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We Won't Need Legs To Stand
By sheepfairy


Every time she sees another Eight, Sharon gets vertigo. That's the reason she never wanted to leave her apartment, but her apartment is gone now, and she is left on the outside where she sees herself everywhere.

It is good thing that she has Caprica, because if she had been left on her own she doesn't think that she would have made it. Still, sometimes Sharon wonders if dying and being boxed would really have be that bad. Feeling nothing means feeling no guilt, no constant nausea. But Sharon has always been a fighter, and sometimes Caprica smiles at her, and that's enough to keep her going for now.

The other cylons gather around Caprica and watch, enraptured, as she speaks to them. Sharon may be standing right next to her every step of the way, but she knows that she does not captivate them in the same way. She is fine with that, because she has never been comfortable being the center of attention. And even if they did adore her, she isn't sure how she would react to that, especially when she still has a problem considering them real people.

She explains this to Caprica when they are alone at night.

"You don't think of me as a person?" Caprica asks as she traces her fingers over Sharon's stomach and then to the space between her breasts. Her voice is more gently teasing than accusatory, but the question still makes Sharon nervous.

"No, of course not. You're different," she says. "It's just… they all blend together, like one big mass. They don't seem like people."

"You'll be able to tell them apart," says Caprica. It's much easier to think of her as Caprica, rather than Six. There are too many Sixes to count, but there's only one Caprica. "It'll just take time."

Before she has a chance to form a response to that, Caprica leans forward and runs her tongue over Sharon's nipple. She shudders and pulls Caprica closer, and neither of them has the concentration for serious discussion after that.

"We have to find them," says Caprica. She explains it to the rest of the Cylons as a sort of penance – they will find the colonial fleet, and they will help them to build a new society to make up for the old one they blew up.

Sharon knows that Caprica has other reasons as well, but she tries not to think about Gaius too much, and she knows that Caprica's public explanations are valid. And so she agrees, but not without a certain degree of reluctance.

The people on Galactica were like a family to her, and Sharon would like nothing more than to be a part of that again. She wants the chance to apologize to the Old Man, even if she doesn't think he'll listen. But she can still remember the hate in Tigh's eyes as he knocked her down, and the cold, painful feeling of death. Even if they do find the fleet, Sharon knows that she is never going to get a happy reunion.

"Of course, they'll resist at first," Caprica tells the crowd. "We destroyed everything they had. But we'll fix it, and we'll make it better than it was before."

Sharon nods along with everybody else, but secretly she thinks that not everything can be fixed.

That doesn't mean that they won't try.

The End

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