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Chasing Daylight
By Kinetic-Kid


Chapter 11

Tara giggles softly, hurriedly covering her mouth as Buffy snaps around to look at her, a look of disgust on her face. "Sorry."

"No you're not." Buffy shifts the demon on her shoulder as she takes the humongous beast that was dripping demon blood all over her towards the woods, Tara following behind. "Why can't this son of a bitch be like most demons and disappear, or end up a little sticky pile like a lot of the other ones do?"

"Don't know, and he's not alive to ask sooooo…" Tara chuckles and shifts to keep from stepping in one of the larger puddles of gunk coming from the demon as Buffy had slowed down for a moment while talking to her.

"I have so got to take a shower after this." Buffy grumbles, silently happy that they were almost done with patrol, not really relishing the thought of doing a whole patrol covered in demon blood and guts.

"Most definitely." Tara tries not to laugh as another piece of demon literally splats onto the ground from her lover.

"What? You don't love me covered in… slime?" Buffy grumbles as they head further into the woods, finally dropping the demon behind some heavy brush, sighing in relief.

"I love you even covered in slime, yes. But I won't BE loving you, while you're covered in slime." Tara points out, smiling as Buffy blushes lightly. "And remember, lots of lovings planned for tonight."

"We could have had some lovings before we left…" Buffy trails off grumbling quietly.

"An hour wouldn't have been long enough for what I have planned." Tara slowly trails her eyes up her lover, hesitating for longer periods of time on certain areas before making eye contact with hooded hazel eyes.

Buffy takes a deep breath and slowly makes her way towards Tara. "What exactly do you have planned?"

"You'll just have to wait and see." Tara smiles as Buffy stops a couple feet from her.

"I think we've done a good enough patrol, let's head home." Buffy waves her hand towards Tara, not wanting to get too close to the woman and accidentally leave some blood and guts on her.

Tara chuckles and leads the way towards home, hearing the occasional squish and quiet grumbling coming from Buffy.

Tara shakes her head as she hears Buffy whistling over the sound of the shower. A slow happy smile crosses her face at how easily Buffy is pleased and made happy. The smile slips from her face as how that happiness can be shot down so quickly also. Knowing her lover is still on a roller coaster ride with her emotions, but hopefully given time she'll settle down even more.

Slowly undressing, Tara smiles softly at the fact she feels better after having told Buffy about her life. Something she doesn't like to discuss, but knowing the slayer was entitled and deserved to know about her past life and the fact that everyone has skeletons in their closets and things they're ashamed of. Slowly relaxing as strong, warm arms wrap around her waist and soft lips brush over her shoulder, Tara runs her fingers over Buffy's forearms.

"What were you thinking about so intently?" Buffy presses her body more firmly against Tara's half undressed body.

"Our lives and pasts. How we all have things we regret, are ashamed of." Tara admits closing her eyes as strong, callused fingers gently makes circles on her stomach.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of, Tara." Buffy whispers as she presses her lips softly against Tara's shoulder. "You do have the right to be pissed, angry and disgusted. But never ashamed."

Tara's lips quiver at the softly spoken words. Slowly tears trickle down her cheeks. "I've felt ashamed and guilt ridden all these years, Buffy. It's hard…"

Buffy hears the hiccup in Tara's voice as she speaks and slowly turns Tara around, hugging her tightly as she breaks down, crying in her arms. "I know I can't change the past, Tara. But I will tell you every day how much I love you and the fact that what happened is not your fault. You have nothing, absolutely nothing! To be guilty or ashamed about. Trust me in this, Tara. And so help me, if I ever come across any of those bastards, they will pay for every single thing they have done to you over the past. That threefold thing would be really handy in this case."

Tara can't help the half smile that crosses her face at Buffy's last comment. Brushing her cheek against the slayer's shoulder, she slowly relaxes as Buffy gently runs her hands up and down her back. "I somehow don't think the 'threefold thing', is meant in quite the way you're thinking."

"Don't ruin the mean, evil, wicked thoughts I have going through my mind of what I'd like to do to those assholes when I get my hands on them." Buffy grumbles relaxing herself as she feels Tara relax, and the smile in her voice.

Tara hums appreciatively as Buffy's fingers stroke more firmly over her back, spending extra minutes on a couple of her tenser muscles. Snuggling in against Buffy's neck, Tara presses soft kisses across her pulse point.

Buffy closes her eyes at the feel of the soft, warm lips caressing over her neck, swallowing hard as warm fingers ease her robe open and trail over her ribs as they work their way around to her back, digging in gently while naked breasts are now pressing against each other. Arching her neck to give Tara better access as lips and tongue work their way over her flesh. "God, Tara." Buffy whimpers, feeling her knees weaken in response as the soft sucking over her pulse point sends a streak of desire through her body.

Tara slowly releases the flesh to nip gently up the slayer's neck, stopping to nibble on her earlobe, smiling at the low, sexy groan coming from her lover as she releases the flesh and breathes hotly in her ear. "Let me get cleaned up, and I'll be right back."

Buffy whimpers and shakes her head. "You don't need to shower."

Tara laughs, hugging Buffy to her firmly. "Yes, I do, sweetie. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Buffy growls as she releases Tara, her eyes staying glued to the blonde Wiccan as she grabs a robe and heads out the bedroom door. Fingers twitch to feel the soft warm skin beneath them again, even while her body's crying out to feel Tara pressed against her. Running her hands through her damp hair, Buffy smiles at the thought that even if they just curled up together to sleep, she'd be happy. Of course, feeling the soft, womanly curves pressed against her is something she knows she can become addicted to very quickly. Just the couple nights they've spent together already driving home that fact.

Finally easing the robe off her body, Buffy tosses it over the chair in her room before making her way to the bed. Gently pulling the covers down to the end of the bed, Buffy tilts her head as she hears the bathroom door open, not realizing she'd been lost that long in her own thoughts.

Tara smiles at the sight of Buffy turning down the bed, having been pleasantly surprised at the fact that her lover has no qualms about being naked, though wondering why. Remembering when she had been hurt and the few times she'd needed help with wounds she couldn't reach in the past having had no problems with stripping away whatever garment so someone could treat it, the few times when she'd let someone help.

"Keep looking at me that way and I might think you like the view." Buffy fights the smile crossing her face as she glances over her shoulder at Tara.

"Like the whole package." Tara grins crookedly, ignoring the light blush that comes across her cheeks at being caught staring at Buffy. "I love the fact that you're not ashamed of your body… that you're at ease in your own skin."

"You don't seem that shy about showing your body." Buffy points out, finally turning to face Tara.

Tara smiles shyly and looks down at the carpet. "I have my moments. They're coming fewer, but occasionally."

"You have absolutely no reason to be shy, Tara." Buffy closes the distance between them. Cupping Tara's cheek with one hand, gently brushing her thumb over soft skin, glad the swelling was almost nonexistent, though there was some bruising left, knowing it'll probably be another week before it will be gone completely. "You are an absolutely beautiful woman, inside and out." Buffy reaches up with her other hand to stroke along Tara's jaw before slowly making her way down Tara's neck, smiling at the low whimper coming from Tara at the gentle touch.

Tara licks her lips as Buffy's weapon-roughened fingers stroke gently over her skin, slowly separating her robe. Reaching up to the hand still cupping her cheek, Tara turns her head to press her lips against Buffy's palm, closing her eyes in contentment as Buffy slides open her robe to press her body firmly against her.

"You feel so good against me. So soft, yet firm." Buffy whispers, pressing her lips against Tara's pulse point as she wraps her arms around Tara's back, to stroke over the soft skin. "I love you, Tara."

"Oh, my sweet one. I love you, too." Tara whispers, pressing her lips against Buffy's head as the slayer keeps her face tucked against her neck. Tara smiles as Buffy wiggles impossibly closer against her. "You can only get closer if you're inside me, honey."

"Okay." Buffy lifts Tara and settles her on the bed, smiling at the laughter coming from Tara.

"Come here, you." Tara tugs Buffy down on top of her, kissing her softly for a few minutes without deepening the kiss until Buffy finally sinks fully into her. "I won't break, Buffy." Tara whispers softly against the slayer's lips. Finally having realized how gently and hesitantly Buffy had been touching her after the disclosure, she wants to nip that in the bud now, even if it means putting off devouring the slayer like she's been wanting to for the last week.

Buffy jerks slightly at Tara's words. Burying her face against Tara's neck, she shakes her head. "I won't hurt you, Tara."

"You haven't and you won't." Tara wraps her arms around Buffy, hugging her tightly. "I didn't tell you about my life to scare you off. You have opened yourself to me, told me things that no one else knows about you, and I didn't feel right keeping my past a secret from you. Willow only knows a little of it, mostly the part about my father and brother beating me. Just not the full story of how bad it was, or about the…" Tara hesitates, still hating to say the word.

"I don't want to do anything that might bring up those memories, Tara." Buffy admits, not wanting to look at Tara.

"Do you love me?" Urging Buffy to look at her, Tara growls softly as the slayer becomes stubborn and won't lift her head. "Look at me, Buffy."

Buffy finally lifts her head and looks at Tara. "Of course I love you." Buffy whispers hurt at the question.

"Whenever you touch me, Buffy, that love comes through. I feel it in your softest touch, along with your firm touches. I see it whenever you look at me, hold me or are just near me. You're the Slayer, Buffy. Power and strength are very much a part of you. I wouldn't change that for anything. I fell in love with the whole package remember? I don't want you to be afraid to experiment, to nibble, bite, pinch or twist different body parts. Because I can tell you, by the Goddess, I plan on doing things to you, things you probably would never dream that I would do. Now, are you going to disappoint me, hell both of us, because of being afraid of something that happened to me roughly seven years ago? Because I refuse to let it ruin my life, to dictate what I will and will not do, Buffy." Tara keeps eye contact with the slayer the whole time, not letting her look away. "If you can't get that through your head, that's going to cause problems between us, Buffy."

Buffy feels her heart clench at Tara's words. Her hands that had been unconsciously stroking over Tara's hips, stop. Searching serious blue eyes, Buffy whimpers quietly. "I don't want to cause problems, Tara."

Tara presses her lips to Buffy's, seeing the tears gathering in hazel eyes. "I know, sweet one. But I can't have you afraid to touch me either, Buffy."

Buffy nibbles on her bottom lip as she considers Tara's words. "I'm going to shift slightly, I'm not moving away." Buffy warns finally, waiting until Tara nods her understanding before sliding onto her side, sliding her right leg between Tara's and keeping the right side of her body in full contact with her lover. Propping her head up on her hand, Buffy licks her lips, hesitating for a moment, before finally questioning Tara. "Have you ever…" Stopping, Buffy takes a deep breath before starting again. "How do you feel about toys?"

Tara quirks her eyebrow at Buffy before answering her. "I'm assuming you aren't talking about Barbie's or Yo-Yo's here."

Buffy blushes and shakes her head, slowly circling Tara's belly button with her right hand. "No. I mean adult toys."

"They have their place and time." Tara lifts her arm and trails her fingers through Buffy's hair. "Look at me, sweetie." Tara whispers softly, watching as Buffy finally lifts her eyes to look at her. "Do you like toys?" Tara questions, seeing the hesitancy in Buffy's eyes.

Buffy does a half nod and sighs quietly. "I've been known to wear out the occasional vibrator."

"Ahh. The hungries and hornies that I've heard mentioned." Tara smiles at the blush that crosses Buffy's face. "I also heard that you never admitted to that particular problem, at least the second half of it."

Buffy groans and drops her head to Tara's shoulder. "I'm not going to admit how many vibrators I've gone through, let alone batteries. It's downright embarrassing."

"So, you're asking if I would be willing to use these type items on you?" Tara blinks as Buffy groans and does a half nod and half shake of her head. "Honey, it helps if you just say what you want to say."

"I know." Buffy grumbles, feeling her cheeks heat up with a very dark blush. Finally lifting her head and eyes again, Buffy takes a deep breath, unaware of her hand that had made its way further north, her thumb stroking over the bottom of Tara's breast. "I wanted to…" Buffy groans loudly, before finally just spitting it out. "I wanted to use a strap-on on you."

Tara's eyes open wide in surprise as she looks at her embarrassed lover. "You want to use a strap-on?" Tara blinks and shakes her head slightly. "What made you think of that?"

Buffy whimpers and buries her face in Tara's neck. "We don't have to. I'll never do anything you don't want to. But it just popped in my head when you told me I could do and try anything. I just pictured you literally on top of me, all hot, flushed and sweaty as you rode up and down. The thought of seeing you like that, was a major turn on."

Tara grunts quietly, as in her mind's eye their positions are reversed. Imagining her lover's tanned skin glistening with perspiration, panting as she slammed down onto her makes Tara lick her lips at the thought. "Do they have an adult toy store here in Sunnydale?"

Buffy's head jerks up at the breathy, sexy tones of her lover. Searching the glistening blue eyes, not able to deny the signs of arousal coming from her lover, Buffy allows a slow smile to cross her face. "Where do you think I get my poor vibrators that are lucky to last a couple months?"

"There are mail order catalogs, you know." Tara grins as she focuses in on the smile that's crossing Buffy's face. "I'm not real familiar with what's out there, so if you wouldn't be too embarrassed on going together to the shop…"

"Name the day." Buffy smiles, cupping Tara's breast fully before massaging and kneading it without touching her nipple, chuckling as Tara's eyes darken with desire even as she growls softly, Buffy finally rolls her lover's nipple between her thumb and fingers. Plucking gently at the flesh, Buffy gradually pinches more firmly, watching Tara's expression for any sign that she isn't enjoying what she's doing. Twisting the flesh gently, but firmly, Buffy growls as Tara cries out in pleasure, not able to dismiss the doubling of Tara's arousal as she feels the flood of liquid smear onto her knee that is gently pressed against Tara's apex. Capturing Tara's lips, Buffy kisses her hungrily for a few long minutes, until both women break away as oxygen becomes a serious issue. "I promise not to be afraid, but that doesn't mean that I won't occasionally want to be extremely soft and tender with you, Tara." Buffy warns, shifting her body as she presses their breasts against each other while pressing her thigh between Tara's legs and hard against her apex, starting a slow but firm rubbing motion.

"That's fine…" Tara moans, pressing her body into Buffy's rock hard thigh before grasping her head and pulling her down for a rough, invading kiss, smiling as Buffy growls into her mouth. Wrapping her legs around Buffy's, Tara presses even harder into her lover, moaning loudly as they break off the kiss and Buffy nips her way down her neck to suck strongly on her pulse point.

Buffy whimpers loudly as one of Tara's hands wiggles it way between her legs and three fingers find themselves buried within her while Tara's palm presses hard into her clit. Feeling the fingers curl and caress over her sweet spot, Buffy does the only thing she can, giving herself completely to Tara.

Tara pants quietly as Buffy's hips rotate, her body grinding into her hand, even as she grinds into the slayer's thigh, her orgasm flowing through her. Feeling an answering warmth on her hand, Tara continues her caressing over Buffy's g-spot until her lover arches, crying out her name as she explodes. Holding Buffy with her other arm as the slayer finally collapses on top of her, trapping her arm between their bodies, Tara presses her lips to the top of her head, closing her eyes at the wonderful feeling of Buffy's body pressing into hers.

Buffy buries her face in Tara's neck as she waits for her functions to start working again. Lifting her hips slightly, she pouts as Tara's hand eases out of her, smirking as she feels the wet digits grasping a butt cheek, kneading it gently.

Tara chuckles as she feels the slayer smile against her neck. "I still haven't attacked you with my mouth yet, Buffy. Be forewarned."

Buffy doesn't know whether to whimper or jump up and down for joy. Laughing quietly, she flicks her tongue out to gather some of the perspiration coating Tara's neck. "You may want to wait. It's been a long, trying day today, and it's already almost three in the morning." Buffy explains quietly, feeling Tara stiffen slightly with her first sentence, smiling as she relaxes again and continues the stroking of her hands over her back, chuckling as the Wiccan finally releases her leg.

"You started to worry me, had me thinking that maybe you didn't want me to do all the wicked things to you that you seem to enjoy doing to me." Tara smiles as Buffy lifts her head and shakes it so hard the whole bed shakes.

"Hell no!" Buffy looks at Tara, her eyes wide. Shifting her body slightly as she thinks about Tara's lips and tongue on her body makes her ache, she groans and buries her face back in Tara's neck. "Just the thought of you doing that to me makes me a complete and horny mess."

Tara chuckles even as she presses her leg into the slayer's apex, having felt the heat coming from her go up a few degrees, along with the dampness increase. As Buffy presses down, growling, Tara digs her fingers into her butt cheeks. "I like my horny, messy slayer."

"Damn good thing since you make me that way." Buffy growls even more as Tara urges her to rock against her. "We were supposed to be going to sleep."

"Says who?" Tara laughs delightedly at the narrow eyed look Buffy gives her as she lifts her upper body to get a better angle to slide against her thigh. Shifting her leg and tightening her leg muscles, Tara slides her hands up to tweak and twist Buffy's nipples. "As soon as I'm through with finals, I'm going to make sure we have the house to ourselves for a full weekend. The only time we will leave, or have clothes on is when we go out on patrol."

Buffy licks her lips at the thought of naked Tara anywhere and everywhere in the house even as she glides effortlessly against Tara's thigh, her juices coating Tara's leg thoroughly.

Tara can't resist the call of Buffy's breasts any more and shifts to capture one in her mouth, moaning in delight as she suckles at the hard nipple fully for the first time.

"SHIT!" Buffy cries out, cupping the back of Tara's head, holding her to her breast while jerking against Tara a couple more times, a small flood of liquid easing out as she climaxes. "God…" Buffy gently urges Tara back onto the bed, growling as she feels her teeth scrape firmly over her nipple before she falls back. Slowly easing her body away from Tara's leg, Buffy lies on top of Tara trying to get her breath back.

Pressing her lips to the top of Buffy's head, Tara wraps her arms around her lover, hugging her tightly not planning on letting her go. "I love you, Buffy."

"Gods, I love you, too, my beautiful Wiccan." Buffy whispers pressing her lips against the upper flesh of Tara's breast. "Sleep?"

Tara chuckles softly and nods her head. "Can you reach the lamp?"

"Think so." Buffy reaches out growling quietly before grabbing the nightstand and pulling it against the bed so she can reach the switch.

"No more holding back?" Tara questions softly, kneading her lover's back.

"No holding back. Promise to let me know if I do something you don't like?" Buffy lifts her head just far enough so she can look at Tara pleadingly, relaxing as Tara smiles and nods. "Good."

Tara hooks the covers with her foot, finally maneuvering them up far enough so she can reach them to throw over Buffy, knowing how much her lover hates to be cold.

"I should move." Buffy mumbles already half asleep.

"No. You're fine, my sweet one. You're fine." Tara whispers as she settles the covers around them before wrapping her arms back around Buffy, hugging her even as she presses another kiss to the top of her lover's head, listening as Buffy falls asleep, her breathing evening out even as she relaxes even more into her. "For a little thing, you're pretty damned solid." Tara murmurs, smiling as she wiggles slightly until she's in a more comfortable position, it not taking long before she's following Buffy into the land of dreams.


Chapter 12

Tara frowns in her sleep as she reaches out, her hand feeling the cool sheets beside her. Groaning as she finally wakes the rest of the way up, she rolls over onto her back, yawning and rubbing her face. Looking around the room, she slowly lifts her body and sighs, wondering where Buffy has disappeared to. Hoping her lover didn't end up freaking out on her even after she thought they had settled everything the night before.

"Don't you dare get out of bed." Buffy growls softly as she eases into the room, carrying a tray with food and glass of juice for her, smiling as Tara shifts up in the bed. Gently settling the tray over Tara's lap, making sure the legs of the tray are sturdy, Buffy hurries around the bed and climbs in beside her lover, pressing a quick kiss to her cheek. "Breakfast in bed. Well, sorta breakfast in bed, since I can't cook you get a toasted bagel with your favorite raspberry jam spread on it, cut up cantaloupe and honeydew along with juice." Buffy points out, picking out a piece of honeydew and popping it in her mouth to chew on while grinning at her lover.

Tara looks from her food to her lover and shakes her head. "Where's yours? I know this isn't enough for both of us."

"I kind of ate some of it while I was preparing yours." Buffy admits, blushing lightly. "I'm a bad girlfriend."

"You're a wonderful girlfriend." Tara grins before leaning in to kiss Buffy firmly. "Thank you, my sweet one."

Buffy grins as she settles down in the bed, propping her head up to watch Tara eat. "What do you want to do today, before Dawn comes back home?"

Tara smirks and eyes her lover, reaching over to trail the edge of the robe, gently brushing it back to stroke over the soft skin of Buffy's right breast.

Buffy groans and lets her hand shift out from under her head so she falls to the bed, her body already tightening in response to the smirk and touch of her lover. "I don't know what turns me on more, your grins and smirks, or your touch."

"Oh, it was a good groan and not a bad groan. Had me worried for a minute that maybe you weren't in the mood." Tara laughs softly at the incredulous look she gets from her lover.

"When have you known me not to be in the mood when you're involved? I swear my body practically hums at the thought of you touching me, and doing all those wicked things to me that you've done in the past and talked about doing in the future. Just thinking about it usually has me soaked." Buffy grumbles good-naturedly.

"And have you been thinking about it?" Tara questions curiously, tugging on the belt, pulling it loose and letting her fingers trail down her lover's stomach, unconsciously licking her lips as Buffy moves closer and moves her right leg to prop her foot behind her left leg, effectively opening herself to her.

Buffy buries her face against Tara's side as the Wiccan's fingers lightly work their way down her body in a feather-light touch, groaning softly as she feels a finger glide between her lips to stroke through the wetness gathered there. When the single digit slowly circles her swelling clit, already feeling the blood pounding in the muscle in response to Tara's touch, Buffy presses her hips forward in silent want.

Tara exhales softly at the wetness she finds, along with the heat coming from her lover. Smiling as Buffy shifts closer, her hips barely rocking back and forth, obviously wanting to be touched, finally gliding her finger over the stiffening muscle, instead of circling it, Tara chuckles quietly at the low whimper she gets in response.

Buffy finally reaches down to the teasing digit, pressing it firmly against her clit for a minute, not knowing if it would help the ache or make it worse before pulling Tara's hand away. "Eat, before I don't give you a choice and have you take care of the horniness you're causing."

Tara slowly lifts her finger to her lips and wiggles her eyebrows as Buffy watches her with hooded eyes. Getting a low groan as she slips the finger between her lips, Tara grins around the finger as she twirls her tongue around to gather up all the slayer's desire coating it.

Buffy's body clenches automatically at the sight before her, before she flops onto her back, closing her eyes and throwing an arm over her head. "Eat." Buffy finally gets out the word, ignoring the roughness of her own voice.

Tara smirks at her lover's actions, before her eyebrow quirks up in consideration. Carefully shifting the tray to the nightstand, making sure it's secure Tara leans over to whisper huskily in Buffy's ear. "I believe I will."

Buffy pulls her arm off her face and swallows hard as Tara shifts so she's hovering over her, her head already lowering to engulf one of her breasts into the wet warmth of her mouth. "Oh, God…" Buffy whimpers, her back arching as Tara sucks strongly on her breast. The teasing kisses and licks Tara was restrained to before, nothing compared to what she's doing now.

Nipping Buffy's hard flesh as she finally releases her breast, Tara nips and sucks her way across to the other breast, giving it similar treatment even as her lover buries one hand in her hair and the other grasps her shoulder gently. Nipping and suckling at Buffy's flesh, leaving a trail of red marks across Buffy's abdomen on her way down the slayer's body, Tara inhales deeply as she finally reaches the slayer's apex. Brushing her cheek against the soft, silky smooth skin, Tara finally presses her lips firmly against Buffy's mound, the slayer always having stopped her before she'd reached this point.

"Please." Buffy begs softly, feeling the hot breath of her lover caressing over her body.

"Anything, everything your heart desires." Tara whispers before lowering her head the short distance to delve between her lover's desire-coated lips. Sliding her hands under Buffy's butt, she clenches the strong muscle tightly even as she wiggles closer to her lover's body finally tasting her lover's most intimate flavor from the source, groaning at the musky/sweet flavor. Growling quietly, Tara delves as deep as she can into her lover's body, curling her tongue to pull out the delightful liquid.

Buffy whimpers softly as she feels Tara's tongue delve into her again, wiggling around before sliding back out. "Oh, my…" Buffy bucks uncontrollably, what brain functions that were working, going off-line as Tara's warm mouth captures her aching clit sucking voraciously, literally driving her over the edge in seconds. Her breath caught in her chest, and her hand holding Tara's head tightly to her body, Buffy silently cries out with her back arched as the next thing she feels is a tongue fluttering firmly and quickly over the tip of her sensitive muscle, not letting her relax and bringing her to climax again quickly. "T-t-tar…" Buffy tries to say her lover's name, bucking uncontrollably as Tara gently scrapes her teeth over the sensitive nub, throwing her over the edge again, making spots appear behind her eyelids as her body clenches uncontrollably, the swollen muscle aching and quivering as Tara starts to stroke her tongue over her with long, firm strokes, flicking the tip of her tongue at the end of the stroke before doing it all over again. "Tara…" Buffy growls deeply, pressing her body firmly against Tara's mouth as she feels another orgasm working its way through her body. Whimpering loudly as she feels Tara's hand shift and her fingers gently ease the hood of flesh away from her, exposing the swollen muscle completely.

Wrapping her lips completely around the hard shaft, Tara rolls her tongue continuously around her lover's swollen muscle as Buffy's hips start to shift and rotate even as the muscle impossibly seems to swell even more, Buffy whimpering loudly now before another flood of liquid comes from her lover as she climaxes. Feeling Buffy gently tugging on her hair, trying to pull her away, Tara finally releases the flesh with a soft kiss, looking up at her hazy-eyed lover. Chuckling at the flushed face and the mouth working, but no words coming out, Tara rests her chin on her lover's bald mound. "Too sensitive for more?" Tara finally questions, her voice low and raspy.

Buffy closes her eyes, nods her head and finally drops her head back onto the pillow, giving up on trying to focus on Tara. Panting heavily, even as her body literally seems to be pounding with each hard heartbeat.

Tara brushes her cheek over the soft, wet flesh, before pressing a kiss to the top of Buffy's mound. Slowly working her way up her lover's body, she settles against her side, gently rubbing her hand in soothing circles over her lover's lower abdomen. Pressing a loving kiss against Buffy's jaw, Tara buries her face in her lover's hair as she continues to gently rub Buffy's stomach, occasionally caressing down over a thigh but being considerate of her lover's tender state and not going near her apex. "I love you." Tara whispers into Buffy's ear.

Shakily reaching down for Tara's hand, Buffy pulls it up to press a wet, open mouthed kiss on the palm before tucking it against her chest, still not able to say anything as the desire flows through her, occasionally a small shock shooting through her causing another small orgasm.

Tara smiles as she listens to the hard, fast heartbeat of her lover and the panting breaths as Buffy slowly gets control of her body. Squeezing Buffy's hand, Tara gently eases the hand away from her lover and rolls over so she can reach the juice Buffy had brought up for her to drink, taking a sip of it, before offering it to her lover. "Drink this and I'll go get us some more."

Buffy nods and shifts her body up, whimpering slightly at the pressure she inadvertently puts on her body, closing her eyes as her hips buck uncontrollably as another weak flood eases from her. Growling, Buffy narrows her eyes as she looks at her quietly laughing lover.

"You'll be okay in a little while, my sweet one. You're the slayer and you heal quickly, remember?" Tara smirks as the growls get louder. "Drink." Tara orders before handing the glass to her lover before shifting herself, popping a couple pieces of fruit in her mouth as Buffy slowly works on drinking the juice while keeping an eye on her.

Finally finishing the glass of juice, Buffy licks her lips before shifting slightly to place the glass on the tray before reaching behind Tara's neck with her hand and pulling her in for an invasive, toe curling kiss. "You're going to pay for that." Buffy whispers against her lover's lips, her voice hoarse.

"Think so?" Tara grins and nips gently on Buffy's bottom lip. "We need to get cleaned up. I don't know when Dawnie will be back home."

Buffy groans at the thought before suckling on Tara's upper lip. "Damn mouth needs to be registered as a lethal weapon." Buffy growls loudly, before carefully shifting out of the bed and away from her lover, waddling more than walking, as she tries to keep from putting any pressure against her clit.

Tara bites her bottom lip to keep from laughing as she watches her lover. "Would you like me to get you a little ice?" Tara finally laughs out loud at the dirty look she gets from Buffy. "I'm just trying to help."

"Uh, huh. Knowing you, it'll probably make it worse instead of helping." Buffy points out, having a funny feeling that it would have the opposite effect.

"I just thought you might need a little cooling down." Tara offers, shrugging, her eyes dropping down to her lover's lower body, smirking at the swollen outer lips, and the obvious glistening of liquid between her thighs. "Maybe sitting your ass down into a bucket of ice water type thing."

"It ain't my ass that's aching, pounding and still oozing fluids!" Buffy growls, before starting to stride towards Tara, grunting and almost losing her balance as she puts pressure on her sensitive clit, causing her to have another orgasm.

Tara bites back the laugh, moving quickly to wrap an arm around her lover. "Lay down. I'll get you some ice. It might cause you to have another orgasm or two, but it will help." Tara promises quietly, helping her lover into bed. "I'll be back in a minute." Tara presses a quick kiss on Buffy's lips before turning around for her robe, yanking it on and hurrying down the stairs.

Buffy groans, shifting her legs further apart as she can literally feel her blood pounding through her body. "Need to have her do that after a serious night of slaying." Buffy grumbles quietly, closing her eyes as she reaches down to carefully open her swollen lips to hopefully take more pressure off her aching clit. Almost wanting Tara to wrap her lips around her again, the pleasurable pain it would cause right now sounding tantalizing. Shaking her head at her own thoughts, Buffy turns to look as she hears Tara jogging up the stairs.

Tara whimpers, almost dropping to her knees at the sight of Buffy touching herself, though knowing it wasn't to please herself but to give her body some relief. "Goddess, I'll have to ask you to please yourself sometime." Tara unconsciously licks her lips at the thought before stepping up to the bed, gently easing beside her lover.

"God, Tara! Don't tempt me." Buffy grumbles softly, the sight of Tara licking her lips making her pound even more, knowing that more liquid is easing from her body at the sight.

"Do you want to set this down, or me?" Tara holds up the towel-covered ice, frowning as she sees how swollen and distended her lover's muscle is. "I'm sorry, my sweet one. I shouldn't have pushed you that far." Tara winces, looking up at her lover.

Buffy half chuckles, half groans. "You're saying that, and I'm here thinking I wouldn't mind having your lips wrapped around me again, damn the consequences."

Tara has to laugh at her lover's admittance. "I don't think so. At least not this time." Tara shakes her head before gently lowering the ice. "Move your hand, my sweet one. I'm going to place the ice on you."

Removing her hand, Buffy whimpers as the towel and weight presses on her body, fighting the urge to buck into the pressure, though not able to fight the small orgasm working through her body. As the cold finally starts to work through to her body, Buffy moans quietly, closing her eyes at the delightful feeling.

Gently stroking a hand over her lover's cheek, Tara smiles softly at the quiet, pleasurable moans she receives. "Feel good?"

"Uh, huh." Buffy nods, breathing out softly in relief. "As hot as I was, you'll probably need to get more ice."

Tara chuckles softly, leaning over her lover to press a quick kiss on parted lips. "I'll be more than happy to run downstairs and get more ice if you need it."

"Buy a refrigerator for up here and keep the freezer portion full of ice to cool me down." Buffy grins at the quiet laughter she receives in response to her comment.

"I could just not bring you to this state again. Wouldn't that be easier?" Tara shifts to lie partially across Buffy, propping herself up with her left arm while tenderly stroking her fingers through Buffy's hair.

Buffy's eyes widen and she shakes her head, grasping Tara's hand and pulling it down to her mouth to nibble on her fingers. "Don't you dare threaten me like that. I like you bringing me to this state… I mean, I really, really like it. I just never knew that could happen."

Tara chuckles at the lightly blushing slayer. "You never knew that you could be brought to orgasm so many times that you end up being super sensitive to the slightest pressure? That even an exhaled breath of air across you can make you come?"

Buffy shakes her head, her eyes intently watching Tara's eyes and facial features as she starts to swirl her tongue around Tara's fingers. Grinning as Tara's eyes darken with desire, Buffy captures one digit in her mouth, sucking and swirling her tongue around it.

Tara gently presses a second finger into the slayer's mouth, feeling her body clench as the slayer nips firmly on the tips before sucking on both of them strongly. Starting to breathe heavier as Buffy's tongue swirls and flickers against her digits, Tara finally dives forward, replacing her fingers with her tongue, invading the slayer's mouth in a hungry, carnal kiss.

Buffy groans and breaks off the kiss, arching as Tara's fingers pinch her nipple firmly. "Dawn's home." Buffy finally whispers hearing the front door opening.

Tara growls and drops her head to Buffy's shoulder. Nipping firmly on the flesh, she makes sure her robe covers everything before going to the door, looking back at Buffy and grinning crookedly. "Do you want me to get more ice?"

"Yeah, if you can find a dump truck to deliver it." Buffy groans deeply, swinging her legs over the bed, chuckling at the melted ice. "I'll be okay. I'm going to go ahead and hop in the shower."

"I love you." Tara winks before quickly leaving the room and shutting the door behind her as she hears Dawn coming up the stairs.

"You're just now getting up? It's like almost noon." Dawn points out, looking at Tara still in her robe.

"Late night, plus Buffy was being a sweetie and brought me breakfast in bed." Tara grins crookedly, even as she can feel her cheeks heating up slightly.

"Uh, huh. I just bet she did." Dawn rolls her eyes before heading towards her bedroom, quirking her eyebrow up as Buffy opens the door, hesitating for a moment, an obvious blush on the slayer's face even as she hurries to the bathroom. Dawn laughs at the sight of her sister walking funny. "Oooh. You are so going to be picked on." Dawn calls out to her sister as she continues on to her bedroom.

Tara laughs quietly, getting ready to head down the stairs until Buffy's head pokes out of the bathroom.

"If she picks on me, you're going to pay for it!" Buffy warns her eyes narrowed on her laughing lover.

"I kind of figured that out." Tara wiggles her eyebrows. "Darn, I better get the tray of food."

"Yes, you better. You better finish eating it, too. I'll be down in a little while to help fix lunch." Buffy winks before disappearing back in the bathroom.

"Goddess, I love you." Tara shakes her head as she thinks about her lover before finally heading back into the bedroom, laughing at the smell of sex before grabbing up the tray and working her way back downstairs.


Chapter 13

"Are you sure about this?" Buffy questions hoarsely, looking down at the $10,000 check Tara had written out to her to help her get caught up on the bills. "You wouldn't be fibbing to me about this being half, would you?"

Tara shakes her head and squeezes her lover's shoulder. "No, sweetie. This is half the money that was left over from Mama's life insurance policy. I was saving it as a down payment on a home. I just wish you would take the rest."

"No. Keep it in case of an emergency." Buffy sighs quietly about taking the money from Tara, but knowing her lover will get very irate if she doesn't. "I'll pay you back."

"No, don't even go there, Buffy." Tara growls softly, clenching her hand more firmly on Buffy's shoulder. "I want you to work on building up a saving's account, and when I start working full-time we'll see about putting extra money down on the mortgage so we can get it paid off, along with saving money so we can maybe either send you back to college, or try and save up money for Dawnie to go to college."

"Dawn, it's kind of a waste for me to go. Half the time I won't be able to make the morning classes." Buffy admits, frowning slightly.

"Hmm. But…" Tara blinks and tilts her head thinking as Buffy reaches up to pull her hand down, threading their fingers together as she urges her out the door. "Can't you go take classes now that you're working there? Isn't that one of the things with working at the college? You and your family can go to classes there free of charge, or at a reduced rate?"

Buffy shrugs. "I don't really know. It wasn't high on my priority list to check out, I was just loving the fact that I'm now making almost twice what I was at the DMP, and I don't come home feeling like I have twenty layers of grease that I have to scrape off."

Tara leans in and sniffs Buffy deeply. "Smell good." Tara growls softly, nipping gently on her lover's ear before sliding in behind the wheel as Buffy opens the door to the Jeep for her.

"I haven't been to work yet." Buffy points out, growling quietly at the tempting witch as she shuts the door and jogs around to the other side of the Jeep.

Tara chuckles as Buffy plops in the seat beside her, buckling her seatbelt. "You still smell good." Tara starts the vehicle, putting it in reverse and checking before pulling out onto the road. Putting it in drive, she reaches down and threads her fingers through Buffy's, squeezing gently. "What else are you going to do after you make the house, phone and electric payments, sweet one?"

Buffy shifts to look at Tara as she drives them towards downtown Sunnydale, the witch going to drop her off at the bank before continuing on to the college campus for her classes. "I thought maybe I'd scope out the toy shop and see what they have." Buffy admits, wiggling her eyebrows at her lover.

"Hey! I thought we were going to go together to pick stuff out." Tara darts a quick grin at her lover.

"We are. I'm just going to look at what they have. I'm going to wait until we go together and we can decide." Buffy wiggles slightly in her seat.

"Uh, huh. You're going to go in and check out what they have, making a wish list, aren't you?" Tara laughs at the guilty look crossing Buffy's face. "Sweet one, you know I'm more than willing to try anything. Maybe they'll have some kind of sampler's kit, or something for us to buy with a little bit of everything so we can experiment and then we can go from there."

"If they have one, should I go ahead and pick it up?" Buffy questions almost shyly. "After all, today is Friday. Fridays are usually one of my heavier slaying nights."

Tara lifts Buffy's hand and nips on one of her knuckles. "Worse than Wednesday was?" Tara questions curiously, feeling her body heat up as she remembers how insatiable her lover had been that night, not even letting her treat the couple wounds on her body after she showered. She had literally pounced on her that night until both women had collapsed on the bed in a sweaty, tangled mess waking up the next morning with fingers still imbedded in each other, achy and somewhat sore.

Buffy hums as she remembers Wednesday, her eyes darkening with desire in direct response to her memories. Licking her lips as she remembers both their bodies covered with sweat, desire and cum almost able to taste the salty-sweet flavor of her lover again. Shaking her head as she feels her body literally throbbing, Buffy tries to calm down. "Umm. Possibly?" Buffy finally answers, blushing lightly at the knowing look Tara gives her. "I can't help it. Told you that just thinking about you turns me on. Mentioning Wednesday is a definite turn on." Buffy grumbles, watching as Tara pulls up in a parking spot just down from the bank, releasing her lover's hand so she can put the Jeep in park.

"I know. I had the same reaction, maybe just not quite as bad." Tara murmurs, reaching up to stroke a finger across a hard nipple straining against her lover's shirt.

Buffy growls softly, reaching up to press Tara's hand firmly against her breast, before pulling the hand up to nip on the fleshy part of her palm. Looking at her lover's breasts, then inhaling deeply through her nose, Buffy quirks her eyebrows. "That might be up for debate."

Tara groans and bangs her head against the headrest. "Go, before I turn the Jeep around and take us back to the house for a few hours of naughtiness."

Buffy chuckles, leaning in for a quick kiss. Releasing her lover's hand, she opens the door hopping out. "You never really answered me."

Tara's eyes twinkle as she looks at her smiling slayer. "Go ahead, sweet one. I trust you."

Buffy grins hugely, half leaning in to kiss Tara again, a quick hard kiss before hurriedly shutting the door, waving to Tara, knowing if she spends anymore time with the witch that they will be heading back to the house, or the nearest dark alleyway to take care of the desire coursing through them.

Winking at Buffy, Tara turns back to the road, putting the Jeep in gear as she double-checks before pulling out, glancing at the clock, knowing if she doesn't hurry she's going to be late for class.

Tara takes a bite of her apple as she flips the page in her book, glancing up as a shadow comes across her book. Grinning as Buffy plops down beside her. Looking down at her watch, she realizes her lover needs to be at work in roughly half an hour. "Just now getting here?" Tara questions curiously, accepting the quick kiss on the cheek.

"Actually half an hour ago. I had to find the Jeep and put a few things in it." Buffy looks at the apple in Tara's hand. "Tell me you grabbed something more than an apple to eat for lunch."

Tara looks guiltily at the apple.

Buffy growls softly, gently smacking her lover on the leg. "You're worse than me about eating." Buffy grumbles, hopping up to jog across the quad to the little lunch wagon that parks at the college during the week.

Tara groans quietly as Buffy heads towards the truck. "Better be grabbing something for yourself, Buffy." Tara warns, her eyes narrowed on the back of her now distant lover. Chuckling as Buffy looks at her and waves a fist at her. "Damn slayer hearing." Tara grumbles a little quieter, finishing her apple, standing to throw it in the nearby trash can before settling back against the tree again, closing her book and sliding it in her book bag as Buffy comes trotting back up with her hands full of food and drinks.

Lowering herself carefully in front of Tara, Buffy hands one of the drinks to her before tossing a sandwich and a bag of chips at Tara. "Eat. Kick your ass." Buffy grumbles, narrowing her gaze on her lover.

"I'm cooking that large roast and vegetables in the crock pot for dinner tonight, Buffy." Tara points out, unwrapping her sandwich.

"You still need to eat lunch, Tara." Buffy unwraps her sandwich getting ready to take a bite of it as she sees Tara about to open her mouth. "And a piece of damn fruit is not lunch."

Tara snaps her mouth shut, wrinkling her nose at Buffy. "Pain."

"That's me." Buffy stretches her legs out, placing one on each side of her lover's knees, scooting closer so she's touching Tara. "Did you talk to Willow last night?" Buffy questions curiously before taking another bite out of her sandwich.

"Yes I did. She's coming to dinner Sunday night. I had to do a little arguing about it with her, but I think she realizes that we don't want to lose her friendship or want her to distance herself from us, as long as she isn't too terribly uncomfortable with us." Tara sips her soda, watching as Buffy nods her head in agreement.

"I know it's going to be hard on her, seeing us together, but it might help her get used to it if she is around to see us." Buffy looks to Tara for her thoughts on the matter.

"I agree with you, sweet one." Tara pats Buffy's knee after sitting her drink back down. "She did well when she and Xander came to pick up her stuff, so I'm hoping that the more we talk her into coming around the more relaxed she'll be."

"It'll take time. After all, she lost the most wonderful woman in the world. She has to literally be kicking herself about it." Buffy points out seriously.

"You are definitely good for the ego." Tara murmurs, grinning crookedly as she pats Buffy on the leg.

Buffy shrugs as she finishes her first sandwich, chasing it with some soda. "I'm just speaking the truth. I know I've liked you for…" Buffy mumbles under her breath so Tara doesn't get the actual time, not wanting to admit that she had noticed Tara as more than a friend when she'd caught the two women kissing in her and Willow's dorm room before the whole Glory mess happened. Though not thinking about it much after that until she'd actually spoken with Tara not long after that. Ignoring the questioning look on Tara's face, Buffy continues her previous train of thought. "And just this short time of us actually being together, the thought of my doing something stupid to lose you, scares me. And God help anyone that tries to come between us. They'll find out what an angry slayer is like." Buffy growls softly at the thought.

Tara leans forward and presses her lips firmly against Buffy's. "Not happening. And there is no reason to be scared." Tara kisses Buffy again before settling back to finish her lunch. "And don't think that mumbled comment about how long you've liked me went unnoticed. Eventually you're going to come clean about that."

"Only if you come clean about how long you've noticed me." Buffy smirks as Tara blushes lightly.

"Hmmm." Tara doesn't say anything else and pops a chip in her mouth, her eyes twinkling as Buffy unwraps her second sandwich, laughing softly.

"That's what I thought." Buffy bounces her legs gently against Tara's knees, grinning in between bites of food.

"Are you wired, just because or is it whatever you stopped to put in the Jeep?" Tara questions curiously, looking at the slayer's legs before looking up to the huge grin on her lover's face. "Great. She didn't pay the other bills and spent all the money at the toy store." Tara jokes, her eyes crinkling in merriment.

"Did not." Buffy finishes her meal, crumpling the trash together while grabbing Tara's to throw away. "I have to go to work." Buffy grumbles as she kneels down by Tara after throwing the trash in the trashcan.

"Be careful on patrol tonight." Tara orders quietly, reaching up to stroke her fingertips down Buffy's cheek. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Buffy moans softly as Tara leans in and kisses her tenderly. "Witch-y kisses are the best kisses. And damn, am I glad your lip's healed." Buffy growls roughly, nipping gently at the mentioned item before hopping up. "I'll see you tonight."

"I'll be waiting." Tara chuckles as Buffy wiggles her eyebrows before jogging off to work. Looking down at her watch, she sighs as she grabs her book. "Another half hour before I need to get to my last class of the day. Then I can find out what my evil little lover bought." Tara grins at the thought, having a feeling Buffy might have gone a little overboard while she was at the store.

Tara blinks slightly as she looks in the back of the Jeep, seeing about three medium sized bags. "What did you do, Slayer?" Tara questions curiously, looking around at the co-eds coming and going, Tara sighs. "Wait until I get home. I have a little while before Dawnie gets there, then I'll drive her over to Janice's for the weekend. Thank the Goddess she had this pre-planned, have a feeling we're going to need the house to ourselves this weekend." Tara mumbles to herself as she unlocks the Jeep, tossing her backpack and purse in the passenger seat.

Driving across town, Tara pulls into the driveway still silently wondering what her lover bought. "Find out here soon." Tara murmurs as she grabs her purse and backpack before locking the Jeep and going to the back, unlocking the hatch and lifting it, she fights the temptation to look in the bags. Grabbing them, she growls quietly at the weight of one of the bags. "What in the world did you buy, Buffy?" Tara grumbles, shutting the back and locking it before hurrying up to the house.

Buffy whistles as she works her way through Restfield Cemetery, a huge grin breaking across her face as she wonders what Tara thought when she looked in the bags after getting them home. "Hope Dawn wasn't home." Buffy's eyes widen at the thought. "Tara would have hidden them under something and left them in the vehicle if she was."

Buffy chuckles at the thought, knowing her lover would do whatever needed to be done to keep Dawn from seeing any of the items.

"And here we go." Buffy cracks her knuckles as she feels a tingle on the back of her neck signaling a demon close by. Hearing the digging noise, she grins as she trots over to the new grave while scanning the graveyard for mommy or daddy. Not seeing or feeling anything else in the vicinity, Buffy waits patiently for the vampire to dig his way out of the grave. "I think they get dumber every day." Buffy mumbles as she hears him digging, sounding like he's digging sideways instead of straight up. "Come up here, dipshit!" Buffy calls out stomping the ground near the grave, chuckling as she hears him start to dig towards her. "That's it, dumb ass."

Stretching and loosening her body slightly from the last fight she was involved in, thinking about the three vampires that had tried to jump her at once, grinning at their shocked look when she'd dodged and countered every fist they threw her way before she'd finally had enough playing with them and had finally started fighting back.

Chuckling quietly at the thought of the other vampires she's come across as she made her trek from the college campus towards home, Buffy snaps off a hard right without even thinking as the vampire finally drags himself out of the grave. Fighting him with her mind elsewhere, Buffy unconsciously grins as she realizes she is close to being as turned on as she was Wednesday when she'd attacked Tara. Of course the Wiccan's responses and eagerness had left both of them gasping in long droughts of oxygen as they were both too tired to even cover themselves as they had ended up in a tangled, sweaty mass of limbs, both literally crashing until the alarm clock went off the next morning.

Buffy blinks in surprise and sneezes as she realizes she'd dusted the vampire she was fighting. "Huh." Shrugging she strides out of the cemetery to continue her patrol on the way home, glancing up at the night sky silently wondering what time it is and what Tara might be doing at this moment. Mentally calculating how many vampires she'd slain, Buffy realizes she's dusted fourteen. Picking up her pace, she keeps her senses open but decides to head home, her growling stomach and her desire-ridden body making her decision for her.


Chapter 14

Tara growls softly under her breath as she hears Dawn call up the stairs that she was home. Grabbing the bags she had literally just started to open to see what her lover had bought, she shoves them in the closet and meets Dawn at the top of the stairs. "Are you eating dinner with me, sweetie? Or are you going to have dinner over at Janice's?"

Dawn purses her lips, admitting the smell of food was tantalizing, but Janice's mom had promised them food from the new Thai restaurant. "Janice's." Dawn finally answers after the silent debate.

"Go ahead and get ready, sweetie." Tara pats Dawn on the shoulder as she finally continues down the stairs to wait for the teen to prepare for spending the weekend with her friend.

Tara smirks as she hears the key in the door. Turning her gaze to her lover, Tara quirks an eyebrow as she notices the gleam in Buffy's eyes.

Buffy starts to step towards Tara, before remembering how dirty she is from the vampires she'd dusted and the two demons she'd run into on the way home, knowing there're splatters on her. "I need to shower."

Tara chuckles at the disheveled state Buffy's in, thankful she doesn't notice anything really wrong with her just the fact that she is really in need of a shower. "I'll assume you're also hungry, I'll get your food heated up."

"Hungry…" Buffy trails her eyes over Tara, growling quietly. "Definitely." Shaking her head, she grins before turning and taking the stairs three at a time, Tara's quiet laughter following her up the stairs.

"Your robe's already in the bathroom, along with towels and stuff ready for you." Tara calls out to her lover as she stands, shifting slightly as she had already decided to try one of the items her lover had bought, Buffy having placed a note on the item stating it was for Tara to wear and use on her, not the other way around. Tara having been very thankful when she'd seen the note, the size of the item had worried her somewhat.

Walking somewhat awkwardly into the kitchen, still not quite used to the item though she has been wearing it for the last hour to become accustomed to it, Tara shifts it to a slightly more comfortable spot, smirking as she glances down at her loose fitting cargo pants and the obvious bulge. "And the way she was looking when she came in tonight, she's obviously ready for a serious bout of fun." Tara murmurs quietly to herself as she opens the oven, pulling out the large plate she had piled with food she was keeping warm for the slayer. Placing it on a heating pad and carefully pulling off the aluminum foil, Tara turns to the refrigerator and pulls out a couple bottles of water for Buffy before grabbing the gallon of orange juice to place some in a glass for herself.

Replacing the orange juice, Tara pulls out the container of margarine and the loaf of wheat bread she'd bought, quickly buttering a couple slices, smiling as she feels strong arms wrap around her waist and a warm body pressing firmly against her back.

"Looks and smells good." Buffy murmurs, pressing her lips to Tara's neck while gently rubbing her hands across her stomach. "And the food looks and smells pretty good, also."

Tara chuckles, turning her head to kiss Buffy. "Eat, my sweet one."

"But what should I eat?" Buffy growls playfully, sliding her hands up to cup Tara's breasts, gently squeezing them.

Moaning quietly, Tara pulls the playful hands away from her breasts and lifts them to place a kiss on each palm before maneuvering from out in front of her lover. "Eat dinner. It's late and I know you probably didn't stop and pick anything up before going on patrol."

Buffy pouts slightly, but doesn't argue. "So… What did you do when you got home?" Buffy wiggles her eyebrows as she picks up the plate after making sure it isn't too hot, shifting to the island as Tara grabs the other items placing them in front of her before gently rubbing her hands over her back.

"Hmm. Turned off the crock pot, took Dawnie to Janice's and then kind of played around the house waiting for my rotten lover to come home from playing with the evil things around Sunnydale." Tara gently shifts the robe down to uncover Buffy's shoulders, placing gentle nips along the flesh, already smelling the arousal coming from her lover. "Did you have a good night slaying?"

Buffy groans deeply and nods her head as she chews the bite of roast in her mouth. "Very, very good night slaying. Better than Wednesday."

"Hmmm. That could prove interesting." Tara nibbles upwards until she captures Buffy's earlobe between her teeth shaking her head slightly and growling. Smirking as she releases the flesh when she hears the answering growl and her lover pressing back against her chest.

"If you keep that up, I'm going to forget about eating and attack you, instead." Buffy warns, half tempted to forget the food anyway, though her lover was adamant about her eating properly and not normally letting anything come between her and food.

"I know when you're fighting, you multi-task well. But how about when you're eating?" Tara questions softly, untying the belt to Buffy's robe and sliding her hands in to stroke over the heated flesh, cupping and squeezing Buffy's breasts for a few minutes before pinching and twisting her nipples firmly.

Buffy jerks slightly, dropping her fork onto the plate as she arches into Tara's hands. Swallowing a couple times, she tilts her head back to look at Tara. "You expect me to eat while you're doing this?"

"Either you eat while I'm doing this, or I stop and you have to finish eating that plate and the other plate full of food in the oven without my touching you." Tara offers the compromise, grinning crookedly at the slayer.

Buffy's mouth opens and shuts as she looks at Tara for a few minutes before glancing down at her plate of food and the hands that are just now cupping her breasts. "So… either you stop touching me and I have to wait until after I finish my food for play time, or I can eat while you tease me?"

"Pretty much." Tara chuckles as she can almost hear the wheels turning in Buffy's head.

"Get the other plate of food out of the oven, please." Buffy growls quietly, standing up to pull the robe off and throwing it over the other seat.

Tara quirks her eyebrow at the sight of Buffy taking the robe off. "Does that mean you want me to play while you eat?"

"Uh, huh. And I don't want to interrupt playtime just to get the rest of the food." Buffy settles back down on the seat to eat dinner, knowing better than to shovel the food in quickly, that's just as likely to get Tara irritated as anything if she doesn't properly chew her food first.

Tara laughs softly as she pulls the other plate of food out of the oven, grabbing the heating pad and putting it in front of Buffy, setting the plate on it before tossing the potholder back on the kitchen counter. Pressing her upper body against Buffy's back, Tara slides her hands around her lover, caressing her breasts gently. "So… exactly how turned on are you?"

Buffy groans at the low, sexy voice practically purring in her ear. Taking a sip of her water, she turns her head and nips at Tara's jaw before answering her. "You can feel for yourself, if you want."

"Hmm. I think I will." Tara grins at the whimper she gets in response to her words. Trailing both hands down Buffy's stomach and abdomen, she continues down over her lover's thighs to her knees, pressing her chest firmly into Buffy as she urges her lover to spread her legs apart as she slowly drags her short fingernails upwards on the insides of her lover's thighs.

"Oh, Jesus." Buffy closes her eyes trying to get control of her panting breaths and racing heart, growling deeply as Tara's hands stop short of their intended target. "What?"

"Eat." Tara orders softly, grinning at the loud growl she gets in response as Buffy picks up the fork and stabs a potato viciously and shoves it in her mouth to chew. Snorting at her lover's antics as Buffy determinedly works on eating her dinner, she slowly starts trailing her nails up the inside of Buffy's thighs again, whimpering quietly as she encounters the desire on her inner thighs while she's still a couple inches away from her apex.

Buffy snorts at the whimpers coming from Tara, knowing she's already soaked. Stabbing a carrot and putting it in her mouth to chew, she uses her free hand to grab Tara's left hand, sliding it the short distance to cup her throbbing sex.

"Goddess…" Tara trails her fingers through the thick desire before delving between swollen lips, to the throbbing muscle already swollen and poking insistently out from its hiding place. "You have to be hurting." Tara whispers, stroking her wet fingers firmly over the muscle, bringing Buffy to climax with just a few strokes.

Whimpering as her hips jerk into Tara's fingers, Buffy nods her head in answer. "Does that count as premature ejaculation?" Buffy wonders out loud at how quickly she climaxed.

Tara chuckles and nips Buffy's shoulder. "We won't count that, sweet one. I'm surprised you didn't try and take the edge off while you were in the shower."

"Didn't try, but I kinda had the same response while I was cleaning my body." Buffy admits, blushing lightly.

"Sounds like we're going to have a long night. Good thing we'll be able to sleep in, in the morning." Tara murmurs, starting to stroke again, smirking as about five strokes later Buffy whimpers and floods her fingers again. "How many times did you climax in the shower, Buffy?" Tara questions softly, sliding her fingers down the short distance to dip briefly inside Buffy before trailing her fingers back up to let them slide on either side of her clit, squeezing gently.

Body rocking slightly, Buffy shoves the plate away knowing she won't be able to eat right now. "Ummm… three times." Buffy finally answers, her voice low and rough.

"You aren't eating." Tara points out softly, while letting her fingers slide inside her lover again.

"Tara… please." Buffy whispers, her mind and body not on eating, needing serious relief before she even tries to eat again.

"Stand up, Buffy." Tara eases her fingers from within Buffy as the slayer shifts her feet to stand. Moving the stool out of the way, she holds onto Buffy's shoulder with her left hand. "Please stay right there."

Buffy swallows and nods her head, though wondering what Tara's planning, figuring they would at least make it to the living room couch. When one of Tara's legs slide between hers, urging her legs further apart, Buffy quirks her eyebrow curiously. Hearing a zipper being lowered, Buffy tilts her head and starts to look over her shoulder.

"Face forward, sweet one." Tara whispers softly, pressing a kiss to Buffy's jaw, groaning as she eases the heavy, long dildo out of her pants. "I trust you to let me know if I do something wrong, or if you need something more than what I'm doing." Tara warns quietly, grasping the end of the dildo and lifting it to gently run between Buffy's legs, coating it with the plentiful juices coming from her lover.

"Ohhhh…" Buffy widens her stance slightly as she finally understands what Tara's done and is planning on doing. "Back up a little." Buffy practically pants out the words. Shifting the plates off to the side of the island, Buffy shifts back a little bit and leans partially over the island.

Tara groans as Buffy makes herself more accessible to her. Not able to resist, she slides three fingers within her lover quickly, stroking in and out a couple times.

Buffy whimpers and lays her cheek on the island, rocking her body slightly back against Tara's fingers. "Please…" Buffy begs quietly.

"I love you." Tara whispers, maneuvering the dildo to Buffy's entrance after removing her fingers. Groaning almost as loudly as Buffy does as she slowly presses into the slayer. Watching the dildo as she gradually slides it into Buffy until her hips are pressed firmly against the slayer. Closing her eyes, not believing how turned on she is at this moment, she takes a couple, deep shuddering breaths to calm her racing heart. "Are you okay?"

Buffy bucks slightly fighting her natural instincts, nodding her head. "God, yes. Are you?"

Tara chuckles deeply, placing her hands on Buffy's hips. "Figures you would be worried about me, when I honestly didn't believe this would fit inside you." Maneuvering her body, she slowly moves her hips backwards a short distance before easing forward again, slowly getting used to this new experience. Alternating short strokes with longer, fuller strokes, Tara closes her eyes and listens with her ears, mind and body to Buffy's responses. Smiling as she gets the low groans and the most feedback as Buffy clenches on the dildo when she does the fast half strokes. Moving her hips to keep to that particular pacing, Tara reaches under Buffy and presses her fingers firmly against her clit.

Buffy cries out loudly as she climaxes, clamping her muscles around the dildo and reaching back to grasp Tara's thigh, growling deeply at the feel of cotton instead of warm skin.

Tara chuckles and leans over Buffy, pressing her lips to her back, as she pants quietly, trying to get her own ragged breathing under control, having a small orgasm with the pressing of her clit against the base of the dildo. Brushing her cheek over the lightly perspiration coated skin of her lover Tara wraps both arms around Buffy's waist, hugging her firmly. "Can you eat now?" Tara finally whispers as she feels Buffy relaxing after a few long minutes.

Buffy nods her head, groaning as Tara shifts and gently eases backwards, pulling out of her aching body, fighting to keep from clamping down on the dildo. "Pants off." Buffy orders hoarsely, finally turning around to look at Tara, licking her lips at the slightly disheveled, sweaty Wiccan.

"But…" Tara starts, stopping quickly at the gleam in her lover's eyes and the stubborn look coming across her face. Unbuttoning the pants, she slides them down over her hips and steps out of them, watching as Buffy drops to her knees in front of her, her hands going to the straps of the harness holding the strap-on to her.

"Damn thing." Buffy growls, her hands shaking slightly as she tries to undo the buckles and straps, glaring up at Tara as they don't do what she wants them to.

"Let me." Tara whispers, seeing the anger and desperation in Buffy's eyes, her hands going to the buckles, having played with them for a couple hours off and on, practicing how to put the different items on and off with a minimum of fuss. Pulling the item away, groaning quietly at the small piece that eases out from inside her to keep the dildo seated properly, she whimpers as Buffy lifts her, sitting her on the island and buries her face quickly in her apex. Dropping the dildo, ignoring the noise as it hits the floor, Tara buries both hands in Buffy's hair as the slayer literally sucks and licks at her body almost desperately. "Oh, sweet Goddess…" Tara cries out as she climaxes. Yanking lightly on Buffy's hair as the slayer doesn't let up but continues to lap at her hungrily.

"God, I want you so much." Buffy growls before capturing Tara's swollen nub between her lips and flicking her tongue over it while sliding two fingers gently into her lover's core. Gasping loudly as Tara's muscles clamp strongly on her fingers and a small flood of liquid eases from within her. Panting heavily, Buffy releases Tara's clit and wiggles her tongue inside her lover along with her fingers, trying to suck as much of her lover's juices into her mouth as she can while letting her digits caress within her. Rumbling quietly against Tara's apex as Tara gives her what she wants, a small explosion of liquid coming from her center. Quickly easing her fingers out, Buffy sucks and laps every bit of liquid coming from Tara.

Tara whimpers, tugging on Buffy's hair, not able to say anything as she tries to get control of her breathing, not even bothering to open her eyes, knowing she'll only see spots, not that she's not seeing spots now, Tara thinks to herself a low chuckle escaping from her lips.

"You taste so gooood." Buffy whispers, finally resting her forehead on Tara's mound, pressing her lips gently against Tara. "I want to live forever so I can make love to you every day. I want to touch, caress, kiss, lick, nibble, stroke and god only knows what else to you at every given chance." Buffy admits, closing her eyes and slowly running her fingers up and down Tara's legs.

Tara shifts her hands to grab Buffy's shoulders, silently urging her lover up her body, while pulling herself to a sitting position from where she'd ended up collapsed back on the island. Hugging Buffy firmly against her, Tara presses her lips to the top of her lover's head as Buffy rubs her cheek against her upper chest. "Goddess, I love you, Buffy." Tara finally whispers, her throat scratchy and rough. "And I would dearly love to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Good." Buffy hugs Tara firmly, keeping her eyes closed as she enjoys Tara's hands slowly starting to stroke up and down her back, the desire still burning hotly inside her, but not out of control like it was a few minutes ago. "I think I might be able to finish my dinner now, unless I can talk you into letting me skip it and taking you upstairs to spend the next five or six hours making love."

Tara chuckles softly, hearing the hopeful note in her lover's voice. "You need your strength, sweet one, so you better eat. Though the making love for the rest of the night is definitely in the plans."

Buffy grins and presses her lips firmly against Tara's breast, hating the feel of cloth, before dipping her head down the slight distance to capture a cloth-covered nipple between her lips, sucking softly on the flesh for a few moments, until Tara groans deeply before releasing it. Lifting her head, she shifts up on her tiptoes and kisses Tara firmly on the lips. "I love you."

"I love you, so much." Tara murmurs, pressing her lips to Buffy's forehead. "Now eat. We have some experimenting to do."

"Yes, boss." Buffy smiles as she helps Tara hop down from the island, holding her firmly in her arms as Tara wavers slightly before getting her balance.

Grasping Buffy's robe, Tara helps the slayer put it back on. "I'm going to clean things up." Tara takes a deep breath as she lets her body calm down slightly.

"I'll be up in a few minutes." Buffy whispers, watching as Tara grins crookedly at her before reaching down for the harness and her clothes. Groaning softly as Tara walks out of the room wearing just her top. Licking her lips, Buffy hurriedly works on eating her food, her mind already traipsing ahead to what the rest of the night might bring.


Chapter 15

Tara blinks as she sits down on the couch, somewhat in shock at what had just transpired at the Magic Box. Having stopped by to pick up a couple ingredients for a spell Buffy needed done to try and find a demon that was making snacks of all the pets in Sunnydale.

"Tara, did you get the… what's wrong?" Buffy interrupts herself, seeing the confused look on her lover's face. Hurrying down the rest of the stairs, she kneels in front of Tara and grasps one of her lover's hands that are lying limply in her lap.

"Umm. Yeah, I got the ingredients." Tara answers, blinking again a couple times as she focuses in on her lover. Smiling softly at the worried look on Buffy's face, she lifts her free hand and gently caresses her cheek. "Nothing's wrong, sweet one. Actually, I'm just kind of stunned to tell you the truth."

"What are you stunned about?" Buffy breathes out a soft sigh of relief that there was nothing wrong, but wondering what could be making Tara so un-Tara like.

Tara laughs and shakes her head. "I need to go visit a tailor… TAILOR! And get fitted for a tux."

Buffy furrows her brows and looks at Tara, her confusion obvious. "Huh?"

"Anya just asked me if I'd give her away at her and Xander's wedding." Tara finally explains, grinning crookedly at her lover. "She wanted to make sure all the hurt and angry feelings between all of us were pretty much done before she asked me."

Buffy sighs and drops her head down to Tara's lap, chuckling. "Because Xander has Willow being his best man."

"Yep. And Dawnie being the Maid of Honor. With you, my sweet, beautiful, gorgeous woman being the usher. So we both get to visit the tailor and be fitted for tuxes along with Willow." Tara drops the bombshell on Buffy, laughing at the low, deep groan she receives in response.

"Do I have to?" Buffy whimpers quietly at the thought.

"It would probably be for the best. You know Anya invited half the demon population to the wedding. And from what little bit she told me about Xander's family, they're probably going to be as much trouble as the demons. So you get to play bouncer while you're there!" Tara laughs even more, seeing the hilarity of the situation.

"We're going to elope. I'm not going to go through all this when we decide to get married." Buffy grumbles quietly into Tara's lap, stiffening slightly as she realizes what she said when Tara's hands come to a stop on her back from where they'd been stroking lovingly. "Ummm. I said that out loud, didn't I?"

"I didn't realize you wanted…" Tara whispers, blinking in surprise at the thought that Buffy wants to marry her.

"I do. I really, really do." Buffy lifts her head to look intently into Tara's eyes. "The last three months of being with you has made me realize how much I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know in California we can't get married, at least not right now. But they legalized it in Canada and England and if we can't get away for a long period of time to go there, we can do the hand-fasting ceremony. Which actually might be even better, we won't have to wait for that." Buffy whispers hesitantly, not knowing how Tara will react, the two women not having ever spoken of marriage with it not being legal, but already feeling like she's married to the Wiccan in her heart.

Tara feels her heart fill with love for the slayer and the earnest look on her lover's face. "Goddess, I love you." Tara leans down and kisses Buffy softly. "And I would love to marry you, my sweet one."

Buffy breathes out a sigh of relief, before grinning goofily at the thought of Tara and her being married. Shaking her head as thoughts of the honeymoon start flitting through her mind, she smirks slightly. "Can we go on the honeymoon now?" Buffy rubs her hands gently up the outside of Tara's thighs.

Tara laughs and taps Buffy on the nose. "You, my lovely slayer, are a horn dog."

"Look at who's talking." Buffy growls playfully, shifting up to kiss Tara hungrily, gently pushing the Wiccan into the back of the couch and climbing on her lap to settle gently on her, pressing their bodies together while threading her fingers in Tara's blonde hair.

Tara pants heavily as Buffy finally breaks the kiss and starts to nibble on her ear. "Isn't my fault I have a beautiful, gorgeous girlfriend that makes me weak in the knees and that tastes absolutely delicious."

"Weak in the knees, mind turn to mush, wet at your center and your nipples extremely hard." Buffy hotly whispers into Tara's ear, letting one hand trail down between their bodies to barely brush over Tara's hard nipple, knowing the other one is in the same aroused state, her own body clenching in response to Tara.

"Will you two get a room?" Dawn grumbles as she comes down the stairs, a light blush crossing her face at the sight of her sister practically pouncing on Tara. Though becoming somewhat used to the sight over the past months.

Tara squeaks and blushes darkly at having been caught by Dawn… again.

Buffy groans and buries her face in Tara's neck, pulling her hand slowly away from Tara's body to not bring attention to where it was. "I was just kissing her hello." Buffy finally grumbles.

"Is that what it's called? I'll remember that when you catch me with a date doing the same thing." Dawn smirks and runs into the kitchen at the growl of outrage coming from Buffy.

"I'm going to kill anyone that dares to lay a finger on her." Buffy grumbles as she slowly eases off Tara to sit beside her on the couch, glaring at the Wiccan as she laughs at her.

"She's sixteen, most girls her age have already been dating for a year if not longer, Buffy." Tara points out at her glaring lover.

"I don't want to hear it. I'm in denial. She's still a precocious, pain in the ass eight year old and isn't even aware of boys." Buffy rubs a hand over her face. "Or girls in that way either, for that matter."

"I think she's headed for the timber, sweet one." Tara murmurs, pursing her lips at the glare that gets pointed her way.

"Great. Then we have to worry about birth control." Buffy groans and closes her eyes, tilting her head back to rest on the couch. "How did we go from us having a honeymoon to Dawn possibly ending up pregnant?"

"You pretty much did it all on your own." Tara laughs and hops up from the couch running into the kitchen away from her grumbling lover.

"Did not. I know you had something to do with it. All I wanted was some afternoon lovings." Buffy grumbles to the empty living room. "HEY! When do we have to go get the tuxes?" Buffy hops off the couch and hurries after Tara, rolling her eyes at the laughter coming from her sister and Tara. "Yeah, yeah. Picking on the slow slayer. You'll both pay before this is over with!"

"You are absolutely gorgeous." Tara murmurs as she gently runs her hands over the tux her lover's wearing, having to admit that the white silk shirt and the emerald green cummerbund makes Buffy's eyes more green instead of her normal hazel.

Buffy's eyes take in Tara in her tux, glad that Anya had decided to go with the light blue ruffled silk shirt with a dark blue cummerbund as something different for her lover, the blues definitely bringing out Tara's eyes. Her lover's hair being pulled up in a French twist with little curls hanging down the side, with a light amount of make-up to accent her beautiful eyes and full pouty lips. "I want to kiss you." Buffy admits quietly, being mindful of Willow helping Anya behind them with her tiara.

"I'm sorry, sweet one. I don't think my lipstick color matches yours." Tara smiles softly at the lip that slowly pokes out at her words. "You better head back out and see if anyone else has shown up to be seated while I take over helping Anya so Willow can check on Xander."

"Love you." Buffy whispers, brushing her lips softly over Tara's ear before striding away before she decides she doesn't care if Tara's lipstick looks good on her or not.

"Here, let me." Tara steps up to Anya, smiling softly at Willow who was definitely starting to get a little irritated with the ex-vengeance demon. "Go ahead and do the best man thing and I'll help Anya. See if you can't corral Dawn from wherever she's gotten to."

Willow sighs in relief and mouths the words 'Thank you.' to Tara before hurrying out of the room.

"This won't sit properly." Anya grumbles as she looks in the mirror while trying to adjust the tiara.

"Let's see what I can do." Tara removes the Tiara and adjusts Anya's hair slightly before carefully settling the tiara back on her head, fussing with it for a few minutes while glancing at Anya as the ex-demon fidgets nervously.

Anya tilts her head slightly as Tara steps away, looking at the Wiccan curiously. "How are you and Buffy doing?"

Tara smiles softly as her eyes lose their focus as she thinks about Buffy. "Wonderful. We argue occasionally, though I think she likes to start the arguments just to make up." Tara admits, a light blush crossing her face thinking about how Buffy liked to 'apologize'.

"Make up sex is some of the best sex." Anya agrees, a huge smile crossing her face at Tara's blush. "Of course, with Buffy being the slayer, I'm sure it probably lasts a long, long time. Multiple orgasms are probably guaranteed."

Tara coughs and waves to the mirror hoping to distract the shopkeeper. "How does that look, Anya?"

Anya blinks and looks towards the mirror, sighing in relief as the tiara is finally sitting properly on her head. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Tara looks around to make sure there's nothing else that needs to be done. Sighing in relief as Anya doesn't bring up orgasms again.

Willow looks around the small room, not seeing Xander before darting out to look around, seeing Buffy she hurries over to the slayer. "Buffy!"

Buffy frowns as she looks at Willow, seeing the worried look on the redhead's face, she smiles at the couple she was sitting before hurrying over to her. "What's wrong?"

"I can't find Xander, have you seen him?" Willow looks out at the people still milling about around the edges of the Bison's Lodge, drinking and socializing before the actual wedding starts.

"I saw him about five minutes ago." Buffy looks to the area she'd seen him talking to his Uncle Rory. Finally locating Rory, she doesn't see Xander. "I don't see him."

Willow whimpers quietly as she looks at the clock. "The wedding is supposed to start in five minutes, we should already be up at the front waiting!"

"You go that way I'll work around this way." Buffy points Willow around behind the pulpit as she takes off down the side of the room, urging people to sit as the wedding should be starting any time. Hoping that she'll better be able to see Xander without everyone milling about.

"Dawn, have you seen Xander?" Willow questions softly after pulling Dawn away from the young demon she was talking to.

"Umm." Dawn blinks as she thinks back, slowly nodding her head. "Yeah, I did. He was talking to this older man. He seemed kinda wigged out, tell you the truth." Dawn offers as she now thinks about it.

"Who, Xander was wigged or the old man?" Willow questions worriedly, blinking at the confusing comment from the teen.

"Xander." Dawn rolls her eyes as she exhales loudly.

"What about Xander?" Buffy hurries up, hearing Dawn mention her best friends name.

"Dawn saw him talking to an older man and seemed to be… wigged." Willow darts her eyes to Dawn as the teen places her hands on her hips.

"Well, he was! He got a real weird look on his face and turned pale. Next thing I know I didn't see either one of them." Dawn shrugs, looking from Buffy to Willow and back again.

"Is the old man in here anywhere?" Buffy grasps Dawn's arm, urging her to look at the people in the Lodge.

Dawn finally catches a clue and starts looking around for either Xander or the old man. After checking out the area twice, she shakes her head. "No. He's not here."

"SHIT!" Buffy hisses loudly, spinning around and darting towards the entrance, sliding to a stop as she sees the empty space where Xander's car should be sitting. "No, no, no, no." Buffy closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. "Damn you, Alexander Lavelle Harris!"

Willow hurries after Buffy, catching her words and looking at the empty spot. "He didn't."

"Looks like he did." Buffy starts to run a hand through her hair, before realizing she can't. "Damn it!"

"So not of the good." Willow whispers, following Buffy as the slayer slowly makes her way back to the room Anya was preparing for the wedding in.

"Definitely not of the good." Buffy unconsciously wipes her hands down her slacks as she comes to a stop outside the door. "I sooooo do not want to do this."

"Don't look at me." Willow's eyes widen as Buffy looks hopefully at her. "I'll go with you as back-up, but there's no way in Hades you're going to talk me into telling Anya that Xander high-tailed it out of here."

"Great." Buffy grumbles, her shoulders slumping. "Guess I'll probably have to let everyone else know, too." Buffy eyes dart out to the gathered crowd. "Here's to opening the Hellmouth." Buffy finally stiffens her spine and raps firmly on the door.

Tara holds Anya, gently rubbing her back as the woman finally breaks down and cries after she yelled, screamed and threw whatever she could grab around the room. "I'll take care of her. You…" Tara looks from Buffy to Willow, then back to her lover.

"We'll let everyone know." Buffy smiles sadly in response to Tara's worried gaze. "Come on, Wills. I'll let people know, if you don't mind grabbing Dawn and you two can kind of funnel them out of the lodge."

"Okay." Willow sighs in relief, really not wanting to have to tell the group out there that the wedding was off.

Buffy stops at the door, following Willow and turns back to Tara, relaxing slightly as Tara winks and grins crookedly, though sadly at her. Mouthing the words 'I love you', Buffy smiles back as Tara mouths the words back to her. Taking a deep breath, Buffy hurries out to the pulpit to grab the microphone and let everyone know what happened.

Anya hiccups as she sits down at Tara's urging, her eyes staying on the blonde as she grabs a box of tissues and hurries back to sit beside her. "Why? Why did he leave?" Anya begs Tara to explain to her why Xander wouldn't marry her.

"I don't know, Anya." Tara whispers softly, gently patting the tears cascading down Anya's cheeks. "I don't know what to tell you, if I knew the reason why he left…"

Anya pulls a tissue out of the box and wipes her nose as it continues to run. "I should have known better." Anya sniffles, more tears slowly working their way down her face. "Twelve hundred years as a Vengeance Demon… I should have known better."

Tara wraps her arms back around the woman as her shoulders start to shake and the tears start to come faster and harder. Resting her chin on top of her head, Tara closes her eyes and sighs deeply. Honestly at a loss as to what to say or do for the shopkeeper.

"I… I need to go." Anya finally whispers as she pulls away. Not able to stay there any longer. Not when this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. "Thank you." Anya tosses over her shoulder as she makes a mad dash for the door, running out, ignoring friends and other people that are still milling about.

Tara hurries after the ex-demon, stopping as she comes out to the main area, sighing quietly as she watches with sad eyes as Anya slips out the door, disappearing from sight.

"Is she going to be okay?" Willow questions Tara hesitantly, her eyes slowly coming back to her ex-lover.

"I don't know." Tara answers truthfully, turning to look at Willow. "She's upset, angry and hurting. And honestly, I believe if she just knew why Xander didn't want to go through with the wedding, she'd feel better. Not understanding why is probably tearing her up more than anything." Tara looks out over the crowd as different people make their way to the gift table, picking up their gifts as they slowly exit the building, sighing quietly at the sight of Buffy keeping control of the crowd, her lover's mental and physical strength serving her well at this moment as she quickly steps in between two people that had almost come to blows, talking softly to the two men.

"She's already broken up ten fights, give or take." Willow comments as she sees where Tara's looking. "And probably prevented another dozen or so."

"She's good at that." Tara allows a small smile to cross her face as hazel eyes glance towards her almost as if she heard her. Seeing a small cut on her lover's cheek and a thin line of blood, Tara furrows her brows until Buffy winks at her and grins. "Well, I think I'll try and help her get these people moving. Where's Dawnie?"

"She went home with Janice and her mom. Buffy called them as soon as she left the room. She didn't want to take a chance of Dawn getting hurt if this turned into a free for all." Willow explains as she helps usher the people and demons out beside Tara.

"Good." Tara sighs in relief, having not seen the teen and was getting worried about her. "Thank you, Willow."

Willow shrugs and smiles shyly. "I couldn't leave it for you guys to handle on your own. That wouldn't have been very nice."

"Your help is always much appreciated." Tara gently grasps Willow's shoulder, squeezing gently. "As is your friendship."

Willow blushes lightly and scuffs her foot as they walk. "Thank you, Tara."

"I didn't do anything, sweetie." Tara squeezes once more before releasing Willow's shoulder. "Let's get everyone gone, so we can decompress and relax. I know Buffy will probably be out for a while tonight on patrol. And since Dawnie won't be home, I'll probably go with her. I don't know if everyone here will head back from where they came, or decide to stick around and possibly cause problems." Tara admits, her eyes flitting from one demon to another, knowing what some of them are while other ones she hasn't a clue on.

"From the rumblings I heard, the majority of them had promised to behave themselves and were planning on going home. But…" Willow shrugs as she trails off. "You never can tell."

Tara nods her agreement as she helps an inebriated gentleman towards the door, Buffy intercepting to take over, making sure someone was there to drive him home after recognizing he was one of Xander's family members.

"I'm going to see about the caterers, since it looks like the majority of the people are going to head out without much fuss." Willow grins briefly before quickly hurrying off.

Tara sighs quietly watching the redhead disappear into the other room that the reception was going to be held in before turning back to help the people that needed help, leave the lodge.

Buffy sighs as she shuts the back door after practically pouring Xander's dad into the back seat, trying to ignore Xander's mom who is bitching up a storm about what happened, and the condition her husband's in. Slowly making her way back to the lodge, she looks around happy to see it finally cleared out, her eyes captured by warm blue eyes watching her. Not caring if Willow's around or not, Buffy plasters herself against her lover's body and buries her face in her neck. "Elope."

"Elope." Tara agrees softly, closing her eyes as she holds Buffy tightly. "Of course, we still haven't figured out who's the man in this relationship to find out who gets the engagement ring." Tara jokes softly, pressing her lips to the side of Buffy's head.

"Both. We alternate back and forth, if you really think about it." Buffy mumbles quietly, shifting her hands to glide over the silk shirt and caress over Tara's back under her tuxedo jacket.

"So we need to go shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands both, huh?" Tara grins crookedly as Buffy nods her head.

"Mine's gotta be imbedded into the ring, though, and made pretty damn sturdy because I don't plan on taking them off once I put them on." Buffy smiles as Tara chuckles softly.

"I'm sure we can figure something out, my beautiful slayer." Tara squeezes tighter, slowly opening her eyes as she looks around. Sighing quietly at the deer in the headlights look she gets from Willow watching from the doorway. The brief look of hurt quickly replaced with a sad smile and a nod of her head before she slips out the door. "Let's go home. I would like to hold you for a few hours before we go out on patrol tonight."

"'Kay." Buffy mumbles, releasing her grip on Tara, but keeping one arm wrapped around her lover's waist as they walk slowly out of the lodge together.

Part 16

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