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Not What You Think
By Lenara

Sam Carter almost bounced along the tarmac to her car, after a week long mission she was ready to go home and see her best friend, lover, partner Janet Frasier. Janet had not done SG1's post jump physical and Sam had gleaned from one of the nurses that she had taken the day off. Sam was sad at not seeing her lover at the base but was joyed up by the possibility of surprising her at home. Sam was not due back till tonight and she and Janet had some long overdue personal time planned together.

Sam drove along the highway with the radio playing and the wind tousling her short blond hair. Life could not be better. The mission to P3x909 had gone very well with no action, no injuries and no Goa'uld. Her 'daughter', Cassandra, was doing well at school and was the perfect example of a happy lively 17 year old. She was happy and in love. As she drove along she thought of her lover Janet. Lover seemed to be such an inadequate word to describe Janet. Partner, girlfriend, wife! Sam smiled again, yes, life was good!

Sam eased the door open to 'their' house. Technically it was Janet's but Sam had moved in a few months ago under the pretence of Lodger. The house was eerily quiet, Sam was about to shout out that she was home when she saw 'it'.

Janet's favourite top, a gold silk affair that showed cleavage and alluded to much much more. Janet had worn it on the first date that they'd gone on. Janet had asked Sam out to dinner. They had been halfway through the desert when Janet had poured her heart out to Sam and confessed her love for the blond major. She had said that she knew this put Sam in a difficult position and that it was unfair to jeopardise their relationship but she had to let her feelings out. Sam had not bothered to reply in words but just put her hand over Janet's. They got the bill and went back to Janet's. That night each of then found their soul mate.

Sam cleared the memory from her mind as she stared at Janet's discarded top on the bottom of the stairs, her eyes worked upwards, on the top step there was a bra. She stopped dead, a cold shiver racking her body. Then she heard the moans.

The deep long moans punctuated by shrieks and giggles of someone having sex, good sex.

The tears ran down Sam's cheek, she was torn between running upstairs and confronting her lover and running out of the house and pretending it never happened.

Shakily she put her first foot on the staircase holding on to the banister for dear life.

Sam fell onto the stairs, grief, anger and hurt raging through her body.

Her Janet was gone, in the arms of another.

"Sam?" Janet closed the front door behind her and looked at the pitiful sight of her girlfriend curled up on the stairs, tears running down her cheeks. Nothing scared Janet more that when Sam silently broke her heart. She threw down the shopping bags she had bought in with her and ran to the figure on the stairs.

"Sam baby what's up?" Janet pulled Sam into her arms and rubbed her hands over her back.

"Janet? What, who, upstairs?" Sam was confused, how could Janet get from upstairs to down here and fully clothed with not a hair out of place without coming down the stairs.

Another moan drifted down the stairs. Janet's face went from full of concern for Sam to thunderous mom in less than a second.

"CASSANDRA!" The yell seemed to shake the rafters and rattle the pictures on the mantle.

In record time Cassandra stood at the top of the stairs in rumpled jeans and an inside out t-shirt.

"Cassandra Frasier get down here this instance and bring your 'friend' too." Janet's voice was tight with barely controlled anger. She stalked into the lounge with a bemused Sam trailing behind her.

"What the hell are you smiling about Carter?" it was a bad sign that Janet called Sam 'Carter' but Sam ignored it.

"Uh, just cos I love you." Sam sheepishly looked at Janet. "I uh, thought it was you, I saw your shirt, the one you wore... Well you know, and I thought the worse, I thought you had got tired of me… that you were lonely, that I had lost you." Sam hung her head.

"Oh Sam" Janet placed her hands either side of Sam's face and forced her to look up "I am never going to tire of you, I am never going to cheat on you and you are never going to loose me. I love you. I know you have been hurt in the past but I am better than that." Janet dropped her voice to a husky level that Sam heard often in the bedroom. "I'll show you later just how much I love you!" Janet sealed her promise with a kiss and turned to regard her daughter nervously standing in the doorway of the lounge.

"You, young lady, sit." Janet fixed her daughter with a hard look. "I assume we are going to meet the infamous Terry?"

"Terry, who the hell is Terry" Sam looked at Cassie and then to Janet

"Well ahh…." Cassie tried to start.

"'Terry' is the new kid at school" Janet informed Sam "All I have heard since you've been away is 'Terry and me' this and 'Terry and me that', cinema, bowling, you name it. Every night they have been out together somewhere." Janet sighed

"Well all I can say is I hope you have been careful Cass. You have taken precautions?" Sam took her turn to be a concerned parent

"Err…..well….." Cassie tried to start again

"Oh God! Cassie how could you be so stupid." Janet started pacing "I suppose I could get you the morning after pill. Young lady I thought I brought you up better than this"

"I… don't think that will be necessary" Sam pointed to the figure in the doorway.

"Dr Frasier? I am Terri Maltzen. I go to college with Cassandra." The young girl stood tall as she introduced herself.

Time seemed to stop as both Janet and Sam turned to regard the blond haired, teenage girl that stood in the doorway. For the first time ever both Sam and Janet were speechless at the same time.

Sam lay on the bed regarding Janet as she lit the last of the candles around the bed.

"I did want this ready for you when you got home, but you had to arrive early" Janet gently chided Sam. It was hard to concentrate when you had Sam Carter lying on your bed, naked except for a cheeky grin. Janet lit the last candle and stood in front of the bed. She let her silk robe fall to the floor and crawled up the bed to Sam.

Janet snuggled up in Sam's arms and let the heat from her lover seep into her. "So what about our little girl eh?"

"Well she looks happier now than she has been in a while; did she say why she was wearing your top?" Sam allowed her hands to stroke Janet's body as they lay together.

"She said that she knew I had worn it on our first date and that I had found the love of my life and that she felt the same about Terri and hoped that it would bring her good luck." Janet regarded the naked body that was laid out in front of her and couldn't hold off from tasting it any longer.

"So... Our... Little girl... Is...A romantic" Sam was finding speech difficult with Janet kissing her neck. "I suppose she gets that from you."

"Uh hu!" Janet was not to be distracted from Sam's neck.

"So did you find the love of your life on that first date?" Sam turned to look at Janet, suddenly needing reassurance of her love.

"No, I found the love of my life a long time before that, I just told her how I felt that night. And now I am going to make love to her!" Janet captured Sam's lips in a soul searing kiss.

Down the hall Cassandra and Terri slept in each others arms.

Yes, life was good.

The End

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