maybe this is my fault. Maybe since falling in love with me she freaks out at anything that might threaten that love. She did tell me she's never loved anyone like me before. Hell she told me she's never loved anyone at all. It only stands to reason she'll loose me. That she might do something to hurt me… or worse.

We make our way up the steps to Giles'.

But I'm not going anywhere, not if I can help it.

We get to the top of the stairs and I stop her.


"What is it?"

"I want you to know that everything is gonna be okay."

She takes a deep breath.

"I know."

She moves to go inside but again I stop her.

"I'm not going anywhere Faith. It doesn't matter what Giles says or some stupid prophecy says or even a dream you had. We love each other and we're together and that's never gonna change."

I put my arms around her and kiss her, softly but passionately.

"I won't let anyone stop us from being together. I love you Faith."

"I know B, I know."

She doesn't seem convinced.

"Can we go in now?"

Obviously I can't convince her just now.

We turn and go inside.

Let's hope Giles has some good news to perk her up.

"So, how are my favourite little Scooby pals? And Spike…"

She's being all grown up and pretending everything's okay. But I know better.

"We're quite well… all things considered."

We walk into the living room and sit down together.


"And what is it we're considering? Did we find something in the Book of Karameth?"

Spike tries to force appreciation out of us.

"You're welcome."

Faith and I have the same thought on the subject.

"Shut up Spike."

We smile at each other.

"So let's get down to business. What do we know?"

"Buffy perhaps we should…"

Faith interrupts only more forcefully.

"What do we know?"

"The Book of Karameth details a number of important facts about Omega, about his vampire cult and most importantly about Omega, about his vampire cult and most importantly about the prophecy."

"What does it say?"

She's being really blunt it's not winning her any point with the guys.

"Everything we ever needed to know. According to the book, Omega was indeed the original demon, older than any on record. Before man there were great beings, demons, which are known as The Old Ones, the first one to be brought forth for oblivion and thus the most powerful."

Okay this is not the good news I was hoping for. This would be considered in most circles extremely bad news.

"What about the vamps? Why are they following him? What are they all about?"

"Most of what we know about them is pretty much all we need to know about them. They are acolytes of Omega, they will do whatever he asks, but there's more. Legend has it that the last demon to leave this dimension fed off a human, which turned him into a vampire and given Omega's immeasurable power…"

"He was the one who made the first vampire."


Faith seems to get more distraught with every new fact and I gotta admit I'm not jumping for joy at them either.

"And what's more I believe it explains how he was able to return to this dimension."


"It does?"

"When Omega fed off the human he infused that person with a part of himself…"

"A part of a demon…"

"Yes, and with every vampire that was made after that his power grew and eventually he gained the power to renter this realm."

"So every vampire that exists gives him power?"


Faith glares at Spike.

"We should kill Spike then."

"Whoa, hey now no killing the chap who just brought you the mother loads of all care packages. Besides which, there are millions of vamps on this soddin rock. Killing one defenceless vamp won't make a bit of difference."

"Spike is correct. A single death will not affect Omega's power. However we may have a more pressing matter to attend to."

Oh good, more bad news.

"What kind of thing are we talking about?"

"As I said, the demon Omega receives his power from vampires…"

He shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

"Tomorrow is the night of Saint Vigeous."

"Saint… Saint Vigeous? Perfect, just perfect."

Things just can't get any worse.

Faith looks around at us confused.

"The Night of Saint Vigeous? What's that?"

This is gonna make things so much worse for us.

Spike explains.

"It's like Woodstock for vampires. Big festival of death and destruction happening tomorrow."

Her head drops into her hands.

"Omega's gonna be at full strength isn't he?"

We need something good. We need some good news.

"Yes I should say he will be."

"And he'll be coming for us won't he? He and his band of cult-o-matic vampires."


I can't let this be all about doom and gloom.

There's nothing but silence in the room.

The prophecy… maybe the prophecy has some good news.

"What about the prophecy? What does the book say about the prophecy?"

The vamps seem pretty intent on stopping it so it's gotta be good news.

"The prophecy… very little is known about the specifics. The prophecy itself has never been interpreted as the only copy of it has been lost for so long. But now we have it."

"What's the prophecy?"

Giles opens the book and begins reading from it.

"For there shall be two into one, and one into two. From the mouth of hell shall come two forces of good with darkness inside shall be joined. Two forces as different as night and day, one of darkness one of light shall come together and be as one. They shall come together and the heavens themselves shall tremble."

Um, okay…

"So is this good or bad?"

I feel the tension coming off Faith in waves and swear I hear her quietly sob as I put my arm around her.

"Well it speaks of two forces of good joining, and that would tend to suggest a positive thing. However it does mention the good forces darkness inside, and given the tone of the rest of the prophecy…"

Faith looks up at the gang.

"So let's kill him."


"Who baby?"

"Omega, let's find the son of a bitch, load up on weapons and tear him apart."

She's not taking this very well.

Xander tries to calm her down.

"Okay but I mean, where are they? I'm all for killing these guys but we have to find them first."

That's a good idea we should talk her out of going off and doing something stupid.

"Yeah Faith, we have no idea where they are and we have to find them to kill them."

She stands up and starts pacing nervously to come up with something.

"The hospital…"


"What about it?"

"The doctors they… Giles you remember when I brought Buffy back here after the fight with Adam?"

"Yes, you told me the doctors were evil."

Faith comes over and kneels in front of me. She puts her hands in my lap and looks me in the eyes and for a moment she's calm.

"They wanted to hurt you…"

I touch her cheek with my hand and she holds it there.

"But you wouldn't let them would you?"

She turns her head and kisses my palm as she holds it there.


Blind panic sets in again as Xander and Willow steer the conversation back to evil doctors.

"Evil doctors?"

"I thought doctors were sworn to help people?"

Faith stands up and starts pacing again.

"Well I don't actually know that they were doctors. One of them was dressed like a doctor, but I didn't really have time to ask for his credentials. Buffy was hurt it didn't really matter to me who they were as long as they could save Buffy's life."

If Faith wasn't so on edge I might actually be crying right now.

"So B and I can go back there, kick the crap out of a few of the orderlies until they tell us where Omega is. Then we kill him to death."

"Well that's a plan, I guess…"

Faith looks at me like I'm being unsupportive gal.

"Come on B, we can do this. You and me, back to back. We can even bring the gang along if you like."

I stand up and put my hands on her shoulders.

"Faith we could do that. But if we just go in full speed one of us could wind up dead, maybe all of us. Do you really want that?"

She seems to calm down slightly by taking a deep breath.

"No… of course not."

"Okay then…"

I lead her back to the couch and we sit down.

"We'll figure this out before tomorrow and then we'll go in with everything we've got, knowing exactly what we're getting in to. I promise."

She puts her head against my shoulder.

"As long as he gets dead that's all I care about… well that, and you."

"He will be."

I'll do whatever it takes to make sure he will be.

Chapter 109
Gotta have Faith

Buffy's POV

Okay this is insane.

Faith and I are on our way home from Giles' place and we haven't said a word to each other.

If we don't talk about what's bothering her then it's gonna haunt us and we're never gonna work through it. It's not like the idea of a thousands of years old demon plotting to kill us gives me happy feelings it's just… I think it bothers her a lot more. I've had horrible evil demons try to kill me all the time, Faith hasn't. I remember what it was like when they first started coming at me, I was scared out of my mind. She must be going through the same thing. I gotta do something to get her through this.

I stop and face her.

"Faith? What's wrong?"

She stops.


"What's wrong?"

She looks at me like she's wondering what the hell I'm talking about.

"Nothing… what could be wrong?"

Okay she's not gonna pretend everything's fine.

"Faith this is me you're talking to. I know you better than anyone at least I think I do. I was there last night when you freaked out. I was there to help you through it. Now I need you to tell me what's wrong so I can help you through this too. Please?"

She closes her eyes.

"Nothing is wrong B."

She tries to leave but I grab her and stop her.

"Come on Faith we have to talk about this."

She tries to push me away but I won't let her go.

"There's nothing to talk about. I told you that."

"I'm not letting this go. Tell me what's wrong."

She shoves me away.

"Nothing's wrong. Just let it go."

I shove her back.

"Never… I love you Faith, I wouldn't let this go if you tried to kill me."

"Keep pushing me like this and I just might."

I look in her eyes.

That's no idle threat. I guess this is the way it has to be.

"If that's what it…"

I give her a good hard shove this time.

"… takes then that's what it…"

I shove her again harder, making her stumble back.

"… takes."

She shoves me back weakly, the pain in her eyes now replacing the anger.

"Don't push me B."

I push her again.

"Why not?"


She slugs me in the mouth and I grab my jaw in pain.


"Buffy I didn't…"

I punch her back.

"Come on Faith, hit me again. If we can't talk about this then we'll just have to fight this out. Hit me."


"Why not? You've done it before, this isn't any different."

"Of course it's different B."


I go to punch her again but she blocks it and punches me first, sending me to the sidewalk.

"Because I'm scared okay? Is that what you wanted to hear? I'm scared to love you too much."

I get up slowly holding my jaw.

"I just want you to talk to me."

"I'm scared are you happy?"

"Why? What are you afraid of?"

"I'm afraid if I love you too much it'll kill you."


I move toward her but she keeps her distance.

"I… what are you talking about?"

"Oh come on B the dreams, the evil demon plotting our deaths, the ominous prophecy? You can't tell me things aren't gonna end badly."

"And you can't say things won't work out. I've seen these ancient prophecies before they're never cut and dry. They're never simple or straight forward. And neither are the dreams. The dreams are just as big a grey area. And you know, evil demons plot the slayer's deaths all the time, we'll get through it like we do everything else."

"What about me?"

What about her?

"What about you?"

"I'm part of the plan aren't I?"

"Well… I…"

"What they did to me? They used me in their evil plot to kill you. How do we know the reason the prophecy says there'll be two into one is because in the end there will only be one slayer? What if…?"

She stops in mid sentence getting all choked up. I get closer to her.

"What if what Faith? What if what?"

A tear rolls down her cheek.

"What if I kill you?"

I wipe away the tear and kiss her gently. She let's out a dull moan as our lips part.

"So what if you do Faith?"

She pushes me away in disgust.

"God, how can you… how can you say something like that after, after everything we've… we've…"

She doesn't have to finish, I know exactly what she's trying to say.

"Faith it's because of everything we've been through that I can say something like that."

She tries to look away but I turn her head to look me straight in the eye.

"We could die tomorrow. You could kill me, or I could kill you or someone else could kill us both and none of that could ever change the way I feel about you. I love you and I'll go on loving you until the day I die and beyond."

She sighs heavily.

"So what do we do?"

I push the hair out of her face.

"We'll just have to have Faith that everything will work out for the best."

I grab her ass and pull her body hard against mine.

"I've got mine, where's yours?"

She rolls her eyes at me and chuckles.

"Bad joke B."

She kisses me quickly.

"REALLY bad joke."

I smile at her.

"But that's just one of the reasons you love me right sweetie?"

I feel her hand against my right breast, kneading it.

"Just one of them. But don't call me sweetie okay B? It sounds way too corny."

"Well what should I call you? Honey? Baby? Sugar? Maybe I should call you sugar baby."

She gets this almost evil half grin on her face.

"Well people did used to tell me I taste sweet."

I raise an eyebrow at her.

"Really? Let's have a taste."

I grab the back of her head and pull her lips to mine, pushing my tongue into her mouth, tasting her. I put my arms around her shoulders as I break the kiss to look in her eyes.

"Definitely a sweet taste."

I wipe the drool off her bottom lip and lick it off my thumb.

"That's why I should call you sweetie. For your sweet taste."

She groans in frustration and rolls her eyes at me again.

"Well okay, but try not to do it in front of people. I have a rep to maintain you know? I may be a white hat now but I'm still a bad ass."

I peek around behind her to look at her ass.

"I don't think you have a bad ass. I think you have a great ass."

She smiles coyly at me.

"Giving me compliments isn't gonna change the impending doom we have to deal with."

I thought we were past this.

"It's not impending doom, there's no impending doom. And even if there was we can't keep worrying about it. All we can do is live in the now, you of all people should know about that kinda thing."

"Yeah but I only lived like that cause I had nothing to hold on to. Nothing that was worth anything to lose… now I do. I love you B, I don't wanna lose that."

I hold her head in my hands.

"You won't. As long as we live every moment to the fullest. And you keep me with you, here."

I put my hand against her heart. She covers my hand with hers.

"I feel you in there B, and I always will. No matter what."

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

"Okay then, let's go home. Start living up some of those moments."

"Let's do that."

We start our way back home, but we are rudely interrupted by a gang of vamps now surrounding us.

"Well this looks like fun."

Chapter 110
Back to back, fight the fight

Buffy's POV

"Well this looks like fun."

"Yeah, I guess we're gonna have to hold off on the memory making for a little bit eh?"

She lets go of my hand and we stand back to back in a fighting stances.

"Oh I don't know, this looks like it could be a memorable moment. 20 to 2 could be interesting."

"Yeah I guess so. Then again it could also be deadly and potentially painful."

She laughs.

"True, but what isn't when it comes to you and me?"

"You're right, are you…?"



"Vamp at two o'clock, kinda hanging back from the crowd."

I look to where she's pointing in a 2 o'clock direction.

There's a vamp, brown hair, kinda ruggedly handsome for a blood sucking fiend standing away from the soon to be battle field.

"What about him?"

"I think that's him."


"Him who?"

"The him who murdered Riley. I'm pretty sure that's him."

"Pretty sure?"

She's silent for a moment.

"It's him. Someone gets murdered in front of you. You tend to remember the murders' face."

Well, yeah…

"Yeah, don't I know it?"

"Right, of course."

If that's the guy that murdered Riley then, then I can make it right. I can avenge Riley's death. All I need is… I'm suddenly very aware that I don't have a stake on me.

"Faith, do you…"

She shoves a stake in my face and I take it.


"No problem, I had an extra one handy. Tell ya what if I get to the son of a bitch first I'll let you stake him."

"Thanks sweetie."

I swear I can hear her groan at the sound of her pet name and I smile.

Okay standing around like this is kinda boring.

"So are we gonna fight or just stand here cause I think I'm getting a crap in my leg."

"Good one B."

"I thought so."

"Kill them."

We give each other some room as the vamps start coming at us.

"Guess not everyone thought so eh B?"

"Guess not."

I kick the vamp coming at me in the stomach and he bends over grabbing his stomach. I stake him in the back and it goes straight through to his heart, dusting him. A few seconds later I hear another vamp turn to dust.

I don't have to worry about her, she'll do fine. Except I can't seem to stop worrying.

Three more vamps come at me and side step him throwing him off balance and I kick him to the ground. I grab the second guy by the collar and spin around to throw him into the third guy, sending them both to the ground a few feet away.

The first vampire starts to get up and I jam a stake through his heart as he gets to his knees. I catch a glimpse of Faith tossing a vamp this way.

"Heads up baby."

I dust him in short order and smile at her.

"Got it honey."

She smiles back as I feel something coming up behind me.

"Yes you do don't you? Buffy look out…"

I don't even turn around to stake the vamp attacking me from behind and he turns to dust.

"… behind you."

"Like I said… I got it."

The last of the three vamps to attack me tries to attack me as another vamps comes at her from behind.

"Bogey at 6 o'clock B."

"That was gonna be my line."

We run at each other, linking arms as we both jump kick the vamps to a safe distance.

Safe for us, not them.

We both look down at our arms linked together and lose focus. We kiss briefly amongst the carnage.

"Okay um, sex comes later Faith. Getting through this alive? Kinda in first position."

We let go of each other as more vampires join the fight. Most of them stay back to keep us from leaving, not that we would the way things are going. Another two vamps are killed by gaping holes in their chests, making 7 down and 13 to go.

Another 4 bite their own dust before the lot of them get smarter. One of them comes at me and tries to actually fight.

If you can call what these guys do fighting.

I block a right and a left punch before kicking him in the stomach and making him stumble. He tries to kick me in the head but I block it and grab his ankle, taking him off his feet and staking him as I do. Meanwhile 3 more vamps get dusted by my true love.

With 5 left Faith and I regroup standing next to each other. There are only 3 vamps standing between me and the guy who killed Riley. I point at him and glare.


He smiles.


"You killed Riley."

I did. So what?"


I try and get at him but Faith holds me back.


He laughs at me and I wanna tear him apart but Faith still stops me.

"Not today slayer. Get them."

The final 3 vamps come at us and we make quick work of them leaving only Riley's killer and who I'm assuming is his second in command.

"You sure about that?"

He suddenly has this look of fear. I like it. He steps back but I don't let him get to far.

"Tell ya what? Why don't we finish this tomorrow?"

"I think we should finish this now."

He keeps trying to make a gap between us and we keep not letting him.

"Okay… sure we… let's um… Dave? You handle it."

He pushes this Dave guy at us and Faith grabs him as Riley's murderer runs off. I start to run after him.

"B, wait…"


"He's getting away."

"I know, but its okay."

"Why is it okay?"

"Cause we can find out where he's going from this guy. Where's he going?"

"I would never tell you…"

I bury my stake in his kidney and he screams.

"Where is he going?"

"The hospital. He's going to the hospital."

"Why? Is that where Omega is?"


I twist the stake in his side and again he screams.

"Where's Omega?"

"The, the hospital…"

I twist the stake.

"I thought you said he wasn't at the hospital."

"He's not he… he's under it…"

Faith punches him in the face.

"Under it?"

"There's a cave… not far from the hospital… it leads to his, his lair."

I pull the stake out of his kidney and he tries to stifle his scream.

"Are you lying to us?"

"No… you're gonna stake me whether I lie or not so why would I?"

Faith smiles at him.

"You're not wrong about that."

Next thing I know he's a pile of dust. Faith faces me, the victors of a glorious battle.

I don't think Faith has the battle on her mind right now.

I start to brush the dust off her and she starts pawing at my clothes to do the same. We start eyeing each other up and down.

"Well… at least we know… where they… are… now."

Yes we do.

"Yeah… at least… I'm hungry… how bout you?"

She moves closer to me.

"I kinda had something… else on… my mind…"

I raise my eyebrows at her.



"Home… nowish…"

"Good… ideaish…"

We sprint home, working off a little extra energy.

Neither of us is in any condition to walk. Not without jumping each other on a public street.

Part 111

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