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Interlude 4:
Storm Warning

By Celievamp and Elizabeth Carter

Sam Carter had discovered that she did not do waiting very well. There was nothing she could do, nothing she could say that would make the time go faster. Ruefully she acknowledged that it might be easier if Janet was stuck on the other side of the wormhole. She would be able to run diagnostics and models, persuade the gate to do the miraculous once more and bring her baby home.

But Janet was not on the other side of the wormhole. She was on the other side of the continent at a medical conference in Tampa, Florida that was currently ground zero for Hurricane Charley.

The storm had taken everyone by surprise, escalating quickly into a Level 4 Hurricane and moving off its predicted course. Janet, well versed in emergency medicine and triage procedures, had elected to stay behind and work out of the local ER along with several other conference attendees. Sam, fresh back from a meet and greet with the recently liberated inhabitants of P2R449 was greeted on her return home to headlines about the appalling weather conditions and an apologetic voice mail message from her lover telling her where she was and why.

Her IM box pinged. She opened it up and glanced at the ID, grinning broadly. It was her beloved.

Gravitygirl: Hiya o storm blown one

Analog: Hi Love

Analog: We're just waiting for it to hit now. All windows boarded up, supplies of water, food, candles, medical equipment. Everyone just sitting tight.

Gravitygirl: been keeping an eye on the Weather Channel. It looks like it could be a bad one

Analog: yeah… I know. Possibly worse than Andrew.

Analog: crossing fingers it won't touch us horribly

Gravitygirl: everything x'd here for you too

Analog: hey, so how did the mission go

Gravitygirl: we came, we saw, we made new friends. Not much to offer technology wise but they have some mineral deposits we could use and they may be willing to let us establish a base there. And no injuries so we haven't messed up your infirmary.

Analog: lol.

Gravitygirl: so how did you talk the General into letting you stay?

Analog: didn't give him an option to say no. Knowing you were out as well made it easier. You couldn't tagteam me.

Gravitygirl: or just haul ass down there and grab you. Hey, the Asgard owe us a favour…

Analog: don't even think about it. Let me do my job, okay.

Gravitygirl: I know. I know. It's just…

Analog: I know. And I love you for trying to protect me but…

Sam sighed, closed her eyes, her fingers stilling on the keyboard. She could not get the image out of her head no matter how she tried. Janet lying still and silent in the long grass of P3R666, blood pooling beneath her from the staff blast that had torn through her chest and side. Janet had died. Her lover had died, but Sam had managed to bring her back, through CPR until they got through the Gate and the medical team stabilised her in a critical condition and then through the healing device pouring her own life energy, her very soul into her lover. For a time the Infirmary had two critical patients as Sam voluntarily almost gave up her life for her lover. Sam did not regret a moment of the pain she had put herself through. Instinctually she knew it was nothing compared to what she would have gone through if Janet had died.

Gravitygirl: I know, you're a big girl, a rough tough soldier and a kick ass medic and you can look after yourself.

Analog: lol. Such a way with words.

Gravitygirl: Have I told you I love you yet?

Analog: maybe, but you know me. I can stand to hear it repeated a few times.

Gravitygirl: I love you.

Analog: And I love you. Oh..ohh. Gotta go, love. I'm being paged.

Analog has signed out.

Sam stared at the blinking cursor for a moment or two as if willing it to come to life again. At least she was safe. So far.

Squaring her shoulders she opened up her documents file and began working on her latest reports. Above her on the TV screen the Weather Channel showed the swirling storm gathering closer and closer to where her lover waited.

Almost an hour passed before she heard the tinkling sound that signalled an incoming message.

Analog: Hi beautiful

Gravitygirl: Hey… how bad is it down there?

Analog: Power is in and out, the hospital has its own generator so we're okay. There's been a couple of tornado's ahead of the storm done a lot of damage. Injuries starting to come in, mainly flying glass. It's quiet at the moment but I'm on call.

Gravitygirl: so I can expect you to disappear without warning. Just be safe, okay.

Gravitygirl: one thing about Colorado. We don't get many hurricanes.

Analog: what are you up to, anyway?

Gravitygirl: finishing up a couple of reports, doing some research. Watching the Weather Channel.

Analog: you probably have a better idea of what is going on than I do.

Gravitygirl: Must be at least ten minutes since I told you I love you.

Analog: Well I love you too

Gravitygirl: Happy Sappy Smile. I know. I feel it, every time you think of me.

Analog: Me too. I've dreamt of you every night since I got here.

Gravitygirl: oooh. Do tell…

Analog: I dreamt I got back to my hotel room and you were there, waiting for you. I pounced on you and we made love. Mad passionate love.

Gravitygirl: The best kind. I dreamt of you as well whilst I was away.

Analog: uh huh?

Gravitygirl: I have no idea where we were but we were together. You were curled up on a couch and I was sitting on the floor in front of you. And you were doing what you do with your fingers and the back of my neck. I leant back against you and you started to undo the buttons on my shirt and slip your hand inside to stroke my breasts… and I woke up smiling.

Analog: mmmmm. Glad I could do so in your dreams… I have to say that what we were doing in my dream was intense… touching, loving, tasting… all of it.

Gravitygirl: okay well that was an interesting little mental tangent I went on… back with the programme now.

Analog: hmmm… and what a cute mind it is too.

Gravitygirl: currently smutty verging on the outright dirty. Funny how often thoughts of you do that to me…

Analog: ooooh… sexy dirty thoughts

Gravitygirl: you me no clothes lots of chocolate

Analog: I'm going to have to take that thought with me. My pager is going again. And I can hear the storm from here. Thunder and lightning right overhead.

Gravitygirl: I'll be here waiting. Be safe, love. I wish I was with you.

Analog: well I'm glad you're not. I know you're safe for once.

Analog has signed out.

Sam sighed and turned up the volume on the weather channel. Predictions for the path of Hurricane Charlie seemed to be changing by the minute. Tampa seemed to be directly on the path of the main body of the hurricane. The picture changed to show a storm-lashed boulevard, palm trees being violently shredded by winds of up to 140 miles an hour.

Is this what she feels every time I go through the Gate? Sam wrapped her arms around herself. The fluttering almost-panic sensation was almost totally foreign to her. She could usually rely on Janet being safe and her being the one out there fighting the good fight. Ever since… Sam shuddered, trying not to think of those terrible hours when Janet was fighting for her life.

The soft ping that announced a new message aroused her from her thoughts. She was shocked to see that almost an hour had passed.

Analog: bad accident on the freeway: three injured, one killed. Injured all up in surgery now. So… any progress on those sexy dirty thoughts I should be aware of?

Gravitygirl: I just want to hold you, feeling the weight of you in my arms, exchanging kisses and smiles and sweet words

Analog: Words whispered into your ear as my fingers trace the softness at the back of your neck, you moan softly, my heart flutters

Gravitygirl: My hands span your slender waist as I draw you closer to me. I kiss my way down your throat and between your breasts, feeling the beat of your heart against my lips. I raise my head to see you smile and know that I have come home.

Analog: Yes you are home

Analog: Gonna have to go again. LOVE YOU.

Gravitygirl: LOVE YOU. Be safe.

Analog: I will.

Analog has signed out.

Sam's stomach grumbled and she tried to remember the last time she had eaten. It had been a while. She deliberated going to the Commissary and grabbing a sandwich. It would only take her ten minutes and based on previous experience Janet wouldn't be back online again for a lot longer than that. But she did not want to take the chance of missing her. A passing airman proved her saviour.

Fifteen minutes later she was tucking into a turkey salad sandwich, a glass of blue jello awaiting her special attention. The Weather Channel was showing the roof of a shelter being ripped off by the high winds. A trailer park had been decimated.

IM pinged. Abandoning her sandwich, Sam turned back to the screen.

Analog: you're still here. Have you eaten?

Sam smiled. Typical Janet.

Gravitygirl: Yes mom, I've eaten. Turkey salad sandwich and I'm saving a dish of jello for later.

Analog: blue I presume.

Gravitygirl: Is there any other colour?

Analog: lol. Not for you, sweetheart. So, where were we?

Gravitygirl: Somewhere between the gutter and the stars. I was about to make mad passionate cyber-love to you.

Analog: I always want to make love to you… not just sex (though playing on the cyberfield like this is very enjoyable.

Gravitygirl: I want to be close to you, to hold you, to watch you sleep, to let you know what you mean to me.

Analog: aw baby you do make me feel so loved, so alive, you let me know I matter.

Gravitygirl: you matter very much

Analog: yes but loving you allows me to feel it – does that make sense?

Gravitygirl: you know how hard it is for me to rein in my impulse to protect you from all harm and let you be the person that you are that fights her own battles and is sweet nd feisty and her own woman in every way. Battering over the head with blunt objects may be required from time to time, I warn you.

Analog: I think we've found a happy medium over the years, lover because I have the same problem over protecting you when I know you are strong enough to battle on your own. But I love having you here in spirit, holding me, keeping me safe from the storm.

Analog: The lights are flickering. I think the storm is right overhead now.

Gravitygirl: I think I can do something to take your mind off it. I want you.

Analog: And I want you. I want to lay you down on the bed and straddle your hips and lavish delicate bites against your neck whilst my hands scribe the symbol of eternity along your breasts over your heart.

Gravitygirl: I feel your fingers scribe my skin, the rasp of your teeth on my nec, the touch of your tongue as you lave the small hurt you have made. My hands rest on your hips as you straddle mine and I can feel your heat. I pull you down until we are skin to skin and I can feel your heart beat. You kiss and tease my breasts as I run my hands over your back, tracing the line of your spine to the dimple just above your buttocks. Now my hands cup your ass, feeling your muscles clench as you grind against me.

Analog: My hair falls forward curtaining us as my breath hitches as I feel your hands grasp me, a smile on my lips as I feel the white lightening flood through me, my lips trail over your your neck to first one nipple taking it into my mouth, my tongue flicking the hardening nub whilst my hand gently traces circles along the other, as the pressure of my mouth increases my fingers tweek and pinch the other my body shifting, flexing against your tummy the wetness already starting… I move slowly and switch breasts so each have equal share of being ravished.

Gravitygirl: I cat stretch, arching my back as your loving attentions have the desired effect. I need to touch you, I need to feel your slick warm wetness on my fingers. As you flex against me I let my fingers slide into your folds, my thumb stroking and circling. You raise your body a little giving me better access and I reward you by increasing the pressure. I watch your face, smiling as your eyes drift close and then open again. But you do not forget about me. You kiss me, your lips teasing mine, the tip of your tongue seeking entrance which I willingly give. Your hair curtains us, gentles my skin as I continue to pleasure you. Your smell intoxicates, the sweet friction of your skin on my skin seems to shortcircuit my brain. You are now my whole world, nothing else matters

Analog: Jeez, Sam… I'm… wow…

Gravitygirl: hey sweetheart. If this is too intense… too weird for you…

Analog: No… no! I want you, Sam. I want you so badly.

Gravitygirl: your fingers trail across my skin and it's as if an electric circuit is completed through all points of my body. No one else does this to me. You are smiling, whispering my name, our secret shared endearments to one another. I reach up, gently bring your face closer to mine so I can kiss your lips, your chin, your cheeks, your eyes. Your hands continue to play with my breasts as I pleasure you, feeling your wetness spill across my fingers

Analog: The walls of my centre ache for your touch… I hungrily devour your soft lips, I place my own kisses upon your eyelids, your neck, your cheeks and back once more to your sweet lips. My hips push down upon your hand my breath whispers your name as a mantra, I can feel the burning within me, I find a rhythm moving with you. My fingers shift to your shoulders grabbing, trying hard to be mindful not to harm you, my body is tightening and thrusting into your hands needing you… I utter your name with a quivering voice your touch bringing me ever closer.

Gravitygirl: I keep up the pressure of my fingers against your centre, moving them slowly my thumb pressing then circling your clit. Every now and then I nip at it gently. I can tell by the grip of your hands on my shoulders that you are close. Your body is on fire, heat radiating from you, your skin sheened with sweat. And I am close to riding my own wave. Your thighs tighten around me, your breath hitches and suddenly you are flying. I support you as you arch over me, gently rolling us as you writhe. I still my hand, cupping you gently now feeling your internal muscles contract and relax around my fingers. And now you cling to me, rubbing against me, whispering my name, your love for me. You shift, now sitting astride one of my thighs, your knee pressed up against my centre.

Analog: Sam, so sorry but I've got to go again. Believe me it's the last thing in the world that I want to do…

Gravitygirl: duty calls. We can fool around any time. Go…

Analog has signed out.

Sam yawned, gingerly rubbed her stinging eyes. It wasn't particularly late but she had the equivalent of Gate lag having done a full day's work on the planet before she came back to mid-morning Colorado Springs.

Sitting with her chin resting in the palm of her hand, her elbow resting on the desk she contemplated the enigma that was Janet Fraiser. Janet would say that that wouldn't take too long that she was a very easy person to know, but Sam Carter knew better.

What Sam had realised very early in her relationship with the doctor that here was the person, the woman that she wanted to lavish love and attention on for the rest of her life. Janet was the person she wanted to wake up with, the person she wanted to go to bed with to make love to, to listen to, to hold when she was sad and rejoice with when she was happy. Janet was the person she wanted to get old with.

She glanced up at the TV again, saw the banner headline that the Hurricane was now confirmed at level 4 and the eye of the storm was just about to make landfall. Janet would be up all night and it was the least Sam could do to keep the vigil with her.

The End

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