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For the First Time
By Casandra


"So how did it go?" I'm really not sure I want to know. I've been sitting here in my room for the last three hours wondering if today was the day my dream finally ended. Tara had come home early from her trip back east for the summer and I was a nervous wreck. Willow and I have been together now for almost two months. But we haven't consummated our relationship yet. I had to go and open my big mouth and tell her we had to wait. At least until Tara was aware of our coupling. I wouldn't have felt right making love with Will if she was still technically Tara's girlfriend. I love Willow so much, I wasn't about to make a cheater out of her. She already has had to deal with the ramifications of her illicit smoochies with Xander, and I hated seeing her so pained by that. I wasn't about to be a party to another heartache for her.

Even if the last 7 weeks have been a study in torture. We're together almost all the time now. She sleeps over here more often than not, we're together almost all day long, and she patrols with me almost every night.

And I'm loving it.

I love having her beside me on a constant basis. I feel secure, content, and safe. She's home to me. So I'm always home now, because she's always with me. But it's been so hard resisting the urge to just ravish her at any given moment of the day. I really don't think she has any idea the kind of feelings she provokes in me.

She's a cuddler. So on the nights she spends over she wraps herself around me like a land bound octopus. And I love having her next to me. It's the most desirable feeling in the world knowing she trusts me that much to fall asleep in my arms, secure in the knowledge that I'll protect her. But my control is starting to slip with each passing night. I want more than anything to just make love to her right then and there. Tender sweet love. I'm not into the sex anymore. Riley and I did enough of that to last me this lifetime and the next. But with Will it's different. I want to spend hours learning every curve of her body, every freckle that dots her perfect form. I want my hands to glide over every inch of her silky skin, memorizing their way from her shoulders, past her shapely hips, all the way down to her cute little toes. And then do it all over again.

But we've been waiting until she can talk with Tara. And I smack myself quite often because it was my idea in the first place. I can be patient and I'd wait forever and a day for her, it's just I love Willow so much that the only way I feel that I can prove just how much is by showing her physically. But I still can't help but feel a tiny bit insecure about our relationship. I know she's slept with Tara. They have that connection that Willow and I don't have yet. And I always have this nagging fear that she's just been biding her time with me until Tara gets back. And then she'll leave me to go back to her. I know it's irrational and completely unfounded. Willow has never given me any reason whatsoever to doubt her love for me. But every time I have something good going, something worth holding onto for dear life, I either let it slip away from me or it gets taken away. And Willow is the last thing in the world I want to lose.

I'm drawn out of my dark thoughts when Will plops herself down on my bed next to me. She immediately curls up against my shoulder and pulls herself closer by wrapping her left arm around my midsection. Not one to argue I raise my own arm around to bring her as close as possible. I idly begin to stroke her hair, trying to coax her into sharing with me the conversation she had with Tara. I bet it was anything but pleasant.

"It was not fun. In fact it was the antithesis of fun. Nothing but badness and non-fun." She's pouting, she has her face buried in the crook of my shoulder, but I can hear it in her voice. "She was crying. And of course that made me cry. But apparently she knew all along how I felt about you. And for the longest time she was threatened by you. But then when you got so wrapped up in Riley she figured that there was nothing for her to worry about. So she wasn't just upset she was angry." Well I figured she wouldn't be happy about it. "I think you better stay away from her for a while. She's not your biggest fan right now." Great, knowing my luck I'll wake up tomorrow morning covered in monkey hair or something equally gross. Tara's a nice person though, underneath all my jealousy of her, she's been good to Willow, and for that I'll always be grateful to her. She helped pull Will out her funk after Oz left. Something I wish I could have done. Something I *should* have done.

"I'm sorry Will, I know that must have been hard on you." Willow is the type of person that hates to see anyone in pain. Even people she doesn't know she has sympathy for. It's one of the things I love most about her. She's such a caring person. Almost to a fault sometimes. Because times like this is when she feels it most. When she's the cause of someone else's hurt. I know she's going to carry guilt about this with her for quite a while. The best I can do is convince her that she made the right choice. I place a gentle kiss on her brow, soothingly rubbing circles around her back trying to settle her nerves a bit.

"It'll be ok. *I'll* be ok. As long as I still have you." Aww, make me melt into a puddle of Slayer mush here. She's so sweet and she doesn't even try to be that way. It's just the way she is.

"Always. Never doubt that, baby." I love her unconditionally. No reservations. No hesitations. Holding her like this, loving her. It's as natural to me as breathing. Nothing can compare to this feeling.

She's been playing with the hem of my tee-shirt for the last 10 minutes or so, like she's trying to make up her mind about something. I turn my head and bury it in the soft silken strands of her auburn hair, content to just lie here with her in my arms. Just as I'm about to drift off into a pleasant nap I feel her fingers slide under my shirt and start inching their way up my sides. "Will, what are you doing?" I think I have a pretty good idea, but hey, a girl's gotta be sure about things like this.

"I love you Buffy. It's time to show you how much I love you." And with that she brings her head up and snares my lips in the most passionate kiss we've ever shared. It's full of heat and steam, and most of all, desire. And I know now that she wants me just as much as I want her. I never thought that possible.

I reluctantly pull away from our steamy embrace and cup her cheek in my palm. Her emerald eyes are glazed over with lust, her want for me radiating from her flushed face and swollen parted lips. "Are you sure?" I have to be positive. Because I'd forever regret it if she wasn't ready.

She places her hand atop my own that's resting against her face, pulling me slowly away and in the process taking one of my fingers and ever so softly sliding it into her mouth, lightly sucking and nipping at the tip. I think that's the most erotic thing I've ever seen in my entire life. "I've never been more certain of anything. I want you so much Buffy." I can hear the desire in her voice, its the deepest I can ever recall hearing, her tone emphasizing the weeks of waiting that we've been forced to endure by my own need for things to be perfect. Thank God my mother decided to go on that three day trip up to San Francisco for her gallery's acquisitions department.

The Slayer in me begs to be released from her confines though. I need to taste my Willow, I need to feel her writhing beneath my touch. I can't wait any longer. I gently tighten my arms around her and flip our positions, so now she's under me, helpless to anything I might have in store for her. Perfect pleasure, the most exquisite torture imaginable. Driving her to the very edges of her passion and reeling her back in, making her hold on for as long as possible. Or at least I hope. I'm new to this. New to making love period, but even newer to this particular version. But I'll try my damndest to make this the best first time possible. I have to. Because I can't imagine loving her anymore than I do right now. I didn't think it was possible to love someone this much. So much so that it frightens me sometimes. To think what I would do if she were to leave my life. Willingly or not. It scares me right down to the very core of my being.

But none of that matters right now. Because I look down at her angelic face, sparkling jade eyes staring adoringly back up at me, glazed over with passion. Her lips slightly parted, her pink tongue darting out, licking her lips in anticipation. I can't deny her any longer, I can't deny *myself* any longer. This has been building for almost five years now. No more waiting.

I traced my fingertips across her cheek, reveling in the silky smooth skin under them. Ever so slowly I moved towards her, leaning down and capturing her lips in a sweet soft embrace. I trailed my tongue against her bottom lip, requesting entrance into her own wet cavern. She parted her mouth without hesitation, inviting me in and instantly seeking my own tongue out. They hugged together, embracing like lovers, dueling, neither one of us demanding control, just relaxing in the intimacy of the action.

As the kiss deepened I let my hands wander from their grasp along her waist, northward, slowly trailing them up under her shirt, scraping my fingernails ever so lightly along her overheated skin, leaving fresh goose bumps in my wake. Without breaking our kiss I blindly searched for the buttons keeping my eager hands from their desired treasure. I'm a Slayer, so coordination is something I need to be good at. But I don't think I've ever been more thankful for it than right now. I unbutton her top, slowly, teasing her with the promise of more contact. She shimmies up a bit on my bed, slipping out of the undesired garment, leaving her laying there with nothing more than her silk green bra from the waist up. I break away from our overheated kiss for a moment, completely stunned by the beautiful vision before me. Never in my life have I witnessed something as perfect as Willow lying under me this very moment. She's the epitome of everything wonderful in this world, and I'm speechless that she's mine. My love, my life, and soon, my lover. Sensing my hesitation, she reaches around behind her and unclasps her bra, letting the straps slide down her shoulders to reveal the glory of her breasts. She's just the perfect size. Not small in the least bit, but not too large. They're perfect, just like the rest of her.

I place a gentle kiss on her now swollen lips before moving my way down her jaw. Trailing my tongue down to her pulse point and ever so delicately nipping. She moans a bit so I know I must be doing something right. I leave the base of her throat and gently kiss my way down the center of her chest until I reach the valley of her breasts. So perfect, so soft, so smooth. Capped with stiff pink peaks just anticipating the warmth of my mouth. Not one to deny my love anything I slowly take her left nipple between my lips, sucking a bit in small intervals. I move my right hand up to firmly cup her right breast, alternately tweaking and caressing the nipple. She moans even louder as I alternate my mouth from her left breast to her right, replacing my hand with my eager mouth and vice versa.

I'm getting overheated myself, and I'm not even halfway there yet. Not wanting Willow to release herself without even knowing the full effects of our lovemaking, I leave her heaving breasts and lick my way down her taut stomach, circling her belly button a few times as I ease the zipper down her jeans. She lifts her hips just enough so that I can pull them down her shapely legs, sliding them off effortlessly. Leaving her only in her matching silk green panties. I can see her obvious excitement through them, and I can feel it as well, as my hands travel down, ever so gently teasing her inner thighs with the tips of my fingers. Once again goose bumps are left in my wake, anticipating what's to come. I move my lips from her belly button down to the inside of her knees, licking and kissing my way up the inside of her thighs, cupping her soft globes with my right hand in the process, unwilling to leave her breasts unattended for long.

I reach inside the elastic of her panties, teasing her by trailing a singular finger along the opening of her sex. I ever so slowly, anticipation always making the sexiest action even more erotic, slide her damp panties down, over her knees and cascading to the floor. If I thought her breasts were perfect, her womanhood is even more so. A small patch of russet hair she has neatly shaven into almost a perfect triangle, her vaginal lips already swollen and moist in desire. The scent of her arousal is intoxicating to say the least. Musky but still completely Willow. I continue to tease her swollen lips, making feather light strokes up and down her juicy opening. "Oh goddess! Buffy please!"

I've never heard Willow so desperate before. I'm not one to deny her anything, but still, I can't stop a bit of my own arousal to seep out and tease her just a bit more. "What baby? What do you want?"

"Buffy please! You know!"

Hmm, which to start with, my lips or my fingers. Either way I'm determined to make her writhe in ecstasy for as long as possible, keeping her from falling over that pleasure precipice. Not that I don't want her to do that, because I can't imagine anything more erotic than seeing Willow in the throes of her orgasm. But I want to make it last as long as I can for her. And for me as well, because making love to her is quickly pushing me towards my own release, and I'm still completely clothed. "Willow baby you have to tell me what you want. Tell me how to please you." I can't help but tease a bit. Besides, it's so hot hearing the way she's panting from my gentle stimulation along her soft petal like lips. She's already so wet, her essence coating the tips of my fingers where they are beginning to find their way up to her clitoris. I have to admit, sex ed was the one class I paid attention to the entire period. And I'm very thankful for that now.

"Oh god, your tongue, please Buffy! I need to feel your tongue!" Well my girl definitely knows what she wants. Who am I to argue. I take my hand away from her breasts reluctantly, enjoying the feel of her stiff nipples against the pad of my thumb and forefinger. But the disappointment fades away quickly as I realize what's in store for them now. I slide down a bit on the bed to have a better angle. I kiss my way up each thigh, alternately licking and nipping on my way northward. I take a deep breathe, inhaling the unique fragrance that is my Willow. Ever so slowly I trail my tongue up and down her labia, using the flat end of it to stimulate her even more. I take both my hands and ever so slowly pull her delicate lips apart, revealing the inner pinkness of her sex. Her lips are glistening with her excitement. Not wanting to wait any longer in finally tasting the essence that is pure Willow, I flatten my tongue out and run the entire length of her womanhood, stopping just shy of her clit, not wanting to over stimulate her too soon. I use my to tongue to lick around everywhere but her now stiffened bud. Up and down her moist opening, darting my tongue in and around but never touching her sensitive bundle of nerves at the very top. I straighten my tongue, stiffening it in the process and ever so slightly dip into her wet canal, tasting the very core of her essence. "Mmmmm baby, that feels so good! Don't stop, just don't ever stop!" Well seems like I found a technique she's fond of. That didn't take me too long.

I decide it's time to enhance her pleasure, moving my tongue up higher, reaching her clitoris, and start teasing it by running small circles around it, everything but actually making contact with the bud of nerves itself. "I need to feel you inside me Buffy, please! Use your fingers! Ohhh!" I bring my left hand up and remove my tongue for a moment. I part her lips and gently slide one finger inside her moist cavern, feeling her vaginal walls clamping over my digit like a vise. "Oh yeah! Just like that baby!" I start moving my finger back and forth, almost pulling it out completely before pushing it back in, dragging out the stimulation as long as I can. I move my tongue back to her clit, finally latching onto the bud itself, sucking lightly and then stopping, circling around it with the flat of my tongue, and then continuing to suck again. All the while keeping up my steady rhythm with my finger, deciding to chance adding another one into her opening. "Ohhhhhhh!" She must like that, her juices flowing even harder now, completely coating my fingers and starting to run down my chin where I'm greedily drinking down her essence as fast as she releases it. She tastes a bit like strawberries and cream, mixed with the natural taste and texture of her juices. I'm positive I could get intoxicated on her in a short period of time. In fact I'm starting to near my own release and she hasn't even touched me!

"Buffy! Oh god baby, I think I'm so close! Please don't stop.....oh!!!!" I continue my oral assault all the while still pumping two fingers into her tight channel. I can feel her walls starting to contract over my fingers, she's oh so close. I take my tongue and circle it around her clit, before pulling it fully into my mouth and sucking as hard and as fast as I can. "Buffy!!!!!! I'm.... oh goddess!!!!!!" She clamps down on my fingers, her own hand reaching down and pulling my head completely against her sex, burying her fingers in my hair, hips lifting off the bed in the throes of her orgasm. Just as I feel the flood of her juices hit my tongue I feel myself let go as well, my pants dampening immeasurably more with my own release. I never knew that was possible, orgasming from just giving pleasure. I guess you just need to be with the right person. And Will is most definitely the right person, if there ever was one.

I crawl up the length of her body, purposely licking my fingers clean all the while staring her directly in the eyes. What? Slayers have a naughty side. If Faith taught me anything it certainly was that. Willow smiles a bit, almost bordering on a smirk, before opening up her arms for me. I dutifully lay down into her embrace, resting my cheek against her still heaving breast, a light sheen of perspiration covering her entire body. It's an incredibly sexy sight. "God Buffy, where DID you learn that?! That was amazing!" She leans down and captures my lips in a very gentle loving kiss. "*You* were amazing."

"I love you Willow." It's as simple as that. I'd do anything for her. From risking my life for hers to giving her a mind blowing orgasm. I would do it all for her. No questions asked.

"I love you too Buffy, so much." She snuggles into me, so we're curled up, my head on her chest, her head atop my own. I can feel her muscles seem to be nothing more than mush, and she's trying desperately not to fall asleep on me. I guess she figures that's bad etiquette. Riley did it enough on me. But I want her to rest. I can wait.

"You get some rest baby, I'll be right here when you wake up." She struggles up a bit and starts to protest.

"But what about you? I want to...." I place a finger over her lips, which she softly kisses in return.

"I can wait. Besides, pleasing you was enough for me for now." I blush a bit, not sure I want to share everything. "In fact, I came when you did."

"Really!?" She looks shocked, and I blush even harder.

"Really. So go to sleep for a while, we can continue this later. I still have plans for you my sweet witch." I tickle her bare ribs a little, eliciting a tired giggle from the woman in my arms.

A few minutes later I can hear the soft even breaths that tell me my love has fallen into a contented slumber. It may not have been all candles and rose petals. Champagne and an exquisite meal. But it was still perfect. Because we were together, and we love each other. And that will always be enough.

The End

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