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By Lesley Mitchell


The conference was a drag. One boring workshop after another. Stuck in full uniform, pantyhose and all, after so many years of slobbing it in BDUs in the mountain was taking its toll, too.

She sighed to herself quietly. Having taken a comfort break just before this presentation, she'd ended up in the last available seat, near an emergency light, and it was glinting off her oak leaves whenever she moved.

The speaker droned on. It wasn't so much that he was boring, but Sam had seen several points in his poster presentation that could prove to be demonstrably false, if she were only allowed to talk about... well, there was the rub. She'd seem more astronomy first hand than most people in the room could even theorise about.

It was warm, and mostly dark and her body was protesting that it was still on Mountain Time. Stifling a yawn, she wondered again what had possessed the Air Force to send her to a conference in Hawaii.

Hawaii. This was her second trip to the little state. Last time had been more fun, she thought. A brief interlude of carelessness in her tightly controlled life. An actual vacation.

Cassie had gone to camp for the summer and the world didn't appear to be in imminent need of saving. She'd done as much as she could on all the latest technology that had been recovered and the CMO had recommended that SG-1 take a break. So they had.

Jack went fishing, Teal'c went to see Rya'c, Daniel said something about a dig somewhere or other, and Sam... well, Sam had gone to Hawaii.

It wasn't her choice. In fact, she didn't even know where she was going until they got to the airport, because the assertive and in control Major Carter would do absolutely anything to please her Napoleonic power monger.

Sam shifted in her seat, suddenly intensely aware that her memories were arousing her. Her uniform, once merely irritating, had suddenly become rather constricting. The ladylike seating position it demanded was only making her notice the throb in her groin more.

Vainly, she attempted to reconnect with the speaker, but he was chasing down an idea she had already dismissed and her memories were more interesting and persistent.

They had arrived at the hotel just before sunset, and Janet had insisted they should head down to the beach, right then, pausing only to dump their minimal luggage in their room, and for Janet to have a brief conversation with the desk clerk. Walking through the surf, they held hands and watched the sun sink into the ocean in a blazing myriad of colours.

Sam had done this alone once or twice while off-world, but never had a flaming ball of nuclear hydrogen looked so attractive to her. Turning, she had kissed Janet fondly and thanked her. Janet had merely smiled and they had headed back to their room in the cooling twilight.

Room service had already arrived when they returned, and they ate sat on the balcony of their room and watching the moon, play on the quiescent ocean.

Back in the conference room, Sam's eidetic memory was replaying all the gentle caresses that Janet had provided while they ate, that evening. The sense memories raised goose bumps on her arms beneath the dark blue blazer.

Again, she shifted in her chair, causing small reflections to bounce across the ceiling and a small gasp to escape as the change in pressure tingled across her engorged and sensitive parts. A quick glance at her watch told her she still needed to endure another half hour, at least.

Janet played her with all the care and love that a master violinist brings to a Stradivarius. Before the meal was over, Sam was feverish with desire. Placing her had over the small doctor's, she stood up and directed them back towards the bedroom.

She leaned down and kissed Janet passionately, tangling her hand through the brunette's hair and then sliding down her back, to cup her ass, and pull her close. Their bodies throbbed in unison at the increased contact.

Breaking the kiss, breathlessly, Janet stepped back and moved towards their previously discarded bags. Sam's eyes followed the movement, and she caught Janet's eyes with a question in her own. A small nod was the only acknowledgment she received. In response, she had quickly moved towards the comfortably sized bed, removing her light travel gear as she went.

By the time Janet had returned from the bags with her prize, Sam was naked and spread-eagled on the bed, her blonde hair tossed across the pillow and her ivory ass cheeks glinting in the moonlight streaming through the still open balcony door.

By now, Sam's palms were slick. The memory was intense, and she was having trouble keeping control of her breathing. Fidgeting again, she earned a hard stare from the corpulent, balding professor in the seat next to her.

A flick of her eyes and a slight shrug, directed his attention back to the silver decorating her shoulder as it danced in the light. She hated pulling rank with civilians, but it seemed to settle the debate in this case, a decorated lieutenant colonel firmly trumping a superannuated academic.

The speaker still could not hold her attention and another glance at her watch showed that it was unlikely that he would open the floor to questions any time soon.

The memory flooded back to the front of her brain and she shivered...

...as her lover's lips pressed against the smooth white skin. The sounds of the night and the ocean drifted through the open door, and mingled with Janet's whispered declarations of admiration, appreciation and love.

The lips moved on, worshiping her skin. Not so perfect as it might have been in other time-lines. This skin was that of a warrior, and it has been indelibly marked by warring gods and mortals.

Hands moved over her ass, gently spreading the cheeks, and Sam's hips jerked involuntarily as a latexed finger, warm and wet, was run down her crack. More fingers followed, introducing more lubrication, and Sam's breathing hitched, as slowly and carefully, first one, then a second, finger entered her.

Janet worked with practiced ease, relaxing muscles and stoking desire. After a few minutes she withdrew her fingers, causing Sam to groan in frustration, and anticipation.

Moving as precisely as she would in the operating theatre, Janet stripped off her gloves. After double checking the buckles on her harness, she re-gloved. Cupping one hand under the base of the dildo protruding from her groin she checked the lubrication, added a little more and moved in for the last stage of the dance.

Sam moaned as Janet bumped the tip against her opening.

Once, twice, and then in. Slowly filling the void. Deeper and deeper, until Sam couldn't breathe, couldn't think, could only focus on the pleasure of being filled.

At the full extent, Janet paused, letting the muscles accustom themselves to the new sensation. Then, with practiced ease, she began to work, until she and Sam were joined in the most primal of rhythms, bucking and riding in the unison of conjoined love.

The base of the dildo grazed Janet's engorged clit with every movement, its shaft buried deep between Sam's cheeks. Even now, with her own release so close, she was poised to react to tell tail signs from Sam.

Conscious thought was beyond Sam, now. All that was left were the autonomic reactions to the pleasure. A crescendo was building and all it would take to push her over was one last stimulus.

Without breaking her rhythm, Janet reach round and plunged two fingers into Sam's remaining crevice...

SNAP! The lights came up and the room shuffled in preparation to ask questions.

Sam left, making her way back to her room quickly. She opened the balcony door and breathed in the scents of the evening.

Stripping, she moved to the bed that now seemed so huge, and with fast and frantic strokes brought herself quickly to a climax of sorts.

Released, but far from satisfied, she dropped her hand to the bed, and soon, the room was silent, except for the sound of the air conditioning, and soft sobs of a lonely, beautiful Lieutenant Colonel.

The End

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