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The Request
By lysachan

Samantha Carter was extremely nervous, agitated even. She was standing outside of Janet Fraser's office, swinging slightly on her heels and praying the ground would swallow her there and then. Taking a deep breath she put her hand on the door knob and tried to force herself to open. She found it surprisingly difficult.

"C'mon, you sissy! You've turned into a Neanderthal, you've been chased by a Jaffa army and you've even died during the past year, this shouldn't be too hard" she told herself quietly and raised her hand on the knob again. Her heart was bouncing fast, her hands shaking and the whole situation just started to look utterly ridiculous.

"For heaven's sakes!" she cursed and banged her hand to the wall. Only mere seconds later the door in front of her swung open. A very irritated-looking Dr.Fraser was staring at her suspiciously, her arms folded.

"Sam, care to explain why my wall calendar just became a floor calendar?" Janet's voice was calm but her eyes, God, the look in her eyes was worse than the biggest needle in her medical equipment. Sam swallowed and smiled nervously.

"Ehh, you have a minute? I-I, um, I kinda have a problem. Well, not really, it's just, err, this thing that...Um, I need a favor" she finally blurted out.

"You could've just knocked Sam" Janet sighed and stepped back into her office pulling Sam with her. After picking up the calendar she went to sit behind her desk and looked curiously at the blonde. "So, what's on your mind?" she watched as Sam stood nervously in the middle of the room.

"Mind if I sit?" the blonde said, taking a few steps towards the chair in front of her.

"Of course I do" came Janet's sarcastic reply but Sam didn't get it. She froze, looking at Janet in shock. "Christ Sam, that was a joke! You really are one tense woman today"

"Oh" was all Sam could say. Her cheeks turned bright red and Janet couldn't help thinking how damn adorable she looked. Yeah, blonde hair and red cheeks suited well together, especially when this particular Air Force captain was in question.

"Okay, no more joking around, I promise. Talk to me" Janet leaned back in her chair and smiled, encouraging the woman in front of her to open up.

"Right, erm. Well, I-I don't, um, what I'm saying is that, um. Oh, God. I'm just gonna cut to the chase" Janet raised her eyebrows. This sure sounded serious. Sam took a deep breath and her eyes met Janet's. Her voice faltered just a bit when she said the reason she'd come to meet the doctor in the first place.

"Janet, I need a home for Cassie. You know I can't take her, working hours and all that. I would if it was possible. But, the situation is what it is and that's why I promised I'm gonna find her the best possible place to live in. And I think I've found it" her eyes were now challenging but full of hope.

It took Janet a few seconds to realise what she'd just heard.

"WHAT?! Sam, you've gotta be kidding me!" she stared at the captain, eyes widening.

"No, far from it. Think about it, she likes you! And this way I could see her whenever I want. I don't wanna hand her over to complete strangers or something" yep, this was going exactly like Sam had expected.

"Oh God. Sam, I don't know anything about raising children. I mean, of course I want what's best for Cassie but I'm not so sure this is!" suddenly Janet stood up and started pacing around.

"Janet. Janet, sit down!" no effect. "Look, I wouldn't be suggesting this if I didn't think you can handle it. She needs a loving home and I think, no, I know you can give it to her" now Sam stood up as well. Janet was still walking back and forth restlessly, shaking her head at the same time.

"There're so many things I can't give her Sam. And she's almost a teenager! It's like adopting a timebomb! And I have my job to consider. I work nights Sam and I'm away from home a lot and-" Janet was in a full babble mode. And Sam noticed that in some bizarre way it was rather sexy.

"You can do it" Sam said quietly, a faint, reassuring smile on her face. Janet stopped walking and Sam reached out to take her hand.

"Sam, do you have any idea how enormous a responsibility it would be? I'm alone. I can't do it on my own, I know it already" the brunette sighed, a single tear rolling down her cheek. "I can't Sam, I'm so sorry" she almost whispered.

"You're not alone, you'll never be. I'm here, remember?" Sam put her hand under Janet's chin and forced the doctor to look at her. "I promise I'll be with you in everything. You don't have to worry about a thing" Sam had no idea where that had come from. They stared at each other for a while, both well aware of the sudden electricity between them.

"I'm going to kiss you" Sam said suddenly, looking at Janet like possessed.

"Uh-huh" was all Janet could say before their lips met in a soft and searching kiss. Okay, this definitely wasn't something Sam had expexted. When lips parted they were both panting slightly, not knowing what the hell should be said next.

"Well, that-that was um..." Sam tried desperately to say something that would make sense but came up with nothing. Suddenly feeling guilty she looked down like the floor had just become the most interesting thing in the whole universe.

"Almost seems like you'd try to buy me over" Janet said quietly, her hand moving up Sam's arm to rest on her shoulder. Sam quickly glanced up, meeting Janet's shy smile.

"Is it working?" the blonde asked, her cheeks bright red again. She was nervously chewing her lower lip.

"Mmmmh" Janet carefully studied her best friend's face. Seeing what she wanted to see, she inhailed slowly and locked her eyes with Sam again. "I'll think about it"

"What?" Sam looked confused.

"Cassie. I promise I'll think about it" Janet gave Sam's shoulder a small squeeze.

"You do?" Sam said, surprised. "Really?" a wide smile appeared on her face and Janet couldn't help but smile as well. "Oh, Jan. Thank you, thank you, thank you" Sam pulled the smaller woman into a tight hug.

"I'd better get going, Daniel needed me with something earlier" Sam said when they finally parted, a smile still playing on her lips. She stood there for a while, not knowing what she should do and finally leaned down and gave Janet a kiss on the cheek. "It was nice to see you Janet, like always" she added. She smiled again and turned to open the door.

"It was nice seeing you too Sam" Janet replied, not yet fully understanding what had just happened. She watched Sam close the door behind her and wondered what she'd gotten herself into this time. Suddenly she realised she didn't really care. Now, that was a good sign.

In the hallway a very happy and grinning Air Force captain was leaning against the wall. That had gone a lot better than she had dared to hope. After clearing her thoughts a bit she pushed herself off the wall and started to make her way back to her lab and Daniel. She was beaming, her steps light as she walked.

"Two birds with one stone, way to go flygirl!" she said to herself and chuckled before stepping into an elevator, the doors silently closing behind her.

The End

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