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She Blinded Me With Science
By Geekgrrllurking


Janet Frasier felt extremely warm as she shifted and rolled to her side under the stiff hotel sheets. She slowly blinked open one eye and peered at the alarm clock on the night stand, 10:13 a.m. So much for making their medical school reunion brunch scheduled for that morning.

Janet groaned and stretched her muscles; she hadn't felt this stiff since her last off world mission to that damned ice ball of a planet PX0826. Strong hands begin to move across Janet's hip to skim over her stomach and she froze, suddenly realizing why she had felt so warm only moments earlier. She was not alone. Naked curves pressed along the length of her own bare body and snuggled closer. The night before suddenly came back to her in a very pleasant wave

"Don't even think about moving out of this bed, Dr. Frasier." A muffled voice murmured against her shoulder blade, emphasized by a tiny nip to the skin. Janet couldn't stop the moan of pleasure, totally in agreement with her bed mate.

As Janet began waking more fully, memories of their escapades last night started to flash back in full glory. She easily recalled a mysterious redheaded girl from her old biological chemistry and pathology classes back in university that she'd always liked from afar, but to watch the same adult woman striding across the room in a very sexy dark suit and silk tank top had been only the start.

Dr. Dana Scully certainly had presence now, as just about every man noticed as they checked her out when she passed by. And several women as well, Janet noted, herself included. Long fingers tickled across Janet's abs, before quickly cupping her breasts, squeezing and rolling very awake nipples, pulling her easily from her musings.

"Stop thinking so much," Scully whispered in her ear and then moved to suck a tender earlobe into her mouth, smiling against her skin at the shiver it caused. "I've got some lost time to make up with you, missy." Janet chuckled and then rolled in her lover's arms. God, the good doctor Scully had the most amazing eyes, seeming to pierce into her very depths with her stare.

"If only Basil Peters hadn't been my lab partner in biology, we could have had so much fun together." Janet murmured, moving closer to capture those oh so talented lips. Dana pressed forward, rolling Janet to her back, sliding a leg between her thighs.

"It's not too late for us to run a few experiments, maybe observe a little action and reaction…" Dana teased, pressing tighter against Janet's now slick folds, clearly enjoying the responding needy roll of her hips beneath her.

There would be no way they would make the reunion luncheon at this rate either. Not that Janet really cared. She gasped as the redhead began to systematically descend down her body.

God, she loved science.

The End

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