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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wrote six drabbles for Valentines Day last year, written as six different aspects of the relationship between Sam/Janet. I thought it might be fun to try it again.
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Another Six Views Through the Quantum Mirror
By Celievamp

1 Without You.

Alone. The first without you. It really hits today. I look through the things you kept from previous years. The cards I made, the silly presents, the poems, the photographs, the pressed flowers. I miss you so much all over again. Six years we had together. Gone in a flash. A staff blast to be exact. You did not suffer. Nothing that could be done. You were lost to us. I remember. I regret. And then I see it. An unopened envelope. My name in your writing. Trembling, I open it. A scarlet heart, your name and mine entwined. "Forever".

2 With You.

The guys wanted to throw a big party to mark my return but you persuaded them to hold off a while. I'm glad. I'm selfish. I want you all to myself today of all days.

All the alterations to the house have been made. I wheel myself into the house up the ramp and look around. You follow and when I look at you I see the tears in your eyes.

Later you relearn my body, how to please, how to tease. I feast on you and I realise how much I missed you. You crest, cry "Janet!" I'm back.

3 With Him.

Everyone is congratulating you. I can't be the odd one out here. And he is good for you. Peter Shannon.

There is a light in your eyes that hasn't been there for too long a time. I add my congratulations to those of the others and you draw me into a hug which lasts for a long time. And is it my imagination that the look in your eyes is one of slight regret. Have you settled, Sam? For once in your life did you choose the safer path?

Pete is good for you. But I would have been better.

4 Reprise

Soft leather against pale caramel skin. You pant as my fingers work you. Sweat trickles down your spine and I cat-lick the sweet salt. Your muscles tremble as you begin to lose control. You fight so hard to hold it together but I will win. This is my command. The cuffs hold you as you writhe. I cup your breast, pinch hard, you gasp my name, tell me you love me. Tell me you need me, need this. A game we first played a year ago today. The scent of you drives me on, into darkness, the little death. Released.

5. The Way you Look tonight

For Valentines I took you oldtime dancing, cheek to cheek or as near as our height differences allow. The childlike delight on your face when I finally told you to open your eyes. The breathless giggle in your voice. It was as you had described it to me in your fantasy. We had even found the perfect dress, my Miss Scarlet. Your hair, just long enough to put up, showing off the elegant line of your throat. We dance now, and later, later I get to take you home. A bed of roses, a bottle of fine wine and you.

6. Morning thoughts

Sunrise on a day meant for lovers. I watch you sleep having spent the night counting my lucky stars. A whole galaxy full blazing down on me. On you. You shift as the sunlight touches your face burning your hair tawny your skin honey and gold. My goddess. My eyes follow the clean line of your spine, the curve of your breast, your hip. I shiver in tactile memory of slow sweet friction, your skin feels against mine, the warm scent of your desire. You are mine and mine alone now and forever our souls mated as our bodies touch.

The End

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