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Fall Apart Again
By sheepfairy


Kara knows that she has no reason to trust Cain. She has been lied to by better people, after all, and she has no reason to think that Cain isn't using the idea of a return trip to Caprica as a way to keep her in line.

She still has hope, though. She can see herself killing Cain, and she can see all her hope, spilling out across the floor with Cain's blood.

After Adama calls and fails to give her the kill sign, it takes a moment for Kara to breath right again. She smiles at Cain, and she's a little too giddy and relieved when she should be trying to act as casual as possible, but everyone in the Pegasus' CIC is ecstatic from the success of the mission. Her own relief will probably go unnoticed.

Despite her relief, she feels uncomfortable when Cain calls her into her office shortly thereafter. She wants to ask about Caprica, but she is reluctant to bring it up, because it feels strange to come and ask favors from a woman she was so ready to kill only a few moments ago. Fortunately, she isn't the one to broach the topic.

"Now that we've taken care of their Resurrection Ship, we need to start planning for Caprica. I'd like you to begin the preparation for that, in conjunction with some of my pilots."

"I would consider it a favor, Sir."

"You shouldn't," replies Cain, which isn't the reply that Kara was expecting.

"Excuse me, Sir?" asks Kara.

"You do tend to think that everything is about you, don't you? I suppose Adama is mostly to blame for that. But we are not going to go back to Caprica because of you, Captain Thrace, and I am not involving you in this mission because of your personal desires. I am including you because you are the most skilled pilot we have, and because I believe that this is the appropriate action to take. This is not about you, Thrace."

And Cain says it isn't about her, but she's standing a little too close, and Kara thinks that maybe it is about her, just a little bit.

"I guess so," she says, with less respect than Cain is probably used to, and she can feel an illicit little thrill race through her as Cain moves closer. Cain is young, for an Admiral, and although she is harsh, she is beautiful and magnetic in a way that Kara appreciates.

"Are we done here, Captain Thrace?"

"No," says Kara, and she can't pinpoint why exactly she says it, except that she expecting something more. And she is not disappointed.

Cain smiles in a predatory fashion and comes in closer, so close that Kara can hardly stand it, and then Cain kisses her, hard. Her fingers wind their way through Kara's hair, as Cain pulls her in so hard that it's almost painful.

"Do you really have any idea what you want, Captain Thrace?" asks Cain, when she finally pulls her head back.

Kara doesn't answer her, and she isn't sure that she could answer her even if she wanted too, but Cain doesn't seem to be expecting an answer anyway. She pulls her to the bed, and they don't talk for a long time afterwards.

She's trying to work out a reasonable plan of approach with Showboat when an unfamiliar voice comes over the intercom and informs them that the Admiral has been shot.

Kara can feel the world starting to spin, but she does her best to ignore the feeling of loss. "I'm going to see how far the marines have gotten into the investigation. The people on Galactica are going to want to know what happened, eventually."

"Captain? What do you want me to do with the plans?"

"Just toss them," says Kara. "It isn't important anymore."

The End

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